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  2. I see a very similar occurrence of it when using the space navigator in Open GL design layers.
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  4. Hi I like to use the Pen (thin distance) artistic render on my proyects. It would be neat if the render could calculate the pen thikness of the whole model and not just from each element. In the example A, you can see each element generates its pen thikness individually. It only works when I add all the solids together (example B) , but normally you don't add all your solids in a complex 3D model. It would be also great if the sketch render could also calculate its pen thikness through distance. joey
  5. Benson- Thank you for the vimeo tutorial for adjusting the bridging issue. Fantastic use of VW tools to fix the bridging. Once you get accustomed to the keyboard shortcuts for the 3dLoci, objects along path and 3d polygon, it should go quick
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  7. 3D has really helped with verifying design feasibility while catching errors and issues. I run a team of 7 draftsman and 2 engineers doing 700-800 single family homes a year for a developer and each home is BIM modeled, with the engineers collaborating and notating directly in the model file. My experience has been for every extra min. added for modeling in 3D, there is a equal time savings provided in another area where 2D alone would have addded more time otherwise. That said, our office found for residential BIM Vectorworks just didn't have the specific tools we needed. I do use VW for my commercial work and presentation drawings, but trying to find a good workflow.
  8. Thanks Andy. In the image attached I layered multiple viewports and had them on different render styles. 1. floor plan viewport with chair turned off 2 viewport with just the chair (for the chair the top is hidden line render with smoothing angle and open gl for the bottom. ) long process and can cause coordination problems?
  9. 8 months later and still no fix. It's frustrating that, just this week Vw sent me an email announcing the increased cost of VSS subscriptions for Vw2018 upgrades, while we are still dealing with bugs like this that have yet to be fixed in Vw2017. Can anyone reliably use the 'Best' performance option? I am going to be very disappointed if Vw2018 is released and we still have all of these widespread graphic refresh / ghosting / performance issues.
  10. Interesting! Confirmed in all the Polyline modes. New blank drawing v2017, not one of my templates. Grid snap and Tangent snap disabled. Clicked in blank parts of the drawing to create Polyline with several vertices, then deleted the most recent point, then: A. If I click/delete/linger on the point after deleting, a snap point is acquired (red box) at location of the deleted vertex (end of the rubberband). The red snap box lingers as I mouse around and click elsewhere to continue the polyline. B. If I click/delete and quickly mouse away from the delete location, a snap point is not acquired. Buuuht, Vectorworks seems to remember the location of the deleted vertex. I can mouse back to that place and "find" it. The smart cursor indicates "Endpoint". Hover will create a snap. C. A note: During Polyline creation, hover/linger at end of rubberband does not acquire a snap. Have to click/delete to get the snap. I'm not sure if this is a problem? a feature? a quirk? a bug? I didn't check older versions, but this doesn't seem unfamiliar. I think I usually ignore, or occasionally use the remembered point and snap a new vertex to it. I generally mouse slowly, so almost always acquire a snap where the delete occurred. -B
  11. Seeing it here often as well.
  12. Can someone confirm this master snap issue - Start drawing a polyline with the Polyline tool. After drawing a few points, hit delete to remove the last point drawn. Notice that VW master snaps still highlight in red and snap to the deleted point. Kevin
  13. Is there any movement on this highlighting issue? I thought it would be fixed by now. I'm finding it happens with all sorts of sheet layer viewports, not just perspective viewports as I originally noted. Kevin
  14. Oh, totally forgot about the suitable end result > Symbol = Hybrid with extra 2D appearance. Andy had the correct answer Will work well in Top Plan View.
  15. I recommend contacting ETC directly. Basic tech support folks are legendary for helpfulness, availability and broad knowledge! As a Viz vendor you should be able to get some inside help if needed.
  16. I do this regularly, but mainly by simply drawing the other side. As a feature it should automate width, alignment and placement changes which require extra work with manual arrows.
