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  1. So what I've decided on so far is a hybrid of sorts. I use the" Space Number" of the built in parameters as a unique identifier for the spaces. I don't include that information in the tags, or display it my Room Finish Schedule. I do us it in the room finish schedule to organize the entrees but then don't display the column. All of the room properties I wish to show are generated within my own Record Format. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  2. I'll review this in a couple of days. 4th of July and too much volunteer work right now... Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  3. Looks like I'm Just going to do this with my own record format. I'm having too much trouble working with the stock ones attached to spaces. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  4. Going around in circles trying to create a room finish schedule. I'm partly there but running against a wall. A pair of empty brackets keeps appearing in the schedule. I assume that's because I haven't included a "finish key", but I don't want a finish key. Also how do I get custom fields to apply to a space object and appear in the schedule? Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  5. So, I've got a basement finish project. We're going to have to sawcut & expand one of the existing window openings to install an egress window. The new window will be smaller in width than the existing window but taller. There fore there will be some frame build out to one of the sides. Of course the buildout will not be as thick as the existing 8in concrete wall. My question is, what's the best BIM centric workflow to model this custom window? Thanks, Rudy Beuc Basement Casement Window _ Swings In for Emergency Exiting.pdf
  6. I believe that will just give me a new finish. What I want to do is to create a new field. Like I can do currently with Project Data when I hit the Manage Project Data button wile working with Project Data Within the Title Block Border Settings dialogue. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  7. Sorry for this Wish I could delete this reply..... Apparently all I can do is Share of Edit...
  8. Mucking about with Spaces, Room Finishes, and Room Finish Schedules. I want to create a category/item with the Room Finish option are of space styles for wainscoting. This wat that item will populate my room finish schedules. How do I do that? Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  9. Styles for the repetitive unit tool. That way I could build up a library for detailing purposes. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  10. How does VW calculate the height of text? When hand drafting we used the Capital Letter height to define the height of text. In some other software, that works as expected. In VW the text looks smaller. How does VW do it? is Ascender and Descender height included in the total? Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  11. I wish "Fit Walls To Objects" command had more options for selecting the objects to fit to. Specifically I wish I could choose particular objects or a object. Case in point, I want to fit a wall to the underside of a stair. Having to put the stair on it's own layer increases the complexity of the layer system for the need of one particular command. It doesn't contribute positively to the organization of the project in any way. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  12. Another vote for stacked wall components. I have to create this wall condition in VW... Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  13. Is there a way to get viewports to wireframe render? I'm trying to model an existing structure. I've got dxf wire models representing scans from my Disto s910. I wish to measure and manipulate bim geometry in reference to those scans. Elevation Level Benchmarks attached to story levels seem to only appear in viewports. So how do I get my viewport to render wirefrane so I can dimension, view, and manipulate everything? Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  14. The format of *.pat files is so similar to how VW hatches are defined, line, angle, pen up, pen down, displacement, ect, I'm taken back as how there is no direct import option. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  15. Over the years I've collected dozens of hatch patterned stored as *.pat files. Hoe do I import these into VectorWorks? Thanks, Rudy Beuc
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