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  1. Hi Justin, (Roof Line explanation below) My esteemed colleague has a point. What the end goal is and how you approached the solution is unclear. But, I was a student also and remember similar problems....on a board. As I am not an architect, I can only help in the modelling aspect. I was assuming this would have been a popular topic, but I suppose most realized that you had reached the end of what you could do with the path you had chosen. Still, good work to that point. Below is the methodology I used to create the roof line fillet.
  2. HI Justin. VW file enclosed. I did not do this in any traditional Vectorworks methodology. It would not make any sense to try and explain this in a text format. First of all, I did not use Fillet Edge anywhere. I did try to modify your work (good work), but you had dug a pretty deep "abyss of no return". So, explaining what I did would not help you in the future. Below is a link to one of my channels. It has a lot of NURBS tutorials on it. They range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. I would look at the shorter ones first, but the longer "Chair" and "Bike Pulley Wheel" are more complex. Vectorworks NURBS Modelling channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhEwTXToBEN5A_S4UAyHGw ROOF LINE ROOF LINE.vwx
  3. As I said in my first post, your 3D instincts are good. You can't teach that. Having said that, I think you pushed as far as you could with this before the NURBS math did not work anymore. Although many of the various 3D tools interact correctly on the first try, complex models need to be thought out. For example, do all your fillets at the end. Look at the images below, if this is what you want, I can post the file in whatever version of Vectorworks you are using.
  4. You have done some really nice work here. For a novice, you have a good aptitude for 3D modelling, Your beams are excellent. But, there is a process for mixing and matching Booleans, Surface modelling, NURBS curves, etc. Not your fault, this is not laid out anywhere. This is interesting, so I am sure the usual suspects will be all over this. I am knocking off for the evening, but will have a look tomorrow morning. There are a few ways to this and others will. have good advice. regards....Paul
  5. @Tom W. Hi Tom, I don't seem to recall that this ever would work. (placing a locus inside a circle). That would immediately create intersecting geometry and if it did work, would screw you up working with it further. What will work if you need to do this is two half circles as shown below. Even if you sweep the full 360 it will work, but again two spheres in the same space. Two half circles swept at 180 degrees seem to create some type of solid, no bounding box, but in edit they are separate. But, until we see the file, we don't know.
  6. I have tried to duplicate your problem, but cannot seem to. I have placed the locus in every conceivable place, inside outside, added extra locus, etc.....zip. Can you post this file.
  7. There is one improvement I would love to see in duplicate along a path and that is scale duplicates. Aside from that, it is one of, if not the most critical tools for building complex NURBS objects. This car below is all Duplicate Along Path, but would have been easier with scale duplicates.
  8. Recently, I have been modelling modern furniture, the type you would find in your living room, Sofa's and padded chairs with indents like your dad's favourite chair. This has pushed my learning curve somewhat as soft and fuzzy is not any CAD systems thing, but it's doable. I have stumbled on a new methodology of modelling in VW's. Perhaps some of you already know. It is hard to explain, but essentially it works like a subset of Subdivision, but remains NURBS based, so all the tools in the 3D tool palette and 3D Power Pack are available. Below is an example. It took about 20 minutes to make the chair below. I only used Loft NURBS once in a very minor finishing role.
  9. Hi Tobias, Thanks for that. Had a little trouble with Update 4, will wait a bit. Paul
  10. This was quite amazing, the amount of support for a real 3D question. I think the original user thanked us four times, perhaps trying to get rid of us. Are we getting starved for 3D questions or 3D activity. The questions over the last several months seem to be administrative. Like many of us, I enjoy and still learn from users answering 3D questions, but how will novice users learn in the future.
  11. I also had/have this problem. Running new Mac with M3 Chip. It only happened when I was rendering. It seemed to go away with 3.1, but not sure as I have not pushed the rendering engine since the upgrade.
  12. Hi Joe, Happy Easter. This topic is very controversial. Vectorworks does not create a Mobius curve naturally. I think I created one, but not everyone agrees and I really don't know....or care. Do you actually need one or just having some fun? The trick is to make Loft Nurbs think it is looking at a normal series of NUBRS curves. Below. Is this actually a Mobius curve, unclear, but there are no breaks in this NURBS surface. See below.
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