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  1. Esp with an easy-to-find toggle to unfind those folders and a search which would differentiate between hidden and non and offer to search either/both?
  2. OK, this is for @Mark Aceto, because I know he'll chuckle… Couldn't help myself, so D/L'ed and installed 2021. Install went super smoothly, yay. Migration seemed ok too, except almost none of the cherished plugins from my vendors worked or even installed. Not too surprising, after all, it's still spankin new, smell those digital pheromones! Opened a 2020 file from latest project (this is what I do in my business: take old data and update / change / amend it to fit the need of the moment). I first noticed that 21 seems to have a problem holding onto palette positions, even after clicking the palette menu item to save them. One crash was for nothin: could not tell you what happened, it just went away. Restart VWX & open file. Two for the money: this crash happened deleting sheet layer through the navigation palette. Hmm Three for the show: Restart the entire 2019 MBP & VWX & re-delete the sheet layer again. Beachball! After three crashes in a space of less than an hour, I have uninstalled it. Just thought I'd try, in case 🐷 were 🛸 today 😉 Not making' cash dollars with that app just yet, no sir. Over and out.
  3. Hey @Kevin McAllister; first—thanks for the workaround. & also: any info on why the added cubes won't cut?
  4. Sorry, uh someone check my understanding of what @rDesign meant above: A vectorworks PIO tool - specifically the Simple Stair Tool - available in prior-year VWX Fundamentals has been removed from subsequent iterations of VWX F, potentially leaving dwg elements and instances marooned, uneditable?
  5. ↑ works a charm, agreed @Wes Gardner. I set my SL Viewports @ 56 DPI to get quick low detail renders and then boost to 300 when satisfied. I have also tried to set the Detail Level on the renders to medium, down from High, but not certain how much that affects render time, maybe someone here has a thought on that…
  6. Well then, Not gonna say @Pat Stanford's reply is (maybe translucent?), but it does make me stop and think: 'hmmm, 2021 is just around the corner…
  7. Really appreciate the concise roadmap there @Dave Donley
  8. This is exactly why I never ever use hidden Line rendering.
  9. Super duper Peter, Thanks very much for the clear concise info.
  10. @Peter Neufeld & / Or @Benson Shaw & / or others: The above info Peter mentions is very helpful. Can anyone explain the ROI of 3D conversion resolution and why switch from default settings? Thanks & continue to be safe out there, MichaelM
  11. It makes the Spotlight > C4D workflow ludicrous, difficult and potentially very expensive if one chooses to purchase the Hantmade plugins @ €238,00. And my guess is, it probably takes the rest of those Hantmade plugins (each with their own price & don't know if those are subscription or perpetual) to make that whole process smooth.
  12. @jeff prince I hate to say it, but at least there's a relatively simple, however tedious and seemingly unnecessary, workaround. Thanks for the grunt work to uncover it.
  13. I hear you @scottmoore It's like a sharp stick in the eye, every time. Of course, you'd think I'd have learnt by now…


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