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  2. I've just upgrade to VW 2019 with a new Macbook running Mohave. My file sometimes freezes, when the rainbow wheel stops spinning my right set of palettes shift wider into the screen. I reset it, but the Object Info palette doesn't reset after I resize it. I can't see all of the object information. The palette shifting occurred when I was running VW 2018, but it would continue to shift wider than crash. Is this a problem with the SP version? Incompatibility with Mojave?
  3. michaelk

    Object not working like an object?

    Nicely done. You will find that VW is happier if you make the images smaller. You CAN throw a huge pixel image into a renderworks texture, but it's not necessary. Depending on your computer, things will run faster with a renderworks texture made with a smaller image.
  4. I hadn't actually though about selling my license... but, maybe... I have no idea what the process would be! It was purchased in New Zealand, so included WinDoor, but I am not sure how that would go for you in the UK!?!
  5. Sittingducks

    Quit not responding

    Hi, Just to add to this after such a long time. I'm on windows 10 and this has happened to 2019 sp1 sp2 sp3 sp4 sp5. It's left not responding and required end task. @Tmorgan Our IT has almost everything locked down. No admin access and behind a company proxy server. I'm wondering if you are in the same boat and it's something like this causing the issue? Maybe it trys to access the internet or a protected folder? Just thinking outside the box 🙂 Edit: Or did you solve the problem?
  6. charlottecreature

    Object not working like an object?

    @Pat Stanford @michaelk Thanks for your help. I managed to get my textures in and working. I did end up with one crash (it was really weird actually, I didn't get a wheel of death instead the whole system froze and a weird ticking noise started) luckly I had auto save on so didn't loss to much. I actually used less image work then I thought I would because I found the image became a bit to busy to quickly. But overall managed a sucessful set mock up! Attached finished screen shots 🙂
  7. Today
  8. Frederic_Vbc

    Plant tag shows zeros after decimal

    Same problem here. Best fix I found yet is to apply a bubble style..
  9. We have hundreds of WinDoor symbols [Don't even ask!!!] - well, I say "symbols", but they have been saved as PIOs. What I want to do is create a symbol with a WinDoor Style and save it to the Resource Manager... Fine. I can do that, but when I use it it comes in as a symbol and to make any changes (outside of the Style) we have to explode it. Once exploded, it does however still have the correct Style attached. If I change the symbols to PIOs, everything looks great - when I place it, it is nicely exploded and I can change the form, willy nilly. BUT HOLD ON... it has lost the Style that I assigned to it and it has become its own WinDoor Style! Is anyone using WinDoor Styles effectively? Surely placing a symbol doesn't involve having to explode it and if it is a PIO instead, I would have to replace the style of every WinDoor element that I place so that it is linked to a "Parent". Please identify my stupidity! What am I missing???
  10. unearthed

    Using GIS in your workflows?

    Mainly just importing the increasing amount of data files that are becoming available - it is very useful that VW can read the data attached to shp files. I wouldn't think of doing any analysis in vw tho', far too cumbersome and not open enough to the world. Also in the past I have found VW is less than reliable and locks up when site dimensions exceed about 2kilometres. With QGIS I routinely work with spaces 40km or more across. How does VW handle tiled images? In the past I've had to class each one which gets old really fast. QGIS stores each image re as a single, queryable object. It's a pity you have partnered with Esri - almost all offices I know now who use gis are using QGIS. ArcGIS is completely un-affordable for small offices, and it's closed source, which is a serious disadvantage for the sort of work typical in GIS; at this level we REALLY need to see the algorithms.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Charlie Winter

    Feature Request: NDI Support

    Daniel, can you tell me more about Syphon? I’m starting a project right now that I’m hoping to utilize NDI streams for applying content to LED Screens.
  13. Fernanda Diaz

    Bug? Vectorworks Viewer checkboxes

    Hi, it's 2019. Is this for real? No OpenGL option to see textures on VW Viewer?
  14. cwojo23

    Align and Distribute 2020

    Align and Distribute does not seem to work in that there is no dialog box that pops up once I select that tool after selecting my fixtures in Spotlight - it does my default to just align but actually wanted to align and distribute in this specific case - either way it is not behaving the same way in 2020 that it has in the last 2 versions
  15. Sittingducks

    Vectorworks Cloud Services Update V8 - Proxy not working

    Hi all, Just an update. All is working well with the proxy since the fix. I just have a suggestion. If the proxy is turned off in the settings is it able to retain the proxy text so it can be enabled again without having to retype the details? Easy peasy 🙂
  16. stevenmorgan94

    Functioning Swivel Cheeseborough

    This is awesome, thanks!
  17. Alan Woodwell

    University Vectorworks

    I must say this is a fantastic set of tutorials for all levels of users. congratulations
  18. Mik

    OpenGL died

    An update: hidden line will render correctly where OpenGL will not. It takes 5 minutes but it gets there. Though I have never needed to wait 5 minutes for a hidden line rendering before. I have been working on this file successfully for some time. One coincidence: Microsoft updated my system last night. These problems started after the update. But other files seem to function fine. I have mountains of work in this particular file and right before I was finishing things up for presentation, !@#$ I am stuck if I cannot even get a front elevation.
  19. Mik

