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  2. No external GPU for me. I bought the MPB with an upgraded GPU in addition to the integrated graphics, which is very important in your purchasing decision. You can turn the GPU off and use the integrated graphics to save battery power when not using programs that need the GPU. Comes in handy on planes when watching movies or doing spreadsheets, though I have more experience with the former than the latter 🙂
  3. I'm attempting to label plants using a custom data tag. I have shrubs, perennials and trees. When it's necessary to add a leader, everything works fine, but very often if I want to fine tune the leader end, to point to a specific plant or group, it is attempting to tag a different plant or group. Is there a way to force the leader to "connect" with the original tagged group, or to select a specific group? Holding "b" doesn't seem to let me "look through" other plants...
  4. Todd

    Landscape designer

    I'm assuming you have an external GPU...
  5. Is there anyone who could give me an idea how i could handle this?
  6. very true. I turned my gpu off just to see how VWX and Twinmotion behaved.... it was unusable for the most part.
  7. heise.de says RAM still user upgradable. Which makes sense as still old cooling solution in previous case. Want to see 5 Cinebench results in a row and complaints about noise and throttling first though. Of course I am interested in the 10 core i9 and 5700XT only. I don't want something much slower than my Ryzen 3950X RTX 2070 at double the price for keeping Mac experience for about 3 years. Modeling and CAD is still ok but so far I wasn't able to activate any useful network rendering cross platform between Mac and Windows or Linux. And I doubt my Trashcan will be enough for another coming 2 years.
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  9. If you also run realtime GPU render solutions like Twinmotion. You will really want a dedicated powerfull GPU. But that's the idea. If you start with your integrated GPU and run into limits, you can still upgrade to an external GPU.
  10. I do most work in 2D as many jobs kilometres across/regional and it works fine. Only time I do 2D is to put smaller areas of contours in. I do any 3D in Sketchup or QGIS and bring in or reference images/pdfs. The real issue with slowness is large area images, and how I get around that is to split them up and put each in their own class - a hassle and a kludge and only for larger jobs.
  11. @Todd yes, you can do sketchup workflows. I replaced sketchup with vectorworks once I got good at it though. I regularly import 3D Warehouse content into Vectorworks. Sketchup ran really well on my MBP also, I just don’t need it anymore since I can do everything I need with Vectorworks and the occasional Twinmotion. I texture almost everything in Vectorworks These days.
  12. In the deep of my heart I am a Mac user. But I run a Windows 10 with internet access since nearly 2 years, just for CAD and 3D. And I have no Antivirus beside Windows Defender Tools. I think these external solutions produce more problems than security.
  13. Todd

    Landscape designer

    Yes money is tight now, so I am hoping to be able to use a MBP
  14. Yes. Maybe not always the latest SKP format but yes.
  15. Todd

    Landscape designer

    Thanks, Zoomer. I will look into GPU. I'm aiming to start with simpler residential projects in 2D, and hoping to import SketchUp files.
  16. Todd

