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  1. It seems to work for some viewports and not for others. Not sure why....
  2. no I am on 2018. I just didn't update my signature.
  3. I'm trying out this script but I get VS errors? I copied and pasted the script but when I run it I get
  4. grant_PD

    Theater lineset tool

    That looks like just what I was hoping for. Many many thanks!
  5. Wishing for VW or some other coder to develop (Landru design?). I would love to have a "theater lineset" tool which can do the following: Layout in plan and section a theater's lineset and lineset schedule via manual entry of lineset info Linesets would be numbered and classed and be in 3d, with the correct length (adjustable) and the correct height (adjustable). Scenic items could be assigned to specific linesets and they would then be positioned according to trim height All information can be controlled via a worksheet (lineset schedule) which updates in both directions, ie. if I move scenery A from lineset 12 to 14, I can make the change in the worksheet and it will update the scenery, and vice versa. Other things like including weight calcs, scenery in /out positions etc. also desired.
  6. Yes. I would use this function much more if it wasn't prone to meltdown. I like the tolerance feature as well.
  7. grant_PD

    reduced scale drawing sets method?

    That's how I figured it was being handled. Thanks all for the input.
  8. grant_PD

    reduced scale drawing sets method?

    so is the method just to export pdfs at 50% reduction from the dialog?
  9. What is the best way to create and maintain a reduced scale drawing set? Say I have a sheet layer and everything is 24x36 1/4" scale, and I want to have a drawing at 18x24 in 1/8" scale of the same exact drawing?
  10. At this point I think that network rendering would be the most valuable improvement to rendering in VW. C4D's network rendering has effectively doubled my output in terms of quantity and quality without me having to purchase anything or learn anything new. I grow so tired of waiting for viewports to update.
  11. grant_PD

    Hardware check

    I do see some xps laptops, it looks like they may have revamped their line a bit. Last time I spoke with Dell, as soon as I wanted to get a truly discrete video card, the sales rep told me that only the Alienware line did that. I would always get the most RAM I could afford, you'll never regret it. Maybe the G3 line? https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/cty/pdp/spd/g-series-15-3579-laptop/dncwgf423s?ref=1689_koa_title If you are only doing top down stuff that might be sufficient. Yes, the Alienwares are a bit adolescent looking!
  12. grant_PD

    Hardware check

    I can tell you that getting a Quadro is not worth the money. The gaming graphics cards are the way to go. Also, with laptops be very sure that you are getting a true dedicated video card and not something "integrated." And then make sure that your IT configures the laptop so that the video card is actually being used by Vectorworks. Looking at the Dell website, it looks like you are going to be getting Alienware.
  13. grant_PD

    Hatches for Humans

    I like to show the flooring pattern as a tile fill on a floor object. But one cannot add a texture to the floor if using a tile fill, because then it somehow is not a solid object. Ideally, tile fills would keep things solid so you can have a fill for plan view as well.