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  2. My line attributes are repeatedly changing without prompting. I often select an object to change its attributes, however this automatically changes the default attribute settings to those of the selected object. This is specifically an issue with VW19, and has never occurred on previous versions.
  3. I haven't tried again recently, but I should have some time tomorrow. I will try again and report back.
  4. Yeah Bob, that kind of power looks amazing, GPUs and eGPUs look to be the way we will finally see the rendering bottleneck disappear. I had hoped there was some kind of new OS magic in Rob's results making the eGPU available. I don't see why this couldn't start happening though; Nemetschek recently took it's holdings in Maxon to 100% and Cinema 4D has already started making use of the GPU for rendering. Why not unleash C4D's rendering / visualisation capacity fully "within" Vectorworks as either an upgrade or as a more thoroughly integrated plugin? This has been a longtime request of users, then what's happening on the GPU front can become part of the Vectorworks workflow in a timely manner. It seems like low hanging fruit to me? Especially when you consider CineRender is the engine underneath Renderworks and that we can already import C4d textures into Vectorworks . . .
  5. Kevin McAllister

    Why won't my background change to blacl

    Are you rendering in the Design Layers or on a Sheet Layer? Are you changing the Renderworks background or the editor background (in the Vectorworks Preferences)? It sort of sound like you're changing the editor background, perhaps using the Preferences>Display>Black Background setting. For rendering, you need to actually set the background using View>Set Renderworks Background. Are you able to post a screen shot? Kevin
  6. rjtiedeman

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    Your right! I let it go several hours then checked activity monitor and Vectorworks 2019 was frozen (NOT RESPONDING) when the progress bar was almost done. I tried it again after restarting my Mac and VW. VW then finished the preview in about 10 minutes then crashed when I tried to export the image as a PSD 300 dpi 15" wide by ?" tall. I just updated to 10.13.6 and Security Update 2018-003 which wiped out my NVIDIA Drivers which now have been restored. VW may require a reinstall or the 18069-3D_Concept file is damaged.
  7. Haydenovative

    Lighting Instrument Removes Global Lighting

    @JBenghiat Thanks for that. I do usually add work lights as you mentioned, and upping the ambient light creates an odd new effect rather than a straight correction, it tends to wash out the facets of things in open GL. I would really like to toggle off the assumption that I am lighting with intention or at least not remove general lighting until one of the fixtures is turned on. We do so much lighting work within a greater production that does not require focusing and illumination, it really becomes an annoyance to need to have all the light layers turned off while working on the model.
  8. Hi @bcarrigg90 and @AJ Roslevich, I provide Tech Support for Vectorworks users in New Zealand. Currently I have a Windows 10 user experiencing this issue with Vectorworks 2018 which is highly unusual. We need to know what resolved this matter for you. Can you please tell us what worked for you? Here's what I've confirmed on my user's computer: The installation program doesn't load the default location automatically, but does permit it to be manually selected C drive permissions are the same as mine / should work Program Folder permissions are the same as mine / should work There is 50GB of space available on C drive Antivirus seemingly not interfering (although I won't rule it out. MalwareBytes) Latest, freshly-downloaded SP5 installer still affected Can you please advise what worked for you? @MMajor124 and @Jim Wilson, based on this discussion I suspect this the storage type of the disk/partition might be a factor. See basic vs dynamic storage types. To determine a disk type, open 'Disk Management' and look at the 'Type' column for the applicable volume. I expect the solution will be to format the volume/partition back to the 'basic' type.
  9. Contact the sales team at Vectorworks Inc...... Good luck! Cheers Marilyn
  10. Kevin McAllister

    Sectional perspective

    Can you post a screen shot of what you're trying to do or the result you are getting? There are two ways to create sheet layer viewports from the clip cube. One is to right click on a highlighted face of the clip cube and choose Create Section Viewport. This creates a flat section view. The other is to activate the clip cube and then choose View>Create Viewport. This creates a 3d view with a section cut through it. Kevin
  11. bob cleaver

