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  1. Because our team has all scattered to work remotely, we needed to change our shared project from our server to the cloud (Dropbox). We are in the middle of a large drawing set with a lot of notes that reference a database manager location that has moved. Is there a way or a script that can redirect all the existing callouts to the new xml file location?
  2. Amorphous - Julian, I appreciate your thorough documentation of the issues you have experienced with project sharing. While we have experienced many (if not all) of the problems you describe, we have been able to work for long periods of time in project sharing mode without the severity of problems you describe. A couple of questions. How many people are typically sharing a project? We try to limit shared projects to two or three users max. Whenever possible we convert shared projects back to regular vw files. Especially when a project file starts to misbehave. Do you encourage staff to check out layers before any making changes in the model? Checking out layers seems to make the process run smoother. I have started to never make changes to a model without first checking out the sheet or layer in which I am working. If a dialogue box asks me to check out an object, I say no until I check out the layer. Minimizing the communication back to the project file seems to result in fewer problems. Do you save working files before committing to the model? We do this to make sure that whatever we have worked on is saved at least locally. Do you coordinate saves and commits with all users? We use instant messaging as a means of communicating when changes to the project file happen. Recently I've begun deselecting dialogue boxes to reset worksheets and plug in objects while printing, especially for check sets/test prints. Final prints should be made by one individual with all design and sheet layers checked out. None of this negates the need for improvements to this tool that you argue for. Cb
  3. Thank you for responding and providing insight into how the software should work. I did try to submit this as a bug. But I haven't had any confirmation regarding a tracking number.
  4. Has anybody figured this issue out? Or is it a ghost dialogue box. It would be nice if we could align mappings
  5. This may be a bug or it may be a "feature". I discovered that you had to select Merge with Structural Objects in Sections. However, the line only goes away when the object is an extrude. If you turn it into a generic solid, the line shows up. What exactly is the difference between an extrude and a generic solid (besides the face that one has history and the other does not). There does not appear to be a logical reason why one would behave one way and the other another. Help me out here.... Bug or Feature??? TEST2.vwx
  6. Is there any setting that would eliminate the line between two generic solid type objects that are put on different layers in a section viewport that shows the objects in elevation? TEST.vwx
  7. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/32990-dutch-hip-grayed-out/ How on earth could this bug be present for 8 years without any action? I'm experiencing this problem now. Can anybody retrieve the workaround mentioned in the tread above? Thx,
  8. In 3d space make an arc on the surface of the wall that represents your desired geometry. Convert to a NURBS Curve. Duplicate that NURBS curve and make it a surface using the loft tool. (3d tool kit) Then select fit walls to surface in AEC pull down menu. Sometimes it is easier to put the surface on another layer.
  9. I think I figured it out. I must have messed up the default settings at some point replacing a roof with an extrude. Is there any way to fit the walls to the roof profile? Nevermind. Insert Attic in the roof settings... At least I know how it should work. It would be great to get all these roof shapes as options!
  10. Sorry to jump in on this thread, but when I follow the instructions to edit my roof profile, the roof turns flat and there is no option to edit the roof edge profiles.... Is this a Landmark only feature, or am I missing something? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3q0frZFycI8
  11. Before giving up on the file, I might try to make a new roof face to see if it solves the problem. Pay special attention to the class of the rectangle that you use to make the roof face. If it's a relatively simple roof face, you should have your polygon and you know all the settings.
  12. Maybe there is a classes issue going on? Are all your classes turned on?
  13. Have you copied the roof to a new file to see if works in a clean file?
  14. Try double clicking into the roof face to see if there is stray geometry. Sometimes there can be lines or duplicate geometry that can make 2d representation a problem. I double click and cut the geometry I want to keep. Then select all and delete whatever is leftover. Then paste the good geometry back in place. That way you can make sure geometry is clean. Otherwise make sure polygon is closed.


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