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  1. Matt Panzer

    Flat Roof Drainage

    @James Goodwin, Thanks for the file. I took a quick look and think your solution with roof faces is probably the most straight forward (ie: gets the job done). I tried to recreate it with a slab with drainage but need more time to investigate. My feeling is that it will probably be a bit more involved to get slab drainage to give you the same results.
  2. Matt Panzer

    Flat Roof Drainage

    Hi James, Can you copy and paste the objects shown in your screenshot into a new file and attach it to this thread?
  3. Matt Panzer

    Brilliant VW keyboard shortcut

    Very good tips, Tom.
  4. Matt Panzer

    Brilliant VW keyboard shortcut

    You’re very welcome, Tom! I must admit, I under estimated the utility of these commands when you first requested them. But once I started using them, I quickly became a believer. 🙂. So, thank you, Tom.
  5. Matt Panzer

    Brilliant VW keyboard shortcut

    This thread reminded me of a simple but wonderful pair of commands I developed for @Tom Pearce a number of years ago. Tom and I decided it's time to stop keeping these gems to ourselves and give them away. What they do: These are very simple commands that let you increase and decrease the nudge by distance increment by a predetermined list of values. These work great with keyboard shortcuts to quickly change the value: Each time a command is run, it increments up or down and a minor alert displays the new value in the message bar in the bottom of the document window: To install: Copy the two VSM files into the "Plug-ins" folder in the Vectorworks user folder, restart Vectorworks, and add to your workspace in the Workspace editor. While adding them, give them convenient keyboard shortcuts. 🙂 Set Nudge Distance -.vsm Set Nudge Distance +.vsm If you try them, please let Tom and I know how you like them. Have fun! The following is optional for the techies: If you want to edit the preset values for a particular unit, edit the "Set Nudge Distance +" plug-in via the Plug-in Editor and edit it's parameters. There you will find a "popup" list for each unit available in Vectorworks. Edit the corresponding popup list and change the values as needed. Note: make sure you enter strings that will be seen as valid values or it won't work.
  6. Matt Panzer

    Camera Match 2017 Version (Image import question)

    No problem!
  7. Matt Panzer

    Camera Match 2017 Version (Image import question)

    I received the file you sent me and see that you're using only placed images (not rendered viewports). As far as I know, the DPI settings only effect viewports rendered in OpenGL and Renderworks modes. Images export to PDF in their full resolution. To get file size down, you need to reduce the DPI using the Image Attributes feature in Vectorworks, or you have optimize the exported PDF using a PDF editor. I did a quick test by using the Image Attributes feature in Vectorworks and setting the compression to PNG and the Resolution to 50 Percent. After doing this, the exported PDF is about 10MB (down from 20MB). It's possible (no promises) to get better results keeping the full resolution and changing to compression to a high quality JPEG. It'll take a little playing around...
  8. Matt Panzer

    Camera Match 2017 Version (Image import question)

    Hi @HEengineering, The raw image size is not the amount of space the image uses in your Vectorworks file. Vectorworks compresses images in either JPEG or PNG. PNG will give the best quality but JPEG may give you a smaller file size (depending on the amount of compression). You may want to experiment with both to see the results. As for the image pixel size, If you only need to output it at 8" x 6" at a resolution of 300 dpi, then try resizing it to 2,400 pixels wide (8" x 300 dpi).
  9. Gadzooks, You're correct. This problem only seems to happen with skylights in a Roof Face object. I noted this in the bug report.
  10. I have no idea how this could happen. No worries. The bug is understood and filed. All I can tell you is that the engineers know the severity of the problem and it has been assigned.
  11. I think the file BG posted shows the issue. If you see them correctly in other render modes, but not in Hidden Line, then I'm sure it's the same bug I submitted. Now THAT is interesting! Is it a big file?
  12. Matt Panzer

    snap to 2 objects

    I see what you did there. ;-)
  13. I'm seeing this as well. Bug submitted (VB-149351).
  14. Matt Panzer

    snap to 2 objects

    Like this?: ScreenFlow.mp4
  15. You're welcome! I'm glad you got them showing now. -Matt