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  2. Hello VW Forum, I would like to know if it is possible to build a Marionette to extrude a Nurbs surface? But the nurbs surface should only thicken in the z-direction. … and as a bonus: with a flat bottom or a bottom like the top surface The Shell Solid tool can thicken a Nurbs surface, but only in the direction of the of the surface. Enclosed I had attached a screenshot with a visualization of my needs. I hope that someone can help me. Many greetings and happy Easter from Germany. Tobi Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  3. Firstly @sbarrett cool as work - that's so much fun. I'll be having an in-depth look later tonight for sure, great work! @michaelk / @Nick Armory - 5 years is a long time. Unfortunately that's somewhat as far as we ever got there (I'll dig the old files out later). The crux of it being some hidden magic behind the older (2019) create animation and the way it would real-time cycle through object updates - however not so applicable for parametric objects. It's something one day I'd love to explore further - if only we had an extended period of isolation to do such things... However not wanting to leave you hanging for options please see the attached file. It's old but good - still runs in 2020 (double click the script in the scripts panel then W,A,S,D to control). Stay safe all, J JRussell - PacMan 2015.vwx
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  5. I’m having this same issue, the very detailed sketchup furniture file only has 4 materials/maps but when I import it into vectorworks the program hangs for way too long and I need to force shutdown vectorworks. I the sketchup file has materials attached to each individual mesh triangle inside the group, as opposed to all the meshes and line to have the default material, and the whole group or component painted with the selected material. Try making all geometry inside groups the default material and only whole groups get material allocation.
  6. yes, going to test installation on clean boot and other things. I'll keep you updated
  7. @leecalisti Yeah, I spent a couple hours playing with Chain Extruded today trying to learn it once and for all and kept getting different results by doing the same things. Minor changes to values in the OI made for some extreme results. Maybe I just don't get it but it seems very buggy which is a shame because in theory it could do some pretty cool things not just awnings.
  8. For some symbols one can edit both the insertion point and the wall hole geometry. Would that help?
  9. I have files with many references to them that no longer do anything - there are no resources being used any longer yet the file references are still there. However I can't find a way to tell which ones are no longer needed / legacy. Is there any way to purge unused references?
  10. Animation Detail and / or Quality when rendering in Open GL VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit) iMacPro OS 10.15.4 Drawing created from scratch in VW 2020 There are diminishing returns on creating a movie from an animation path (Fly Freely) rendered with Open GL. Detail vs Quailty. File size & quality remains constant with settings at High / High up to Very High / Very High (Standard Output) Does one take precedent over the other? - Please let me know - Thanks - Peter
  11. Is the Clip Cube invoked when Applying a Texture? VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit) iMacPro OS 10.15.4 Drawing created in a version prior to VW 2020 Select and Edit an existing Hybrid Symbol Open the Resource Pallet, select and apply a Texture It appears that the Clip Cube is invoked? i.e.: Clip Cube Interactive color around Textured object Selecting and reselecting the Clip Cube returns the screen to Wireframe as expected. Work around - Alter the Clip Cube Interactive Color to White Do NOT see a reference to this in VectorWorks Help / Clip Cube? - Please let me know - Thanks - Peter Clip Cube or Not Clip Cube_1_Apply Texture.mov
  12. Good point. I'm just an old-fashioned guy :-). Comes from years of making my own lighting symbols back in the day. Just because.
  13. Animation Drift, when Open Camera View in New Pane VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit) iMacPro OS 10.15.4 Drawing created in VW 2020 from scratch Utilizing Multiple Views Use the Object Info, for the selected Animation Path, and click on ... Open Camera View in New Pane. Adjust active Keyframe in one of the Multi Views & the Camera Image in the newly opened Pane drifts off to the side. Impossible to judge the Keyframe adjustment being made Utilizing Multiple Views Use the Object Info, for the selected Animation Path, and click on ... Open Camera View in New Pane. Click on Preview / Play & the Camera Image in the newly opened Pane drifts off to the side. Impossible to view the Animation being made See the attached Assume that this is NOT as designed? - Please let me know - Thanks - Peter Multiview anomoly_1.mov Multiview anomoly_2.mov
  14. Note that you can alternatively attach records and set default values for symbols by right clicking on a symbol in the rm and clicking “attach record”.
