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  1. Registration Now Open for Virtual Event Available to Customers Worldwide on May 7. Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. invites designers to its fourth Open House event on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. This free virtual experience is tailored specifically for customers in the architecture, interiors, landscape architecture and design, and entertainment design industries, allowing them to engage directly with experts on the Vectorworks team. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to explore Vectorworks’ latest features and innovations and gain valuable insights to enhance their specific workflows. “The Vectorworks Open House is a uniquely engaging event that we eagerly anticipate each year,” said Vectorworks Chief Product Officer Darick DeHart. "It offers a wonderful opportunity for our global customers to connect directly with our knowledgeable team, allowing them to ask questions, acquire new skills and information, and stay informed about the future of Vectorworks, all from the convenience of their own offices or homes." Attendees will connect with engineers, product experts, and the Vectorworks leadership team to discuss various topics, witness in-depth presentations of Vectorworks’ products, and learn more about the latest updates to the software. Open forums and presentations will be available on a range of topics, including: · Architecture · Vectorworks Odyssey & Vectorworks Nomad · Entertainment · Landscapes · Rendering · Vectorworks Product Roadmap · Vectorworks University & Certifications · 3D Modeling This year's event will be held on Zoom Events at two different times to accommodate participants from different time zones. It will occur from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT and 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. AEST. Attendees can join the event anytime during its duration for their convenience. Those interested in attending are encouraged to visit the registration page to secure their spot. Press interested in attending should contact the Vectorworks PR team at pr@vectorworks.net for more information, to request a demonstration, or to schedule a press interview with an executive or industry experts.
  2. Global Design and BIM Software Provider Acquires Longstanding Distributor A&A Co., Ltd. Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc., part of the Nemetschek Group, is thrilled to announce the establishment of a new corporate office in Japan to expand and support its growing customer base and strengthen its position as a leading provider of innovative design solutions worldwide. The Nemetschek Group has acquired A&A Co., Ltd., the Japanese distributor of Vectorworks software since 1985, from its parent company, Canon Marketing Japan Inc. With the formation of the new office in Japan, Vectorworks aims to offer its products and services to a broader range of designers in multiple industries and specialties including product, architecture, landscape and entertainment design. The Japan office will leverage the robust sales infrastructure, in-depth market knowledge, and dedicated technical support offered by A&A for nearly four decades to deliver an enhanced customer experience. The A&A business will be renamed Vectorworks Japan, Co., Ltd. as part of this transformation, which will be completed on May 1. "Advancing our presence in Japan marks a significant milestone in our commitment to serving designers in East Asia and beyond," said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. "The A&A team has a rich history in the region and has been instrumental in delivering Vectorworks' products while providing unparalleled support to our customers. With this committed and experienced team, I am confident in our ongoing success and growth in Japan." Furthermore, leveraging the expertise of A&A’s product team, this new alliance will ensure the delivery of superior-quality software releases across all versions of Vectorworks for all customers. A&A President Takashi Yokota will be joined by Director of Operations Takeshi Kimura and Director of Sales Moriaki Honma to oversee operations in the Japan office location. “This acquisition is a strong move in driving our business forward in the Asia Pacific region as we continue to lead designers across the globe into the future of digitalization with intelligent software solutions,” said César Flores Rodríguez, Chief Division Officer Planning & Design and Digital Twin of the Nemetschek Group. “This expansion reflects our commitment to sustained development and leadership in the AEC industry and lays the foundation for an advantageous growth strategy.” In addition to its headquarters in the United States and offices in Newbury, England, Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada, Vectorworks has a network of over 30 distributors worldwide. Its software solutions are available in 11 languages, equipping designers with exceptional tools to explore their imagination and design without limits. “After many years of close collaboration with our partners in the United States, it is an honor to officially join the Vectorworks team in this new capacity,” said A&A President Takashi Yokota.“The Japanese market holds great potential, and now directly operating as part of Vectorworks, we will provide even greater service to designers seeking software solutions tailored to their specific requirements. We are excited to work together to provide the best possible service and will continue pursuing true partnership with our customers.” The Vectorworks Japan office is located in Tokyo, Japan. More information about Vectorworks can be found at vectorworks.net.
  3. Latest Vectorworks Update Introduces New Capabilities in AI Visualization, Virtual Reality, BIM Collaboration, and More to Deliver Added Design Freedom and Flexibility. Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc., part of the Nemetschek Group, has released its fourth update to the Vectorworks 2024 product line, granting customers access to AI and virtual reality (VR) technologies through two brand new tools. Additionally, the latest version update features an integration with L-Acoustics – leaders in sound-reinforcement technology and the Vectorworks Partner Network’s first platinum audio industry member – along with several other enhancements to provide faster design workflows from start to finish. “This latest software update showcases our unwavering dedication to equipping our customers with cutting-edge technology to elevate their design processes,” said Vectorworks Senior Director of Rendering and Research Dave Donley. “By introducing these tools, we are taking a significant step forward in leveraging the power of AI and VR to enable users to explore their design concepts faster and with greater detail. We believe these features will assist our users in securing more work and ensure they can deliver projects with the highest level of precision and creativity.” For All Designers Looking to Revolutionize Their Workflows with Next-Gen Technology Combining the power of Vectorworks with the speed of AI powered by Stable Diffusion, customers have the limitless potential of AI at their fingertips with the new AI Visualizer. Directly available within the Vectorworks interface, this experimental tool uses Vectorworks Cloud Services for a zero-install, uninterrupted workflow to quickly ideate illustrative concepts or create refined images using Vectorworks models from text prompts at any design stage. Designers can amplify their ability to explore options and ideas faster, allowing more time to focus on their design concepts and win more work. Vectorworks’ AI Visualizer is processed on Vectorworks Cloud Services, ensuring that individual hardware limitations do not impact performance. Users can continue working on their designs uninterrupted while images are generated and private information is protected. Vectorworks