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  1. Test.vwx I am sure I am doing something wrong. Here are the issues illustrated . Test.vwx
  2. cberg


    I just had this problem this morning. Turns out my VW workspace somehow got corrupted. What I needed to do is to find an archived version of my workspace, rename it with a new name, and put it back into my user folder, which seems to have done the trick.
  3. I am used to working with the legacy framing member and decided to check out the structural member tool. How do you set the pitch of a structural member? For example, if you want a 1:12 slope to the member? Setting the start and end elevations will change the angle of the member as it grows in size....
  4. The more I get into the window tool the less helpful I find it. Muntins show up (inexplicably) in the jamb frames for some reason. The lip and stool seem to show up outside the wall. 2d and 3d representation in hidden line sections appear to conflict with each other. The 2d stuff writes itself over 3d objects. Sigh.
  5. How can I give my windows a generic glazing thickness? Say 1" (25mm) for an insulated glazing unit? I can't seem to find this in the dialogue box.
  6. Any progress on when this will get resolved.
  7. How does one control the class of Section Markers when working in Section Viewports? I understand how to set the instances to show up in specific viewports by clicking the "Section Line Instances" button on the Object Info Palette. However, I can't seem to understand the logic how these markers get assigned to a class. Frequently when attempting to key my sections to the plans, I wind up having to sort through classes that are inadvertently turned off to figure out how to make a section marker show up. It involves a lot of fussing with class visibilities, Is there a way to globally set the class of the section markers? I am working in a shared project file, so I don't always know what steps were taken to make the viewports in the first place.
  8. It's a little finicky, but Mike Oz's suggestion does the trick.
  9. That is super confusing. Admittedly, this is not a workflow I use a lot.
  10. That's very odd. I had no issues doing the above. Exported from a sheet layer, top plan view. Imported as a vector in Illustrator. Untitled 2.eps.zipUntitled 2.eps.ai.zip
  11. Maybe before I would like to see a second model of a fire truck, or 2020 car models, it would be useful to get some of the more banal items that are used in many commercial architectural projects. My list might include the following: Toilet accessories such as commercial paper towel and toilet paper dispensers. https://www.bobrick.com/products/washroom-accessories/ Recessed fire extinguisher cabinets. + Fire Extinguishers (found them)n https://www.bimobject.com/en-us/product?freetext=fire extinguisher cabinets Parametric overhead coiling doors/security grills. All the garage doors options in VW assume an overhead track, which is great in residential construction but are not always used in commercial construction. Roof accessories such as roof access hatches and snow guards. Loading dock equipment such as seals, levelers, and bumpers. Parametric ladders and alternating tread devices. Access panels. Another simple parametric object. Parametric Balconies, with railings for quick massing. https://www.bimobject.com/en-us/midthaug/product/bm_balc_folla
  12. I have mostly figured out how to use the Reconcile Notes Command. This tool is useful when dealing with notes that may or may not be in your database, when working with multiple databases, or if members on your team do not use databases and you want to double-check their notes. That said, I have one question. When I initiate the Reconcile Notes Command from the Pulldown Menu, a dialogue box appears asking whether to include "All" , "Active" or "Editable" Layers in the reconciliation. The categories of "All" and "Active" are clear. I have no clue what "Editable Layers" means. Any ideas?
  13. Using a split screen allows you to do just that. On my right, I am in a viewport annotation. On the left, the design layer for that area. In this drawing I have made the notes in my design layer, but I could just have easily done the annotations in the viewport. No toggling.... though you have to click from window to window. You could just as easily be in a model using section in place, or whatever. Floating view panes are a little less stable and harder to navigate.
  14. Just curious. If you had multiple views set up, and you split your screen evenly between a sheet and a design/model view, what would you need or want to toggle? The viewport might be out of date (in section) as you update the model? But even then, one can even update the viewport while in the viewport annotations via the navigation tab... Would you like to have the annotations turn on and off while in a viewport? Or is there some other function you are looking to achieve?


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