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  1. I had the exact same issues when I started using BW. Change the Braceworks Preferences to "Usability" when you're comparing to hand-done math. This turns off the added safety factors. Best, Scott
  2. Totally different question on ramps. If I were to create a report to send to your favorite ramp vendor, which would be the bare minimum to share when ordering a ramp? Height? length? Height & Length? Height & Slope? Do I need to spec the width? Remember, this will likely be with a vendor which whom you've worked with before. I need more than "send me six 4x8's with 2' legs and one matching ramp."
  3. cga, Note that the only thing you can't do without the actual Braceworks license is the calculations. All the connectivity functions of Braceworks are baked into Spotlight. Best, Scott
  4. @C. Strong Touring I had the same issue of not being able to see the recording. Were you using Chrome? When I switched to FireFox, it worked. I'd like to track this issue down. Thanks, Scott
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