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  2. Kevin McAllister

    Sheet border Tool on Sheet Layers

    This post by JimW - KM
  3. Aspect_Design

    Workstation Build Feedback

    I'll second all that with regards to time spent drinking coffee looking at the teapot vs. hourly rate down the toilet. I don't do a lot of rendering - most of my work is top plan and drafting in viewport over model sections, but the update times for elevations, 3d's and model changes in edit section view re-renders were grating with an i7 4.2ghz quad core - its probably the biggest single issue I have with VW; coming from Revit there was no need to update anything and is the primary reason I can't move a couple of colleagues over the light. The reduced time in those process alone makes me more productive, which makes me feel better overall. Plus given the VGM updates coming, more cores are worth considering.
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  5. Endre Torkildsen

    Milos and layher symbols

    Hallo VinceK, I had a meeting with sales at Milos Europe today. He told me that this is beeing woorking on and was hoping to see some action soon.
  6. cberg

    Sheet border Tool on Sheet Layers

    What makes you think it will change again in 2019? Just curious?
  7. cberg

    Terrain Model Datum?

    Is there a way to set a datum elevation of a terrain model? For the past year or two, I've been making terrain models by using 3d loci that have actual 3d elevations (above sea level). This means that that site models are hundreds of feet above the Z=0 Plane. Architecturally one typically sets first-floor elevation at 0'-0". To bring a building and a terrain model together, I typically establish an arbitrary datum elevation and move a copy of all the site model elements (including modifiers) down to meet the building. However, once doing so, none of the grading labels are accurate and making any changes to the site modifiers is tricky requiring math. How do others handle this? Is there a way to recalibrate the terrain model labels so that actual elevations read correctly? Or are there other techniques for bringing these two design elements together? I have found referencing a terrain model present problems with section viewports, so I don't do that. Maybe there are functions in the program that I don't fully understand. How do others bring site and building together?
  8. minotto

    keep resource browser open

    Strange, I looked under "Window" but didn't see "palette options". However, clicking the minus sign on the Resource Browser worked. Thanks Kevin and Pat.
  9. Are you using the labels on design layers? If so perhaps try adjusting your layer scale. The labels are page based and the layer may impact their overall size.
  10. Pat Stanford

    keep resource browser open

    What Kevin said and/or: In the top left corner of the Resources browser is a X to close the window. Right next to that is a minus sign. Click the minus and it should become a +. That means that the autohide function of the window is off and it will stay open all the time.
  11. Kevin McAllister

    keep resource browser open

    Look under Window>Palette Options and uncheck "Auto-hide Floating Palettes" if your Resource Manager isn't docked into your workspace. Kevin
  13. I just upgraded to 2018 and migrated my settings from 2017. My original settings allowed me to keep the Resource Browser open, opening it with a shortcut, but now it closes when not clicking within it. I can't find the setting to change this back. Where would it be?
  14. HEengineering

    Sheet border Tool on Sheet Layers

    I use 2017-2019. In this case I was going w VW 2017 as it seemed to be the most stable of all for the things we use. What you stated is where the problem lies. We are dealing with 100's of sites and tight timeless, I need things to consistently work wo question, I dont have the luxury of fiddling around with new tools all the time. The idea that I would have to learn a new tool over 2-3 years in a row for something like a rev block seems just impractical to me but I also have yet to go down this road to see the benefit. This approach at times can leave you with hours of effort only to find out it actually doesn't fit our needs. I have seen the preset borders with Rev blocks and had no issue implementing those but we have a border we have been using for years that people have come to know. I see that I can replicate our old "dumb" border into the title block tool as a symbol for selection. The question I guess I have is can I make our Rev block look as it always has but potentially now edit it thru object into? Or can I leave it as text without worrying about whether it will work with every upgrade? If its just text to be edited in place is it best right on the sheet layer or as a VP from A DL? There comes a point where you get a little discouraged when you find that something as simple as a title block has so much info to digest to even get a rough understanding of where to go. In addition there are many ways to do things in VW, often you can get too far down the path before realizing the repercussions.
  15. Kevin McAllister

    Stop seeing grid through objects

    If you're working in a 3d view, then render your model in OpenGL (View>Rendering>OpenGL) to have it appear solid. Note that 3d objects always appear transparent in Top/Plan view in VW. You can set VW to do this automatically when you switch into a 3d view if you want. Go to Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences on the 3D pane and set "Render mode when changing from Top/Plan to a 3d View" to OpenGL. Kevin
  16. Kevin McAllister

    Sheet border Tool on Sheet Layers

    Given that you're using VW2017 (at the least the help link is from VW2017), everything will change when you upgrade to VW2018 or newer. The Sheet Border tool was replace but the Title Block Border tool in VW2018 and the implementation requires that you update your old title blocks. The new tool has gone through significant growing pains and will likely change again in VW2019. Kevin
  17. Ethan R.

