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  1. Patrick Fritsch

    VW2017 - OpenGL render not working in SL viewports which view DLVPs

    Was this resolved? It's happening to me in VW 2018 SP3. OPEN GL section viewports are blank...
  2. Why can't we call up the wall area from the space tool objects yet...not quite as fancy as VR but the Painters and Drywall subs would love to know !!!! ....I told them they could look at their colour with VR goggles but they laughed at me. Hello!
  3. Patrick Fritsch

    Custom Cabinet tool - 2D representation messed up

    Thanks Jonathan, I did that...sort of. For some reason they were off in model layer but were on in a sheet layer. Once I turned them off in the sheet layer and went back to the model layer edits behaved as expected. Oh well!
  4. The custom cabinet tool is acting up since I installed 2018 SP3, after modifying a cabinet I get Leader arrows showing up in the 2D representation...I think this may be related to a wider Leader problem as posted on the forum lately. My Call Out tool leaders as not usable either. I hope I don't have to wait for SP4 to fix this
  5. Patrick Fritsch

    Arrow Issues in 2018 SP3

    Callout Tool notes leader lines are once again getting all messed up on 2018 sp3 file. Just started having this problem yesterday, they started fine but when I got to my 3rd viewport to annotate everything was screwy.
  6. Patrick Fritsch

    Unequal Door leaf control missing?

    Thanks i'll submit as a bug
  7. Patrick Fritsch

    Unequal Door leaf control missing?

    As soon as I enable the radio button "Unequal Leafs" in a doors setting there is no way for me to control the leaf style as per the main leaf? In this case i would like then to both have matching glass panels. Any ideas?...or bug/oversight. Thank you,
  8. I have wished for similar here:
  9. Patrick Fritsch

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    SP2 installed fine but I got this message? Not sure what the effects are so FYI only. I did correct my files where the origin marker in the screen rulers was not available.
  10. Patrick Fritsch

    Origin Icon diapered

    Thanks for appeasing my daemons!
  11. Patrick Fritsch

    Blind base cabinet 2D vs 3D not accurate

    Filled this as a bug, now that this bug page is working again.
  12. Patrick Fritsch

    Origin Icon diapered

    Any insight on this persistent problem? I'm on SP1 and a little hesitant to progress with my projects in 2018 as I fear it may start wreaking havoc later on. An update on this situation would be appreciated. Thanks,
  13. Patrick Fritsch

    Vectorworks Cloud Services login error

    Same problem here, waiting for a fix.
  14. Patrick Fritsch

    Wikihouse plug-in running in Marionette

    Take it a little further with the future of flat-packed furniture; https://www.opendesk.cc/ ...... Vectorworks need to be part of this. I see the future of building Marionette scripts for CNC joint libraries like this:
  15. Patrick Fritsch

    Wikihouse plug-in running in Marionette

    For those interested, watch this TED Talk explaining the motivation behind Wikihouse