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  1. with safari mail, etc in background
  2. Welcome to My Monday Morning Blues: Ouch What exactly were you doing to occasion these series of crashes this morning you ask? Welp, I was cutting and pasting a small number of 2D/3D symbols and attempting to paste them elsewhere, appx -100' from current location. Internal origin is 0,0. Edit: Ok, so: the items to be moved were on a couple different labels. I put em all on same label, no cut/paste, just Shift+Moved to new locale on layer. So far so good. Cmd+Save & immediate Crash Monster Redux. & even deeper than the ouch is the lack of productivity
  3. . OK, just checked the website you mentioned and saw both items rendered above in IRL video from th showreel. Pretty dang cool.
  4. @Kevin K I'd love to see the result without the entourage glow. Also: golly, a lovely construction and render!
  5. Just now posted on my current hourly crashes. Also, of course , on deadline
  6. Happy Sunday😬 Every hour, on the hour (nearly)… In this case these appear to be caused by editing Spotlight beams (shutters, pan/tilt) or, moving Spotlight fixtures. At least I'm getting regular coffee breaks, lolnot
  7. I find this kind of thing seems to happen at the most painfully inopportune moments.
  8. @Kevin K—Sweet. Love me some handy glow texture. Also thanks for the tip on HDRI intensity.
  9. Just sayin' I feel your pain.
  10. I got the M1 Max 32GB MBP. So sad I did NOT get the 64GB.
  11. Hate when this kind of stuff happens. VWX 23 SP 03 running less than an hour. No changes to typeface made any difference.That's supposed to be arial (which I have a knee-jerk antipathy towards).
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