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  1. Agree. I think I abandoned using tile fills on floor objects a while back, since they made the floor have no fill in 3d.
  2. You can make Design Layer Viewports by creating the viewports as you would but putting them on a design layer instead of a sheet layer in the viewport creation window. Then select them all and put them onto a sheet layer. That should work, although I've never done that. Alternately, you could just make 1 viewport and let it take you to Paper space, then duplicate the viewports and change the view in the OIP to be the one you want. For a Section viewport you can create a section viewport from the others in Paper space.
  3. Should be fine for what you are looking to do.
  4. I'd like a radio button or drop down to turn on composition helpers like 3rds, golden spiral, etc when aiming the vw camera and video camera object
  5. I'm looking for a TV studio style ped base. Does anyone have one?
  6. Hi Iskra, I just sent you an email to your address.
  7. Last week I experienced two separate times where I sent off several viewports to publish to the cloud. Each was 11x17, grayscale render at 300 dpi. What I got back, after 30-40 minutes of processing, was all of my viewports...not updated. I had made sure that the check box to update viewports prior to publishing was checked....I'm guessing that the cloud just kicked it back to me? Is this a known issue?
  8. I would think you can do the section and have an "sun" light on, at the angle you want on the layer.
  9. Am I crazy or wasn't this an option at some point. I can't seem to find a way to control that anymore.
  10. How do we edit these? I have some I want to delete, some I want to change the parameters of....
  11. lol how do all of these doors stay shut when the wind blows?
  12. seems so odd...Wonder why they don't have it?
  13. Is there any way with the door tool to add the stop onto the jamb of the door? I've always added it manually but thought there would be a setting for it somewhere...
  14. That little circle with the black/white quadrants? Is there one in resources somewhere? Why can't I find it?
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