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  1. mjm

    Quiet Crash

    @Scott C. Parker thanks for your advice. Near as I can recall, that speaker came directly from one of the built-in audio resource folders, probably version 2022, possibly 2021.
  2. mjm

    Quiet Crash

    to anyone curious enough; I sent the info requested to @JuanP and then thought to share the brief movie of the issue: VWX completely and silently locks up, not even allowing access to the apple menu, upper right corner. Quiet Craash audio sym.mp4
  3. mjm

    Quiet Crash

    Hello @JuanP—lol, it's been three days since my post and I have moved so far past that, but let me see if I can dig it up. tic-toc-tic-toc-tic-to… Welp, I found a backup which displays that same behavior, so after I force-quit VWX, restart the machine and re-open said file, deleting any NDA stuff I'll DM it to you.
  4. As I follow this topic I note that is an excellent feeling to receive VWX employee feedback and information in this space. Feeling heard is a good thing.
  5. mjm

    Quiet Crash

    So twice now VWX 2024 has locked up - no sign of that except no part of the UI is responsive. This occurred when I tried to copy/paste two audio symbols from one '24 dwg to a fresh one. The app threw up a 'no data record for that symbol' after which clicking ok the whole thing froze. And of course neither time did I save the new untitled document, so there's no autosave file to refer back to for work completed. yay
  6. just to comment that I am finding VWX 24 quite a bit slower than I remember 23 being.
  7. And so much faster to get the result in general
  8. My general feeling about being held hostage by every software vendor's* subscription model is that retirement can't come soon enough. My day is not made replete by having to negotiate with this or name-your-software on it's inevitably shifting terms (crashes, pricing, bugs, workarounds, crashes, etc), in order to achieve some semblance of productivity. * this is a rant about the subscription model in general, and my sense of not getting what I'm paying for. * I once overheard one ballerina say to another 'well, better than bad…'
  9. Great tool, Sometimes wish. I had more opportunity to use it!
  10. It occurs to me there're a couple ways to do this already: make a 'physical' Lightbox and insert into wall (where I'd be cheating there is using one VWX light behind a backlit surface, instead of the likely many bulbs in a real lightbox. Another approach which is super easy is to texture the emissive surface as a glow texture & crank it up till you like it.
  11. Go gettem Team VWX! this has been plaguing me for quite awhile now. MBP M1, 32 GB ram
  12. mjm

    3-D viewport?

    Always a good feeling!
  13. As can be seen in the screenshot below, the export & publish commands are displaying greyed layers radically differently, w/publish failing the challenge, and I'm hoping there's something simple I can correct to mange this issue, as publish is important to me these days.
  14. I want to love it, but I don't.
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