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  1. Is there a setting that would enable me to display a round floor object in elevation? We modeled bollards as floors only to discover that they wouldn't show up in our sections. Maybe a setting? Pillars seem to work. Test.vwx
  2. cberg

    3D trouble shooting

    Maybe post a version of your file for others to look at.
  3. cberg

    Ceiling grid to IFC

    @ida I found a way to export. Take your grids and copy them to a blank model (making sure layer elevations are all coordinated). Select everything and convert to Mesh. Convert again to generic Solids. Attach IFC data to the resultant group. I use the tag called IFC Covering. And then export the IFC or bring the generic solid back into the IFC Export Model. But this doesn't mean the tool needs to be updated and fixed. It's not smart BIM!!! Or even dumb BIM.
  4. cberg

    Ceiling grid to IFC

    I am coming to this conversation very late. But we really do need the ceiling grid lines to export to IFC as Ida indicates. Has there been any progress on this issue? Or a workaround?
  5. cberg


    I forgot to mention that Autodesk Online Viewer is also good for IFC files. Especially with Revit Folks, who claim that they don't see what is in your model. You can screenshot and say, that it's in the Autodesk Viewer, so... "It's in there"
  6. cberg

    What mouse do you recommend?

    Hmm. 20 Buttons. That sounds cool. How do you keep them all in your head?
  7. cberg

    What mouse do you recommend?

    You get my utmost respect for actually using the Apple Mouse to do cad! I use a Logitech G400 Gaming Mouse which has 8 programmable buttons. But I 'm pretty sure Logitech has discontinued this model (although you can still get in on Amazon). I'm slightly old school and prefer something wired to wireless. I program the buttons to select, move, delete, pan, scroll, right click, left click, and enter into a 3d view. It's always hard to find OSX compatible Mice. I haven't spent a ton of time with the 3D Connexion Cadmouse, but I think I used it once during VW training.
  8. cberg


    Agreed. Reimporting dwgs does not validate results! There are indeed quirks to IFC to Revit that we've had to troubleshoot over the years. For example, I have one engineer that asked me to show all the doors as 3D Open, so they show up correctly in Revit. And other times when Revit imports openings in walls as boxes. You need to work carefully with the end user to make sure that information imports correctly. In this regard, outtakes and screenshots are very helpful!
  9. cberg


    With dwg and ifc exports from VW, you absolutely need to validate the results. I encourage our office to check all files leaving the office. We use Solibri Model Viewer for any ifc file and Autodesk Online Viewer for all dwg files that are exported. As for Pdf files, it's much more likely that the mistakes are made by the user rather than by glitches in the software.
  10. cberg

    Downgrade from VW 2019 SP3.1 to SP 3.0

    Thanks so much. This is very helpful! I'm not sure what my issue was. There was some sort of scroll wheel death spiral, on this file. It seems to be behaving... for now. :-)
  11. I am having some problems with scroll wheel lags and project sharing on a project we are working in VW 2019 SP 3.1. Is there any way we can downgrade from SP 3.1 to SP 3.0?
  12. I agree with the problem/issue of consistency in the VW tools. For instance, slabs can be reshaped directly using the reshape tool. Floors, on the other hand, need to be reshaped by double-clicking into them. (And yes, even though they are legacy, floors are useful for certain tasks like making countertops and other stuff. ) Turning to your question. Hopefully, I am not misreading something, but can't you create a slab from a poly under the AEC menu, "Create Objects from Shapes"?
  13. cberg

    Resolve Note Conflict dialog,

    @ASagatovVW I have not been able to recreate this issue in VW2019 SP 3.1, even with files that were problematic in VW2018 and earlier versions of VW2019. I will let you know if I can find instances of this tool not working correctly. Do you know whether there was a bug that was fixed?
  14. cberg

    Resolve Note Conflict dialog,

    It's a bug (or software design flaw) of some sort, but I haven't figured out exactly what causes it, and nobody at VW seems to understand the feature fully. I've called VW Service Select and spoken to folks about the problem, only to have the issue not get resolved. To minimize the issue, I use the following approach: When using the Note Database manager, I always make a new database per project. Rather than copy and edit existing callouts I add the notes first in the database and update the callout from the manager. I think things get messed up when you copy notes that have a database tag, and then you edit them (rather than updating them with text that is in the database). What happens is that the data tag associated with it becomes conflicted. The resolve note command doesn't seem to fix the problem. This is all I've been able to figure out or infer through trial and error. That said, this issue has been present for years, and I may not have a full understanding of the issue. If you have a file that already has these "Resolve Note Conflict" issues, you have to delete the conflicting notes and every callout instance with the conflicting notes until you clear out the error. Depending on the number of callouts you have, this may not be a workable fix. The annotation tool desperately needs to be revamped. But I doubt it is high on the priority list of things that will get improved. In the meantime, I hope this helps.
  15. cberg

    VW2019 - SP3.1? Are there release notes?

    What exactly does "Add cloud-based project sharing support for Dropbox Business and Box Drive" mean? And how can we use it? Can we now just store shared projects on Dropbox and Vectorworks will magically work or is there some other setting that needs to be set up or activated?


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