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  1. I misspoke earlier. Same thing here but have not played with smoothing angle yet. Once I made the slightest rotation, line disappears.
  2. On Mac OS, Bruce and not seeing the issues you're having. As long as "Draw Edges" is selected, lines are visible.
  3. I would update to 12.3.1, the most recent OS update, and see if that helps..
  4. I upgraded my late 2015 iMac (earliest model that's upgradeable) this week to Monterey / 12.3.1. And using VW 2022/SP3. Pleased to say no issues to report after 4 days of use.
  5. Agree....a controllable Edge Profile Tool would be very helpful to the woodworking/furniture people out there...one day perhaps. "Works perfectly" is as good a review one could want for the M1. Looking forward to making the switch. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the file, Bruce. That is a tricky area to detail..looks like you have it all figured out. Nice work. Question....how are you liking the new M1 iMac? Do you feel a shift in efficiency and speed? Any issues with the 16gb of ram? I understand the M1 treats memory differently so curious how that's going. I'm holding out for the M1/2 27" but not sure when they'll release that.
  7. I also had turned off "Automatic Graphics Switching in Preferences/Battery. After experiencing the frozen menu 3 times in a row, it now seems fixed. I rebooted, opened VW and the Menu function seems ok now.
  8. FYI....I did update my MBP to the most recent version of Monterey and using the most recent version of 2022. As others have experienced, VW Main Menu is not accessible....unresponsive to my cursor. After reading through the forum posts, I can resolve this by closing my laptop, opening it and signing in again. 😞 Hoping this gets resolved soon in an update.
  9. Juan & Pat, has Vectorworks given the final green light to updating the OS to 12/Monterey if using VW 2022? Should this still be done cautiously or have most issues been resolved now? I haven't seen any official announcement yet so wondering. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  10. Bruce, I often go to Sketchup's 3D Warehouse for stuff like this: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=outlets
  11. I had never even noticed that "Repair" under the "Advanced Options" heading on the updater. I just ran it out of curiosity. Wow, 3303 files repaired!
  12. Blown away by that. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Benson, I'm in SP2 now..forgot to update my signature. Not corrected yet.
  14. You should give "Smart Options" a try. The spacebar or other assigned maneuver brings up the Snapping Palette by your cursor (along with other menus). Much better than it's home at the lower right corner.
  15. Crazy but confirmed....when I toggle from DHL line to HL all dimensional numbering appears. Thanks again, Benson.
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