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  1. Hi Andy, @Dave Donley may correct me on this but I don't think there's a technical reason for this.
  2. You're welcome! I'm glad it resolved your issue! ­čÖé
  3. I believe the problem you're talking about is caused by the detail level of the design layer display. Try selecting the "Auto display detail levels for design layers" option in your document preferences and set the two scale values so that your design layer falls within the High Detail range:
  4. Good to hear! Thanks for reporting back! ­čÖé
  5. Hello @Alessio De Stefani , Can you attach a simple Vectorworks file showing the problem?
  6. At each update, I am always a bit afraid that I will get even more issues ­čÖé. But I will give it a shot. Generally, SP1 versions contain mostly fixes related to localization issues. Later SP versions have more significant fixes throughout the application. Please do give it a shot. Little by little, I start to be a firm believer of this strategy... Most of the text I have them in the annotation space anyway because they are only related to one layout. I still believe that some very general texts (like levels or room names), typically texts you can use for more than one layout, are better in the design space because this way you don't need to copy them in different layouts (and update them multiple times). I could however imagine changing my habits... I definitely get it and understand the current limitations of putting everything in annotation groups. Objects like Data Tags, Structural Grids, and Smart Markers are helping with some of the issues, but more still needs to be done. Glad to help! have a good weekend!
  7. Is there a reason you haven't updated to 2021 SP2? That version should fix the vanishing line issues. As for the text: Annotations like text and Data Tags can be problematic when displayed in a sheet layer viewport not set to Top/Plan view. We typically recommend placing these objects in the viewport annotation space (but I do understand why you might want them directly in the design layer). While we are working to improve this, the best I can say is to try to keep annotations in the viewport annotation space for these types of viewports.
  8. Are you using Vectorworks 2021 SP2? Is it possible for you to send me the file privately?
  9. You're welcome! Thanks for pushing! I know how these "little annoyances" can be very frustrating. ­čśë
  10. @Mik , My apologies! I read your post too fast and should've watched you video. I was testing in the Object Info and not in the Settings dialog. I DO see the issue you're having. I just submitted a bug report for this: VB-176519 Here are all of the problem fields I could find in the Door and Window Settings dialogs in Windows 10 OS: Window PIO: General Pane: Width Height Jamb and Sash Pane: Shim Gap Masonry Module Louvers Pane: Blade Angle Transom Pane: Sash Offset Mullion Depth Lintel Pane: Drop Door PIO: General Pane: Offset in Wall Configuration: Barn Door Pane: Rail Depth Jamb Pane: Depth Jamb Extension Width Masonry Module Lights Pane: Bar Offset Transom Pane: Mullion Depth Bar Offset Interior Wall Detail Pane: Number of Components Exterior Wall Detail Pane: Number of Components
  11. HI @Mik, I'm not much of a windows user but I cannot reproduce the problem on my Windows 10 machine at the office. I wonder if there's a windows or keyboard setting that may effect this?
  12. For the wall joins, try selecting "Merge Structural Object with Same Fill" in the Advanced Properties dialog for the viewport. Regarding the text: Check the z-height of the text objects in the design layer. Keep in mind that the 3D height determines what objects show above others in horizontal sections (not stacking order). If the text is higher than the slab, it will display above it.
  13. So, IOW, the resolution setting of the monitor have no effect on the issue? As Pat mentioned, since the problem is in such an old version of Vectorworks, the only thing you can do is try to work around it.
  14. Charlie, If you set the display resolution to something lower, will the problem go away? I know... Why have a 4K monitor only to set it to something lower? But it might be something...
  15. Are you using a 4K monitor? This looks like an issue that arose in VW 2017 (which I see you're using). I'm not sure if it is related to the OS version but I believe it does have to do with using a 4K monitor.


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