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  1. mjm

    Hoist Problem

    Thanks for the update. The most concerning element of your initial report was that, in taking corrective action hoist data was damaged. Hopefully that ended up being not true.
  2. mjm

    Custom Doors and Frames

    Thanks for that Pat.
  3. mjm

    Hoist Problem

    And your Pen Fill settings look like the screen shot when placing hoists?
  4. mjm

    Hoist Problem

    Can you not select all hoists and etc the Pen and Fill of all of them at once?
  5. mjm

    Hoist Problem

    Looks to me like the solid fill color may be black, like the pen color…
  6. mjm

    Get stepping stones to follow surface.

    Not worried, but now curious: worked it out how?
  7. mjm

    Installing Vectorworks 2019

    If I may; I'd strongly recommend keeping your installation of VW 2017 in place. When 2019 occasionally fails to operate in the manner intended or desired, I find it imperative to have an older version to backsave to, in order to get work done to satisfy my clients with a timely delivery.
  8. mjm

    Fixing errors in Vectorworks

    No, you are not. I agree with everything you've mentioned. The annual upgrade has been a terrible idea.
  9. mjm

    Renderworks & Spotlight - Stumped.

    Also interested here.
  10. mjm

    Renderworks & Spotlight - Stumped.

    After viewing Evan's Redshift renders, I excitedly registered and downloaded the demo, only then to notice the Nvidia GPU requirement <sadface>, as my MBP drives an AMD chip. Maybe next machine.
  11. mjm

    Renderworks & Spotlight - Stumped.

    Holy hazy heck BatEvan; that stuff looks amazing.
  12. mjm

    Renderworks Challenge - acrylic poly window texture

    Thanks man, I'll look at it this coming week.
  13. mjm

    Renderworks Challenge - acrylic poly window texture

    Pretty! Was this renderworks? Separate sources for each table object? If so, the DPI and render time on your MacOS / WIN machine I wonder?
  14. mjm

    Renderworks Challenge - acrylic poly window texture

    I have learned a lot from this thread.
  15. mjm

    How to translate titleblock

    Jonathon is correct, in that double clicking gets you to The small dialog box shown. Choose Title Block Layout, which brings you to a completely editable Title block wher you can edit any text as you see fit. I think I'd then save the edited Titleblock as a new style. Note that I do not think this edit changes text over in the last dialog box shown, which is the Titleblock Manager that window any text which is in Italics is editable, that which is non-italic is NOT editable. Text edited on right side of colon becomes default text I believe.


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