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  2. @michael john williams save a copy of your file and delete those rendered viewports/sheets, purge and save to see if that is the culprit. @Alex Sagatov points out the duplication of objects, that is a good thing to check out as well. In other news, I routinely operate with files exceeding 1 GB in size and do not experience a slow down on my computer. Perhaps your software and/or graphics card settings are not optimized.
  3. @Alex Sagatov I don't recall having run into the undo issue in VW2020. Even in older versions it happened only once in a while, though it seemed as if it happened in one file it was more likely to happen again in that same file but that could be distorted memory after all this time. If it happens again I'll let you know.
  4. @tpenna, let me know if you can't manipulate the bar joist to suit, I can always make you one given a couple of measurements... Wes
  5. @Art VAh! I'm very familiar with issues related to undo as you are mentioning here. In the past, there were some menu commands and specific workflows that would trip the undo system. Back in 2015-2018, I know I personally submitted a handful of ones I found when working with customers. --- As far as I know, all causes of this that we are aware of have been addressed; however, if you are still running into this with 2020/2021, please let me know and I'll see if there is anything we can track down.Based on my understanding of the undo issue being described, this is definitely something else; however, it might be caused by something of a similar nature. (If you are still running into this, lets start a new topic/direct message since it is separate from the topic at hand.)
  6. That's an almost reverse deja vu. One issue I had in the past was that using the command undo once through a keyboard shortcut caused VW to use the max number of undo steps as if it got in a loop and wipe out quite a bit of work. Perhaps something similar may have happened when copypasting a north arrow through a keyboard shortcut and VW thinking the command was issued multiple times and got in a loop and kept duplicating in place until interrupted by something else? Especially on a fast computer it could cause a lot of duplicates in a really short time. Of course there is always the residential cat to blame for walking on the keyboard and cause havoc.🙂
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  8. Wow - amazing! So which way is north then? *runs
  9. CipesDesign, it looks like that toolset is in Architect and Landmark, but I only have Spotlight and Fundamentals.
  10. @michael john williamsI'm not entirely sure how you got this result 🙃, but this appears to be the issue in the file in question. There are 187,680 North Arrow Objects stacked directly on top of each other.
  11. Viewports with the sheet layer set to a high DPI can do it too...
  12. @tpenna, here ya go... Bar Joist v2019.vwx
  13. It's easy. Use the Framing Member set to Open Web Steel Joist.
  14. Thanks for your advice Alex and Taliho. I don't recall doing anything major between the massive change in file size. No imported resources. No 3D furniture or resources [if I did presumably the purge deletes any unused unused resources?]I did spend a lot of time on rendering the 3D viewports but having said that the rendering is not in final quality renderworks or set to detail. Alex, thank you for the offer to send you the file. Bearing in mind the file size, I will try and send you the purged [slightly reduced] file. Regarding pdfs there were two imported pdfs in the file. I deleted the pdfs but that made little difference to the file size.
  15. In VW2020 doesn't works for me!
  16. XSF is building the files for us still, once we get them we will release them in the next Service Select release. They more than likely will not have Cross Section data, but will be insertable.
  17. Hi @A.D.K., You can expect this fixed in the upcoming SP1. Best regards, Yordan Kostadinov
  18. I assume you're trying to achieve a "dollhouse view" but Vectorworks can't do single-sided surfaces, unfortunately. For anyone curious - here's an example of single-side surfaces - click this link then hit the "View Dollhouse" button in lower left. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=YWe14zFGZHe
  19. Definitely! Thanks! I'm using VW2019. Is this a 2020 file? I don't think I can open/import it as 2020, unless there's something I'm missing.
  20. @tpenna, does this help? Bar Joist.vwx
  21. Hi Bernard. Drop me a line to ma@wajw.co.uk and I'll get back to you
  22. I can't help with the trusses. Sorry. You might have to actually model them.
  23. Attached is a simple file showing the issue Data Tag sample.vwx
  24. Hi- I had a similar problem last year, (12Mb vwx went to 60MB pdf). Turned out that publish to pdf had an option to rasterize text - For each sheet that is published, select options next to the 'Publish to pdf' , and try the opposite of what your default is. That seemed to do the trick for me. (in 2020 - can't select all sheets, need to do it one at a time) Tali
  25. Thanks! I'll work on that. I have one more question, unrelated to the first. The space that I'm modeling has steel joists in the ceiling like the kind in the attached image. I've been working with the Structural Member Tool (I'm in the Spotlight workspace) but I can't find a setting to make the right shape.
  26. You will have to set the Texture on the wall you want to see through to be transparent. You probably want to use Plain transparency and not Glass as the Glass textures require lights instead of just the default lighting. Alternatively, could you use the Clip Cube and just move it up to eliminate the wall in you need to be transparent? You would still be able to fly around and not have the wall in the way. But that won't work if you need things to show between the viewer and the wall.
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