customers can now also use VR technology in their design workflows with the help of Vectorworks Odyssey, the virtual reality application based on Unity developed for Meta Quest 2 and beyond. With the app, designers and all stakeholders can experience immersive VR models with a bird’s-eye view and virtual walkthrough modes, helping them to gain better context and provide quick and thorough feedback on projects, especially during the early design phases. Using Apple’s Room Plan framework, the Room Plan feature in Vectorworks Nomad is now even more advantageous, allowing customers to quickly and more easily create accurate 3D models directly from the iOS app. The new capability to scan multiple rooms and seamlessly combine them into a single model, plus the added support for round and slanted walls, provides significant time savings when surveying existing building or site conditions. Customers will also find a new intuitive and direct workflow in the desktop app for importing files from Nomad and Vectorworks Cloud Services. With a menu command directly in Vectorworks, files from 3D scans can be easily found and imported straight into design layers. Furthermore, new advanced rendering technology in the Redshift Progressive Mode feature provides immediate feedback when finetuning 3D views directly in design layers. For Architects and Interior Designers In a continued commitment to delivering designers with first-class BIM collaboration capabilities, Update 4 makes sharing work with project stakeholders easier than ever. With the latest Information Delivery Specification (IDS) feature, customers can quickly validate project information, ensuring compliance with local and project requirements. A modern BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) interface makes issue management workflows a breeze, with support for seamless switching between server-based and file-based BCF Managers. Plus, IFC file export makes collaboration more effective by supporting sophisticated IFC assemblies and multiple buildings, along with certified quality of geometry and data, georeferenced positioning, and optimized file sizes. Additionally, Update 4 includes increased flexibility, improved documentation, and customization capabilities for the recently implemented Cabinet tool. For Sound and Live Event Designers For entertainment industry professionals looking to prioritize their audio design workflows, Vectorworks 2024 Update 4 brings a new integration with L-Acoustics that allows Spotlight customers to export their models to Soundvision. The geometry of Vectorworks objects can be simplified to export lightweight and responsive models into Soundvision. This simplification saves valuable time and streamlines the design process. “We are committed to offering sound designers a seamless and efficient workflow,” explains Maxime Démurger, Application Design Engineer at L-Acoustics, who led the integration project. “Attaining platinum partner status through this Soundvision integration is the first step in a long-term partnership that will offer more interoperability between our tools and provide more precise 3D sound modeling.” Customers from all areas of the entertainment industry will experience increased efficiency when creating custom reports with extensive and intuitive Equipment List worksheets that integrate data displayed on the Equipment List. With the new Equipment Summary Key feature, users can adjust the alignment and scale of individual equipment objects, thus enabling better control over their reports. For Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers Professionals in the Landscape industry will benefit from the introduction of two new modes of the Hardscape tool, Site Model Contour Labels and new Site Model Contour Label workflows. The Style Pick-up and Convert modes of the Hardscape tool allow users to create a smart Hardscape object from a selected shape using the active settings from the hardscape, similar to the Plant, Landscape Area, and Irrigation tools. This saves time and provides workflow consistency. The Site Model Contour Labels feature offers superior control of the "Add contour labels" tool, allowing users to place custom labels in preferred units with fractional and decimal precision. Customers can now easily meet their drawing standards, confidently labeling contours and achieving neat and effortlessly placed labels at the intersections. This update is available to download for all currently released English language-based versions of Vectorworks 2024 and is immediately accessible to subscription and Vectorworks Service Select customers. To install the update, select “Check for Updates” from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or the Help menu (Windows). Unleash your creative potential and unlock limitless design possibilities with a free 7-day trial of Vectorworks Design Suite. Visit the Public Roadmap to stay up to date on the future of Vectorworks, leave feedback on upcoming changes, or suggest something new. About Vectorworks, Inc. Vectorworks, Inc. is an award-winning design and BIM software provider serving the architecture, landscape architecture, and entertainment industries in 85 countries. Built with designers in mind since 1985, Vectorworks software offers you the freedom to follow your imagination wherever it leads you. Globally, more than 685,000 users are creating, connecting, and influencing the next generation of design with Vectorworks on Mac and Windows. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with offices in the UK, Canada, and Australia, Vectorworks is a part of the Nemetschek Group. Learn how you can design without limits at vectorworks.net or follow @Vectorworks. ###
  4. Global Design and BIM Software Provider Updates Distribution Model in New Zealand to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience. In a continued commitment to provide customers with the highest standard of service and support, global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. is excited to announce a new, direct presence in New Zealand. Previously overseen by Megabits, the New Zealand distributor of Vectorworks software, all New Zealand operations will now be managed by the New Zealand-based staff of Vectorworks, backed by the company’s regional office in Australia. The local team, headed by Sales Operations Specialist Kim Cooper and Product Specialist Zac Haumaha, brings their expertise and years of experience supporting Vectorworks users in New Zealand, guaranteeing the highest level of customer service. “By transitioning to serve our customers in New Zealand directly, we can amplify our capacity to cater to the demands of our rapidly expanding design community,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “With unwavering support from Vectorworks and our Australasian team, we are confident that this change will result in an even more exceptional experience for all our users. We look forward to expanding and strengthening our relationship with our customers in New Zealand.” Apart from its headquarters in the United States and offices in Newbury, England, Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada, Vectorworks has a global network of over 30 distributors. Its software solutions are available in 11 languages, providing exceptional tools that enable designers to follow their imagination wherever it may lead and design without limits. “We are incredibly excited to become part of the Vectorworks team and feel privileged to join forces in delivering best-in-class software solutions to the talented designers of New Zealand,” said Cooper. “We recognize the critical importance of understanding the unique needs of designers in New Zealand, and we look forward to providing both our current and future customers with localized knowledge, assistance and unparalleled service.” New Zealand customers can contact Vectorworks directly by emailing info@vectorworks.co.nz or visiting vectorworks.co.nz.
