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  2. ghunter

    Reset Braceworks IDs not working in SP4?

    Thanks Scott. OzCAD here in Australia confirms it crashes in SP4 and beta SP5 so a report has been raised. I am going to revert to SP3.
  3. bgoff

    setting out co-ordinates schedule strategy

    @rexwexford I think I have a workflow for you. Let me work it up this weekend and post in a couple of days. I am just reading this now (its getting late) and I am gone for a couple of days. This however should be very do-able!! 🙂
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  5. KenAB94662

    Convert Copy to Lines of LL model

    Just upgraded to VW2019 from VW2017 Architect. From my layer-linked model, I've always selected all, then Convert to Lines, Hidden Line Rendering, to produce Elevation drawings linework. I do so for each side of the building. But now it's NOT working in VW2019. Only Wireframe Rendering possible. No good. Help.
  6. P Retondo

    Window and Door Tool maturity

    Let me add, multi-track sliding doors with lapping stiles. This standard door type has been available for more than 30 years. As far as I know, not possible with VW2017 (I have later versions, but never use them because there is no incentive to do so).
  7. Pat Stanford

    2D Components Not Showing Consistently Opaque

    Grasping at straws. Could the wall hatch have an unfilled background and the mirror is actually behind the wall? Stacking Order?
  8. Tom Klaber

    2D Components Not Showing Consistently Opaque

    Ha. Always worth double-checking - but yes - they are filled. I have checked position issues. Class Issues Can not figure it out.
  9. Cadplan Architecture

    Vectorworks 2019 and El Capitan

    Has anyone else had problems trying to run VW2019 on El Capitan?
  10. Pat Stanford

    2D Components Not Showing Consistently Opaque

    I'm sure you know this already, but do the objects that are being shown through have a fill or are they just the outlines?
  11. bob cleaver

    Landscape areas: Alternative schedule size

    I believe you will find the custom size in the plant style of each plant
  12. I am really giving this interior elevation and 2D components in Symbols thing a go. The biggest issue I am now facing is that the 2D components do not show consistently as solid - often showing the wall hatch behind them. The frustrating thing is that while it is stable (it always shows as just linework - or with fill) what objects or even parts of a single object is seemingly random. Here you can see a faucet, mirror, and shelf, all with 2D components. The shelf and mirror are 1 symbol, and the faucet is one. The shelf and faucet controls are showing correctly while the mirror and the faucet itself are not solid. I can not figure out what is going on. I have looked at the position of the 2D and 3d objects in relation to the
  13. @ghunter could you send me a PM with a test file for testing, please? also, if you can add as part of your signature, type of computer, OS, and version of Vectorworks in use that will be helpful for our troubleshooting too. thanks,
  14. If VW does not do what you want it is always a Feature Request. That is the only way to get it on the radar. But I don't think I understand your problem. If you only want a single category, just enter it once. If you use for Type >< Rectangle Type >< Circle you will get no returns because the item can not be only a rectangle and only a circle at the same time.
  15. Sky

    Revit Import Not Working

    @Vasil Kitanov I found 2 refit files from a huge refrigeration manufacturer that don't import correctly in v2019. Can you confirm there is a problem with 2D and 3D View import? DefaultType.rfa DefaultType.rfa
  16. @Pat Stanford, what would really be helpful (maybe this is a wishlist item), is the addition of ONE more option in the list of boolean pull downs that get selected during criteria editing. Currently, there are 7 filter options: {=, <>, <, <=, >=, none} We could really use an additional 8th filter: >< ("ONLY equals") Which would be a way to override the automatic "and/or" determination issue I'm always wrestling with. Currently, if I have a long list of options for a specific criteria, and I want to narrow it down to a single option, I'm often forced to make an equally long list of criteria excluding each of the other options in the set I do not want to be included. This is because I'm stuck with an OR connective between criteria, when I really need an AND connective. If there were an "only equals" filter (><), this would serve the same purpose. Matt
  17. Patrick Fritsch

    Is Energos dead ???

