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Jeff Prince


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On 2/16/2024 at 3:54 PM, Jeff Prince said:



However, I do not have the ability to add images.

Why is that?


Not that it is a big deal, but I actually had a prospective client ask me "if you are actually Vectorworks certified, why don't you have a badge on the forum?".

I explained it away with "Vectorworks employees have superpowers that mere mortals can only hope to gain one day."

Then, I had to quickly take the Vectorworks Landmark test today to "prove" my abilities.


But it did get me thinking.... why can't users on the forum have the same signature privileges as employees?

This is a forum largely supported by the non-employee users...

I thought you could upload a picture, although it looks like there is some conflicting info given.  Anyway, I resized my certification seal to meet their pixel limits and I could not get it to work.  I also tried to use the image URL method, but I couldn't get extract a URL from the seal in my university dashboard.


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I tried to upload mine and failed
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58 minutes ago, JuanP said:

There was an issue with the signature images on the profiles, which has been addressed. Please try and let me know. 


Some progress, I attached some images to my signature below.

My signature will allow images 83 px hight x 341 px wide.

Vectorworks employee's certification badges appear to be 144x144.

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