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  1. cberg


    Under document settings _ Units _ Area Units. Select Custom. Then you can change the suffix to whatever you want.
  2. cberg

    VBVisual Plant Website

    A few weeks ago I was thinking about purchasing them for our office. But now I guess we are out of luck. One can only dream that VW may have purchased the entire collection and plans to add it to VW2019.
  3. cberg

    VBVisual Plant Website

    Just noticed that the VBVisual Website is not operational. Does anyone at VW know anything about this? http://vbvisual.rendermall.com/shop_content.php?language=en&coID=13
  4. cberg

    Terrain Model Datum?

    Let me think about that as well. In the past, we've had issues with models set at the height above sea level. Maybe this was with older models that were started before 2018. But the unified view options acted super funny. Zooming to the model extents became problematic. Or maybe there was user error.
  5. cberg

    Terrain Model Datum?

    Let me experiment a bit with this idea that to see how everything works.
  6. cberg

    Sheet border Tool on Sheet Layers

    What makes you think it will change again in 2019? Just curious?
  7. cberg

    Terrain Model Datum?

    Is there a way to set a datum elevation of a terrain model? For the past year or two, I've been making terrain models by using 3d loci that have actual 3d elevations (above sea level). This means that that site models are hundreds of feet above the Z=0 Plane. Architecturally one typically sets first-floor elevation at 0'-0". And typically architectural model layers are set up much closer to the ground (so to speak). To bring a building and a terrain model together, I typically establish an arbitrary datum elevation and move a copy of all the site model elements (including modifiers) down to meet the building. However, once doing so, none of the topo labels are accurate and making any changes to the site or its modifiers is tricky (requiring math). How do others handle this? Is there a way to recalibrate the terrain model labels so that actual topo labels read correctly? Or are there other techniques for bringing these two design elements together? I have found referencing a terrain model present problems with section viewports, so I don't do that. Maybe there are functions in the program that I don't fully understand. How do others bring site and building together?
  8. cberg

    List All Classes in file

    Has this changed for VW 2018? I am having difficulties with the Database Headers. Since they have changed.
  9. Do you need to be on Facebook to see the live stream?
  10. This is awesome! Might there be other benefits associated with the switch of the sheet layers to the Vectorworks VGM? 😏 Specifically, would this enable viewports to be updated in a multithread fashion, or perhaps continuously?
  11. cberg

    Select Space by Label Symbol

    Perfect. Thank you very much!
  12. Is there a way to select all spaces with a specific space label symbol?
  13. cberg

    Solid Subtraction

    Yes you can. Under the modify command "Convert to mesh" Double click into the mesh so that you are editing 3d polygons. Delete the random disconnected geometry. As long is it well-formed, you can then convert it back to a generic solid.