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  1. Yes. Extrude along path is only adequate for small amounts of wall trim. It has to be created and edited manually, so it's not at all a solution for regular and large projects. The above plugin facilitates molding creation. While similar, not the same as wall trim. As part of a wall, trims would have huge automation.
  2. IMHO, moldings should be integrated into walls, similar to components. Optional checkboxes for ceiling, chair rail and base trim where you simply select the profile, and set a control point for height (some cases where base trim would be above the floor). Such trim would be secondary to door & window trim (in case of conflict), and automatically stop at door/window openings. Option to continue through cased openings. Individually classed of course. Would make interiors so much faster, as all the trim would auto edit with changes to walls, doors and windows.
  3. Anyone find a decent workflow for watercolor style rendering? AI render would probably do pretty good w perspectives, but I’m looking for 2D graphics with a watercolor look.
  4. On recommendation of a buddy, who is a 3-D printing hobbyist, the Bambu P1 series printers are very cost-effective ($700 +-) and produce models just under 11 inch cube in size. Out of box settings are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to make a career of 3-D printing, but simply needs to print things. Of course, it’s always good to know your equipment better, but you can get up and running very quickly. You have to be realistic about what level of detail you will get with this level printer.,(opt for the 0.4 steel head) but for the most part, we’re very happy. VW export (STL) works pretty well. The problems we have is any cabinet or door plug-in object which has panels. The panels do not print and you get a flat surface…or simply a void. Our workaround is to create a copy model, just for 3-D printing, and then convert these problem items to mesh. Every brand has their own settings. So jump in.
  5. Other VW employees have acknowledged that the link breaks on the Mac, but they don’t know why. So it’s not a new issue or an unknown one.
  6. Apparently for quite a while, it's known for a long time that there are Mac issues connecting SQlite databases to a VW document. It's highly buggy at best, and broken at worst. The issue has zero weight to get fixed. So I find it disingenuous that VW would publish a FEATURE ARTICLE on a tool that rarely works. https://blog.vectorworks.net/guest-video-sqlite-databases-vectorworks-objects If the issue won't be fixed, fine. Then please remove the tool/function from the next update. But don't advertise things which clearly are not ready for mainstream use.
  7. ...so it begs the question: WHY do any final render in VW anymore? The modest cost of TM or ES for the speed and final product are an incredible value. I LOVE that ES operates as a live plugin, making the start-to-finish process even faster. Of course VW was never design to primarily be a render program, but the speeds of even top-end machines are dinosaurs compared to what base-level machines can do with TM or ES.
  8. Mac Studio M2 Ultra 128 GB ram (OS 14.0) = 5:42 VW 2024 TwinMotion or Enscape onscreen = 2.3288964 sec Output to jpeg = probably under 15 sec.
  9. BOSS ! While I like TM renderings, the TM interface has been so clunky for years and years. Using navigation in TM is an exercise in frustration if you use a trackpad. ES live link is better than TM as well.
  10. Thanks. While it can be a straightforward process, one still has to invest time for the particulars of model tuning /check software. So I'm being a bit lazy maybe, hoping to pay for an established workflow to the same vendor for consistent results. Let's say I just want a white model of "medium" detail. Do you know of some architectural model-friendly vendors? searching the internet blind and it takes alot of time to compare...many of them want the model to quote a price.
  11. Don't accept your comparison...how many countless things are "farmed out" to other professionals? Surveyors, engineers, etc. I use large format plotters, and they're pretty much on autopilot. I don't have to reconfigure software every time I print. By "Easy" I mean customer-friendly to ORDER a model from a service, not BE THE SERVICE. Of course one would be expected to learn the process if printing in-house. The start of this topic concerns: - automation of out-of-house model printing. I'm happy to pay someone else to learn, configure, manage and print a 3D model. - but if I have to learn and do all the intermediate steps to simply hand someone the file, I may as well print in house. - I imagine it's not that difficult for someone to write that intermediate step software to automate model production for a specific supplier. everyone in the pipeline gets a cut of the fee, and the architect (me) is happy to order a 3D model without much more fuss than buying ink cartridges on amazon
  12. What's the max XYZ dimensions for a single piece? I researched this a year ago, and in-house printers that would create a USEABLE size (let's say 8" cube) were quite expensive. I have no problem stacking sections together (having to slice a building, for example) , but at the end of the day it's time vs results. Too much time and it doesn't matter what the results are. Not interested in taking up a new hobby. 3D printing has been around long enough that there's bound to be a fast, automated method to output to a model, in-house or out of house. There's profit incentive for some company to write that code. VW would probably have to partner w/ someone to make that happen.
  13. The wish is to automate the process, via 3rd party optional plugin. Most VW users can’t afford a model printer that produces an architectural model of useable size. The small percent of firms who have gear in-house must train and dedicate staff for that. It’s in no way equal to using a paper plotter. - much as photo apps on Mac (and I’m sure windows) allow a 3rd party plugin to speed the process of a photo book, it would be a win-win for VW to partner w a few physical model services to have direct ordering. Export-model check-then order… all in the same screen. At least 2 competitors to keep prices down and the process easy. I would think model-printing services would be all over this. - it’s difficult to find reliable services which offer a reasonable price for a single model. If there’s presently a list from VW, I’m not aware of it.
  14. Unfortunately, 3-D printing with Vectorworks has remained a very small niche market. We would very much like to do a lot of 3-D printing, but the process is so cumbersome we don’t do any at all. Much as a Vectorworks has done a plug-in for twinmotion, making it a very excellent workflow, we need something in the same way for 3-D printing. If VW could partner with one or more 3-D printing companies to make a simplified workflow, this would be a huge boost for both the supplier(s) and Vectorworks Users. I would bet, less than 1% of vectorworks users have access to a 3-D printer that will produce models of any practical size, let alone the time involved.
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