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  1. Thank you so much!!! Let me check this out. If I were anywhere near you, I would purchase you a warm/cold beverage of your choice. CB
  2. I have never understood why VW solids do not allow hatches or fills. Or transparency with solid edges for that matter. (Kind of like Sketchup) I think I put this on a wishlist once upon a time...
  3. Thank you for responding. I too am at a loss as to what to do. The space tool has been broken for such a long amount of time, since the VW2019 release in September. Four months is a very long time to wait without a fix on something that is critical to our workflow. And there doesn't appear to be any sort of workaround.
  4. cberg

    Linking Multiple Text Boxes

    How do you update all the callouts at once using the database? I know how to do it with annotations placed as keynotes, but I wasn't aware that you could do it using regular callouts?
  5. While the individual class elements can be controlled, you cannot control the visibilities of spaces that have multiple labels. This is problematic, for example, if you use the spaces to display finish information, or you use spaces at multiple scales.
  6. cberg

    VW beginner is stuck

    Who knew the split tool also works in 3d. Vectorworks is so strange.
  7. cberg

    VW beginner is stuck

    screen recording.mov How about using the defom tool? See attached.
  8. The broken space tool in VW 2019 is really messing up our drawing production because we cannot control the visibility of multiple spaces by classes. That is how we linked finishes information to the space tool. Has anyone successfully implemented the data tag tool to annotate room finishes? This is as far as I was able to get, but it seems to call out the description as well as the symbol for the finish? Test Room Finish Data Tag.vwx Any ETA of SP3 for 2019? We are over two months since SP2 was rolled out. The image below is an example of what I would like to do with a data tag?
  9. I just discovered the trove of Image Prop 3d People in the Vectorworks Service Select Library. Thank you for putting this together! While these are great, it would be helpful if there was additional diversity in the entourage people, especially in terms of age and ethnicity. We do a lot of work in urban areas, and we would love to include children, older people and people of color in our architectural models.
  10. Hi Hans! That's what we wound up doing in our model. I was exploring this a few months ago!
  11. cberg

    Keynote legend in more than one place

    This is what I wind up doing.
  12. cberg

    Wall styles

    You may be able to use a hatch for this instead of a tile.
  13. cberg

    Wall styles

    Insulation is usually filled in a wall with a tile.
  14. We've been exploring a different angle using data tags, and record formats. The problem is that the Data Tag doesn't always find the cut rectangles at least in the viewports, so they can be labeled in the sheet layers. I really think we need a robust 3d grid tool that doesn't rely on hacks and homebrews.


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