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  1. mjm

    import .ai files

    Me too, but I can afford candy.
  2. mjm

    import .ai files

    As my kids would say: Srsly? You get to have that candy and we don't? Hey there Nemetschek, what gives?? Also, very cool to see it in action. Thanks for the movie.
  3. mjm

    import .ai files

    Just tried to import, even tho @grant_PD correctly replied 'no option'. I also checked the workspace editor in case there was an SVG import option available to be installed SVG-no.mp4
  4. mjm

    Create Floor Marionette Node

    Not to derail the thread, but holy crap, California!!! With unbelievable timing, my sister moved from Ventura two weeks ago. I have family up north as well. Hoping things don't become as crazy in the greater Oakland area.
  5. So Mark: This notion has captured my interest. So how do you class the 3D portion of the fixtures? D'you create a separate library, with all your re-classed fixtures or other technique? -Thanks-
  6. mjm

    Gobo not rendering

    I believe your floor does not show light. Here's a screenshot of the same file with the stage floor changed to 'bamboo'
  7. mjm

    eGPU and Vectorworks Testing

    Thanks for the clarity
  8. mjm

    eGPU and Vectorworks Testing

    Great to see these numbers Jim. A Custom renderworks test would also be great, esp if baselined by say your MBP, which I think is similar to machines many in this community use.
  9. mjm

    3D modelling

    So lightweight, so fast. And sometimes I need both of those.
  10. mjm

    3D modelling

    I'm just gonna jump in here and say I extrude lines, not often but often enough that I think it serves a purpose on occasion (think quick borders/legs or another way to make cut drops for the stage). The extrude from a line appears to be a simple symmetrical loft, but someone correct me if I am wrong on that. Extruded line.mp4
  11. Lets hope there's a pantless day soon!
  12. mjm

    Mirrored grid's dimensions goes bananas.

    That's uttyn, or maybe I mean ynutt
  13. ^^thrilled that this could be happening soon…
  14. mjm

    Worksheet invisible when using calculator

    I find it absolutely crazy-making.
  15. mjm

    Spot spot spot spot...

    Great info Luis. This coheres / clarifies Dave Donley’s remarks above. Thanks


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