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  1. grant_PD

    map texture to extrude

    I'm baffled by the texture nodes, some of which refer to an appendix (which I cannot find). I have a bitmap I would like to map to an extrude and fill it no matter what the size ends up being. How do I do that?
  2. Helpful in that if you build up a library of commonly used notes, you can insert them quickly. But in order for it to be really awesome it needs: auto update of existing notes keyword search capability
  3. grant_PD

    People/Band Symbols

    Awesome stuff.
  4. Doesn't seem to be doing it with the same file today. Sometimes VW gets "stuck" with issues like this. Maybe my restart system/restart program knocked something loose...
  5. I have a fully textured model, and when I render viewports in openGL, but have the options for textures and colors turned off (to get a white model look) the viewports render nothing at all. I even turn on a background render of hidden line and nothing happens. This should not be so. This needs to default to white.
  6. How come we can't make a renderworks style that sets all the various parameters of OpenGL? I'd like to see the Renderworks style revamped to also include "Viewport Rendering Style" that sets both background and foreground rendering parameters, lighting options, etc.
  7. grant_PD

    class/layer palette revamp

    When I used the visibility tool what happened was everything froze for a good long while. I think this is because VW is trying to "preselect" anything I move my mouse over. I'm not sure why this is so easy for other programs (C4D, Photoshop) and not for VW.
  8. I think this has been asked before, but I'll ask again. Can we have the class and layer palettes be separate items, that one can have open at the same time. Can we have the layer visibilities affect the class palette, so that if I am working on say Layer A, the class palette highlights or shows only the classes that are on that layer (this would be an option that could be turned on or off). Added bonus: can hovering the cursor over an object show its class/layer/name somewhere on the screen without having to select it.
  9. Kevin that's the winner! I thought I had to make a bottom that fit exactly to the sides, completely ignoring the "trim" side of stitch and trim. Made a simple nurbs rectangle that intersected the sides, and I'm good. Thanks!
  10. every time I run the stitch surfaces command I get a generic solid as a result. Not sure where this "Thicken" you speak of is....
  11. I received a site survey file for a job which had the landscape surveyed as roughly 800 nurbs surfaces. I'd like to be able to create some sort of solid out of this so I can perform solid Boolean operations on it. Is there a method for doing this? I've tried shelling, projection, intersections.
  12. Is there some way to set VW so that inserted objects from the resource browser turn their respective classes ON as they are inserted? Right now as I insert lighting fixtures I then have to go through the class list and try to figure out which class it is in, turn it on. If I don't it is inserted but invisible since the class is off by default.
  13. Mark, your solution raises another feature I wish VW had. There are many tools in the VW toolset, and if you do not have them in your workspace, you could be laboring unnecessarily. Without having to go to the workspace editor, I wish there was a way to open a list of ALL tools and commands and browse them (complete with descriptions about their functionality) and then execute them from there. Similar to C4D's "commander" function.
  14. I'm having an issue where my viewports do not follow class visibilities. See my examples: I have two doors, one classed "open," one classed "closed." Every object inside those doors is in that class. I check them in design layers and they turn on an off perfectly. But in the viewports they disappear completely when I have the class set to grey and render in hidden line. In the section, I get geometry rendering in BOTH even though both classes are turned off.
  15. I use the VS-4 Projection tool to set up LED screens quickly when I'm laying out a show. I find it easier than dealing with module counts and all of that. But I think it would be very helpful if one could spec the module depth in this tool. Right now I'm faking it by setting the frame dimensions to 0 and putting in a depth. It would also be great to be able to make supports, either hanging bumpers, ground support ladders, or skids on the fly as well.


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