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  1. @Kevin C it should appear on your resources as below - just make sure all icons ticked on top bar at red line? - you will have to set up the files first also. My understanding is that 1 is for each user and is not shared online - ie. each user can set up their own preferences and hot keys etc to suit. , 2 - templates, title sheets, wall styles etc are in a shared 'office' vectorworks file on your cloud.
  2. @Christiaan it should read as 2 on cloud and 1 on local computer
  3. 1 & 2 straightforward - put your drawings standards on your preferred cloud based system, not sure 3 is possible. someone needs to be in charge of 2 so libraries can be updated for all.
  4. Hi, I'm on an iMac with 2020 .SP.3 and Catalina 10.15.4, but not having any problems. I find it goes a bit crazy if I have the navigation graphics set to best performance , so I leave it at good performance and compatibility.
  5. video working for me -- try right click and download?
  6. agree, it should be unlimited installs , then a check-in and release option similar to what C4D / Maxon did for R21, so you can work from any computer.
  7. ran the updater repair tool......... only 6253 files repaired !! (no change to libraries)
  8. when I open package manager - none of the previews of the libraries show. downloaded image fill library to see if it works, it just dumps all the files into the applications folder as per second image? (os. 15.3 and vectorworks 2020. SP.3)
  9. I don't get this? Why would you use this, when affinity , photoshop or pixelmator pro are quicker, better quality and have more options for tone mapping/stylising? - quick test of upscaling: an image in pixelmator pro took about 6 seconds, vectorworks cloud took over 5 minutes and was a smaller image? Am I missing something?
  10. @Don Seidel xxxx. Literally says on the CDC website its not the flu. Killing plenty of people worldwide. The point is to stop it spreading further. no need to reply.
  11. it would be like buying a Ferrari to go to the local shop........!!! will look nice but you'll never change out of first gear to use vectorworks.
  12. hi @Frank Brault ignore me ! idiot alert! - had curved geometry set at low in settings.... please feel free to delete post!
  13. hi @Frank Brault , its done in renderworks not openGL (its a section view if any use?)


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