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  1. michaelk

    Stair data text attributes.

    d'oh!! Thanks Mike.
  2. michaelk

    Stair data text attributes.

    Can't find what must be obvious. In a stair object how do you control the text attributes of the stair data?
  3. Check your views. Is it possible that the first picture may be in top/plan view and the second is in top view? Do you have Unified View on?
  4. michaelk

    door and window reports

    Aha! I see what's going on. Open the worksheet "Door Schedule-2". On the left side of the worksheet look for the row header that has a diamond shape then the number 4 then a right arrow. Right click on the 4. Choose Edit Criteria… There you will see that the checkbox for Include components of symbols is not checked. Check it. Hit OK. Let the flood of scheduled doors wash over you. 😀 Post back if you have any more questions.
  5. michaelk

    door and window reports

    Are you using design layer viewports to organize the units? If so, check the criteria of the database to see if dlvps are included. If you're still stumped, post a file with your window and door schedule and one or two design layers. Someone will figure it out pretty fast :-).
  6. Kevin Agreed 😀. This has to be an issue that more people hit more times a day than most others. Just as Andy said: every time I need to check the clearance from a stair tread to a header I end up clicking on the corner of a slab 30' behind the header and getting a nonsense measurement. I almost never want Screen Aligned, and I certainly never want it while in a regular view (Front, Left, Right, Back, etc.). Might be worthwhile to make a keyboard shortcut to force the Screen Plane to be active and select the Dimension Tool…
  7. I'd like to request that the Screen Aligned Plane can only be activated by first submitting a written, notarized request and then, upon approval of the request, the user would need to hold down 11 buttons simultaneously. I specially request that Screen Aligned Plane should never be active without specific user input.
  8. michaelk

    2D Polygon - Inner Boundaries Crash Problem

    Do you mean the polygon tool? I see this too when using .dwg's as a base. Often the lines come very close but don't quite intersect. I'm assuming that VW is trying to search for an inner boundary but the little gaps allow the polygon to "leak" out through hundreds or thousands of almost touching lines until the machine runs out of memory. I wish there was a way to set a "Time Out" on the Polygon / Inner Boundary mode. i.e. give it a try for 10 seconds and then give up if not complete. You can try using the Connect/Combine tool to either force the endpoints of lines and arcs to be coincident or to combine them into polygon/polylines.
  9. michaelk


    The YouTube example is using the deform tool, not the rotation tool. But in any case the video uses the the surface of the first extrusion of the line with the plane mode set to automatic to get the axis to quickly flip up. The plane mode is on the menu bar at the top of the VW window. Depending on the tool that is active the options can be Screen Aligned, Screen Plane, Layer Plane, and Automatic.
  10. michaelk

    Symbol become square?

    Victor This happens when you don't have the symbol as a resource in the current document. If you import from another drawing or copy/paste from another drawing and then select the units that show up as rectangles, Spotlight > Replace Instrument and choose the instrument you want it to be.
  11. michaelk

    Stage line CADs

    There are a few different models there. SL100, 260, 320 and SAM 555, 575, 750. It's located at Downloads/Subscription Libraries / Entertainment / Entertainment - Stage - Stageline Or you could go to the Service Select page and search for Stageline.
  12. michaelk

    Door Schedule Criteria

    Raymond The worksheet criteria manager doesn't have a way to distinguish between (this criterion) AND (that criterion) and (this criterion) OR (that criterion) To fix it you have to get under the hood. From the screen you have pictured, hit Cancel. In the formula bar you will see the "scripted" version of the database criteria. Change all the bars (|) to ampersands (&). This will limit the objects in the database to those that meet ALL the criteria, not just one criterion.
  13. michaelk

    convert vwx to dwg

    2010.11.18 construction drawings v2018-dwg.zip
  14. michaelk

    window in round wall bug

    Almost positive this is a bug. For me it's very repeatable. 1. Draw a round wall with the open side to the left of the screen. i.e. like a right parenthesis. ) 2. insert a window EXACTLY to the right of the radius point of the wall. 3. Give the window an exterior trim so you can keep track of the inside / outside. 4. Insert the same window somewhere else in the wall. For me the first window ALWAYS sees the inside of the radius as the exterior. Any other windows switch interior/exterior sides when the direction of the wall is reversed. Nudging the stuck window even as much as .75º off the 0º angle fixes it. Same problem with windows that are 180º from the radius point. BUT the problem does not happen with windows that are 90º or 270º from the radius point. I'll attach a file. Look at the windows in the red circles. Try reversing the direction of the walls. The windows in the circles don't change sides. Anyone else seeing this? window in round wall bug.vwx
  15. michaelk

    Align / Distribute

    Nevermind. Works now. Mystery 🙂


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