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  1. @sbarrett @_James James is correct, top north of page should be indicating North. Can you fix this @sbarrett ? Thanks
  2. Well I did not get any update from @sbarrett to fix this but can share that I got this Marionette working after copying the files from VW 2023 install folder to the VW 2024 folder. Simply copy/paste all files in C:\Users\patri\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2024\Python Externals Obviously your users sub-folder (in bold above) will be different.
  3. @sbarrett Cannot use in VW 2024, get message that it cannot download Python GEOPY...Can we just make this built into VW for upcoming revisions, everyone is doing solar studies and heliodon is not sufficient on it own to graphically show sun path to clients...even better would be a 3D version of this like Revit has.
  4. Not a great productive experience for me either...it's the little things in a UX that make it or break it. Like this tool set pallet not having a clear horizontal division with the individual tools, my eyes are always trying to find where one section/part/group ends and another starts. Sorry but it's a fail for UX on the productivity front. To not just whine, I recommend taking a look a clear UI like Modo, dark monochrome'ish mode w/ clear separation of icons and clear highlight of active icons/modes. I also like that they give the shortcut key on icons when possible...the eye is quicker than the mouse young kitty!
  5. Any suggestions on how to fix this, Path site modifiers have no thickness like the Road shown beyond so the Render texture is coincident with the DTM....
  6. Yes but in the name of efficiency, please. We can do it with the Grid line tool so why not with the Elevation Benchmark tool, seems like a functionality oversight.
  7. Simple request, The Elevation Benchmark tool should have the option to display Label at both ends.
  8. Would be great if someone at VW could develop a marionette network to send data to Passive House energy modeling tool PHPP similar to what Perkins Will has done here in Rhino. https://research.perkinswill.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/2020-Fall-incubator_CheneyCillian_compress.pdf Maybe this should be tied into the Energos development team.
  9. Getting a Geopy missing popup in VW 2023 and then this error after it said it installed?
  10. Handrails and guardrails are still a mess in the stair tool…like 20 years later!
  11. Anyone know how to get the licence manager to work properly in 2023? I have VW 2022 and 2023 installed and can only open VW 2023, I get the attached message. I tried the obvious, restart and complete shutdown of commuter but no luck. Thanks
  12. @Matt Panzer Yes they cross over each other. It's the section thru the carport. Weird because all the other ones are fine.
  13. I am having issues with the gridline tool in VW 2022; in some random section viewports they will only show if I reverse direction? Is this a known issue? Things I did check, Class and Layer are on in VP, Section line is perpendicular to Grids, and I tried recreating the VP wich gave me same issue. Thanks
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