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  1. Is there some way to set VW so that inserted objects from the resource browser turn their respective classes ON as they are inserted? Right now as I insert lighting fixtures I then have to go through the class list and try to figure out which class it is in, turn it on. If I don't it is inserted but invisible since the class is off by default.
  2. Mark, your solution raises another feature I wish VW had. There are many tools in the VW toolset, and if you do not have them in your workspace, you could be laboring unnecessarily. Without having to go to the workspace editor, I wish there was a way to open a list of ALL tools and commands and browse them (complete with descriptions about their functionality) and then execute them from there. Similar to C4D's "commander" function.
  3. I'm having an issue where my viewports do not follow class visibilities. See my examples: I have two doors, one classed "open," one classed "closed." Every object inside those doors is in that class. I check them in design layers and they turn on an off perfectly. But in the viewports they disappear completely when I have the class set to grey and render in hidden line. In the section, I get geometry rendering in BOTH even though both classes are turned off.
  4. I use the VS-4 Projection tool to set up LED screens quickly when I'm laying out a show. I find it easier than dealing with module counts and all of that. But I think it would be very helpful if one could spec the module depth in this tool. Right now I'm faking it by setting the frame dimensions to 0 and putting in a depth. It would also be great to be able to make supports, either hanging bumpers, ground support ladders, or skids on the fly as well.
  5. I thought there used to be a pop up dialog when you insert a resource and the resources' class was set to off that warned you, asked if you wanted it turned on? I spent a few frustrated moments the other day inserting a lamp and having it disappear.
  6. Agree with the need for improved rendering in RW. It still cannot compare to renderings from a dedicated rendering program. BUT I applaud RW's ability to breath life into drafting pages. I feel like the needs of a rendering package are dictated by the industry the VW user works in. If you are a lighting designer for entertainment, your path is Vision and maybe some of the RW rendering capabilities. I can see the appeal of the real time rendering engines for architecture work. But I work in scenery and visualization for events and television. As breathtaking as the realtime renderers look, I will never use them because I don't need 99 percent of their off the shelf things. GPU rendering via C4D seems the most viable path, and I hope that VW continues to strengthen their pipeline between the two programs. In fact I would argue that the pipeline for C4D is the ONLY way to go for entertainment professionals, as C4D has a very heavy presence in motion graphics used for broadcast. I would hope to see VW recognize the shortcomings of adopting only one strategy for rendering, and instead work on letting the user pick and choose from a variety of options to suit their needs.
  7. grant_PD

    Curved LED Wall

    Curved LED walls are faceted module arrays, so wouldn't you just create the module and then build the array that facets along the correct curve? If you are trying to create the image, you could build a NURBS surface or even just an extruded polygon with an extremely thin thickness. I imagine you could also use the deform tool on a straight extrusion, I don't remember if it would keep the image mapping post deformation.
  8. grant_PD

    Help with layers

    vectorworks preferences handles all that.
  9. grant_PD

    user folder in dropbox/cloud?

    copy that. I'm trying it out now.
  10. Is there any known issue or has anyone tried putting their user folder in dropbox or other cloud service? I have two workstations, one for the home office and one for the field. I'd like to put all of my plugins and such in 1 dropbox folder that could then be accessed by either computer, keeping them up to date. From my understanding of dropbox, the file is kept on your computer once synced, so once updated I wouldn't see poor connectivity issues being a problem. I may be wrong.
  11. grant_PD

    Edit symbol in 2019, not great

    It seems that if you activate a working plane you can create objects in 3d mode. Which I will take as a workaround as VW continues to box itself in with its screen plane conundrum. However, one cannot create a 2d object and then switch its plane to "working plane" or "3d" from the OIP.
  12. grant_PD

    Edit symbol in 2019, not great

    Unless I'm doing something wrong, I'm not very impressed with the new edit symbol "rules" regarding 2d and 3d objects. If I am working inside a 3D symbol, and I want to make a relationship between 2 objects, I cannot draw a line (2d) object to examine that relationship. The line disappears. If I try to say, draw a rectangle and then extrude it, I cannot do that because the rectangle immediately disappears (and stays selected?) but I cannot extrude it and make it part of the 3d family. I feel like there are many many more hoops for me to jump through in order to edit symbols now.
  13. grant_PD

    Importing Equipment

    I would head over to Landru Design and get his plugin for this type of work. www.landrudesign.com You can create a lot of these objects just by entering the info into the OIP.
  14. Definitely needs to have that option, while I agree to its apparent danger.
  15. Is there some way to have a note that is populated by the callout tool update across the entire file when changed? I don't see why this wouldn't be the case.


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