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  2. Yes: However, that is the last macOS version that Vectorworks 2015 was compatible with.
  3. thanks .... but ..... I can't find the right statement in the Knowledge Base. The answer given in the posting by JimW on October 21, 2016 IMPLIES that VW2015 will work with El Capitan, (OS 10.11.xx) but it does not explicitly state that they are compatible. Can anyone else give me a definite answer ?
  4. @ajs Thank you for taking the time to write this! You are correct that there is a single render mode. We are placing a light source in the model at an arbitrary location and doing basic openGL rendering w/textures. The AR rendering engine is totally different than what is used in Vectorworks and any rendering settings do not carry over into the Nomad AR viewer. What you want to do is set the fill color of the objects in your model to white. The viewer does not currently support draw edges or ambient occlusion. I have gotten similar feedback to yours so I will bump up the priority of this wish. Here is an example of a model where all the objects have a white fill:
  5. I installed 10.13.3 Supplemental Update and did not see any degridation in graphics performance on the Mac listed in my signature. To clarify, this driver update will not install? If that is the case, there wouldn't be a forthcoming fix from our end, Apple would have to support the latest drivers.
  6. When updating the value of the 'Sheet Title' on my Title Block Border, via the Title Block Border Settings I am experiencing a continuous live refresh of the title block with each character entered. This prompts me to enter my title slower to ensure I'm typing the correct description. If I modify the sheet title via the Sheet Layers tab in the Organization window this of course is a non issue. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  7. Hello Mario, I am glad that the video was helpful. The best way to place a moving light on top of a vertical truss is as follows: -Insert the light using the Lighting Instrument Tool and use the insertion point for the light as the center of the end of the truss. Be sure you are in a Top/Plan view when you do this. If you are using a lighting instrument from the Resource Manager they are all designed to be inserted hanging in the down position. This of course means that your light is inside the truss as it is hanging down. -To correct the issue of the light hanging inside your truss, select the light and scroll down to the bottom of the Object Info Palette until you see a check box labeled "Set 3D Orientation". -When you check the Set 3D Orientation Box you will activate a X Rotation and a Y Rotation dialog box directly below the Set 3D Orientation box. -If you enter a value of 180 in the Y rotation dialog box your light will rotate so that it is standing up instead of hanging down. -You may have to adjust the Z height of your light to get it to rest on top of the truss but that should be it. In a side view your light will be sitting on top of the vertical truss and pointing up as opposed to pointing down. I hope that helps. Justin
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  9. I wish we could have the equivalent to Rhino's "Whole Scene Silhouettes" as part of hidden line rendering in VW. It was just added to Rhino V6 for Windows and the linework looks so great. See it here - Essentially it creates a heavy outline around the silhouetted outline of an object when rendering for 2d presentation. We should have the same control for Sheet Layer Viewports rendered in Hidden Line. I'm sure many users are already adding this heavy outline manually. Kevin
  10. Installing it now to test. As suggested above, I advise any users that haven't updated yet to hold off for the moment.
  11. Just updated my MacPro (2010 5,1) with the latest Supplemental Update. I am now have very slow performance and VW 2018 has frozen 2X this morning. My Mac has not had any issues or freezes for months. I Hope there is a fix in the works from VW because this is almost unusable. My advice to the other users would be don't update your OS. Part of the problem may be my Nvidia GPU is running on Apple OS built in drivers. The Nvidia drivers are not compatible with the update. Robert CPU INFO: 10.13.3 (17D102) Mac Pro 6-Core 3.46GHz, 2010, 5,1, 32G, GeForce GTX 680, Apricorn Velocity Solo X2 with 1 TB 840 EVO SSD, FASTA 6GU3 Pro USB 3.0 / SATA upgrade and 27" Apple LED Cinema Display.
  12. I understand, I will finish the code and upload it to see if it can be added to VW. Thank you (Pat and Sam) for your replies!
