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  2. I'm interested in Architect. Please contact me if still available.
  3. line-weight

    Section / Elevation Settings

    Have to agree with this. It makes all the difference.
  4. Jab_be

    3D plants

    Hello, Maybe Xfrog? http://xfrog.com/category/libraries.html
  5. Today
  6. khldesign

    Texture cannot not apply on extruded objects

    Thanks but no much luck here.
  7. michaelk

    Texture cannot not apply on extruded objects

    Select the object, then click on the Render tab in the OIP. You can choose a texture there. They are stored in the Resource Browser under Renderworks Textures. I think. The names might be a little different in 2013.
  8. markdd

    Step by step to make a 4-bar instrument

    Post or PM the file and I’ll take a look
  9. Dear Scott, Not sure but maybe the enclosed snapshot might fix one of your problems: Cheers, Peter
  10. Benson Shaw

    PDF to VW

    The ability to acquire geometry from a vector based pdf is part of vwx for many versions (since v2014?). And it’s really great. But some trIcks and pitfalls go with it: Select the pdf object>Ungroup> result usually contains a rectangle (no fill) surrounding a white rectangle, in front of a group containing the geometry. If an image is included in the pdf, it will be shown as a Bitmap, probably on that white rectangle. Unless needed for something else, delete the rectangles. The geometry in the group will include loads of vertices, because text and curved lines will all be reduced to faceted segments. Often it is advantageous to Select All then Compose to join the adjacent segments into longer poly lines. Note that this pdf geometry may not be dimensionally correct. Eg walls may have “unusual” and inconsistent thickness. It’s close, but not same as importing CAD geometry. -B
  11. Benson Shaw

    Best way to create roof by NURBS curves or Curved Lines

    @chrispolo Yes, please do show us your design as it evolves! Many here will want a glimpse into your thinking. -B
  12. Santiago Zeceña

    Vectorworks 2018 - Service Pack 1

    Hello, I'm unable to get the full installation download, the student portal will only start downloading the service pack updater. It´s Vectorworks 2018 for mac, thanks.
  13. khldesign

    Texture cannot not apply on extruded objects

    I am using 2013 spotlight and the image or texture won't apply to 3D objects, only been seen on a 2D flat surface. I can't even find "texture" buttom in resource browser. Any help will be appreciated!
  14. cberg

    PDF to VW

    How did I not know this? This is really awesome!!!
  15. I'm getting these unwanted lines in my hidden line render, because of floor stacks. Is there a setting I can fiddle with to change this? thanks!
  16. I'm getting these unwanted lines in my hidden line render, because of floor stacks. Is there a setting I can fiddle with to change this?
  17. John Paul Szczepanski

    Total truss lenght in worksheet

    I named the truss in the truss creation dialogue but wish to count multiple instances with the same name. I am creating a quick rectangular truss grid over a studio. I dont want name each instance with a seperate name in the object info but want all truss created to be named Purple, then count just the instances of truss for Purple.
  18. swcreative

    Step by step to make a 4-bar instrument

    I've tried following this multiple times but after attaching the record to the created symbol the inserted symbol is not treated as multiple lighting device objects as your video shows so the lights cannot focus like you show.
  19. MTRobin

    Rotate Lighting Device Like a 3D Symbol

    I do like it. I was just hoping for an option to turn it off. Like with snapping or something. Ctrl-Click when rotating could make it rotate around the rotate tool or something like that. I can just make it a group, rotate it, then ungroup it, but that becomes cumbersome. All in the name of speeding up workflow. Thanks Maxwell
  20. Yesterday
  21. We do have presets for the Vision "ROOT" settings. We refer to them as Document Settings now per the VW nomenclature. I have heard some interesting suggestions about making it easier to save and recall these presets though! If you wanted to elaborate at all, that would be great!
  22. Yea, we definitely need to get this working! We were hoping to eventually get more things like RGBW and whatnot in there as well and that only furthers the need for a pulldown!
  23. This is possible in the current release. You can adjust the Color Temperature and Candella of the fixture, which I'm sure you are familiar with. There is also a Vision specific setting called Beam Multiplier. This Beam Multiplier only effects the beam of the light and not the surface. Color Temperate and Candella effect both the beam and the surface. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  24. bbudzon

    Vision Undo

    Do you have some examples of when this does and does not work for you?
  25. This is a complaint we've been hearing more and more. The way I would handle this is by adjusting code in the ESC/MVR Exporter to allow for different addressing schemes, so to speak. Great suggestion!
  26. bbudzon

    Vision Visibility on/gray/off

    There are workarounds to do this currently, but streamlining the workflow is ideal! One thing that is really cool is leveraging face culling.You have to have a proper cube with proper normals and winding order for this to work. Essentially, you can only ever see 3 faces of a cube at any given time. Normally, when face culling is on and working properly, we render the front 3 faces but not the back 3. This is done for performance reasons. What you can do that is clever though is flip the normals of the cube so that the back 3 faces are rendered instead of the front 3. What this means is that as you rotate around the cube, walls/floors/ceilings will disappear dynamically and on-the-fly! If you'd like to know more about this we can talk more directly as no code changes are needed to make this happen! The more realistic workflow is supporting a ceiling object with wall and slab objects alike. These can't leverage the face culling trick and will be less performance friendly as a result of the additional polygons. Either way, the current workflow unfortunately involves putting the ceiling inside a layer and then toggling the visibility of that layer. There's no rhyme or reason you can't do this for MeshShapes we just never got the request! This shouldn't take much time to implement on the coding side of things, as far as I can tell.
  27. Anna Guzman


    Hello, I have a hardscape area with different "stakes" or spot elevations on each vertex. How do I model this? First time Vectorworks user.
  28. Aspect_Design

    Section / Elevation Settings

    Ohh its such a frustrating and rigid piece of expensive rubbish... Where to begin... Site modelling is practically nonexistant, every thing you model to reuse has to be a 'family' - these have preset parameters of what it can be called and classed as that are fixed (unlike VW classes where you make your own), no window tool (again needs to be a family - and to be useful made parametric - this is HOURS of work), it will say it can't do a certain thing you want it to do and not tell you why - just throws up cryptic error windows, free form modelling is arcane (massing even more so!) and hits PC performance, working in 3d was next to impossible (but I think they've gone some way to making it easier), so many more things...oh and cost😱 Even though VW has its fair share of issues and weird ways of doing things, I love it so much more than Revit or Archicad. Plus this forum - its one of the best I've found for product support, company interaction, sense of community and users voices to improve the product. @Acip79 I stopped using hatches long ago - it was time consuming and fiddly. I build my components with textures with no hatches (i get them from here most off the time) and then create my viewports when I make up the sheet sets. If your computer isn't that powerful, you can do some lower quality renders or use Open GL for background rendering to see what the output like is to save time, then make them higher quality for the set that goes out. I always use hidden line without hatches to give the background render a nice edge.
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