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  1. michaelk

    Fillet Walls

    Who you callin' old and useful!?!? 😁
  2. michaelk

    Fillet Walls

    Instead of filleting walls, use the menu command AEC > Fit Walls to Objects Draw an extruded polyline or something to define the shape you want. Put it in a dummy layer and fit the walls to those objects.
  3. Are the data you want to put into the user fields unique to a fixture or just that fixture type?
  4. michaelk

    Text Style

    You must have a different function reference page than me. I don't see that function. This would really explain a lot.
  5. michaelk

    Text Style

    How does one create a Text Style resource with VS?
  6. michaelk

    control points 101

    I'm using 2020. Every time I change anything in the definition it adds or subtracts a Y from one or more of the control points. Always the Y. It ping pongs between 1 and 2 Ys. So far it hasn't used 3 Ys! Haven't checked 2019 to see if this is new.
  7. michaelk

    control points 101

    Joshua Yes, that pict is from the Script Editor. It does NOT match the plug-in manager definition. But I get an unidentified variable error if I don't add the extra Y. I haven't found HLength to give me bad results. I have found that the tangent at a point on a polyline is sometimes very inaccurate if the polyline is an arc and the point is at the end (double click point). That's why I'm adding 1" to the beginning and subtracting 1" from the end. James - stellar idea. I'll give that a try.
  8. michaelk

    Typing In Dimensions

    Good question. You might try making a template file (.sta) and bringing that over. If you open that file it should have all the document settings.
  9. michaelk

    Typing In Dimensions

    It's just a setting. Look in Window > Data Bar Options… In the second group you probably want to check "Allow numeric keypad entry for instant data bar activation"
  10. michaelk

    Page set up & page breaks

    Welcome to the forum. I think this will do what you want: File > Page Setup > Printer Setup… Format for Any Printer Choose A3 if it's there. Use Manage Custom Sizes… to create it if not. Hit OK to get back to the Page Setup… dialog box Make sure Horizontal and Vertical are both 1. Tick show page boundary and show page breaks to confirm that you will get what you want.
  11. michaelk

    control points 101

    OK. I feel like I'm getting closer. Will I figure it out before I slowly go insane? This gets the end of the polyline text in the right place, but the control point is in the wrong place. What am I doing wrong? Procedure Test; VAR SeatNumH, ObjectHandle, tempHandle, ControlGeometry, objectHand, recordHand, wallHand : HANDLE; XCordOffset, YCordOffset, Rx,Ry, ControlLength : REAL; BTest : BOOLEAN; PtAlongPath, TangentAtPoint : VECTOR; Sx,Sy, objectName, CurrentClass : STRING; Pt : POINT; BEGIN CurrentClass := ActiveClass; BTest := GetCustomObjectInfo(objectName, objectHand, recordHand, wallHand); ControlGeometry := GetCustomObjectPath(objectHand); ControlLength := HLength(ControlGeometry); BTest := PointAlongPoly(ControlGeometry,1", PtAlongPath,TangentAtPoint); { MoveTo(pControlPoint01X,pControlPoint01YY);} Rx := pControlPoint01X; Ry := pControlPoint01YY; TextOrigin(Rx,Ry); BeginText; 'BEGIN HERE' EndText; SetTextVerticalAlign(LNewObj,3); SetTextJust(LNewObj,2); SetPenColorByClass(LNewObj); SetFPatByClass(LNewObj); SetFillColorByClass(LNewObj); SetTextStyleByClass(LNewObj); BTest := PointAlongPoly(ControlGeometry,ControlLength - 1", PtAlongPath,TangentAtPoint); {MoveTo(pControlPoint02X+PtAlongPath.x+24,pControlPoint02YY+PtAlongPath.y+24);} Rx := pControlPoint02X + PtAlongPath.x; Ry := pControlPoint02YY + PtAlongPath.y; Sx := Num2StrF(Rx); SetRField(objectHand, 'BeginningAndEnd', 'pControlPoint02X',Sx); Sy := Num2StrF(Ry); SetRField(objectHand, 'BeginningAndEnd', 'pControlPoint02YY',Sy); Message( 'X: ',pControlPoint02X,CHR(13), 'Y: ',pControlPoint02YY); TextOrigin(Rx,Ry); BeginText; 'END HERE' EndText; SetTextVerticalAlign(LNewObj,3); SetTextJust(LNewObj,2); SetPenColorByClass(LNewObj); SetFPatByClass(LNewObj); SetFillColorByClass(LNewObj); SetTextStyleByClass(LNewObj); END; RUN(Test);
  12. michaelk

    control points 101

    Love it when it's late at night and Australia steps up! So I don't write to the control point field. Just TextOrigin??!!?!?!?!?! That sounds so much simpler 😋
  13. michaelk

    control points 101

    I'm trying to write a tool the puts Begin Here at the beginning of the control polyline and End Here at the end of the polyline. Any help on where to put the GetRField and SetRField would be MUCH appreciated. The math I'm doing doesn't work.😖 PS. the 1" offset from the beginning and end of the polyline are because it often returns an incorrect tangent at the ends.
  14. michaelk

    control points 101

    OK. I think part of my confusion is whenever I change anything in the definition of the control point it adds an extra Y to the name of the y control point. Is this a known issue? I was never able to get GetRField do some math SetRfield MoveTo BeginText … to work. But just doing the math and doing a MoveTo works. Edit: I'm wrong doing the math results in handles that are offset from the labels.


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