    OpenGL died

    BSeigel, Thanks for the quick reply and pointers. I tried your steps above and turned up nothing out of bounds. I edited my post just as you had replied: So the display problem appears to be consistent: OpenGL is blank in the quadrant from Front to Left views, funky on Back and Right views, looks accurate in top and bottom views. If I rotate, it turns blank when I get around the front and left sides. Wireframe disappears in that Front to Left quadrant as well but when it is visible in other views, it looks accurate as opposed to missing stuff like OpenGL. If I close VW and load up, the last view it was in (right isometric) comes up in wireframe and switching to OpenGL is good. But its flaky. As I see proper OpenGL in all selected views, I cannot use the CTL-mouse function to drag the view around. The cursor does not change to the arrows when buttons are pressed, nothing moves. And when I turn on another layer, the OpenGL goes bonkers again.
  20. Alan Woodwell

    Class filters

    Can i create a filter without adding tags? Can i also edit a current filter and add items to it and remove some. Can i do this with and without adding tags to classes? I would like to be able to select random classes and create a filter from the selected classes. May have answered this by viewing the Layering and class filtering from University VW tutorials. (Only with tags) Would Love to be able to just select a few classes and make a filter from them. Regards
  21. Hello Everybody, I received a request for an adjustable swivel cheeseborough, so I created a marionette object that I would like to share with you all, enjoy! If you would like to add it to any of your files you can just copy and paste the object or import the "Cheeseborough Marionette" folder from the Resource Manager. Swivel Cheeseborough.vwx
  22. BSeigel

    OpenGL died

    Hello Mik, There a few possible issues here. First, check to make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date and ensure that Vectorworks is using the graphics card as opposed to integrated graphics (may not be an option on your Xeon processor). Typically, this sort of behavior indicates that there is an object very far away from the origin in the drawing. A good way to check for this is the following: 1. Deselect all objects and Turn on all classes and layers 2. Set class and layer options to show snap modify others 3. Go to View>Zoom>Fit to Objects 4. If you get zoomed out very very far, you have objects a great distance from the user origin. If this happens, proceed to the next step 5. Draw a marquee selection around the objects you want to keep in your project, in your case, the whole house and any neighboring objects 6. Go to Edit>Invert Selection 7. See if any distant objects become selected, check if they are important, and delete them Hopefully this can resolve your issue, feel free to report back with any questions
  23. rseybert

    Create line-type symbol?

    Thanks @markdd, I kinda figured the blue symbol was going to be the best solution, just thought I throw the question out there to see if anyone has a method that works for them. I'm going to look into the Custom Tool/Attribute command... and I'm sure it'll open up a new rabbit hole for me to climb down. Thanks again.
  24. Mik

    OpenGL died

    Anyone seen OpenGL do something like this before? (Should be seeing a finished house exterior with walls, windows, etc. all around.) My system specs: NVIDIA® Quadro® P4000 (8 GB GDDR5, 4 x Displayport 1.4) Intel® Xeon® W-2133 Processor (3.6 GHz, up to 3.9 GHz w/Turbo Boost, 8.25 MB cache, 6 core) 32 GB (2x16 GB) DDR4-2666 ECC Memory Windows 10 - current VW2019 SP 5.3 I've already reboot, reloaded, etc. Rotating the thing sometimes leaves the viewing field completely blank depending on where you stop. Front & left views are blank. Back & right views are like the above. Top & bottom look correct. Wireframe looks like everything is in place. This model has slowed down quite a bit as I have been adding detailing. But this is only about a 5000sf house. Is my hardware adequate? (Spec'd to VW website "high-end" recommendations.) Anyone else seen symptoms like this?
  25. zoomer

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    AMD 5500/5700 (without XT) ?
  26. Mik

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Well this is alarming, confounding, and angering all at once! The hardware recommendations on VW site say a lot about needing a powerful graphics card - load up on VRAM: https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq And their tested hardware page has a long list of NVIDIA QUADRO cards: https://www.vectorworks.net/support/quality-tested-hardware This is precisely why I purchased an expensive workstation last year with: NVIDIA® Quadro® P4000 (8 GB GDDR5, 4 x Displayport 1.4) Intel® Xeon® W-2133 Processor (3.6 GHz, up to 3.9 GHz w/Turbo Boost, 8.25 MB cache, 6 core) 32 GB (2x16 GB) DDR4-2666 ECC Memory In JimW's post, not only does he say NVIDIA QUADROS tend to have problems with Vectorworks but he also says, "(As a general rule and as of the writing of this article, you should not nomrally need to spend more than $150 on a video card to use with Vectorworks.)" What?! Can you find a video card for $150 that has Vectorworks' recommended minimum VRAM and OpenGL2.1 compatibility? His post was edited January 2017. If it is/was valid information, I wish I would have seen it before I purchased my system last year. I think JimW has a long history with Vectorworks so I don't think his post can be dismissed as uninformed. I hope he is listening/watching this. It is an old thread but I do not understand the conflict between his post and Vectorworks' information on their website. I happen to be having a SLOW problem right now myself. I think I will start a new thread for it.
  27. Not that I've noticed, but I'll keep an eye out for it now....!
  28. Rick Berge

    Ability to map graphic to a swept path is gone in VW 2020

    As a workaround, it looks like it will still take the fill (and/or texture) from the class. It's only the Attribute Palette getting in the way. SP2 beta that I tried seems fixed with the Can Top example.
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