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  1. How about being able to change the trusses' length from center when entering the length into the OIP? It should work like the line tool, you pick the radio button to determine whether from left, center, or right.
  2. yep. Was wanting to avoid that.
  3. agree with you on the rendering aspect. These were just overhead shots and the client wanted them high resolution.
  4. Yes, but when I go to export image file, it tells me it wants to render everything first, then rerender to export, why can't I just publish and have it be batch? I guess I have to set up a sheet layer....
  5. How does one export a view without setting up a sheet layer? I have two views that I want to export. They are cropped perspective shots, and I would like them to export at a specific dpi. But when I go to the publish command, the "current view" option is grayed out upon exporting an image.
  6. 1- On drawing text. 2- No, I'm saying if you drew a polygonal shape for say, blacks around the venue. I would like to turn on length measurements for each segment of that polygonal shape, so they would show up on a plan. Sorry, shouldn't have used the term legs, that was bad form.
  7. Would also like to see a trim height option to list on the label.
  8. I would like to see the following: Non decimal rounding for overall length of drape. ie. can 108'9.52" become 108'10"? Option for the note to display the length of each leg of a drape run that runs parallel to the leg.
  9. Thanks for the help! Trying this now but I sure hope someone at HQ is reading this and seeing how this could be a LOT easier.
  10. Is there a way to filter a report for records found within viewports inside a specific sheet? I tried setting the location filter to the viewport name, but it returned 0 results.
  11. Create report, list objects with record "rope and stanchion" look for "total stanchion"
  12. 16 sheets, most likely considerably less than you.
  13. I don't have this response from VW. In fact, I find that the titleblock tool and editing the style is very very snappy. I can make changes inside the manager and watch them appear on the sheet layer as I type them. There must be a corruption in your titleblock somewhere...
  14. Is it possible to map my two other buttons besides right and left to functions in VW? How do I do that?
  15. comparable to the windows 8 roll out. And I'm a pc guy!