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    The link below shows a mac mini with 2 eGPUs on DaVinci software The software allows to activate 2 GPUs and the results are dramatic I am not sure if this will ever be a VW option
  12. JBenghiat

    Lighting Instrument Removes Global Lighting

    Any time you add a render light or object creating a render light (like a lighting device), Vectorworks assumes you are lighting with intention and turns off the virtual worklight. If you want more general light in the scene, you have two strategies. One is to add in some render lights (in the Visualization tool set). I like using one or two directional lights with shadows turned off. You can also edit the lighting options from the View menu, and increase the amount of ambient light in the scene.
  13. techdef

    How to rotate (I dont even know!)?

    Neil,Fairmore 01 copy.vwx Here you go. Thanks for your interest.
  14. Andy Broomell

    Class Visibility in Thumbnail Renders

    There's also this checkbox which seems relevant, though I've never gotten it to work predictably:
  15. Andy Broomell

    Smarter Wall Framer

  16. Hi Team, I've posted regarding this before, but I cant find a current thread so please redirect me if there is already a discussion on this. Adding any lighting fixture to a drawing removes the global lighting regardless of whether or not that light is turned on. This is frustrating in renders where we would like to see the lights hanging in the roof without necessarily turning them on and focussing them. There is a few tricks we use to get around this such as duplicating the lighting layer and converting to 3D polygons and then turning off the original lighting layer. or putting a lot of Renderworks lights through the scene. There was mention of this becoming something that could be toggled on or off. Has anyone seen any progress with this in 2019? Thanks in advance.
  17. Haydenovative

    Class Visibility in Thumbnail Renders

    Thank you @Rob Books I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this is not right. I did try your recommendation @Marissa Farrell but alas it appears this is a greater issue. Thank you so much for your input everyone, I hope this can be resolved shortly.
  18. Yesterday
  19. John Whyte

    Batch convert anybody?

    I would like to know if this is possible also, to convert a bunch for 2018 files to 2017
  20. Hi so I have completed a rendering and have it in Narrow Perspective and final quality rendering with the black background on. However, the background is not changing to black. Right now the bottom is a dark green color and the top is white. I have gone into vectorworks preferences and changed the colors manually but still no change. I have also restarted vectorworks but still no change. does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  21. Tamsin Slatter

    2019 strange glitchy behaviour - disappearing geometry

    I'm sorry to hear that you continue to have problems David. I thought we had got to the bottom of them with SP2 and with the removal of layer links from your workflow (replacing them with Design Layer Viewports) I just took a look at our support system and I don't see any outstanding cases for you. If you still have issues, please let the VSS team know. They are there to help you and keen to do so.
  22. I did a model of a house I designed, I'm trying to do a sectional perspective, but when I use the clip cube tool mixed with the rendering option it doesn't render it the way I edited it in clip club. Is there another way to do this?
  23. Tamsin Slatter

    2019 strange glitchy behaviour - disappearing geometry

    I am not able to reproduce this in a blank file. However, the best option is to submit the example file to tech support so that the team can continue problem determination on your behalf. I saw some problems of this kind in SP1, and found that the workaround was to create the first object, then create the group, and then create the other objects within the group editor. I don't know if this will help you, but it's worth a try.
  24. mjm

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    And where again does one find that tool to add it to Spotlight workspace? Or is it Architect / Designer spaces only? TiA, MichaelM
  25. Patrick Fritsch

    2019 Bug: Slab Edge offset highlight

    Slab edge offset does not highlight the selected edge, so it essentially a guessing game which edge we are trying to offset components on.
  26. Kevin McAllister

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    This is good to know. When ungrouping a Simple Stair it decomposes into extrudes, which is what I would expect from a PIO. It section and shows in the clip cube properly too. Great information. Funny that I had to add the Simple Stair to my workspace manually to be able to use it. Kevin
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