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  1. As @EAlexander says, make sure it's worth it in terms of render time. Also make sure that your dpi setting is set to actually capture the subtle quality you are going for. Blurriness and roughness will just look like noise if you don't have enough pixels (and subpixels) to actually blur.
  2. all good points @zoomer and the takeaway is that when it comes to rendering, there is no one cure all. Some folks will be happy w/ twinmotion for years to come. Some folks are happy now with renderworks. I still find that in my neck of the woods many architects are only interested in vray.
  3. Redshift RT perhaps, but the current shipping of Redshift is just a GPU renderer, albeit a very fast one. I don't think Redshift Rt is shipping yet. I agree with you about the twinmotion/lumion/enscape world.. they are kid of fake looking. If you take some of the courses on Unreal academy they show you how a lot of the rendering is scaled down for a faster performance, particularly with the reflections. I think of twinmotion as sort of the gateway drug to unreal. The real time rendering and animation combined with the datasmith is so enticing to a lot of users that prior could never achieve that type of rendering. But you can't export the file to anything, so really the only place to go is to become a full unreal engine user.
  4. Boom there you go. Thanks Michael! It's a shame you can't stitch them together when you extract surfaces. I hate building things twice. But still, that was quick and easy.
  5. This is the shape. I want the extruded part not the top cap. Yes, I could do it old school, but I thought this would be a good time to surface array!
  6. I want to work with the surface array tool, but when I go to extract the surface of my extrude I get 4 surfaces. If I add them, I get a solid addition that won't work with the array command. How do I make these surfaces into 1 thing?
  7. Just an observation that one thing Mac folks used to poke fun at Pc people about was all the "geek speek," : processors and OS and RAM and all that. The rallying cry for Macs was "they just work!" Now it seems that Mac users have to be a lot more wary about their hardware purchase, whilst I in my Pc land just need to look for the best deal. Not trying to start a dreaded Mac vs Pc thread here! 😁
  8. Yes, I'm w/ @Andy Broomell on this one. I use hidden line, w/ openGL backgrounds and the opengl linework off. That way you get the best of both worlds.
  9. Redshift is not a realtime raytracer. It is a gpu based rendering engine. Vw already has a direct link to Twinmotion via datasmith and an embedded install of Enscape and Lumion as 3rd party add ons. These are all real time ray tracing engines.
  10. @scottmoore does openGL line rendering respect line weights? I've never tried it, but I would love to move away from Hidden Line and that is the thing that's worrying me.
  11. @Greggoid I had mixed success with texture mapping in TM. All textures are universally scaled and edited in TM, changing the scale of one changes the scale of all. I also noticed in a previous project that decal mapping was really hard to do. Really what TM wants is everything complex to be UV mapped somewhere else and to only really work with large building shell style textures (brick/concrete etc) inside the program. So looking at your really nice renders I would be more inclined to do the texture work in VW and export that, since the uv's easier to deal with. I have not tried your semi transparent people props in TM, they might be an issue since they are: flat planes with transparency AND alpha channels. I'd do a test on that before committing.
  12. @zoomer @Greggoid I took the datasmith workflow through it's paces yesterday, fleshing out some changes to an existing project that was already in Twinmotion. I had an existing 3 sided set in Twinmotion, given to me by a client to add the 4th side to enclose it for 360 shooting. Since the existing TM project had been textured and tweaked in sketchup prior to bringing it in, I did not have a datasmith reference file for it. The datasmith exchange has no options to control what goes out, it's everything in the file. So I made a shuttle file of my adds and proceeded. The adds came into the TM file no problem, but were out of position. I moved them into the position, and retextured them. After receiving notes from the client, I made my changes to the master vw file, resaved the shuttle file, and sent out the datasmith file to TM to update. Happy to report that my geometry stayed where I moved it, all texture changes made inside TM stayed put, only the changes to the geometry itself were made. If your end goal is to produce renderings/animations out of TM from Vectorworks, I think that the datasmith workflow is great, and actually better than "send to c4d" (which still chooses to not work on my computers whenever it wants to). My only reservation about this workflow is that TM is a closed end product. You cannot export anything out of TM to be worked on in any other software package. While not a dealbreaker, I do have to tell my clients when we head into TM, that we are committed to it for the duration of the project.
  13. Well I agree...but isn't what you portray in Cloud Cad going to be ruined when we work with others who use different Cloud Cad and those companies try to create walls around their user base? Unless we have interchangeable file formats for model data, texture data, BIM data, etc it's all just moving the problem to somewhere else. I don't see AutoDesk playing nice with Nemetschek and vice versa.
  14. @Dave Donley @Selin checking back to see if you had any solutions for this? I ran a test on monday and had the send to c4d pipeline working as you described. Tuesday it didn't work at all. I'd love to have it be reliable as I see the merits in working this way, but I don't know what to test on my end.
  15. @Dave Donley I've tried all the ways. I start with c4d not launched, then launch it....sometimes it asks me where the c4d .exe is, then does nothing. Sometimes it doesn't ask at all. I have a suspicion that it has to do with windows administrator privileges?


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