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  1. fabrica

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    famous last words but no problems so far!
  2. fabrica

    Window & door schedule using WinDoor

    very jealous ..... why TF is this not available in europe (or elsewhere!)
  3. fabrica

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    thought the new updater was good and worked well ! there is an option under advanced for offline update - maybe this gives a link to download.....
  4. fabrica

    vw2019 pdf turning black when zooming

    UPDATE: best performance works also - just the middle setting makes it a mess..
  5. fabrica

    vw2019 pdf turning black when zooming

    yes its High Sierra , changed setting to best compatibility only and this has stopped the black appearing.....
  6. fabrica

    vw2019 pdf turning black when zooming

    can't see my own signature ? ! how to I change that? no its 2019 on an iMac 5k, 27" , 4.2 GHz i7, 40gb ram and radeon pro 575 4gb.... tried the same pdf in 2018 and it works fine... guessing a bug then...
  7. fabrica

    vw2019 pdf turning black when zooming

    it was on good performance and compatibility already!!
  8. I've a pdf in a design layer, everytime I zoom in , it turns black for 1/2 secs before going back to white - Have I a setting wrong somewhere or a bug? (was hard to catch with a screenshot !)
  9. fabrica

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    they've been very clear ....don't upgrade yet.....
  10. fabrica

    favoured window schedule workflows

    Looks like BIM in relation to Vectorworks means something different.... B(uild) I(t) M(anually) !!!
  11. fabrica

    BIM OBJECT and file format

    very , very few, vectorworks files on BimObject (692 in total) , compared to about 80,000 for revit......
  12. fabrica

    favoured window schedule workflows

    think a 'to do' list is required ūüėÄ....... wishing doesn't do it anymore!!
  13. fabrica

    favoured window schedule workflows

    Hi Wes, solves the dimensions problem but my only issue with that is its not live , ie you have to copy the window to another layer each time you make a change to windows or elevations (defeats the purpose of BIM in the first place) If only they could make the image editable ....
  14. just curious as to others preferred method for doing window (or door) schedules? While the worksheets are fine for text , I've now resorted to making a separate worksheet for window images and scaling it up in a layer , then I make a viewport of each window onto the sheet (locking viewports in position otherwise viewports jump) - only drawback is you can't add dimensions to viewport as they are images rather than hidden line. Any other favoured methods in use?
  15. fabrica

    2019 stair texture alignment

    some steps ok, some not....


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