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  2. Hello, If I select a different Label it works with no issue. I can Ungroup the device and bring the number to the front to then regroup it. I tried to then create a new label legend from that light, and it is telling me that either no light is selected, when I select only the light or that too many lights are selected if I include the Dimmer and Channel Number. I can do the work around with the ungroup and regroup, however this is obviously time consuming. Does this make sense to you, or do you have any further advise?
  3. You are welcome. If this helps, I am happy. If you create your own, please post it. regards...Paul
  4. @Bruce Kieffer did you consider getting a trial version of Interiorcad? 🙂 It would be perfect for what you're doing.
  5. That works, but there is no Wireframe render option for the section VP, although Unshaded Polygon does show the biscuit grooves. Even so, I cannot snap to the drilled hole centers, and that is the main problem I have with the section VP.
  6. Today
  7. OK thanks! I can reproduce and reported the issue (VB-200901).
  8. Hi Paul, greetings and thank you for your time to making this video! Greetings Tobi
  9. Alright, I've made a new video for you that shows it clearly. Screen Recording 2023-12-04 at 09.30.11.mov
  10. Thanks Conrad. I´ll change the way i add devices .-) I always took or looked up existing or new devices in the device builder and inserted them into my schematics. After setting them up, where they are needed, then i gave the devices specific names... But that´s good to know the other way round that you described! thx!
  11. @bjoerka well from the device OIP I see that the Make and Model are disabled. What this means is that an Equipment Item already exists with the name <DEVICE>. Then the equipment takes control of the physical characteristics and make and model. You need to give your devices names so that ConnectCAD can understand that they refer to different physical equipment. If two devices have the same name ConnectCAD thinks that they must refer to the same physical box. This is handy on schematics because the same piece of equipment may be involved in two places in the signal flow. Since we often draw schematics and then want to layout equipment we temporarily store the physical characteristics and the make and model in the device. And when you run the Create Equipment command then equipment is created using this information. Since these are native characteristics of the physical box rather than the schematic device (which is really just a named bag of sockets), once an equipment item exists it takes over control of these parameters and they become read-only on the device. Just give each device a name and it will all work fine. This one could be called DANTE-USB 1 for example. Hope this all makes sense. Conrad
  12. The libraries should only be updating with Updates to the software(previously called Service Packs before VW2024). If you are still on Service Select or on Subscription there are five Premium Content updates a year which also trigger the update dialog but that will be a different message. I would follow Pat's advice and try running the repair option in the VW updater.
  13. I set up the clip cube where I want it - Right click on the Clip cube and choose Create section viewport and then the viewport is just like any other Section viewport i.e. I can set any viewport render modes I want - are you not seeing that behavior? I do this all day long on 3d models when I'm drafting.
  14. I've never really used data tags - but am starting to use them a little bit without actually associating them with any objects. Essentially I'm using them as a convenient way to place window/door/room labels. For example I have window labels set up like this - with simple drop-downs (that can be accessed just by double-clicking on the tag) to choose from: I also have a room number version Within a single project, if room 1.01 is a bedroom, then in every viewport where I want to place a room number tag and choose number 1.01, I want it also to say "bedroom". At the moment I just do that manually - I choose all three fields manually. Is there any simple way to set things up so that if I choose room number 1.01, it will automatically fill in the name field as "bedroom"? For example can the tag somehow refer back to a worksheet somewhere, where I make a table of room numbers & names? Or is this a stupid question and I should just be using it as intended, that is it should be associated with a space object on the design layer? (I've never bothered using spaces) Alternatively, is there a clever way of having a dropdown where one of the options include "1.01 Bedroom" and it will put the number & text into the two lines as per my screenshots above?
  15. Hmm, not seen this, can you post or DM me the file?
  16. If a layer is set to invisible, it should be invisible when initially referenced, like classes. This way if we set resource layers to invisible in the source file, we don't have to turn them off after referencing them. We do this with 'non-plot' classes.
