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  1. Similar to what Jim Kelly suggested, try removing your user preferences and let Vectorworks generate a new set on launch. -On your keyboard, press Command+Shift+G -Type ~/Library then press Go -Go to Application Support > Vectorworks -Drag your 2012 folder from here, to your Desktop as a backup -Try launching Vectorworks 2012, you will be asked to activate your serial number again, if you're serial number begins with, "E" Please keep us updated.
  2. This issue was fixed in Vectorworks 2011 and better tuned in Vectorworks 2012. The issue would happen when the, "Snap to Tangent" option was turned on in the Snapping Palette. I suspect the, "Snap to Tangent" was turned on within the Windows 7 64 bit computer but not your other Windows 32 bit computer.
  3. Hello Everyone. For those of you having performance related problems, please send me your test files so we may investigate further. To mail large files, compress the files first. Feel free to use something like, also. 1. Prior to sending the file, save the file at the point where the performance issue is happening. Meaning, if a particular sheet layer is having the problem, save the document with that sheet active. 2. Please provide detailed steps, on how to duplicate the problem once the file is opened 3. Let us know about your hardware. If you run dual monitors, what sizes? Thanks for your help Everyone! Gunther Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.
  4. Gary, do you have iPoint.exe installed? Please see the following:
  5. This is a known bug. I believe this happens when you drag-n-drop files on to VectorWorks. You may have better success going to File > Open. Gunther
  6. Please ignore my last question. The simple act of adding resources, closing and reopening VectorWorks is duplicating the problem for me. Initially, the names appear correct in the Resource Browser. Its only after the application is later re-opened that the problem appears to be encounted. I have submitted a bug for our engineers to investigate. Thanks!
  7. Have any of you by chance renamed the VectorWorks 2008 application file? If so, rename it back to, "VectorWorks 2008" and see if the problem goes away.
  8. We are in the process of investigating the printing problem on Windows. For now, if you turn of the GDI + Image option on the Display tab of the VectorWorks Preferences, you will be able to print. Gunther
  9. Peter, I believe you can just get away with turning it off. Uninstalling is not necessary. Let us know how it goes. Gunther
  10. Peter and others, I noticed that some of you are using NVIDIA video cards. There's an application called, "NVIDIA Desktop Manager" or similar, that is distributed with many if not all recent video cards. If you currently have the Desktop Manager running in the background while drawing in VectorWorks, please disable/close the application. The Desktop Manager has been known to cause random crashes in VectorWorks 12. Let us know if you have the Desktop Manager running and if turning off the application helped. Gunther Quality Assurance Nemetschek North Ameria
  11. Hello Nicholas. Could you tell us if you are connecting to the LaCie Ethernet Disk Raid 2 server with SMB or AFP? If connected using SMB, try connecting using AFP and see if the problem goes away. Please let us know either way. Thanks! Gunther Nemetschek North America
  12. This has been fixed as of today, 5/10/07. Regards, Gunther Miller Quality Assurance Nemetschek North America
  13. Hello Tom. We?d like to gain some more information and test files if possible. Unfortunately, having a test file where the problem has already occurred will not help us. -Do you have any files where this problem can be duplicated at will or does the occurrence seem random? -When you see the problem, is the file being opened in VectorWorks 12.5.1 for the first time or has it been opened/saved in a previous version of VectorWorks 12? -The font that was changed, is this a system font that comes with Win XP or was it purchased separately (perhaps coming with another application)? Thanks for any additional information you might be able to provide. Regards, Gunther Quality Assurance Nemetschek North America
  14. I suspect the Resource Browser is appearing behing the Object Info Palette. After you attempt to activate the Resource Browser, it actually closes the palette. It appears to do nothing because you're not aware that its actually hiding behind the Object Info Palette. Could you verify that the Resource Browser is indeed appearing behind the Object Info Palette? Thanks! Quality Assurance Nemetschek North America
  15. The reference to the, "Fixed Bugs.htm" file should have not been included in the documentation. The, "Fixed Bugs.htm" file was removed for VectorWorks 12.0.0 and 12.0.1. Our current method for generating the document often produced limited information that was not beneficial to our users. For now, the document is not available. Gunther Miller Quality Assurance Nemetschek North America