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  1. Matt Panzer

    VW2020 Detail Levels

    If you were to put 96 and 24 for the values in the dialog, you would get the following behavior: If the design layer scale is: 1:96 (1/8"=1'-0") or smaller: you will see objects in low detail 1:24 (1/2"=1'-0") or smaller: you will see objects in medium detail Above 1:24 (1/2"=1'-0"): you will see objects in high detail Translate this to metric friendly scales: If you were to put 100 and 25 for the values in the dialog, you would get the following behavior: If the design layer scale is: 1:100 or smaller: you will see objects in low detail 1:25 or smaller: you will see objects in medium detail Above 1:25 : you will see objects in high detail
  2. Matt Panzer

    Object not working like an object?

    It all depends on how close the texture will be seen in renderings. If a 300dpi image texture is only seen in 300dpi renderings at 1/4 of its original size (resolution), you might get by with reducing it to 75dpi. However, I'd probably reduce it to 150 to give a little wiggle room. The best way to get a feel for this is to experiment: Take a copy of a file with a rendered viewport rendered at the max resolution you plan to use. Copy and crop the viewport to a very small portion of the model to show only the texture you're concerned with and turn off any needed layers and classes to help it render faster. Render the cropped viewport Copy/paste a copy of the viewport next to the original Save the file Reduce the resolution of the texture's image to what you think might be a good minimum. Update the duplicate viewport and compare the image quality to the original. Revert the file back to the last saved version and repeat steps 6-7 until you find the smallest dpi that is not noticeably worse then the original. Once you find it, you may want to bump it up a bit in case you create another rendering that needs a little more detail. Also, save a file with the original textures at their full resolution in case you even need to go back to them.
  3. Matt Panzer

    Non-Plot Classes/Layers

    While not as automatic as a not-plot class would be, I've done this many times in the past by using class overrides. This is assuming you typically edit the design layer through viewports. What I did is to create my "non-plot" classes and set their attributes how I want to see them on design layers. The objects I place in that class, of course, will use all of their attributes "by class". In sheet layer viewports, I would have the classes visible but override the class to have no pen and no fill. I realize there's a bit of work getting viewports setup, but it works well. And yes, viewport styles would help a lot with this. In fact, I think viewport styles would rid the need to for a non-plot class altogether.
  4. Putting your (very good) idea of using spaces to generate interior elevations aside: Would you agree that the main workflow problem is that interior elevations must be created from (and their markers placed on) a design layer? If you could create them by placing a marker in the viewport annotations directly, wouldn't that solve the majority of issues?
  5. The tag should move independent from the section lines. Can you show me a reproducible case where this does not happen? Yes, it certainly should not be tied to a design layer. Don't you think their visibility should work more like Section Lines where you can choose which viewports to display them in? We also do need per view viewport control over the location and look of these object (like the Data Tag). Interesting idea!
  6. Matt Panzer

    (section)viewports not rendering 2d items

    Thanks for the file, Frank! I exported the file back to VW 2018 and tested from there to 2020. The viewports displayed on 2018 SP6 and 2019 SP5 correctly. However, I did find another file showing issues in 2019 SP5 as well. I do see the problem with your file in 2020. A bug has already been submitted on this (VB-160845). I attached your file with some notes that may help in getting this fixed sooner. Sorry I don't have an immediate solution for you but hopefully this will get addressed soon. Best, Matt
  7. Matt Panzer

    (section)viewports not rendering 2d items

    You're welcome, Frank. Feel free to send a VW 2018 file. This will allow me to see what you already have in 2018 and how it changes in 2019. -Matt
  8. Matt Panzer

    (section)viewports not rendering 2d items

    @Frank Schnater, Could you post or send me a file showing this problem? My initial hunch is that your "horizontal section" is a "regular section" that was created from an elevation viewport? If so, try creating a horizontal section by using the "Create Horizontal Section" command in the View menu (in VW 2019 or 2020) and see if you get different results.
  9. Matt Panzer

    Viewport "Styles"

    @Amorphous - Julian, I agree that this is a very important feature and it's very high on my personal list. I would say we've had it "on the radar" for a few years and much closer to the pipe since the release of VW 2019 (but not yet in the pipe). That said, we do know how important this feature is and I hope to push it in the pipe soon.
  10. Matt Panzer

    2021 Architecture Wishlist

    While this wish of mine does not include ceiling grids, it is another big one for me: VE-95637: Roofer, Roof Face, Slab, and Floor objects need to accept 3D symbols and plug-in objects
  11. Matt Panzer

    data tag for floor objects?

    Hi Grant, It looks like the bug I reported on this (VB-165645) should be fixed in an upcoming service pack! ūüôā
  12. Matt Panzer

    Is it possible to link text to drawing numbers?

    Christiaan, This should work. I just tested and it does update. If you have a reproducible case, please file a bug or send it to me.
  13. Matt Panzer

    data tag for floor objects?

    Ah! You're right, Grant. I automatically thought of Slab objects. I'll submit a bug report on this. In the meantime, you can get what you need if you don't mind using Slab objects.
  14. Matt Panzer

    data tag for floor objects?

    I didn't test much, but I think this will do the trick for Slabs and other objects as well: Data Tag for Object Area.vwx
  15. Matt Panzer

    Is it possible to link text to drawing numbers?

    Ah I see, but my viewports are not section viewports, which this feature works with. Use a Section-Elevation Marker (not a Section Line) and link it to the viewport via the Link to Viewport popup in the Object Info palette.


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