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  1. 👍 I believe each part is textured "from Overall" by default so the Overall texture does have an effect. You can select multiple parts and remove the texture override. to get them back to the overall texture. The "object" is the selectable wall object in Vectorworks. Wall components are the different layers of material that make up the wall. When you texture "By object", your applying textures to the overall shape (more of a schematic representation) of the wall and components are not visible but texturing by component textures each component which is a more realistic representation.
  2. Thanks for the screenshot. Ok, so you have the wall selected so these setting only affect the wall and I would recommend using "Component" mode (the setting near the top of the Object Info palette) rather than "By Object" mode. As for the "Overall" texture (only an option for "By Object" mode): That sets the texture for the wall object itself and each part of that object can override it with their own. To get the parts to use the overall texture, right-click on them in the ObjectInfo palette and choose the "Remove Texture Override" context menu command. After that, you should see their texture in the palette shown as "from Overall". As for texturing of doors and windows. They are a bit different. If you're using Vectorworks 2024, the texturing of their parts (via the Settings dialog) is far more flexible than in past versions.
  3. Hi Bryden, I'm glad you're enjoying the new version so far! Regarding the issues you're seeing: The best I can say is that if you have a reproducible case, please provide the steps (and include a file, if needed) to repeat the issue. I just tried reproducing #3 with a door with the default settings and see no issues, so there's probably a setting in the door (in your file) causing the problem. Best, Matt
  4. Where do you see the term "Overall" for textures in the Door and Window Settings dialog or OIP (and in what Vectorworks version)?
  5. Ok. Good to hear it now working for you.
  6. Hi @marveln22, I do not see this issue. Can you post a simple file showing the problem?
  7. Hi @Piiiiii, Right. A wall projection is not part of the defined wall thickness and can be any shape. The door and window currently only look at the defined wall thickness but you should be able to offset the insert in the wall and increase the Jamb Depth to get what you're after (if the projection is a consistent thickness).
  8. Thanks, Tom. It looks like the VE and VB have already been linked in our tracking system and the issue is being looked at.
  9. This does appear to be a bug. I submitted VB-205143 so the engineers can have a closer look.
  10. Right. This issue is very high on our list to resolve. We hope to have it resolved in the next update but I cannot say for sure at this time.
  11. What version of Vectorworks do you see this in?
  12. I agree this would be very useful. One roundabout (but still very useful) way of doing this for textures is to select all of the textures in the Resource Manage, right-click on one, use the "Extract Images" command to save in a folder, and view the files in the folder sorted by size.
  13. All I can say is that it's a high priority bug and should be addressed soon. How soon I cannot say...
  14. I see this issue as well and submitted a bug (VB-204858). Thank you for brining this to our attention and apologies for the delay us in looking at this.
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