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  2. Vectorworks 13 on Windows 10 I've been working on a set of residential drawings for almost 3 months, and am almost finished. But when I opened the Recent File I noticed that all the text had changed from "Graphite Standard" to "Arial". In the Object Info box, the font name still shows as Graphite. But it acts as-if that font is no longer available. Any new text is drawn in Arial, even though Graphite is selected. So I checked the Windows Fonts list, and it seems OK there. Then I used the font in a world processing app, and it works properly. I closed the file and reopened it, but no change. Finally, I opened an older version of the same file and it has the same font substitution. I don't get any "font substitution" error message. And there's nothing under the Text heading to fix the problem. The drawing is perfectly legible with Arial, but location and spacing is a little off. And the architect I'm working for prefers a hand-drawn font. Any suggestions to force VW to use the selected font will be appreciated. Meanwhile, I'm just hoping when I open the file tomorrow, it will have remembered where the font is stashed. Please don't tell me use a Mac -- it's much too late for that. 🙂
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  4. Hi All, I'm running a windows 10 machine, and it seems that whenever I move vectorworks 2021 SP3 from my primary monitor to my secondary monitor it freezes and does not recover. I've never experienced anything like this before, and the issue only popped up after a fresh installation of windows 10. Some background: I've updated to the most recent windows 10 revision (what I was running before the fresh install without issue). GPU (dual GTX 1080TIs) drivers are up to date. Issue occurs when running DisplayPort out of the same card as well as when running HDMI out of different cards. It doesn't matter which card or monitor is driving vectorworks, it always freezes when not on what is se as the 'primary' monitor in the windows 10 settings. DxDiag.txt file attached below. Thanks in advance. DxDiag.txt
  5. @michaelk Thank you so very much for your help on that. I just followed your directions and it worked and the tool, based on my limited amount of use is already really amazing and I look forward to using it more! 😄
  6. On the top click the Tool tab On the left you can either look in All Tools or in MK Commands Once you find it in the left column open the Tool Sets in the right column. Then open the tool palette you want to put it in. (i.e., Spotlight, Event Planning, Building Shell, Furn/Fixtures, etc) Then grab the tool from the left column and drag it to the desired place in the right column. Make sure it doesn't indent a little under another tool. If it does just drag it out and back until it lines up on the left side. That should do it 🙂
  7. It's once I'm in the workspace editor that I'm struggling to find the tool itself within that. Thanks for the reminder to restart VW though, I definitely did forget to do that originally😅
  8. After you add it to your plugin folder, restart VW. Then go to Tools > Workspaces > Edit Current Workspace. If that's not the problem, post back. We'll walk you through it.
  9. Hey all, I'm delayed in finding out about this and I would love to use the tool, but I am new to adding tools to the workspace. I tried to check out the video included in the link, but I'm a bit lost just because the tool isn't showing up at all. It's in the plugins folder, it should be the most recent version and as far as I can tell, I did everything right leading up to the "adding it to the workspace" part. Thanks and apologies if this is actually really easy and I'm just bad at this.
  10. Hi Mark - I'm not the guy for this (I work in Entertainment) - but just wanted to say I love your work. Really clean but inviting designs. Hope you find a great candidate soon.
  11. I am looking for a lidar scanner that I can mount on a tripod and scan a space with ease. Typically the spaces are not very large but I want something with decent range, accuracy and no monthly fee to export to Vectorworks. I have been using my iPhone 12 mounted to a tripod and it does not have quite enough range or accuracy. Please give me your recommendations.
  12. The P18 is not currently in Visions library. However, it is available for download on the https://gdtf-share.com/ website, which can be used in Vision.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This is an old file that I have recently resurrected. It is one of the first files I ever created and represents my favorite way to use Marionette: infographics. I thought I had posted it here, but I can't find it, so I figured I would post it again. This file contains some custom infographics that I created based off of the polys in this file that have records attached. I have included a second layer that has some chart nodes from the default library.
