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  1. It's very frustrating and time consuming to work with viewports and having to switch back and forth between the two palettes for classes and layers, especially when one is trying to preview the effects of your changes. This should be combined into one dialog box w/ tabs to move back and forth between the two.
  2. Can the fantastic stage tools: stage deck, stage stair, show their heights in a circle as is convention for theatrical drafting? As in the attached.
  3. grant_PD

    Nudging should be single operation

    agree. Same with all view changes, should be grouped.
  4. grant_PD

    Symbols "Draw 3D Only"

    I agree that for lighting symbols one doesn't want to change the 2d portion to reflect the 3d oriention, they are more "schematic" than true plan view. So perhaps it's an option.
  5. grant_PD

    Symbols "Draw 3D Only"

    What would be great is if the autohybrid concept was internally implemented to the symbol, so that as you rotated it in 3d the autohybrid would regenerate the 2d view. Take that a step further and have all of the text that appears in 2d be accessible via the OIP, allowing you to move it, and edit it, and you have a really kick ass symbol.
  6. maybe it is, unless I'm doing it wrong. I can't drag anything into VW.
  7. How does one make a callout that defaults to a specific class and attributes? When I use the "create custom tool/attribute" menu command, it does not call the tool at all (yes, when I created the script, I had the callout tool activated).
  8. I would take a look at what Jonathon Pickup at archoncad has to offer by way of maximizing VW. He helps a lot of people understand the process of VW workflow.
  9. grant_PD

    Focus Rendering Attention

    There is a render bitmap tool for this. You draw the marquee around the area you want to render and it only renders that part. Not sure if it works for viewports, you might have to leave the viewport to do so. But a reduced crop would do as well. Setting the dpi lower is useful as well. This is common practice in 3d rendering programs, reduce the dpi, reduce the bounces, no anti aliasing etc.
  10. grant_PD

    Crowd / Audience Plugin

    I totally agree w/ Evan here. Programs such as C4d and 3Ds can handle so many more objects than VW. And I'd rather not have the entourage in the file anyway.
  11. grant_PD

    Crowd / Audience Plugin

    Yes, that would be nice. And would be nice to get that level of a render out of VW without heading over to another program.
  12. grant_PD

    Crowd / Audience Plugin

    RandomSymbolinArea.vwx Someone made this a while back...maybe what you are looking for?
  13. grant_PD

    Vectorworks 2018 really laggy.

    Does the problem persist with every file? Some items will seriously bog down a file: imported sketchup, meshes, dwgs, etc. I used to go back through my files and delete things systematically until the file seemed to "perk up" and then see what the culprit was. With regard to laptops and their discrete graphics cards, I recommend running VW as an administrator, and if you can, adding VW to the list of programs that are forced to use the dedicated graphics card. I find that the O.S. or the motherboard or whatever is making that switch is usually not inclined to do so.
  14. I want to disagree here. I think that with Marionette becoming more and more obvious as a parametric plug in development kit, that these sorts of things are actually within grasp.
  15. grant_PD

    Auto Hybrid - edit

    Best practice is to ungroup the auto hybrid before editing. Then remake the auto hybrid. Just be sure to make your AH settings for that particular piece the default before ungrouping.


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