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    After restarting Vectorworks to see if your issue is resolved, post in this forum if you have a question about how a certain feature is supposed to work, or if you feel something is not working as expected.

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    General Discussion

    General Vectorworks functionality discussions
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    Architecture, Interior Design, and BIM

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    Site Design

    Landscape Architecture, Design, and Land Planning

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    Entertainment and Previsualization

    Theatrical Lighting, Film and Stage Production Design

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    Made for PC and Mac platforms, Vision is built for accuracy with moving light fixtures. It communicates with a wide array of DMX consoles, including the MA2, Hog, ETC EOS, and many more that can send ArtNET or sACN NET protocols over an Ethernet connection.

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    Rendering in Vectorworks

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    Query peers and share successful workflow advice
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    Buying and Selling Vectorworks Licenses

    This forum is dedicated to those who wish to buy and sell Vectorworks licenses directly between end users.
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    • I also want to point out that, in defense of current system, the snapshots can act as history of design development.  Properly classed and layered snapshots can represent many versions and options of both exist and proposed.  The site model itself does not have a history to access if an earlier version is required.     -B
    • Hey All,   So, I'm in the process of developing a custom PIO that has two parts.  The first part acts as a standard object in terms of XYZ as well as movement, rotation, etc. The trick is that I'm also looking to have a second part to it that always displays information in the same place regardless of the XYZ of the point object. Example:   Object is located at 5',-15'.  In the OIP, there is an XY field to define where the secondary info appears, say 50',50'.  Right now, all of the functions I've seen in the Function Reference seem to relate to the objects origin as opposed to the drawings origin.  Is there a way to reference the drawings origin from within a PIO instead of the objects origin?   Cheers, -gonda
    • I've been using VW 2008 and am looking to upgrade.  I'm in the US and don't need a lot of bells and whistles.  I do mostly 2D architectural drawings with the program.  I understand that each license can be used on two computers so I was thinking of going in on it with someone.  Thoughts?
    •   I'm not sure I necessarily agree.  At some point, the program becomes too bloated from it's true purpose.  At what point does it go from beefy CAD program to full 3D animation program?  Then, people will want all the features of full 3D animation, which is a massive set of features.  Not to say that VW couldn't use a lot of work on a lot of features.  I'd love to see Cinema's level of texturing, lighting, true 3D coordinate system.  But, I'm in the camp of letting complimentary programs do their strength and work with each other.   At this point, it's almost like we just need Cinema to have some of VW's tools...then we'd have everything we need!
    • Hi Jonathan!   I know.  But almost nobody does :-).  I've seen people having this problem more than once.   MK