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  1. cberg

    Z-AXIS Interior Elevation Marker

    Since nobody responded to this question, I am assuming the answer is no?
  2. Very nice. What are your glass/environment settings?
  3. Is there any way to move the interior elevation marker up or down in the Z Axis? It seems to be connected to the layer elevation and does not move in 3D. I wouldlike it so that it was at least at the level of my floor slab.
  4. Interesting. Same model Opened in VW 2020 appears to be half the file size. I wonder what is happening under the hood. Hopefully this will make complex models easier to work with.
  5. cberg

    stair tool 2020?

    While this could be complete speculation on my part, VW Development is likely still implementing a number of under the hood changes, most notably making the 3d modeling modules of the program multi-thread. Until this is complete, there may not be major improvements to any of the BIM features since they were developed using legacy code and would be quickly become out of date. VW2020 is an incremental upgrade, albeit one with excellent features. Hopefully, in practice, the program runs smoother and without any of the glitches and stability issues that affected the VW2019 release, which took two or three service packs to stabilize. I think the folks at VW are listening, and are very responsive compared to most other software companies. Thank you to the team for all your hard work! I've downloaded the new release and look forward to exploring it in detail.
  6. my understanding is that stopping a process requires VW to run multithread for all modules. Right now the geometry/modeling functions are single thread functions, which is why the program often pinwheels.
  7. Under the File Menu, select File Sharing. There will be a couple of network settings. We usually share via SMB. If you need to revert to a normal VW file, save a copy as a Vectorworks vwx document.
  8. You can set up project sharing. The process is a little glitchy, especially when VW crashes and your users are still checked into objects/layers. But With 2-3 users per project, it is workable.
  9. cberg

    Extrude from DTM

    Drape surface is kind of finicky. I might create a copy (in place) of your DTM into a clean file to do the drape, and any of the 3d solids stuff and then paste the results back into your real model.
  10. cberg

    Extrude from DTM

    Here is a video that shows the process. I have had success with the "Drape" and "Shell Solid" Method for creating roads on hilly terrain. Hedges should be similar. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=vectorworks+drape+surface+terrain&t=ffab&atb=v180-1_j&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=8ewXPPKQ3cA
  11. There also appears to be a new renderworks camera icon, and something that looks like a video camera that i don't recall seeing before... I don't have the Designer Version of the Software so this may be something in another package.
  12. cberg

    Bring Back Teaser Tuesdays!

    Anybody else wondering about the new VW release?
  13. Does Vectorworks have Phillips head fasteners, in 3d? I've been looking for them and couldn't find... Nutty Screw.vwx
  14. cberg

    3d Rotate

    While my geometry is not as complex as yours, I don't seem to have issues finding the working plane, even when it's not orthogonal... Untitled2.m4v
  15. cberg

    3d Rotate

    I usually make a reference object and use the automatic working plane function to help me define which axis to rotate an object. Automatic working plane is invoked when activating a command. I set it up as a toolbar shortcut. You can see the highlighted plane in my view is my automatic working plane. Useful in a variety of contexts. Apologies in advance if I am not explaining well. Test.m4v


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