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  1. Vectorworks Error Message (Symbols)

    It sounds like the Symbol Insertion tool is set to Offset Insertion mode. Switch it to Standard Insertion mode and all should be well.
  2. List of Plug-ins that use object styles

    I believe this is the full list: Bath-Shower Cabinet Base Cabinet Utility Cabinet Wall Campanile Column Comm Device Compartment Sink Desk Door Elevator Escalator Fireplace Grab Bar HVAC Damper HVAC Diffuser HVAC Elbow Duct HVAC Flex Duct HVAC Outlet HVAC Splitter HVAC Straight Duct HVAC Transition HVAC Vertical Duct HVAC Vertical Elbow Incandescent Fixture Pilaster Ramp Receptacle Shelving Unit Switch Tables and Chairs Toilet Stall Window Workstation Counter Workstation Overhead Workstation Panel Workstation Pedestal
  3. Flat Roof

    Slab objects are also good for creating flat roofs. The Slab Drainage feature allows drains to be placed and will create low pitched slopes to them:
  4. ID Tags Oriented Wrong in Plan Drawings

    Check the Advanced Properties of the Viewport and make sure the "Adjust Flipped Text" option is selected there. Viewports have control over this setting independent from the document preference.
  5. You're welcome, Gerard. PS: The problem with this old dog is not learning new tricks, it's remembering them a week later. ;-)
  6. Mac OS also has a rename feature. Select the files, right-click on one, and choose the Rename Items command. You can then replace ".tab" with ".txt" for all of the files at once.
  7. Slab Slope

    Hi Bruce, You're right. I cannot think of a better solution than you've done.
  8. Walls not joining properly

    Hi Jim, The first component (Gypsum Board) in the wall style was selected as the Core. Change the core to Mtl Stud Framing and they should join properly. Was this wall style included in a template that shipped with Vectorworks, or did you pull from default content (via the Resource Manager or Wall tool)? I checked our default content and a couple of templates and they are correct. If you can find the offending wall style in any of these places, please let me know so we can correct it. If you cannot, maybe the setting was accidentally changed?
  9. Marvin Windows in the Vectorworks Library

    This was recently clarified in the help for an upcoming service pack.
  10. Marvin Windows in the Vectorworks Library

    Hi Dick, This post from another thread should answer your question:
  11. Slab Slope

    You're welcome, Bruce! A slab can have one tapered component. The tapered component will taper its top surface as required to create slopes for slab drainage (eg: rigid insulation). Everything below the tapered component will remain level, everything above it will slope along along its top surface. If no tapered component exists in the slab, all components will slope for the drainage.
  12. Slab Slope

    First, make sure the slab style has no tapered components. With the Slab Drainage Tool: Add a drain at the two corners to be the lower side of the slab. Connect the two drains. Move the control points for the valleys (that are closest to the high side of the slab) to the corners to be the highest side. Edit the two valleys and use the "Define by Elevation" option with an elevation of 1". Voilla! :-) ScreenFlow.mp4
  13. Drawing details

    A trick I often use is to create an "empty" sheet layer viewport (with no layers visible), set the scale, then place my detail in its annotations. If needed, you can make a symbol of the detail (from within the annotations) and place it in other "empty" viewports. The symbols can be copied or referenced between files and placed in more "empty" viewports as needed. The nice thing about this approach is that you don't need to worry about creating any design layers for this.
  14. Walls not joining properly

    Hi Jim, Can you send me a file with the offending walls?
  15. Wall stacking, wall dissapeer

    It looks to me like the wall auto-joining preference is on (which is the default). This preference will auto-join walls when you drag the end of one over another. Try turning off that preference and see if it helps. The quick-pref toggle button looks like this:


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