  14. Hello The Callout dialog currently allows us to search the current section of a callout database. Could we also have an option to search the entire database? The only way around this is to not have 'Sections' in the Database.
  15. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov thank you, I'll give these a shot.
  16. For the past several months or so, I CONSTANTLY have my plan view switch to orthogonal. I've reviewed any shortcuts related to view I can identify and may be triggering accidentally, but it's still happening... I had just been accepting it as a bug, but I can't imagine other users work this way. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. VECTORWORKS CLOUD SERVICES: Interoperability, Collaboration, Common Data Environments (CDEs), Digital Twins, and Performance Simulation are implicit subthemes in many of the road map features listed. Really, all of these subthemes are vestiges of Cloud Computing. Vectorworks offers cloud computing services and integrations and/or interoperability with collaboration platforms and tools, common data environments, digital twins, and performance simulation tools (including arch viz, energy analysis, crowd flow, lighting effects, structural analysis, and lighting control systems logic). Please consider making Vectorworks Cloud Services a major theme of the road map. Please address more explicitly the roadmaps for the subthemes of the Cloud Services theme listed above. The post about Omniverse is interesting in part because: there are many ways to participate in NVidia's Omniverse, including as simply as export/import of standard file types all the way to bi-directional real-time integration; the partnering companies range from small specialty software companies to very large multinational companies; the partnering companies come from a wide range of industries, and so participation is about more than just participation in another competing AEC CDE upstart, but rather participation is about access to and collaboration with potential clients, collaborators, and vendors from across a wide range of industries; ultimately it does not matter if Omniverse or the Microsoft Cloud or the Oracle Cloud or the Amazon Cloud or any of the other many, many cloud vendors achieves a network effect, or if conversely, as the name omniverse suggests, there are many, many unique compositions of public and private clouds across a wide range of scales and capacities that are all reliant on the same underlying server and computing architectures. Rather the big point is that participation in project delivery and participation in commerce and civil society is already in large part participation in a number of distinct and integrated cloud computing ecosystems and this new dynamic will only continue to grow as a business concern. So part of the roadmap should be how the Vectorworks tools and platform engages cloud computing concerns and workflows. SECURITY: Assuming that almost all of Vectorworks' users already have to execute projects across a range of cloud services, and that the percentage of Vectorworks users whose project delivery is dependent on cloud services will only continue to grow, please also consider making Security a major theme of the feature roadmap. This can include: security of the program system architecture, security of file and data transfer to and from the Vectorworks Cloud Services and other cloud services, security as part of user workflows (especially collaborative workflows), and security as it relates to the Community Board and Vectorworks' other social media platforms (given the increasing prevalence of social engineering-based phishing and spear phishing facilitated by mining social media platforms and forums). Please consider adding a Security theme to the roadmap. INTERCONNECTED SYSTEMS OF SYSTEMS: Internet of Things, (IoT), (Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Ultra-Large-Scale Systems (ULS or ULSS), Complex, Large, Integrated, Open Systems (CLIOS), Intelligent Buildings, Interactive Architecture, Complex, Interactive Architectural Ecosystems (CIAE), Socio-Technical Systems (STS), Social-Cyber-Physical Systems (SCPS), Ubiquitous Computing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality...... and beyond (But let's say Interconnected Systems of Systems as shorthand for these concerns). There are so many ways in which the focus of our design activities engages the design of interconnected systems of systems. Vectorworks' own ConnectCAD and pioneering efforts developing the GDTF file format and participation in OpenBIM standards development already engage this set of concerns. