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  1. Thanks, Pat & Art for your suggestions. I of course can facilitate this desire in other ways, but was hoping I could easily pluck the desired data from the database items.
  2. Pat Stanford, you awake? 🙂 Question for you. Note the screenshot below. In the worksheet, I would like to be able to calculate JUST the total living space areas noted in the worksheet. This possible? -Kev
  3. I didn't mean to upset the apple cart here. It was a simple request to perhaps add that option to the roof tools. Plus, it is simply MY preference to show roof flashings....for my satisfaction. I am pretty sure that is my right 🙂 My clients tend to really appreciate that little bit of extra detailing. Again, my choice. Diminishing returns?? Not so much. I suppose the takeaway is, "to each their own" As far as 'shutting down the conversation' Jeff...by including textures and materials, etc to a 3d Model...that IS the conversation. It forces the client to think about what they see, and to choose, if they have not done so, what they really want. At least in my world that is how it works. Let's move on. 🙂
  4. Oh, also…that is a site model that the house is sitting on.
  5. But, wait….what about any comments regarding having the ability to create roof flashings ? 🙂
  6. Hey Kev Actually it is an hdri background. Full 360 dome.
  7. Just another request regarding roof options. As we all know, in the real world, all roofs need flashing where hips and valleys occur. It would really be a step up, if that could be implemented within the roof settings options. In the rendered image below, you will note (if you look closely) that I have included the hip, ridge and valley flashings. You may need to click on the image to view it with a better resolution, As an aside, the 3d standing seams on the roof, as well as the 3d vertical batts on the siding, were quickly created using surface array, btw. It is sort of a pain to create the various metal flashing items, but in my view, it does add a bit of realism to renderings, etc. Thoughts?
  8. I know this has been commented upon in the past, but....I am going to REINFORCE IT!! Perhaps it has been addressed in VW 2021, but I would be shocked if that is true. There is no way to rotate or adjust the texture orientation on a texture bed. I won't begin to go into the workaround I had to endure to achieve this.
  9. Uh……perhaps getting down on all fours and begging?? That would be a start. 🙂
  10. Pat Interestingly, I was assisting a Canadian architect client, and he was going nuts because of this situation where fractions were not showing up when using dual dims, just as Davidwd noted. This was in VW 2020, and it is a bug, seems. to me. Note the screenshot. Fractions only show up when using the fractional display on the far left, in the screenshot. IF you choose to use either of the other two options, the fractions are gone.
  11. Very minimal work to modify it. You will discover that once you get into the whole surface array thing 🙂
  12. Michaela B One other thing that is helpful, after you have created your own symbols (which is pretty quick, really) is to set up a worksheet that has an image of each symbol, the quantity of each, etc.
  13. Several of us have been down this road before.....There are a few workarounds to achieve this......none of which are very friendly. I posted some stuff about this last year....it may give you some ideas, but it also may confuse the hell out of you 🙂 Read through some of the thread dialogue. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/59350-ability-to-place-doors-and-windows-in-angled-walls/#comment-355499
  14. I have tried 600 ways from Sunday to have text justification correct when importing a dwg file. For some arcane reason, the text that comes along with a dwg file never arrives in the imported file the way it should look. Text that is supposed to be right justified, is left, etc, etc. So…..it is more than irritatingly necessary to take a lot of time to adjust the text. I am sure others have experienced this over the years ? Or, perhaps there is some setting hidden beneath the earth that deals with this situation. I would hate to get Pat Stanford out of bed to resolve this little gem of an issue, but I am considering just that 🙂 -Kev
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