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  1. Flash: In a quick check of the 2019 Event Tables I find the 'table cloth' changed from cloth-with-fullness in previous versions, to simple extrudes—OTG!! Don't know when that changed tho, as I haven't used those resources in years, have been building what I need till now.
  2. @Jim Wilson I figured out the seating problem long ago and have deployed my own versions of chairs since that revelation. Other default items in the entertainment resource folders are over-drawn/overdetailed for their actual need in these types of drawings.
  3. mjm

    stop a render in progress

    Yes, this appears to be it indeed. Thanks Jim.
  4. mjm

    stop a render in progress

    Just to say that pressing 'esc' often does NOT deliver the stop render command in anything resembling timeliness.
  5. mjm

    Vectorworks 2019 Feature Video

    OMG, what a find!!
  6. mjm

    VW 2019 Render not stopping

    Uh, yes? Maybe? All other phases had completed and this was the longest, slowest portion; could it have been "interactive render"?
  7. mjm

    VW 2019 Render not stopping

    Great solution. As I'm trackpad / keypad only, I'd have to make a keystroke or similar…
  8. mjm

    VW 2019 Render not stopping

    Precisely what I did, as well as the CMD + Period. I actually had to leave the office for a brief period for sanity's sake
  9. Hello; excitedly installed VW 2019, opened a current model small model (4 trusses, twenty four spotlight fixtures turned on, sixteen with fog) and hit render. After an hour and change; I decided to stop the render process and the two choices I am aware of have failed to stop the render. Hitting escape = no joy Hitting Cmd + . (period) = no joy either. Also, VW 2019 shows "Stopping Render" in the message area, yet does not stop… Thoughts? TiA
  10. mjm

    Projecting onto a curve with no image correction

    Exactly how I would solve the problem
  11. mjm

    Not getting smart points at all

    Now THERE's a hot key I think disposable.
  12. mjm

    Export to Glowforge?

    And so Sean, how did you end up deriving the answer to your question — did spend the 5k on a wing and a prayer?
  13. mjm

    Visualization Lights Edit Mode

    Drives me INSANE! Your pain = my pain. I'm super hoping a fix is in the works in 2019
  14. mjm

    Hate to complain... but.

    Well that explains a problem I'd been having, thanks.
  15. mjm

    Viewports & How to Purge unused Design Layers

    Awesome, thanks Kevin.