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  1. Hmm, not sure what "attribute values" are. Can you clarify?
  2. Do you use the eyedropper to pick up the class/view settings for one viewport and the drop it on the others? Those can be saved.
  3. If all the settings remain the same (layers/classes) per project, couldn't you just set up a template file that has every sheetlayer you ever use already laid out on its own page, and then just select the ones you want to print?
  4. Sounds like an out of memory error. Does it happen on all files? If you make a ridiculously simple file, like just a rectangle, and export it, does it still happen? Try it on a blank file, not a template.
  5. Oh yes please. All the "arrange" tools are fraught with issues unless in top/plan view. We need to be able to set a working plan and have all functionality translate to that plane.
  6. I've been going on with this with tech support for a while. I cannot get my table of contents worksheet to spit back the revision date of each sheet. I can pull title, original date, sheet number, but I cannot get the revision data to show up in a worksheet. I'm guessing that it is being available to architect/landmark users...but wondering if anyone out there had success.
  7. I don't like the way the revision data in the new titleblock can be set to update to all sheets. While this may be good at times, the placement of such a big change in the dialog box seems to discreet to me. I wish that the choice to apply a revision note across all sheets would be something one can undo per sheet.
  8. Yes same for me. I had tried it the other day and nothing was created. It was on my "to do" list of things to investigate.
  9. just messaged you the file to look at.
  10. Yes... I did that. And it does not bring in the data from the record field.
  11. How do I get the published sheets to show the date in the file name as they are published? I can't seem to correlate the correct record entry to the multi naming scheme.
  12. "it seems like Vectorworks should be able to solve this automatically, with a bit more coding." Printing that up on a t-shirt now to send to Jim and everyone else at VW headquarters.
  13. please please let me just push/pull with the selected object, not everything that is in its way visually.
  14. If you render in a viewport you can set the sheet layer resolution to be whatever dpi you like. If you go old school and export image then you can set the output resolution via that dialog box after you draw the marquee for the area to render.