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  1. cberg

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    It is an option..... And maybe a good one if you are really interested in the curved returns. This makes me wish for a more robust wall tool and better integration between solids and parametric objects. Thanks for the alternate suggestion!
  2. cberg

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    Wes are you proposing stacking a solid on top of a parametric wall? If so, wouldn't you have an unattractive line that wouldn't go away where the two of them meet, in elevation using Hidden Line or Open GL rendering?
  3. cberg

    Determine roof face slope from existing geometry?

    Hmm... After my rant about the wall tool, maybe we can start on the roof tool. We also need an option to convert solids to roof faces. :-)
  4. cberg

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    Everybody complains about the stair tool, but I completely agree with Line-weight and think that the wall tool needs a major overhaul. We need some interoperability between solids and parametric forms of modeling. I.e. We need to be able to convert solids into walls. Walls need to be truly 3D. We also need better opening and projection options. Not the glitchy ones that presently exist. We also need to be able to accommodate projections, trims and different construction assemblies within a single wall. These things have been wished for since 2010 (or earlier), so I don't have hope it will be developed before 2025 (or later). That said, we can import point clouds and do photogrammetry. (Stuff developers want to work on) :-)
  5. cberg

    Final renders

    Those are great images! What settings did you use to achieve those results?
  6. cberg

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    You need to work with 3d solids for this to work. It looks like you have made the actual shape of the wall you want to build. You need to extrude the inverse of that shape as your 3D bounding object. Put the extruded object or generic solid into the vertical position that you need and make sure it is on another layer. Then select both the wall and the object to fit the wall to, and select fit to objects in the AEC menu. Fit walls to object.vwx
  7. cberg

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    Just create an object with a profile that you want, put it on another layer and fit walls to objects. Reshaping walls is a pain and you should never do it unless you absolutely have to, in my opinion.
  8. Interesting. Meshes are often problematic. You can also convert the meshed restroom fixtures to hybrid symbols with 2d elevation linework that replaces the hidden line 3d Geometry. That could also speed up render times in sections. Also adjusting the depth of render in the section will also reduce the amount of geometry being rendered.
  9. I'd guess that it's your terrain model that is slowing down the renders. Have you tried turning it off and seeing how that affects the performance? Sometimes we use the terrain as an underlay for overdrawing in the elevations, and then turn it off for formal elevations.
  10. cberg

    Best Approach to Learning Visual Scripting?

    That makes sense if you have a sense of how to put the language together, and what the words mean. I've been wondering whether I need to go through each constraint or module and think about what it does, and how I can put it to use, or build on it to do something interesting.
  11. I was following along with yesterday's Benefits of Algorithmic Modeling presentation until there started to be technical difficulties. It was truly interesting and powerful. Thank you Sarah @sbarrett ! When watching one of the example scripts, everything made sense once it was explained. That said, I don't think I could build any kind of script (visual or otherwise) from scratch. So I was wondering what approach would you recommend to a newbie learning visual scripting? I've gone through all the online tutorials that @PVA - Jim assembled. I've also looked at the resources that @Robert Anderson has posted, but I feel like I need something else to help me put it all together. Does anybody have thoughts as to how to get started? I've thought that monthly design challenges or puzzles might help. Or periodic topics about the various functions. Or maybe a virtual meetup group. Is anybody else in the same boat?
  12. cberg

    What mouse do you recommend?

    Most mouse wheels have some sort of click to them. The magic mouse is a bit of an outlier with the smooth ball feel.
  13. I've arrived three years late to this conversation. Any news on this issue?
  14. cberg

    Round Floors - Display in Elevation

    Well, that one crashed my Vectorworks, LOL. I may file this one as a bug.
  15. Is there a setting that would enable me to display a round floor object in elevation? We modeled bollards as floors only to discover that they wouldn't show up in our sections. Maybe a setting? Pillars seem to work. Test.vwx


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