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  1. michaelk

    Scaling objects in place

    @Kevin McAllister This thread has taxed the limits of my German. I no longer remember the gender of German nouns or the conjugation of irregular verbs. But @Benson Shaw busts out with "die Schriftgröße"! I'm positive I've never seen that word before.
  2. This is really common in dwgs, especially with site surveys. The location of the page is often meaningless. No need to rescale, that won't really do anything. Except put your drawing in a scale you don't want. Make sure nothing is selected. Do a Fit to Objects. Then draw a marque around one quadrant of the drawing space and see how many objects are selected. Keep trying different quadrants until you get a bunch of objects. Then with those selected, Fit to Objects again. If you want to move the page to that location there is a Move Page tool. Click and hold the Pan Tool and it will appear as a little flyout. But beware. If you draw 3d objects that are several miles from the drawing 0,0 the wheels can fall off the renderworks textures. Better off referencing the site dwg in as a DLVP. That way you avoid polluting your drawing with the referenced drawings classes.
  3. michaelk

    Scaling objects in place

    Benson! Sprichst du auch Deutsch? Jonathan: Versuchen Sie dieses Skript von @Pat Stanford. Alle ausgewählten Objekte werden um die Objekzentren skaliert.
  4. michaelk

    Scaling objects in place

    Frage: Verwenden Sie das "Space Tool" mit "Labels" oder nur Polygone mit "Text Object"?
  5. michaelk

    Create classes from worksheet

    I haven't tried it, but I wonder if it would be possible to make the worksheet entries for the class attributes human readable. Perhaps. Check out this thread: At the end of the thread is a script that uses the graphic attributes of a selected object to create a class with the objects attributes and one to edit the graphic attributes of a class.
  6. michaelk

    Counting symbols question

    I usually make a dummy layer with all 30 symbols - only one of each - and nothing else. Then I include that layer in the criteria. So the count will be off by one. Then instead of =Count in the database row header, use =Count-1
  7. I think there's a bug in 2019 in applying renderworks textures to floor objects. See the end of this thread:
  8. michaelk

    Cabinet and Countertop Scripts

    Interesting. In both 2018 and 2019 if you take a floor object and Convert to Group you get 6 3D polygons. In 2018 if you take a floor object and Ungroup you get the original polygon. 1n 2019 if you take a floor object and Ungroup you get the original polygon, a floor object and a group containing the original shape as a polyline. That object is sometimes not selectable.
  9. michaelk

    Cabinet and Countertop Scripts

    The problem with an extrude is that it shows up as wireframe in top/plan view. Then you see all the lines between the base cabinets - which is the one of the reasons I don't use the built in countertop. I just looked at the differences between floor since 2018 and 2019. I think it's a bug. The work around is to force a redraw. Changing a render parameter like the mapping or the scale instantly makes it work in 2019. I'll submit a bug report when I get home and, in the mean time, I'll try scripting a forced redraw to see if that fixes it. Thanks for pointing it out. I see it almost everyday and think, "I should figure out why that doesn't work anymore" 🤓
  10. michaelk

    Cabinet and Countertop Scripts

    NO! And it bugs me, too.! I’m assuming that either something changed in texture on floor objects that I need to account for in the script or there is a bug in floor objects in 2019.
  11. michaelk

    Fast Flat v0.9.1

    Glad you like it. Yes, that would be very possible. I’ll add it to the list for the next time I work on it.
  12. michaelk

    Parametric theater flat?

    @SamIWas Wasn’t hard at all!! Check it out: scroll all the way down to get the latest version
  13. michaelk

    architect or designer?

    Welcome to the forum. For interior design and product design you won't miss anything in Spotlight or Landmark. The stock architect workspace is similar to the stock designer workspace. Rendering is exactly the same.
  14. michaelk

    Editing text lag

    I know it's possible. I've never done it.
  15. michaelk

    Editing text lag

    2017 isn't made to run on Mojave. If you are running Mojave, that's probably what's going on.


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