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  2. This is the code snippet IF Shift THEN CreateDialog1 {full access} ELSE CreateDialog2; {partial access} It does not seem to work - it just goes to CreateDialog2. I've tried Command and Option instead of Shift as well - not working. Is this required to be in a while..do statement to work?
  3. Make sure you select the accessory in the "Edit Accessory" field and then set the label legend to none for the accessory. There appears to be an issue when you select "Edit Accessory" "<All>" The label legend control will work but it will not display the "<None>" choice even when it is selected. The control works fine when using <All> it just does not display the correct choice in the label legend popup.
  4. Yeah, I'll probably just continue to use Renderworks for now until M1X or M2 is released. I'm amazed how well my M1 8GB does with VW 2021. It flies through pretty much all I throw at it. Looking forward to seeing how well VW2022 runs natively on M1.
  5. Attached is the screenshot. I always thought the engineers needed the design layers to get the 3d model and that sheets were represented enough in PDFs that I send. Because we have to get all the 2d sheets accurate for a legal description of the project for permits, I figure that's what they should always use to confirm what they are seeing. But they don't want to bother with that and just get right into designing in 3d. And they are so used to being able to do that w/Autocad.
  6. @michaelk thanks for your reply but no, I want to creat a new callout with a specific class (060-Beschriftung) without changing the class by hand. The right question ist probably: How do i get the script to wait until I created a new callout and restore the original class afterwards?
  7. This thread has a command script that uses a modifier key to change the behavior and bring up preference dialog boxes. Hopefully it will help with what you need. If not, please ask again.
  8. Here is a similar effect. I use two outputs from VW, The first a Hidden line view with tweaked "careful" sketch effect. The second, a rendering or OpenGL view. In Photoshop I stack the HL view over the rendering with a "Multiply" bend mode. In between the two I create a 3rd layer, filled white and with a "Screen" blend mode. When I "Paint" black on the middle layer ( using very low opacity and a textured brush) it reveals the color underneath. I created a PS Action to automate the process. Bart Bartxd.com
  9. Should work though for reasonable file sizes. Just Redshift has a minimum of 16 GB.
  10. I am trying to direct a script to bring up a different dialog box depending on if the shift or option keys are pressed when the command is invoked. I've tried to use KeyDown but am not clear how it works. There is a Shift and Option function as well but the results are not as expected. I am trying to do this with an IF/THEN statement. Any suggestions are appreciated. Using 2022 for this.
  11. Hello @Simon Allan we are aware that we need to put more metadata into the Datasmith files so that Visual Dataprep can get traction, we are adding this to the Roadmap for a future release.
  12. Hello @bcd in the test file the Crease Angle is set to 1 degree which is why this one shows so many noisy edges. The default for crease angle is usually 70 degrees. Set it higher and this one will not show so much noise. FYI Also if you set to 0 degrees you will get pretty much only silhouette edges which might be a look you might like.
  13. Hmmh, I always use "Container" Classes for PIOs and Symbols like for my Doors. And I have lots of "Material" Classes for my Materials, like M_WOOD_... and such. I assign the Doors Sub Classes with my Material Classes in the Door Style. If that doesn't work for you or is not what you want/need, and if the new 2022 Texture Tools won't help, could "Data Visualization" help in any way ?
  14. I always wonder why this works . . . usually after it works. It's a computer, it isn't supposed to get confused.
  15. The icons reflect the layer's visibility: Regular Icon for visible Grayed icon for grayed No icon for invisible
  16. Today
  17. Yes, realized that too. (Probably not meant to work with Sketch Styles at all ?)
  18. I've brought this up before ( How to use 'Data Tags' to label plant objects without adjacent plant objects hijacking the tool? ) This really does need to be addressed. It happens almost always with grouped plant symbols. With any plant that is not a 'single plant' (so for plants at poly vertices, plants along poly edges, plants in rectangular array, or plants in triangular array) the data tag tool selects from the 'object selection box' (for lack of the proper term) and these often overlap. Which means that you cant easily select the plant object you want as the data tag tool doesn't allow for a select coincident objects mode. Granted, the tool works a bit better if you are using 'toward data tag mode' vs toward object mode' But the user should be able to specify which object is correct. In my other post it was brought up that this is also a problem for architects selecting objects that are coincident or even just close. Screen Capture showing issue: Data tag misbehaving.mp4
  19. I wonder if the Per Face Texture mapping in 2022 might now be an option? Although as with all new features (like materials) I suspect it hasn't been applied across all elements.
  20. You can add a glow texture to the lens part of the lighting device using a combination of Spotlight preferences (modify lighting device colour) and Data visualisation. The key to this is to get data vis to put an object attribute colour glow texture into any object with the lens parts record field checked. Works a treat.
  21. The metric ones are indicating whether the layer is in top/plan view or 3D, right - you can also see by the colour of the background? I'm not sure why in your imperial one there are no icons?
  22. @KrisMyour screen recording seems set to "private" unable to view here..
  23. Okay..... Tried the stupid thing.... I restarted vectorworks. worked after I did that.
  24. @Andy Broomell I checked just in case and I do have insertion activated. @Pat StanfordI checked and don't have duplicate overlapping walls. Not really sure but I haven't done this in 2022 before since I downloaded it like 2 days ago. In 2021 was not having this issue.
  25. When I add an accessory to a lighting instrument in Vectorworks 2021 Spotlight it creates a second legend that matches the lighting instrument. If I try to change the accessory legend to a different legend Vectorworks changes the legend on the lighting instrument to the new legend. I cannot use two different legends for the light and the accessory. I am using Vectorworks 2021 SP4.1 (Build 610975) and a MacBook Pro running OS 11.6.
  26. There needs to be a way to apply different textures to door objects without just using class styles, we can't create additional classes later in a project once we are the stage of thinking about materiality. It seems liek an obvious candidate for Materials?
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