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  1. Show us the criteria you are using. In the Criteria dialog box there is a check box for Show Objects in Symbol. You will definitely need to check that. You will probably also need to assign those dimensions to a special class. There is not easy way to get a single database row to display information about a symbol and about the items inside that symbol in a single database row. It would be possible to write a worksheet script that will report the information you want.
  2. I think Rotated Plan View coupled with saved views is probably your best bet if you are georeferenced.
  3. Sorry, I don't know enough about Spaces to know. Based on a 3 minute look, it certainly appears that all of the spaces will use the same numbering range. Could you put the different floors in different files and then reference them into a single file? Perhaps that would allow you to number by floor?
  4. Take a look in the VW Help for Worksheet Functions. That will show you the basics that are available. If you hit a wall and the basic functions will not give you what you need, it is possible to script custom worksheet functions, but that is a much bigger project.
  5. I need a better description of what the problem is. The Marionette is complicated enough that I don't understand what you are trying to do and what the script is not doing that you want it to do.
  6. For a relatively high level explanation of Vectorscript, see this thread in the Resource Share - Vectorscript forum. Resource Share is mostly information carried forward from the older version of the forum, but there are a lot of good scripts there. I try to comment most of the scripts I post to make them understandable and as a learning tool. @Jesse Cogswell@michaelk and many others are all too willing to help with the learning process. My personal opinion is that Marionette is the best tool to make a parameterized object in VW if you don't have scripting experience. and Vector(Python)script is best if you want to do data manipulation on existing objects. Marionette takes away all of the complexity of getting and using data entered in the OIP that ends up being a lot of the script in most Vectorscript Parameterized objects. @Arielusfor yoru object above if you are always making a rectangle, you really only need three points. Bottom Left, Top Right, and the center point. I would probably start with a really simple version that is a fixed size rectangle and only work on the code to make the internal polygon. Once I got that working I would then go back and add the code to allow the change in the rectangle size. Ask again when you need more help.
  7. But at least Vectorscript is not white space delimited where a single extra space can completely change how a program acts. 😉 Give me the extra typing of Begin/End any day over having to get spacing correct. I though I had seen the last of that when I finished my Fortran class in 1983.
  8. Hi @MarcelP102 I'm glad you took my comment in the humorous vein it was intended. 😉 I am a little sensitive to scope creep as there have been a couple of times I have provided scripts for someone who then just kept piling on the requirements without considering that they were getting everything for free. The one that really upset me was the person who said that if it would just do XXX and YYY then could save hundreds of hours a year, but was not willing to even consider paying for that functionality and was upset when I would not do it for them. @Jesse Cogswellis a great part fo the forum. I just wanted to make sure to consider what he is getting himself into.
  9. How long are you going to be doing this and how long do you want the computer to last? The minimum specs will be fine for this version of VW and maybe the next. So if you never need to upgrade they you will be OK. But if you buy the minimum and then need to upgrade VW, it will likely be below the minimum specs. My recommendation is that if you want the computer to last more than 2 years (or maybe even 1) then you should buy the better machine. 300£ over 3 working years is about 1£ a day.
  10. SCOPE CREEP!!! Jesse, remember WAD (Working as Designed) not an error. No one ever specified all of these extra options were required. 😉 How much are these changes worth to you Marcel? You realize that Jesse has done all of this so far out of the goodness of his heart and because a few of this think coding is fun.
  11. I think you are going to want to select all the items on the design layer and rotate them by the desired angle. If you set your layer options to Modify Others then you should be able to rotate all the layers at the same time. Rotating the design layer will mess up any saved views and viewports that you might have already set up.
  12. Check this page as a starting point. https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq
  13. I don't know how it does the math, but I would assume that it takes only the area from the inside of the walls where a roof with no overhang would also count the thickness of the walls.
  14. The like is that you figured it out, not that you had made a mistake. Realized after I clicked it that it could be interpereted as snarky which is not what I intended.
  15. Not a resource that I know of but maybe the Elevation Benchmark tool in the Dims/Notes tool set? Or you can create your own Style for the Reference Marker tool in just a couple of minutes. Ask again if you need help.
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