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  1. mjm

    Vectorworks Performance Benchmarking

    The single biggest (internal) benchmark is very simple: does this release make my client's workflow easier and quicker, and how? ^^
  2. mjm

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    Ok, Since when has V1 software assumed the mantle of acceptable beta software, released to the public? V1 in my book means ready for business (otherwise why release something which is not ready?) V0.9, maybe not so much. V2 and greater? I find it unacceptable that v2 crashes, is stilled filled to the brim with bugs old and new. Just not cool.
  3. mjm

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    And, as a sole practitioner, all of what Eric wrote resonates times five at least. There is no one (except me) to update the templates or test new software's readiness, because there are already too many tasks to accomplish. I read recently in a post by @digitalcarbon that he has someone come in to 'clean' the resource browser on project files. I would kill for that alone, esp after receiving a file from other parties with personalized class and layer structures which have nothing to do with my practice. c
  4. mjm

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    @ericjhberg Very well spoken. I feel exactly the same. Thank you for taking the time to write this.
  5. mjm

    VW 2019 Render not stopping

    Also thanks from here.
  6. mjm

    Instrument Summary 2019 Issue

    So, what I have done is make a dummy lighting biject named Dummy, and I make sure it's the last item in my lists. When it becomes truncated it does not affect my counts. See the attached screen shot.
  7. Thanks Mike. I hadn't worked with the blurriness option before that test file. Hugely informative. I used the attached pic as a IRL goal to approach. As yet I have not dug in along the lines @Andy Broomell suggested above.
  8. mjm

    Musical Symbols

    I can't tell you how many times I have seen THAT
  9. Love this. Between this idea and added gumball function, that'd be slammin'. But please, first lets make VW work reliably.
  10. mjm

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Ok, now that's funny
  11. mjm

    VW 2019 Render not stopping

    Thanks TimC, I'll check this out soon
  12. Oh how I love this thread! I got one: Sometime in the early early 90's in a former communist concrete palace of entertainment, just then being converted to a performing arts space by a young Hungarian guy, passionate about contemporary dance. He created opportunities for small dance companies, like the many I worked for in NYC. Anyways, I found myself on the top of a box truss 25' or so above the concrete deck facing the rasty old Hungarian head electrician holding the local equivalent of a two by four which he was threatening to club me with. Why? Well, aside the contretemps he and I had had about hanging my additions to the house rep plot, he was there to 'protect' me. I focusing the rig myself, mostly old PAR 64s. Not a one had a porcelain, they all had bare end lugs. At 220V he was there to break the connection should I do something stupid like reach in to rotate the lamp as one was wont to do back in those days.
  13. Yep, thanks again!


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