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  1. Elevation Viewports

    Probably the quickest way to make an arch like that would be to use the shell solid command. Move using move tool. point to point mode.
  2. stairs

    Yeah. 2D and 3D don't talk to each other. But getting rid of the annoying geometry can be fixed using the upper and lower floor thickness settings.
  3. stairs

    try setting the lower floor thickness to zero.
  4. Align Perspective to Working Plane

    I got it. Under view, select Look at Working Plane.
  5. This is probably an easy question... Is there any way to align your view to match the working plane. For instance, I have an object at an angle, and I want to quickly model in true elevation. In rhino, you can set the view to the construction plane (working plane). Is this possible in VW?
  6. Is this a bug or a feature? But when I use the Push/Pull tool on generic solids, the dialogue box to merge with the structural group unchecks. This results in constantly having to tweak sections. Definitely not a feature in my opinion.
  7. Smoothing NURBS Curves

    Ok I see. There is a setting in Open GL Options where you can adjust the detail. I had mine set to low.
  8. Smoothing NURBS Curves

    I will try to rebuild the NURBS surface command. Actually, the NURBS appeared faceted when in fact the underlying geometry was smooth. Here is the same surface before it was extruded. It is a true planar NURBS surface. Model is close to the origin. You can see the selection geometry was smooth but the Open GL representation is faceted. Adjusting the 3d conversion resolution did not help much. Is there another setting somewhere? Untitled 1a.vwx
  9. Is there a setting that allows me to smooth NURBS curve facets? The shape on the right is an extruded NURBS surface. The same shape on the right was an extruded NURBS Surface. The one on the left was made shape converted into a mesh and then a solid. Adjusting the 3d conversion resolution seems to have no effect on the appearance of the either shape.
  10. We need a good way to convert generic solids to walls! And other smart-ish objects like roof faces, and slabs. The various disconnected modules of VW need better integration.
  11. I spoke too soon. The palettes are still not working correctly. GRR. It's driving me crazy!!!
  12. I was having this problem but it seems to have resolved itself with a complete uninstall and reinstall of VW2018 and SP-3. My problem with the pallettes was that two of them would not remember their location and the show up as resized floating palettes. Others palettes would change width/size. Not sure if this is the same issue.
  13. I guess my question is whether it is better to modify the user plugins or the application plugins? VW provides two areas for these to reside (at least on the Mac OS). Is one place better than the other?
  14. Error loading Vision Library

    Full uninstall and reinstall fixed for me. Ugh.


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