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  2. Hi all, Thanks for the interest. I am no longer looking for 2019, only 2014 if you have. Please PM me if you have one. Thanks.
  3. Why bother using it at all then. Are you familiar with a different software that can achieve what you need?
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  5. Thanks - yes, now I see what you mean. This gives me a locus point at a certain point on the curve, and I can then move one of the interpolated vertices to sit on that locus, but I still have the problem that if I then change that vertex's z value, the line of the NURBS curve strays off the circular path in plan.
  6. This is quite similar to what I ended up doing in the drawing where this problem came up. However, changing that control point from "corner" to "smooth" causes the NURBS to deviate from the original circular path (shown in red): Screen Recording 2024-06-25 at 00.14.39.mov This then has to be fixed "by eye" afterwards.
  7. Here is a sample file showing a group of loci created by the Analysis tool using the same method I described above. Loci along a Curve.vwx
  8. If you are looking for control points at specific Z heights along NURBS Curve, then create a Nurbs Surface at each Z height and then make sure that the curve is covered by the Surfaces so that it intersects with them. Then, using the Add solids command, add all the surfaces together as one object, and run the Analysis tool on the Curve and then the Solid. You should get the locus points where you need them.
  9. yes... this is the problem with interpolated points. Increasing the degree to 4 changes it to "control points" instead of "interpolated points" as you say ... but then I'm back to the problem of not being able to set precise Z heights.
  10. Thanks for this suggestion. Have not really looked at the "rebuild NURBS" command. When I tried this, it looked like I needed to rebuild with 25 points to produce something that properly followed the circle (how precisely, I don't know). Abything below that produced a significant deviation. It looks like I can move those control points in the Z direction without things going astray in plan. The problem is that because they are control points (that don't sit on the line itself) I can't easily get the line to pass precisely through points with a specific Z height. The other problem is it doesn't let me have a control point exactly where I want it in plan - they get spaced along the line at intervals that I can't control.
  11. @Pat Stanford, @Lucas Story, We don't have servers in different time zones at this time (we use a mix of in-house servers and Amazon instances). All files are processed by the same pool of servers, regardless of what the user file storage region is set to. The date is updated while publishing on the server according to the time zone the server is in. You can prevent the server from updating the date by unchecking the option to reset plug-in objects before export from the Export PDF settings dialog, accessed from the Publish dialog. The Cloud job considers all the options from this dialog when doing the processing.
  12. The object is relatively complicated because it is using the data from a heliodon object to find the aerial photo and import and geolocate it. If all you want is to bring in an image, you need a much simpler Marionette. Give the String tile a name and it will show up in the OIP. I named it URL for Image. Right click on one of the nodes and Wrap the network. Select the Wrapped Network and make an Object Node out of it. Now you will have an image in the file linked to a URL. But it does not error checking. If you enter a non-existent url (or one that does not have an image type file attached), it will let you enter the URL, but the object will basically disappear. Undo should bring it back so you can try again. HTH
  13. I already use a new Version since 2024. Had missed uploading it. - This would work on 2024 and i think, there was a bug with landscape and portrait format in some versions (it was exactly wrong side out). 1.0.3 fixe that issue. - Also new Feature with prefix and actual Datetime Usage: Copy and always paste in place. Or set coords of PlugIn to 0,0 in Info Palette. So it will automatically find the right coords on the pages.
    Very cool! I will come back and amend this review once I see if I can get it to work for my specific use case, but it's still a 5-star script. I just want ot come back and note it's limitations. I have been looking for ways to turn an obj mesh into a terrain without doing a whole bunch of crazy steps. I wanted to skip Sketchup and bring my terrain mesh in from my photogrammetry software to develop a DTM in VW. with as large as my meshes are, I don't think this script is going to cut it, but i was able to bring in plenty of meshes in the 5-digit poly range. i've been letting it chug on my 75M poly mesh for some time, and I'm not sure if it is just competely hung at this point. haha. But i do not fault the script, as it is clearly stated it was deveoped to bring in SU google earth tiles which are very low poly. Anyway, cool script! thanks for making it!
