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  1. Operating system and hardware specifications please.
  2. Let me see if I can find you something Matt. A long time ago when I was coaching youth soccer, I did something similar. I used scripts to "swap" players between positions, with some of the positions being sitting on the bench. Take a look at the attached file. I created a record with fields for position, the player for each inning and then that players batting order during the inning. For display I would probably duplicate the worksheet, pick just one of the batting order columns, and sort the worksheet based on that batting order. Ask again if you need more help. T-Ball Worksheet Test.vwx
  3. Remember Michael, my day job is treating landfill leach (ie the trash juice you get when you put wet stuff (and rain) into a dump. Can you think of a better way to describe what I do than being a trashy guy?
  4. It would work the same way inside a conventional spreadsheet cell. You would just specify the IF condition differently. =IF(A1='Michael', 'Nice Guy', If(B1='Pat', 'Trashy Guy', 'Guy Unknown'))
  5. I have a similar set of small sizes of PVC from a manufacturer names SPEARS. Be careful if you are using this in tight quarters. Different manufacturers produce different sizes. If you are putting fittings close together you need to confirm the dimensions from the specific manufacturer. We often close fit elbows and tees in 3/4" to 3" sizes and had to redo a job when the fabricator used Hayward parts that had larger dimensions that the Spears we specified. Nothing lined up properly.
  6. Like all things, it depends. If the data is coming from a record.field, then substring will not help. If the data is just text then maybe, because you have to have some kind of a delimiting character. Would a script to edit the data attached to the objects be a better option? Tell me more about how you need your data fixed. Maybe in a new thread.
  7. No, you can't do this via a Visualization. But you could create a Saved View that would set both the Class Visibilities and the Visualization that you want to have active. Same effect, but maybe slight more difficult to set up.
  8. I think you need to explain your question better. If you put a scale bar in the Annotation group of a viewport it should automatically pick up the scale of the viewport.
  9. What Plug-in is this? Is this one of your custom objects or something that ships with Vectorworks?
  10. If you can post the file here I am sure someone will take a look.
  11. Can you send me a file with a few of these classes present. I don't care if there are objects in those classes or not.
  12. So what part of the name is the class name you want to keep and what part do you want to get rid of? Should the dashes convert to nested classes or be replaced by something that does not nest?
  13. Can you send a screen shot of what is in which folder? From a usage standpoint it should not matter, but if for some reason you have to reinstall VW, the items in that application folder are subject to being changed or deleted. Does not usually happen, but it could. The User folder is the safer place as VW understands that you get full control of the user folder. Also, it would be good it you would update your signature with your correct version.
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