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  1. Please goto the Finder and from the Finder menu choose Preferences. In the Advanced pane is the option to Show all filename extensions checked?
  2. Select the viewport. Click the Layers... button and make sure the layers you want to see are set to visible in the viewport. Click the Classes... button and make sure the classes you want to see are set to visible in the viewport. Right Click on the viewport and choose Edit Crop. Select All and Delete any Crop Object that exists. It is possible that you have the viewport cropped to an area of the drawing that has no objects. Make sure the Viewport is set to a class that is visible in the Navigation Palette.
  3. How about creating a Line Style with the required widths.
  4. Two thoughts. 1. If someone is using Saved Views, that could be resetting the class visibilities 2. The Active class is always visible.
  5. Is this a case where there is an "always do the selected action" that hides the dialog box about getting TBB information only about the active file or all files? If so, you can reset the Always Do settings to defaults via VW Preferences:Session tab and then click the Reset Saved Settings button. This will clear all of the saved settings and you will have to click the Always Do on a bunch of them again when the pop up. This is actually not a bad idea to do occasionally as you might find there are options that you chose Always Do for that you no longer really want that setting for.
  6. What operating system are you running? VW2016 is only fully compatible with Mac OS X.9 to X.12.
  7. The dash indicates that you have SUMmarized subrows and that the data in that column is not identical in all of the SUMmarized items. Look in the database header row (ie 3, not 3.1, 3.2, etc.) [If you don't see the integer row, then go tot eat worksheet View menu and choose the Database Headers option] for that column, click on the down pointing disclosure triangle and make sure the Sum Values check box it checked.
  8. I see what you are saying, but it is doing exactly what Active Only is supposed to do. It is showing only the active class. Since the AutoHybrid part is using a different class it is not displaying that. I don't see how it can do anything else that would make any better sense. The best work around I can offer is to use the ability to Option-Click in the Class visibilities column to set all the classes to Invisible. Then set your primary object class to Visible, your AutoHybrid class to Active and your Class Options to Show/Snap (or S/S/M) Others. That way you get the visibilities that you want. Or maybe a better wish would be to have an extra visibility column something like Always Visible or Ignore Filtering so that you could set container classes (Autohybrids, groups, symbols) to always be visible no matter what the filtering or class options. Or a check box to make the class of container objects that have contained objects visible visible. Not an easy problem to get a working solution that will not mess up anyones workflow. Is you wish actually something more like Always Show Contained Objects Regardless of Class Options?
  9. I did not submit a bug. If this is important to you I recommend that you do so.
  10. We chased this last week also and found that the automatic switching does not happen when you are in Edit Group (or I would assume Symbol) mode, only when you are directly on a design layer. And I meant Reset your preferences, not rest them. Although after this week I think I would like to rest my preferences.
  11. I don't have Illustrator to test, so I am out of ideas. Sorry.
  12. And while you can only have one criteria per visualization, you can have multiple visualizations active at the same time. So you could set up visualizations for Walls, Slabs, Doors, Windows, Roofs and turn them all on at the same time to get an overall view.
  13. Try a Rest of your Preferences. The button at the bottom left of the preferences screen. You will have to reset everything afterwards, but it sounds like this might fix your problem.
  14. Export as an older version of DWG. When you export the PDF, make sure you don't Rasterize the PDF. It is a checkbox on the PDF export options.


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