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  1. Patrick Fritsch

    2019 where I left off

    Jim W could you confirm this. Related to this bug I think. VW is not remembering settings like when i disable the cropped perspective view in document preferences and "save as" my file.
  2. The roadway is acting up if used in Viewport annotation (I do this for quick schematics). If you draw a road type at first it works but then if you try and change modes from the roadway dropdown it refuses to change modes (Eg; from straight to Nurbs road type). I've tried in a blank template and reproduced this behavior, can anyone confirm.
  3. Patrick Fritsch

    Only one vehicle in AutoTurn?

    I'm only getting only vehicle in Autoturn, signing up it said we would get 3 and I also don't have access to the Demo pack I signed up for? See attached screen shot.
  4. Patrick Fritsch

    2019 where I left off

    Dido, same here. Did any of you already file a bug submit?
  5. Patrick Fritsch

    Autoturn Command missing

    Ok, Fair enough.
  6. Patrick Fritsch

    Autoturn Command missing

    Thanks Jim that did it. Is their a way at initial install to avoid the "New tools" toolset, as i'd rather they be in their respective toolsets?
  7. Patrick Fritsch

    Autoturn Command missing

    The VW held documentation tells me to log in under "menu-AEC-Autoturn" but it's missing. What are my options, re-install?
  8. Like the title says, Anyone else getting this? It renders fine in Open GL if I create my section viewports from the model in Layer space.
  9. Patrick Fritsch

    Vectorworks 2019 Structure Member Tool

    This tool seams half baked to me and it's usage intent is not very clear either. I attempted to create a heavy timber truss as shown below and it was impossible to draw in plan view and elevation so I just went back to using the old framing member tool....I will harp on my opinion again that ALL the detailing tools in VW are limited and archaic. Go see Archicad's detailing capabilities.
  10. Patrick Fritsch

    Stair Tool Rehab for 2020

    Please get inspired by sister Archicad's detailing tools in section viewport abilities. As i've said before, VW is pretty old school when it come to details tools.
  11. Patrick Fritsch

    Stair Tool Rehab for 2020

    Don't forget to improve the stairs handrail and guardrail flexibility. I've previously posted here guards that do not transition well at landings in U shaped stairs where the risers are in line at the landing. In residential especially, the handrail and guardrail do not need to be continuous, and can rather be sections therefore this U shaped stair should be possible as it is quite common.
  12. Wondering if this will help when the "hunting" of surfaces when using the Push/Pull tool?
  13. This is what I like to see, making VW functions that already exist better in lieu of adding extra new shiny buttons to my design cockpit!
  14. Patrick Fritsch

    Teaser Tuesday - Class and Layer Filters - Vectorworks 2019

    Still hoping for more efficient detailing tools...geez their old.
  15. Patrick Fritsch

    Barn Door

    So useful, I gotta find some time to get my head into Marionette! Thanks for this