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  1. you could try a surface array. I'm not sure if it would randomize the layout tho.
  2. check your ambient light settings in openGL (shaded)?
  3. @designosaur scenic designer here, probably the closest relation to your profession. I don't do lights, hanging positions, gobos etc. I do hard wall construction, moulding, space planning, internal lighting and graphics. So I sometimes pop up in the architecture forum, sometimes in the spotlight forum, often in the rendering forum. I have long thought that vwx should have a forum for exhibit/set design, but I guess there aren't enough of us to really warrant that. But I'll give my upvote on the hope that it could happen!
  4. Found it thanks! What a weird place to put it.
  5. I must be missing something, but if I assign a texture to an object, it goes from "none" to whatever texture I assign it. If I want to remove the texture and go back to "none" I can't. I can't find a way to remove all the texture.
  6. @Kevin K awesome thanks!
  7. @Kevin K I love the book ladder! And noticing the macbook on the desk, good touch.
  8. @Kevin K books, shelf dressing, such a pain. I keep whole folders of that stuff.
  9. I think it all looks really nice. There might be a little more bounce from the outside world with all those windows and light streaming in. The beauty of redshift is being able to tweak lighting for days....😃
  10. Very pretty! Is this a renderworks render? It has a very crisp raytraced look to it.
  11. Would love to see vectorworks upgrade/change the texturing to a PBR workflow. 16 bit raw images, normal maps, etc.... Keep the shaders they are fun too!
  12. I don't even see how this works for lighting or landscape design. Both tend to (as most design fields do) get very specific about details. AI seems to be at the moment a good "mood board" generator, but I'm not seeing much else just yet.
  13. @TomWhiteLight smart thinking. Can the record pull the lengths of 3d objects, like nurbs curves?
  14. I've started giving led tape run lengths in scenery, as it speeds up the bid process. Using the data tag tool is great, I can just click on the lines to get lengths in plan. But what if there are two runs of tape side by side? Is there a way to dynamically add a multiplier in the OIP of the data tag?
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