  15. Move by Points tool can do something very similar. Select the one to move. Click the point you want moved. Click the point you want it moved to. Use the Smart Snaps and the Shift Key to get alignment you want if the points are not exactly coinciden
  16. So often I need to align the left edge of one object to the right edge of another object. Sure would be helpful to have an Align Edges option where you click click to define the alignment. Click the left edge of the one, click the right edge of the other. Those edges align.
  17. @gmanson @Walter Lutzu Are you still having issues with the Vision Library Update hanging in Vision 2020 sp3 (534518)? We have not been able to reproduce the issue. Also, when you run the updater make sure you have administrator privileges.
  18. In complete agreement. I would add that if the sill is turned on on the outside, the stool can't be turned off on the inside. The extensions (ears) are also presently linked, so if you have different width casing on the exterior and the interior of the window (common) one of them will be wrong.
  19. We chased a problem like this a few months ago. Maybe you have the same problem. The answer then was that the walls had a different IFC pSet than the one the Data Tag was looking for. Check the Walls that are tagable and see if the ones that are not taxable use the same IFC. This is in the Data pane of the Object Info Palette (OIP).
  20. I had a chance to give STORIES a go last week and after several hours of frustration and extensive readings of this board where others expressed their on-going frustration, I found myself looking for a simpler solution. It is far easier to think in relationships than absolutes. I sure wish Vectorworks could help us design this way. My request is to allow users to set a layer elevation as an offset from another layer. That is - allow us to reference layer elevations from one another. This looks like a relatively easy integration into the current design layer setup. Substitute (or add as a separate option) "Layer Level" for "Story Level" Allow the user to set an offset value from the referenced layer. Allow the user to set the offset from either the layer elevation or the layer elevations wall height. The wall height is a means of defining the layers thickness. A layer's thickness can be positive or negative relative to it's elevation height. In the following example I'm using the components of a floor system to illustrate how this would work rather than separate floors, roof, etc. The Subfloor layer is referenced as the Datum Elevation. The subfloor has a "wall height" (thickness) of -3/4" The Finish Floor (FF) is set to the Datum Elevation. It has a thickness of 3/4" The Framing layer is linked to the Subfloor layer wall height (which is 3/4" below the datum) and has a thickness of -11 7/8". The Mudsill layer is linked to the Framing layer and has a thickness of -1 1/2" The Foundation layer is linked to the Mudsill layer and has a thickness of 24" The Footing... With this method, one doesn't have to remember that the Top of the Footing is actually -3'-2 1/8", the software is doing the math for you. I would imagine that the Edit Layer dialogue would display the absolute height (in gray) while showing the layer that it is referenced to. The user could then choose to unlink a layer at any time and set a manual elevation for it. The ease of use would be amazing. If my floor joists needed to change to say 14", I could just change the layer wall height for the Framing layer and everything linked to it (below that layer) would automatically adjust. It could actually make sections fun again.
  21. @trashcan although living outside VW, you may want to check out: https://www.mappingmatter.com Oftentimes, I'll be working with a designer that's working in Mapping Matter, and I'll take that info into VW for prepro, rigging, plotting, paperwork... Ultimately, it would be amazing to have the functionality of all three tools built into VW, and the guys to do it are in this thread, so fingers crossed...
  22. See attached screenshot for OIP settings (works with blends too):
  23. (face palm) Yes, 2021, please. I"m in a vortex with no sense of time. Last week was the longest year ever.
  24. I don't think so. A while back, @James Russell had a really fun script where he animated a car on a turntable and a curtain flying away to reveal it. That was 5 years ago and all the attached files are lost to the sofa cushions of the internet. But in the last 5 years, who knows what he's been able to animate. Unfortunately, parametric objects don't redraw during the execution of a script. So scripting probably doesn't work. We were able to play around with animating a parametric object with apple script. But it's not an elegant solution.
  25. Hi all, Having some issues with data tags in view ports. In model space, I can tag all of my walls, but in a viewport (or section for instance) only some walls are eligible. Any fix for this? As shown below, all these stair walls can be tagged, but not the exterior parkade one???
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