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  1. Vectorworks 2019 is not fully compatible with macOS Monterey. The dialog width issue was resolved by Apple with the macOS 12.1 update and requires using Vectorworks 2021 SP5 or higher.
  2. The request to have DFlores install the DirectX file I supplied, was only an attempt to correct the incompatible plug-in message seen on launch of Vectorworks 2023. This is DirectX, as it relates to, "DirectX - Export Unreal Datasmith Support" inside Vectorworks. For some reason, these files are not installing on DFores' computer. In regards to the NVIDIA driver, the image I shared was to only show how to perform a clean driver install. You can ignore the driver version in the image. If you're having graphical issues or experiencing the blue screen in Vectorworks or outside of Vectorworks, it could be graphics card driver related? If you were to download the latest driver from NVIDIA and install, during the process you are given the option for, "Express" or "Custom" install. If you choose, "Custom" install, there is a checkbox for, "Perform a clean install". This is the route I usually take, when updating/installing a NVIDIA driver. Checking NVIDIA's site, it appears the most recent driver available for your video card, English US was released on 2022.11.16, version 526.98.
  3. Reinstalling the NVIDIA video driver, by performing a customer install, then choosing the, 'clean installation' option seems to have helped Dflores with his blue screen encounter. However, Vectorworks was still experiencing a crash, which seems related to generating or working with site model objects, still investigating.
  4. When you see this issue, are Renderworks render modes operational? Mac or Win, assuming Vectorworks 2023?
  5. Interesting. I just ran the DirectX install on a Win 11 Pro Lenovo laptop without any issue. It seems there might be something preventing proper installation of 1 or more components on your computer. Often antivirus software can prevent successful installs. If you have antivirus software, could you possibly disable it momentarily or allow the necessary exceptions and try the DirectX and or Vectorworks install again?
  6. Was the install you ran from a US download site or from a Distributor site? Can you confirm this was an actual install and you didn't unzip or copy over the Vectorworks application from another machine? I ask because, the 1st item you mentioned can happen if you don't actually run the full Vectorworks installer and you copy the Vectorworks application from one computer to another. There are necessary system support files from Microsoft that are part of our Vectorworks installer. -Try downloading the attached -Unzip the file -Inside the unzipped folder, right click, "DXSETUP.exe" and choose, "Run as administrator" -After running the install, restart the computer and see if the plug-in message you see on launch is gone? directx.zip
  7. The following comes to mind for Windows users. Can happen in Vectorworks 2022 and 2023:
  8. 32 GB of RAM is the recommendation for High-end Profile drawing projects. The "high-end" section of the System Requirements appears to have been moved to the top of the list. If you scroll down further, you'll see the requirements for smaller projects. Under the 2022 System Requirements, the, "Entry-level Profile" was listed first, at only 8GB of RAM. https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq
  9. @Andy Broomell in regards to VB-175705, I see evidence of debugging taking place, though no resolution.
  10. Gunther

    Graphic Legend

    I found a similar bug in our database, indicating a fix in 2023 SP1. We'll confirm and report back.
  11. I've been communicating with another user who's been having the same issue with Vectorworks 2022. They're using a Mac Studio with a single, Studio Display (Thunderbolt). Received this follow up, just the other day, which sounds promising: I am not completely ready to put this one to bed yet, but we have not had any recurrences since updating to MacOS 12.5.1. It used to happen a couple times a week, and now we are approaching a month without an incident.
  12. Thanks and please keep us updated. I've been testing on a Mac Studio with two displays 4K, one HDMI, the other usb-c and have yet to encounter the issue. Though, I'm not able to spend every hour of my day on the computer either. You're still running Ventura? It's my understanding that macOS 12.5.1, has helped many users with graphical issues.
  13. Are you running more than one display connected to your Mac Studio?
  14. We have a bug into our engineers for this issue. Thank you! VB-185946 When entering Korean text, the last character typed, will duplicate when SpaceBar is pressed
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