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  1. I got an MSI creator series laptop. Very impressive laptop. https://us.msi.com/index.php
  2. If you export as a .c4d file you will get a "tex" folder which will contain all of the materials in your model. If you then export the .obj you will get a mtl file which essentially maps the materials to the model. You can then use the materials in the materials folder to map to your .obj. Shaders however, are probably not going to come through. Shaders are often proprietary to the original software and therefore do not translate like materials made of texture files.
  3. Is there a node or wrapper that can take the result of a network and create an autohybrid from it?
  4. I wonder if it's worth moving ALL attributes to styles instead of putting them inside classes. One could still set the class properties "by style" as we do with text and lines. Why can't we do that for fills as well? I have a set of dummy classes that do nothing but control fills and lineweights, mostly so I can set the properties of autohybrid's different planes. But it just seems to create more confusion and less control since nested classes in objects render class visibility options wonky at best. The classing system is ultimately a tag for the objects purpose, I'm not in favor of removing that. It just seems like they are trying to do too much.
  5. what are all of these text styles coming from below the line in this drop down box? Where are they pulling from and how do I get rid of them?
  6. is there any way to adjust the render settings in Enscape? Like GI, AO etc? I can't find any control for those sorts of things.
  7. No lights will import into Twinmotion from a VW export. They will export into .c4d however. Twinmotion is sort of a closed system.
  8. Possible solutions off the top of my head: -autohybrids don't use classes as a means to control pens -some sort of "solo" mode where whatever objects are selected can be isolated and worked on regardless of class or layer. This is a refinement of the ol' "group the things you want to work on" trick that everyone uses.
  9. When you switch this to "active only" in classes, the autohybrid will disappear in Plan view Autohybrid.vwx
  10. @Pat Stanford circling back to this as I work...I have an autohybrid which is classed the same as everything else inside it. But, since my appearances of my autohybrid are dictated by classes, when I work in "active only" then I cannot see anything in Top/Plan view. This seems to me to either be defeating the purpose of the "active only," or defeating the purpose of the autohybrid.
  11. I have an eyedropper preset for viewport rendering, that picks up viewport rendering style and image effects. However, when I put it on a viewport, it will not put down the image effects. I have to render..... Turn on image effects..... Turn on the preset in the image effects panel. I feel like this is a bug.
  12. @jeff prince I looked at some documentation online and played around a bit. You can recreate your image props in TM if your color textures are rebuilt as .psd's with the alpha channel for transparency saved. Inside TM you need to load the .psd as the color and then activate the "opacity mask." That will load the alpha channel from that file and you will have transparent image props. When VW exports out the textures it keeps the alpha channel and the color channel as separate files which TM does not do.
  13. I would think that is exactly what you are going to be expected to do. Or go the "lite" version and just work through twinmotion or lumion. Both of which are pretty lite in their control but can catapult your rendering output/quality if all you ever did was true renderworks. I think the possibilities of Unreal are inspiring, but I'm not sure if it warrants VW doing a whole rework of their mapping process just for those that want to build in it. I'm still waiting for them to get the light to fall off correctly ūüôā
  14. I would think that for most users who do not already port via c4d for their renders, they will use the in house mapping VW supplies, just like they have always done. VW somehow exports the UV tag for all of its objects, since they show up in Cinema that way. And unless I'm mistaken, you can tweak the textures in Unreal, using the material editor's nodes.
  15. Got it. Had to save the style to get it working, but seems to be doing what I want now. Thanks!


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