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  1. Thank you for confirming and mentioning the cable usage. I seem to recall in various Internet threads (not just Vectorworks), that cables for displays and other accessories were the source of their various problems.
  2. Just to confirm, your original system has been updated to 14.4.1 also, with no issue thus far?
  3. The Page Setup command in Vectorworks isn't ours, we just call the command from the OS. It's no surprise Vectorworks and TextEdit have the same issue. I've seen the same in Adobe Acrobat, if you choose, "Page Setup" from within the Print dialog.
  4. Your screen capture for Apple´s TextEdit, looks like you went to the Print command. What if you select the Page Setup command, do you still see the expansive list or a reduced list?
  5. Here's what I'm seeing on a Apple M1 Mini with TextEdit. Regardless of printer, Page Setup shows the same page options. When you go to the Print command, you'll see the Epson printer offers a much larger selection of page sizes. This large list of page sizes should also be available in Page Setup. Perhaps it's only some printer manufacturers having the issue?
  6. We have reported this issue to Apple. We are also seeing the same issue with Apple's own TextEdit application.
  7. We're currently working on an official message.
  8. Your observation of crashes happening after waking the screen, seems to mesh with this discussion:
  9. Anyone here not using a laptop, see the issue? Have you seen the issue using the laptop only, disconnected from external displays?
  10. We have one bug report on this issue. Unfortunately, another one I've been unable to duplicate or see in house. Do you use any kind of app/utility that handles shortcuts or similar? This is an old reference, though years ago, for example, the utility QuickKeys, use to cause problems with Vectorworks.
  11. Okay, this is a shot in the dark... the next time the SmartCursor cues/feedback misbehave, can you also go to, Tools > Purge... and let me know if you can uncheck/check boxes within the dialog?
  12. Anyone here having seen this issue, on a desktop Mac with a single display or even multiple displays? Reviewing the reports we have in-house, best I can tell, those with laptops are reporting the problem. I'd like to better our chances of duplicating using the common hardware. I've been testing this off/on all week on macOS 14.4 beta, Mac Mini M1, with two displays and still nothing...
  13. Happy for any clues to this one, as we're still chasing the issue in-house.
  14. @twkWhen you click on the, "Get Promotion Code" button, the following is returned: get-autoturn.vectorworks.net once you've created an account, I suspect this is your promotion code. You should also receive an email with the promotion code.
  15. Let us know if you continue to experience this issue in 2024 Update 3 also.
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