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  1. Thanks for the information/commercial. I learned that Twinmotion does not currently have a link to Vectorworks, but it is "in the works". I must have missed something, but I still wonder what happens once you have invested a bunch of work in Twinmotion decorating your Vectorworks model and then have a design change that needs to be incorporated. I'm left with the impression that you might lose some or all the work created in Twinmotion. Does anyone know how you handle updating the Twinmotion file with an revised Vectorworks model.... without having to reapply textures or entourage?
  2. What is the Twinmotion/vectorworks workflow currently? Sounds like it does not sync currently... so what do you do if you import a model into Twinmotion, spend a bunch of time making it look pretty, and then have to update the model? Do you lose work?
  3. jeff prince

    Mac OS trick for removing alias arrows

    I make custom icons for many of my network aliases. The arrow takes away from their aesthetics, hence my desire to remove them.
  4. jeff prince

    Photogrammetry - who's doing it?

    Like I said, I spent time talking with VW about their cloud services. Ultimately, it is not currently a suitable tool for anything significant outdoors IMHO. It does a great job ingesting data produced on other platforms though. It's hard to imagine VW ever catching up to the quality and services offered by others in this regard...
  5. jeff prince

    Photogrammetry - who's doing it?

    I've been using photogrammetry for a few years, and most recently with drones. I was having discussion with VW about their cloud services a while back. I ultimately decided to use Autodesk Recap for our needs. Here's a thread with some discussion and examples:
  6. Prior to High Sierra and Mojave, I was able to remove the alias arrows on the shortcuts I had made. Now, it appears as if the OS has locked down access to the file that I used to rename. Anyone got a clue how to get rid of those annoying alias arrows? For reference: http://osxdaily.com/2012/06/23/remove-the-alias-arrow-badge-from-icons-in-mac-os-x/
  7. jeff prince

    Specifications linked to model?

    I’m interested in learning how people are managing specifications, and especially how you might be tying them to your model. Is anyone embedding specification in the model somehow?
  8. jeff prince

    I heart OBJ

    That's actually not a bad idea. I should start a thread dedicated to the actual project instead of this drone stuff. This is my first actual vectorworks project with the past year being spent on limited experiments with the key 3D tools to see if this would even be feasible. I've haven't even composed a detail or a sheet in the software yet 🙂
  9. jeff prince

    I heart OBJ

    Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to share in the coming weeks 🙂
  10. jeff prince

    I heart OBJ

    Thanks. Glad you liked it.
  11. jeff prince

    I heart OBJ

    Some rough cut of aerial videography with 3D modeling.
  12. jeff prince

    Hardscapes - link to other design objects in case of change

    @rowbear97 Thanks for the reply. I'm a believer in hardscape and grade modifier objects, just wish they would advance a bit in their modeling capability. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the advantage of creating your hardscape objects in 3D, beyond reporting areas and such, if you don't have enough information to tie them to the site elevations during early concept? Is there a speed advantage compared to making 2D shapes in conceptual design and converting them later? Do problems manifest once you start reshaping these 3D hardscapes to conform to the site levels you are proposing later in the process? How would you produce something like attached photo (hardscape warped into wall)... as a BIM compliant hardscape object that quantifies like the rest of the hardscapes? Have a great weekend.
  13. jeff prince

    File won't open - claims it was created by student version

    Thanks Jim. Ill send you a couple when I get back to the office next week.
  14. jeff prince

    File won't open - claims it was created by student version

    Anyone....anyone? Where should I direct this question?
  15. How would you handle this workflow... Start a project as a masterplan in 2D, but it will eventually migrate into 3D. You design a complex series of hardscapes that you know you will have to change the elevations and slopes of later. You would like to keep certain sides or points of the hardscape related/connected to a proposed building's FF (will change) and a nearby existing building's FF (not changing). You don't have any of this level information yet, the survey has not been completed. You will establish the proposed building's FF at a later time and you would like the hardscapes to adjust their slope based upon this change to the building. You would like to constrain these slopes to min/max limits and investigate drainage options. Does the software have these capabilities?


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