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Vectorworks Landmark Training


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Register for our upcoming 4-part Vectorworks Landmark training course, March 30 - April 20 2022.

Start your project by familiarising yourself with your file organisation and importing your survey.
Learn how to draw out existing buildings with the Building Shell tools and neighbouring buildings with Massing Model. From your know point learn various setting out methods to mark out survey points for existing features.
  • File Organisation (Recap)
  • DWG Import
  • Use the Building Shell tools to create a building
  • Use triangulation to mark our points
  • Use the Arc tool as a compass
  • Learn various ways to mark out points from a tape

Complete the survey by adding in a simple ground, existing trees, and fences. Once you have your existing survey, perform a shadow analysis to determine the best planting locations in your design. Then it's time for the star of the show - the Vectorworks Plant tool!
  • Create a simple ground
  • Add Existing Trees
  • Use the Railing Fence tool
  • Use the Heliodon tool for shadow analysis
  • Placing Plants with the Plant tool modes
  • Locating the existing Plant libraries
  • Edit and Create your own Plants
  • Create your own 2D and 3D Plant graphics

Use your favourite plants to create plant mixes with the Landscape area tool and drape them across your site models. Create a paving paradise with Hardscapes for your hard landscaping. Automatically align your hardscapes in complex paving situations. These two tools use components to help with detailing, reporting, and cut and fill calculations.
Find and place Site Furniture from the Vectorworks Libraries as well as learn how to create your own custom objects!
  • Create a Landscape Area
  • Define your own plant mix with a Landscape Area style
  • Create a Hardscape
  • Define your own paving construction with a Hardscape Style
  • Report and tag your Landscape Areas and Hardscapes
  • Locate Objects in the Resource Manager
  • Create your own custom object

Present your designs with Sheet layers and viewports. Create Section viewports to slice through your model anywhere and Detail viewports to focus on areas of your design. Add mood boards and annotate your designs at any scale. You'll also have somewhere to put all those lovely plant reports for printing out!
  • Create a Sheet Layer
  • Create Plan, Elevation and Perspective viewports
  • Create a Section viewport
  • Create a Detail viewport
  • Annotate your viewports
  • Add Images
  • Place Reports
  • Tag Objects
  • Create New...