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  1. Go the the Advance Section Properties dialog (via the Object Info palette button) and try these settings: BTW: I noticed the window in the wall to the left in the section is not inserted into the wall causing their geometry to overlap each other.
  2. As Pat said, please do send the file along with steps to repeat to http://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit
  3. Right. That is the big mystery! Played some more trying to make this happen, but I cannot find a way to recreate the problem. I'll keep my eyes peeled for this though.
  4. @drelARCH, Thank you for investigating and explaining this in such detail! From what I see, duplicating a viewport containing a Section-Elevation Line that defines a section viewport should result in the a viewport containing another "defining" Section-Elevation Line. However, copy/pasting or option-dragging a copy of the a Section-Elevation Line will result in one that's "linked" to a viewport but not defining one. A way to tell the difference is to select one and look at the Linked Viewport popup in the Object Info palette. If the popup is displaying the name of a viewport and is disabled, it's defining that viewport. If the popup is displaying the name of a viewport and is enabled, it's linked to (but not defining) that viewport.
  5. Thanks for the file. So this looks like a bug in Vectorworks 2020 that has been corrected in Vectorworks 2021. However, this case can be corrected in 2020 by selecting the windows and settings the "Break" to "Full Break with Caps" in the Object Info palette.
  6. @KenAB94662, Can you copy and paste the straight and round wall (with windows) into a new vectorworks file and attach it to this thread so we can have a look?
  7. Hi Tom, I do not know why the problem is happening and I was able to recreate the problem. Bug reported (VB-178449).
  8. Unfortunately, without a reproducible case, there's little we can do. I just experimented with the workflow you described but was not able to recreate this problem. Please let us know if you discover any more clues.
  9. Right. Section-Elevation Line instances can only be placed in regular Top/Plan viewports and Horizontal Section Viewports.
  10. You're welcome! If you select a Section Viewport and click on the "Section Line Instances…" button in the Object Info palette, you will be able to select which viewports to display instances of the Section-Elevation Line.
  11. OK. I got your file and took a look and found two different reasons why some grid lines weren't showing: One grid line (#8) was not perfectly perpendicular to the cut plane. The other grid lines (B - F) are completely behind the cut plane causing them not to be seen by the section viewport. They need to be passing through the cut plane or completely beyond the cut plane in order to show. ScreenFlow.mp4
  12. @simona, Can you the file privately in a message addressed to both @Wes Gardner and @Matt Panzer ?
  13. Right. Vectorworks should ask you before deleting resources from the resource browser. Purge should only delete unused styles, so I doubt that is the issue. However, if you see otherwise, let us know.
  14. I cannot reproduce this issue. Is the "Show Bubble at" setting setting for the Grid Lines in the viewport set to "Both Ends"? Can you send me the file privately so I can take a look? Please include the exact steps you take to create the viewport.
  15. Hi @drelARCH, I have not heard of this issue before and don't see any bug reports on it. It sounds to me like something caused the style resource to be deleted from your file. When a style resource is deleted, all instances of the style will become unstyled. Is there any chance you may've deleted it by accident? The only other thing that comes to mind is if the Purge command somehow deleted it. If you have any other ideas of what actions lead up to this happening, please let me know. So far, I have not been able to reproduce the issue.


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