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  2. I made some tweaks. Mostly I added a record to show how that can work, and I did some different sorting. More fields are possible so the combination of materials and dimensions can show whatever you want. I clearly don't understand what your goal really is. I just hope this helps with understanding worksheets a bit better. Pipe_BOM.vwx
  3. RickR, thanks but compare that to image below I'm using the "count" as a note also so they need to be singular work sheets BCE, the lengths need to match my dimensioned drawings that way i know my worksheets are correct (example there are 5 DR17 6" at 0.5m each so my worksheet is correct at 2.5m) the people that this is for know it represents net and they will add a % for waste & any other manufacturing fuzz
  4. Can no longer scroll vertically in palettes in SP4 update - is this supposed to be an improvement
  5. OK, Here is a really quick sample from that. Tell me what you think should be different. Pipe_BOM.vwx
  6. @digitalcarbon I suggest you get copies of the Standard Method of Measurement Engineering & Construction You are extracting the wrong data
  7. Yep, I do that too. it's one way - but the auto-prefix seems an obvious default to me.
  8. Yes all the unsexy stuff that really makes the updates worth while but never makes promotional material.
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  10. here is a simple file Test_Extrude_Length.vwx
  11. I'd love some teasers on basic fixes. Scaled symbols are a big example..... are they reliable in 2018? I fight against them on almost every project. Kevin
  12. Hi. i am about to tidy up my custom VW resources and set it up better for other users in my office. I am wondering what are the advantages of saving custom resources such as symbols, hatches , wall styles etc in a user library as suggested by many people on this forum as opposed to my method of simply keeping a file called "VW Resource Library" which contains all this stuff and keeping the file in a workgroup folder and as a favourite on my resource browser? I can quickly import stuff from it as required. It is very simple and straight forward and everything is in one place. The resources don't come up as defaults as they would if kept instead on in a user library but as a favourite they are still very accessible. It is a bit tedious if I create a new resource that I want to put in my library as I have to open the library file to import the new resource into it. I understand with the user library system it is easy to export resources to the user library. Apart from that I don't see any distinct advantage of using it. Are there other advantages that I am missing? In addition, I have also developed a standard project template file with many often used resources preloaded into it. Over the years I have developed my own class structure with hundreds of classes many using custom hatches and render textures. The template also has commonly used viewports set up with class & layer settings all ready to go. The number of classes is getting unwieldy though so I'm thinking of culling the less used ones and putting them in my library file. Before I start reorganising all this stuff I'd appreciate any advice, tips on how I might better organise this stuff prior to doing some house keeping on it. Im currently using VW2016 on existing projects and 2017 on new projects. Thanks.
  13. Thanks Pat I've been using extract surfaces for simple solids It seems to be reliable enough and has other benefits relating to boundary conditions OT importing BIM objects is proving to be rubbish
  14. Version 1.0.0


    More powerful, than a database or text application. A Vectorworks integrated label-script-example with Marionette. The attached example shows how to import address data from a worksheet (could be other data and sources) and additionally places symbol beside the address. The power of Vectorworks and Marionette allows us to put everything you like dynamically on that labels. As example sort by male and female names (if possibly :-) and generate a individual pictures. Just infinite possibilities.
  15. I normally use duplicate option. That way I already have hierarchy naming and it is very likely that I want to re use one or more settings. like use class settings or viewport visibilities ...
  16. Thanks for the quick response Jim! I have a tech guy coming into my shop this afternoon and this was one of his questions.
  17. How about sending me a mini file and I'll do up a worksheet example. On cut extrudes I'd just have to try it out.
  18. If the machine will no longer be used, there is no need to uninstall. Unless you get an activation error on the NEW machine, (and if you do; contact and they can get you sorted out) there is no reason to worry about the old machines installation.
  19. Yes Yes Yes! All tool bars, menus and such should all be adjustable. We all work across a huge variety of screens and resolutions. Windows lets you do all this stuff but drawing requires far more than simple writing.
  20. I would like to create a new hierarchical Class in the NP (navigation palette) without having to type the full class hierarchy. So right click on a Class in the NP would offer the usual option to create a New Class but right clicking on a hierarchical Class would offer New Class and automatically prefix the hierarchy without ado.
  21. @line-weightHi, you might get in touch with @kerfboyhe was doing cabinetry and templates extracted from Marionette scripts. Each of the sections of the drawers, cups, shelves, pilot holes etc etc were all coming from the network. Last contact I had it was looking pretty amazing. Maybe he could share some of his results with you.
  22. I am not sure where to post this question so forgive me if it is in the wrong spot. I need to uninstall Vectorworks 2013 on a dead iMac. The computer is completely hosed and we are in the process of replacing it with a new one. I have the original installation disc and and serial number. My license allows me to have this software installed on my home computer and the one in my cabinet shop. How do I go about deleting the installation on a computer that no longer will turn on?
  23. @line-weightHi the criteria is preset in the VW program so would use these. @Pat StanfordHi thanks for commenting. Won't burn myself out, if I can't get it I let my subconscious do the work. Will have to think harder, as for diagonal bracing would test out using the axis as this would probably be the cross section. Maybe the solution lies in setting some parameters for drawing object first. Who knows, all part of the fun. Maybe I am dreaming, but I like dreaming. Someone way back when dreamed about flying.
  24. ok, I just wanted to test it in a real situation. I'll wait ;-)
  25. I also have this request. Has anyone found a way to change the dimensions tick marks? Seems to be a pretty basic function for a drawing program to have... Thanks!
  26. Even these forums have an option to remove pasted formatting when copying from an external source.
  27. Agreed. This would be a very useful feature. I keep assuming this is a feature of VWX after using Adobe for an afternoon. Headlining VWX Feature of 2018? maybe not, but added value to workflow? certainly!
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