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  1. Current behaviour of Publish command when choosing the source folder is to offer you one choice. All or nothing. It would be great if we could cmd-select folders to avoid for example, folders containing Sketches, or Superseded data.
  2. Publish command again... Wouldn't radio buttons be better for the file type so that VW automatically added PDF and DWG to the list, rather than use have to choose each file format in turn?
  3. shorter

    Titlesheet - Pop-up Field

    A wishlist item, perhaps?
  4. shorter

    Titlesheet - Pop-up Field

    When using the Pop-up field/list in a Titleblock Border, or any other Record Format for that matter, it would be good to be able to enter custom values. Seems that current behaviour means the Pop-up fields restrict entry to the values defined, which I admit is sort of the point, but it would be useful to be able to enter a custom value. Just setting up a pop-up list for ISO19650/BS1192 with a prompt so that the user can enter the most appropriate value but it does not allow custom entry. Or am I missing something?
  5. shorter


    Stretching Windows and Doors would also be useful though can see this being abused. But for pure openings, at concept stages, being able to stretch the opening to line up with something else would be more akin to how we design since we do not always know the actual size of a bespoke door or window. I seem to recall once seeing a solution (not vectorworks) where windows were created simply by drawing a rectangle on a wall...as opposed to the VW approach of placing a window and resizing in OIP, or placing a window of known size and positioning.
  6. shorter


    We need multiple loci to control the ends of different components in the wall. This would help use negotiate complex window openings. We need to be able to turn off detail at scales 1:50 and above, but have an option to leave on the 'core' component.
  7. shorter

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    We are also making this step, reluctantly it has to be said, since we have no issues under AFP but the move to Mojave is certainly putting us under pressure from IT support to change to SMB. Meanwhile, in the real world... The trouble we have is that most of our clients are not in a position to update all workstations to Mojave and VW2019 at the same time.
  8. Simple request... If in the Navigation Palette, I opt to sort layers by name, it would be incredibly useful if cmd up/down arrow scrolled through the layers as listed and not by stacking order.
  9. A huge workflow efficiency would be the ability to reference specific layers and class visibilities as saved in a view. File A may contain multiple layers. File B references File A, and in order to replicate a specific set of layers and classes seen in File A, we currently have to do this manually. Being able to reference a Saved View would be a huge time-saver. I am currently playing catch-up with a model. Design Team produce ever changing 2D sketches. I reference their sketch files and have to maintain the background data to make sure I haven't missed anything. Referencing a set of layers associated to a saved view and have the referenced background update when the saved view changes would be extremely useful. As with all things 'Workgroup Reference' related we need the ability to do this irrespective of choice of reference methodology. FYI Microstation can do this.
  10. shorter


    This does question what software you should use to validate your data. Importing a Vectorworks DWG back into Vectorworks does not prove anything, but it is amazing how many do this. We have found problems using Autodesk's Online Viewer. Draftsight has been very useful for DWG. However, where does validation stop? Should you be checking the IFC imports correctly into the software of the recipient, or is this their responsibility?
  11. shorter


    I was asked the other day why when someone exported a DWG with two floor plans side by side on the sheet, why in DWG model space, the plans were merged on top of one another. At least they checked! Others clearly don't.
  12. shorter


    How many Vectorworks users validate their PDF, DWG, IFC or COBie data prior to issue? How many export a DWG or IFC and then bother to check that file in another software to see what the recipient is likely to see? How many print direct from Vectorworks and don't check how long it takes to print the PDF generated by Vectorworks? Or do you just hit 'Export...' and hope for the best?
  13. would anyone else find it useful if fonts mapping were settings in the workgroup folder and not user settings?
  14. shorter

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Jim my point is that many issue rvt file format irrespective or with absolutely no consideration of who they are sending the file to. admittedly getting stuff off a manufacturer’s website is unlikely to be a huge choice of file formats but even then i would be amazed if they didn’t have another file format languishing somewhere.
  15. shorter

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Do you mean ‘no reason not to argue these points’? the less we insist on ifc the less chance we will get it. Rvt file format does not get a mention as the primary file exchange format in my BEP. One thing it does do is initiate the discussion about IFC exchange even if rvt consultants decide to issue rvt files between themselves. No problem with that as long as they can guarantee the same geometry exists in the ifc. that said if you are saddled with a rvt file from someone and you cannot get an ifc find a mate with rvt and get them to export it to ifc. same result ultimately since any rvt specific functionality will be lost but that’s to be expected.


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