  5. Seventh Vectorworks Design Scholarship Honors 21 Talented Students with Awards. Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. has revealed the winners of this year’s Vectorworks Design Scholarship, naming Brenda Vaca Michan as the Richard Diehl Award winner. With over 1,000 submissions, scholarships were awarded to 21 students for 18 projects in the architecture, interior design, landscape and entertainment industries. The winning Richard Diehl submission “Venus” by Vaca Michan is a lighting design project for the 19th-century play written by Suzan-Lori Parks and directed by Mike Payette at the National Theatre School of Canada. Vaca Michan utilized Vectorworks Spotlight for the lighting design to maintain consistency when working with the lighting plots for a diverse cast. "Brenda's project description communicated the long and complicated journey of the main character and how she resonated with the plot," said Len Levine, lighting designer, International Cinema Lighting Society member and one of this year's Scholarship judges. "Secondly, she perfectly used light to create different moments as the set piece remained the same throughout while trying to maintain a cohesive look for the show. Finally, her clear documentation in the overhead and deck plots made the show straightforward to rigging.” “Vectorworks has allowed me to understand space and light as an imperfect language,” said Vaca Michan. “I’m extremely appreciative of this award as it signifies strength to my thoughts, voice and creation.” The selected winners represent many countries worldwide, including Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. An expert panel of international judges evaluated all submissions on design, technology, originality, presentation and writing. Vectorworks congratulates this year's winners: Architecture Winners: · “Bunny” by Kenneth Anggara and Marco Kuo, University of British Columbia · “Cohabitation Berlin” by Lena Polte and Celina Rodewald, Leibniz University Hannover · “Loch on Wood” by Dylan Baliski, University of Dundee · “Over the Coal Ruins” by Nicolas Moraga, Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation · “Reground” by Elischa Bischof, ETH Zurich · “Sailing in the Valley” by Yuta Saito, Tokyo University of the Arts Interior Design Winners: · “Designing security in isolation. Supportive penal architecture based on conceptual interior design project of women's prison in Ostróda” by Ksenia Makala, Academy of Fine Arts Katowice · “Nightsleeper - Redesign of the Interior” by Hanna Leiber, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences · “Unite Student Accommodation Design Proposal” by Kimberly Affleck, Solent University · “[Waves] High Involvement – Public Art in the Park” by Li Zhounan, Osaka University of Art Landscape Winners: · “Church Street Escape” by Zoya Mohsin, Barlett School of Architecture · “Journey - A Regeneration Process of New Life” by Muen Zhang, Harvard University · "Together City Alone" by Vincent Wenk and Katharina von Unold, Technical University of Munich · “Retrofitting for the Symbiocene” by Hannah Merrett-Kaufman, Victoria University of Wellington Entertainment Winners: · “(Mourning) Star” by Xotchil Musser, Carnegie Mellon University · “The Gemstone Forum - Marc Palladis” by Jakob Grimm, Central Hesse University of Applied Sciences · “Urban Sprawl” by Enza Kim, University of the Arts London · “Venus” by Brenda Vaca Michan, National Theater School of Canada “The winning project “Venus” has an excellent blend of design and intentionality that brings the true story of this play to fruition,” said Vectorworks Product Marketing Manager – Entertainment Joshua Schulman. “This year’s winners should be very proud of their achievements. It’s evident the next generation will continue to make ground-breaking contributions to the design community.” Winners received the equivalent of up to $3,000 USD in their local currency. As the Richard Diehl Award winner, Vaca Michan received an additional prize package, including the equivalent of $7,000 USD in local currency and professional networking opportunities. Winners’ schools will also receive free Vectorworks Design Suite software and free virtual workshop training for faculty and students. Visit the Vectorworks Design Scholarship web gallery to view all 18 winning designs, runner-up projects and projects from past years. Students and instructors can apply for a free individual copy of Vectorworks Design Suite software at customers.vectorworks.net. To learn more about Vectorworks academic programs, visit vectorworks.net/education.
  6. Latest Update Enhances Designers’ Everyday Experience with Vectorworks 2024. Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. announces the release of its second update for the Vectorworks 2024 product line, delivering an array of performance improvements aimed at enhancing the overall quality of the product line. For All Designers Expanding on its capacity to enhance designers’ workflows and provide them more time to design, this latest update delivers several critical improvements that will continue to empower users to achieve faster and more efficient processes from start to finish. Users will discover improvements to overall stability when working with worksheets, increasing data accuracy. Mac users can also look forward to an improved experience with Redshift render mode on macOS Sonoma. Additionally, with the new Live Mode in the Omniverse Connector tool, users can now experience the power of real-time updates in their Omniverse Live Session models as they make changes in Vectorworks. Those collaborating on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform will receive real-time updates for a more seamless and iterative design process. For Architects Continuing to address architects’ specific needs, Vectorworks 2024 Update 2 includes improved representation of doors and windows for documentation, optimizing pocket door configurations and windows with custom sashes for better-quality 2D output. Improved interactive sizing and handing widgets for doors and windows also enhance the direct modeling and editing experience of those objects. Improvements to the Structural Member’s auto join behavior and better support for custom profile shapes mean more accuracy in its 2D representation. Plus, users will find improved performance when working with new parametric cabinet and railing objects and a new catalog of Aristokraft cabinets, providing even more options for customization and variety. For Landscape Architects and Designers In a continued commitment to providing landscape professionals with the tools they need to embrace BIM in their everyday workflows, this update takes the improved visual and organizational capabilities of Vectorworks 2024 to a new level. Users will discover notable advancements in Site Model functionality, allowing for improved documentation of site changes, enhanced cut/fill behavior, more accurate representation of proposed surfaces on site models and heightened accuracy and stability when using site modifiers. They can now also take advantage of new default data tags for the Fence object. Both Vectorworks Architect and Landmark users will benefit from the IFC improvements in this update, making BIM collaboration easier through new default settings for windows/doors, ramps, grid lines and columns/pilasters. Additionally, there is. Better support for IFC reference files in the Project Sharing environment, reducing the risk of error. Adding new fence and railing tool worksheets will assist designers in both fields with reporting information for quantity take offs. For Lighting and Live Event Designers Update 2 delivers additional quality and performance improvements to entertainment professionals’ workflows, elevating overall quality and performance. Improved cable tools make editing and modifying cables and cable routes more reliable. At the same time, the general improvements to Summary Keys offer a notably enhanced representation of geometry and alignment of information. For Vision users, this update brings even better support for GDTF files. Now, they can enjoy seamless compatibility with gLTF/glb-backed GDTF files, and GDTF-based conventional fixtures can be focused and saved directly within the Vision platform. This update is available to download for all currently released English-based versions of Vectorworks 2024. To install the update, select “Check for Updates” from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or the Help menu (Windows). Unleash your creativity and discover how to design without limits with a free 7-day trial of Vectorworks Design Suite.
