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  1. @Benson Shaw That's just beautiful.
  2. @CipesDesign Thanks man. really concise description of your workaround.
  3. Apparently I am going on. First, I'd like to take this moment to congratulate the Age 60-69 group-non-diers of Covid-19 (currently app 95.6%), a big round of applause everyone, they deserve it, don't you think? Now, let's take ME and MY theoretical eventual painful death from Covid-19, shall we, because in the end it is all about me, right? Or is it? I get sick, tested, it's our novel friend Covid, am admitted to hospital, but worsen increased resources are pushed to me (other folks with other 'normal illnesses, injuries shunted aside) just gonna remind us about that intubation fun here people My condition worsens and my brain can't command my body any more so I'm put on dialysis and other drastic lifesaving resources are rushed to my side I achieve the top of the pyramid and am granted access to an ECMO (264 is the TOTAL number of these machines in the US of A) I die anyway (who else gets sicker and perhaps dies while I suck up precious recourses)? how much did my little flu cost City, state, country, family (sorry kids that I could not continue to provide, it'll just have to rest entirely on the shoulders of your mom, I'm sure she'll be good with that. Good luck with higher ed What's that kids? Oh - you miss me? Me too, but I'm dead) And then, some proportion of that 95.6% peers will get sick, but not die. How many lost days of productivity, at what expense? srsly
  4. Which blue box are you? I'm in the center box, and I am willing to bet there's any number of others on this forum of similar age. And, let's say I and 4.6% of our friends here do get the virus and are actually lucky enough to get into a health care facility: "...The high mortality rate is made even more concerning by America’s low surge capacity — a hospital or medical system’s ability to triage and care for a major increase in patients in a short amount of time. As pediatrician Aaron E. Carroll notes in the New York Times: “It’s estimated that we have about 45,000 intensive care unit beds in the United States. In a moderate (emphasis mine) outbreak, about 200,000 Americans would need one.” New York’s David Wallace-Wells adds that with an outbreak of upper respiratory infections, “It’s not the number of beds, though. It’s the number of ventilators.”" Who gets to choose who gets the ventilator - remember - not necessarily the sickest. Would we get to draw straws amongst ourselves? Nope, some other highly qualified will have to determine whose blood stains their hands and then be strong enough to live with that and all the other decisions like that they 'll be making if we ALL don't do the smart thing. I could go on. But I'd rather be drafting a show, wouldn't you… Be safe.
  5. I as screwed as y'all. Be sage safe and healthy
  6. Not panicking here, but as an over-60, with preexisting cardio-pulmonary issues, I'd rather be safer @Don Seidel. Read up on what the NOVEL coronavirus could do to my cardio pulmonary system. Ever been intubated Don? I have. It's really not fun, esp after you wake up with that thing down your throat and you realize it's not coming out till someone who is not you says it is. And then to think that I could be triaged out of life, simply because I'm older with a weaker system - what would my two young children make of your stance? It's just not an encouraging situation. & I for one don't find your posture helpful in any way. It's not HIGH mortality Don, it's MY mortality. Step away.
  7. mjm

    Truss Bug?

    Wow. Thank YOU @GW Rodriguez. This was happening to me in January and up until I read this, I thought it was me doing something wrong.
  8. @DMcD exactly what I do, tho my saves are every 22 operations, and closing / rebooting I do far more regularly than in years past.
  9. OTG, I am not alone. I thought I was seeing things at one point.
  10. I make the path with a poly line following wall, I make or acquire the Molding profile. After making sure both objects are curbs curves, I rotate the profile perpendicular to the plan and drag it's 'top wall corner' to the path nurbs run the extrude along path, making sure Fix Profile is checked. Then it slides into place, add a z value and done
  11. I have spent much of this week grinding my teeth every time I have needed to make a change in truss for exactly these reasons.
  12. Sigh. Working along on three related yet separate documents. This one stops render caching well it seems. Therefore, gotta close the app and all three docs n then wait for them all to open and pick back up from where I left off (hopefully).
  13. Crushing when that happens. I feel your pain.
  14. Hey Tom, thanks. So, sounds like you're relating a VWX shift in direction for these tools, looking ahead?


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