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  1. I know this has been requested before, but I want to bump it up the stack. When drawing a polyline or polygon I'd like the starting point to have a flashing beacon until the object creation is complete. Often when I'm drawing polylines or polygons that are long enough that I get interrupted in the middle and come back -- I forget where I started. At least that what I'm blaming it on. Could just be my natural absent mindedness.
  2. Or you can just type the coordinates into the OIP.
  3. That may be a localized tool only available in the German version. I don't see a legacy tool called PathLineStyle. But you can now do that and so much more just using line types. Check it out Line Types in help.
  4. Not sure I'm seeing the problem. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but it looks like both worksheet reports are seeing 19 platforms. [Worksheet 1 B6] = 19 = [Worksheet 2 B3]
  5. I'm pretty sure 2012 won't run - or won't run very well - on High Sierra. Looks like 10.8 is the last OS compatible with 2012. http://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2012
  6. Can you post a file with everything but the stage decks and the worksheets stripped out?
  7. It's an interesting feature request. In the Class Organization dialog box there is a matrix that shows the fill, pen, marker, opacity, text style, etc. The request would be to add drop shadow, description and textures to the matrix and make them directly editable from the matrix - without having to go to another modal setting dialog box.? I'm always in favor of fewer clicks.
  8. Patrik It would have to be scripted. As far as I know there is no record format attached to classes so there is no way to create a report, like you're doing with title blocks. Pat has already created a script that can read all the classes in a drawing. I should know better than to say this, but: It shouldn't be that difficult to write all the attributes of all the classs to a worksheet. Once that is done it's not impossible to go the other way. But I'm not sure it would be useful. The raw numbers describing the drop shadow settings of a class (I think there are 8 numbers. Some are real numbers, some may be integers.) would not really be human readable. Pat made a great script for me once that creates a class with the attributes of a selected object. Something like that could probably be made to also change the attributes of existing classes in a way that is human readable.
  9. Do you have the dimension class set to invisible?
  10. The panels are visible on the design layers and not on the sheet layer viewport? Usually a class or layer visibility. If that's not it, you can post a file with one of the problem objects. Someone will will usually figure it out!
  11. I thought I had tried everything. But I forgot to try restarting VW. That worked. Problem solved.
  12. Draw beam is suddenly not working for me. Even on a blank drawing with stock symbols in the stock workspace. Units have the correct record formats attached in the symbol definition, but they don't rotate toward the focus point in 3D. I tried opening up older drawings from the fall of last year draw beam doesn't work there either. Even thou I know I used it at the time. Is this an SP 2 issue? Anyone else seeing this?
  13. I'm see the black and white option pop in and out for referenced design layer viewports.
  14. I'm almost positive that the issue you are having is related to scaled symbols. I did a quick delete of the scaled symbols that were causing the crash on the 4th saved view. That one exported but another one further down the stack caused a crash. I then tried just deleting all the symbols and it exported to DWG right away. Not sure if it's all scaled symbols, or just the ones that contain 2D loci. But thats a place to start looking. hth
  15. That file was created with the latest version of Sketchup (18). Save it back a version or two and you should be able to import it. I'm not sure when Sketchup updates versions or if it is even on a schedule, but usually VW will import the version that was current around the time of the VW update - typically September.