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  1. @JuanPI probably should have started off with: This is my favorite forum software & etc etc. Great to hear y'all are on top of these things.
  2. @Dendeckospot on, thanks. Soon's I had a chance I checked the VWX and bizarrely both device type & inst type fields were missing from the LW6 | VWX field setup panel. Easy enough to reselect them in the VWX Spotlight Prefs panel, so thanks for the tip.
  3. which I love so much does do something funny…Or is it me? Watch closely. It's unbelievably irritating and I hope a fix can be made! Screen Recording 2021-10-19 at 12.29.38 PM.mov cheers
  4. In VWX 21 my plot contains all relevant data. When exported to LW6 latest stable release, all data except instrument type is imported. What's up with that I wonder (& I can't wait to field the call from the Ltg Sup who's opening that package right about now…) All thoughts, ideas, notions, hacks, workarounds, etc gladly accepted.
  5. @Pat Stanford thanks man, so helpful. I'd actually never paid any attention to that reference crop object switch before, thanks. In trying to execute your notion I at first ran into the problem that the toggle was greyed out (screen shot below). Took me awhile to understand I had to navigate to a viewport which was NOT a SECTION viewport, in order for the toggle to be switchable instead of greyed out. Anyways, sorted now, thanks oh so much.
  6. Green Viewport Crop Boxes keep appearing on my DLs after moving from SL. Often, the boxes will pile up depending on how many times I've shuttled back and forth. Anyone have ideas for this behavior? Usually, I can just hit the delete key when the DL opens, but: that only captures the top green box if a drawing object is pre-selected along with the box and one hits delete, bad things happen. If this is something I can fix, let me know, it's killin' me VWX 2021 latest SP Big Sur Latest 4 gB vram 32gB RAM 2019 MBP i7
  7. I think perhaps the easiest way would be to deploy a Spotlight fixture & gobo *(fuss with the gobo edge in PS or Pixelmator, too sharp in Spotlight).
  8. @Dave Donleyyes please! I'd love to skip the lens-correction-in-PS step. So many shots require lower or occasionally higher than camera-level views, for accuracy of POV or artistic push.
  9. Same. So in order to solve this I had to hang the cyc system as individual cells in order to gang em. Oy.
  10. I too have seen this in 2021. I shut down the file, restarted machine, re-opened VWX21 & it has seemed to have disappeared for now.
  11. @zoomerCool info, thanks - & the big takeaway for me is that in order to make a HL which is explodable, now only in DL, correct?
  12. @Dave DonleySuper, thanks, esp for me the referenced file workflow.
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