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  2. @Tony Kostreski...I am seeing this in 2020 SP5. Haven't tried it in my testing of 2021 yet. Could be particular to a specific file? I don't even have a Heliodon in the file I am working in and when I go to rotate the North Arrow...nothing. Does it have to do with Georeferencing? Screen Recording 2020-11-23 - VW North Arrow.mov
  3. Nikolay, There seems to be another small bug with the equipment item names. If you enter text that is longer than the device is wide the Model number and Make both disappear off the drawing. Worth noting, the Make and Model number fields do not seem to be affected by the font size setting. Neil
  4. Hi, I am beginning a set design that I know will need stained glass windows. I'm looking for advice on how to get started. Do I build it from scratch? Do I use an image? I don't want to use an image prop because I need to make the windows broken. I've been able to self-teach the basics of Vectorworks, but this goes past my skills. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hmm...perhaps I am not seeing the problem or maybe it was a bug that has been addressed. This video is what I am seeing and it seems to be working fine for me. Selecting the checkbox for the heliodon simply orients the north arrow in the correct direction. Is this not the case for you? If so, what build are you using and I'll investigate further. Thanks! North Arrow Viewport.mp4
  6. Yes, maybe. One would think that PH being a German system, and Nemetschek being German as well, and PH being used now all over the world, including the US and Canada, and really taking off in China, that Nemetschek would integrate the two, especially since the data must be close since Energos is supposedly based on PH. It could be time to change!!!
  7. I feel that REVIT is doing a much better job of integrating with other tools. They can go with Rhino/Grasshopper into LadyBug and over to PHPP. Time to switch?
  8. For the money, despite all the clever stuff it does, when it comes to actually winning the work i.e: the concept stage presentation, it's dead last. I think I've edited everything I drop on a plan drawing with colour and transparency to get something that doesn't look like sketch up in 2005. Luckily there are 3rd party companies that can produce the initial concepts based on dwg's and my input that will win you the work..!!
  9. I found an open bug report for this same issue (VB-171797). I will add a comment and a link to this message to help nudge it. 🙂
  10. I prefer the VW version 😁 Kidding aside, yes it would be nice if VW Landmark would get more real or even when abstracted, a more suitable plant representation. But I grew into CAD/3D world when clients asked for a tree and a single 3D tree had 5 times the complexity of the whole architectural model and decided about needing 8 hours vs 7 days to render. I am still a bit afraid of plants in typical CPU renderings. It is just a year or so ago that I got confident by what 3D complexity you can throw into real time GPU renderers like Twinmotion. But now we are there and can add complex geometry, VW plant representation starts aging. For now, depends on how and with which App you want to render your projects, it might be worth to import your own Geometry or Symbols for important plants into VW. Like from XFROG, Laubwerk and such offers. Or even switch to another Software for Rendering like C4D or Twinmotion, where it is easy to replace VW's 3D plant Symbols by other geometry. I think Twinmotion Assets are, beside a few high res examples, also not known for very realistic plants. I think Lumion or Enscape are more pleasing to landscape architects but a) limited in variety and b) Windows only so far. But yes, a valid request. Beside overall visual quality, plants delivered by VW should at least not look like different plants. Hope it will improve.
  11. I'm not on vw2021 but I in 2019 and prior releases in the space tool advanced settings you can control which items show in the OIP. I imagine it is the same for 2021.
  12. Why can I not see or alter the 3D boundary information for a Space Object in the OIP with 2021? Why would VW change that? Am I missing some higher, more sophisticated model method? It's annoying to enter each space object to change the Classes and other information.
