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  1. michaelk

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    Nope. The 2018 vwx won't open on the professional version either. The .dwf imports as nothing but lines in 3D space.
  2. michaelk

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    I'm getting the same warning as @Kevin McAllister. I don't remember ever seeing that before. I believe the original poster is in New Zealand. Do they have a different regional educational license? @eary157, if you can make a screen capture movie (You can do it with Quicktime) showing the steps you are taking we can help you right away. This is almost certainly just a missing click someplace.
  3. michaelk

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    That shouldn't matter. You can subtract from solid subtractions forever. Can you post a file with the object?
  4. michaelk

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    When you run the subtract solids command there is an option to "retain subtracting solids". If this is not checked you need to delete the solid that is being subtracted. In your screen shot it looks like you might just need to delete the cones.
  5. michaelk

    Need some help building a grand support

    Welcome to the forum. Pictures would be helpful 😋
  6. michaelk

    Overlapping Grid Bubbles

    It's a frustrating tool :-). You are correct, there is no way to adjust the shoulder of the grid bubbles. The best way I've found to handle it is to break up the gird objects into multiple objects. Set the new grid objects to not show the first bubble and to start with the last number of the last grid. It's confusing. I'll attach an example. Grid bubble example.vwx
  7. What are you running 12.5.3 on? I would be very surprised if either one ran on High Sierra.
  8. michaelk

    Windows vs MAC using VW

    Just to be clear: Click drag drawing should NOT be selected. That's just a good way to get RSI issues. It looks like you have the German door tool that is different from ours, so it won't behave the same way as the American tool. I think that's the difference.
  9. michaelk

    Windows vs MAC using VW

    This has nothing to do with Mac vs. PC. There is almost zero difference. Except for what the modifier keys are called (Control vs Command, Alt vs Option, etc.) and purely OS level functions like the color picker - the software is identical. Just a guess: If you go to Preferences > Edit Tab , do you have Click drag drawing selected? With the magic wand (select same tool) selected, click on the preferences button in the tool mode bar. Make sure that ONLY Object Type is selected. That's a mystery. Can you send of screen shot of what door configurations you do see? Do you have the localized German version of VW or some flavor of the US version? (Not sure if the German version has a different door tool.)
  10. michaelk

    Convert old VectoWorks file to DWG

    ShelfLayout v2018.dwg
  11. michaelk

    Walls keep coming unjoined

    Nice catch, Matt.
  12. michaelk

    convert vwx to dwg

    We are getting more and more requests to convert old VW files to other formats. It's pretty cool that VW can import .dwg, .skp, revit, and export to .dwg, .stl, etc. And it's clear that there are more projects started in VW that are now reaching the age that they are being renovated by architects and designers using other software. I expect that the rate of request will keep increasing. We should probably write up some guidelines or FAQs for people who need files converted. VW layers and classes work a little differently from AutoCad, for example. Also, since about half of VW users are not using Windows, compressing files with a Windows compression format cuts down potential responses to conversion requests.
  13. michaelk

    convert vwx to dwg

    That makes more sense 🙂 Archive.zip
  14. michaelk

    convert vwx to dwg

    ? It already is 4 dwgs. Did you post the right file? Should have a .vwx or .mcd suffix.
  15. michaelk

    Rendering speed



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