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  1. Thanks, Pat...I will definitely check that out.
  2. I've done some Orbit Point animations to show a piece of furniture from time to time but I really don't have much experience with animation. I was wondering if there's a way to animate a single object in a drawing, like the drop leaf support bar I'm showing here. Can this be animated so only the support bar is shown sliding in and out? My gut tells me I would need a helper application to do this. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice on this subject. Support Bar animation.pdf
  3. Interesting..I just quit and restarted and it took a more typical time of about 40 seconds. I guess the opening time is not consistent from startup to startup. I'll still get you the info you asked for. I should add to my signature Mac OS 10.13. Thanks, Jim.
  4. Just wanted to chime in that I too have very slow startup times. Just timed it to be close to 4 minutes. Hope an update can remedy this. Thanks.
  5. Sounds like a "green light" to me......time to upgrade. Thanks, Zoomer.
  6. Thanks, Jim.
  7. I see 2018 SP1 has been released. Is this considered High Sierra compatible now?
  8. Thanks for the help, Steve. Unfortunately, after doing this I still get the same "write access" message. Not sure what my next step is. Jim, do you have any suggestions? Thanks.
  9. Can you please post a link to the thread you mention here? I'm having the same issue now. Thanks.
  10. Ok, thanks, Jim. I'll get in touch with and go from there.
  11. I'm crashing much more than ever on 2018. Have others had this issue? Not very large files either....3d models of furniture designs mostly. Really throws me off to have this happen on a regular basis now. Still on Sierra 10.12.6. Top end iMac 32 gb ram 4ghz Intel Core i7. Any thoughts? I’m attaching my most recent crash report if that helps anyone to understand what's going on. Thanks for any help here. Crash Report.pdf
  12. Just wanted to take a moment to give major kudos to VW for "Multiple View Panes". I, for one, love this feature. Makes my approach to modeling more fluid and efficient. Thanks, VW...great update!
  13. Thanks again, Kevin..the technique you mentioned worked quite well for me. Much appreciated.
  14. Lol......thanks!
  15. Thanks so much, Kevin. I'll work through this technique and let you know how it goes.