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  1. Matt Panzer

    Slab Issues

    Hi @Acip79, Can you try copying the slab to a new empty VW 2018 file, save it, open it in VW 2019 and see if the problem is still there? If it is, can you send me the file?
  2. Matt Panzer

    Where to add/edit VW built-in sheet sizes?

    Hmm... Unfortunately, I can't think of any other options to do what you need.
  3. Matt Panzer

    Un-joined walls

    Yes. That's what I meant. Thank you. I suspected that was the case.
  4. Matt Panzer

    Un-joined walls

    @Jeremiah Russell, Thank you for the information. This will be helpful as we continue testing! What about my last question: Are the walls becoming completely unjoined or is it only custom component joins that come undone?
  5. Matt Panzer

    Un-joined walls

    Unfortunately, I do not know what causes this. We are, however, trying to figure out what triggers this problem. We have not been able to get a reproducible case but we are currently testing for this (and other project sharing related issues). I certainly understand your frustration and want this issue resolved. Do you know if this happens after you "Save and Commit", close the working file, and then reopen it? If you have any idea what triggers the problem, please let me know. One more question: Are the walls becoming completely unjoined or is it custom component joins that come undone?
  6. Matt Panzer

    Un-joined walls

    Hi Jeremiah, Do you have any idea what might be triggering the problem? Are you using Project Sharing, Design Layer Referencing, and/or Design Layer Reference Viewports?
  7. Matt Panzer

    Where to add/edit VW built-in sheet sizes?

    I think creating custom page sizes through the page setup (as Nikolay suggests) is the only place you need to add them. You can then use "Fit to Page" in the sheet border to have it always match the sheet layer's page size.
  8. Matt Panzer

    Purging Files in Vectorworks

    Hi Nick, Have you sent the file to tech support? While it may not be a file problem, that file seems to expose the issue.
  9. Matt Panzer

    Is this a bug in 2019

    @tismacfan2, @Andy Broomell Yes. This is a known bug and should be fixed for an upcoming service pack. Can you both send me files the show the problem you're having. While it should be fixed, I'd like to make sure you're specific problems will be addressed.
  10. Matt Panzer

    Revit import, large file

    Thanks for the file, Sam. Do you know if this product is available in any other file formats to download? I tried importing this and the geometry comes in a bit distorted and has a lot over unnecessary complex geometry. I would try other CAD file formats before trying to use this. Assuming you're using Vectorworks 2019: Generally, what I would do is create a symbol of the object. The Revit import did come in as a symbol, so that step is taken care of. Assuming only 3D geometry imported (as in this case), I would then edit the 3D component and clean up anything I can. With mesh geometry like this file, this is not an easy task. Once I have the 3D cleaned up, I'd edit the Top 2D component, right-click in the background and choose the "Generate 2D from 3D Component" context menu command. If you have good clean 3D geometry, this command should generate a good 2D graphics that you can further edit to suit you needs. If you have meshes, the results may not be so great. In the case of the attached Revit file, Vectorworks could not manage to create any 2D graphics from it. Judging from the 3D mesh, I'm not surprised. If you can find a better file format to import, give the steps above a try.
  11. Matt Panzer

    Revit import, large file

    Hi Sam, Can you post the Revit file you're using?
  12. After setting the document units to fractional display, select the dimensions and notice the "Prec" setting in the Object Info palette is blank. Set it to something reasonable and it should work. You might ask why this happened in the first place? Well, It looks like the dimensions were placed using decimal display with the display "Prec" set to the maximum. After changing the document units, it appears that Vectorworks is not assigning it an appropriate fractional value and it remains blank. When this happens, it displays in that format. From what I see, when using decimal document units, keeping the display precision at ".000001" or lower will prevent this from happening. I will report this bug.
  13. Matt Panzer

    Section Viewports w/ OpenGL Background Render

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the file. I definitely see the issue! The issue may've already been addressed for an upcoming service pack but I submitted a bug with your file just to make sure.
  14. Matt Panzer

    to renew or not to renew (that is the question)

    900 DPI seems a bit high. Have you experimented printing out lower resolutions to see if there's a noticeable difference? Also, I would recommend experimenting with render settings using Custom Renderworks. You should be able to get away with lowering certain settings with no noticeable loss in quality but have a noticeable difference in render speed.
  15. Matt Panzer

    Page Sizes in Page Setup

    I setup Custom Page sizes with no margins for each size needed. I then set Page Setup to "Any Printer" and choose the custom size I want. I do this so my exported PDF files are created with pages without margins being trimmed off. Mind you, I don't typically print projects directly from Vectorworks. I publish to PDF and print from that if needed. I do this to ensure what I print matches what I send to the client or printing service (PDF).


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