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of interconnected systems of systems technologies, and now these are becoming normal project requirements for the design of any business, retail environment, home, leisure/hospitality environment, entertainment environment, public environment, healthcare environment, outdoor environment, educational, environment .... any/all environments.....any most large-scale organized, social activities. Please consider adding an Interconnected Systems of Systems theme to the roadmap. This can track how the Vectorworks software features enable designers to address these emerging project requirements. ETHICS: Whether it is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), or the various 'World's Most...' ethical/just/... companies lists, or the 2030 challenge and other similar pledges and activities, companies are increasingly judged and valued not just based on their technologies and growth forecasts and balance sheets but on how they conduct business and how their products and services enable (or impede) how ethically their clients and users conduct business and how ethical their consultants and vendors are judged to be. In addition, since so many emerging technologies and work practices exist partially or completely beyond the bounds of existing legal and regulatory frameworks, to a certain degree, companies and service providers and consultants and vendors who enable use of emerging technologies are on the honor system to do what is right and just and ethical, regardless of whether or not there is a legal or regulatory mechanism in place to enforce compliance (e.g., RFID tags, drones, exoskeletons, computer vision, robotics, mechatronics, automation, and motion capture technologies on construction sites and IoT equipment in homes and commercial, institutional, entertainment, and business facilities). Given this, the topic of ethics is increasingly a major point of concern for clients, collaborators, and end users. In addition, and specifically with regard to Vectorworks' user base, design is fundamentally an ethical act. What we design and how we implement it fundamentally impacts people's health, wellbeing, performance, behaviors, comfort, and perception of the world. Ethics is a primary concern for all designers. So it makes sense that Ethics is a considered dimension of features enabled by the tools that we use. Please consider adding an Ethics theme to the roadmap. (Note: The terminology is not my focus. Call it something different if more appropriate. But please consider adding themes to the roadmap that address the concerns described above.)
  18. Do you ZIP the plug-in and download it per Safari afterwards? Then in this case, the archive is quarantined. You have to de-quarantine the archive before you unpack it: xattr -d com.apple.quarantine archive.zip
  19. Based on your responses, its clear you have not gone thru the exercise of exploring this specific issue. It’s not a twin motion issues, it is a Vectorworks problem with how it exports. Datasmith and videos on the internet don’t fix it either.
  20. Hi Antonio, Thanks for giving it a shot. Do you think there is a data flow issue, as it passes through the second "valve" condition node? Once, I connect the solid boolean to the copy node and run in debug mode, data doesn't flow through the second valve node.
  21. No worries at all... I'm on my afternoon coffee!! 😄 Very much appreciated!
  22. Give me a min and I will post a quick video about this. Still drinking my morning coffee! 😀
  23. I agree that participating in Omniverse is important. It is not only the large BIM authoring tool vendors on this platform. Many of Vectorworks' partners are engaging this platform. And, given that so many industries, and especially AEC and big data / data science, have come to rely on NVidia architecture as fundamental to their production, collaboration, and analysis tools, more likely than not this initiative will have staying power.
  24. Hey, Ok... so after I move the image, I have to redraw a geoimage rectangle in order to see the updated view? Even though I've already done this previous to needing to geolocate? Sorry, still wrapping my head around this.... much more comfortable with truss and lights! Cheers!
  25. The initial image you see is for site reference and is only temporary. This is why it disappears. You are still Georeferenced you just need to use the Geo Image tool to draw a rectangle around your area (make it a decent size) and that image will be better quality and stationary for your site.
  26. Good afternoon everyone! I'm using the geolocate tool to align the GIS image to a drawing. Everything seems to work fine, it moves to the correct position, but when I change tools it snaps back, disregarding the changes... has anyone else had this issue? I can't seem to find any detainls on this in the manual... Cheers!
  27. I want to make a Plug-in that works with VW2021 and Big sur 11.4. If I build the sample "TesterModule" as is, it works on High Sierra 10.12.6, but not on Big sur 11.4. Gatekeeper cannot be executed via the Internet because the developer is unknown. It works when I build it myself and use it myself. I think the problem is that the developer is unknown. If you try to set Development Signing (Code Signing) in Xcode, the developer will not be unknown, but it will be an "incompatible plug-in" and will not be recognized. What should i do? There are several build environments. 1) Big sur 11.4 Xcode 12.5 2) High Sierra 10.12.6 Xcode 8.1
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