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  1. Try choosing the Merge Structural Objects with Same Fill option in the Advanced Section Properties dialog:
  2. I believe the Data Tags going blank have to do with using the Clip tool on viewports to adjust their crops. Any chance that tool was used on the files you're seeing the issue in? This problem (with the Clip tool) is related to a similar issue we recently tracked down and fixed related to the Smart Markers disappearing or unlinking from their viewports. In my testing, I found the fix for that bug seems to also fix the Data Tag problem except for the case where the Clip tool is used to split a viewport into multiple viewports.
  3. Glad to help, Larry! Sorry about the crashing. If you can reliably reproduce the crash, please let us know so we can look into it.
  4. The problem is that the extent beyond the cut plane is not far enough to include the full thickness of the tubing beyond the cut (it's clipping it at the rounded corners). Try increasing it (in the Advanced Properties) to something a little larger. It was 64.5 and I increased it to 80 to fix the issue.
  5. Hi Bob, Unfortunately, I don't have any other tricks from the ones being discussed here.
  6. Right-click on a viewport and choose the “Edit” context menu command. A dialog will display with an option to choose the double-click behavior. It sounds like it’s currently set to Edit Crop. Change it to Edit Annotations, click OK and you should be good to go.
  7. Hi @leecalisti, I'm not aware of any issues like this. Can you reliably reproduce the issue? If so, would it be possible to send the file along with steps to reproduce it via BUG SUBMIT ?
  8. This might help: The attached file contains a worksheet that uses scripts to get the object's "Class Description" and Fill Color Name. As long as the scripts are in the file, those functions will work. However, there's no way I know of to get the Color Palette Name in a worksheet. Color Name and Class Desc in Worksheet v2021.vwx
  9. Yes. This is a known issue: VB-175894 Question: Text size in dimensions when changing scaling on Page Setup. Another known issue: VB-119936 "Page Setup Settings" change the size of a hatch I added a link to this thread in both bug reports to give them a nudge.
  10. Are you using Vectorworks 2021? Check out this video:
  11. I would recommend publishing/exporting as a PDF and print to whatever scale factor you need from your PDF reader. Another reason I do this is because PDF's are also used for sets sent to the print service and for archives. Using PDF for everything helps ensure what you print looks the same as what the print service prints. Doing things this way allows you to keep your page setup set to A1 at 100%.
  12. No problem @Boh! Ok, so I revised the enhancement request to: VE-102025: Detail Viewport should show information about what viewport defines it and allow a new defining viewport to be chosen I'm a little skeptical about this other workaround idea but let me know if you works! 🙂
  13. OK. Thanks for the explanation! Clear as a bell now. 🙂 Unfortunately, I cannot think of any better way to do this. However, I did submit an enhancement request and linked it to this thread (VE-102025 - Ability to change the defining viewport of a Detail Viewport.).
  14. I'm having trouble understanding exactly what you're trying to do. Could you explain in more detail what you want to do in the file you show in the screenshot?
  15. You can copy and paste the Detail Callout and the pasted Detail Callout will not be a "viewport defining" callout. You can then manually link it back to the Detail Viewport via the Linked Viewport popup in the Object Info palette. Will that do what you need?
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