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  1. hats to go in the ring: when making a new class from the OIP, have the option to "add subclass to existing" and then pick the class. OR when typing the name of the class you want, have VW auto fill (kind of like how excel does for entries into a cell), which would let you type less/draft more. Wholeheartedly agree with this thread though. Once you commit to the world of classes, a percentage of your time is spent classing and naming. The whole process needs to be faster.
  2. Currently hidden line is not a "rendering style" that can be saved and applied. I'd like to have it available as rendering style and here is why: -exporting a dwg file that has viewports in a rendering style (openGL/renderworks) results in only the picture of the viewport being exported, no geometry in the viewport. If I have a multi sheet document that I want to export to an autocad user, and the sheet layers I have are using a rendered style, nothing will be useful to the autocad user on the other side. So far the only solution I have is to go through and manually change the viewport rendering style to hidden line, which is a local solution to a global switch. If hidden line was a rendering style, I could go to the rendering style and just change the settings to hidden line, export the file, and then reset the settings. Currently this is the only solution that I can find to getting a clean export to .dwg. If someone has a better solution I'd love to hear about it, as it really cramps my workflow to have to go through this process above.
  3. The last time I used Xeon's they needed more expensive RAM, don't know if that's still the case.
  4. love your moulding tool!
  5. @xi makes great laptops. They aren't pretty, they are mobile desktops. Xeons are not worth the money in my opinion. More RAM, a good i7 chip, and a discrete graphics card are what really helps. These days I would probably even go higher end on the graphics card than the processor. My laptop has a full size keyboard as well, very helpful.
  6. I have my fractional display of dimensions set to the smallest (number OVER number). Each time I restart or reopen the file, it resets to the worst (number next to number).
  7. followspot operator symbols?

    Thanks much!
  8. Alan share please. Very interested in this.
  9. I'll email you a link.....
  10. followspot operator symbols?

    Does anyone have 2d followspot operator symbols for use in sections? I was surprised to not see them in the resources...
  11. Hi Evan, The process gets you any amount of details, sections, etc that you want from the model. Essentially we are doing the same thing as you but instead of "creating the line render" we are letting VW do the rendering for you of that same model view. I can cut sections and do blow up details of any part of the wall and it will all update when the model changes. If you want I can send you the full drafting packet from the above to look over, and the file to comb over. Been a fan of your renders for quite a while!
  12. This is from a rendered viewport, hidden line front and a "bleached white model" rendering style in front. You can see the reference plan below.
  13. Agreeing with Kevin here, I couldn't imagine working on a show without the flexibility of sheet layer viewports. That way the viewports are "live" and only need to be updated to reflect the current status of the model. Move some annotations and dimensions around and you are done. I've found that, especially now with OpenGl as a rendering option, very complex things can be rendered to sheet layers (curtains used to be the real culprit). I do agree though, that getting staging gear makes me groan.
  14. Yes please. The new titleblock is not solving any of the problems it may have been created to solve. If the developers had some intent as to how this was all supposed to work, then I'm not finding any supporting documentation to support their case. Having the default for the revision to be "apply to all sheets." seems to be counter to what a revision on a sheet would be. Having said that, I do notice that when working through the title block manager, having that revision apply to all sheets seems to mean that the revision is "available" to all sheets, but one must go through and cherry pick your revisions. Again, where is the documentation on the workflow we are supposed to follow please?


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