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  1. Interesting. I just changed the Bun Foot to a symbol. The file went from close to 15 MB to 10.5 MB. That's a pretty large decrease in size for such a simple move. Thanks again, Benson.
  2. Very informative, Benson....thank you for the information. The feet are sweeps and no symbols were made which sounds like, if I do that, it would help a lot to decrease size. Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks, Matt. I checked and this had already been turned off.
  4. Thanks again, Jim and thank you Mark.....I'll play around a little a see what I come up with.
  5. Thanks, Jim...I'll review based on what you mentioned. I did check the Purge and it does offer to remove all previous textures, etc... Considering the size of architectural renderings, I guess I shouldn't be concerned. I have a favor to ask..if you can. I'd love to see a screenshot of your dwg export window when that's being done. There are quite a few boxes and I'm just curious to see how you set that up. I send overseas to AutoCad users if that makes any difference.
  6. I've been working on a few pieces of furniture and surprised at how large my files are ending up at. These are fairly simple 3d models, each piece not very big in dimension. Does it make sense that these individual furniture pieces average out between 15-19 mb each? I'm attaching an example of one of them. Also, when exporting to dwg, are there any tricks to reducing the size of the file during export. I played around with dwg export settings but always ended up around the same. I do purge a file before exporting although not sure that makes much of a difference. Curious if this seems typical or very large for what it is. Any tricks to reduce file size? As always, thanks for any help.
  7. Great tip, Kevin...thank you for that.
  8. Thank you, Markd.
  9. I need to create a shape that starts at the top in a round shape and ends at the bottom in a square shape. Similar to the coffee mug I'm showing here. When I try a Multiple Extrude, it gets disjointed. I'm also attaching the result of the Multiple Extrude. I did try it with a rounded corner square at the bottom but with the same results.Can someone explain the best way to go about this shape? Thanks all.
  10. Sorry about that repost...accident. Attached is my Sample Process document. My startup time varies but averages in the 3 minute range, I'd say. Sample of Vectorworks 2018.txt
  11. This was done using the Sweep command......exactly what I needed. Kevin, like Phil asked, when would you shift to using the Multiple Extrude tool? Just curious. Once again, the forum here has helped me quickly to understand VW a little better. I feel very fortunate to have access to so many great VW users who are always willing to help others out. Although I've said this before, and on more than one occasion, thank you for all the help over the years.
  12. Thank you, Kevin.....much appreciated.
  13. Hi, Everyone. I’m hoping someone can tell me how to get rid of the facets on the white vessel at the top of this simple planter. It's supposed to be smoothe. It was formed by a multiple extrude and is rendered in Open GL with high settings. I did take a look at it in "Final Quality Rendering" and the facets remained. What setting affects this type of surface? Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  14. Thanks, Pat...I will definitely check that out.
  15. I've done some Orbit Point animations to show a piece of furniture from time to time but I really don't have much experience with animation. I was wondering if there's a way to animate a single object in a drawing, like the drop leaf support bar I'm showing here. Can this be animated so only the support bar is shown sliding in and out? My gut tells me I would need a helper application to do this. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice on this subject. Support Bar animation.pdf