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  2. The stability, or lack of, with the program is one thing. But the availability of tech support when issues arise is maybe even more worrisome, perhaps this is due to the relatively small user base, I don't know. But either way, once I get the current project wrapped up, I have some decisions to make moving forward.
  3. But also just anomalies that come and go like ghosts. Shards_Cellar.mov Messy_MK.mov Shards_Stall.mov Chevron.mov The last one is the stuff of nightmares.
  4. And I didn't post a full answer because I am not a ConnectCAD master. 😉😂 Post a simple file with an object (or objects if different types) showing the field in the OIP that you are trying to control and I will see what I can do.
  5. Thanks @Pat Stanford. I meant to put in my original post that I'm not a plug-in or coding master... Any chance you can share a resource to get me started.
  6. Shards within the VW window are usually extreme perspective. This one is system-related like you say, because it affects menu bar.
  7. Can you confirm which SP of 2023 you are running? If you could post a screenshot of the About Vision dialog, that would be helpful too as it includes the build number. Thanks!
  8. I've seen weird shards before but only within the drawing window. That's crazy that it even covers the menu bar...
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  10. yeah, in a mac-Forum we came to the conclusion, that it would be a VW Problem, sth like the graphics engine... no clue
  11. You can have more than one Title Block Border object on a Sheet Layer. This will let you choose which one you are referring to.
  12. Unfortunately, I don’t recall if they did. Hopefully it never happens again, but if it does I’ll take a picture and post it.
  13. This is a great feature. What would make it even better would be to be able to create these and share them with the office more easily, or control it through Workgroup Referencing (perhaps this is already possible)? Having just stood over two colleagues to create the custom naming scheme, I don't fancy doing this again with everyone else in the office. Therefore I would like to wishlist the following: - Be able to control Custom Naming Schemes through Workgroup Referencing - Be able to give Custom Naming Schemes their own names, rather than them being called their string. It would be fair easier to call them "Contract" or "Planning Approval" so that the office know which naming scheme to use based on what stage the project is at.
  14. @rDesigndid that polygons exceed the vectorworks-window as well? in fact they covered the whole screen! However there hasn't been any problem any more, until now.
  15. I had something similar happen to me using Vw2023 recently. I had a bunch of shard-like polygons in varying colors shooting out of the center of my Vw model (2-story house). As I orbited around the model, the shards followed but changed as I moved, if I recall correctly. I neglected to take a picture or screenshot. Fortunately a restart of both my Mac and Vw fixed the problem and I haven’t had it happen again. On an old MacBook Pro I did experience the GPU problems described in those links you posted, but that was a long time ago and the ‘shards’ I saw using Vw2023 didn’t seem like that GPU issue.
  16. How come each sheet in the titleblock manager has a little arrow that can expand a list of fields underneath the sheet title? I have never seen anything other than a "1" underneath a sheet, but it can be ticked as well as the sheet itself. For me it just seems to double the amount of clicking required in this window!
  17. Hi Martijn at this point I can't find a way to do this, so I've put an enhancement request in
  18. I have noticed some issues with how tilt and turn (and other) windows describe the opening direction and handedness, getting window/door openings right usually requires some attention so it would be an advantage if this was working 100% out of the box. 1. As far as I can tell tilt and turn windows always open towards the inside IRL, however in the window plug-in settings they are displayed as opening towards the outside. 2. In the window plug-in settings the front view will be from the inside, however in the new graphic legend tool the front view is from the outside. I'm used to drawing window schedules from the outside so the graphic legend is correct IMHO, any way it should be consistent. 3. I'm also used to describe the handedness of the opening as the side with the hinges, when seen from the opening side (the inside for a tilt and turn window). There might be some cultural differences at play here, but to me the IFC-data opening direction is the opposite of what is displayed in the model. This also seems to be the case for all doors and window types I have looked at. Possible workarounds: 1. Ignore the 3D opening, the windows display correctly as long as they are closed. 2. Flip the windows in the plan (to make them open inward), if necessary correct IFC-data manually. Is there something I have missed here, or are these oversights from VW's side?
  19. I'm not sure if this answer your question, but there isn't any licensing restrictions for NDI Output out of Vision. There are functional restrictions, however. What I mean by this is that if you check the "Send NDI Stream" checkbox, the only stream Vision can send is a stream of the "main" viewport. In single viewport mode, this is the only viewport. In multi-view mode, it is the bottom right viewport. This was primarily implemented to work with Disguise's EVO feature. But, you could also leverage NDI Output out of VIsion to, say, stream realtime Vision rendering to another computer or television. If you are asking about receiving NDI Streams into Vision, then yes; there are licensing restrictions. You get as many NDI Input Streams into Vision as you have DMX Universes in your license. Other than that, it is not restricted in any way functionally. So, you can apply those NDI Streams as textures in your scene however you'd like.
  20. Just checking in on this thread... Anyone have any solutions for the issue I'm having?
  21. I have created a curved lighting pipe and placed a number of fixtures on it. I would like to distribute them evenly across the pipe. This is easy to do with a straight pipe or truss, but I cannot figure out how to get it to follow the arc. Any thoughts? TIA.
  22. Hi Dan I'm not sure if its an oversight (bug) or works as designed with the new hoist but I agree it makes it much easier to understand by having the visual cue of the rotated dimension arrows Either way I'll open a JIRA for it and try to get it addressed
  23. Thank you! That worked pretty well for me. The handle type is 84.
  24. I'm having this issue with Roofs and Roof Faces. What is it about these objects that restricts pen opacity to be un-linked from class opacity? I've unchecked the link box in class editor and set the pen opacity to be 100% when fill is 30%, and I've checked the components in the OIP to be 'by class' but Attribute palette fixes the pen and fill to be linked regardless and will not allow the edit permitted for other objects.
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