  7. Vectorworks Wins for the Fourth Consecutive Year at the 2023 Construction Computing Awards. Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. wins Architectural Design Software of the Year Award at the 2023 Construction Computing Awards. This year’s winners were determined by voter submission and a panel of judges and were announced on Nov. 10 at the Leonardo Royal Hotel London City. The Construction Computing Awards, commonly known as "The Hammers," seek to showcase and reward the technology, tools and solutions for the effective design, construction, maintenance and modification of commercial buildings, residential and social housing and civil engineering projects of all sizes. “It’s a significant honor to be recognized for our dedication to providing exceptional tools and capabilities to the architectural market,” said Vectorworks Sales Enablement Director Tamsin Slatter. “It has been a great year with the newly released Vectorworks 2024 and our Vectorworks Design Day UK, so this honor reinforces our commitment to make Vectorworks Architect a prominent choice so designers are well-equipped with tools and features to showcase their talents and bring their visions to life.” Vectorworks Architect allows you to sketch, model and document in a fully integrated workflow with the world’s most design-centric BIM solution. With superior 2D graphics, 3D modeling and visualization tools, Architect is built to deliver absolute creative expression and maximum efficiency. Winners will appear in the November/December 2023 issue of CAD User and Construction Computing magazine. The complete list of winners and runners-up is available on their website. To learn more about the software built to showcase your skill and creativity, visit vectorworks.net/architect.
  8. DIN Spec Validates MVR as the Standard for Streamlining Data Information & 3D Model Exchange in the Entertainment Industry. With fellow General Device Type Format (GDTF) and My Virtual Rig (MVR) founders MA Lighting and Robe Lighting, global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. proudly announces that DIN SPEC 15801 officially recognizes MVR as an open standard for the entertainment industry worldwide. This groundbreaking development unlocks a new world of limitless opportunities for entertainment industry professionals to collaborate and efficiently bring their creative visions to life. "The accomplishment of DIN SPEC 15801 marks a significant milestone in the continuous evolution of GDTF and MVR, as well as the overall advancement of the entertainment industry," said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. "Since its inception, MVR has made remarkable progress in meeting the needs of manufacturers and designers through a standardized approach to data and 3D model exchange. This latest recognition further proves our unwavering commitment to unifying the entertainment industry and equipping professionals with the necessary tools for success." Developed to facilitate interoperability and data exchange to unify the entertainment industry, MVR has several advantages that deliver critical benefits to both manufacturers and end users. MVR supports full scene description, so for manufacturers, information is all in one easy-to-share, easy-to-maintain file, and users don’t need to worry about losing information between different departments. Because MVR is based on GDTF, the file format has its advantages built-in, including an extensive database with information that can be shared between other applications. With the ability to communicate directly on local area networks, MVR provides manufacturers hassle-free communication between various applications across all genres and enables efficient collaboration between end users. Allowing the exchange of full environments, MVR lets manufacturers share the same venue or stage between audio, lighting and video planning. At the same time, users can streamline their workflows, creating basic information once to use it multiple times. Plus, MVR maintains kinematic chains, ensuring accurate sub-fixture handling and seamless object correspondence. “Step by step, we are shaping an industry standard, always with an open ear to the people we are trying to serve. We get a lot of feedback from people who are supportive of the project but also from those who are more concerned with the many small and large things that are not yet perfect,” said Gerhard Krude, managing director of MA Lighting Technology. “We all have enough to do in our day-to-day jobs, but to see an idea grow from its logical origins into something that many people are now working with daily is enough positive feedback to keep this open project moving forward. From our point of view, it is very satisfying to be part of this movement.” Now, MVR will be a standard foundation for exchanging extended device and environmental data between lighting consoles, CAD and 3D pre-visualization applications, reflecting the real-world physical components of a show setup and the logical patch information of the devices. Like the truck that takes gear to a venue, MVR is the container file that holds all the information about a scene or stage, including GDTF data, patch information, location of objects and other crucial information. “Since its original release when accompanying the GDTF publication, the My Virtual Rig format has become an industry standard for exchanging stage data between planning tools, visualizers, and consoles, allowing designers and show artists to move fast between ideas, drawings and live stages,” said Josef Valchar, CEO of Robe Lighting. “With the many months-long work on the DIN specification, industry-wide input was carefully considered. While ensuring that the standard follows best industry practices, the feedback was incorporated into the MVR interchange format and communication protocol, now released with the official DIN recognition.” DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, is the independent platform for standardization in Germany and worldwide. A DIN SPEC is a document specifying requirements for products, services and/or processes, and it’s a trusted strategic instrument for quickly and easily establishing and disseminating innovative solutions that do not conflict with existing standards or rules of procedure. In 2020, DIN officially recognized GDTF as a specification, DIN SPEC 15800, becoming the standard for describing any controllable device's hierarchical and logical structure in the lighting and entertainment industry. While it solved the issue of unifying the descriptions of devices and enabled applications to exchange planning data based on GDTF files, the new MVR specification unifies the information exchange of all this data within the context of a 3D modeled environment. “We are very happy about this further cooperation with the GDTF group. After DIN SPEC 15800, this is the next step to make GDTF