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  1. bicycles? wheelchairs? mobility scooters? and such like
  2. fabrica

    Roof Soffit editing

    plan view - make a rectangle of the area you want to subtract - copy rectangle - select roof (in top plan) - edit group - paste rectangle in place and exit group - area should be removed (if I've remembered those steps correctly!)
  3. fabrica

    Shortcut for 3d rotate?

    you could make shortcut or right-click option in the workspace editor...
  4. fabrica

    Corona Blog Article: 3D in Set Design

    Looks great ! well done Corona gives such good results and is so easy to use.
  5. fabrica

    Resources for Backgrounds

    Good HDRI resource (and free) : https://hdrihaven.com
  6. The option to change the side width of the cabinets from the default 20mm would be very useful !
  7. fabrica

    fit wall to object

    thanks Wes & Alan!
  8. fabrica

    fit wall to object

    can't seem to figure out why the wall won't clip to the roof? Any ideas anyone??! F_ing_Roof.vwx
  9. fabrica


    duplicate along a path (its under edit menu)
  10. fabrica


    best option: https://andreafacchinello.wordpress.com/baseboard/
  11. fabrica

    Slab Issues

    I prefer the bug answer ! Why would you add so many additional steps to the process from 17? I can't add any additional areas to the existing slab in modifier mode? (also I can't see the plan I'm trying to extend in modifier mode!!)
  12. fabrica

    Slab Issues

    any one have this issue??: I have a slab with about 7 components; I draw a standard rectangle and create a slab , no problems, I then add another rectangle (overlapping) and select both and add surface, all works , original slab is extended. If however I try to add another area with the same add surface workflow, it will not join onto the slab, unless its a new edge of the original slab. note - it seems to work fine if the rectangle overlaps the original slab but will not extend an already extended piece... ie. the orange bit won't add onto the white slab bit slab.vwx
  13. voted ! but 2020 is far too long to wait for an update on this , likewise window and door tools..... shouldn't even be on a wishlist in the first place.
  14. fabrica

    Cinema 4D

    I'm on High Sierra 10.13.1 , Vectorworks 18 SP2 and R19.024 and all ok - ie getting option about merge when changing vectorworks drawing......
  15. fabrica

    Cinema 4D

    Try corona for c4d , great for archviz, https://corona-renderer.com/ free beta at the moment with expected release in the new year