  17. Rails and Fences. I have been playing with this feature for at least 12 hours now and I am finding I need it to do two more functions. 1) many Craftsman style rails have spindles, or bars between the "Top Rail" and the top of the "Frame Panel". So essentially, there are multiple "Frame Panels", and the tool can only make 1 panel with space between the Top Rail. I currently have to created my own 3D solids and place them by hand between the top of the panel and the bottom of the top rail. 2) While you can make a "Fence" look like a rail and with segments force it to follow a slope, however, you cannot force the segments to follow various 3D solids with various heights. In other words, the stair tool cannot create my complex deck steps and deck levels, so no rails. This has to be done by 3d solids. As you can imagine, rails need to follow the edge of these different "Z" values, of these complicated deck platforms. Yes I use DeckWorks, but the rail forms are way too simple compared to the new "Rail/Fence" tool. Also DeckWorks rails only follow stairs, and not the edge of multiple leveled decks. Could you imagine if in a "Side" flat 3d view, the rail tool had a polyline option, and you could draw that line along the edge of the top deck, than down the angle of all the other deck levels, and clicked the check mark, than the rail tool would place the rails along that path. Not only would the tool draw the rails along the flat surface, but also down all the deck levels as one continuous rail. If I am missing how to do this, let me know. THX
  18. What I would do is: Select the red mesh. Modify<Convert<Convert Copy to Lines. Enter the resulting Group. Using the 2D Polygon Tool in Outer Boundary (Lasso) Mode, draw a lasso around the lines which will give you an outline polygon. Delete everything but the outline (Edit<Invert Selection might be helpful). Make sure the outline is in Screen Plane. Repeat the above process with the chair legs. If it's not already a Symbol, make it into a one so that the 2D components (screen plane) display in Top/Plan, and the 3D meshes appear in all other views. This is a hybrid symbol. You can further work on the 2D display manually by editing the 2D component.
  19. I think there is no chance for pseudo section Top Plan View. You have to live with this. You have some control in Viewports with Hidden Line Mode and playing with crease angle. Same you could achieve with a 3D Top View, but slowness and other disadvantages may make that impractical. Mesh Objects are not a strength of VW or most other CAD Apps.
  20. I imported a sketchup model into VW. When I look at top / plan view the skup model doesnt render nicely. Any advice on how to go about this? I tried auto hybrid and it didnt work. I also tried converting a copy to polygon but same result. Help appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Hi @ all, I'm very often using the replacement button of the OIP for replacing Symbols. One of my permanent keyboard hacking is to duplicate symbols and replace them. As far as I know there is no way to give the replacemnet button on the OIP a keyboard shortcode, so maybe a script can do this ? In detail I want two small scrips: 1.) Opening the replacement dialogue after having selected a Symbol 2.) Duplicating a selected symbol and opening the replacement dialogue afterwards. or much better: selecting several symbols and replace the first chosen symbols with the last chosen one .... As abslotue beginner in scripting, can someone give me a hint how to begin and what funtions are needed ? In the reference I can't find a direct function for replacement, so I gues I need some function that refers to the object info ? Or do I have to set two handles, on the new symbol and one on the symbols to be replaced and then somehow exchange them ? Thanks for help !
  22. Hi, make sure you have unified view ticked,
  23. Only the design items in the active view are shown in layer plane view. The other design items remain in screen plane. What do I do to get the other design layers to render in layer plane? I also notice that the option to select the plane for the design items isn't (always) showing. No doubt one of the many idiosynchronicities of VW that I have overlooked, but I've spent long enough poring over the documentation and menus trying to figure it out, so I'm giving up and trying here.
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  25. I would like to be able to have a Callout that has a leader line on both sides as below. To do this now we have to duplicate, undo, delete, group, mirror rotate, move.
  26. @Andy Broomell, that's exactly what i'm looking for. thanks!
  27. I can't remember why, but I've wanted to this once or twice before as well.
  28. Maybe this is what you're looking for? Select the referenced Design Layer Viewport and click the Classes button in the OIP. Then check the box. This will make all class visibilities with the viewport react the same way everything else in the file does. If the embedded classes don't exist in your master file, you can Import them from the other file by creating a new class, but then switching to the second option "Import". Note this just brings in the class definitions, not any objects.
  29. Thanks for the clarification rick, but that appears to be windows. The user had asked about the Mac version. To my knowledge that still doesn't output artnet or sACN. I should have clarified that the Nomad does broadcast on windows. I'll double-check mac though, maybe I just got a few bad versions in a row while I was testing.
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