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  1. Can you send me the file privately to have a look?
  2. This is a good article. However, the title is a little misleading. The features discussed in the article may or may not be in Vectorworks 2021, but they are things we're actively looking at or working on. 🙂
  3. The best way to achieve that would be to: Use walls with component classes Class the wall (eg: Wall-Exterior) Set the viewport Detail Level to "Medium" or "High" (so doors and windows show as you like) Turn off all component classes in the viewport Set the Wall's class visible and use a class override to set its attributes as needed (eg: a hatch fill)
  4. #1 and #2 sound good. In the very odd case of #3, I would put "AS NOTED".
  5. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov , This really needs to be an option like in the Drawing Label so the user can switch the scale display between Architectural and Engineering format.
  6. Hi @Christiaan, The features shown in Ruby's video are features we're currently investigating, or working on for a future release. This does not mean these will be released in Vectorworks 2021.
  7. Great idea! We might need another survey for favorite multi-button mouse! I'm starting to think I need to buy something to replace my regular 2-buttons.
  8. A number of years ago, I had a mouse with a right and left side button (for thumb and ring finger to push). I mapped the left to "Cmd-[" and the right to "Cmd-]". In Vectorworks, this let me easily navigate in and out of groups and symbols. In web browsers, it let me easily navigate to the previous or next page. It was great and I used it for many years. Hmm... Maybe it's time to get a new mouse with this buttons again. I'm really looking forward to that poem. 😉
  9. Yes. The custom Modification command will allow changes to all Drawing Labels at once. So, if you want to change them all, that's the fastest way to go. Once you click OK, you'll get a Properties dialog. Change only settings that you want to apply to ALL Drawing Labels, click OK and you're done.
  10. I agree that we need a way to insert a gate and, perhaps, an opening into a fence. However, Wall objects and Railing/Fence objects are very different objects with different requirements. So, there is no easy way to simply merge functionality. What we do need, is a way to define and place a Gate into a Railing/Fence object. IMO, this should not have anything to do with Wall, Door, or Window objects. In any case: Yes, we need this. 🙂
  11. You're welcome! glad it still works! 🙂 Right. The characters in the string are fixed internal settings for the Vectorscript call used. It does not look at user custom keyboard shortcuts.
  12. Hi Phillip, I haven't tested this in quite some time but gave it a quick try in Vectorworks 2020 and it seems to work fine. Copy the attached file to the "Plug-ins" folder in the Vectorworks user folder, restart Vectorworks, add the "Snaps ±" menu command to your workspace using the Workspace Editor, and you should be good to go. Snaps±.vsm
  13. I did some diffing and see this is a know issue: VB-154797 - Certain Objects Display in Section Viewports Incorrectly when Renderworks is combined with Hidden Line I added you file to that same report.


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