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  1. Hi Justin, Correct. Would it be possible to send me the file privately? I'd like to see what it is that is taking the render so long. i'm not sure how well 2D component display would work in wireframe unless most every object were to contain them. Top/Plan is a bit different because most objects already display them. And the ones that do not (3D primitives, solids, extrudes) display in wireframe which is not desireable. However, this still would be worth investigating for a future version due to the speed advantages.
  2. Hi Will, Thank you for alerting us to this and for attaching a file! I filed a bug report on this. I tried changing "Merge Cross Sections" to "Separate Cross Sections" in the Advanced Section Properties and got better results - but not perfect.
  3. Matt Panzer

    Enhance break line tools

    Ah! Very nice! The author of that would be Dan Belfiori! I haven’t heard from him quite some time. I really like the interface of his. Simple and efficient for most needs. They both have their advantages. I often needed a more complex shape so I went the polygon route. To be honest, this was originally developed before I even knew control points could be added to PIOs. Perhaps they couldn’t back then. 🙂 ‘Now that sounds like a plan! 😛 I’m glad some of you still find this old PIO useful!
  4. Matt Panzer

    Enhance break line tools

    Sure thing, just try to attribute credit to the creator or original location if possible. Ah yes. My old PanzerCAD Break Poly plug-in. 🙂 Download, unzip, and place in the Plug-ins folder in your Vectorworks user folder. Restart Vectorworks. Add it to a tool palette in your workspace (using the Workspace Editor) and you should be good to go. What's nice about this PIO is that you can use the Reshape tool in "Show or hide Edges" mode to show/hide any number of segments. PanzerCAD Break Poly 2009.zip Enjoy!
  5. Matt Panzer

    Slab Slope

    Yes. I should've mentioned the Fit Walls to Objects command first. If that doesn't give you what you need, you can then use the Reshape tool to get there.
  6. Matt Panzer

    Slab Slope

    Glad to help, @Markvl ! @techdef , The "bottom of slab above" you mention would be a story level. This is a reference elevation for objects to bind to. Have you tried reshaping the top of the wall to meet the slab?
  7. Matt Panzer

    v2019 Section viewport rogue geometry bug is back

    No problem Will We tracked them down and will have a look. Thanks! -Matt
  8. Matt Panzer

    v2019 Section viewport rogue geometry bug is back

    OK, great. No need to send the files to me then. Do you have a bug number?
  9. Matt Panzer

    v2019 Section viewport rogue geometry bug is back

    Hi Will, We are aware of issues like this and are working on them. Would it be possible to send m you file privately for testing? Thanks, Matt
  10. @The Hamma , It looks like most of the objects in the 3D Component are set to display along with the 2D components. This is causing the objects to be rendered in hidden line behind the displayed 2d component. Try editing the 3D component of the symbol, select all of the objects, click on the "Display with 2D Components" button in the Object Info platte and uncheck all of the options. Once you do that, it should render much faster.
  11. It should work in both 2D and 3D. However, it may not work well for curved geometry that becomes faceted.
  12. Hi joerg, Be aware that these graphics are rendered only in hidden line mode for objects beyond the cut plane. Due to limitations in hidden line render modes, bitmaps and 2D fill attributes (other than hatches) will not display in Vectorworks 2019. However, we have made some improvements that include display of line types in hidden line. On the other hand, 2D components that display in the cut plane (when an object is cut) do display full 2D attributes because they're not rendered in hidden line. We do understand the need for displaying other 2D attributes for objects beyond the cut plane and are exploring possibilities for future versions.
  13. Possibly. I'm not really the best person to be answering Spotlight questions. 🙂 These objects have behaviors quite different than objects in other areas of Vectorworks. In general, we'd rather move away from placing 3D tags in the model to have them show up on drawings. It's not as flexible as it should be because you cannot move the tags where you need them for each drawing. We do have some good ideas of how this could be done though.
  14. I don't know know which objects in Spotlight work with this feature, but pretty much any hybrid PIO should. These special behaviors of the Lighting Device may not make good use of the feature just yet. However, we do have some ideas of how the lighting device could be improved to do things like this in a future version. Possibly. We do have some other ideas of how objects like stairs can better represent themselves on different floors in the future.
  15. I just talked to some people in high places and they went ahead and tossed that in for you. 😛 Actually this is already built into the feature. Any object in the 3D component of a symbol can be set to display along with any number of 2D components.