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  1. I was giving a detailed tutorial the other day on the use of the Callout and how useful it is when in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, and more importantly, what they need to get out of it, and a few suggestions were offered on how to improve it. 1 The callout needs to behave like a space label, i.e. it need to be capable of being a symbol, that can be classed, or have classed parts, and allow the user to add their own graphics. For example, there was a request to put a box around part of the callout, e.g. the NBS specification clause, or the SRS/TSheet reference, but not the entire callout. See example screenshot. 2 The callout database needs to have some sort of permissions option to stop inadvertent editing. We have strict rules when using this tool, but there is still a risk that someone can edit the database through Vectorworks rather than the source Excel document. We have developed quite sophisticated use of this tool, linking it to excel, etc, so that the deliverable and the vectorworks database are one and the same, but there is some fine-tuning required.
  2. shorter

    IFC Settings

    I have also often wondered why IFC import does not have the same origin options as DWG. IFC import and spatial coordination is as important as DWG. Define your origin, save a template, import aligned to defined origin as one should in DWG world. Could not be easier. Coordination, done.
  3. It would be useful to have the ability to save different settings within each model for IFC export. The 'Save Settings' button chucks you out of the Export IFC dialog. It shouldn't. It should also have the same sort of dropdown menu as we have for DWG export. Current behaviour permits one setting saved per file.
  4. I have to set up a new model. The new model is to match precisely the old model. Having imported the layers, storeys, and elements from the other model, and matched coordinate systems, I then go to export IFC and the settings are not the same as the old model. How useful would it be to have an option to import IFC export settings from another file? I would like to be able to import all aspects of the old model; Export Options, Layer Mapping, Project Data, etc.
  5. shorter

    Output from Purge...

    Perhaps if the purge duplicated objects gave an option to dump the objects into a layer or file for inspection later?
  6. shorter

    Output from Purge...

    Just purged a survey... Would love to know what's purged so I can do back to the surveyor and ask why there are 5000 duplicated objects in the file...
  7. shorter

    Output from Purge...

    Neither have I but there is always that nagging doubt...
  8. shorter

    Output from Purge...

    How do you know...?
  9. Would anyone else find it useful to be able to save the list of objects being purged, or get a visual guide of which coincident objects are being deleted...?
  10. Quite often Text Styles are variations of the same font, but with different fonts size, style, alignment. It would be very useful to be able to select all Text Styles and edit aspects of them at the same time, e.g. change font... I suppose it could be scripted....
  11. When Archiving projects, using the Archive command, it would be very useful if we could opt for all references to be changed from auto-update to save cache.
  12. Hello Could you please add an option when the updater launches to give us an option to install or not install new Default Content? We go to great lengths to ensure the content on each workstation complies with practice and industry standards. It would be useful if the revised default content installed during an update could be downloaded on request, rather than as a given. Thanks.
  13. Hello Unless I am missing something, the Title Block Border does not add fields in the dialog when editing 'Sheet Data' or 'Project Data', when there is no associated/linked text in the Title Block Style itself. I have just added fields for BS1192/ISO19650 file naming, but without associated linked text and the values do not appear in the Edit Data dialogs. This means we cannot add metadata to the Titleblock as we can when we use a standard Record Format. We need to be able to add Metadata for the BS1192/ISO19650 fields: Client Project Code Originator File Type Discipline/Role Purpose of Issue/Suitability Classification when not displayed or required on the Drawing Sheet. We need these fields to be editable through the standard 'Edit' dialogs and available when we use the 'File Export Options' and define our 'Naming Schema' to comply with BS1192/ISO19650 i.e. Project Code-Originator-Volume/Zone-Level/Location-File Type-Discipline/Role-Sheet Number-Purpose of Issue/Suitability-Revision when potentially 'Sheet Number' and 'Revision' and the practices own 'Project ID' are the only visible values on drawing itself and the other fields, through the wonderful use of concatenation, are used to generate the PDF name via the publish command.
  14. Current behaviour of Publish command when choosing the source folder is to offer you one choice. All or nothing. It would be great if we could cmd-select folders to avoid for example, folders containing Sketches, or Superseded data.
  15. Publish command again... Wouldn't radio buttons be better for the file type so that VW automatically added PDF and DWG to the list, rather than use have to choose each file format in turn?


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