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  2. It sounds like you only want these amended views on a temporary basis. If so create a new Saved View for that current state. Then delete it once it is no longer required.
  3. Also all FBX export geometry is triangulated which is not necessary, not standard, just an option in FBX for older legacy Apps. It would be very nice if we could keep quads after meshing, wherever possible.
  4. Is there a good tutorial on fixture modes somewhere? My searches haven't turned anything up. Also, when i go to edit the fixture mode in the OIP, the drop down is set to 'None' with "Other...' underneath, but when I click that, nothing pops up. all of the symbols I am using are Vwx symbols. UPDATE: -- I created a document with only an extrude, and an S4 36º, and even when exporting esc I get a crash, and I can't seem to figure out the fixture modes...
  5. If I export a Sub D mesh to C4D then it exports as tri's. Is there a way to export quads? thanks
  6. 4. What determines the centre of rotation for orbit? When I export from a non-perspective view I get very reliable rotation around the origin of the model. When I export in perspective I seem to get something else..... KM
  7. new to the board...forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong thread. This Saved View Issues has plagued me for years. I don't think there is a solution but it hasn't stopped me from asking anyone who will listen. I have lots of Saved Views pre-made in my temp file. (1. Plan, 2. Section 3. FOH 4. Sidelight, etc.) In those views...I have the screen location and zoom fairly close to probably how I need it and have pre-set class and layers visabilities based on the view. With each new file, as the drawing comes together...I update elements of those saves views as the drawing requires. The problem is that I have many saved views where some of the layers/classes are set to "Ignore" (the red circle with a slash) Ignore" is not an actual state, a class can't sit in an "Ignore" state, it simply means "leave this alone when recalling the view." Now imagine you turn some of those ignored layers/classes on or off, as if you were in the middle of your workflow, and adjust the zoom/pan, etc. and attempt to "Redefine" the Saved View.You now have a problem. If you uncheck Layer Visibility and/or Class Visibility those parameters will now be completely removed from the Saved View (Active class, etc. becomes greyed out in the visibility settings.) If you leave them checked, the current Class/Layer setting (either on/off/grey) will OVERWRITE any class/layers you had set to be ignored. There is in fact no way to update the Saved View without breaking classes/layers that were set to ignore.In my opinion, unchecking a parameter in the "Redefine" window should not REMOVE those settings from the Saved View but simply leave them untouched in this current action. My terrible workaround is that I keep a separate list of how I like the visibility settings for layers and classes in various saved views. (because it's too many to remember.) Any time I Redefine a View (mainly to update the zoom/pan) I then I have to go into visibility settings and re-set the settings to how I want them based on my list. It is very annoying and tedious. Does anyone follow what I'm describing and does anyone have a workaround? help! thanks. Cory
  8. Excellent news re BimX. I would hate to get left behind :)... And thanks for the heads up re corporate structure. I had just figured like most corporations, that it would be a top down market strategy, but clearly good to hear that its not. -J
  9. Here is a sample and I am including the file (2017) perforated_metal.vwx
  10. I was just looking for a solution to the same problem, and am wondering if anyone has the script that michaelk mentioned above? Thanks!
  11. Update to this thread. The "weirdness" only seems to happen when I'm in OpenGL. If I'm in wireframe it works much better. The tool works best in top/plan view in wireframe. 3D views in wireframe and/or OpenGL get screwy.
  12. One terminology/process thing to clarify though I know it wasn't really the main point of your post: The Nemetschek Group does not dictate specific design choices for Vectorworks and we do not port features from one member application to the other. (As far as I know the code bases are completely incompatible.) To answer your more intended question: Yes, our developers have an eye towards the capabilities and benefits of BIMX and plan to offer strong competition.
  13. So I happened to look at BimX, the new navigation app for ArchiCad. It looks like a game changer as far as in the field communication goes as well as for client education. Does the mothership have plans to port this to Vectorworks? The virtual reality capability of 2017 is kindergarten compared to BimX. What can I tell my potential client whom would rather stay in a Vectorworks environment that they should not switch to ArchiCad? -J
  14. Get in touch with support directly in that case, they will likely remote in and try a few things. Reference this thread so they can see the previous steps please.
  15. Nope - Still crashing. It is not even giving me a crash report - just this dialog. It gives it to me twice.
  16. Sounds to me like you could make good use of the Marionette Scripting tools. Why don't you post this request in the Marionette forum as well. There are some very helpful folk willing to help.
  17. I am going to try uninstalling CrashPlan and Seagate backup - both that had their own C++s files
  18. Still crashing after the C++ file replacement.
  19. Try this next, it's rare but can sometimes affect Project Sharing and some of the other more advance Vectorworks features: Under Programs and Features (you can get to this by right clicking on the Start button) scroll down and look for all the various "Microsoft Visual C++" items. Uninstall every single one. Reboot your machine. Download and install all of the items listed here for 64bit versions of Windows: Checking with the support team now to see if they've come across this yet, I can't find much evidence of it in the bug tracker.
  20. Now I am scared. Still getting the crash after full uninstall / reinstall. Could it be a software conflict? Could it be a hardware conflict?? Crashplan, Avast, and google drive sync are the only apps I have running. Any known conflict with those?
  21. OK. So still not enough love
  22. No - thanks zoomer - just updated the signature. @JimW- Still got the crash - though a couple of the files that I was told to delete were not there. I am going to go to a full uninstall / reinstall.
  23. Are you still on VW 2016 like your signature tells ? Because meanwhile, as I read in 2017 SP3 change log, that Project Sharing got such massive extra love.
  24. In that case, I suggest following first the backup instructions here, then resetting your preference folder only: DON'T restore the backup, then try opening the test proj file and then converting your own file into a project and let me know what happens.
  25. Just did another reboot - It is not quite a crash upon open - it first tells me that it has to create a working file first - then crashes when I say OK.
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