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  1. Try reducing your screen resolution and then setting it back up. If the palette has gotten moved off the screen it will come back at the lower resolution. Maybe even something stupid low like 640x480.
  2. The Application Support is not part of the VW folder structure, but part of the Mac folder structure. From the Finder hold down the Option key and choose Library from the Go menu. From there select Application Support.
  3. Is this a hybrid symbol? In Hybrid Symbols there is a separation between the Screen Plane (top/plan and elevation views) objects and 3D objects. You can normally only see one set at a time. It is possible that you have an "almost" 3D symbol with just a locus point or something similar in screen plane making it hybrid. If you edit the 2D portion you will not see the 3D parts.
  4. What is the criteria you are using for the database?
  5. I don't know if it is possible or not. But probably not. I don't think you can reference Sheet Layers, only Design Layers. If you can reference them in, then you should be able to get to them with a worksheet and/or script. Just played a little and did not come up with a good way. One option might be to put the worksheet in each file and then an image on a design layer that you can reference in a a viewport. Then just stack the viewports form different files. But this will not allow you to interleave the numbers. So if you have A1, A2, A4 and the other file has A3, you can't use viewported worksheets to make it sort as A1, A2, A3, A4. And I am happy to help with the scripting ūüėČ
  6. You don't even have to install a dummy printer. From the Page Setup Dialog box just like the Choose Size unavailable in Printer Setup and set your paper size form there. Turn off the Page Breaks and watermarks on the left. You can ignore the Horizontal and Vertical Pages. Then rather than Printing to a PDF Export to PDF (or Publish) and make sure the Export Whole Printable Area as One Page is checked.
  7. Most likely your replacement symbols are using classes that did not exist in the file when you created the viewports. By default new classes are usually set to Invisible in viewports. Either check the Classes... button in the OIP for each viewport or go to the Organization Pallette, Viewports tab and choose Visibilities in the upper right. Select all the viewports you need and you can set the visibilities of layers and classes for multiple viewports at once.
  8. Post it in the Wishlist forum. I have less than zero impact on what gets added to VW.
  9. Replace is designed to replace a symbol with a different Symbol. There was a thread that generated a bunch of scripts about a decade ago the can be used to replace circles with symbols. Remember these are 10 years old. Test carefully before using on critical data and backup first.
  10. With the Title Block selected, choose the Edit Style option under the Title Block pop-down. (Or do this from the Resource Manager if your Style is saved in a different file). Go to the Document Options "tab". From there you can set Revisions and Issues to use Letters or numbers and to Auto-Increment or require manual entry.
  11. Can you try a different keyboard? Just in case it is a hardware problem.
  12. What you are experiencing is very strange. I have never heard of anyone else having this problem. If you have a little time we can try the next step in troubleshooting. Quit Vectorworks. Go to your user Library folder (from the finder hold down the Option key and choose Library from the Go menu). Go to the Application Support Folder. Open the Vectorworks folder. Drag the folder for the version (2019?) that is giving you the problem to your desktop. Restart Vectorworks. Do you still have the problem?
  13. You probably also need to add a Texture to the cube that will block the light from inside so it only come out the pips. I can't remember what setting in the Texture is necessary to do this. I think it might be Cast Shadows, but I am sure someone else will have that part of the puzzle.
  14. Shell Solids does not work on closed solids. Make an outside cube of the proper size and an inside cube of the proper size to give the wall thickness you want. Select both and Align Centers in X/Y/Z. Subtract Solids and choose the outside (larger) curb to be subtracted from. If you want light to shine through, you will need to make real holes, so draw a cylinder of the correct size. It can be substantially longer than the wall thickness to make it easier to work with. Duplicate (Duplicate Array) to make the pips patterns. Align each pattern to the correct face. Select everything and Subtract Solids. You should now have a single die object. Just place a light source at the center and you should be good. I would then Group the die and the light and use the Rotate Tool or Rotate Menu command to rotate 45 degrees from a Front view. You can then rotate as necessary from a Top view to get the angle you need.
  15. What happens if you hit TAB after entering the distance before you hit Return?


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