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    Plant list

    @Landartma almost! you do not need to set them in a template, primarily you want them in a favorites or a workgroup library. and yes once you attach data through the "get plant data" dialog it will enter all the info for you. You do however have to set the size and height but VW will give you the listed sizes per that plants info you connected to. One these are set you can save all of these and never have to go through that process again.
  3. I am having a similar issue in 2020 SP3.1. When I pull up a floating view pane, it is completely blank. Nothing I do seems to enable me to use it. Operator error? Or is there a problem with the software?
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  5. Hi, This issue started yesterday afternoon after a few hours of working on a simple building with basic walls. One of the walls just disappeared and when I attempted to re-draw it with all of the same specifications that I had used earlier in the session the issues listed below began to occur. 1. When Show/Snap/Modify other classes is turned on all walls are able to be selected in both ISO and 2D Plan view. When Active Only classes are turned walls are able to be selected in ISO view only. 2. All walls that have been selected or edited in 2d top plan view begin to randomly disappear in ISO view with Active Only classes are turned on. 3. The newly drawn wall is unresponsive to height adjustments and the OIP reflects correct dimensions but the wall itself is still at 0' high in both Active Only and Show/Snap/Modify others class specifications. 4. When switching between Active Only and Show/Snap/Modify others the newly draw wall will suddenly land a different location at be 5000' long. I'd call it a ghost in the machine but i think it may be worse than that. macOS Catalina Version 10.15.5 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 575 4 GB
  6. Double clicking on the polygon/polyline should launch the reshape tool for you automatically. If you are in the first mode - I think corner vertex mode (not in front of a computer) - the control handle should be selectable. I have a video on it here:
  7. Hi All, This ones been bugging me for years and I'm sure its very simple, but never worked it out. How do I edit handles for an existing curve? i.e. see screenshots attached, the handles only appear when the point is selected, so I can't select them. Thanks, A
  8. Great to hear! Still using 2019 at the moment, looking forwards to moving to 2020 when starting a new project.
  9. I've noticed this too, but I seem to remember that if you add "Fill Style" to the mix of parameters then it works. But that still seems like a bug.
  10. I have an eyedropper preset for viewport rendering, that picks up viewport rendering style and image effects. However, when I put it on a viewport, it will not put down the image effects. I have to render..... Turn on image effects..... Turn on the preset in the image effects panel. I feel like this is a bug.
  11. The problem remains unresolved and I hope to hear an explanation. Until it is resolved, I developed a work around involving a bit of unnecessary labor that I hope is eliminated. I have to go into the texture folder that Vectorworks creates during C4D export and manually look at each texture to figure out which ones VW decided to modify by adding a black background. I then take a copy of my master texture image used to create the plants, rename it to match the VW exported texture name, and replace the VW generated texture with my master. This automatically loads in Twinmotion and I can then get to work. Sure would be nice to know why VW is doing this in order to eliminate this unnecessary step. Here's a test of the 3D plants I have been working on with the texture replacement work around I just described. It's effective, but takes unnecessary time that the computer should do automatically. I'm really just trying to develop a successful workflow to add fairly realistic 3D representation of my plants into Vectorworks Plant Objects and fulfill the promises of landscape BIM. For this to be effective, the assets need to survive export to other rendering engines and then survive inevitable updates to the VW model exported back to Twinmotion.
  12. Thanks for finding this. We found the problem and fixed it for the fall release.
  13. @Matt Overton, Hardscapes in slab mode have slope options in VW 2019 and newer - not sure before. However, not as part of their style. I am yet to figure out how to use them, though.
  14. Landartma

    Plant list

    I touched on this earlier but am still not clear. I want to create my go to plant list. If I understand correctly. I need to create a template, load a variety of generic symbols into the template, then manually edit each one as I import it via the plant style editor. The path "Get Plant Data", -find in the database, - Vectorworks tab, -Use Currently Selected Record, - manually enter sizes desired? Is there a way to have the Currently Selected Record integrate plant data "sizes" with insertion sizes. Is there a faster way or a way to create a file in a user group once so I can get it done one time and just update as needed?
  15. I have this exact problem in VW2020 and can't figure out a solution. Same problem when exporting EPS, too.
  16. It looks like it's coming through rasterized no matter what I do here (PDF, EPS, etc). AI2020 won't event recognize DXFs or DWGs coming from VWX. But it does recognize those formats coming from AutoCad so not sure what's going on here.
  17. Is this possibly still an issue? EPS exports and PDF exports (I'm not using /A-1b) come in as images, not vectors in VW20 and AI20.
  18. Trying to export EPS to illustrator, but it comes in as a grid rather than the individual shapes coming as vectors. I'm using a sheet layer to do the export. I'm using these stills as an example rather than the actual project, but it creates the same result Here's the sheet layer: Here's how it comes into illustrator: As you can see, breaking out the individual shapes isn't possible - because they're broken up into quadrants: Any ideas? Thanks
  19. I'm getting an error code when I try to update the plant database. Any ideas on how to deal with it?
  20. I think I answered this already? You need an extra 3D part. There are no disadvantages as to manufacturing because you can still attach your fittings. The only drawback would be that the individual custom part would not adapt to reshaping of the parent cabinet. You can. This type of hinge is not supported by the interiorcad hinge tool - yet) but you can still add it. Import the hardware, attach an interiorcad 3D drilling, group it and run the "Assign Fitting Type" command (under interiorcad > Fittings). Place it appropriately and send to CNC or export parts list. It will be accounted for in both types of exports. Angular doors are supported. You may have to play with the type of construction where the door hinges. Manufacturers require very precise parameters for particular hinge types. Here is an example document listing all supported types of angular door construction types: Angular hinges.vwx
  21. 3 times today now....
  22. Hi I would be interested in one licence. I am using Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4 Nick
  23. This is hard to describe, so I attached a screenshot. But I'll give it a try. When I open a file in VW2020 SP3.1 it puts itself into a tab. Each subsequent file I open is placed in a tab. This makes it easy to switch between files, so is generally pretty handy for me. If, however, I click the little gray "X" to close all the files I'm left with the giant gray rectangle shown in the screenshot. There is no red dot in the upper left corner to close it; I can only either minimize it or fit it to my screen. Why would I need to minimize this box of nothing? Even worse, why would I want to have it fill my screen, hiding everything on my screen with a gray rectangle. In short, this is a pointless--and pretty obnoxious--impediment to getting work done. It must go. I've tried to find a preference like "Hide Useless Objects," but have found none. How do I rid myself of this meddlesome box? What Einstein at VW thought this was a splendid idea? Am I the only one who finds this annoying? Thanks for any advice. MHBrown
  24. It works in 2020 but didn't in 2019. Thanks.
  25. Hello @Charlie Winter, In VW2020 we have a popup in the TBManager dialog for faster navigation between sheets. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  26. Hello @Asemblance, This is already possible in VW2020. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
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