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  1. I've tracked down some of my viewport failure to render issues to having the "show planar objects" check box checked. After futzing with the render settings and watching VW crash for about half an hour, unchecking this checkbox solved the problem.
  2. It would be really helpful to see a grid, and snap to it, inside the annotations. This would greatly help the layout of plates.
  3. did you look at Landru Design's LED screen? you can create Pixel LED just by entering the info.
  4. Love the railing tool. But it renders horribly. Looks like a bunch of polygons jammed into each other and no setting seems to clear it up. Is that the way it's supposed to work?
  5. little longer...
  6. Mine didn't take 18 minutes but yes, dashed hidden line is a problem.
  7. Am I missing the intent or can you not just use OpenGl as the sheet layer rendering mode? I just did this and it renders the sheet layer in about a swig of coffee. test.vwx
  8. I have a curved drape, that when I try to add a track to, puts the track way out from the curtain. curtain madness.vwx
  9. Awesome thanks!
  10. It seems clunky to have to open the titleblock settings in the OIP just to access sheet layer data. Can it not just reside in the OIP as well, so one can fill out the information without opening yet another dialog box?
  11. Is there a way to set previous view/next view to group similar changes, like the undo settings? Can one disable zoom and pans, but keep things like layer changes? Are they hotkey assignable?
  12. Rendering is not the same as interactivity. All of the issues Steven is talking about have to do with interactivity, which is actually very dependent upon the GPU.
  13. I had this problem with my laptop for a while, same graphics card ( only 1 card in that laptop ). What saved me was a complete recovery of windows 10 and driver update. I could never figure out what the culprit was, but after I did the windows reset the problem went away.
  14. How about naming it: "sheet title"_"drawing label"_"viewport#"