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  3. Try this: - copy the Roof Face object. - paste in place into a new blank file. - copy that pasted Roof Face object. - go back to the original file and delete the Roof Face object. - paste in place the copied Roof Face object. This process makes the Roof Space object regenerate and it may solve the problem you are having. The other thing I would do is check the 2D source geometry of the Roof Face object to ensure that it is closed and doesn't have vertices very close to each other at one of the corners.
  4. @chaz Juan said "Twinmotion: The development is happening during Q1, stay tuned for more updates!" The post is attached. Hopefully it'll all come to fruition!
  5. I thought I recalled an announcement somewhere that VW and Twinmotion are working on a plug-in where you could work in VW and immediately see your work in TM. I also thought I recalled TM saying raytracing was coming as well. But that may have been someone higher up speaking and making the programmers think "yikes!". Seems like it should be an option even if it means longer rendering times to achieve that level.
  6. @rDesignIt's a workaround. You put your image on a dome that encircles the model so you can see it. But it is not luminous in the way an HDRI can illuminate a scene. That still comes from the background.
  7. The Twinmotion FAQs do say that you can have a custom background : https://twinmotionhelp.epicgames.com/s/article/Twinmotion-Quick-Tips-customizing-the-background-in-Twinmotion
  8. Yes, I would say that is its strength, and after seeing that it came from Abvent, I am not suprised. It's almost like their Artlantis "lite" package.
  9. @zoomer Agreed. However realtime rendering for interiors with atmosphere is are also very nice. Check at Unreal engine to see where the future lies, but the time saved in these busy times with Twinmotion and a fast graphics card is unbelievable. The Render quality and libraries of the 2020 release coming soon is improving a lot and for me the hours I save by not waiting for long renders Artlantis and C4D only to be disappointed with the results have long gone. I love Renderworks for its day to day use, and still use it in every project for elevations and quick studies, but in my opinion I have Neve had so much fun so fast as with Twinmotion. We just need the native Vectorworks direct export so its easier to update the model lots of times during the workflow as this is the only current downside in my view. The SkecthUP plug works great! Please Vectorworks & Epic get this done! Check out my latest video to see the difference between VW and Cinema 4D Renders taking hours and the last 2 projects taking minutes with Twinmotion!
  10. ™ looks pretty ok for most exteriors though.
  11. I am trying to create a light plot that fits on a D-Sheet, but to make it fit, I have to rotate my viewport 90 degrees. In doing that, all of my channel numbers that are specified as right-reading show up 90 degrees off. I have tried every combination of "Adjust Flipped Text" to try and make it work. Do I need to change the world origin? Other work arounds?
  12. Yes we just do the drawing label scale manually (or just don't include the scale in the label). We have set up the drawing tool with custom scale as the default like this so it covers both A1 & A3. The question mark in the scale indicate it needs to be filled manually. Of course if the vp scale is changed then the label will need to be manually updated but if it isnt it usually comes out in the wash in the pre issue check.
  13. I worked with a project over the past few days w Twinmotion. Tent set up for a corporate job, one side glass wall with a view to the outside. While I love working in a baked environment where I can walk around and look at things, dropping in textures that look good and having exports be near instant, there are some major drawbacks: -you cant make a custom HDRI or background. I ended up having a large curved backdrop to put in the scene behind the window, which of course blocked out the sunlight -the lighting is really primitive. Again, while it is very fun to be up and running with just a few sliders instead of a more laborious process, the lights are very limited and it showed in the shadowing of objects. -no exporting of alpha channels, no exporting of a file format that works with other renderers, it's a dead end solution. But it is a solution that that I think would be great if it were coupled w/a CAD program like VW. I think in my workflow I could see it replacing Renderworks and be able to produce "draft" versions of the look that were a step up from wireframe/greyscales for a client. Then port the file over to a higher end program like C4D for real quality renders.
  14. Yes, I hope. Shouldn't take that much longer than Q2 2020 as it was initially announced for November2019 .... I'm not in a hurry and hope they do it right, whatever time it will take.
  15. That is not unlikely for anyone with an artistic approach. Yes, there is so much about imperfection and feature loaded to criticize. But other Apps aren't perfect either and from the ease of use of VW in basic tasks, especially for creative, non technical thinking people, there are some things done right in VW.
  16. @zoomer maybe in March we will see a release 🤷‍♂️
  17. Yes, and it is not unlikely that it stays free. I would not mind to pay them for a perpetual license though, especially if it would save my from all that annoying and spying Game Launcher stuff. We will see when it get released ....
  18. @zoomer but lets not forget that Twinmotion is free 🤣👌
  19. Thanks, milezee. This particular client is a contract client, not speculative work so we are getting paid for these designs and renderings. I mostly work on jobs we already have, making them real. Mostly what I work on is the trade show aspect of the corporate event. This client does not allow exhibitors to bring their own displays; we design and build just about everything, along with the staging for the general session, builds for smaller sessions, meal rooms, and a concert production, etc. Our main speculative designer uses C4D; we're trying to reel him in a bit to use VW more before he takes it into C4D so that we have something to start with rather than just his rendering as a jpg.
  20. @PhilDon AutoCad sucks, 😂, agreed 👍 , as for using AI for 2d drafting, why ? You can do everything you need, both 3D perspectives and 2D technical drawings in VW, I also use Rhino3d and do exactly the same in that software too, no need to go backwards and forwards between softwares. Yes for higher end renders you may want to go into another package, but you can do some really good design work just inside VW.
  21. I am a bit disappointed that nothing in the 2020 previews showed any hint of Raytracing. At least any screen space Global Illumination. Everything Plants, People and Entourage is fine now in TM. (With their hint to not use more than a hand full of their newer better Plants) But TM's Ambient Occlusion look with Ambient Light lit Ceilings is far behind Lumion or Enscape. Unreal Engine now has Raytracing (Windows only) beside their usual fakeing Helpers that create some Render Features limited certain areas. But I haven't heard of any TM Export/Exchange so far.
  22. I hadn't really noticed your post. I had the same with VW 2019 :
  23. I've worked on this before and I don't see that this technique works as the output's Drawing Label's Scale is not changed. In the past I've had to have a whole duplicate set of Sheets to make this read properly. Any thoughts on the subject?
  24. You can connect the components, you have to enable the Wall Clipping in the roof and select which components will be connected between the roof and the wall
  25. @Donald Wardlaw Did you try here... https://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/product-updates?version=2019
  26. got it. its not just a value between 0 and 65335, its a list (x,y,z) with the three values EACH between 0 and 65335, and these correspond to the R,G,B value. They don't make this too clear in the description. But it makes sense when you think about it. And this "non regular" vec3 input node can be used to drive it. It works! great. Thanks again again again.
  27. @chaz there's a few sneak preview vids of the new 2020 version over on the Twinmotion YouTube channel, apparently plants and people are to be much improved, along with other enhancements, it will be interesting to see what price point they start at, and whether they go down the route of subscription, or perpetual license ??? As for what you're giving your clients, if they want 100's of renders, you should be charging them £££s for this service, its a fine line what you 'give for free' trying to win work, and where the line is to start charging for revision after revision after revision.
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