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  1. The object is relatively complicated because it is using the data from a heliodon object to find the aerial photo and import and geolocate it. If all you want is to bring in an image, you need a much simpler Marionette. Give the String tile a name and it will show up in the OIP. I named it URL for Image. Right click on one of the nodes and Wrap the network. Select the Wrapped Network and make an Object Node out of it. Now you will have an image in the file linked to a URL. But it does not error checking. If you enter a non-existent url (or one that does not have an image type file attached), it will let you enter the URL, but the object will basically disappear. Undo should bring it back so you can try again. HTH
  2. Do you have a layer for these items specified in your criteria? I think what is happening is that it is counting the number on the design layer and then also adding in the number in a viewport. If you add layer(s) to your criteria you can know you will only get the one instance.
  3. The forum is a place for user to user support that VW personnel occasionally help with. This is not the place for direct support from VW on issues like licenses. I believe you can call Customer Support (not Technical Support) and as soon as they validate that you have a current license, they should be able to reset it while you are on the phone. I don't have any idea how long it is taking Technical Support to reply to emails. But I would think less than a day for something like this.
  4. If you remodel it using walls, they will stop being walls as soon as you do the subtract solids operation to make the arches. An hour in the VW University might still be time well spent rather than trying to just fight through. Take a look at using the Extract tool in the 3D Tool set. This should allow you to get a polygon/single Nurbs surface from each of the interior "walls" or roof sections. These you should be able to texture and color as you see fit.
  5. Is this for illustration purposes? Or will you need to generate construction documents? How are the arches inside the walls made now? These will tell us a lot more about the best options moving forward. And to bring our DM conversation into here, Storeys and like floors of a building. VW allows you to bind a wall height to a Storey so if you change the height of the story the wall automatically changes. Or you can used Fixed Height walls. I recommend you start with fixes height. Pick walls from the folder with "Fixed Height" in the name instead of the folder with "Storey Bound". Also, it really sounds like you need to visit the Vectorworks University and take some training. You will likely save yourself a lot of time and aggrevation. @Tom W. @line-weight @Christiaan Can any of you offer anything on this?
  6. Short answer is no. Walls in VW are very specific objects really designed to represent walls made using modern construction techniques. They are not designed to handle walls that are not "straight" or that have differing thicknesses. They are not really designed for the very thick walls that appear to be in your image. Each section that has a different thickness would either have to be a different section of wall with a manually entered thickness. Or use a single wall thickness and then manually add Wall Projection for the thicker sections. What benefit do you think you will get by converting them to walls?
  7. What is the formula in that column? Can you post a sample file with a title block with multiple issues/revisions? It will make it much easier than trying to create a test scenario that exactly matches your issue.
  8. EDITED 11:55AM PST June 23, 2024 - File Names didn't match. 🤦‍♂️ Yes, but it is not especially easy, but once you get it set up it should work fine. You can't do it using the built in TBB Dynamic Text. 1. Create a new Vectorscript and paste in the following line: WSScript_SetResStr(Copy(GetFName,1,Len(GetFname)-4)); 2. Save the script with the name Trimmed_File_Name 3. Create a new DataTag with a single text block. 4. Edit the Dynamic Text and paste in the following string: #WS_RUNSCRIPT('Trimmed_File_Name')# 5. Click OK to exit the Data Tag. Test and make sure the Data Tag puts the correct string in the drawing when you put is on a layer. 6. Edit the Title Block Layout and delete the placeholder string for the current file name. 7. Put the new Data Tag in the location where the file name should be. 8. Add the Trimmed_File_Name script to your template file(s) as it will have to be in every file for this to work. HTH
  9. Please let us know if that works. My gut tells me that may not be enough and that there is something else happening as well. But it is certainly worth the try.
  10. And certainly no way for VW to know what order the pages would be printed in (across x down or down x across) as that is part of the printer driver and only set after the data is already out of VW.
  11. I THINK that each revision is a separate record. It looks like when a new is made (or before it is made probably), each of the existing records name has the extension increased by one, and the newest record that is created has an extension of 1. Not at all certain that there is not more going on under the hood that would make this more complicated. If you create a Worksheet Database with a Criteria of Object Type is Title Block Border, then you can see all the record attached. When I have two revisions, I get: Revision Data-1 Revision Data-2 When I add a third Revision, it is the one titled Revision Data-1 that holds the most current data. Ask again if you need more help.
  12. Most likely is that the Sydney servers are running on GMT or similar to that all the servers are showing the same time. @inikolova any insight?
  13. Look in System Preferences, the bottom of Desktop and Dock on your Mac. It is Apples term, not VW's.
  14. And one more thing. While the M3 is a great chip, it looks like it has already been supplanted by the M4. Not sure how long you can get by on your current machine, but there could be new M4 systems coming this fall. If you need a machine now, then get it. It will be far better than what you have. If it is just a nice to have then perhaps wait.
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