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  1. grant_PD

    Renderworks Cache Issues

    I have this issue all the time. It's very frustrating. And closing the program does seem to "release" the cache, so I can see why VW is unable to find the problem in a file. What is odd is that VW cannot replicate the problem on their own machines.
  2. grant_PD

    Pan tool not working on new laptop

    No matter what button I map it to, it doesn't work. I get the tool but not the mobility.
  3. My new laptop does not have a working pan tool when I press the spacebar, or assign it to a mouse button. The tool activates ( I can see the hand) but the screen does not pan when I move the mouse. I have to go to the tool palette, select the tool, then I can pan. I've had this problem before, and seen other people on this forum have it too. Does anyone know of the fix?
  4. I would build a pipeline by creating a test file of layers and classes and seeing how it translates over to C4D. You may find that your organization of VW needs to be tweaked to create an efficient workflow. I also find that naming objects becomes very useful, as C4D makes heavy use of the object manager, giving you a running list of everything in your file. While it can be daunting to have 300 "extrude" objects in a list, if they are named in a way that is meaningful to you, you can search very quickly through the list instead of poking about in your model.
  5. grant_PD

    Renderworks Cache Issues

    Glad to hear they are working on it. Pretty much makes having Renderworks useless.
  6. grant_PD

    Auto Classing is the Devil!

    oh yes please. Users should be allowed to assign any class to any object as per their workflow. I would say that after much effort I'm still at about 80% "content creation" and 20% "content cleanup" for every project.
  7. grant_PD

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    I work w/ two monitors. So what I'm hearing is that you can't mix resolutions. If I got a 4k monitor, my secondary would also need to be 4k?
  8. grant_PD

    WWDC 2019 - Mac Pro Hopes

    Slightly off topic (windows fan here, so I'm keeping quiet), are 4k monitors useful for VW/C4d? I recall seeing some bugginess reported when they first came out. I'd be interested in getting a higher res display if it worked smoothly.
  9. grant_PD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    I can't seem to get the lights in my vw file to import into twinmotion. Which is a big drawback to an otherwise very intriguing pipeline.
  10. grant_PD

    map texture to extrude

    I'm baffled by the texture nodes, some of which refer to an appendix (which I cannot find). I have a bitmap I would like to map to an extrude and fill it no matter what the size ends up being. How do I do that?
  11. Helpful in that if you build up a library of commonly used notes, you can insert them quickly. But in order for it to be really awesome it needs: auto update of existing notes keyword search capability
  12. grant_PD

    People/Band Symbols

    Awesome stuff.
  13. Doesn't seem to be doing it with the same file today. Sometimes VW gets "stuck" with issues like this. Maybe my restart system/restart program knocked something loose...
  14. I have a fully textured model, and when I render viewports in openGL, but have the options for textures and colors turned off (to get a white model look) the viewports render nothing at all. I even turn on a background render of hidden line and nothing happens. This should not be so. This needs to default to white.
  15. How come we can't make a renderworks style that sets all the various parameters of OpenGL? I'd like to see the Renderworks style revamped to also include "Viewport Rendering Style" that sets both background and foreground rendering parameters, lighting options, etc.


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