  14. Did any one find a fix for this? I've tried the printer trick, and no luck Thanks
  15. Do you have a layer for these items specified in your criteria? I think what is happening is that it is counting the number on the design layer and then also adding in the number in a viewport. If you add layer(s) to your criteria you can know you will only get the one instance.
  16. I'm drawing something that has 1000 of the same symbol, and inside that symbol are a number of scaffolding symbols and other symbols that I need to count. When I run a simple reports looking for Symbol Name and (Summarize by name) Count... It says 668. The nested symbols also show up as "X*668" instead of the proper number. When I use the Select Similar tool, it says 1000 as it should... anybody know what's going on? Is there a limit to how many instances of something Vectorworks will count? I'm concerned that if the count is off with the one thing I know how many there are... is the count for everything else in the drawing off too? Kind of defeats the purpose of the Report function if I have to go through and manually count out each and every piece of gear that the designer drew up.
  17. Just tried opening Vectorworks file then Google Chrome. I am not getting the issue.
  18. Thanks Juan. That is exactly what I wanted to hear. I am sure it is likely that there may arise some issues over time. But does not sound like a complete deal breaker, which I would not have expected anyway when Apple is occupied with VisionOS and AI ... ahm ... Apple Intelligence vs substantial macOS changes, like with Big Sur or so in the past. I cross fingers that you don't find much issues.
  19. That is great news. I literally just spent the last 10 minutes undoing everything because I forgot about this.
  20. I am having the same issue. This is what I am seeing along with my process. I specifically notice issues when watching videos on my second monitor, such as certification courses, youtube, and training. Before working in Vectorworks, I run Automator to turn off all third-party apps that run at login. (Google Drive, Dropbox, Creative Cloud, etc.) I then open Vectorworks on my main monitor (no problems yet) Here is where the problems start I open any file, and the video starts to stutter, not the audio; it continues playing normally. This is the same result when scrubbing the video. Sometimes Vectorworks itself will hang up, but that is rare. My troubleshooting: Lowered 3D Conversion Quality I moved to 2 QHD Monitors with MacBook lid closed (Typically, I run 3) All Files I am actively working on are stored on my internal SSD. Tried displays with spaces and without. My System 16" MacBook Pro - M1 Max 64 GB RAM 2 TB Internal Drive Sonoma 14.5 Vectorworks 2024 Entertainment Bundle I do not get this same behavior on my windows system.
  21. @zoomer We are currently testing Vectorworks 2024 on macOS 15 and have not encountered any critical issues so far. However, we are not yet ready to provide an official statement on compatibility. Once our testing is complete, we will post a tech bulletin with detailed information. As always, we do not recommend using beta versions on your primary workstation to avoid any potential disruption to your workflow.
  22. Is this already a section viewport you are trying to section? It needs to be a standard VP. Does that work?
  23. @Mark Flamer @Patrick Winkler Does anyone have basic instructions for how to use the marionette in this file to get an image from a different URL (a different location)? I'm looking at what's in the file "ImageFromURL.vwx" and trying to play with it to understand how to use it. I have a URL for a different location. I don't see where put the URL in the Marionette set to get the new bitmap output. The file is great, but it needs instructions to make it useful. THANKS!
  24. Thank You Nikolay, thank you Pat, for some reason I could not even edit the revision record's data after simplifying the formula; it is still grayed out. However, I created a new worksheet with the same formula, and, voilá, this one let me edit the data. 👍 However, when I edited the revision number for a single sheet, all the other sheets of that issue were overwritten with the same revision number 😱 . So I ended up deleting all issues and some of the revisions, and re-creating the whole history from a printed copy. 🤪 However, I learned that, if I really want to use that feature, I need to modify the underlying report template in certain points, otherwise any new issue will overwrite my minor-but-important layout changes and translations. Can this be done? I should mention that currently we use VW 2019 for compatibility reasons.
  25. If I may @Miss, try doing exactly as @Tom W. suggests as in below. Once you've located the PDF in LH corner by running "select all" then choosing "Fit to Objects", as suggested. Then deselect all, click on the PDF, zooming in as necessary and then hit delete.
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