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  2. I don't find it may bee because I have only Fundamentals?
  3. Dear all, With record formats it is possible to rename the format and/or the datafields and the used instances in the document will retain the attached information. Doing the same with a 'ifc property set' just deletes the old 'property set' and attaches the new one. Not nice. Am I overlooking something or is this correct: is it not possible to rename 'property sets' without loosing attached information? Regards, Frank Schnater (Vectorworks architect 2021)
  4. With the Rotation Tool selected you can temporarily hold down the Command key to select objects. This applies to various other tools too. Also, in other contexts, hold down the Space Bar to suspend the tool you're using + use another tool then release to return to original tool.
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  6. I am new to VW and am trying to reshape a simple 3D object but the handles are missing. I can reshape a 2D Object but cannot work out how to reshape the 3D.
  7. Hi @Pat Stanford Thats why I posted this in feature requests and not in trouble shooting 🙂 It seems to me that there is a gap between the functionality of the OIP and marionette. Some basic scripting funtionality and a few global parameters would go a very long way to remedy a lot of repetetive tasks. @Thomas Peters Intriguing but I am not allowed to see the link, no permission cheers
  8. Agreed. Also think it was silly to make such a big change to their location AND change the graphics so much as well. Changing the icons could've waited until the next update (or, like, just not be done at all because it's completely pointless at best and confusing at worst)
  9. Scenario: I have lots of things to rotate. I go Option + = to get the rotate tool, do the action, press X, click on the next object, Option + = again etc. etc. It would be easier if there was a "suspend" key I could hold down to re-invoke the selection tool. Does such a thing exist? As it should do! Thinking about it, I could probably change the rotate shortcut - I hate Option + = as I always have to look at it due to there being so many similar keys on that side of the keyboard.
  10. Providing you use geometry you will always be able to double click and edit the geometry. You can also Edit > Ungroup to convert a hanging position back to just geometry. I don't believe Hanging Position will become legacy in terms of being 'retired' There will always be a need to create a hanging position from non standard custom geometry.
  11. I thought this University video was very good too: https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/page/view.php?id=492
  12. - Did you check out the tutorial I sent you above? In Part 2 Data there is a very good explanation how and where to create your data fields, so please try to read it and test it out on your side to see how it works in practice. I have checked your test file and I see that you have added some fields to the Project Data which is good. Just keep in mind that Project data is document wide - meaning it will be always the same for all title block borders in the same file. Also, I noticed that you have 2 title block borders overlapping each other in the same layer, which might be something you created by mistake? Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  13. You can try to start the Updater App directly. You can find it somewhere inside the VW 2022 App Folder. (Inside on macOS, inside a Subfolder Windows) Usually the Updater will Update itself first and find new Updates after its restart.
  14. The video should be visible in the post. (I can see it) Try this download link. https://www.dropbox.com/t/YytSsgBqIYZ2f3Sg
  15. Hello @mcschaefer, You can have custom fields for the circuit but they will show up in the data pane of the OIP, since they have to be created with custom records. The circuit graphics can now show any data from records attached to circuits, so if you create a custom record and attach it to your circuit you can display its data in the circuits graphics. As for worksheets, you can show the attached records to objects in there too, just type ='<record name>'.'<field name>' in the database row and your data will be there. Let me know if you need any help with that. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  16. Hi, how did you download sp2.1? My VW updater says up to date but I still have SP2
  17. The other thing to bear in mind is that you generally need two joints to get a handrail round a corner: Something the VW Stair Tool doesn't understand unfortunately:
  18. Hi all, This might be a stupid question, but I am wondering if it is possible to remove or disable the Degree field in the OIP of a 3D path object. I have created a tool that draws a symbols along the path, but if the degree in the OIP is edited the path is ruined, hence why I want to disable it. Does anybody have an idea?
  19. @Boh @Michael H. thank you! I did look at those settings but hadn't delved deep enough. The detail levels for WinDoor objects works differently to the VW Door + Window where sills/thresholds show by default on the design layer unless you have 'Auto Display Detail Levels for Design Layers' enabled in the Doc Prefs + the layer scale is set to something small. It seems to me that if I uncheck 'Auto generate Detail Levels for Top/Plan view' for the individual WinDoor object, that object displays in High Detail in Top/Plan regardless of: - What the Layer Scale is on the design layer - Whether 'Auto Display Detail Levels for Design Layers' is enabled in the Doc Prefs - The geometry I have checked-off in the '3D Part' list - The Detail Level selected in the OIP for a viewport So you get High Detail across the board + no control over it. That can't be right...? If I leave it checked but I enable 'Auto Display Detail Levels for Design Layers' in the Doc Prefs - and set the layer scale appropriately - then I can view the sill on the design layer + still have control over the detail levels in viewports. Hmmm.... My other question: is there a trick to get the Frame Members Sill to display with a different texture to the Jamb/Head? Or they are all on the same class + that's it? Thanks!
  20. Hi, Am I able to change the Application resolution to default to 72 dpi when printing? Mine defaults to 300 and I need to change it more often than not to keep PDF file sizes small. Thanks, Sam
  21. Hi Pat, Yes that's exactly what happened. I should know better than to import an active DWG. I ended up going to the back-up and then copied the layers over and set these back to 0,0. This was easier due to the 149 viewports and only two layers. Thanks again for your help. Sam
  22. In the new hoist tool "Control Cable Length" isn't in the OIP as parameter. But it is still in the Plug-in Manager does anyone know how to add it to the OIP?
  23. when you press a button it should return the number of the button pressed, you can then process the logic you need to from there. heres an example import vs dialog1 = 0 def start(): global dialog1 dialog1 = vs.CreateLayout('Pixel Map Exporter', False, 'OK', 'Cancel') vs.CreatePushButton(dialog1, 5, "Im a button!") vs.SetFirstLayoutItem(dialog1, 5) result = vs.RunLayoutDialog(dialog1, Dialog_Handler4) return(result) def Dialog_Handler4(item , data): ### Init Setup if item == 12255: pass ### Finished elif item == 1: pass ### Canclled elif item == 2: pass ### Push Buutton Pressed based off the item number you gave it when building the dialog layout elif item == 5: vs.AlrtDialog(str(f"Pushed button! im item #{item}")) return None
  24. yep that'll do it. and no i have another rabbit hole to dive down. lol thanks @klinzey
  25. Once you get this issue sorted out, you might enjoy the flexibility of using data tags to do the same job. 😀
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  27. Boh

    WinDoor query

    Yes it's this details level setting.
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