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  1. This is a known issue and should be addressed very soon.
  2. You’re welcome, Niki! Thanks @Christiaanand @Gadzooks It’s always interesting to see the many clever approaches from you folks on the boards. :-)
  3. Another variation on this with a Wall Feature: Create a 2D polygon, select it and the wall, and use the Clip Surface command. A wall feature will be created. In the Object Info palette, set the Right Side Wrap to the desired component and set the Offset from Wall Top to get the niche to align with the top of the window. This method does creates pretty good Top/Plan graphics and also carries the outside component finish into the cutout in 3D.
  4. You’re welcome! You can find a lot of videos of 2018 features here:
  5. Our Door and Window content now takes advantage of the new Door and Window Style Catalog feature in Vectorworks 2018. This allows us to provide much more content than in previous versions. Catalog content is accessed through a Door or Window Style. The basic workflow is to insert a Door or Window Style from our content, edit the style, rename as desired, and choose a product from the catalog. Here's a quick (silent) video showing how it works: ScreenFlow.mp4
  6. Setting the line weight of the components should give you what you need.
  7. Hi Martin, Hover the your cursor over my name at the top of this message and a small popup will appear with my information. At the bottom left of that popup, click on "Message". You should be able to attach the files to the message by dragging them into the message.
  8. You're welcome, Martin. Sorry it didn't give you the results you're after. But good to hear you can get what you need from Final Shaded Polygon mode. :-) I still believe you should be able to get something useful using the steps I mentioned. Would it be possible to attach the file (or send it to me privately if you prefer not to make it public)?
  9. Try setting the Background Render of the viewport to OpenGL (with Draw Edges turned off in the Background Render Settings) and the Foreground Render to Hidden Line (with the Smoothing Angle as needed in the Foreground Render Settings). This will give you the shaded quality of the OpenGL (raster image) with the vector lifework of Hidden Line on top. Also, Keep in mind that Raster render types (OpenGL and Renderworks) use the sheet layer DPI. If things look too fuzzy or pixelated, edit the sheet layer and set its DPI to something higher. The default is only 72.
  10. We hear you on this and do have this high on our list. In the meantime, you might want to give the Velux Skylight plug-in a try: You can download it from here. BTW: The download button for the plug-in incorrectly states "Download Vectorworks models":
  11. Hi John, Another good wish! You may want to add these wishes to the Wishlist forum. :-)
  12. Hi JMR, In the Data Vis dialog, I see two records being used. The one using red attributes is the "Rough Opening Width" of the Door record. Try removing that to see if it gives you what you're after.
  13. You're welcome, John! My guess is that the style cannot be changed in the worksheet because it's treated differently than a "normal" plug-in parameter. Nevertheless, it would be nice to have that ability.
  14. Create a Roof object In Top/plan view, draw a rectangle over the roof for the flat area Select the Roof and the rectangle Use the Clip Surface command from the Modify menu Fill in the hole as needed (with a slab, low pitched roof, parapet walls, etc)...