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  1. How are you finding using the classes now that you finally have filtering...? In order to be 'BIM Ready', and to be able to claim compliance, you need to adopt some sort of recognised classificaton system and CAD Standard or wait for one to be imposed upon you (and the one most likely to be imposed in the UK will be Uniclass 2015...) I am sure you will all be thrilled to know that we will be issuing fully BS compliant classes in the New Year. So 'Walls' will be classes 'A-EF_25_10-M_Wall', which of course, if you have your filtering set up correctly will present no bigger a problem to you than search for any class with the word 'Wall' in it's name, or for that matter '-EF_' etc. Also, in answer to the initial question, you should definitely embed the Uniclass code into your BIM objects. If you are not already, you should be building content for the office that is fully classified, because if there is one thing I have learned applying various CAD standards since being told in 2002 to use the AEC UK CAD Standards, is that no-one bothers to look up the correct code when they create new content. They need to be assisted with ratified office content libraries. Takes time but it's worth the investment. Of course, you could always employ the services of a Vectorworks BIM Manager...;-) Regards Steven Shorter Architect and Vectorworks BIM Manager...
  2. Would anyone else find it useful to have an option to save as a default the options when repalcing one wall with another? We work with a number of practices to whom the brick dimension is sacrosanct. To have the walls do anything other than replace left side to left side, i.e. outside to outside, is unthinkable! Current default is ALWAYS centre to centre. This is only good for internal walls or walls where you have made no dimensional change. Would be good if the Wall were 'smarter' in this respect.
  3. Ha! Good one! I assume this is a joke...?
  4. Buy a nice new shiny copy of Vectorworks 2020 with VSS. It really is rather good.
  5. You get bigger discounts if you stay on VSS...
  6. When we convert titlesheets, we desperately need an option to retain existing behaviour, even if that means converting to a legacy tool like the 'Drawing Border-old' tool.
  7. When we batch convert we need options. An option to include VW Backup or not. An option to select folders to convert. An option to update titlesheets (see next post). An option to ignore folders e.g. 'Superseded' or 'Archive'. If someone can't spell 'Superseded' then they should expect the worst ;-) And most of all refer to the Batch Convert tool as an Archiving function too, which it is, and at which it is very good.
  8. I would recommend having multiple workgroup folders and if files have the same name the folder promoted to the top of the list in the WGF dialog wins. This way you can split by workflow, or project, or even different offices and disciplines.
  9. When Layers or Classes are filtered it would be great if the command arrow up/down or left/right related to the filtered set and not all the layers and classes in the file.
  10. The Grid Bubble tool needs to have more control over graphics and the ability to control visibility better. We need to be able to control all elements by class. Currently the grid lines have no ability to change graohically when referenced to another file, because control is by an instance parameter. Instance parameters are useless when re-using the data either between files, or even with one file across multiple viewports, so they don't work in any context other than when you are just doing a drawing, which is a bit last century... We need to turn off the grid dimensions on some drawings so as not to duplicate information unnecessarily. We need to be able to use a symbol as the grid tag to standardise the graphics across the practice. Perhaps we needs Grid Bubble 'styles'?
  11. The Title Block Manager sure could use a search field... In fact any list dialog, like searching for a new class in the class libraries, needs a search field.
  12. ps I have to say the ability to isolate points in point clouds in Vectorworks is absolutely fantastic.
  13. Wouldn't it be great if we could use the 'Outer Boundary' mode of the Polygon tool to create an outline from a point cloud, or if the point cloud object had a 'show boundary' option. I have 19 trees, all as point clouds. We would like to see them in plan as an outline, and be able to fill the outline with a colour.


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