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  1. Matt Panzer

    Viewport Layer Stack Order

    Set your viewport to Top/Plan view and you should have it. The layer stacking only works in that case.
  2. Matt Panzer

    Section Marker Scale/Size

    Are the section lines placed in design layers? If so, the best way to avoid this problem is to not show them in design layers, or place them on a design layer that's not visible in the viewports (if you want to have them there for reference). Then, select the section viewport and click on the "Section Line Instances" button in the Object Info palette. A dialog will appear allowing you to choose which layers and viewports to display the section lines in. Any viewports you show them in will place a section line in their annotations. Each section line marker will then display according to the scale of its parent viewport.
  3. Matt Panzer

    Dimensions not working

    A bug is a behavior that is not intended by the software. It could be something that is barely noticeable, a crash, or anywhere in-between. My stating that we consider the behavior a bug was to let you know that it's not "by design" and needs to be fixed. The comment was not intended to lesson the severity of the problem - quite the contrary.
  4. Matt Panzer

    Space Label: Finish Floor Elevation

    I believe the slab Height parameter is the same as its insertion point. Luckily, we do have a function for that and it does report in the current units. Try this: Spot Elev Try 2.vwx
  5. Matt Panzer

    Flippin' Flipped Doors

    No need for a file, @willofmaine. I created one for the bug report.
  6. Matt Panzer

    Custom leaf height with Door Tool

    I try. ūüėČ
  7. Matt Panzer

    Flippin' Flipped Doors

    Hi @Christiaan, You're right about a lot of these problems regarding flipping and the object deciding what faces inside/outside from the wall. However, a door with a custom door leaf will always keep the same face of the door to outside, but it fails to keep one side of the door as a hinge side. As @TomKen mentioned, you can create vision panels without using a custom leaf - and that leaf flips as expected. The custom leaf should flip in the same way. I went ahead an entered a bug for this: VB-158845 @mike m oz, I agree with you about having real world options as this information may appear on schedules.
  8. Matt Panzer

    Flippin' Flipped Doors

    Ah, right. Thanks Kevin. I see the issue as well. @Christiaan, why do you feel this is by design? It looks like a bug to me.
  9. Matt Panzer

    Flippin' Flipped Doors

    @willofmaine, What version of Vectorworks are you seeing this in? Can you send me a file showing the issue
  10. Matt Panzer

    Custom leaf height with Door Tool

    Probably the best way to create this would be to insert a door "Opening" of "Cased Opening", then insert another door at the same insertion point with the leaf dimensions you want and a Jamb With and Depth of zero.
  11. Matt Panzer

    Trouble with slab drainage tool

    You're very welcome. @Phileas ! BTW: The lack of highlighting of "valleys" outside the slab is a known bug. I gave that but a nudge. Hopefully we'll see those highlights in a future version so it can be more discoverable (and understood). We're also exploring ways to provide better control over control of sloping faces vs sloping valleys.
  12. Matt Panzer

    Slabs loose reshape ability

    LOL! I believe this is the reason. If a slab is bound to walls, each segment contains bounding information. If you suddenly add more segments, you might get unexpected results. I have not confirmed this is the reason for sure, but I believe it is.
  13. Matt Panzer

    Incorrect object rotation in VP

    Hi @drelARCH, I received the file you sent me privately and the column rotation is a known bug. For now, the only workaround I can think of is to turn off "Display 2D Components" for the horizontal section viewport. This should give you results similar to that in Vectorworks 2018.
  14. Matt Panzer

    Slabs loose reshape ability

    Yes. The boundary is the shape of the slab. Adding and subtracting surfaces create modifiers have the option to affect specific components of the slab, so they do not change the boundary.
  15. Matt Panzer

    Incorrect object rotation in VP

    Hi @drelARCH, Could you post (or send me privately) a file that shows the problem? There is a known bug similar to this and I want to make sure this is the same problem.


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