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  1. cberg

    Data Tags - 3D Grid Homebrew

    That's terrific! Thank you!!! I need to learn this tool better, but this will really help me stay coordinated.
  2. I am trying to set up a 3d grid on the project and was wondering if the Data Tag tool could help me out. Let me explain. I set up a grid, and made a series of rectangles 3d which will be cut in section, and display as column grid lines. I also linked my 3d rectangles to a record format in which I can enter in a field value for each column grid number for each of these rectangles. However, I can't seem to figure out the Data Tag tool. My hope was that I could somehow link the record value to the Data Tag (since it works in annotation space) However I can't seem to do this. Does anyone know of a way that this can be done? Test Example.vwx
  3. cberg

    Display Grid in 3D

    No worries. I realize this is maybe not what I was looking for after all.
  4. cberg

    Display Grid in 3D

    Hi Jim, Could you resurrect Alan's file so I can take a look at it?
  5. cberg

    2019 Space Labels Unclassable

    This is driving me crazy and causing major problems for our sets!!! I hope this is fixed soon!
  6. cberg

    Resolve Note Conflict dialog,

    VW 2019 doesn't seem to have addressed this issue and I don't see that anyone from VW has responded in any way to this series of questions. Somebody has to know how this tool works! :-) I have absolutely no clue how this feature should work, or how to resolve these issues and a drawing with a database that has over a dozen conflicts in the database. The Reconcile Notes function doesn't seem to address. I've read through the help section several times. Can somebody tell me how this is supposed to work and what I might be doing wrong? http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FNotesManagement%2FLocating_Databases_on_a_Network.htm%23CSH_40
  7. I figured it out. Under stair structure, truning off the stair structure lineweights produces the desired result.
  8. This is probably an easy question, but I would like to make invisible all the stray lines associated with a stair and only have treads (so the object can be parametric). Is there any way through the control of class visibilities to hide all the random construction geometry. I tried, but couldn't figure it out. stair v2018.vwx
  9. cberg

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    I pretty much agree with everything else on this long list. Sadly, I wish we could turn off the construction tab entirely for the stairs. That way I could use the tool for general building layout purposes only tread thickness and floor to floor. As currently implemented, the handrails and construction settings are so inflexible and architecturally incorrect as to be completely not useful. On my wishlist: Stringers that can use architectural and structural metal shapes/profiles or at least a custom profiles, as it was in the legacy custom stair tool. Why did the channel stringer option go away in the "improved" stair tool? Pickets, balusters, and handrails should have an option to link to metal profiles as well. Steel tube sizes. Aluminum extrusion profiles. Make sure to include aluminum profiles with have square edges. Not to mention decorative extrusions. Or custom turned wood profiles. Tread material customization. The other day I was searching for grating or checker plate treads, to no avail in the texture library. Many times treads are made out of a different material such as wood, or precast. Each with their own attachment requirements. Ability to customize the risers with angles, mesh, infill materials. Newell posts. Panels that incorporate mesh. Sure this could be a texture. But meshes require exterior supporting structure. Railings that can be made out of cable or rod rigging. Custom nosing profiles, again this was in the custom stair tool and it was never put back into the revised stair tool. Or if we can't build this any of this into the program, we need to attach 2d view options to each of the 3d elevation and section components so that it can be accurately represented in 2d.
  10. cberg

    Unknown Doors appear in Door Schedule

    If you double click on the worksheet and edit it, you should be able to right click on the row and select the item. This should take you to the door in question. I do this in one of the design layers and make sure all the layers are on.
  11. Thank you Jim. I appreciate the resuscitation.
  12. Thank you. Somehow I thought the unconstrained mode defined the shape of the section cut. ( Like it would create developed sections or elevations) However, it doesn't seem to do this. I need to read up on this tool! That said, you are correct the second (unconstrained) mode allows you to manually link the marker to a viewport as it used to. Thank you!
  13. In VW 2018 the section elevation marker tool would allow you to manually link a viewport that you wanted to associate. This was somewhat useful when developing 2d details/elevations that related to a model or plan of something. I always told folks in my office that this was an annotation function, and that modeling section cuts happened through View menu bar, by creating a section viewport. The 2019 version of this tool introduces an ability to create live sections from the section elevation marker tool. However the ability to manually link the viewport to say a 2d viewport seems to have gone away. Is this a bug, or the new normal for this tool?
  14. Is there a file or link associated with this post?
  15. cberg

    Space Labels in 2019

    Thanks, gentlemen. Do we know whether this has formally been submitted as a bug?


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