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  1. mjm

    Focus Points Can't be Renamed (spotlight)

    That makes perfect sense.
  2. mjm

    Focus Points Can't be Renamed (spotlight)

    Were the position Names the same as what the FP names you were attempting to create?
  3. mjm

    Focus Points Can't be Renamed (spotlight)

    Mark: Thanks for your input, appreciated. Hadn't considered the object name instancing as a possible problem, but (anecdotally, as I'm not near a VW file with that issue at the moment) I don't seem to think that'd be the issue, esp when I'm naming FPs something along the lines of DR, MR, UR, DR1, MR1, UR1, for ex. But that brings up a question: What's the easiest way to create a list of all objects, sorted by name?
  4. mjm

    Focus Points Can't be Renamed (spotlight)

    I occasionally experience the same issue. Extremely irritating
  5. mjm

    Missing Resource Browser Content?

    thanks @AndyBroomell
  6. mjm

    Wacom tablet?

    Thanks for the detail. makes the tablet an appealing notion. Do you feel that it's lessened detrimental physical repercussions of computer work?
  7. mjm

    Wacom tablet?

    Jonathon; any chance you could elaborate on how you use the Wacom with VWX? TiA
  8. mjm

    Tapered Object

    Lofting got me as shown in under two minutes: Top and bottom octos, drawn with multi-side tool, Top face sent top proper Z value, nurbs line drawn to connect two vertices as shown, both polys converted to nurbs (ungroup post-nurbing as nec), Loft w/ One Rail Mode (middle Loft choice). Choose ONE poly, doesnt matter which and loft away!
  9. mjm

    Brilliant VW keyboard shortcut

    I use this feature heavily, with the nudge set to a grid increment.
  10. Let me knows how that pans out for ya.
  11. Maybe create a VS script which deploys the menu function "Save a Copy…", keeps original name and appends date+time or simple iterative number to filename and pops it into a specified folder?
  12. I'm cheap n nasty too! exactly how I have done this in the past, esp. for those tent end cap walls. Works a charm.
  13. mjm

    change insertion point for a symbol

    Simpler to duplicate the symbol edit to taste and insert or replace as needed.
  14. mjm

    a case for browser based CAD

    Just occurred to me that your experience with people struggling to use the desktop VW, or Skype, or Bluebeam or what have you is likely to cause e a similar result when expecting folks to harvest their own data set from your model, not to mention what's to stop them from harvesting data they should be nowhere near? Talk about a potential security nightmare…
  15. mjm

    Update Library Catalog

    Additionally, it should alert user to catalog update when complete without disturbing workflow in any way.


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