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  1. Steven Kenzer

    Rendering oddity...

    Thanks, Matt. That worked. Layer off/Layer on/ All good. Much appreciated.
  2. Steven Kenzer

    Rendering oddity...

    Can someone explain to me why some odd rendering sequence is occurring? I took File A and "saved as" File B. Then deleted the current vanity and copy and pasted in a different one. When I got to render File B, the vanity that was in File A returns. I've purged the file, rebooted, in 2d all looks fine but then that first vanity keeps showing up each time the file is rendering. The attached screenshot gives you a sense of what's going on. The rendering starts out fine (white one in the screenshot) but as it progresses, the wood one appears. It's as if it's stuck in some VW cache..or something like that. As always, thanks for any help/advice on this.
  3. Steven Kenzer

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    I opted to finally upgrade to Mojave yesterday and have been working all morning with no issues (VW19 sp2). I'm mostly developing 3d furniture models, not any complex architectural work. I think Andrew nailed it..no official announcement but Jim did post confirmation that VW has worked through the majority of Mojave conflicts other than some printing issues.
  4. Steven Kenzer

    Apply different color to subtracted surfaces?

    Thanks, Andy. Mark's technique worked well for this but, for the next phase, I need to add different colors (like attached pattern) to each drawer front. I think converting to Nurbs will be helpful for that. Again, much appreciated. This forum has helped me so much over the years. I feel fortunate to have access to the wealth of knowledge offered here.
  5. Steven Kenzer

    Apply different color to subtracted surfaces?

    Thanks, Mark. Will check it out. Much appreciated.
  6. Hi, All. I’m trying to apply a different color to the recessed pattern area on these drawer fronts but not really sure how to go about this. Is there a simple way to achieve this? Any help from the forum would be great. Thanks in advance.
  7. Steven Kenzer

    Animation for VW ?

    Thanks, Kevin. It is supported and I am checking out it now. Was just curious if that’s pretty much our only choice with VW.
  8. Steven Kenzer

    Animation for VW ?

    Because I need to start animating some furniture pieces, I'm looking into my options now. I have used VW Animation for spinning a piece around but that’s about the extent of my experience with this. I'm checking out AnimationWorks by OzCad but also curious if there are any other choices for a VW animation add-on. My work would involve object path movement ..think exploded views coming together, drawers sliding in and out, doors swinging open, etc... Thoughts on this? Thanks in advance for any guidance here...always appreciated.
  9. Steven Kenzer

    VW 2018 slow start up time

    All in all, startup time is much improved for me. I've seen anywhere from 40 seconds to a minute+...much better than the 3-5 minutes with the previous release. Thanks, VW.
  10. Steven Kenzer

    VW 2018 slow start up time

    That's great to hear, Jim. I'm approaching 5 minutes of "checking activation" right now. For some reason this has gotten worse for me the past 2 days. Looking forward to the update.
  11. Steven Kenzer

    Large File Size...

    Another interesting result of converting the Bun Foot to a symbol is that my exported dwg's are now much smaller...50%+ less. Before, without the bun foot symbol creation, the dwg export size was very close to the actual drawing file size. It seems these feet are at the root cause of the large file syndrome on this. They were created with a sweep command. It seems "sweep" object/s have a lot to do with this.
  12. Steven Kenzer

    Large File Size...

    Interesting. I just changed the Bun Foot to a symbol. The file went from close to 15 MB to 10.5 MB. That's a pretty large decrease in size for such a simple move. Thanks again, Benson.
  13. Steven Kenzer

    Large File Size...

    Very informative, Benson....thank you for the information. The feet are sweeps and no symbols were made which sounds like, if I do that, it would help a lot to decrease size. Much appreciated.
  14. Steven Kenzer

    Large File Size...

    Thanks, Matt. I checked and this had already been turned off.
  15. Steven Kenzer

    Large File Size...

    Thanks again, Jim and thank you Mark.....I'll play around a little a see what I come up with.


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