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  1. There must be a way to do this that I'm not seeing. Can a Keynote Legend appear in more than one Layer? For example: I'd like the callouts that appear as keynotes to be common for electrical notes across all the floors of the project. So a GFCI note on the first floor has the same number as a GFCI note on the second floor. Short of using a viewport to place the keynote legend on different sheet layers, is there a way to make the keynote legend "live" on different layers. Like a worksheet or symbol would behave if there were two instances.
  2. michaelk

    Design Layers Box has changed

    Switch the top right buttons from Visibilities to Details Wait: Now I see what you're asking. Are you in 2018 or 2019?
  3. michaelk

    Hide line in rectangle

    Actually there is a really cool way. Select the rectangle. Modify > Convert > Convert to Polygon. Now double click the rectangle to get the reshape tool. use the last mode. Click on the middle handle of any side to make that line go invisible. You can do this with any polygon or poly line. Rectangles just need to be created as a polygon or converted to a polygon first.
  4. michaelk

    Vectorworks keeps crashing

    Welome to the forum. Hard to answer without knowing what's in the file and the blocks and what your computer specs are. Please feel free to post the file here or send it to me in a PM. We'll be happy to take a look at it. In general, dwg blocks are 2d and 3d symbols in VW. If you double click on the symbol you should get an edit window. You might also try selecting the object then Modify > Convert > Convert to Group. This will "desymbolify" it.
  5. michaelk

    New install wont open

    Welcome to the forum. Wow. A dongled version 12 on CDs! Those were the days. Version 12 came out in 2005 or 6 ish. And I think in those days there were different install discs for Mac and PC. I think you have 2 problems: 1) v12 might not run well on a modern computer. You might need a windows machine running XP or a Mac running 10.1 or 10.2 ish. I remember a lot of issues back in those days with keeping the exact version of Quicktime and never updating it. 2) I think the company that made the dongles and the drivers may be gone. Check out this thread. The link is 403. 3 problems: the people working tech support were in grade school when this came out 🙂 I think you'll have a lot more success with the free evaluation version of 2019.
  6. michaelk

    Nothing Shows Up Under Download Content

    I'm not aware of any limitations on the trial version of the software. If the browser that opens from the Download Content menu command doesn't connect for whatever reason, you can also (I believe) reach the same content by looking in the resource manager. Look under Vectorworks Libraries on the left side.
  7. michaelk

    Attributes Palette Error

    Usually undocking the palette or closing the palette and reopening it will fix it.
  8. michaelk

    Custom wall?

    Use the door tool to insert any door into a wall. With the door selected, in the object info palette change the configuration pulldown to "Cased Opening" or "Opening" and change the top shape pulldown to "Round" or"Ellipse".
  9. michaelk

    Legend is too wide

    If I understand your question, you are probably seeing the geometry scale up from whatever it was on the design layer where you created the symbol to 1:1 on the Sheet Layer. You have a couple of options: 1. In the Resource Manager, right click on the symbol and choose Edit Symbol Options Under Units, change it from World-based to Page-based. In the Resource Manager, the symbol name will turn green. Indicating that the symbol is Page-based. OR 2. Select the instance of the symbol on the Sheet Layer. In the OIP set the Scaling pulldown to Symmetric in the Factor field enter the inverse of the scale the symbol was created in. i.e. if the symbol was drawn in 1:50 scale enter 1/50. OR 3. Recreate the symbol on a 1:1 design layer on on a sheet layer.
  10. michaelk

    VW 2019 SP 2 will not open file but SP1 will

    Glad it worked!
  11. michaelk

    VW 2019 SP 2 will not open file but SP1 will

    ssinclair Welcome to the forum! I'm able to open it on my computer using 2019 SP2. (MacBook Pro, OS 10.12.6) Unlike Zoomer's file, yours has no references, and no real 3D geometry. So that can't be the problem. There is a "hidden" viewport on the sheet layer. It's a viewport of the site at a scale of 1:2.772, but it's cropped down to a tiny blank spot. I don't think that would matter, but just in case creating a layout that - if printed - would be between 1/2 and 1/3 the size of your actual project does matter, you might want to look at that. 😁 And in case Zoomer's solution of going through 2018 is the key, here is your file in 2018. I changed the detail levels to low, (which made no difference). See if your 2019 SP2 will open this. A-100 v2018.vwx
  12. michaelk

    converting .VWF to DWG for further editing

    0154_PROPOSED copy v2018-dwg.zip 0154_EXTG copy v2018-dwg.zip
  13. michaelk

    VW19 scroll zoom disabled

    Still works for me on 2019. Assuming it's turned on in preferences?
  14. michaelk

    Vectorworks to CAD conversion

    Good luck this afternoon. Stone_Cohen 03-25-10 -12PM v2019-dwg.zip Stone_Cohen 03-25-10 -12PM-1 v2019-dwg.zip Stone_Cohen 04-05-10 -12PM v2019-dwg.zip Stone_Cohen 9-26-09-9PM v2019-dwg.zip Stone_Cohen 9-26-09-9PMexisting v2019-dwg.zip Stone_Cohen 10-24-4PM v2019-dwg.zip
  15. Anyone else seeing this? Bipart swing door w/ panels won't render correctly in hidden line. OpenGL w/ draw lines turned on shows that the lines should be there. Seeing this problem in VW2018, not in VW2019. Bi Part Door Hidden Line.vwx


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