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  1. fabrica

    Frame stops for Door Tool

    I like your optimism!! BUT.... it would appear that the window/door/stair tool is sub-contracted out and not made by vectorworks - users have been complaining for years about these tools but unless the suppliers update their tools nothing happens....
  2. fabrica

    Final renders

    this one in option menu ?
  3. fabrica

    Final renders

    thanks for the file - very interesting that fullscreen preview option adds quite a lot of time to the speed of render - , 28 secs without ; 38 secs with full screen preview.....
  4. make a worksheet of the titleblock and you can quickly change names / numbers etc , handy for changing multiple dates or stages...
  5. fabrica

    Mac Pro release date Fall 2019

    with maxon acquiring redshift (and a metal version coming), have to hope this will eventually filter down to vectorworks through cinerender? also, can't see the point of a mac pro for vectorworks? seems to be like using a ferrari to go to the local shop !!
  6. fabrica

    stair against a round corner wall

    using slabs for the curved part might be easier ? (along with stories) stairs.vwx
  7. fabrica

    How to draft a 3D swimming pool

    @Mason2152 @jeff prince - sorry - you'll need to purchase from to see
  8. fabrica

    How to draft a 3D swimming pool

    or try this: https://learn.archoncad.com/blog/2011/02/28/sst_1102-creating-a-swimming-pool/
  9. would normally add hatches/images etc in viewport annotations - make a polygon fill and change to your selected hatch/tile
  10. fabrica

    SP.3 Polygon Problems

    I'm getting a lot of spinning ball when trying to do polygon fills in viewports with SP.3 (mojave) Also getting an occasional crash when trying to add polygons together , get this odd object info box as below and have to force quit.
  11. fabrica

    Interior elevation viewport bug?

    you can rotate the interior elevation symbol on the plan - this will rotate the section lines
  12. try it on a blank file with framing member = spinning ball of death.... (mac and mojave user) locks into a freeze and takes about 5 mins before I can use it (even worse on existing files) , see circled area where it seems to lag
  13. having the same issue with framing member , on SP3 also....
  14. fabrica

    window symbol help!

    the offending item... F_Door.vwx
  15. fabrica

    window symbol help!

    I'm trying to use a custom symbol made up of 3 others windows + a door to make custom front door.... I cannot get the walls to be correct (in plan) and I suspect I'm missing a simple trick! Elevation is correct though!


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