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  1. grant_PD

    Import Illustrator File

    don't have an option to import .svg sorry.
  2. grant_PD

    Import Illustrator File

    Can we please be able to import .ai files and work with them?
  3. ūüėé power to the peopleūüėé
  4. I don't think that any time VW forces the user to accept a setting is ever a good thing.
  5. Agreed, but I'm no coder. Why can't all tools just have a class setting in their preferences. Why are some able to be set in the plug in manager and others not?
  6. grant_PD

    current plot date updating

    So I figured out how to have my sheets print with the current date using the "current plot date" record. But I have to update it manually from the title block border style every time I want the date to be current. Shouldn't this be automatic? What am I doing wrong?
  7. Bump the bump. I really want that callout tool to be auto classed.
  8. Notes taken from the database should definitely be linked.
  9. I'm failing to see the point of naming my objects if I can't see a running list of them. I had the idea of creating a worksheet that would list all objects that are named....but there is no criteria for that.
  10. Getting ready to migrate over to 2019...is there any documentation, other than the help file, that shows how the new titleblock manager is supposed to work? It looks very different to me...
  11. grant_PD

    titleblock returns sheet size?

    super cool thanks much!
  12. grant_PD

    titleblock returns sheet size?

    Is there a way to get the title block to automatically show the sheet size that has been set for that sheet layer?
  13. grant_PD

    VS- LED tool

    I'll give it a look. thanks!
  14. grant_PD

    Hardware check

    Is that a desktop dell system? Check to see what you have plugged your monitor into. I thought my new rig was pretty junky until I realized that I hadn't plugged the monitor into the actual video card, but some other hdmi port on the back of my computer. Since the video card didn't have any hardware to detect, it was never running. Also, run your vectorworks as an administrator.


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