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  1. Hi @Christian Fekete, Can you send me the previous Vectorworks version file before it was opened in 2021?
  2. @sara.t, Try the following in the file you're having the issue in: Select the Section-Elevation Marker tool in the Dim/Notes tool set. Click on the Tool Preferences button in the mode bar. The Section-Elevation Line Object Properties dialog will open. Change the Configuration popup to "Section". Note: If the popup is disabled, click on the Style popup at the top of the dialog and select "Convert to Unstyled". That will enable the Configuration popup. Those steps should set the document defaults for newly placed Section-Elevation Lines when creating Interior Elevation Markers.
  3. I don't see the issue in your file. You may also want to try switching to a standard workspace to see if that fixes anything. If it does, Pat's suggestion of removing and adding them back in the custom workspace may fix it. If that doesn't work, I would suspect the user folder. The easiest way to test that is to try the following: Quit VW Rename your VW user folder (eg: from "2021" to "2021-BAK") Run VW and see if the problem is resolved If the problem is resolved, there's an issue with something in the user folder. If the problem is still there and you want your old user folder back, quit VW, delete the newer "2021" folder and rename "2021-BAK" back to "2021".
  4. I'm not seeing this issue. Is it by chance a styled cabinet with the "Hide Style Parameters" option selected int he Object Info palette? If not, can you attach a file with the cabinet in it?
  5. Thank you for the test file. This looks like a bug and I just submitted a bug report on it (VB-174813). Have you tried the "Add Profile Line" option? While this does not correct everything, it helps quite a bit in this case.
  6. Can you attach (or send me privately) a file showing the issue?
  7. Yes. This is a known bug and should be addressed in the next service pack. The problem seems to have to do with using symbols in door and window objects (eg: hardware, custom leaves, custom shutters).
  8. Does it correct the problem if you change the Navigation Graphics to something other than "Best Performance" (in the Display pane of the Vectorworks Preferences)?
  9. @Tom W., Very cool! It's great to see the different uses for this!
  10. Yeah. But, as I mentioned to Tom, this is not the intended purpose of 3D Wall Holes in symbols. I don't believe you want to show slate shingles on a roof like this. I tried it on a wall and it's far too much detail. Great! Please let us know how it works for you if you use it!
  11. Thanks! I originally tried making separate shake shingles but, as I predicted, the performance was not good. So these became boards. But yeah, that little bit of space behind the boards worked out nice. That must've come from Vectorworks 2021's "Wood 2x Framing Insulated - 16in O.C. MT" material resource when I exported back. Absolutely! Right. But please note that this really is a clever workaround for doing these things. I would limit the use of this to simpler more basic things.
  12. Yes, of course. And they should not be perfectly round either. Since I've already uploaded the file, I'll let you add them. I don't want to keep all the fun to myself! 😉
  13. Here's a newer version of the file with the log end cutter symbols. These symbols are inserted at the very end of each wall so they do move along with them. However, if you drag the endpoint of a wall to make it longer, it will not move along with the end. Log Cabin Wall Log Cutter Symbol v2020.vwx
  14. Nice @Tom W.! BTW: The wall ends all being flush was bothering me. So I create another symbol to place at the end of each wall to cut pieces out at varying offsets.
  15. I'm not sure how far and complex you can go either and would certainly be cautious. The hole can, however, cut out anything from any part of the wall's 3D geometry. It essentially is subtracted from the wall. In theory, you could cut out spaces between studs and sculpt the siding component with hole geometry but I think the performance will quickly slow to a crawl. I'm especially thinking of cutting out geometry for things like shake siding. I would limit the use of this for fairly simple things.


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