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  1. mjm

    help with sheet layer visibilities

    Could it be the “generic” spike marks element is what keeps them from being added to each layer?
  2. mjm

    help with sheet layer visibilities

    Cool topic, really excited to see how this real-world scenario plays out. Thanks all!
  3. mjm

    Design/Cost - Live

    This topic has gotten much more interesting now I see it's based in real-world realtime measures: Jeff's need vs DC's ability to deliver in a timely fashion. Although jeff's comments are a bit vague from where I sit.
  4. mjm

    stop a render in progress

    really appreciate the update @Selin, thank you
  5. mjm

    I heart OBJ

    Holy heck. So, is that footage straight out of the drone's camera, no exposure or color edits? If so—dang thats pretty. What camera?
  6. mjm

    I heart OBJ

    I'm sure I speak for many others who would enjoy following your progress on this project.
  7. mjm

    I heart OBJ

    I saw this post shortly after you made it. Amazing work. So, you're flying the drone yourself?
  8. mjm

    Objects without faces!?

    Other thing I'd have done in this circumstance is to draw one object, make it a symbol. Then, when I find an issue such as missing object fill, I can edit the symbol and all the rest of the symbols on the drawing are updated at once.
  9. mjm

    Russell Poulston

    corrupt font or an unusable font. Change font globally & re-pdf, see if that helps
  10. mjm

    Label Ledgend? Lighing instruments?

    could it be that the label legend assigned to the bottom picture is "none"?
  11. mjm

    Until Next Time

    How funny to see you listed as greenhorn! Good to know you'll still be around. Comforting. And congratulations on the new job!
  12. mjm

    Until Next Time

    Jim—I hope you and yours are well and thriving. My respect for you is enormous. You have single-handedly kept me (and many others I am sure) inside the VW corral with your authentic care, clarity and lack of enmity towards the many who have been hurt/frustrated/outraged by their VW experiences. You will be missed.
  13. mjm

    Strange Issue w/ Lights not showing up

    all applicable classes turned on See some below
  14. @zoomerThanks for the update man!
  15. @zoomer: In your experience is this behavior different than previous versions / SPs? Thanks


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