    Landscape designer

    Thanks, Jeff. I would be starting out on residential projects, working in 2D. I do 3D modeling in SketchUp and am hoping it works with Vectorworks. I'm glad to hear MBP will work, I am looking at a refurbished model from the Mac store. I will compare any model I look at with your specs. Will I be able to import SketchUp files into Vectorworks? I can model and render in it pretty quickly.
  17. @Todd I'm a landscape architect and use a macbook pro, but as @zoomer you'll probably want one with a GPU. Not sure what an entry level project is to you, but be aware that a Vectorworks file can get large quickly and it's easy to load it up with all kinds of graphically intense objects, especially if you design in 3D. I have several residential projects in 3D that are over 1GB in file size and use a lot of 3D objects to make them come to life. Once you start developing projects that were done in traditional 2D in 3D instead, you will likely never go back, it's just so much faster. So, you might want a good computer. My MBP is the 2015 version (2.5 GHz, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeo 2GB GPU) It was a rocket when I bought it and still performs pretty good on complex projects, though I am taxing it severely with the 3D work. The only time I am slowed down is when I render. Fortunately, I don't do that often, just spinning my models around in openGL If money is tight, consider buying a used machine like mine or newer. Depending on the types of projects you do and how fast you advance your skills, it will probably last you a while. Then once you have a handle on the software and find your hardware limits, you can upgrade to the latest stuff if you need to.
  18. Considering that the 2017/2019 iMac has been the fastest single core Mac for at least the past 3 years, I wouldn't worry about iMac's thermal limitations relative to any other Mac in their lineup because: 10th gen chips run cooler than 9th gen i7 runs cooler than i9 8 cores run cooler than 10 cores iMac Pro has better thermals but that 3-year old machine has never beat the fastest iMac at single core performance (which is where it counts with VW) Same with Mac Pro With Apple, the price you pay for "Xeon" and "ECC memory" is clock speed. The thermal wild card (pardon the pun) is the GPU but I would be (very pleasantly) shocked if VW maxes out that GPU. No matter how hard I pushed it, VW rarely used more than 1/4 of the 16GB VRAM in my iMac Pro (running VW 2019). I'm not sure where you read that the RAM is now soldered. It used to be super easy to access and service. All Mac screens after 2011 (except maybe the old MBA) are crazy reflective, so if they're offering the same antiglare screen option as the $1,000 XDR upgrade for half that cost ($500 USD), I wouldn't baulk at that option for the sake of my eyes and avoiding migraines. Especially if it's going to live next to an antiglare BenQ 32" display (for example). If this option is offered in a 16" MBP running Catalina, shut up and take my unemployment insurance! The point I'm making in response to the OP is: here's a machine operating the current system (Catalina) with no hardware limitations running VW. All of the internals are current which is more than I can say for the iMac Pro with 3-year old guts. For a Mac user looking for the last best fastest Intel Mac to run VW, this is the holy grail. Then we can all drool over the 32" chinless ARM iMac that they release sometime in the next 2-3 years...
  19. UPDATE: There is some indication that antivirus companies involved have already updated their antivirus definitions. If so, this means: Users who have yet to be affected but who would have been, won't be affected now. Users who are affected, should be able to overcome this issue simply by making sure their antivirus is up-to-date and using the newest threat/definitions list. If you have been affected, you can try the following instead of the solution posted at the top: Update your AV software/definitions to fix the false positive condition. If that doesn't work; Unquarantine the Vectorworks files (be careful to not unquarantine any legitimate threats that were also quarantined). If that doesn't work; If your AV software continues to quarantine any Vectorworks components; Whitelist the Vectorworks program folder as suggested in my original post. If you have already deleted the quarantined Vectorworks file/s, just run the 'Repair' mode, found inside the 'Advanced' menu inside the Vectorworks Updater app. - This is found: On Mac: Macintosh HD > Applications > Vectorworks 20XX > On Win: C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 20XX\Vectorworks Updater\
  20. @Christine Mulinder It looks as if the fill for your tag class is set to a hatch pattern, looks like "meadow hf" hatch to my eye 🙂 Verify what class your tag is set to land on, change the tag class to a solid color instead of a hatch and your problem will go away. hope it helps.
  21. @innes 1234 Contact your local distributor and ask them about the Vectorworks student2PRO program.
  22. Hi, looking for some advice. I have recently graduated from university and used the free version of vectorworks 2020. Now that I am no longer a student im wondering what the best options are for me to continue using vectorworks in the most cost effective way thanks.
  23. @The Hamma That's not exactly how includes in python work. Everything in the include is a resource, treating the included file like a class. Included variables become properties of the class and functions become methods of the class. Nothing in the external runs until you call it — so you would likely define a function in the "external" script that returns a value to the "internal" script. https://realpython.com/python-import/
  24. With old cooling ? RAM now soldered ? I wouldn't be happy if it gets as loud as the previous iMac and throttles (?) Anti Glare Display price 600+ € ? I think by wearing only black turtlenecks and a darth vader mask you can save quite a bit. I am very excited about the first hand ons and benchmarks.
  25. Intel Iris Pro graphic on CPU is a bit too weak and not recommended for VW. A dedicated GPU would be a better choice. (which is a) more expensive and b) only available on the 15/16 inch models ?) It could work for simpler models or plans though. I think some people are using VW with 13" Macbooks.
  26. Hello everyone. I'm new to Vectorworks and I've been trying to join walls and slabs but on the 3D model and on Elevation view there is always a line between the two objects. Is there a way to avoid that line? Thanks! https://ibb.co/hm8bycL
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