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  1. How many know that Neufert is ISO128? Even if it is, not sure I would base my graphic standards on Neuferts.
  2. How many have bought ISO128, and would therefore know the difference?
  3. We are working with a number of companies who prefer to model and coordinate their work with engineers also working in Rhino. They don't use Revit for obvious reasons. They could use Vectorworks but most students are born with an inbuilt ability to model in Rhino, it seems. We do indeed separate the rectilinear from curvilinear, by using DWG and allow for the geometry to assume attributes of previously defined Rhino classes. We do not use DWG for importing the curvy stuff because you know what happens with 3D DWG. It's the same as the stiff we get from Revit. Heavily triangulated. So we prefer the curvy stuff to come from Rhino directly as 3DM. Currently the workflow to import and use 'as found' the Rhino geometry is labourious because we have to classify it ourselves. We would like the workflow to be far more linear. Into a previously configured project template... Pour in one Rhino model Section Rhino model using previously prepared section lines Place section viewport on sheet Render Print/Export/BIM
  4. Works with DWG export from Rhino into VW, but not 3DM import into VW.
  5. It would be extremely useful when looking for a class to be able to enter a keyword and have VW find classes with that keyword in like how the filter system works in the organisation and navigation palettes.
  6. I agree. Adding the possibility of a solid panel to a window would’ve been far more useful and I daresay have been used by more architects around the world than the barn door.
  7. When do you have cause to use the barn door tool, Christiaan?
  8. Don't forget the Curtain Wall tool needs the ability to specify spandrels as a default, not as an afterthought.
  9. Actually, the more I think about this, it is like your client selling you their brief!
  10. Could not agree more. BIM is mandated and yet we have to pay for the document that defines the standard we have to work to. COBie is even worse.
  11. That’s why I go around configuring architects cad systems...the practice controls the standards and staff are not allowed to change anything. Where an office does not have any we give them ours so now around 100 or so practices draw like I do!
  12. I will take a look although tbh the first thing I do is delete the hatches that ship with VW and use my own. They have to be renamed anyway so easier to have a set that are compliant.
  13. oh I wish the U.K. were more dictatorial when it came to drawing graphics. U.K. architects though will never accept being told how their drawing should look so there is no standard in the U.K. for hatching anymore. There used to be a BS which I can dig out but the only standards we seem to care about about at the moment is naming files obtusely. perhaps with ISO19650 there might be some alignment to the DIN standard.
  14. If you are willing, send me your cv and I will see if any of my clients are looking. Sometimes I feel like I should start up a recruitment agency, the number of times I am asked if I know someone!


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