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  2. @Taproot If I understand correctly, you are referring to the stop blocks that position the back when the back is in the sofa orientation. Is so, I am always open to suggestions, but I don't think those blocks will be a problem since I alway have a large stiff pillow placed against the head board (bed frame end in this case). Even so, I am curious... What are "shot bolts?" You may mean throw bolts? And if it is a throw bolt, that to me is not secure enough to hold the sofa back when leaned against, and it requires the user to physically set the bolt, and those bolts would need to be locked in some way. It's a lot for a user to get right. Seating is the hardest furniture to design. It's so easy to get something wrong, and I have been wrong too many times! I always make prototypes to test seating. I did so with this design too, but I did not test the back stop block for your concern. It is a good point. Another thing to consider if you were to do a similar design. Pivoting pieces create pinch points. I had a design element to minimize the pinch point, but I decided not to add it since my bed/sofa will only be used with my wife and myself. If I had designed this as a project for woodworkers (that's what I did professionally), I would have needed to address the pinch point concern.
  3. @jwatson4 sounds like a great job for an augmented reality viewer app if you can get the clients to use that instead of sending you photos to match.
  4. @Bruce Kieffer Bypassing Bernie for a moment ... I like your convertible bed / couch idea. Probably, because I'm thinking about something similar for a family member. One thought - rather than the exposed tabs to support the back when in a sofa position - how about shot bolts on the back side of the backrest rail? That way, you could just have a drilled hole at the head and foot of the bed. That would eliminate hitting against the protuberances while you sleep.
  5. I was dealing with this today. Plant Layer is at zero Site model is at zero Plant symbols are all over the place. I will say, some plants that I thought were 'missing' were right where they were supposed to be - but hidden below some hardscape... felt like an idiot for a minute or two!
  6. This short cut saves me a LOT of time and might work for you as well! We have an extensive list of classes and long list of layers in our files. Unlike everyone else, who drafts all of their walls at once and then all of their doors and then all of their notes in a tidy neat sequence, we constantly jump around between layers and classes as we draw. It can be really time consuming locating the correct class and layer in the Navigation Pallet, so as our drawings develop, we usually take the shortcut of clicking on an existing object and then using the the (right-click) object context menu to move us to the correct layer and class. In VW, "Activate Class" and "Activate Layer" are two separate menu commands. So, with the built in tools you need to go through this process twice. I do it a LOT, so I wanted the easiest (laziest) way possible. With some help from this forum, I created a menu command that does both operations at once. I then added it to my Workspace and applied a shortcut to it. The shortcut code I then applied to the middle button of my mouse (my scroll wheel button) Now, whenever I want to jump to a layer and class of an object, I just click the middle mouse button (you can use any assignable button or hot key combination) and a reticle appears - which allows me to click on any object to make it's class and layer active. Now, migrating to the correct class and layer takes just a few seconds. If this approach appeals to you, the tool is attached to this post. Feel free to add it to your workspace and give it a go. Activate L+C.vsm
  7. Indeed! Updated on December 31 of last year, no less. Thanks, @Pat Stanford (and many thanks @_c_). The note about the numeric column for drag and drop is here: https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/User:CBM-c-/VS-List_Browsers_part_2#Column_Drag_and_Drop Working with list browsers is considerably more pleasant with the SDK than with VS, but many names and requirements are still a bit opaque.
  8. Hello, I've yet to download VW 2021. Based on my computer specs, do you think I'll have issues? Like everyone, I don't have time for them. Thank you, Wendy
  9. Thanks Andy. Not sure why I'm not in top/plan when editing 2D Graphics. Will have to watch that.
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  11. I will leave this topic up for others to learn from my mistake. The tool was not functioning properly because I had failed to set a grade limit. Apparently this is required? See the attached image.
  12. I am attaching an image with the pad modifiers replaced with a grade tool network. In all the interstitial spaces it is attempting to meet existing grade. Is this normal behavior for the tool?
  13. Hello, I don't know how else to explain this. I am working with the Grade tool on a very steep site. I have created a network of Grade/Slope points with the grade tool. All points are connected in my "Grade Network", but Vectorworks is consistently trying to meet the existing grade in the "Interstitial" spaces between the lines. I have attached an image that illustrates my issue. In the image, the Delta 2192'10.721" point is forced to existing grade, instead of being sloped between my wall (2195') and the adjacent walkway (2196'-3"). If I connect all the points through the delta area, it just creates more low points to existing grade, instead of evenly calculating the proposed slope. I have resorted to creating pad modifiers w/ slope for my paths (as shown), but this is not a great solution, as it is hard to make multiple pads "meet" at the edges. I did have an entire network of Grade Tool Objects instead of pads before, but it was creating craters across all the pathways/slopes. I have been able to create networks of Grade Objects on other projects with vectorworks grading between all the points evenly. Is there a setting that I do not have enabled? Thanks.
