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  1. Can't import DXFDWG

    Your signature says you're using VW 2015. Could the dwg be newer?
  2. Can you save it to an external drive?

    YES. Pro tip: One version of worksheet for presentation and one for data management.

    Something like =IF(((PON='Door')), (Door.Height), ('-')) or if you just wanted the height of the opening =IF(((PON='Door')), (Door.Height), (Window.Height))

    Not sure if my typo was an extra "the" or not capitalizing it: "The Pat"

    Just getting back to my computer and reading the Pat's novel :-) I agree with everything he said. But I do want to point out that there is another easier way. See example attached. While it lacks the ability to interleave windows and doors by ID number, it doesn't require IF/THEN/ELSE statements and the parenthesis salad that goes with them. More_worksheet_ideas.vwx

    There are a couple ways to do it. One easy. One not. There is no limit to the number of databases you can have on a worksheet. So you can just start the window DB right under the door DB and use criteria to make sure you only select the doors you want. OR You could use IF/THEN/ELSE statements in the DB header to select from both windows and doors. I highly recommend the first option. Let me know if you need examples.
  8. flashing drawing and then goes black

    I'm surprised you got 2014 to run at all on 10.13. I think 2014 is only supported up through 10.9 https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/vectorworks-system-requirements-r499/
  9. Window Schedule Editng

    It is confusing. Now that object attributes (=ALL - =WST) are lumped into the database column header pulldown with the functions (Arc Cosine - Z Coordinate) it makes sense to call all of them functions. But I still think of retrieving data from a field in a record as a database call".
  10. Window Schedule Editng

    A "call" is what you type into that database header row. It always starts with an equal sign and then a function or field in a record. Like =WIDTH or ='record'.'field' It's probably has a real name. "Call" is what I've heard it called. To switch the format of the dimension right click on one of the cells in the Sills column with a decimal value, choose Format Cells > Number Tab > Check Dimension. All the cells in that column will use the default document dimension format.
  11. Window Schedule Editng

    PS. If you want to put any other data use the call ='Window'.'UserFld1' ... ='Window'.'UserFld10' There are 10 user fields in windows that you can use for any data you want. You can also see them in settings. Select a window > OIP Settings > Data. At the bottom of the list are 10 user fields.
  12. Window Schedule Editng

    1. View>Uncheck Database Headers. (The View menu in the worksheet, not the main program View menu) 2. Before you do #1, put this in the cell 3F: =('Window'.'SillExt'*2)+'Window'.'OverallWidth' This will read the sill extension from the window settings, double it and add the window width.
  13. Monitor recommendation

    Agreed. I felt like a ridiculous ordering a 43" 4K monitor, but it's a real game changer.
  14. Random Rotation

    Andy I have several scripts that use the selected state of objects and run into the same issues you are seeing here. The best solution I've found (because it's easier than rewriting the scripts ) is to first run another script that deselects everything in the drawing. It's a complicated script. DSelectAll; That's the whole script. In this case it's a vectorscript (as opposed to Python).


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