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  1. The number of high skill employees required to create and document a project has radically declined over the past 50 years, and that is largely due to drafting improvements. When that part of the profession is further automated, fewer people are needed and the important “wax on, wax off” tasks that help train young professionals will be gone. When people start letting AI do the creative part, they are slitting their own throats. If you want to see the future, just look at manufacturing. AEC has always lagged a good 30+ years behind that industry. @BartHays mention of the graphic designers is another good example. That profession has been largely converted to a commodity traded on price. That’s been happening to commercial architecture for quite some time. At any rate, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out and identifying opportunities to profit during the disruption.
  2. Unfortunately, AI will be doing almost all the stuff within your lifetime. Licensed pros will be required to sign off for liability purposes, until those laws change. So, the tedious process of checking the AI "design" so stairs don't look like a rip off of a MC Escher design will still be needed 🙂 It's going to be like the transition from manual drafting to CAD to BIM... only instead of outsourcing to India, you will be outsourcing to the cloud.
  3. Too concise… I forgot to put “don’t” after the comma 😉
  4. If that’s the case, I wonder which company is going to successfully develop the successor to the architectural design and documentation process. AEC AI will probably follow the Revit -> Autodesk path, with a big fish swallowing up a smaller one. Innovation like this rarely occurs in house, especially when radically different tech is being developed. The old guard typically resists this and it takes outside eyes to shake it up. The company with the deepest pockets is probably going to win.
  5. If you have to share live files and font matching is critical… Best if you are both on the same OS, system fonts, and PDF generators. Guaranteed you will have issues otherwise, unfortunately.
  6. Agreed. It is interesting in this age of 3D BIM that so many people have abandoned the practice of showing sectioned features with poche and referring to details. We see the same thing with cartography, where modern GIS users are forgetting the artistry and practice of cartographic generalization to enhance readability andinstead just let the system display things natively. We are all in the communication business, let your software trap you into thinking otherwise 🙂
  7. The skatepark video's methods of construction as related to the deform tool hasn't changed much in terms of the resulting geometry. The pick order and notion of the "screen plane" has changed. Perhaps you did not use the correct snap or working plane when you executed the bend. That could result in a distortion of the end circle. An easy way to check for that circular face being distorted is to use the Push/Pull tool to extrude it. If it is skewed, you will see it pretty quickly. Assuming the end of the pipe is flat and circular....the easiest way to set the hemisphere is to use Autoplane and Diameter mode. This will allow you to set the hemisphere on the circular end. Your first point should be the "Midpoint" of the circular face, the second snap point is the "Object/ Align Start 'Axis' " with a radius called out which matches your pipe diameter opposite of your first point. That put it where it belongs. See image below for a more graphic explanation of this. It's always a good idea to save prior to using any of the 3D editing tools on geometry like this. Bending and Fillets of cylindrical or irregularly curved surfaces can make many programs struggle and crash if there is a flaw in the geo.
  8. The center of the subject area appears to be at or very near 48.906562°, -122.693548°
  9. You probably placed those plants while using a plan rotation. To fix it, grab the effected plants and change their rotation value to 0.
  10. You are not doing anything wrong, Vectorworks has a bunch of issues importing LiDAR that have been going on for years unfortunately. The work around to positioning the file correctly is to note the bounding coordinates of the LiDAR tile and then move it manually. Yes, it's silly we still have to do this compared to just about every other software that imports georeferenced LiDAR.
  11. Hmm. Did the clip method not work? I know people in the past have had to stop there slabs at the top of structure and create separate objects to represent the floor finish in this circumstance. Perhaps @Tom W. Can help.
  12. That looks like a raster representation of a 3D surface. Have you heard of DEM (digital elevation model)? Basically they are grey scale images where the intensity of grey represents height. GIS software can use that information to create a representative surface or hillshade effect. I’m not sure if QGIS can import your file, but if it can, you could generate points or contours in there and export to a suitable format Vectorworks can understand. alternatively, if you have information about where this property is, what the bounding corner coordinates are of this file, and some elevation information… it may be possible to process it within excel to convert the cell values to coordinates and elevation. There may be an online converter somewhere that will geodetic the data if it is a DEM. If you can’t make progress, feel free to PM me this weekend and I’ll see if I can help further.
  13. You should check out the architect with the quoted testimonial's website LOL.
  14. This would be a valuable built-in feature to have for people who field verify site staking, among other things. Currently, I think the only way to achieve what you want is to script something to automate what would be a tedious process. Hopefully someone with skills in that area will respond.
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