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  1. Thank you for the support, it did said that 60 files were fixed. but unfortunately both problems are still there. the customer support had no way to help me either. So if anyone else experience that and find a solution it will be much appreciated
  2. Does anyone have a solution for two major issues? 1. I have the new M1 Max MAC with VWX 2022 SP3. The software just randomly will freeze with to relate to anything. It will happen in 2D, 3D, or even when I'm not touching the software. It can happen sometime every 5 minutes, and sometime it will not happen for a few hours while working on the same file. 2. MVR Issue- Export MVR will not show all object only lighting fixtures, tested the same file with the 2021 version, and all objects are showing
  3. Thanks @JuanP I sent you an email
  4. Hello. I'm experiencing quite a lot of bugs with 2021 but this one is something that I cannot continue to work with. I'm trying to see if anyone else is experiencing that. I have a design layer that has a lot of extrude squares that combine into one solid. when I double click on the solid to edit and exit the solid I can no longer hide that design layer and it will stay visible even if that layer is hidden. if I'm trying to hide it via class it will work 1 or 2 times and then stop. Anyone else experiences that? or maybe someone has a solution for that? Thanks in advance
  5. Is it possible to export a movie in Vision 2020 and have the NDI input play in the export?
  6. I’m using the MA export with good results on 2019 but when I Export form a 2020 all fixtures will patch at address 1 any ideas? Thanks
  7. Yes I was working on the serial number and not on the dongle, I plugged in the dongle and all universes are working now Thanks
  8. Here is my configuration Vision 2020 on A mac External MA op PC station A network between the 2 station IP 2.x.x.x and subnet On Ma on PC Artnet output is active 3 On vision DMX viewer im receiving DMX info on all universes but only lights that are on universe 1 and 2 will respond, anything that is on universe 3 and above will not respond on the visualizer, if I take any of the lights that are universe 3 and move it to universe 1 or 2 it works fine Any ideas?
  9. Thanks Mike, looks amazing sorry for the very late respond
  10. Hello, I'm looking for a Robe pickle patt symbol /model, so far I can only find the Patt 2013 and 2017. There is probably a way to scale down the patt 2013 but I couldn't figure out how to do that. On that note if anyone knows also how to rotate the yoke on the patt it will be awesome Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance
  11. How can I rotate LED tiles? Please see attached picture for an example Thanks in advance
  12. What is in the drawing? 7 Design Layers 3 layers are DWG import 4 Layers are Vectorworks layers (Truss plot, Video plot, Audio plot, Lighting plot) How big is the file? 27.4MB Any referenced viewports? no Mesh objects? no Are there sheet layers or just design layers? One sheet layer (but try to export only design layers and I had the same result) What are the export dwg settings? Default settings 2010 How much RAM does your computer have? 16G
  13. I have a new installation of V2018, Vectorworks keeps crashing when I'm trying to export DWG, Any solution?
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