    "Log Time in Program"

    So I've had the "Log Time in Program" set on forever; and today finally went to use it. Does anyone have a quick workflow that can figure out the amount of time you have spent in each file by calculating the Open/Close times? Thanks 🙂 Ethan
  18. Cadplan Architecture

    wall components at openings

    Is it possible to finish wall openings properly by making the external render and internal plaster wrap around the reveals into the window or door frame? Also can insulated cavity closers be shown?
  19. Kevin Allen

    Drawing Label Text Size

    2 point text?
  20. KarynT

    Fences with gates needed

    Has anyone created a workaround to insert a gate into a fence? I see that it's a wish list item but don't know if it's been acted upon yet.
  21. JustinVH

    Stop seeing grid through objects

    @nwfonseca It sounds like you have the grid turned on in your Smart Cursor Settings. In order to turn off the grid do the following: -Go to Tools>Smart Cursor Settings -Choose Grid -At the bottom there is a Grid Options box to show/not show grid, if you uncheck the Show Grid option that should get rid of the grid while in 3D views. Keep in mind that the grid will also not be visible in 2D either. I hope that helps solve your issue.
  22. JHEarcht

    Create Site Model fails

    If only it were that simple. When I select 'recreate from source data', all of the 3D polygons have the correct elevations. I don't know where you found Z values of 370' for contours. I only see that 373'.72" number in the Max Elev box of the Site Model Settings. So the question remains, where did that elevation number come from? I certainly didn't set it. And changing it in the Max Elevation box doesn't fix anything. For some unknown reason, the mesh surface is set at 373' above the contours. When I choose any option other than 3D Mesh Solid for the model, that 373' vertical offset disappears. But then I have no surface for the contours, which is the point of the whole exercise. What would make the mesh jump 373' straight up? I'm guessing that the "polylines outside of the site model" that you refer to are the original source data contours that display at the proper elevation. It's the 3D mesh solid that has the wrong elevations. But I don't know how or why they got that way. BTW, the Site Model mesh also seems to have added some intermediate invisible loci that warp the rendered surface from the intended slopes. They don't look like the contours. PS__ When I click Validate 3D data, the report finds "overlapping 3D polygons". But there are no overlapping polygons, unless it means those that are in the same position, but on a different elevation, where the contours stack vertically on a wall or curb (see attachment). I don't know how to fix that "problem" except to delete the portion of the contours that wrap around a vertical wall. Is this another glitch in VW2013? PPS__I've been retired for eight years. But when I was working, I used VW 2008 for 2D drawings, and SketchUp for quick 3D views (that I seldom got paid extra for). Although 2D was easy and intuitive, I found VW 3D quirky & counter-intuitive, and it repeatedly crashed my computer. This current model is just for funsies. But it would be more fun, if I could get beyond this site model obstacle. I may have to create the site model in my ancient copy of SketchUp 2005, and import it into VW.
  23. When trying to edit the Drawing Label, the text size does not go below 8 pts. Sometimes this is still too big and needs to go down to 4 pts or even 2 pts in order to fit in the space allowed. Please remove this restriction. It would also be helpful to fill the text background of the title and scale information, not just the sheet/drawing bubble.
  24. Without getting into to much detail here I would like to see how others are going about this. I have had some success in creating a cutom title block per the VW Help guide. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/index.htm#t=VW2017_Guide%2FSetup%2FAdding_a_Title_Block.htm&rhsearch=Title Block border&rhsyns= My question here is how many are using this automation aspect of the Rev block attaching records and so forth? My primary concern here is all the connectivity and automation involved in something so simple like a revision block. I don't want to get entrenched into a system that takes more time to manage than it does to just simply create some txt and lines as rev block and just change text as needed. Only to find out that tool or feature will change in the next version. Sometimes simple just works. Text and lines never "lose functionality" regardless of the version or updates. Hoping to hear from some others on the way they approach there border title setup on a sheet view. Also feel free to list postives and negatives in your workflow.
  25. Especially if you're next to a few Unreal workstations, and their "renders" are screenshots taken in real time. Very excited about all these improvements. I even have hope for the godforsaken stair tool...
  26. Hello, Is this still available?
  27. EvelyneB

    Window ID mark

    So THAT's what those cryptic little arrow/toggle buttons are for! Thanks a bunch, Gadzooks - that's exactly what I was looking for. And thanks for the tip about window numbering and elevations.
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