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  1. michaelk

    Vectorworks to autocad SOS

    I think the student version will export to a 3DS format, which can be imported into Sketchup.
  2. michaelk

    Vectorworks 2008 on MacOS 10.13.4

    Those old MBPs are hard to kill, aren't they 🙂 I'd be really surprised if you got 2008 to run on a brand new Mac. The https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2008requirements page doesn't even list compatible OS's for 2008. VW 2009 only goes up to 10.5.4. Also, I'm pretty sure that 2008 was using QuickTime, which is now deprecated. I think it may be possible to run 10.4 on your current machine using a virtual machine like VMWare. (I say that having never attempted it 🙂
  3. michaelk

    Export DWG Help

    voordwg v2018-dwg.zip
  4. This file has 2 versions of the viewport rename script. Classic: renames all the selected viewports New & Improved: Throws caution to the wind and renames ALL viewports in the drawing. Go big or go home. Viewport Rename Scripts.vwx
  5. Kevin I used to have a problem with that. If you had a page of viewports named Section and somehow 2 of them had the same drawing number. Or if you had elevations and realized that you North South East and West mixed up and corrected them. Problems would ensue. I get around this by first naming every viewport as the current date and time, then renaming. (Thanks, Pat!) The only time I ever see an issue any more is when 2 viewports have the same drawing name and drawing number. Grant, any chance that's what you're seeing? I'd love to take a look at it if you don't mind sharing it with me. mk
  6. michaelk

    Export DWG Help

    20170829 Details v2 v2018-dwg.zip
  7. 🙂. I was pretty sure you would be on 2018. If you take the script from the attached 2017 file does it work for you in 2018?
  8. Just confirmed that this works in 2017. I'll attach a file with the working script in it. Just import and it should work. VP Rename 2017.vwx
  9. Hi Grant I know it works. I use it almost every day. Are you really using 2017 or are you on 2018? (probably doesn't matter in this case - just tested it on 2017 and it still works). Make sure you have Vectorscript selected when you paste the script and not Python. Also make sure you are copying all of the script. If you miss the final semicolon it won't run.
  10. michaelk

    window in round wall bug

    Additional round wall problems: Inserting a door into a round wall at 0º from the radius point of the wall causes the wall lines to be drawn incorrectly and the offset to go the opposite direction. Moving the door 1º fixes the problem. @Jim Wilson Does this already have a ticket or should I submit a bug report? More round wall bugs.vwx
  11. michaelk

    Wall texture alignment after reshape.

    Yep I've tried using the attribute mapping tool. But it's really hard to align on a wall with components. It would be great if you could type in a coordinate for the texture origin.
  12. michaelk

    Wall texture alignment after reshape.

    There is a checkbox in the OIP (in the rendering tab) to "Use World Z for Origin". Checking that helps. But not in every case.
  13. I've always wondered this: Why do some wall textures stop lining up with each other when the wall is reshaped - even with "Use World Z for Origin" checked. The second floor walls are duplicates of the first floor, turned into unstyled walls, component tops and bottoms adjusted and then the walls are reshaped to align with roof elements. Sometimes the renderworks textures stay aligned. Sometimes they don't. In the attached example, the texture on the left walls is off in open GL but correct in hidden line. The texture on the right walls behaves as expected. Anyone solved this? Wall Texture Alignment.vwx
  14. michaelk

    Issue with size of objects in resource manager

    Looks like you might be drawing on a sheet layer instead of a design layer. The instrument will be whatever scale the active layer is. In the case of a sheet layer, it's1:1! 🙂
  15. michaelk

    keynote bubble shapes

    Is it possible to create custom callout / keynote bubble shapes (like custom label legend containers in Spotlight)?