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  1. Pat Stanford

    Draw Negative of Arc?

    Darn, I hate it when @MullinRJ, @michaelk, and @Steven L. Shelley, know more about VW than I do. 😞
  2. Pat Stanford

    Draw Negative of Arc?

    Darn, I hate it when @MullinRJ, @michaelk, and @Steven L. Shelley, know more about VW than I do. 😞
  3. Pat Stanford

    Draw Negative of Arc?

    If this is 2D (and maybe even 3D), you can use the Fillet tool. Alternatively, do a 2-step process to make a "cutting shape". Since the positive arc is much easier to draw, Draw a slightly bigger than needed square or rectangle and draw the arc on top. Select both and Clip Surface. This will give you the "negative" shape you are looking for. Place this shape over your rafter and Clip Surface again (if you have more than one, you probably want to duplicate your "cutting shape" first so you don't have to recreate it). If you are in 3D, you can do basically the same thing, but after you make the negative shape, extrude it. You can make it way over length so it is easier to align with your 3D rafter. Then select the 3D cutting shape and the rafter and Subtract Solids. And there are probably several other easier ways that I am not thinking of right now. Ask again if these are not clear enough.
  4. Pat Stanford

    Looking for a good VW Podcast

    Sorry to toot my own horn, but.... I don't know of anything recent. A long time ago (2008-2009) Dan Jansenson and I did "The Podcad Podcast - News, Hints, and Opinion from the world of Vectorworks" We had interviews with a number of the notable members of the VW community including Dave Donley, Julian Carr, Francois Levy, Sam Jones, Robert Anderson, and a number of others. Some of the information is dated, some is still useful. Downloadable from http://podcad.tv/Home.html
  5. Pat Stanford

    Splitting My drawing worksheet list into 2 parts

    Or here is another way. This will effectively give you a new worksheet function. Copy the script below and paste into a new blank Vectorscript in your drawing. Procedure StrCopy; {©2019 Patrick Stanford, pat@coviana.com} {Licenced under the LGPL license} {No warranty expressed or implied} {Named StrCopy as it has the same parameters as the VS Copy command} {Copies a portion of a string given the start position and lenght to copy} {Extra length is ignored if past the end of the source string} Var CellRef :string; StartRef, LengthRef:Integer; Begin CellRef:=WSScript_GetPrmStr(0); StartRef:=WSScript_GetPrmInt(1); LengthRef:=WSScript_GetPrmInt(2); WSScript_SetResStr(Copy(CellRef,StartRef,LengthRef)); End; Run(StrCopy); You can now enter a worksheet formula of =RunScript('StrCopy',A4,3,99) in cell C4 of your worksheet. This will copy just the numeric portion of the sheet name into column C as a string. Or use a formula of =Value(RunScript('StrCopy',A4,3,99) which will give you the numeric portion as an integer which you can then use to sort your table. Rather than make two worksheets, put the worksheet on a "dummy" layer and use viewports to put the two portions of the worksheet where you need them. If you decide you like this, I can tell you how to put the script into your user or workgroup folder and modify the formula so you don't have to keep the script in every file.
  6. Pat Stanford

    Splitting My drawing worksheet list into 2 parts

    Another way around the problem is to make sure that all of the sheets use the same number of digits. Instead of A-99, A-100, use A-0099, A-0100. Then when you do the sort it will come out in the correct order.
  7. Pat Stanford

    Dimensioning to grouped items

    Can you upload a file that shows this behavior for you? If we can replicate it we can probably get it fixed. It does not sound like the desired behavior. I think maybe the part I was not testing was the rotation of the viewport.
  8. Pat Stanford

    Get fill color of a class on a worksheet?

