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  1. You don't mention hitting the tab key. Do you have "Allow numeric keypad entry for instant data bar activation" selected? If you are using the tab key to activate the floating data bar, then you should be able to hit tab to activate then tab again as necessary to select the field and then enter a value. You can finish the process with a mouse left click or the enter key.
  2. Are you changing the width of the application window? That top toolbar will lose items depending on the width of the Vectorworks application window. You can control what appears in that bar in the triangle all the way to the right.
  3. michaelk


    I think Drop Shadows were added in 2016 or 2017.
  4. michaelk


    What version are you using?
  5. michaelk


    What are the laptop specs? Does it have a different OS than the desktop?
  6. What OS on each machine. What version of VW?
  7. There are a few missing referenced .vwx files. But it looks like everything is there.
  8. Sorry. Didn't notice that there were 2. DG Plot 5.zip
  9. Does your version have the Custom Stairs as a legacy tool that you can add to your workspace?
  10. You can just reply in this thread. You can drag in the files or click choose files… below the text window.
  11. if it wasn't for this forum… Thanks for your help.


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