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  1. This may be a "feature," or this may be a bug. Nevertheless it is annoying. If you use a tool in an annotations viewport, it does not show up in the "Previous Tools" list that pops up via the "Smart Options Display" interface. In the file below, I created a Revision Cloud and Rectangle in the Design Layer. The Line and the Revision Marker were made in Viewport Annotation. When the Previous Tools are activated, only the design layer objects show up in the list of recent tools.
  2. This thread shows the need for unit plans, which are discussed on this site elsewhere as a Development Roadmap Item. The only workaround to this solution that I have discovered is to ungroup the symbol and redefine it, once the wall edits are made. I personally have not figured out a way to adjust wall heights in symbols, which is kind of a pain. (edit: I guess offsetting the components does do the trick) VW Development Team, it would be useful to have another mode to establish the wall height top and bottom. Layer Wall Height, Layer Elevation, Symbol Definition. That way the walls would be defined by the Z-axis of the symbol.
  3. Under Extents Beyond Cut Plane, Select Finite Depth and add a numerical value for the depth. If you place the section marker on a viewport or design layer you can also adjust the depth graphically.
  4. I really enjoy VW 2021's 3D Grid Tool. Thanks to the development team for all the work to get this tool up and running! As a counterpart to this tool, it would be super helpful to set vertical elevation benchmarks that would show up in sections. (Ground floor elevations, Second Floor, Roof, etc.) When the tool first came out, I was hoping that you could copy the Plan Grids in the Z-Axis. This would allow the structural grid to change from level to level, which it sometimes does. You could probably manage this by layers.... Perhaps the elevation benchmark tool needs to be revamped to provide a smart 3d datum function. If you could convert a bunch of vertical lines to a smart elevation benchmark, it would be awesome if these could show up in every section, much like the plan grid. This would go a long way towards improving the quality / efficiency of drawings.
  5. I personally don't like inserting symbols in walls and will always make a faux window (Opening/Cased Opening if it is rectangular) (Wall Recess if the shape is more complex). I then place the symbol in the model manually (aka non inserted). This gives me more flexibility over placement within the wall. The downside to this is that if the wall moves, you have to move the symbol. But It saves you the trouble of making symbols for horizontal walls and symbols for vertical walls. I really wish VW would improve the wall tool!
  6. For reasons that are unknown to me, you sometimes have to rotate the 3d Geometry in the symbol by 90 degrees. One of the many VW quirks. AKA features.
  7. It's odd. The icon seems to have updated once it was applied to a wall component.
  8. I wanted to see if the icon for the material can at all resemble the material. We can start with color and maybe progress from there. As far as I can see, there is no way to visually represent these materials correctly in the resource manager once customized. I wonder how the materials out of the box show up with the right colors.
  9. If you haven't figured it out, Zoomer, it probably means it can't be changed.
  10. This is probably a simple thing. Is there a way to update the renderworks texture icon in the resources manager? My resource looks like this, but the icon in the resources manager is not visually descriptive.
  11. It would never occur to me to use a regular viewport. A section viewport give you more granular control of the how much of the elevation gets included. Automatic drawing coordination is easier since you can control which viewports get referenced. I think there are better lineweight options. And control over smoothing tolerances for curved surfaces. Thats all i can think of without looking at VW.
  12. One of the things that has me very leery of using Data tags is that they seem to randomly disassociate. Has this issue ever been fixed?
  13. Why isn't there a coiling door? This is a super common door type.
  14. Perfect thanks. We only had a few months with Smartpaste before our office switched to VW2019. Looking forward to using the plugin again. Thanks for your work making this happen. C
  15. @GioPet Is there a coupon code for people who have purchased an earlier non pro version of smart paste. I sent a message to Smartpaste Support but have not heard back. I would like to upgrade with the £50 option but don't see it on your website.
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