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  2. Did you do a refresh of the resources?
  3. It would be a small price to pay to get the Label Legend :-) But yes, it would be really nice to have in Landmark as using the stake tool to show x/y coordinates etc. is a bit clumsy for general use. So +10 from me for this.
  4. In the past I used 3DS files to export the Vectorworks 3D model to an external rendering program to create 3D PDF files, but now that Vectorworks can generate 3D PDF's this is no longer necessary. So the only other reason for me to use it is to import 3D objects/models that cannot be imported in another way (usually because there is no other more suitable compatible file format available). As Kevin mentioned, the 3DS format is considered a legacy file format, but it can still be useful for certain purposes he mentioned.
  5. Yes, it does change, but depending on settings I get into the length [L] field of the data/cursor bar and that then changes to zero but I can't get into the total length [TL] which is usually something that I need or need as well. Or I don't get into the length box at all, let alone in the total length depending on databar settings.
  6. Sure. Then that goes back to designing my VW plot layer or class structure around the grandMA patch: Having to build classes solely for patch. Then I have to make sure all those classes are turned on or off in whatever viewports and saved views. That is a LOT more work then just being able to specify a patch layer in a user field.
  7. In Hidden Line renderings, we have the ability to generate intersecting lines. I wish there was a similar option to not create joint lines where coplanar geometry meets (the same way coplanar wall joints do not show). For example, the rails and stiles of a custom modeled door then wouldn't need to be added to each other as a single solid in order to eliminate the joint lines between them (which usually aren't appropriate for architectural building elevations). A further advantage of not having to add the rails and stiles to each other would be that they each could then have their own textures, each with, say, their own wood grain orientations. VWIS115
  8. EasyCargo3D looks pretty cool. I'm not sure what more you would want, but I'm not sure what its output is.
  9. I wish the Option key could be used to select back faces when using the "Planar Face Mode" of the "Set Working Plane" Tool. This would both be very helpful, and it would also be a more consistent methodology from one tool to the next... VWIS114
  10. The problem with the Door ID tag associated with a Door object that's used in a Symbol is that for all instances of that symbol, the Door ID tag (the door number) is the same. What I'm trying to do is combine the advantages of Symbols (repetition, and geometry that can't be achieved with PIOs) with the advantages of PIOs (the ability to automatically report on at least their size (and, ideally, the ability to use their ID tags, but, again, being inside symbols that seems least likely)). (I'm not looking for the width and height of the symbols, but the width and height of the Door objects contained in those symbols).
  11. Wow... I have just spent a little time with the 2018 DTM, and it seems to have a lot of good features and great potential. Especially, it seems like triangulation is much more likely to occur between contours of differing elevations, rather than between contours of the same elevation (such as seems to happen in 2017 and earlier, often creating stepped ridges & valleys...). ((In this case, by "contours" I mean flat 3D polygons used as source data)). But, yes, the inability to edit the source data in 2018 seems like a major drawback. I'd gotten good at manipulating existing DTMs with 3D polygons, and only recently figured out how to similarly manipulate proposed DTMs (simply by putting the 3D polygons in the "Site-DTM-Modifiers" class...). And now it looks like we can only use 3D polygons to manipulate the proposed DTM, and not the existing DTM?? Being able to work with contours is great, but 3D polygons make it much easier to create things like twisted surfaces (as far as I know, Pads can only have a mono pitch). So, yes please! Either bring back the ability to edit the source data, or maybe at least the ability to use 3D polygons, loci, etc, in both of the contour editing modes. Also, it really seems like we should be able to edit the underlying existing DTM without losing the proposed DTM (assuming I've got my understanding of how that works correct...). VWIS113
  12. I recently installed Vectorworks 2018 on a Windows 7 64-bit system and came across a couple issues. I'm curious if anyone is experiencing similar issues, or if maybe something got messed up during installation or while migrating my preferences from v2017: I lose the ability to enter information in the Data Bar after using the Pan tool or Walkthrough tool in perspective view. Restarting or reloading the file corrects this (until the next time I use the Pan tool in perspective view). If I duplicate an object by holding Control while dragging it, pressing Ctrl-D should repeat the offset. However, this only seems to be working in Top/Plan view. When I try it in a 3D or elevation view, it offsets the object by the default amount instead of the distance/angle I previously specified.