    Is there any future development planned for Energos? Currently I see a lack of; Usage documentation explaining each input parameter. Advanced training webinars or Service select training. Real world compliance certification with any Environmental Design standards (Even the ones available in the dropdown menu are not certified) Here in British Columbia Canada, we now have the BC Step Code https://energystepcode.ca/about/ that we need to comply to. So Energos would need to have been tested with ANSI/ASHRAE 140 "Evaluation of Building Energy Analysis Computer Programs". Kiddy up VW! This ball of mud is melting as it spins!
  18. MTRobin

    Un-group or Explode Symbol Script

    Thank you everyone! I got it to work. Best, Maxwell
  19. Hi, I'm trying to create some simple massing models with gable ends. I have created a custom roof by editing the massing model. With the 'fit walls to roof' command unavailable, I have chosen the option to show the gable wall in the roof in the roof design preferences. This seems to have a set back from the wall and create a ledge. There doesn't't appear to be a way of setting the massing model wall thickness and when changing the gable wall thickness, it only sets the wall further back into the roof leaving the ledge. When looking straight on at the model, there also seems to be a physical gap between the top of the massing model wall and the gable wall. If anyone can shed any light on this, it would be much appreciated. James
  20. The short answer is no, there aren’t any settings for ungrouping an imported PDF. Quote below taken from the help file, with no mention of settings, but states that it will be a “close approximation of the original PDF” :
  21. I get similar behavior where viewports go haywire. I have to close the file restart Vectorworks to get it to stop. It ain't the graphics card (see signature). Graphics have for the most part gone haywire since 2018. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of multithreading with section viewports. Also beginning to think that Apple's declaration of stopping support for Open GL leaves NNA uncommitted to fixing what's broke, meanwhile we all get to pay the price with the lost revenue that comes from chronic instability. Its ground hog day, Bill.
  22. I didn't get any responses when posted to General Discussion. Re-posting here as I couldn't figure out how to move the original post to here. It is frequently desirable to import a PDF to use as a background for locating our work in a building. For reasons of liability and clutter we find it to be a good practice to remove all referencing and architectural items (millwork, furniture, hatching). Are there any settings which can improve the quality of the image created when ungrouping the pdf. I find that there is significant degradation between before and after ungrouping. Low dpi and spray artifacts possibly from anti-aliasing are introduced. Alternately the line work extracted from the pdf loses its differentiating qualities that could have been utilized efficiently to delete clutter, etc. Are there settings somewhere which can be utilized to reduce information and quality loss during PDF conversions?
  23. RussU

    setting out co-ordinates schedule strategy

    Interesting.. in the spotlight and designer versions I've used the hoist tool to bodge the same effect. You set an origin point for it, and then you get x and y co-ordinates dynamically updated on the symbol. I've only done it once or twice, and it worked at the time. I'd love to hear if there's an architect version of a similar tool
  24. rexwexford

    setting out co-ordinates schedule strategy

    Thinking about it, Even a symbol with several text references that updated with a different number each time it was pasted would be a significant step in speeding up this process . If thats any easier? cheers
  25. MAnderson10

    dwg layers to VWX

    Thanks very much both. I work freelance for a practice where everyone except me works on ACAD. It's quite a challenge to coordinate things so it sounds as if importing and exporting as classes is the best idea. I can then presumably coordinate their layer protocols with my classes ( line weights, titles and colours). I used to work in ACAD so have found this quite frustrating and have nearly given in and got a copy of CAD but can't really afford it, so if I can make this work, all the better for everyone!
  26. hello all. I am am trying to get beyond the basics of vectorworks to use it a bit more intelligently. Essentially we typically are building sites of 20-50 houses with several house types. We are regularly required to provide co-ordinates of service connection points to ground workers so they can set out the site before work begins. We use different symbols for each house type, with the service pop ups (internet, electricity, water, rainwater pipes etc) as circles within the symbol. To provide co-ordinates we have been doing the rather painful process of naming each connection manually with a text reference, clicking on each circle and copying and pasting its easting and northings onto a separate note pad file, and then pasting again onto the sheet later with a reference to the connection on a plan. As you can imagine this takes a lot of time and there is a lot of room for error. I have been experimenting with the stake tool, but it is quite laborious on its own, and i still have to enter the reference name by hand as I cant seem to get it to autonumber each time I insert another point. What i'd like to do is essentially somehow reference each connection point in a symbol as Plot 1 - electricity Plot 1 - water Plot 1 - internet etc And then re-paste the house symbol and it automatically renames the connection points in that second house as Plot 2 - electricity Plot 2 - water Plot 2 - internet etc Then create a report which would give me the reference of each connection with a co-ordinates. It doesn't seem particularly outlandish requirement but it has me absolutely stumped and after a morning of trying it is taking longer than my old fashioned copy paste method. I would image this in a function that people require a lot so surely its doable? Is there an easy way to do it? look forward to your responses as always regards Im sure it has the capability to do what I require.
  27. Pat Stanford

    What's the best way to set parametric values?

    I definitely agree that 3D Constraints would be a great benefit for me. I keep struggling along doing things that would probably be better off in Solidworks or Inventor. Mostly because I know VW and I don't do that much of it. Please enter a wish. I have already asked for this many times.
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