and MVR's great opportunities available as freely accessible standards for the entertainment industry,” said Michael Bahr, senior project manager at DIN. “We are very thankful that the group once again acknowledged the importance of standards and set trust in the development of DIN SPEC 15801. With MVR and GDTF described as DIN SPEC, they can be used widely as trusted and transparent developed documents.” To learn more about GDTF and MVR, visit gdtf-share.com, and if you are at LDI 2023, stop by booth 1653 or attend the free learning sessions on GDTF & MVR. You can also view and download DIN SPEC 15801, published by Beuth Verlag, here and read it in its entirety at github.com/mvrdevelopment. About Vectorworks, Inc. Vectorworks, Inc. is an award-winning design and BIM software provider serving the architecture, landscape architecture and entertainment industries in 85 countries. Built with designers in mind since 1985, Vectorworks software offers you the freedom to follow your imagination wherever it leads you. Globally, more than 685,000 users are creating, connecting, and influencing the next generation of design with Vectorworks on Mac and Windows. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with offices in the UK, Canada, and Australia, Vectorworks is a part of the Nemetschek Group. Learn how you can design without limits at vectorworks.net or follow @Vectorworks. About MA Lighting MA Lighting International as master distributor is responsible for worldwide sales and marketing of the professional lighting control solutions of MA Lighting Technology. The current product range offers the grandMA3 series and the MA Network Switch. In the past MA has become well known for its grandMA2, grandMA and dot2 series. Today, MA Lighting is respected for its technical knowledge and has achieved a unique international reputation for its operational philosophy. The company offers several decades of experience and strictly follows a professional user-centric approach, getting as close as possible to the market via its own international offices and support centers in the UK, North America, Latin America, the Middle East/India, Asia Pacific and Scandinavia/Eastern Europe/Russia – supported by a world-wide distribution and service network. About Robe Lighting Robe is among the world’s leading moving light manufacturers, recognized for its innovation, quality engineering and dedication to the very highest production values. The company is based in the Czech Republic and all processes involved in making the luminaires is undertaken locally in a 75,000 square meter premises. Currently, Robe employs over 850 skilled staff worldwide. Robe has wholly-owned subsidiaries in six key markets – the U.S., U.K., Middle East, Singapore (Asia Pacific), France and Germany – and a highly proactive and talented regional sales management team which helps oversee and co-ordinate the worldwide distribution network covering over 100 countries. Robe’s moving and LED lights can be found everywhere. They are working and installed on stages and in concert halls, in theatres and all types of other venues; they are lighting all genres of performance from music to TV to drama and opera; appearing on a myriad of diverse events, as well as at theme park attractions and entering the specialist worlds of architectural and environmental illumination. Robe is also known for being accessible, forward-thinking and understanding the importance of people and personal communication in sustaining a successful enterprise. The excellent communication with those investing in and using its dynamic range of products is at the core of future research and development. The company is very proud of its independence and private ownership. This ensures the business remains agile, efficient, decisive and focused on producing genuinely creative tools for an imaginative and exciting industry that constantly pushes boundaries. ###
  9. Now, All Vectorworks Users Can Harness the Power of the Cutting-Edge Rapid Visualization Plugin. Chaos, the world’s largest 3D visualization company and a member of the Vectorworks Partner Network, has extended Enscape for Mac, directly connecting its intuitive real-time visualization tools to the Vectorworks platform on Mac OS. With full integration into Vectorworks, architects and designers can explore high-quality 3D walkthroughs at every stage of the design process, yielding faster changes and detailed visualizations for their clients. “This collaboration solidifies our commitment to incorporating next-gen technology that delivers immediate advantages to our customers,” said Vectorworks Senior Director of Rendering and Research Dave Donley. “Enscape’s powerful real-time rendering capabilities perfectly complement Vectorworks’ existing tools and resources, further empowering our customers to transform their models into immersive 3D experiences while streamlining their review processes, saving valuable time, and ultimately helping them win more work. Now, our users on both Mac and Windows can fully embrace the advantages this exciting partnership offers.” Used throughout the architectural world, Enscape is one of the easiest ways to visualize CAD/BIM data in real time. Perfect for daily design reviews, live demos, and client coordination, Enscape moves projects forward via instant feedback, allowing architects to represent their work in the moment using the power of immersive 3D. Enscape for Mac Features: Real-Time Walkthroughs – Navigate fully-rendered projects with perspective, walk and fly modes using a live link between Enscape and Vectorworks. Render-Ready 3D Assets – Fill scenes with a wide range of accessories, vegetation, people, furniture and vehicles to bring more realism to a design. Material Editing – Adjust material attributes like color, reflectivity, light emission and height to test ideas or lock in specific looks. Visual Variety – Display scenes in a variety of rendering styles or adjust atmosphere settings like illumination and cloud density for clients in the moment. Multiple Exports – Share visualizations with design teams and clients as stills, panoramas, web links and batch renders. “Enscape takes the expertise out of visualization, so architects can assess the impact of design decisions in record time,” said Petr Mitev, VP Product, Solutions for Designers at Chaos. “With our new Mac integration for Vectorworks, we’re bringing that power to even more people, so designers can enjoy real-time feedback while working directly within the Vectorworks platform.” Enscape for Mac is available now for Vectorworks 2024 and Vectorworks 2023 SP6. Existing users can download the new versions or improvements for free and subscription plans can be found at the Enscape pricing page. Users can also try Enscape for Mac with a free 14-day trial. Learn more about Vectorworks' partnership with Enscape here or watch the step-by-step tutorial here.
