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  1. Pat Stanford

    Problems Publishing

    Whatever you say, but since you say this is intermittent, it seems like this could be a problem caused by less experienced users. This one below looks to me like it has a slash in the file name and is trying to create a new folder. Look right before 101_barba...
  2. Pat Stanford

    Problems Publishing

    I think the problem is probably the slashes in the dates. Try using dashes instead. In many operating systems the slashes are used to identify different directories/folders, so VW or the operating system is probably seeing them as directory separators, not date separators.
  3. Pat Stanford

    Can you change the Sills class on Windows and Doors?

    The door sill is the threshold at the bottom. The Sills class and the Ceiling Main class are left over from the early days of the Door plugin. The idea was (is) that to show a normal view you would turn on the Sills class and turn off the Ceiling Main class. To show a Reflected Ceiling Plan you would turn off the Sills class and turn one the Ceiling Main class. Sills basically shows the wall breaks for the door while Ceiling Main shows the wall lines. Just ancient history that will eventually be fixed someday.
  4. Pat Stanford

    Fonts changing

    Perhaps this will help. Written for VS2012. Not tested in 2018, but it should still work. Does not work on drawing labels.
  5. Pat Stanford

    Curtain Wall Areas, panel areas

    After about a 30 minute search, I am unable to find a way to access this data from a script. It appears it is only currently accessible inside a worksheet. You could use a script to access the data from a worksheet, but that would get messy and error prone really fast. Sorry.
  6. Pat Stanford

    Curtain Wall Areas, panel areas

    In my 10 minutes of play time this morning I was not able to make it work, but you should be able to set the class of the Spandrels separate from the Glazing and get the area for each and then do the subtraction. I think there may be something wrong with my VW today. I could not even see the Wall Record in a worksheet to try and get the Glazing area. Do you already have a file showing the Glazing area? If so, try adding another column with a formula of =C to give you the class. If you then SUMMARIZE based on the class you should get close to what you need.
  7. I will wait a while to see if someone already has written this, but I think it could be done. My biggest concern would be putting in enough error checking so that you only "fixed" the layer issue and not cause more problems. Example. What happens when you have a criteria that lists two different layers? Should it change both? Only the first? Only the second? Ignore both? Throw up its hands in disgust and crash VW? 😉 Now extrapolate that to a script with 3 or 5 to 20 layers specified. Every instance of a case like that pretty much needs to be considered to have a robust piece of code. Probably 10x as many lines as what is required to actually make the change. I know you know exactly how you are using the worksheets. And that you will never, ever, ever, change the way you do it 😉 So a simple script would be fine with not code to catch error conditions like that. But the one time you run the simple versions on a worksheet that does not meet the criteria you are likely in for a long complicated problem of trying to figure out what happened. Programming is easy. User proofing is much harder. 😉
  8. Pat Stanford

    Block/Unblock Scripts in Woksheets

    As far as I know, that option is there as a weak form of security only. The last time I checked, it was an all or nothing affair. You either had to click ALLOW for EVERY separate worksheet script in the file or you had to Click ALWAYS ALLOW. Which would then not provide any security at all for any future scripts that got added. I submitted an enhancement request that it be changed to be able to ALWAYS ALLOW only a specific script. I do not believe this is accessible from a script. This data is stored in the Saved Settings along with all of the other ALWAYS DO options. The only way I know of to change these settings is to reset ALL of them back to defaults and start answering the questions again. If you (as I do) consider this to be a security setting, then you really would not want to be able to set if by a script. There would be no way to keep a malicious script from giving itself permissions and executing.
  9. Pat Stanford

    conditional cell formating

    I don't think that a VW Worksheet can do what you want. There are currently no Lookup functions to tell you what Row or Column a piece of data is from. @Peter Vandewalle Recently wrote a script to do a single VLookup, but I don't think it can do your double lookup. But maybe this will interest him enough to modify his script for what you need. I am assuming that the ABC and 123 in the headers are actually data you have typed in and not the default row and column headers starting from the top left corner of the worksheet. Trying to use those would make it even harder. Much better to put your own data in. Also, do you really need to have multiple lines of data in a single WS Cell? I think it would be far easier to work with the data by putting the data you want to extract in a cell with a fixed relative position to your lookup. Or since the top row is generated by the row and column headers to only include the dimensions in the cell. Good luck
  10. Option-Return on the Mac can be used to force a line break in a Worksheet cell. You will need to manually set the Row Height as it does not seem to work with the Row Height set to Automatic.
  11. Pat Stanford

    Create class based on object

    Later in the thread there is a slightly different version by @michaelk and instructions on how to make the script into a menu command that can then be installed into the right click functionality using the workspace editor.
  12. Pat Stanford

    Get height from a solid

    You probably also need to recalculate the worksheet with the drawing in an elevation view to get the TopBound and BottomBound to calculate properly.
  13. Pat Stanford

    HUGE Numbers on Coordinates Bar..

    @markdd probably has more experience with this than I do, but moving the origin to the drawing should work just as well as moving the drawing to the origin. I THINK that if you move the origin your viewports should all still be OK. If you move the drawing on the Design Layer, then the crop will probably be off in space. Try both options on a copy of your drawing and see what works best for you.
  14. Pat Stanford

    Forum issue: old posts showing

    I have had this happen to my account a couple of times. Posts from a couple of months back start showing as unread. For me the Mark Site as Read option has always worked for at least a few weeks. Jim may have to reset your account.
  15. Pat Stanford

    Script for fill of different color

    Both Raymond and Miguel are correct for Black you want the absence of all colors, so 0,0,0