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  1. I know you can get to the WinDoor installer through Help > Install Partner Products…, which opens a web browser inside VW. I'm not sure if there is a way to get there through the regular customer portal at customers.vectorworks.net
  2. @techdef What I've done in the past is to use custom sash to get it close and then use that geometry to make a symbol that get's it the rest of the way there.
  3. @techdef your signature says VW 2019. @Pat Stanford do you know if 2022 is required?
  4. PS. If you are using 2022, take a quick look at WinDoor. It handles very complicated window, door, and combination units very easily.
  5. You just need to make a custom window. In the Window OIP click on Settings. In the Window Settings dialog box: General > Sash: Custom Below that click on Custom Says Settings… In the Custom Sash Options dialog, set number of rows to 2. Use the << and >> buttons at the bottom to set the parameters for each sash.
  6. In a plug-in I'm seeing cases where it will go super long and cases with a CHR(13) where it's maybe 20 characters before the break but it wraps anyway. Need to do more experimenting…
  7. If I have a string variable who's length I haven't bothered to check and I do BeginText; S1 EndText; SetTextWrap(LNewObj,TRUE); What determines the width of the text object? I know I can set it, but when I don't sometimes it goes as wide as the text no matter how long and sometimes it wraps. Not sure why it does that or how to predict it. Does it matter if the string is formed by concatenating strings and CHR(13)s?
  8. I should really read my own code. I'm trying to sort a dynamic array of strings. This seems to work - no matter what number I put in the 3rd argument: PROCEDURE Test; CONST CR = CHR(13); VAR StArray : DYNARRAY[] of STRING; Sorted, UnSorted,SortTest : STRING; BEGIN ALLOCATE StArray[1..6]; StArray[1] := 'Foxtrot'; StArray[2] := 'Echo'; StArray[3] := 'Delta'; StArray[4] := 'Charlie'; StArray[5] := 'Bravo'; StArray[6] := 'Alpha'; UnSorted := Concat( StArray[1],CR, StArray[2],CR, StArray[3],CR, StArray[4],CR, StArray[5],CR, StArray[6],CR); SortArray(StArray,6,1); Sorted := Concat( StArray[1],CR, StArray[2],CR, StArray[3],CR, StArray[4],CR, StArray[5],CR, StArray[6],CR); SortTest := Concat( 'Unsorted: ',CR, Unsorted, CR, CR, CR, 'Sorted: ',CR, Sorted); BeginText; SortTest EndText; END; RUN(Test);
  9. I was just wondering about that myself. Perhaps when it got inserted into the wall something was messed up? The following actions all fix the problem: 1. pulling the fixture out of the wall. 2. deleting the fixture 3. Choosing edit from the OIP and then immediately clicking OK. 4. probably many others. I've noticed that in 2022 sometimes fixtures take on the symbol of an accessory (usually a c clamp). I can't tell yet if it's only on fixtures from older version of vw or if there's another cause. I noticed that only the c clamp was showing and I went to edit the light it was using the c clamp symbol as the symbol for the fixture. Making it reset fixed it. I don't yet know if this is a bug or a missunderstanding on my part as to how the new accessories work :-). I bet nobody thought that a KinoFlo would ever be inserted in a wall, so that may have knocked it for a loop.
  10. The first file is turning black because there is a KinoFlo Desk-Lite inserted into a wall on the Architecture layer. Delete that or turn it off in the Vis Palette and everything will stop being black 🙂 I was able to move the marionette object and move nodes inside the object without any problems. PS. Cool Marionette.
  11. Aha. That makes more sense :-). Thanks, both of you. I read that section in the function reference over and over and never understood it.
  12. I'm trying to sort a dynamic array of handles (to door objects in the drawing) by a field in the parametric record (IDLabel). Is it SortArray(arrayName, total number of items in array(?????), index number of record field (????????);
  13. A simple 3 line test doesn't do what I expected. VSave('test'); SetView(#-90d,#0d,#0d,0",0",0"); VRestore('test'); What am I missing?
  14. Looks like the refrigerator symbol has been edited or is misaligned between the 2D and 3D. Are you using asymmetric scaling on it? If you can post a file with just the symbol we can figure it out pretty quick.
  15. Can you post a file with the symbol you are using and a cabinet showing the problem?
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