  10. Vectorworks 2024 Update 1 Includes an Innovative NCS+ Pro Integration, User Experience Enhancements and New Feature Improvements. Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. has released its first update for the Vectorworks 2024 product line, unveiling a new partnership with NCS Colour, the leading provider of color communication solutions and delivering updates designed to enhance user experience and introduce improvements to newly added tools. For Designers Who Want to Work Digitally with Color In collaboration with new Vectorworks Partner Network member NCS Colour, the NCS+ Pro integration offers Vectorworks users access to the innovative web app that bridges impactful color work with desktop compatibility. With an NCS+ Pro subscription, the integration lets architects and interior designers identify, define and visualize NCS color concepts seamlessly into their Vectorworks projects, saving them time in developing color schemes and design iterations. "NCS Colour is widely regarded as the global standard for exceptional color communication tools, and we are thrilled to offer our users the opportunity to access its extensive range of resources through this cutting-edge integration," expressed Vectorworks Senior Industry Specialist, Interior Architecture Kesoon Chance. "The NCS+ Pro integration offers Vectorworks users an automated process, simplifying the development of color concepts in their projects and opening up new avenues for expressing their creativity." Powered by the science behind NCS – Natural Colour System®, NCS+ helps users get inspired, find the right colors and create mood boards throughout the design phase of a project. NCS color palettes can be directly imported from NCS+ Pro to the Vectorworks color palette manager for easy access. Additionally, NCS+ Pro allows users to capture colors from the real world, extract the closest NCS colors from inspiration images and photos, translate to and from NCS and other color systems, find harmonizing color combinations based on NCS similarities and collaborate with colleagues and clients. “Embracing our core mission of simplifying design processes for our customers, NCS is proud to collaborate with Vectorworks as our first distribution partner of NCS+,” said NCS Colour CEO Elin Askfelt. “By making NCS+ accessible to Vectorworks users, we empower a global community of designers and architects to revolutionize their work with colors. With the smartness of the NCS System incorporated into NCS+, we transform the intricate task of color selection into an intuitive and enjoyable experience across all projects. Together, we're reshaping the landscape of color design.” The NCS+ Pro plugin can be installed via the Install Partner Product command within the Vectorworks platform. For Architects, Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers With an unwavering commitment to delivering a distinct data advantage, this latest update includes an additional feature for the new Fence and improved Railing tools. Each tool now incorporates new quantity take-off worksheet functions for more accuracy in your estimations. Users will also find improved texturing of Railing, Hardscape and Fence objects for even better visual quality in both Shaded render and other Renderworks modes. Additionally, landscape architects and designers can now enjoy enhanced IFC support for Plants, Fence and Hardscape objects, fostering better collaboration opportunities. For Lighting and Live Event Designers Unifying the equipment and inventory tracking process in preproduction with the Equipment Lists feature is now even more comprehensive, with added support for Blended Screens and Stage Plugs. The Equipment Summary Key has also been updated with improved alignment of text and symbols and optimized sorting and expanding of items included in the dialog box. This update is available to download for all currently released English-based versions of Vectorworks 2024. To install the update, select “Check for Updates” from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or the Help menu (Windows). Experience the latest advancements firsthand with a free 7-day trial of Vectorworks Design Suite.
  11. Equipping the Next Generation of Designers, Vectorworks Software, Resources and Discounts set the Foundation for Success. This back-to-school season, global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. invites all those involved in shaping the future of design to experience the freedom Vectorworks software delivers. Offering a uniquely uninterrupted workflow, Vectorworks allows future and current designers to master their processes faster and spend more time developing designs. With a complete collection of tools and resources, students honing their skills, educators teaching design and administrators making license and infrastructure decisions can all benefit from Vectorworks' education-focused offerings this school year and beyond. “Vectorworks software helps designers change the world, and we want to make sure that students and educators are included in this group to lead the transformation,” said Vectorworks Academic Marketing Program Specialist Jennifer Hart. “We take pride in offering free access to our software and valuable resources that help aspiring designers worldwide unlock their full potential, from the very beginning of their educational journey to their successful professional careers. We also deeply appreciate educators' crucial role in shaping the next generation, and we are committed to providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to enhance their vital efforts." Free Educational Licenses for Students and Educators Students in most global markets can gain access to a free educational license of Vectorworks 2024, which offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions designed to streamline workflows, minimize effort, boost efficiency, increase precision and elevate organizational capabilities. Students and educators who request an educational license will have access to Vectorworks Design Suite, Vectorworks' most robust offering that includes all the capabilities of Architect for architecture and interiors, Landmark for landscape design, Spotlight, Braceworks and ConnectCAD for entertainment design and Fundamentals. Additional entertainment industry add-ons, like Vision, Vectorworks’ previsualization tool, are available upon request. Educators can also access free educational licenses to utilize for instruction. To request an educational license, students and educators must sign in using their Vectorworks account or create a new account. Free Software for School Labs Vectorworks is proud to provide full lab donations to colleges and universities in most global markets, allowing for guided instruction of Vectorworks software. Faculty in charge of computer labs can request free educational licenses of Vectorworks Design Suite and the entire entertainment design solution with Spotlight, Vision, Braceworks and ConnectCAD. Gain a Competitive Edge with student2PRO As students’ academic careers come to an end, they can kickstart the next step of their professional careers with some financial assistance. Vectorworks’ student2PRO program helps set recent graduates up for success with the design software and tools they need to stay ahead of the curve. Individuals who have recently completed a design-based program at a university, college or post-secondary vocational school are eligible for a 40 percent discount off a Vectorworks professional annual subscription. This advantage can help ease the transition from student to design professional, provide a competitive edge in the job market and boost graduates' careers while being budget-conscious. Vectorworks student2PRO offering also includes a one-time opportunity to convert all student projects to watermark-free professional files at no cost, free one-time access to an on-demand certification course and the accompanying certification test (a combined value of $249 USD) and the latest in Vectorworks software upgrades, new content libraries, priority support, training resources and more. Learn at No Cost with Vectorworks University Vectorworks University, Vectorworks’ completely free and self-guided training platform, offers the opportunity to gain new skills, access industry certifications and fine-tune workflows to optimize creative processes. Constantly updated with new content, including webinars, how-tos and feature highlights, Vectorworks University delivers hundreds of videos and is the best place to get acquainted with best-practice workflows, tool use and more. Beyond training, Vectorworks University offers many in-depth courses and the Vectorworks Certification Program. Endorsed by leading industry experts, a Vectorworks certification can help students increase their knowledge and skills, advance their careers and help them stand out. The availability of educational licenses, lab licenses and recent graduate discounts vary by country. For more information and to learn more about how you can tap into Vectorworks’ educational offerings, visit vectorworks.net/education.