  14. That's the Working Plane. It shouldn't show up in Top/Plan (2D)... but it likely appears when in Top view (which is 3D). You can also change the color and opacity of the Working Plane in Vectorworks Preferences under Interactive Appearance Settings.
  15. I keep running into this when editing plant symbols 2d Graphics. It isn't always there and the square flashes on and off - very distracting - like it's trying to tell me something... What does it mean How can I disable it?
  16. Kevin K

    Water Texture

    Making a decent water texture can be somewhat daunting. I am sure some of you have been there :-) Anyway, I was creating this rendering earlier and had the thought I would upload to the forum a small file with the water texture that was used in the attached rendering. I had messed quite a bit configuring the texture to look right for the water surface texture for that particular scene. That said, be mindful........ it looks better using Custom RW, Final Quality, etc. Won't look that great in an Open GL environment, as Open GL doesn't do reflections, etc. But, if you use it within a 3d modeled scene it will look somewhat believable. :-) Anyway, use at your own risk. :-) WATER TEXTURE v 2020.vwx
  17. It depends on the size of your site. The larger the site the larger you want the display grid at. When you zoom too far out that the grid becomes very close together, then VW stops displaying it as it will just show as blue. I would bet for Landmark something like 5 feet or 10 feet for the display grid would probably be in the right range. But zoom to full size on your monitor and see what makes sense based on your plot size. 1" for the Snap grid might also be to small to be useful in landscape. Do you really need everything to be accurate to the nearest inch?
  18. The article on list browsers from Vectorlab has been reworked and uploaded by the author ( @_c_ ) to the devloper pages. https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/User:CBM-c-/VS-List_Browsers_part_1
  19. Here you can see ho dull it looks. That should be alight box on the backwall. Ive managed the under shelf lighting but had to leave the spotlighting out as it was through the brightness all off. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  20. I'm looking for some advice on lighting a render. I work in retail and need to do quick renders to show how product would be displayed. A lot of these renders are only one wall. The light always lets them down as they don't look realistic. I need to show ambient lighting or spotlights as well as some feature lighting. Would this be because I am not closing the area off (with 4 walls) or is there certain tips I could use to enhance change the way I am lighting.
  21. Hey, Dave! I'm having the same trouble. The link is still broken and the additional link you sent shows this: Fatal error: The encoded file /kunden/319778_40213/webseiten/index.php is corrupt. in Unknown on line 0
  22. Hi, I'm having a problem with the push pull tool. I'm currently drawing a house in 3d and formed a window opening in the wall. However, when I use the push pull tool to adjust the width and height of the window opening the push pull tool doesn't work. I click the push pull button then drag the surface I'm trying to adjust (like you suppose to) but when I release the cursor the surface returns back to it's original position. What is odd, is that this only happens to a recently created window opening. Also, when I double click the wall to bring up the edit function the adjustment I was trying create appears, but when I click the exit button the adjustment changes back again. It seems as if Vectorworks is operating in an invisible mode - but only the push pull function to a newly formed opening. I'm sure there is a setting somewhere that has been accidently triggered - but I don't know what.
  23. I am going through one of the tutorial videos and reset settings according to the Professor. My grid lines are there but I have to zoom in to see them. I am in 1=10 scale and have the grid lines set to 1" both on snap and symmetrical. When I zoom out less than 97% the grid goes away. Is there a standard grid size setting that seasoned landmark users set to?
  24. Many years ago, there was a vectorscript tips site that included unravelling the mysteries of list browsers. It seems to be long gone, but I picked up this information there. If you did not have a numeric "sort" column , that would definitely be your issue.
  25. I pinned it down to my wall style, I've attached a file with the same window in my wall and also in a Vectorworks wall style. I can't see why my isn't showing the reveals though. window in wall test.vwx
  26. Conan interviewed the sales woman from the Burlington Coat Factory who sold Bernie his coat. She suggested navy blue, but Bernie wanted his coat the color of spilt coffee!
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