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  1. grant_PD

    3d Tiling please!

    I won't use a hatch in VW because it's so difficult to modify/create one. I love tiles but they are just a 2d trick. I would love a "flooring" or "wall tile" tool that you can easily create a pattern with, show up in 2d/3d, and be able to extract some kind of information from (sq footage, item count etc).
  2. Dare I ask that line render modes be channeled out to offer discrete control. One could make really great drawings if you had sliders for opacity and strength of: dashed hidden line hidden line object outline
  3. grant_PD

    data tag for floor objects?

    ok then!
  4. Thanks. I often get confused whether to class everything inside a group/symbol in its proper class, or just the symbol/group itself. I find that classing everything is preferable because it makes the class visibility option work better, but it is a pain to do consistently.
  5. I can't seem to get this to work. This is what I have, and I get error messages. As I understand it, I have the object selected that I want to change all of its parts and pieces to the current active class, run the command, and it will do this?
  6. grant_PD

    data tag for floor objects?

  7. grant_PD

    data tag for floor objects?

    Doesn't work for floors...should I be abandoning the floor object?
  8. I would like a simple way to show the square footage of a floor object. It seems like a data tag is applicable here, but I have no idea how to create the custom field for this. Is this possible?
  9. grant_PD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Mark, you and I are on the same page, didn't mean to freak anyone out about removing RW. I was just thinking that from a development point of view, you have to have a Not Great RW package to do all of the 3rd party syncing we use and enjoy. Otherwise the textures need to be mapped externally, geometry needs to be optimized externally etc. So by necessity we can do renderings in VW, even if they are not worth the time/effort. The Lumion sync is the best sync of all of the 3rd party products I have seen so far. C4D is good and while I haven't implemented Redshift yet (C4D's gpu renderer) I'm guessing it's going to be pretty good and getting better. I build scenery for dark rooms with lots and lots of lights, internally lit scenery, I love the environmental add ons of twinmotion/lumion but I would rarely use them, and shudder at the thought of having to re-light every time I update a file.
  10. grant_PD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Just tried a test file again w/ VW-C4D-Twinmotion workflow. Not seeing light object importing happening for C4D-Twinmotion. That's a non starter for me, unless I'm missing something?
  11. grant_PD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    I think VW without Renderworks is not a good idea. But not so much for photorealistic rendering, but rather for the ability to add life to technical drawings. If the photorealistic portion of Renderworks gets dragged along that's ok too, there will always be some users who are happy with the results. Removing the Renderworks portion of Vw would mean disabling all of the textures, texture mapping, lights, etc that get ported to the third party renderers that are obviously much better at rendering. So I cannot support removing all of that because I depend upon that happening when I port to C4D. I am all for improving the links between VW and third party software. Even something as basic as linking viewport images to an external file would be great, like how InDesign works. I could: export my view to C4D with the camera view already set up, textures already applied adjust the lighting and replace textures, add entourage or whatever render the image in C4D and output a high res image link the image to a particular viewport and bring it in. If it is out of date, then VW would let me know just like InDesign does. While this may not seem like such a big deal, you could just do the same and import them image yourself, it is a time suck to do so. I am not a fan of time suck.
  12. grant_PD

    Disappearing Title Block

    I often have TBB's disappear. When I hover over them, I can seem them highlight. If I grab them and pull them a bit, they come back.
  13. grant_PD

    line type workflow

    I have classes set up specifically to control line/fill. Of late I've wanted to get away from that as I class more things in a specific manner. I thought that line type would be helpful, I could class things for their function in the model and use a line type to control their appearance. One thing I hate is manually changing things using the attributes palette. I try to keep that set to "use class defaults" all the time. For me the class system is really about object management in 3d space. Line type and fill color is really about 2d presentation. Therefore it seems odd to me that fills wouldn't be included in some manner like line types are. I think in my ideal world, I would have a set of "pens" that I could use to assign 2d attributes to any 2d portion of an object, regardless of class.
  14. grant_PD

    line type workflow

    Why do line types just control the line and not the fill? I'm trying to integrate line type more into my workflow, but it seems cumbersome, having to switch them either by resource browser, or attributes panel. In either case, I have to go back and adjust the fill properties via the attributes panel (which is set to "by class"). It seems like I'm caught between classes controlling line/fill, and having to do a lot of clicking just to have something control the line type.
  15. I spent a long time the other day troubleshooting this bug: I made a master groundplan on a sheet layer, and had it rotated 90 to fit a landscape page. I went through the entire groundplan and cut sections for elevations, putting the elevations on a separate page, using the "create section viewport command." My standard rendering style for elevations these days is OpenGL, with a high ambient light setting and ambient occlusion, with hidden line over the top (background render). This gives a washed out color elevation with crisp lines. Not a single elevation worked. They all tried to render, then failed, just showing the hidden line. If I turned off the hidden line, I got ONLY the cut plane. A custom renderworks setting would work, but that's far too time consuming. After turning off various things, I went back and un-rotated the master plan so that it was in its original orientation. Everything worked just fine after that.


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