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  1. Take it a little further with the future of flat-packed furniture; ...... Vectorworks need to be part of this. I see the future of building Marionette scripts for CNC joint libraries like this:
  2. For those interested, watch this TED Talk explaining the motivation behind Wikihouse
  3. Can anyone chime in on the actual possibility of getting the Wikihouse WREN structural plugin running in Marionette; . I see it was scripted to accept Python and run on Rhinos Grasshopper, but I’m a ignorant to what would actually be required to transfer this Opensource code to Marionette. Just purchased a CNC and would like to get into this while remaining in VW. Thanks,
  4. Just watched the VW webinar yesterday "Sketch to BIM" and kept thinking it would be great to have more direct Tablet sketching abilities directly in VW. This way we eliminate the export step to sketching software like Sketchbook Pro, as we all end up sketching out quick and dirty ideas over our dimensioned/to scale progress drawings. Check out an example here Jim can this previous post be bumped up to a formal request? Thanks
  5. In Blind corner base cabinets the are 2 uncoordinated representations between the 2D (Top Plan) and 3D; 1. End finish still shows a line in 2D even if set to none. 2. Countertop overhang extends further then setting in 3D (ie: it should be only above the door and butt into adjacent perpendicular cabinets countertop.) See attached file Oh! and the Bug Submit page is giving me Error 500, Internal Server Error on Google Chrome Windows 10 BLIND_BASE_CABINET.vwx
  6. Just sent you a PM with the file link on OneDrive.
  7. I have a 2017 file that I brought into 2018 at first it seemed to be working. but then problem started to appear, like select faces would not highlight with the push pull tool, drawing a rectangle would not subsequently highlight face to allow push pull operation. Then I noticed my drawing was far for the internal origin so I brought everything closer with solved the problem of push pull face selection. but i'm still missing the icon in the top left corner. Any ideas?
  8. Same problem here on a 2017 converted file. FYI only so you don't feel too lonely.
  9. It is only persistent until you reboot VW
  10. For all that have this problem, for now avoid using the Tape Measure tool, as it happens after the use of this tool on my system. VW are working on a fix.
  11. Ok, this simple request was brought up in 2014 it's now 2018....although it's not a flashy feature, it's basics to be efficient.....Please!
  12. Neil, I migrated my 2017 workspace...
  13. Bug submitted with link to this thread.
  14. Same data entry problem here, let's me only enter one 2018 initial release is essentially crippled at max 9 x 9 segments. Argh!
  15. Thanks Pat, you do realize this is like magic for gives me a great sense that I need to learn to code. Much appreciated.