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  1. OTG, I am not alone. I thought I was seeing things at one point.
  2. I make the path with a poly line following wall, I make or acquire the Molding profile. After making sure both objects are curbs curves, I rotate the profile perpendicular to the plan and drag it's 'top wall corner' to the path nurbs run the extrude along path, making sure Fix Profile is checked. Then it slides into place, add a z value and done
  3. I have spent much of this week grinding my teeth every time I have needed to make a change in truss for exactly these reasons.
  4. Sigh. Working along on three related yet separate documents. This one stops render caching well it seems. Therefore, gotta close the app and all three docs n then wait for them all to open and pick back up from where I left off (hopefully).
  5. Crushing when that happens. I feel your pain.
  6. Hey Tom, thanks. So, sounds like you're relating a VWX shift in direction for these tools, looking ahead?
  7. Hello @TomWhiteLight : As a VWX employee, would you please elaborate on your statement above: "I think moving forward it is becoming less important to make geometry a hanging position. This presents a few issues in terms of position names and detail etc but then I have been using data tags to display information of rigging objects." Thanks
  8. And the beauty of that is you can update selected, which I find very useful.
  9. Bizarrely, same. Seemed to come from nowhere, nothing turns off this irritating grey ghosts.
  10. Dude; I so feel your pain. Speaking of pain has anyone experienced extremely bad VWX experiences with files opened direct from dropbox?
  11. FIRST: Thank you Mr Benghiat for the clarity of your instructions above, very useful indeed. Should the thing crash again, I will submit the crash log, etc. Test file they probably can't have -NDA- and all. SECOND: Hello all my peeps! I am re-raising this thread from 2013 because it seems apt today. VWX 2020 has now crashed 3x in a row, after no more than 3 minutes of work each time. exhausting. Open a 2019 file Replace 5 fixtures with the new type, change their gel color and add gobo (from another file) Set RW Camera View Camera click Fast Renderworks: Crash Repeat from Step 4, trying different Render mode (Custom, set very low except for Antialiasing) Crash Repeat again, with Fast RW: Crash again
  12. Did you try resetting the smart cursor settings? It's the only way I kn ow to do it, but it's not the only way, if ya know what I mean.


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