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  1. https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq Looks like 2021 will run on Catalina 🙂
  2. This is exactly the kind of thoroughness and attention to detail we've come to expect, Benson. I love that over time thousands and thousands of people will read this post, find it interesting, download the file, and try it themselves. But only a dozen will know what started it. I haven't been able to try it yet, but I wonder if hand built dormers will work better. (It looks like you'r using fancy VW dormers) I'll let you know.
  3. Hey @Jeremy Best, that's a fantastic work flow! But if I remember, I was trying to write a script that would switch to the correct workspace before doing something else. I'm pretty sure that's impossible. And I don't remember exactly why I wanted to do it 🙂
  4. That's an easy check box to miss. I miss it often. Symbols come in 4 colors: Black: Normal everyday symbols you meet walking down the street. Blue: Symbols that convert to groups when inserted (or single objects if there is only one object in the symbol) Red: Parametric objects with their parameters preset to useful values. Green: Symbols that ignore scale. They are always at "Page" scale. (1:1). No matter what the Design Layer scale or, when in SLVP annotations, what the viewport scale is.
  5. Once you get this issue sorted out, you might enjoy the flexibility of using data tags to do the same job. 😀
  6. The text isn't showing up because you have the symbol set to be a "blue" symbol (notice the name of the symbol in the OIP has blue text). That converts the symbol to a group when inserted in the drawing and breaks the link to the symbol. In the resource manager, right click on the symbol > Edit Symbol Options… uncheck "Convert to Group". The symbol name will now be black. And any future symbol insertions should work as expected.
  7. https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq Doesn't look like it is.
  8. Interesting. I see it too. But I'm using feet and inches and so the line is offset about 12".
  9. Does this do what you want? =IF('Space'.'11_User-Def Info 3'='', F9, 'Space'.'11_User-Def Info 3')
  10. If you post the file here or send it to me in a PM I'll down save it to 2021.
  11. New version - Fast Flats 2 - that is more usable (?) is available here.
  12. Is it possible that it is there but off the edge of the screen with only a few pixels showing? If you have multiple monitors try unplugging all but one and see if it shows up.
  13. If you don't use a database it works as expected. Hmmmmmmm. MotorPullSheet_Example_1.vwx
  14. There is definitely something going on with columns with Sum Values checked. I know I've done things very similar to this in the past. I'll have to go back and look… Or this is a good place to use WS scripts. 🙂
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