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  1. With ever-increasing demands, the only rational rendering workflow is in-program or live-link. Exporting (and re-exporting) to any other software is a huge waste of time in the architectural design industry, where BIM changes are the norm. So Mac Users stick to RW for now. On the Mac it's an eternal waiting-wishing game. The latest chapter is titled "Metal", which holds great promise. But will the Metal code be straightforward enough, modular enough that Mac programs like VW will be able to easily (cost-effectively) use it? Perhaps this fall.... 😞
  2. There's no way to insert a gate (Door) into a fence. Particularly if you want a fence TALLER than the gate. Doors should insert into fences like they do walls.
  3. I'm 60. Been doing CAD on the Mac for some 35 years or more. VW since MiniCad 4 (I think). Speaking of Macs only, not PC's or Hackintoshes......Certainly some purchases are better timed (new machines always coming) than others. Certainly some machines are better ROI than others. But it's an eternal moving target. Whenever it's time to upgrade, I buy the fastest machine I can reasonably afford. SO usually it's within 15-20% of the most extreme available. I've never bought the absolute top-of-the line because of this (except....) You pay a high premium. I sold my iMac Pro after 6 months because the performance was not near what I expected. My exception to max purchase is my 2018 MBPro, which replaced the iMac Pro. It was a much better setup for me to have a portable personal machine, a 34" monitor w/ eGPU. Sure it doesn't render as fast as the iMac Pro, but I spend perhaps less than 5% of my time rendering anything beyond OpenGL
  4. You must not be a Mac guy 🙂 Buy a Windoz PC ?? If it's good for you, OK. But So many reasons why not to for most of us. I'm not the least worried about the transition in terms of compatibility or stability. What I'm interested in is how fast VW will take advantage of new system architecture for speed, and most of all, some map to get "instant render" to the Mac version.
  5. Is any info available on VW support for Mac OS "Big Sur" that uses Silicon?
  6. Mac Users: please email Lumion A request for a Mac version! Ask all your Mac /VW contacts to do the same.
  7. Andrew, lighten up on the Caffeine! VW forums are not the place for personal attacks. What conspiracy theory? Just noting a news story about new illnesses showing up on the African continent as a result of large numbers of people arriving from other parts of the world. This is completely expected. Cultures previously not exposed to each other share germs and viruses which previously they developed immunity for. Repeated many times in history.
  8. YES! even the Chinese projects in Africa....massive numbers of workers are bringing new illnesses that previously were unknown to the continent. The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes often.
  9. Google the fascinating story of overrun field hospitals dealing w/ Spanish Flu. Doctors has to put infected patients outside in sun and fresh air. They were shocked to find those outside recovered 40% better than those inside. Part of the downside of modern living: too much indoors !
  10. My friends, I don't make light of the risk to older people, or those with existing health issues (particularly respiratory). My main point is that is simply is NOT as more lethal vs any other flu. Yes, more contagious. So you could say on that note more lethal, but for otherwise healthy people, no. Hearts out to Italy, which is harder hit for unknown reasons. My comments refer to the US only: Here's where most miscalculate mortality in the "numbers": the huge majority of infected (story this week estimates as high as 86%), don't know they have it. Either their symptoms are mild ( not everyone is bedridden by Corona) or they get over it in 2 days at home, not seeing a doctor. SO, the calculated mortality rate is vastly over-estimated. Net mortality will be 1 to 1.5% of reported cases. Still very average for garden variety flu. Actually mortality will be far below 1%. Simple numbers...even if the estimate is 50% cases unreported. Stay healthy!
  11. BAHAHAHA It's a virus. It's different from others but still a variant of SARS and SWINE Flu. Get YOUR facts straight: high numbers of deaths do not equal high MORTALITY. CDC :1629 cased REPORTED (tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands have been exposed in US), 41 DEATHS Sorry for those it killed but it's not the Ebola virus. Higher death rates (still not dramatic) in other countries because of 3rd world medical treatment and conditions. SO...if it's no worse than other flu's, are we going to panic again Every flu season...every cold virus that comes along? Oh my..do you know how many in the US died from last year's flu? Why are we not panicked about that? flu.pdf
  12. Dear brothers and sisters, you are licensed to use COMMON SENSE. IF there were a death rate above 2% (in the US) THAT would be all over the news. 2-4% is completely average for the Flu. It's the elderly and people with other health problems who are at risk, as with ...the flu (SEE CDC Website yourself). The news is in fact , news about the panic. Again: another variety of the flu. Be well !
  13. Sorry people...not buying it. Where are the mass deaths in US from Corona? NOT there because it's the flu, and only the flu. If this were Ebola, of course cautions. But really? Everyone panics but no one can say why. Sad
  14. AND...refunds for deposit on Hotel and airfare?
  15. It would be great to have VW incorporate Apple's Continuity feature; a live import from Phone or iPad directly into VW. Photos, scans & sketches! https://macmost.com/using-continuity-camera-and-continuity-sketch-with-your-iphone-or-ipad-and-your-mac.html


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