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  1. I looked into this and it is a known bug (VB-164404 BUG Data Visualization Export DWG). All I can say is that it is a high priority bug.
  2. Thanks for the file. If I understand you correctly, what I'm seeing in your file is correct. Only page unit hatches will scale in viewports. This is the help text for the Hatch Line Scale setting in the Advanced Properties dialog: I believe the reason world unit hatches do not scale is because they may represent a dimensional pattern (tile, siding, roofing, etc). These hatches should not scale for that reason.
  3. What version of Vectorworks are you using? Can you attach a file showing the issue?
  4. I have seen issues like this in earlier versions but thought they were all resolved. Can you send me a file privately so I can see what you're talking about? I'd like to file a bug report with it and I'd also like to see if I can come up with a solution until the issue its fixed.
  5. Show off! 😉 Beautiful work Wes!!!
  6. As far as I know, yes. I believe the facets are created when the object is generated and the new navigation graphics drop them out when they're too small to show.
  7. What version of Vectorworks are you seeing this in?
  8. Yes. this is the problem. Think about some fancy curvy cabinet door and drawer knobs on all of the kitchen cabinets. Having an "Ultra High" setting could potentially bring things to a crawl. However, we have made improvements in VW 2020 for navigation graphic display of 3D curved geometry. Basically, this technology reduces the number of facets in curved objects when their facets are too small to display on the monitor at the current zoom level. IOW, if there aren't enough pixels to resonably show the facet, the object is displayed with fewer larger facets. I imagine this technology might VW to represent curved surfaces with more facets when zoomed closer. just speculating here...
  9. Hi @drelARCH, I received you files and tested them against the surface hatch fix. Everything looks to be working as expected and we should see an update with the fix soon. As for the other issues: The section viewport fill problem has to do with section viewports set to a non-orthogonal projection. For those viewports, you can work around the issue by: Make a duplicate of the section viewport Set the Projection of the viewport to "orthogonal" Deselect "Display Extents beyond Cut Plane" Update the viewport and align it with the original section viewport. The horizontal section viewport issue is a different problem and stems from a conflict between the new 2d cut components of PIOs and Symbols and how the sectioning code interprets them. What's happening is the viewport sees the entire cut component as a cut object and applies the section class attributes to everything within the component. Until we implement a better solution for this, the best way to deal with this is to either deselect "Display 2D Components" for the viewport, or set the Advanced properties to "Separate Cross Sections" and "Use Attributes of Original Objects". If going with the latter, you may be able to effectively "merge" the wall components by doing the following: In Advanced Properties: Select "Merge objects with same fill" Select "Add Profile Line" and select a class to use for the profile line attributes Using class overrides to give all component classes the same fill and a zero line thickness
  10. The surface hatch issue was due to changes made to improve performance in rendering surface hatches. Unfortunately, the problem was not caught in time. As for other section viewport issues: Vectorworks 2019 introduced MAJOR changes in the sectioning code for the new section features and the new 2D component features. This is the cause. This is not an excuse but simply the reason these problems happened. If you're willing to send me these files, I'd love to test our fix with them. While the fix specifically has to do with surface hatches, I can also take a look at your section fill problems.
  11. @line-weight, @Kevin McAllister, Thank you for the files. I played around with the files and, unfortunately, cannot come up with any workarounds to get better smoothing. We do know about the problem but I'll try to nudge some relevant bug reports on this. Best, Matt
  12. It could be considered a bug, but it may be a technical limitation or simply a performance limitation. Can you send me a file with a few of you most problematic objects in it? I’d like to see if I can come up with anything that may help and, more importantly, I’d like to submit a bug with the file. While it may require a lot more than a bug fix, it’s worth a shot. In any case, it will get more eyes on the issue.
  13. Right. I was simply stating that you can see the facets more when you zoom in. And yes, different objects are dealt with in different ways. I’ve always noticed circles and ovals were different in the past (I haven’t checked recently).
  14. I do not believe it has anything to do with units. I would say it's relative to the zoom level. The closer you look, the larger the facets appear.
  15. Unfortunately, I know of no technical way around this.


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