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  1. Tryna understand how it is I cannot stop a SL Unshaded Polygon render mode. thirty-plus minutes in and no keystroke does anything in the VWX window. My uneducated guess is the imported Autocad block of the mobile truss stage is causing the slowdown. Fine. I'll never make that mistake again. How, beyond force-quitting (again today, third, no fourth time) the app does one stop a rogue render? ESC = fail CMD+Period = fail Also, got some really fun restores upon restart. Apparently my workspace gets blown away very force-eject. And the stored one becomes corrupted. Was gonna report the cpu%, but I can't even make Activity Monitor come to the front. forty, uh - almost fifty minutes of render time. Will try never to make that mistake again
  2. @Anthony DeFallo @michaelk Yep, that's precisely what I have done: make a couple seat symbols from really basic geometry: really sped up the whole process. The basic idea is to substitute a much lower poly chair for the default choice. build or obtain said low poly chair symbol (I locate & duplicate and edit the original chair symbol, keeping all records attached) then see screenshots, 1st of which shows new chair in same location as original chair 2nd of which shows opening seating section tool by double-clicking, then choose new chair & Bob's your uncle (whatever that expression means,lol) Also please find an example low poly chair with record attached LowPolyChair.vwx
  3. @JustinVH Super cool. Really appreciated, thanks for getting to this underway.
  4. Great thread all. Very informative.
  5. well if VW would simply clone Rob, that point would be moot
  6. Just gunna say that is a very sad song you're singing there @Pat Stanford.
  7. For those of us in say the entertainment field who rarely -but not never- need to draw a site or venue to that extent, it's just so helpful to read someone's methodology for solving, dealing-with approaching something like the 'stories' issue. Thanks
  8. mjm


    really, in so many ways, it can be these little things which help us get smoothly through the day.
  9. mjm


    Be sure you're in the annotations space on SL before you hit paste, lol. Also you might need to move the dims, as they may not land exactly where they came from, however a simple move by points while all still selected is easy enough.
  10. I wondered what'd happened. I'd recently made the choice to up-scale my browser typeface sizes by - as @PatStanford mentions - hitting ⌘+, et voila! I can see, and now I know where those pieces of website went… thanks
  11. Super bit of info. I've had similar issues with syms-from-blocks before — did you simply group the symbol, or convert to group?
  12. Looks pretty dang good at 125%


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