  12. Latest Design Software Version Launches to Accelerate Designers’ Workflows from Start to Finish. Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. announces the availability of Vectorworks 2024, featuring comprehensive solutions and quality improvements that automate processes and empower designers to unleash their limitless creativity. The 2024 release includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Design Suite, Fundamentals, ConnectCAD, Braceworks and Vision with the English-language editions of these versions available today. “Our goal is to empower designers with tools and resources that boost their creativity,” said Vectorworks Chief Technology Officer Steve Johnson. “With Vectorworks 2024, we have taken this mission to new heights through groundbreaking new features, user experience enhancements and a strong focus on quality and performance. These advances will significantly accelerate our users' design experiences, from the initial spark of an idea to the ultimate realization of a project.” The Vectorworks 2024 product line brings a range of exciting and innovative technology updates designed to streamline workflows, minimize labor, boost efficiency, increase precision and elevate organizational capabilities. For All Designers Featuring substantial advancements in its core technology, Vectorworks 2024 saves designers significantly more time. From a modernized user interface to the introduction of Viewport Styles and continued dedication to providing a data difference, designers will have access to new functionalities that enable efficient exploration of design concepts with this latest version, enabling a more rapid design development and documentation process. The reorganized View and Mode bars offer users a wide range of tools for easy access and organization. The new option to save custom viewport settings as styles allows for easy transfer between viewports, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. Referencing Excel files’ data enhances connectivity and collaborative data capabilities. Plus, improvements to Shaded rendering enable designers to achieve higher levels of realism and confidently assess their designs with improved shadow casting and camera settings. Vectorworks 2024 enables customers to experience more freedom when transforming models with the new 3D Dragger. With re-engineered section viewport rendering, they’ll also be able to navigate rendered sections or clipped models quicker than ever before. Optimization of DWG import/export capabilities eliminates the tedious task of file cleanup, and a simplified file structure that includes graphic overrides of layer and class settings offers faster workflows. For Architects and Interior Designers Architects require flexibility to bring their best ideas to life, and Vectorworks 2024 includes improvements specifically intended to meet this necessity. The new version significantly upgrades users’ BIM workflows with features and tools that save time while they design and help reduce errors in the modeling and documentation process. Users will find increased detail and material specification levels for doors and windows, enhanced stair functionality, improved graphic legend capability and robust, newly redefined parametric railing and cabinet objects. Improvements to the Wall tool allow designers to stay in their creative flow, switch linear and curved wall modes seamlessly and apply multiple configurations of wall component returns to inserted objects, offering flexibility with less effort. Additional improvements to wall, slab and roof texturing make applying textures to these architectural objects simpler, letting users focus on more complex construction details. With new structural member improvements, customers will find more significant control over 2D and 3D attributes, material, shape and size for styled and instance-based parameters. And with control of auto-joining, they will streamline their documentation with these objects. For Landscape Architects and Designers Vectorworks is dedicated to equipping landscape architects and designers with user-friendly tools that seamlessly incorporate BIM into their workflows. Improved visual and organizational capabilities, plus a new automated Fence tool, help users take their creativity further in Vectorworks 2024. The automated Fence tool saves significant time while designing in 2D or 3D and reduces the chance of errors in material specifications. The new Landmark Color Palette provides an efficient nature-focused color selection experience. Users can easily access the specific colors they need to communicate design intentions. Legends for Site Model Analysis also offer the ability to communicate design decisions promptly and effectively. Users will have better control over the graphical output of site model snapshots with the ability to include a legend to help clients better understand annotations, and a highly customizable color scale ensures users can include critical information about slope ranges and elevation values. For Lighting and Live Event Designers The latest improvements from Vectorworks 2024 bring everyday quality and performance improvements to lighting and live event workflows, reducing the amount of manual work so live event professionals can accurately deliver designs to clients and collaborators more efficiently. The new Equipment Lists feature unifies the equipment and inventory tracking process, providing the tools to plan and document equipment and streamlining the preproduction process. For ConnectCAD users, the “Share Reports” command uploads design data to Vectorworks Cloud Services as a configurable worksheet to view in a web browser on any device, and the new unified 3D Rack workflow saves even more time, providing the ability to quickly design and edit equipment racks in 3D with required 2D objects created automatically. Experience Vectorworks 2024 The release of localized language versions will begin in October and conclude in the first quarter of 2024. For more information about the availability of Vectorworks 2024 in other markets, contact your local Vectorworks distributor. Vectorworks Service Select and subscription users can download Vectorworks 2024 when the product is released in their local markets. To learn more about the latest release, visit vectorworks.net/2024 or join the conversation on social media with #Vectorworks2024. Press can visit vectorworks.net/whats-new-press for more information about the release, including high-res images and videos, or contact pr@vectorworks.net to request press interviews, demos and more. ###
  13. Registration Now Open for In-Person Event Series in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia. Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. invites architects, interior designers, landscape professionals, site designers and entertainment design professionals to its worldwide Design Day series. Across the globe, customers will have the chance to connect with fellow industry leaders and design enthusiasts and get a first-hand look at what’s new in Vectorworks 2024. “This worldwide Design Day series is a dynamic opportunity for us to connect and engage with the diverse Vectorworks community in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia,” said Vectorworks Chief Technology Officer Steve Johnson. “From New York to Sydney, we look forward to welcoming our customers to hear from industry experts on the latest developments and features and from remarkable design professionals making the most of Vectorworks and designing without limits.” In addition to exploring the upcoming software release, attendees will gain valuable insights from customer success stories and network with like-minded designers and the Vectorworks senior leadership team as they present the future of Vectorworks. The Design Day series is coming to a city near designers beginning this October through March 2024: Design Day UK – Oct. 3, 2023 Industries: Architecture, interiors and landscapes Design Day Los Angeles – Oct. 17, 2023 Industries: Entertainment Design Day Vancouver – Oct. 25, 2023 Industries: Architecture, interiors and landscapes Design Day New York City – Nov. 1, 2023 Industries: Architecture, interiors and landscapes Design Day Brooklyn – Nov. 2, 2023 Industries: Entertainment Design Day Sydney – March 19, 2024 Industries: Architecture, interiors and landscapes Registration is free for each local event, and prospective attendees can secure their spot through the registration page. Press interested in attending can contact the Vectorworks Media Relations team at pr@vectorworks.net for more information, to schedule a press interview with the senior leadership team or industry experts or to request a demo of Vectorworks 2024.
