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  1. I've only been at Vectorworks for a few years, so I cannot say why these issues have been around this long. All I can say is that these issues are much more on our radar now.
  2. @Andy Broomell, I've been following this thread since you started and thank you for laying all of this out in such detail! In fact, I created a similar list of issues for these objects and your list looks almost identical! As I mentioned in the other related thread, we are looking at these issues and are investigating ways to address them.
  3. Sorry. I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. I can only guess they're using different tolerance settings at the tool level. There may be more to it than that since the Slab and Space can associate to walls...
  4. Hi Laura, The tool has two modes: 1. Constrained: This mode creates a Section Line object rather than a Section-Elevation Marker like in previous versions of Vectorworks. You can create a section viewport from a Section Line object but you cannot manually link it to a viewport. However, this object actually contains a Section-Elevation Marker inside it. You can ungroup a Section Line and you will be left with a Section-Elevation Marker that you can manually link to a viewport. 2. Unconstrained: This mode creates a Section-Elevation Marker object as in previous versions. The object works as it did in previous versions but can now have a section viewport created from it, but only if it contains right angles between its segments. So, if you always use the unconstrained mode to create Section-Elevation Markers, you will have the behavior you're looking for. If you have any Section Line objects that you need to manually link, ungroup them and you'll have a Section-Elevation Marker that can be manually linked. I will note that we are aware of these problems and are looking into ways to correct them.
  5. Hi Ed, Can you send me the file privately so I can take a look?
  6. I've been a fan of them since they were first introduced! They provide a nice additional confirmation for snaps - as long as they're not too loud.
  7. Hi Christiaan, Can you submit a bug and attach a file showing the problem? Right. there's no way to do this. This is something I'd like to see as well. Yes. You should be able to freely move them. I've never seen this issue. I'd hate to ask, but another bug with a file would be great! 🙂
  8. Have you tried using Data Tags instead of the integrated Window ID Tag?
  9. Thanks Will. I’ll look into it when I get back to the office later this week.
  10. Bug filed: VB-167367 - Reshape Handles not displaying (toggling Multiple View Panes corrects the problem)
  11. I have no idea about the handle system and the VGM. I'm not sure this is a VGM thing. Good news! Yeah, I was wondering if I could reproduce the problem somehow by using Multiview. Hmm... This I have no idea. Worth a try though.
  12. Thanks for the file, Mike I played around with the file and found a way to get them to show on my system. Please try toggling Multiple View Panes on and off and let me know if it corrects the issue for you. Hopefully this will help you deal with the issue and it may help the engineers find the cause. If you ever notice what triggers a file to get into that state, please let us know as well.
  13. Hi Mike and Will, Can you attach or send me a file that has this problem?
  14. You mean like this?: No script needed for that. See attached VWX file. 🙂 Get Class Description in Worksheet.vwx
  15. See this post for how to get the class description in worksheets:


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