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  1. Also worth setting up a VPN connection to the office to acquire a license from the Site Protection Server (just make sure the office IP range does not conflict with the one at home). If you are intending to use cloud serving we have had better results using Box, than Dropbox. Either way, set References to relative path and restrict the editing of referenced resources. Keep an eye out for .lck files too, as these indicate that someone else may have the file open. Project Sharing is also supported on Dropbox and Box.
  2. How big is your autosave folder ?
  3. Does this happen from the outset ie when creating a brand new file and copying a group? is the view rotated when you copy? is the data far from absolute 0,0? does the file contain scaled symbols? are you using PS? are you using design layer viewports? does the file contain legacy DWG import data eg line styles, hatches, symbols? how large is the file or does it not matter? which version was the file originally created in and has it been converted to 2020? Check by opening a copy of the file using TextEdit.
  4. I was also going to ask where the autosave is located? Server or local folder? How are you connecting to the server?
  5. Don’t you just put the symbol on it’s own layer and then use the multiple viewport command? i would like that command to deliver section viewports not just elevations, though.
  6. I have no idea if there are references. There probably are since we use it aggressively but usually moving files is not sensible unless you know what you are doing and are prepared to fix the damaged caused by moving them. but files in folders so deep are highly unlikely to be referencing within the folder they are saved. These files tend to be superseded files which ought not to be there anyway. it is user error that the file path is so long but it’s annoying not to be able to ignore errors since I could be sitting there all night waiting for an error or come back in the morning to find it stalled on the first file.
  7. unfortunately moving the files will break references.
  8. It would be very useful if you were able to list by file path or enclosing folder when selecting files containing sheet border to be updated to the title block borders.
  9. Hello, and Happy New Year. When converting projects using the Batch Convert command (Is there any other way...?) could we please have an option to 'Ignore Errors'? There is little point Vectorworks stopping when there is nothing you can do except click OK to continue the conversion. The alert telling you that the file path is too long could also do with more information. I have found the file referred to whilst converting a project today but it's location is well below what I thought was the limit of 256 characters in the file path. How does Vectorworks determine if the file path is too long? Does the file path inclue the IP address or DNS address, or does it start from /Volumes/...?
  10. Was that necessary? How do you know I am not a professional user? FYI i represent a large user base in the UK as a Vectorworks CAD and BIM consultant and architect (bit simplistic but for arguments sake) as well as being a user myself and am responsible in many instances helping offices with their cashflow and IT budgeting as well as generally helping to streamline processes and helping practices become more efficient. I am not a salesman. And the advice I offer, in addition to taking a good look at how you work and how you might improve your workflows and data structures, is to get yourself on to VSS. It will make the ongoing cost of maintaining your primary software less expensive. It is cashflow friendly and if you actually look at the costs you will find the cost of maintaining VW under a VSS contract in the UK, for example, at the moment is less than £2 a day! No idea what the costs are like where you are but I would be surprised if they were much higher. Most software operates now on an annual cycle basis. Vectorworks are not unique in that respect but in VSS there is a really cost effective long term payment plan that takes the sting out of having to find 4x the amount in one lump every 4 years or so which is far less affordable and why so many find themselves with out of date hardware and software.
  11. sorry, but what's 'gaslighting'? VW 2018 came out in september 2017... catalina came out in 2019? that's two years by my reckoning and i would recommend upgrading every two years or so otherwise not updating your OS, or have plans just in case you have to through hardware failure, etc. By subscribing to VSS you will always be prepared, always have the latest version, so you can update OSs and hardware to your heart's content, and be saving money in the meantime. What's not to like? I would always think twice before updating my OS and if I did so and my software didn't work, I would only have myself to blame. Can't see it's Vectorworks fault, TBH, but there you go.
  12. I would agree with the sentiment offered by @Jeremy Best In general, VW has been running without any issues for a number of OS updates for many years. 2014 (barring the hiccups with 10.11) is still running on 10.12 despite not officially being supported. On Windows it is still running. That 6 years. I run 2015 on 10.12 I run 2016 on 10.12, and suffer 10.13 I run 2018 on Mojave. 2019 runs on Catalina. 2020 runs on Catalina. Which version are you using that only works for a year? I have never ever had a version of vectorworks that only works for a year after it's official release date.


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