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  1. Thank you all for your continued help with this issue. It is very much appreciated! @Anelisa's file and other files that could not be fixed by moving the wall by (0, 0) did help us zero in on at least one issue (my hope it's related to all of them). The issue has to do with the wall hole geometry (for whatever reason) becoming non-manifold. This causes problems with the wall closure system. We're not certain if there's a trigger that suddenly causes some wall holes to become non-manifold but a fix is currently being tested that checks for this case and attempts to correct the geometry. So far it corrects any files I have that could not be fixed by moving the wall. If you come across any other cases like that, please send me the files for testing. NOTE: This does not necessarily mean all these issues will be gone with this fix (but I hope so) so please do let us know if you manage to come up with a reproducible case (where the holes disappear).
  2. In the dialog coming from a Wall instance or an insert, there is a "Use wall style settings" / "Use wall settings" checkbox at the top that tells you what the wall is using. The only place I think we can improve the preview is for dialogs coming from the instance because that's the only case we know what the instances insert location is. We do plan to tweak this for a future version.
  3. @rDesign, @Pat Stanford, @AlanW, Thank you all for looking at this and providing the file and/or testing results. Every bit of information we can get is helpful. @rDesign, I also opened your file and reset the PIOs and/or wall and the problem went away. I wonder what happened to your install that caused these problems! I'll relay this information to the engineer. If it happens again, please let me know. I'm thinking there may be a way to compare your install at the time the issue surfaces to the install after it's repaired (and working correctly). This would probably require you to zip your Vectorworks application folder before and again after it's repaired.
  4. The insert can choose to use: Its own insert location (window to the left is using the Wall - Centerline) The insertion location of the Wall from the Edit Wall Style dialog (window in the center) Or the insertion location of the Wall Closure from the Wall Closure at Inserts dialog (window to the right)
  5. OK. Thanks for the clarification! The approach I was thinking about would require the use of extrudes without solid subtractions or additions. The idea was to extract a copy of the 2D object (that you used to create the extrude) with a scrip and lay it on the ground plane. Since you're using solid operations, this will not work. The Extract Surface tool was going to be my next suggestion. There's no other built-in function I can think of for this. A script could be written to simply drop a copy of the part to the ground plane but I don't know if it could be smart enough to know how to unrotate the 3D parts that are rotated off the ground place (eg: the vertical side of a cabinet) so it lays flat.
  6. @Anelisa, et al, Apologies for the delay in my reply. I just got back from a trip to Asia and now playing catchup while adjusting to the 12 hr time difference. 😵‍💫 Thank you for attaching that file! That file seems different than others I've seen in that resetting the wall (by moving it by (0,0) does not fix the issue. I examined the wall hole geometry for the door and window inserts to make sure they existed and they do. So the wall somehow is not seeing that geometry. This may help us shed more light on the root of the problem. I passed this on to the engineer and he's examining it. We're taking this issue very seriously. Unfortunately, we have still not been able to come up with a reproducible case. However, I will do everything in my power to get to the bottom of this one ASAP. Hopefully this new file will provide the missing key. If anyone has steps to reproduce this issue, please let me know. What we're looking for is a file with doors/windows in a wall showing their holes correctly and a series of steps that causes the holes to go away. Having this should get us to the root of the problem very quickly.
  7. This is something we currently have on the radar. The original plan was to have no additional clicks and simply have it swing toward the direction of the cursor from the centerline of the wall. IOW: If the second click is towards the exterior side of wall, the door will swing out and vice versa. Due to time constraints, this behavior was put on hold. But definitely on the radar. 🙂
  8. Is there a real need to do do this with the 3D objects or would the extrude source 2D polys work for you? As long as you model the extrudes from the shape of the panel and extrude them by the plywood thickness, a script could very easily extract them and place them on the ground plane.
  9. You’re welcome! interesting that it cannot be set to zero. I thought I had done that before. Well, if 0.0001 works… 🙂
  10. I believe that is correct. The Artistic render modes are very different than Hidden Line render mode. You may get what you're after by using "Lines and Shading" background render mode with an "Edge thickness" pf zero with Hidden Line foreground mode.
  11. Yes. I just tested this and believe it was fixed along with another related bug but it was not tagged as resolved.
  12. I believe the bug report will come back as “working as designed”. Probably the best bet would be to submit this as an enhancement request (or post on the WishList forum). The problem is due to the space labels being added as separate associated data tags. This is a considerable improvement over the previous version but does have the unfortunate side effect for the workflow you describe. Maybe there could be a way to select objects associted to a data tag via context a menu command - or something like that.
  13. The Space object is not developed under my team but I don't believe any changes will be coming in a SP.
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