  13. The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is proud to announce a new partnership with Vectorworks, Inc., a global design and BIM software developer. An initial partnership began this fall, with the launch of the AIAS InStudio Render/Sketch competition. “With the success of such a relevant competition to our membership, we discussed broadening our relationship with Vectorworks, a company who is at the forefront of this technology,” said Kimberly Tuttle, director of Leadership & Career Services at the AIAS. Vectorworks has signed on for a Gold Partnership and will be sponsoring the AIAS InStudio Render/Sketch competition, which will launch in the fall of 2018. AIAS members will be asked to share their sketches and renderings to highlight their studio work and to provide inspiration for those looking to enhance their own skill sets. This competition is open to students of all years and skill sets, which makes it an attractive competition to the AIAS membership. The first-place winner will receive $300, with second and third place winners taking home $200 and $100, respectively. Last year’s winning entries can be viewed here. “Vectorworks is passionate about supporting the next generation of designers, so partnering with the highly-respected American Institute of Architecture Students was an obvious choice, because we desire to inspire students by showing them what’s possible with design and BIM,” said Daniel Monaghan, vice president of marketing at Vectorworks. “We look forward to doing so by collaborating with the student-run organization on upcoming projects, competitions and events.” Join us at AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference in Washington, DC July 19-22, 2018, to meet and hear more about Vectorworks’ products and programs. The conference is a platform to discuss chapter leadership and business leadership, community involvement and innovation. Attendees can learn from local CEOs, founders, government officials and professionals. Additionally, Vectorworks will be at the AIAS FORUM on December 29, 2018 – January 1, 2019 in Seattle, WA. Held every year over the winter holiday, members hear from sponsors, learn from other leaders, discuss issues relevant to architecture and design education and conduct official AIAS business. “AIAS members like to live on the edge of design, technology and innovation. As the next generation of architects, the AIAS is excited to partner with Vectorworks, a next-generation technology company. Vectorworks' products and technology can help propel AIAS members to the forefront of the design and architecture professions,” said Nick Serfass, executive director of the AIAS.
  14. Greetings, I don't know if i can join your conversation, i recently found out about this forum, i'm really new in VW spotlight, i have been at it for only a month now, thank you for your valuable information. I followed your short video and learned so much in a few minutes. At this point, i would like to know how to sit a moving light on top of a vertical truss? Thank you for taking the time. Cheers
  15. You are probably looking for Model > 3D Power Pack > Create Drape Surface. Use this menu command with the site model selected. If you manually navigate to: Program Files\Vectorworks 2018\VWHelp\HTML5\index.html and open that with Explorer, does the search work there? If not, then the issue is usually browser related.
  16. That was also my first thought. It do also work, but then when i create a slab of these walls, it is kind of not link to the three walls. When i move the blue or red wall, the slab follow, but when i move the green or all three, the slab converts to "manual" and break the link. (See my file) Test_wall.vwx
  17. apparently this is near by...hmmmmm...
  18. No, use three walls in row.
  19. Hi, Is it possible to give a wall different colors/textures on the same component? I have a 10 meter long wall, that i like to give 3 different colors. the first 2 meter in red, 2 m eter in green and 6 m in blue. Is this possible on the same wall?
  20. Hi you can find info about compatibility in the Kbase
  21. Cheers Dave worked a treat!
  22. Hello AB_151995: Go to the resource manager and create an Image Fill, that is what those are called. Enjoy!
  23. You need the function "=count" in your header row.
  24. I'm currently running VW 2015 on a late-2012, 27" iMac using Mac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite. Unfortunately, I downloaded TurboTax 2017 and it won't open using Mac OS less than 10.11 El Capitan. I don't really want to upgrade, but the most important factor is Vectorworks. Will VW 2015 sp5 run completely OK on Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan ? Also ... if I am forced to upgrade to mac OS 10.12.xx , will VW 2015 work with that version as well ?
  25. Hi there, I'd like to point out that the contour and pad modifiers (tools that we often use in our office) seem to have lost their functionality in-between v2017sp1 and v2018sp2. Specifically, in 2018 the terrain mesh does not properly deform to match the contour modifier. This does not happen for every contour, only for some and apparently random ones. For my peace of mind I have exported the problematic file to 2017 and updated the site model and the problem is fixed (Please see attached screen-shots from the two files - I would gladly attach the files themselves but they are quite large). Could someone please address / confirm this issue? This is one of the tools that we use extensively in the office and to have it broken is extremely frustrating considering that we pay an obscene fee to upgrade each year. Broken tools and features in new releases of VW are simply unacceptable especially considering it's sp2 not the first release. Off topic, I'll just say the DTM is not the only tool that seems to have become glitchy in the upgrade. Perhaps that is an issue for another post. PS: I am working on a Mac if that is relevant.
  26. Just so anyone knows, if you were having the same issue as me, it might not be the arrow heads, its the show direction option to put a red arrow on every line showing the direction of the vector in the drawing. If you select one of the lines with the red arrow in the middle of the line, at the bottom of the object info panel is a box that says 'show direction'. Uncheck this.
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