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  1. David K, I feel your pain :-) Perhaps by 2030 they will implement this feature. We can only hope
  2. Thanks Tony. Much appreciated. I am really not interested in using extruded contours mode for several reasons, but if something could be done in the future pertaining to this issue it would be a good thing 🙂
  3. Tamsin First, thank you for being so proactive regarding the issue with the hollow site model. Since you seem to have such a direct line to bug reports, perhaps you could also have the powers that be look into the fact that it is not possible to rotate a material texture on a Texture Bed item. I have tried every workaround humanly possible to get this to work, like even resorting to the attribute mapping tool, but that tool is not acknowledged when dealing with Texture Beds. To better demonstrate this issue I attached a down and dirty screenshot. Notice the scored concrete driveway and sidewalk. It is a texture bed item, but it comes in in that particular angle, with no way to modify the angle. I realize that you most likely have lots of other fish to fry, but not being able to rotate textures in this situation is an issue. And lastly......as I prattle on, regarding the question I posed about the 3d poly site modifier....perhaps a quick team viewer session would be a good idea to resolve the issue? Thanks -Kev
  4. Oh, and by the way.....pertaining to landmark and site modeling, did you ever notice that when using the clip cube tool cutting through a solid mesh of the site model, that it appears hollow?? This alone is the reason I did not upgrade to VW 2020. I had brought this more than irksome issue up to tech support many times over the years, and it has still never been addressed. So......as a very longtime user.....I am boycotting for the time being, sad to say.
  5. Tamsin Actually it did not work. Perhaps I missed something, I tried it several times, to no avail. i wanted it to be a sloped pad object, that correctly reflected the solid surface under the house and inside the foundation walls, as I had shown in the screenshot I had previously attached. Sorry, kinda hard to articulate with words.
  6. oh......do tell. Let me just try that.... Thanks in advance if that trick works 🙂
  7. I was doing some work on a 3d site model, and in trying to deal with the physics and rocket science involved in trying to slope a pad in two directions, the thought came to me how much easier and kinder it would be if we could just use a 3d polygon and give each vertex a Z height, then that became to pad. instant sloped pad!! Doesn’t that kinda make sense ?
  8. There seems to be an issue with not being able to rotate the texture on a texture bed polygon. I tried using the attribute mapping tool, but the texture bed does not even acknowledge the use of that tool. Any thoughts, or has anyone resolved this little gem of an issue? Thanks
  9. Well.....my head is slowly shaking back and forth. This will be the first year that I will not be upgrading to a new version. Same old issues and tools not working as they should. A new barn door option....really???? that's IT?? I was raised that if you don't have something good to say about something, or someone, you just keep quiet. Very hard for me to do as it turns out, but this time I will keep quiet. I had such high hopes. Oh well.
  10. Larry Thank you for that sage advice 😉 One take-away was that the precision was a big factor in translating the data, as you had alluded to. I got my client hooked up with skype so we could screen share, and after a few trial and error attempts we accomplished the task at hand. Man, it was more than painful watching what he had to go through in AutoBad to procure the simplest of operations. Everything he did, as I watched, was command line driven. It made me appreciate being in the Vectorworks universe as opposed to existing in the black hole of the AutoBad universe. I know nothing of AutoBad, so perhaps you can make choices from a shortcut key or from a menu choice, but I surely did not see that happen during our little skype session. For example, after we were successful in creating a sweep (revolve in AutoBad parlance) it took him 5 minutes, with a LOT of typing, to slice the object. I shared my screen with him and proceeded to demonstrate to him how, in two clicks, using the split tool, I could slice the object anywhere I wished. He kinda sighed after witnessing that. Anyway, again, thanks for time you spent in your post. If you ever find yourself in Tahiti, lunch is on me! 🙂
  11. Kev Yeah, in my view it should be a no brainer but the Autocad person I am dealing with can’t seem to get it to work. I am doing some experimenting in the meantime.
  12. I hate to even bring this up in a VW forum. I am working with a Client who uses AutoCad and perhaps because of his knowledge, or lack of knowledge in AutoCad, is having trouble with my DWG exports, opening correctly in Autocad. Cutting to the chase, one example is he mentioned to me with total impunity that if I sent him a closed polyline he could sweep (revolve in AutoCad vernacular) the shape into a solid. Well......apparently he was wrong. So......If anyone out there is an AutoCad Pro, I would love to see if you could 'revolve' the polyline into a solid object, in a dwg format. I attached a screenshot of the shape. Thanks in advance.
  13. FYI, I sorted it out. Very sneaky 🙂 To have the sheet title data be in all caps, you need to name the sheet layer IN ALL CAPS! It derives the data from the sheet layer name and if you used lower use or title caps it will reflect as such.
  14. I am assisting someone in creating a custom title block and for some reason the setting for sheet data.sheet title REFUSES to use uppercase text. Keeps defaulting to title caps text. Anyone else have this issue??
  15. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I will look into them.


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