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  2. Hi All, I'm trying to rneder a scene using final quality renderworks and it's giving me the same limitations as OpenGL - whenever I turn on more than 8 lights, it turns off the first light. the more lights I turn on, the more it turns off other lights. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Jesus Christ yes. Thanks a lot. This forum rocks!
  4. You are correct! Now I have a new issue, where windows is not saving the change and reverts back to read only...🤦‍♂️
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  6. I wish worksheets could have their own class visibility - like viewports. Good idea for the wish list!
  7. That worked! I can't believe I didn't think to check classes. That's usually the first thing I check when things don't look right, but I guess I didn't think a worksheet would by controlled by classes. Thanks again.
  8. Check your classes. Those symbols are all in the MEP class, which is set to invisible. The contents of all the symbols I checked was Notes-Sheet. Make sure that is also visible. Then recalculate the worksheet.
  9. I can send you the 2019 file as well if that would help.
  10. 2019... we were having the same issues in 2019, but I used to be able to delete and recreate to get it to work, but that's not working now.
  11. What version was this file originally?
  12. I have just upgraded to 2020 from 16. Auto pan works when I run 2020 in Windows 7 (yes, really, I spent the new lap top fund on the software upgrade!!). But auto pan won't work on 2020 on Windows 10. (Yes, I know, time to use a Mac!!) So it's a MS Windows issue? Any recent experience welcome....
  13. Set the grid spacing and turn on snap to grid?
  14. Is there any way to toggle dark mode / light mode on VW2020 ? I like dark mode for all my other apps, but not on VW. It's a pain to keep going into preferences and changing the system wide dark mode/light mode toggle.
  15. Is there a tool will tell us the angle between two 3D surfaces or work planes?
  16. Thank you, I just sent it to you.
  17. Following up on the use of data tags - it works but not without faults. While the tag pulls the info needed, it is also tied physically to the symbol. When the symbol moves position, so does the data tag. For my purpose, I need the geometry to exist independently, so either symbol or tag can change position without effecting the other. I would still like to see a text box with the ability to link directly to a worksheet cell.
  18. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov I agree with @RGyori . My thought was that the data tag orientation would work like a callout...as you move it around the tagged object, the leader attachment point would move, not flip the entire tag.
  19. Hi VW Tech/Engineers. We really do need someone to fill the huge void left with Jim's absence. The CPU and GPU venders keep pumping out devices, and it's not clear if VW makes use of the new tech. And if so, in what way? For example, hyperthreading. For years, I've been using a 6-core Xeon processor with hyperthreading. It looks like VW is using all 6, plus the logical 6 during renders. So, is Jim's comment about a 4-core limit still accurate? By my experience, it was never accurate. But who am I to really know? Considering a new PC with either a i7 9700K or i9 9900k. Would VW make use of the i9 hyperthread? What would be truly helpful in the System Resources is a list of the vendor technologies and whether or not VW uses them. Another example, one of Jim's emails mentioned that VW does not use SLI (not sure what that is, but it's suppose to be great) and other technologies. Still true. What else? Rather than have us search the forum for hardware info, which for the most part is user experiences, start a list and keep it current. Telling us to get a gaming rig is not very helpful. And gaming rigs are just plain ugly and unprofessional looking. Yes, that matters. We need better guidance. And, really, do we have to ask? Please, pretty please. Would you tell us what you know? What systems are VW staff using? What are their experiences? Thanks,
  20. Any classes that could be turned off? Feel free to post the file or send it in a PM.
  21. We set up the worksheet in our template file, so every file we work in has the same layers. I tried formatting the column to show the image at a custom scale. It changes the size of the cells, but still no image shows up... so that makes it almost seem like it's there but you can't see it? Additionally, the symbol I'm using is the same between files because they are also in our template. So that makes it a bit more perplexing that it works in one file and not the other.
  22. Does the database criteria have something specific to the first file - like a layer name? What happens if you set the size to a custom scale and choose something appropriate?
  23. I'm using VW2020 on a MacPro running Catalina. When I place a Renderworks camera into my design layer (while in Top/Plan view) I get the correct object information window, but there is no trace of the camera. As soon as I click to place it, it disappears. I have been adding Renderworks cameras for as long as there has been a Renderworks, so I know how to do it. I know there are visibility preferences, but the settings do not seem to affect the camera visibility. Does anyone have an idea as to why this file is not showing cameras? When I open a new, untitled file any placed cameras appear, so it seems to be some setting in the misbehaving file. Thanks, Mike
  24. I have issues with symbol images on worksheets as well. I've even gotten it to work in one file and tried pulling that worksheet into a different file and it doesn't work again in the new file. My cell formatting is the same as shown above in the previous post. I have my worksheet set up so the first column shows the image and the second column has the symbol name. My image doesn't show up at all.
  25. Was that necessary? How do you know I am not a professional user? FYI i represent a large user base in the UK as a Vectorworks CAD and BIM consultant and architect (bit simplistic but for arguments sake) as well as being a user myself and am responsible in many instances helping offices with their cashflow and IT budgeting as well as generally helping to streamline processes and helping practices become more efficient. I am not a salesman. And the advice I offer, in addition to taking a good look at how you work and how you might improve your workflows and data structures, is to get yourself on to VSS. It will make the ongoing cost of maintaining your primary software less expensive. It is cashflow friendly and if you actually look at the costs you will find the cost of maintaining VW under a VSS contract in the UK, for example, at the moment is less than £2 a day! No idea what the costs are like where you are but I would be surprised if they were much higher. Most software operates now on an annual cycle basis. Vectorworks are not unique in that respect but in VSS there is a really cost effective long term payment plan that takes the sting out of having to find 4x the amount in one lump every 4 years or so which is far less affordable and why so many find themselves with out of date hardware and software.
  26. I am looking for someone to make me a script in python or marionette. Let me know if you are interested. thanks ric
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