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  1. Thank you for correcting me. I had forgotten they could be changed. (I am serious about this. I hate it when I give our wrong info and actually like to be corrected). Remember that many of the answers given here (as I did above) assume the default workspaces and key assignments. So you will have to remember you changed them the next time someone tells you to select the BLAH tool and hit the U key 3 times to get to mode XXX. ;-)
  2. No, the U/I/O/P are hard coded and not changeable. Just like using the numeric keypad to switch views.
  3. https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/is_it_worth_the_time.png
  4. In VW2021 the Move By Points does not have a dialog box. The only things in the dialog box where the Number of Duplicates and Retain Original Object and these were moved directly to the Mode bar. With the Move By Points tool selected, hit the I (letter i) key to toggle the Retain Original and the P key to set the focus to the Number of Duplicates. U/I/O/P work on all tools to move between or set focus to the 1st to 4th "groups" in the Mode Bar.
  5. I don't understand the question/problem. Can you please explain better what you are trying to do?
  6. I recommend that you contact Tech Support directly on this one. Until someone digs into your actual file it will likely be very difficult to diagnose over the forum. Are you the only one working on the file?
  7. This is possible. You will need to create a Record Format and the Fields you want. Then attach that Record Format to the Symbol Definition. Each time you place a symbol instance it will have the default values of the Record attached. You can then edit these values in the Data pane of the OIP. If you want them to display on the drawing, you can use the Link Text to Record option to make them part of the symbol and have the text on the drawing update when you change it in the OIP. Plus since the data is not in a Record, you can access that through a Database Row in a Worksheet and even edit the data there instead of having to go to the OIP for every instance of the symbol. Take a look at the help and ask again if you need more details.
  8. It depends on what is more important. If you are sending a file to an AC user and it is more important for them to see the text size listed as 2.5mm, then you have to keep sending what you are sending. If it is more important to send a file that is visually consistent in terms of size, then import a DWG from them that has the correct text size and then trial and error to determine what settings in VW give you the same size on screen. It is likely that the "scale factor" will be different for each font.
  9. As I understand it text sizes in VW use page layout text specifications. That means that the text size is determined by the text bounding box that in turn is determined by the max ascender (usually a Capital letter) and max descender (usually a lower case g). I think there is usually space above (and maybe below) the text that is counted as part of the text also.
  10. If you Select all the symbols you can either use the Custom Modification command and click the Replace button at the bottom. Or just select only the symbols and use the Replace button in the OIP.
  11. Edit the symbol and make sure that the Insertion Point (0,0 point in the Edit symbol window) is at the point where you want to door to insert. Usually this is either the center of the door or at one end of the jamb.
  12. When you SUMmarize multiple sub-rows in a database and they have different values you get the --- to indicate they are not all the same. As Tom W. said, you want to click in the column header (if you don't see the header row [i.e. 3, not 3.1, 3.2, etc.] go to the worksheet View menu and make sure there is a check next to Database Headers) and make sure the Sum Values box is checked. When it is, the SUMmarized row will show the total value of all the SUMmarized rows. Be careful trying to do math on SUMmarized rows. While we would often like to do the math on the SUM, VW actually does the math on the individual sub-rows and then SUM the result of the calculations.
  13. Most likely there is a typo in either the field name or the formula that happened between VW2020 and VW2021. Enter the worksheet in Edit mode (double click on the image). In the Worksheet View menu make sure there is check mark next to Database Headers. This should give you a row like 3 in addition to the 3.1, 3.2, ... subrows. Click in the column header that is displaying improperly. Click on the disclosure triangle in that column header. In the dialog box that opens, choose Record then Plant Record, then in the second row choose Scheduled Size. Or just retype the formula to make sure there is not a typo. ='Plant Record'.'Scheduled Size' You can't have any extra spaces or it won't work.
  14. The Red symbol is the Style of the fence. Anything that needs to be considered a Resource (other than images, textures, scripts, etc.) is normally stored as a Symbol. Usually they are stored in specific folders based on what they are. In the screenshot are Style folders that contain Symbols that are actually the data used to define the style. The object(s) are "smart" enough to know that when you specify a Style, to look for a symbol with that name and pull the data they need out of the symbol.


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