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  1. I would think this most likely has to do with the software's export of the image and the viewing software's color space settings not matching up. Photoshop has some presets you can tweak with: applying a color space on files as they open, converting a color space as they open, leaving them alone, etc. Other system software like Preview or Image Viewer may handle that differently. And who knows how VW handles it. Dedicated rendering programs have all sorts of options to manage color space as they work through inputs and outputs, I have never seen that in VW. Most likely you will not be able to solve the problem and you will notice it being more apparent in some images that run out of gamut and less in images that stay within gamut. I would suggest you take a look at your image adjustments that you do in Photoshop, and if they seem to be consistent, set up an image processing action so that you are at least automating the processing.
  2. No, head over to the 3rd party section of the board...Paolo made a pretty good plugin for mouldings that can reuse profiles and you can edit them just like you would a polyline. Here's the link. https://fitplot.it/vwplugins/mouldings.html
  3. did you try the mouldings plugin instead? You can set the origin, invert and flip etc.
  4. I had to dial the glow WAY down to get this, but you can see that my "videoscreen" texture is glowing (no lights in the scene) and also that the texture, which is loaded both into the color and the glow channel, seems to be emitting light.
  5. I'm in a file right now here's what I can do. I have a completely closed room, w/ the outside set to night time. I can turn off ambient light and get no light at all. I can turn on ambient and get a little light (cranking this up doesn't do much). I can activate a texture with glow and have it emit light to light up the room. It's all a little "effecty" and not realistic based at all, but I don't expect much more from these types of programs. After watching some tuturials I did find that the time of day effected both ambient and luminous textures.
  6. VW does not really like models like that plant. They are meshes, and VW does not work well with them. Probably the reason for all of the lagging.
  7. Here's video showing what I did. The texture "B" doesn't have any polys assigned to it, so it is not used. Similarly, I don't know what the transluscent map is used for, if it was a reflection map or a transparency map it should be greyscale. Everything else is UV mapped and so once the correct map is loaded, it looks good. 2020-03-24_084941_Trim.mp4
  8. Here you go. ficus.vwx I merged the objects in c4d and exported as an obj. I forgot that the obj looks for the maps in the root folder of wherever it is. So I went back and put the maps there, and it imported no problem. I may have changed the scaling on import as it wasn't important to me at that point. It's a big file, a little much for a potted plant IMHO. I usually upgrade that stuff when I get to c4d and leave the vw placeholders much more generic (image props in a sweep).
  9. they should be already mapped if they came in properly in c4d.
  10. I'm curious @zoomer do you keep a file of materials on the C4D side that you then use the Material Exchanger to switch between the two materials? I've always wanted to do this, it just seems like an arduous task to have the material naming be the same and the upkeep and all that. If you do, can you explain your process?
  11. I have tried this and it works well. The advantage you gain in exporting the file to c4d and then opening it in c4d is that you can add other channels to the materials that VW does not support, like a normal channel. VW will export all bitmapped channels like color, bump, into a tex file that Twinmotion can read from.
  12. I would like to see a suggestion box at VWU, so that users can make requests for training topics and leave feedback on things that they feel are being left out of the existing training videos.
  13. I was able to get an emissive light by making my material a "blinking neon," setting the color to what I wanted and stopping the animation of the blink. At my first 10 minutes of playing with it, I see some improvements.
  14. @Boh love that script you posted! Do you know of any way to make the script work on all nested objects in the selection? Like if I had a group or symbol with different classes could I run script to make everything in that group or symbol go to the desired class?


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