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  1. on the relevant story - click edit in bottom of menu - and add the relevant levels to the storey (minimum should be a finished floor level)
  2. What’s the current price for VSS renewal in the EU? Just want to check as I’m been forced to pay to a non eu country (sterling!) , even though I don’t reside in the UK.
  3. looks like all doors & windows in vectorworks are surface UV but walls are auto-align. Which means you have to go around each window and door in C4D to redo the UV's , along with any extrudes etc..... 🤯
  4. does anyone know if there's a way to turn off the default map type of 'surface UV' in VW 2022.SP.3. and use auto-align plane as default instead? The surface UV gets applied to any extrude etc and is a complete mess when in C4D (UV wise). Walls etc are auto-align map type and UV's are correct in C4D.
  5. do you need it : no do you want it : yes!
  6. It’s nearly 5 months since release and still a bit of a mess, very disappointed so far. Think Vectorworks should go to a 18 month cycle for new releases.
  7. yes, same, very laggy in SP2
  8. still not working in SP.2........ (viewport of image worksheet from a design layer to a sheet layer )
  9. 👍 - will be going back to 2021 , 2022 a bit of a mess and not ready for use at the moment...
  10. @Jesse Cogswellquick file attached - same problem - if I duplicate the viewport on the sheet it disappears. Tested same file in 2021 and it works fine. viewports.vwx
  11. mac 11.6.1 , vectorworks 2022 sp1.1 trying to make viewports of a window image worksheet onto a new sheet layer , but any time I duplicate the first viewport the crop down to another image, nothing will show. If I right click the blank viewport and edit crop the image will show , just not on the sheet !
  12. Getting the following error when trying to edit an image fill in a viewport .. on vectorworks 2022, SP.1, Mac.11.6
  13. the sketch option in viewports does not seem to stick in 2022. The custom sketch style will show in preview, but when 'ok' confirmed it goes to another sketch style?
  14. can select ok, but I'm on mac os 11.6
  15. Is it fair to say , it's not ready for use at the moment? (not that I can get it working yet...) Update: looks like 2021 files converted to 2022 don't do it - needs to be new drawing in 2022 to work.
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