    OK try the version in this file. I still think something is messing with your copy/paste from the forum into the script editor. This version is just copied and pasted from above into a new VW2019 file. Open the Resource Browser to see the Script Palette and run the script. If it does not provide the warning, them import the script into your file and see if it works properly there. Let me know. Classes to Worksheet.vwx
  9. Pat Stanford

    Worksheet Summary Problem w/ Tags and Geometry Ref

    It appears that the actual entered dimensions of the windows are not identical, but that they round to the same display value. That would also be why you are not able to get them to Summarize as they are not the same at a computer level even though the are on a human level. Assuming you Height and Width columns are actually displaying the information from the Window Record (=window.height) and not the worksheet functions (=height), you should be able to enter the height or width in inches into a cell so you can copy it to the clipboard. You can then paste that into a multiple selection of other cells. If you were in Inches instead of Feet-Inches it would be easier and just be a copy/paste. Or temporarily change the cell formatting to Decimal to make the copy/paste easier and then format back.
  10. Pat Stanford

    Stage Deck Fill

    After you do the Subtract Solids take a look at the object type in the OIP. It probably says it is a Solid Subtraction. Solids are 3D only objects. 3D only objects do not offer the ability to have different 2D (Top/Plan) and 3D displays and show as wireframe in Top/Plan. You have several options to work around this. Which one is right for you will depend on your desired final outcome and how your brain works. 1. Make a separate 2D object with the fill you want and combine it with the 3D as either a Group or a Symbol. If you may a Hybrid Symbol you will have full control over the 2D and 3D display. 2. Convert the Solid into an AutoHybrid. This will give you the separate 2D and 3D appearances. 3. Don't do the solid subtraction on the Deck. Rather check the Don't Show Deck option and use a slab object (which is already a hybrid object) to manually draw the deck. And there are probably several other good options also. Ask again if you need more help.
  11. Pat Stanford

    Site Model Contour editing

    https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/764/app-to-convert-existing-image-files-to-vector-graphics http://www.imagaro.com Have not used any of them, but saw a demo of imagaroZ a long time ago at MacWorld and it looked very impressive.
  12. Pat Stanford

    Dimensioning to grouped items

    Do your Class Options include one of the Snap options (Grey/Snap, Show/Snap, Show/Snap/Modify)? What snap options do you have on in the Snaps Pallet? I just tried a simple group consisting of a Line, Rectangle, and circle. I then made a Viewport on a sheet layer from it. When I edit the annotations, and have Snap to Object turned on in the Snaps Pallet, I can snap to all of the points inside the group. With Snap to Intersection turned on, I even get the intersection of objects in the group and objects in the Annotations. What are you doing differently?
  13. Pat Stanford

    Get fill color of a class on a worksheet?

    Based on another email, it appears that the code is not being properly copied in some browsers. I have reformatted the code above to manually wrap the longest line. Open your browser window to a very wide width and copy ALL of the text in the code block above. Open a VW file. In the Resource Browser select the New Resource button at the bottom left. The Type will be Script. It will ask for a name for the new Script Pallet and then for the new Script. Once you enter the two named the Script Editor window will open. Make sure the language is set to VectorScript and then click in the text area and Paste the script from above. Clic the Gear icon at the top right of the window to compile the code. You should get a dialog box saying "Script Complied Successfully". If not, you did not properly copy the code. Be very careful with pasting the code into a word processor such as Microsoft Word first. It often adds invisible characters that will prevent the code from compiling. To run the script you double click on it's name in the script pallet. You could make it into a menu command but that involved learning about the PlugIn Editor and is more complicated. See the following post for the basics of how and why to use scripts.
  14. Pat Stanford

    Get fill color of a class on a worksheet?

    What version of VW are you using? This script has been tested in VW2019. Did you copy everything in the script block (from the original Procedure to after the final semicolon after the Run(Classes_to_Worksheet);)? I just copied from above and pasted into a new script in a new file created from the Architect Imperial template and it runs fine for me. Let's see if we can figure this out.
  15. Pat Stanford

    importing title blocks from 2016

    Short answer, Yes, the Title Block tool and object changed significantly in VW2018/VW2019. You will need to learn about the new system to use it effectively. Better in many ways.


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