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  1. In VW2022, there are settings in the Render Tab of the Object Info Palette (OIP) to allow you to set the texture for the different parts. If you only want to use a Fill, just select the dormer and set the color you want in the OIP.
  2. I believe that skylights in roofs and windows in dormers must be made from 3D symbols. If you made a symbol from a Window PIO, it is likely that it is a hybrid symbol.
  3. To expand on Nikolay's comment. Many of the Worksheet Functions can be used in individual Spreadsheet cells or in Database Header cells. If they are used in a Database then the criteria from the database will automatically be passed with one object being passed for each subrow. If they are used in a Spreadsheet cell then you have to supply the criteria. Let's say you have a bunch of lines in a class named Boh. Create a Database Row and Set Criteria to: This gives you a formula for the database of =DATABASE(((T=LINE) & (C='Boh'))) With ((T=LINE) & (C='Boh')) being the criteria. This is great. It will let you have a subrow for every object that meets the criteria and you can display different information about each object in different columns. If you want the length of each line you can use a formula of =Length. But what if all you want is the total length of all these lines? It seems a waste to make a database to do that. You can just put a formula in a spreadsheet cell of =Length(((T=LINE) & (C='Boh'))) Now back to data tags. If you had a number of different data tags, but knew they all had the same value you could use a spreadsheet formula like: =DATATAGFIELD((((PON='Data Tag') & (C='Boh'))), 'PTS') But I am not sure how much good that would do you as it seem to return the value of the first placed data tag for the field named PTS. The Field Name is the text string in the Data Tag Layout that is linked to Dynamic text. I was hoping for functionality like the ability to SUM the values of multiple data tags or to show the value if all the Data Tags specified by the criteria were the same and a dash or some other indication that the values were not the same across all the tags that meet the criteria. HTH.
  4. I think you will have to post the file so we can take a look.
  5. You have the Fill set to Solid and the color set to black. Choose the note and set the fill in the Attributes Palette to None. I am assuming that your "Framing Notes" is a separate text block you have manually entered. Otherwise if my assumption is correct it should have a black fill also.
  6. Entering a negative value for the move also works. This saves you having to click the button.
  7. If the Favorite file is saved in your user folder, then you can remove it from inside VW. If the Favotrie file is stored in a Workgroup folder, you have to use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to remove the file. Go to Vectorworks Preferences, select the Workgroup folder and click the Reveal button. This should open a window showing the Workgroup folder. Open the folder, then Libraries, then Favorites. Select the file you want and delete it per your normal operating system method (Mac Drag to trash). The next time you restart VW that favorite will not show up any more. Actually you may not need to restart. Try clicking the Gear icon in the Resource Manager and choosing Refresh Libraries. HTH
  8. When you cut a Section, click on the Advanced Section Properties button in the dialog box. You should be able to turn on Section Style from there. I just cut a test section and I got the Section Style class created.
  9. It looks like the circles are on the layer plane. Extrudes will only go "away" from the plane they are on (either positive or negative as Tom W. says). If you need the extrudes to be at a different "angle", then set a working plane, put the circles there and then extrude.
  10. Also check the settings of the Section Style class is you have the section set to use that.
  11. It is broken in your file. Here is one I made in VW2022 SP3.1. Try it in this file. Then import the Style to your file and see if it breaks. Pats Transom.vwx
  12. No idea what is going on. It does the same for me. No matter if I set it to By Style or By Instance. Recreate the Style? Convert to Unstyled, Fix the Transom and then save back to the style?
  13. Try changing the setting to By Style. It should be the arrow thingy. With it set to By Instance the value in the Style doesn't matter.
  14. Same version of VW or has this been brought forward from an older version? The Title Block changed a couple of versions ago and I don't remember exactly how the old version worked. I think there was a button in the OIP that you would click to set the title block data.
  15. Reflection does not show in Shaded/OpenGL Renders so make sure you are using a Renderworks or Redshift render mode. Have you edited the texture and turned up the Reflection Shader percentage? It goes past 100% if you need more.
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