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  1. cberg

    Modeling with Clip Cube

    I find modeling with the section in place command fairly useful. Some snapping issues, but you can quickly isolate elements.
  2. cberg

    wall preferences

    if you delete all the components then you should be able to adjust the width in the object info palette. Convert to unstyled.
  3. cberg

    IFC modelling with Vectorworks

    Sometimes things move in the IFC export process when they are in symbols or groups.
  4. The thumbnails typically disappear when you edit the symbol. To get them back, apparently, you have to re-set the thumbnail view via the resource browser, in a top-plan view.
  5. This may be a different issue, and slightly unrelated, but I too was having issues with getting my thumbnails to appear correctly, which was driving me crazy. I am on the Mac OS. I noticed that I could not get thumbnail previews to show up unless I was in a Top Plan View. They wouldn't work if I was in a 3d perspective view. At least I figured out the quirk. But why?
  6. cberg

    Best Practices - Room / Space Tags

    You can edit the spaces to have multiple tags at a later point in time.
  7. cberg

    Creating 2D Plans from 3D Model

    Both are problematic, unfortunately, and there really isn't a good solution (at the moment). Which is why the responses have not been all that helpful. In general, plans look best when you work with parametric types of objects (walls, floors, slabs, pillars, etc). These objects have a 2d and 3d component associated with them, which makes them read well in Top Plan Views. That said, parametric objects also tend to behave very idiosyncratically in a 3d modeling environment. While they are extremely useful, and they have their place in the workflow, they also become problematic when trying to express complicated design ideas. Walls need to get stacked to read correctly at various layer heights. Wall openings are a nightmare. Multi-story elements also present difficulties and require class/layer organizational strategies like the one Cipes Design mentioned above. In terms of design, it is often quicker and more intuitive to work with 3d objects and shapes, like generic solids. The problem is that once you move into the realm of 3d Modeling, Vectorworks ceases to deal with 2d representations of this work all that easily. 3d objects like Solids, Meshes or Nurbs do not have an associated 2d representation, and as a result, they cannot have hatches or fills without converting them into Autohybrids (which I don't recommend as a workaround.) In the 3d modeling paradigm, orthogonal drawings require horizontal or vertical section cuts, and the viewports need to constantly be updated or rendered. Time is wasted rendering, and fussing with the technical aspects of the section viewport dialogue box. Unfortunately, there is also no way to convert certain solid objects back into parametric ones, such as walls. Hopefully this will change in future releases. But maybe this is just our lot in life to deal with.
  8. cberg

    Workgroup Folder Setup Question

    This was never fully explained or answered, which leads me to believe it may be "normal" VW behavior. The library resources files take about 10-15 seconds to update each time I open Vectorworks, and the dialogue box appears each time I open the program. There should be a setting somewhere to disable this, because the alert is not especially useful or informative. Perhaps its primary function is to delay the opening of the program. :-)
  9. cberg

    Wall Projections

    Don't get me started on the problems with wall recesses and projections. Here are the quirks I've identified. 1. Trying to insert a wall recess in a 3d view results in an odd error message stating, "No Valid Feature Object is Selected. Please select a manifold feature object." Creating a wall feature is best done in orthogonal projection. Working in this context I feel like I am in some sort of 3d modeling twilight zone where things are not really 2d or 3d. 2. You can't easily edit the objects once they have been inserted into the walls. Pushing and pulling a 3d wall feature object is not possible. Adjusting the parameters of an extrude is possible (sort of), but again quirky. If you are not in a plan view and edit an extrude parameter you can get a different error message stating, "The feature object is not overlapping the wall. Would you like to delete the feature object?" 3. Cutting and pasting 3d feature objects back into the real model results in an offset of the feature object by the layer height. Why would one ever want that to happen? 4. Trying to reconstruct backup files often results in the wall feature objects disappearing or not showing up. But they are sort of still present cause they all may come back at once when you reinsert one of them. 5. The wall returns and issues with plan representation have been discussed in other threads. Thanks for letting me share my experiences with this tool.
  10. cberg

    Mac OS AFP vs SMB

    Hi All, We are trying to troubleshoot some project sharing issues, related to Project Sharing. I came across this article that Jim posted two years ago. My IT guy has mentioned to me that Apple is transitioning away from AFP as a protocol. Is the technical advice in this article current, or should it be updated? https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/project-sharing-network-protocol-when-using-smb-on-mac-osx-r501/ Specifically, we are trying to determine which file sharing protocol to establish in our Mac Office. Thx,
  11. cberg

    Trees in VW architect

    Set scaling in the object info palette.
  12. cberg

    Trees in VW architect

    VW library_Object Landscape Plants_3D image Props Photorealistic. You can scale them but not asymmetrically. You can also adjust the textures if you need to make them transparent. The VB trees are also good, but there aren't that many and sizes are limited. You can purchase more but it is expensive.
  13. cberg

    Trees in VW architect

    Do they need to be 3d or can you use image props? There is a fairly extensive library of image prop trees.
  14. cberg

    Roof Not Showing in 3D Views

    Check to see whether the model is far from the origin. We had this issue with roof faces. And that wound up to be the culprit.
  15. The only items I might add to this list of containers are wall recesses and projections.


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