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  1. batch import and tick all layers if layer referenced. Layer referencing more reliable when copying between files.
  2. Batch Rename in 2021 is brilliant! but... What if we could right click on classes or layers in the navigation or organisation and 'batch rename...'?
  3. When importing a sketchup file we can convert the SketchUp model to 'Architectural' BIM objects. Shame we cannot do the same with Vectorworks solid models for those stages of a project where we design in Vectorworks using tools like Sketchup. ps Thanks Vectorworks for making the ability to model so easily like Sketchup without the need for an additional plugin, unlike a certain BIM solution I could mention.
  4. When importing DWG we can import multiple DWGs into one VW file. When referencing a VW file (the VW equivalent of 'importing' a VW file) or copying and pasting, we can't. When we want to copy data from multiple VW files we can't simply 'import' multiple files at the same time by dragging and dropping on to the Reference dialog (a la Microstation) for example. Have a situation now where we have received 50 or so DWGs from the MEP. Have imported them separately, and have removed extraneous data (mainly our out-of-date data sent back to us...) and now want to amalgamate all the data into one file for easy of use and referencing. Some means of copying layers from multiple files into one file would be useful. While the import multiple DWG process is useful, as you know with DWGs emanating from a certain BIM solution, DWGs are usually huge and need a massive amount of editing to be useable so this is only useful on small amounts of data. A Vectorworks-biased solution is needed.
  5. Yes it only affects 2021. Although this default class issue is a bit of a side-issue to the main thrust of my post. It was requested that Door and Window Styles have a 'default' class like Walls, Slabs, and Symbols, and this appears to be the mechanism by which one sets it. It is slightly inconsistent with how walls and slabs work and I would prefer a similar setting within the style itself, not via the 'Plug-in Options' unless Walls and Slabs are brought up to date with Doors and Windows of course. The fact still remain though that styles do not behave entirely like symbols and cannot be replaced when you create a new one and name it as an existing one. The only way you can do this is to take the new window style out of the model, modify it, name it and then copy or reference it back in, and then replace the definition. Then it behaves like a symbol.
  6. It is all greyed out and not editable hence my workaround.
  7. If I create a window 'style' (hate that word, but hey...) and then start using it, but then forget to set the default class for that window type, there is no way to change the default class (that I can detect) other than converting the styled window to 'unstyled' setting the default class for the unstyled window and recreating the style. Annoyingly when I do, and I name the recreated style as per the original, it does not 'replace' the original. It gives no message and just creates one called 'Window Style'. It ought to, for consistency's sake, ask if you want to replace the existing window style.
  8. Seems Windoor cannot be acquired by UK users either. I am sure Julian will explain why.
  9. When we upgrade Vectorworks, or even run interim service pack updates, it would be extremely useful if the files installed had some sort of version and revision history. For example, the xml files that contain Pantone colour palettes... Do these ever change? If they do how do we know what has changed? In practice and even using your own Titleblock Manager you (should) allow for a revision history of even the most trivial document and are encouraged to highlight those changes somehow. In larger offices, and in any managed system where we make use of the workgroup and project folder functionality, we centralise content such as class libraries, file templates, but also colour palettes, and this content often includes resources produced and installed by Vectorworks. Would be useful if we knew which files need to be updated and a versioning system would be hugely beneficial for larger managed systems. FYI, the class libraries I am issuing for BS1192/ISO19650 compatibility will include revision history. Thanks.
  10. Did you upgrade the 2018 license to 2021, or is it an entirely separate license?
  11. Hello and Season's Greetings Following on from the 'AEC UK CAD Standards' class libraries that have been shipping with Vectorworks in the UK since 2016, we are pleased to announce that our BS1192/ISO19650 compatible class libraries are now available on request, and are free of charge for you to use on your Vectorworks CAD and BIM projects. The latest libraries use the 'official' BS1192 convention, which incorporates the underscore, rather than the AEC 'convention' of using only hyphens. We have built class libraries using Uniclass 2015 tables for: EF (Elements and Functions) for early stage and LOD 1 and 2 models Ss (Systems) for Construction Drawings and LOD 3 and 4 models Pr (Products) for Detailing and Zz for Annotation and non-element specific Linework A class library for Architectural classes, using BS1192 Uniclass 2015 table EF v1.7, released October 2020, is attached for your review and comment. You will need Vectorworks 2021 to open this file. We will issue updates as and when Uniclass 2015 is revised by the NBS team. Due to the sheer number of classes available, Tables Ss and Pr will be broken down and issued as separate 'Group/Sub-Group', 'Group/Sub-Group/Section', and 'Group/Sub-Group/Section/Object' libraries and all will exclude any class whose name exceeds 63 characters. If you need a class we have omitted we are happy to generate them for you. If you request them from us, we can then add them to the libraries we issue in future. Included in each Library will be a set of filters to help you navigate the classes. We are also developing a plugin to help you find the right class easier too although reference should always be made to the Uniclass 2015 website here https://www.thenbs.com/our-tools/uniclass-2015. Irrespective, we encourage you to asset tag your model to include the full and specific Uniclass 2015 reference. The release of the class libraries is the first phase of our suite of 'UK BIM Framework' compatible files. We will be putting together class libraries for an AEC UK CAD Standard derivation of ISO13567 and mapping tables to convert from our BS1192 classes to ISO13567; as well as from VW auto-classing and AIA classes to BS1192, and from the previously issued AEC UK classes. For our existing clients we have already started to develop mapping tables and scripts to convert their current CAD Standards to Industry Standards. If you would like us to help you with BS1192/ISO19650 compatibility and build mapping tables to convert your standard class naming, let us know. Classes will come prefixed with ‘A-’ for ‘Architecture’. This is easily changed using the ‘Batch Rename’ command found in the 'Tools' menu in Vectorworks 2020 and 2021. If you need a previous version of Vectorworks or classes specific to your role, or preferred prefix, get in touch. Disclaimer: The classes are offered 'as found' to aid compatibility with industry standards, and should be checked and adjusted to suit your practice and project requirements. The attached file has been checked for viruses but please take the necessary steps to ensure it is virus free before being introduced into your CAD system. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Regards Steven Shorter BA(Hons) DiplArch(pcl) ARB A-Classes-BS1192-EF-v1_7-2021.vwx
  12. The problem though might be that data visualisation won’t work on symbols in the same way it will on walls and plugins. if not then there’s a wish for Christmas.
  13. The issue is the symbol name and the assignment of data. Visualising this via workspace is dead easy as is checking which class the symbol is on.


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