  13. Thanks very much for the detailed response, particularly the advice on exploding blocks, purging, etc.
  14. We are using VW 2018 The resource browser shows a Workgroup folder but does not show the contents of the folder we have linked using vectorwork preferences. The link is to a dropbox folder that the office uses. Any help is appreciated Bob C
  15. Not to get misunderstood, I also like the new features very much. But I see no chance keeping existing source contour data and recreate a new Site Model each time I have to re-edit source data - if all my contour work is gone then too. Hard enough that re-editing existing contours may destroy your proposed contour work. So kind of a one-way street. May be fine for simpler terrains though with contour editing only though. I need to export my site models to a 3D App and maybe do some edits there, so I need a proper mesh without unnecessary extra vertices that make work harder. (BTW the Face Normals are flipped) Currently I have to rework my DTM's existing source data, because there are some kind of "proposed" existing changes, like a street that outside of the property that is in planning and now changed. So not something you want in your cut and fill calculations by proposed changes. And these changes caused problems in existing so I need full control over source data.
  16. Hi I hit g key at first point and move curser to desired point Andy you see the x or y distance change it the curser bar. Will do a screen shot later when at computer.
  17. Yesterday
  18. 3ds files are usually used as an intermediary between VW and another program - either too or from. As mentioned above its a file format that will retain texture information and objects are brought in or exported as mesh/3d polygon objects. Note that while these objects are useable in VW it doesn't handle them efficiently so they will tend to slow down your file. As far as I know 3ds is technically a legacy file format though its widely used for transferring polygon mesh geometry between programs. Kevin
  19. I had started playing with the new site model in 2018 and really enjoyed the contour editability, but I didn't realize that you couldn't edit the source data anymore...?! This is a no-go for me too! We often have extremely complex source data that I have to manipulate just to create a usable site model. Not being able to do so iteratively will cost us significant time and headache.
  20. I hope you can see the pdf. This form doesn't really give graphic feedback on that detail. In keeping with my above average Neanderthal gene count, I have never adopted the wall tool, and thus the hybrid approach. I would if it looked like I would get better drawings. As I sometimes do when a new release is out, I take a look at the wall tool, noting that it has evolved, and ask whether it has become something I could use. I usually bump into something that frustrates. Then I go back to my old ways. Case in point is the attached. I put a window in a wall. I used one of the pre-defined wall types. That part is not so bad, except that there is a thin line at every change in direction that roughly corresponds to one of the stud lines. That has no meaning but it is a line. That's not really ok. But the thing that really gets me is the sill. In the options for the window there are two outer options (show sill, don't) and three inner options, timber, stone and I think masonry. I chose timber. Have you ever seen a sill that looks like this? No exterior horns, no interior jamb trim overlap? It is showing lines that have no meaning. Over the years I've watch the response to objections like these. The result is that a window now has what, 4 dozen different parameters? A window that tries to look right but doesn't, and has a large amount of turning the dials complexity is not just no better than a simple abstract symbol (a wall cut and a line for the glass) it is worse. As an architect I do not want builders looking at my drawings and snickering. I expect them to have pride and care in their work and not make little boo boos everywhere. I undermine my right to have that expectation if my drawings are comical. SILL2.pdf
  21. Just downloaded your file and I still can't make it work! Will contact tech support to see what they say.
  22. Works fine for me. I drew the position from a line and an extrusion, all from scratch in a blank file, just to be sure. 2018 hanging testing.vwx
  23. Hey I also have this problem with Vectorworks 2017/2018 becoming laggy after ever 5 mins of drawing. I have to close and restart to get it running smoothly again - super annoying! My PC runs everything else super fast. Did anyone find a solution to this?
  24. Absolutely certain. The fixtures don’t inherit the position’s z value if they are not made of lighting pipes or truss objects. This is not good. I have submitted this as a bug.
  25. Vectorworkarounds... gotta love it
  26. If you do get to work on a proper file then please let us know what your experience is on the Ryzen CPU, as Intel has neglected the desktop processors a bit in the past few years with just small improvements in speed, though they might now do more improvements on their processors if Ryzen turns out to be a worthy challenger.
  27. Alas, it still doesn't work, but it might be a difference in data bar settings? What data bar settings are you using? Depending on settings I don't get into the length, or the length changes to zero if hitting tab does get into the field for length (not total length which is more important for me)
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