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  1. it´s a yep from me as well, now it works again. Thank you for a swift reaction from VW
  2. Hi Juan Tried it and still get this message...
  3. I have the exact same experience VW2020/ImacPro/mac
  4. Looks fine but I just pray for the next Tuesday Teaser to show news of stair, window and door updates...please
  5. Hi peterhill, I have the exact same experience as you.The different timespan between the moments when it occur is frustrating and make it impossible to analyze what is triggering it. Just when you think it has stopped...it comes back. I have been thinking about going back to VW2017 but at the moment I am on a deadline so I simply dont have the time and it seems wrong having to do it. I am hoping for a soon release of VW2018 / SP3 with a fix of this OIP issue as it is driving me nuts.
  6. Difficult to say for sure. The OIP is in use all the time so I experience it more often whereas the UNDO command is more seldom used but I would say that it is both at the same time and also independently.
  7. Hi Jim, I cant replicate on it command. When I experience it I close and open the file and it seems okay. After a few minutes the UNDO command flips out and the OIP goes into hiding info. I hope the engineers can find out whats triggering it.
  8. I have had this problem since upgrading to VW2018. I have just about done everything there is to eliminate the problem. I Cleaned my computer from any menu add ons, virus application, validated fonts and clean install of High Sierra and VW2018....alas no change, the problen persist to pop up. In combination with the "UNDO" action that jumps back in history in random steps I am really getting frustrated. This is affecting my business...please VW solve these two bugs. OIP palette malfunction.pdf
  9. Hi peterhill /brian-rwc Yes I mean VW2018 SP2 and upgrading to VW2018 is when I started having problems with OIP and UNDO command. I was really looking forward to this SP2 release as it was mentioned that the problem had been solved. I have used VW since 1994 and allways felt it was one of the most stable programs in the market but today I tend to agreee with you that VW218 is the most buggiest release. The problem is that the UNDO command and use og the OIP is so critical for everyday workflow that it is a pain now to work. On top of having lost several hours of work I have also spent many hours on searching and cleaning my system for any possible connection. The obvious presence of 3 party extensions, 3D connection mouse, menu items that could interfere with VW2018 has not changed anything. I also used the workarounds that brian-rwc mentioned. I have read somewhere that it might be connected to Apple MacOS 10.13.1- is anyone experiencing the problems on a windows version? Regards Lars
  10. VW2018 SP2...the issues still continue with: 1) the undo command that freezes for a second and then jumps back performing the entire undo history 2) the OIP palette stops showing any info for a selected object be it a wall, polygon or door symbol. iMac 27" Late 2014 32GB memory
  11. The problem continues in VW2018/ SP1 on mac 10.13 High Sierra. It still jumps back 5-10 steps.
  12. With SP1 installed I still have this problem. It comes and goes, no speciel action makes it happen. Sometimes if I create a new polygon it starts to show the info but disappears again later. Regards Lars (VW2018/SP1/iMac 27" late 2014/)
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