  17. I just tried this and grouping between layers moved everything from its original layer to the layer I was active on when creating the group, so I'm not really sure how this workflow is possible. In any case, I would agree with @line-weight that this workflow seems to work against the structure of VW. Classes define the object, Layers define the position. In theater a lot of times Layers can also loosely define "Departments," so there can be an "audio" layer, a "lighting" layer, etc. I'm not sure what @pjs8888 means when writing that there will be multiple iterations of the design in various places around the venue. Perhaps an example could help. The example of the tabletop and legs makes no sense to me. Unless you were a furniture shop and you wanted different tops to go with different legs? Even still classes would be preferable there, since you could nest them and control textures etc.
  18. I recently added an audio/dante adapter with the device builder. But when it´s placed in the drawing it shows another Make and Model... The device that is written in the OIP has been added by my several days ago, but i did not use it... What might have happened or have i done wrong (despite the typo .-)) ...
  19. Good morning. I would like to enhance the quality of these "Shaded" viewports a bit. They don't need to have an overly realistic look, but the result I currently achieve is far from reality; it's too "artificial." To give you an idea, the best result I obtain is this: And I would like to, at least, get a bit closer to the real colours. How I can make it? Additionally: If you could provide some tips to improve the overall appearance of a render, I am all ears: Inserting a floor(?), placing it inside a room(?), placing everything on top of a riser(?) Thank you in advance
  20. Like this, via File>page setup, unless it's different in Fundamentals
  21. Further to this - just had spotlight numbering stop working entirely (for applying cable numbers). You could do all the steps all the way through to the green checkmark but then, no numbers applied. Saved, closed VW, reopened VW and did the exact same steps and it worked as expected.... Also some oddities with loop-thru on a bottom connector. It puts the connector type on both sides making cable labels unreadable: (Generally, it would be great to have override checkboxes in the OIP for turning off the display of connector type, 'cable' field and similar. For when you want the data in the spreadsheet but not necessarily displayed for a particular item.)
  22. Got windows to render finally. Since I had started this file in VW2023, I think there might be a glitch when rendering those objects in 2024. I created a new window from scratch and it renders as expected, so then I used the eye drop pick up tool to copy the attributes from the new window I just created to the one’s already in the file that were created in 2023, all the components now render with proper texture I applied. Windows have had a few issues in initial release of 2024 that were fixed in the newest SP I just updated the other day, so maybe one more closer look at window objects for next update.
  23. 2024 latest on M1 Mac. It was very odd - I was even seeing different behavior between apparently identical items generated from the same 'Create Equipment' command and changing the same settings with them both selected. One would show it, the other would not. I've switched everything over to DataTags so I don't have a file to show it handy but will post if it comes back. (DataTags are proving much more flexible anyways...) I've seen a few other display oddities as well. In particular, identical devices in identical layout spacing with identical circuit routing (i.e. copy, paste, rename) in schematic view where cable numbers show up for one connection and not the other. I think I've figured out most of the logic for when it displays but there's been a few that seemed to be exceptions no matter what. For example: the highlighted cable has a number value '107-NRML' with Number Display set to auto. Plenty of room for the label but it doesn't show at either end. They display properly if forced, but not with auto. I'm rushing to get this drawing done but will try and log things a bit better when time allows. I've been able to figure out workarounds in most cases.
  24. I do not remember deleting them. Is there a backup somewhere? Update: I found the files in the trash folder and were able to restore them. Still a bit of mystery as to what happened.
  25. Hello, I am using fundamental which is lacking in a lot of fundamental options 🤨 one of which is being able to publish multiple PDF's at once. As a work around for this I need to create multiple pages on sheet layer to I only have to create 1 PDF. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms how I get more pages onto 1 sheet layer. As in, lets say I want 9 pages A3 pages landscape. I have seen it done but don't know how to do it. Thanks in advance! Breadsticks
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