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  1. 12.45 14" Macbook M1 Pro, 32GB 13.2 ; VW 2023.SP.3
  2. another option is the split tool - draw your wall as normal , mark out where you want to make cuts , and then change wall heights to suit.. Then use an extrude etc for your wall capping...
  3. sorry, just seen you were after hatch ! not a texture………
  4. save, quit and restart vectorworks gets rid of them.... (probably not the answer you wanted!)
  5. sounds related to this: (the workaround is to select the wall and move it 0,0 - this will regenerate wall)
  6. if any consolation - its hasn't happened to me since first post....
  7. if you pull one window out the other one shows up , and if you put it back in both disappear again.
  8. @Matt Panzer as is typical I can't reproduce it at the moment ! It seems to only happen on the M1 and not the intel iMac , and a restart of vectorworks clears it. Will send on once it happens again - (it doesn't happen everytime you change a window or door)
  9. getting consistent crashes when moving doors / windows around in walls with components with 2023. - especially with duplicate copy of a door or changing window heights - will cause a crash - changing a window height (if more than one window in wall) will result in windows disappearing in 3d view - but show fine in plan view. below is sliding door at 2600mm high - changed to 2650mm high and both disappear in 3d. (all looks ok in 2d) (on MacBook Pro 14", OS 12.6)
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