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  2. Hi @Kori It's a bit 'clumpy' (to adjust your choice of settings) but you can choose to use spandrel with face. Set different criteria for the panel and the face to suit your steel/acoustic set-up (you can see I've quickly set a grey for the steel and a blue for the acoustic material) and I think you'll be OK with the look you're trying to achieve. Texture is also available - I've not bothered and set it to None. Its just the 'trial and error' of setting the dims so that the panel has the correct appearance to the way it will be manufactured (getting the acoustic recess and the face of the steel looking good) that will take some time perhaps. Hope this helps - others may have a better way.
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  4. Yes, getting to sheet 110 of 150 shouldn't take that many button presses
  5. Title Block Manager

    Is this a question of navigating to a particular Sheet?
  6. convert vwx to dwg

    @michaelk That's bizarre, the file I uploaded was about 3Mb. I've re-attached with it enclosed in a ZIP file, hopefully it will work this time. VL2600_Vectorworks_v2017.zip
  7. Title block drop down

    Hello Mike, The problem here is that editing pulldown fields is not updating the choices for the title blocks. This is going to be fixed for Vectorworks 2019, as the fix is not trivial. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  8. Titleblock Styles Pulldown values

    Hello MSLD, We know about this issue and it is going to be fixed for Vectorworks 2019, as its fix is not trivial. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  9. I have no idea how this could happen. No worries. The bug is understood and filed. All I can tell you is that the engineers know the severity of the problem and it has been assigned.
  10. convert vwx to dwg

    That file's size is 0 bytes. Nothing to convert.
  11. How to get 2018 version on renewal?

    Your account looks like it was approved for extension on April 18th. did you happen to have any other accounts signed up under any other email addresses? I checked the nic*****@gmail.com address you registered on the forum with.
  12. Stopping a render

    That 20min delay is the main core thread being occupied, which unfortunately is the thread that also listens for the Cancel command, so until that initial phase of the rendering finishes, it can't be stopped. Adding this to an existing wish for instant cancel-ability on design layer renders.
  13. Starting Vectorworks Process from Plugin (External Dialog) causes Crash

    Hi Mauricio, You can’t use WPF within the Vectorworks environment. The SDK has its own UI calls, presumably so the don’t interfere with the memory space if palettes and the drawing window. You can enable Dialog Builder, which lets you create dialogs with a GUI. You may be able to safely run python or VectorScript from your dialog, which may be enough to extract the data you need.
  14. I am an original Mini Cad user circa 1987, upgraded to VW 12.5 and want to transition to a VW that can run on OS 10.11 Thanks, roypruden@sbcglobal.net
  15. Uploading files fail

    Should now be working properly.
  16. Extension request not coming through

    Did you use the same email for your student account as the one you used here on the forum? For your sup***@gmail.com email I see no request. Looks like you were approved since this post, let me know if it gives you any further trouble.
  17. Add Solids with Marionette

    Ok Last one. This allows you to adjust the horizontal and vertical grid including the number of cubbies within that grid. Cubby_V004_180426.vwx
  18. Window Schedule in wallstyle

    Thanks for the script @Pat Stanford I will try it out
  19. - select a symbol - press 'replace' in the OIP => the resource browser opens with minimized 'symbol pane' The pane has to be rezised to view the symbols - select symbol to replace. - repeat procedure => pane has to be rezised again. Thats very annoying when replacing a lot of objects... Is that a Windows issue or a Vectorwoks bug ?
  20. Braceworks selection issues

    I am having many issues with braceworks but two are particularly problematic right now. 1. Braceworks is always loosing the "attachment" of objects to their hanging positions. I.E. I have a hanging position and go to do the calculation and is says it is not supported. so I go and reattach my motors. go calculate again and not three random instrument are not attached, go re attach them, re calculate and now other lights are now not attached, repeat cycle until i am bald. Very frustrating. 2. I select a hanging position (and its components) and run a calculation on selection. It comes back with a red box saying "selection not supported" that is in the middle of nowhere, not pointing to the truss that I have selected. It might be pointing to a truss that is on the ground, not being supported except for the floor it is laying on, in a layer turned off. But the issue is that I cannot get it finish the calculation on the truss that I have actually selected. Any ideas why it is bound and determined to add things to the calculation that are not selected. Also on the list of questions. how do I get Braceworks to ignore certain objects like pipe and drape that is floor supported? or truss used as scenic pieces on the deck. I would like to use this software more but it has been very difficult to commit to deadlines because I don't know when it will let me down. Thanks so much.
  21. How to print door opening symbol in Interiorcad

    Hi just a little update on opening triangles: This now works out of the box, no tweaking required. As an added bonus you can also have additional information about front size and fittings used. This works for drawers also.
  22. How to use Dowels and Cams in interiorcad

    Hi @Anna X sorry I am replying late - I have just seen your post now. Do you already have interiorcad? In that case, simply choose the dowel from the mode bar when the single connector tool is active and click on the grids that appear once the tool is running. Hold down Shift to place dowels on all grids of the same type simultaneously. Same for connectors, drawers, hinges etc. Let me know if you need more help and I'll make a short movie for you as soon as I get the chance!
  23. Starting Vectorworks Process from Plugin (External Dialog) causes Crash

    Hello Joshua, thanks for your reply. I just updated the description. Hopefully it is clearer now. I am in fact using a non-VW Dialog. But it should be possible to work with it I think. Basically I am collecting several objects' Handles in a vector and then I want to query some attributes of the objects (Room Area for example) that I have stored in my vector. This is simply triggered by a WPF Form.
  24. I frequently have drawings with 150-200 sheets. Using the titleblock manager and hitting <Prev Next> to scroll through the sheets is excruciating. There should be a pulldown to go directly to the titleblock you want. I've also noticed that once I get more than 50 sheets, the titleblock manager takes forever to open, so I tend to avoid using it.
  25. I'm having issues with the 2018 SP3 titleblock. I've create a field that is a pulldown and defined the choices, but when I go to use that field, it gives me a check mark next to a blank value. Editing the field shows the pop-up values, but they never appear in the titleblock. Anyone else having this issue?
  26. Reports Records Database Worksheet Schedule

    Hi @Pat Stanford I just got around your post above and also your post on 'Worksheet Creation'. Thanks again to you and @Boh for both of your very comprehensive posts which essentially cleared the vision through the woods of question marks in front of me ;0)) G
  27. Lighting Settings for Exterior Renders

    Ok will do..thanks.. should get back to this wednesday sometime.
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