  14. Vectorworks Honored with Bronze Level Award in 2023 International Business Awards. Today, global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. received the Bronze Stevie® Award in the Sustainability Initiative of the Year category for the 20th Annual International Business Awards®. Specifically, the Vectorworks Embodied Carbon Calculator (VECC) was recognized for its innovation and achievements in sustainability. The VECC is a custom, pre-formatted interactive worksheet built into Vectorworks Architect that helps designers calculate embodied carbon levels of a project based on inputs and model quantities of materials. With this tool, designers can adhere to government and legislative bodies' requirements in targeting net zero carbon emissions throughout the whole project lifecycle. “The current climate crisis requires action to reduce emissions on a global scale and designers need solutions to help combat this challenge,” said Vectorworks Senior Architect Product Specialist and creator of the VECC Luka Stefanović. “By providing designers with tools like the VECC, it widens the spectrum of designers joining the cause and reinforces our commitment to the global sustainability agenda.” The International Business Awards are the world’s premier business awards program. All individuals and organizations worldwide — public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small — are eligible to submit nominations. The 2023 IBAs received entries from organizations in 61 nations and territories. More than 3,700 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories, including Company of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year, Startup of the Year, Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year, and Executive of the Year, among others. This year’s competition also featured a number of new categories to recognize organizations’ and individuals’ achievements in sustainability initiatives. Stevie Award winners were determined by the average scores of more than 230 executives worldwide who participated in the judging process in June and July. “Nominations to the IBAs get better every year, and this year’s class of Stevie winners is the most impressive yet,” said Stevie Awards President Maggie Miller. “The winners have demonstrated that their organizations have set and achieved lofty goals and we congratulate them on their recognized achievements.” The International Business Awards and the lists of Stevie Award winners are available at stevieawards.com/IBA. Learn more about the software that lets you sketch, model and document from start to finish by visiting vectorworks.net/architect or experience Vectorworks Design Suite first-hand by trying a 7-day free trial.
  15. Upcoming Version of the Design and BIM Product Line Focuses on Empowering Designers with Comprehensive Solutions for Faster Workflows from Start to Finish. Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. is preparing to release the 2024 version of its product line, dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that automate processes and let designers tackle more complex problems with less effort. The upcoming version includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Design Suite and Fundamentals, along with 2024 versions of ConnectCAD, Braceworks and Vision. “Vectorworks 2024 represents a significant move forward in integrating our tools into specific design workflows. By taking a holistic and high-level approach, we work hard to ensure that our software aligns seamlessly with the natural processes of designers,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “From ideation to final execution, this latest version has been carefully crafted to ensure new tools and existing features work together harmoniously to diminish disruptions and enhance productivity.” The 2024 product line is set to impress Vectorworks users across all industries, featuring a wide range of innovative tools and feature improvements. Get ready to experience these standout updates and many others soon. For all Designers In a continued effort to save designers valuable time, Vectorworks 2024 delivers an updated and modernized user interface that makes working in Vectorworks more efficient and easier to customize. The reorganized View and Mode bars bring a wide range of tools to the forefront, so users can decide how to organize tools and shortcuts for easy access. Additionally, Project Sharing has been rebuilt to ensure project data and geometry is always current in a project file. Project Sharing+ tracks every change, every time, and substantially improves reliability regardless of your team or project size. Designers will see another massive productivity gain with the ability to save custom viewport settings as “styles,” making them easily transferable between viewports on different sheets or project files, cutting out the tedium of replicating viewport settings and avoiding errors. Vectorworks’ commitment to delivering a transformative edge in BIM and other digital design workflows is evident in the 2024 version. The newly added ability to reference data from native Excel files reduces manual steps and the risk of user input error, resulting in better connectivity to external data and a new avenue for designers to enhance their collaborative data capabilities. Creating higher levels of realism earlier in the design process can also be achieved with further improvements to Shaded Rendering. Designers can assess their designs more confidently with improvements to shadow casting and the addition of camera settings that allow them to define depth of field, exposure and bloom for real-world camera-like effects in the real-time Shaded Rendering mode. For Architects and Interior Designers Providing BIM tools that cater to the specific needs of architects is always at the forefront at Vectorworks. In the upcoming 2024 version, users will find improved geometry for thresholds and sills, so they'll better fit with wall closures. Customers will also see more options to control interior and exterior conditions, gaps around doors and windows can be controlled for each side of the opening, and door handing has been standardized to allow for more detailed geometry and data that supports industry standards. Additionally, Materials can now be assigned to doors and windows, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency in visual representation and reporting. The upcoming version also brings robust parametric objects redefined to address architects’ requirements. New parametric handrails and guardrails can be created from building objects, such as stairs, slabs and ramps, and they bring the flexibility and accuracy needed to create more custom configurations. New parametric cabinet objects for interior projects help easily create a greater range of cabinet configurations and provide more interactive placement and generation for easier editing and customization. With these improvements, designers can produce models and documentation confidently. For Landscape Architects and Designers Vectorworks is dedicated to empowering landscape architects and designers with intuitive design and creation tools, enabling their active and meaningful participation in the BIM process. The new, automated Fence tool will save significant time while designing in 2D and 3D and also allow for accurate material reporting, reducing the chance for errors in material specifications. It is optimized for simplified and detailed representations and supports integrated posts, gates and terrain-conforming options like sloped or stepped. Landscape designers now have the necessary tool to design a complete fence project in 2D and 3D for more accurate documentation and better collaboration. For Lighting and Live Event Designers The Equipment Lists feature exemplifies our focus on providing automated solutions to manual, complex and repetitive tasks experienced in the Entertainment industry by unifying the equipment and inventory tracking process. Equipment Lists streamline the preproduction process by providing the tools to plan and document all the equipment needed by a show or production. And for those focused on A/V installation, the upcoming ConnectCAD “Share Reports” command lets designers upload design data to Vectorworks Cloud Services as a configurable worksheet so it can be viewed in a web browser on any device, ensuring that all project partners and installers are accessing the most up-to-date information. In addition to empowering designers with advanced automation and problem-solving capabilities, Vectorworks 2024 will build on the platform’s long-standing commitment to continuously delivering quality improvements. Users can expect several significant quality enhancements in the approaching version, with more detailed information to come soon. “Continuing our tradition of excellence, Vectorworks 2024 embodies our quality initiative, emphasizing solutions to complex problems,” said Vectorworks Chief Product Officer Darick DeHart. “We believe in the power of comprehensive workflows that address the challenges faced by designers and can’t wait to share more on the exciting improvements in quality that await our users in the new version.” The upcoming English language release is expected to become available in September 2023 to active Vectorworks Service Select members and subscription customers. For the most up-to-date news on the launch of Vectorworks 2024, visit vectorworks.net in the coming weeks and follow @Vectorworks. Press can contact pr@vectorworks.net for additional information, high-res images, press interviews, preview demos and more.
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