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    Just downloaded this, because I could deploy it immediately, except: The marionette draws the waveform against gravity; there should be points, not curves at the apogee of both ends of the wave / curve / swag. I've attached an old version of a hand-modeled bistro bulb string, updated into vwx 2021 BISTRO Notion 21.vwx
  1. mjm

    Chair numbering

    Same. Done is done. Fancy for next time.
  2. @Mark Aceto Yep nope, some other vendors are not there yet.
  3. mjm

    Chair numbering

    @AmandaM22 Great news indeed. Such good feelz when it does what you hope and expect it to do. Which "it" did you end up deploying - the simpler or the more complex?
  4. Thanks @Jonathan Pickup, I did finally figure that out. Finicky also in the sense that I need to orbit to odd angles/views to both select and move the relevant face.
  5. Love me some Clip Cube, tho it can be a bit finicky to play with.
  6. mjm

    Chair numbering

    Post back if still having issues, and if success, yay
  7. @Rick BergeBy 'between documents', you mean two separate files, not different sheet layers, do I read you right? In the same document, we can copy/paste from and into any SL we wish without fear of corruption, correct?
  8. mjm

    Chair numbering

    Hi @AmandaM22 So I used to into this alot and for me the simplest solution has been to create a record format SEATING, with two fields: • Chair Number • Remarks Then I place a text item in an appropriate position on the 2D chair element inside the chair symbol This allows me to have an easily fillable field. either from the Data Tab of the OIP, or my FAVE, using Savvy Sequencer, a plugin of great power and flexibility for numbering anything. I have attached a small VWX 2020 drawing with 2 different chairs & record formats. in it, both show chair numbers, albeit slightly differently… Chair+Record.vwx
  9. @JuanP Are we still waiting a reply to this question? I'm stymied as to how to get that viewport copied to another sheet — any others have thoughts? OMG: I just tried again…what am I missing? The ONLY thing I did differently was to copy from it's originating sheet then paste it right back where it came from, then CUT (cmd+X), navigate to sheet in question and paste (CMD+C). It shows as a true viewport with the correct name-2. Screen Recording 2020-10-16 at 1.40.21 PM.mp4
  10. mjm

    Import from Poser?

    @ajpenDoes this answer your basic query:
  11. Having clicked once too many times on the 2021 icon, instead of the workhorse 2020, I've taken the lessons learned in this thread to make my own quick version, originally from a google search as suggested, then a quick edit for the feelz. The PNG I generated and the icns file (zipped) attached below VWX Logo 2021.icns.zip


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