  13. This is also Stipa tenuissima..... with a purple flower, the correct plant is real life image..!
  14. I figured it out, I didn't uncomment my parameters in the user params txt file.
  15. Hi Matt, thnx for your reply and the investigation you do. It is important for us users (hope is speak for the most, hat we see and feel, that our problems are on a way for a fix. So big thump up to you, from me! / / / If you want one more problem, i have one? The text scale of a dimensioning (hope i translated it right with google) in a viewport on a designlayer, also make problems (since years). more then once in a year i wrote a ticket to the german service, but this problem isn't addressed. i have another VW 2021 file with the described problem. i think it is quite similar (or in a approximate direction) with the other scale problems. my description in the file is in german, but maybe you can translate it to english. in a short way: text of dimension scale not right if you have more than one usermade dimension standard in the list (see file). if you have only one usermade dimension standard in the list, then the text scale is working. make a duplicate of the working standard: the scale of the duplicate is wrong! the first in the list works. the 2nd and following don' t work, even the duplicate are made of the working (1st one). Funny is that, when you delete the 1st working standard and the 2nd standard (which don't work before) gets in the list on position 1: now the old 2nd and new 1st standard in the list works magically! Greetings and hope this long lasting bug gets fixed! Tob 20-11-07 BUG Textskalierung.vwx
  16. Well I got my computer issue resolved and downloaded 2021 and opened up my file, re created my panorama photo background and.... it works now ! many thanks to tech support. it also works way more smoothly when adjusting the angle too. Go figure. So if you want to do these panorama backgrounds I would highly suggest downloading 2021.
  17. I am trying to create custom user parameters for ConnectCAD 2021 to include in my dev_rec symbol but the object info section is not showing up in the object info pallet the way it is for other examples in this forum. Is there something I'm doing wrong or missing? I have attached my vwx file and custom params text file. Untitled 2.vwx CustomParams.txt
  18. Similar to what I have found works, with an edit of a circle or black and white entourage plant and develop your own library..!! Planting plans are only ever circles (to scale for each plant) or shapes inside a bed layout with a number of plants per m2 for that area, anything else would be rejected by every local planning authority, tender package or educational authority in the UK I would be inclined to set a drawing standard for VW to follow, and also have a traditional colour palette for drawings as the current settings have zero finesse.
  19. contact Tech. They can do a once through with you to see what they can find.
  20. Thanks for the file! Actually, it's the marker location that changes. The end marker distance from the beginning marker become scaled. If you change the scale smaller or bigger, you'll see what I mean. I'm also seeing a similar problem with detail callout markers. I submitted this as a bug (VB-175591).
  21. Hi, i'm newer in this Forum, i'm writing a Dialog Modern in pyton that interact with a custom object. I want execute something when a EditReal or EditText change , a function like "onchange()" but i did't found nothing. can you help me? After i want prevent the return key, in "VS:RunLayoutDialog" documentation i found this row "f you want to prevent a dialog from terminating after someone has clicked on the OK button, set item equal to -1. Note that in Python there is no output parameters. So, this value should be returned." but i don't understand how it's work
  22. Now I have a nice data tag displaying the door size automatically, thank you all! The only thing missing is: How to read the handedness of the door automatically? Anyone know if this is possible? With worksheets I've looked into a combination of IsFlipped and rotation and IF formulas, but so far no solution for all situations. If we could solve this last bit, then there would be no need for manual size and handedness input any longer, eliminating the possibility of errors.
  23. Installed new SP2, tried both of your suggestions, no changes...
  24. Any pre results ? One user stated VW is running without problems via Rosetta.
  25. We've built a fairly large plant data base using this method. We've also created a file called 'plant library' (Not fully trusting/understanding the built in library functions)and favorited it and drag all our custom plants there for access from any new file. The library seems skewed very far from the drought tolerant / native CA plant palette we use anyway, so even if it weren't for the unprofessional skeuomorphic plant icons we would have had to make our own. @Stu Wilson I wish we had more control of the tags too. We used parentheses around the plant number - i.e. (2)CHR instead of 2 CHR for two Ceanothus 'Ray Hartman' - and it does bug me looking at our new planting plans to not have that option.
  26. For some reason my help menu is not loading. All I get is a blank page as seen below. I have VW2021 SP2. Is there anything I might have missed on the install? I rely on the help menu quite a bit. Thanks, Robert
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