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  1. mjm

    Simulating lasers

    @bbudzon Cool. Can you provide steps, tips in order execute video-as-gobo? Mind you, I don't yet use Vision, so hoping your tip works in RW as well… TiA, MichaelM
  2. For the shortcuts, here's a useful document…(oh, a-woops, so NOT a one-sheeter, sorry) vectorworks-keyboard-layout.pdf
  3. mjm

    Spotlight Numbering

    Truth be told, as I am an abysmal typist, these kinds of tools are a huge help.I also am a big fan of the straight forward 'number position' tick box in the spotlight tool position PIO. Savvy Sequencer comes into play (all too often) when positions are non-linear.
  4. @klinzey IS this also true of TwinMotion?
  5. mjm

    Spotlight Numbering

    I have to say, I just use Joshua Benghiat's Savvy Sequencer (https://www.benghiatlighting.com/software/products/savvy-sequencer), a vastly powerful tool which numbers any type of object, whether there's a record or not. One can, as one will, screw up the choices often enough, but once used a few times it's my go-to tool for all sequential numbering, whether Spotlight or chairs or circles and squares.
  6. In the Vectorworks Library, there are a couple folders (See pic attached) and I wonder what function they provide and I wonder if they or their contents can be deleted without deleterious effects to my install?
  7. mjm

    Replacing extruded shape with 3D symbol

    The only solution workaround I have done is make each of those non-symbols into symbols then they're replaceable. A silly approach I know, but that's all I got.
  8. mjm

    Snap Point Hierarchy

    How often does the "Z" key work for you? I have about a 50% chance of that working. I attribute the issue to me not really understanding when to click after the "Z" key is depressed, a nd then the whole thing ends up taking three times longer than zooming in and clicking once.
  9. mjm

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Happy news @Dave Donley, thank you for the update.
  10. mjm

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    Anyone know when this change occured?
  11. All the above is glorious. Thanks to all who contributed. Anyone exploring TwinMotion for Stage/Event-type cueing, changing lighting states, etc?
  12. mjm

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    First time I am seeing this as well. I occasionally (as I am sure other do as well) receive documents from university professionals wielding their student version of VWX to generate drawings of their venue, inventory etc. This new constraint is not going to play well in that scenario. @JuanP: Was an announcement made recently, regarding this shift in policy? Has anyone found this same issue crop up in VW 2018 or earlier student files?
  13. mjm

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Just gonna jump right in here and say after one quick look I plunked my dollars down and am busily updating a current working file with these Symbols, and boy-o-boy are things starting to look spiffy! Well worth the $$


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