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  1. Troubleshooting

    After restarting Vectorworks to see if your issue is resolved, post in this forum if you have a question about how a certain feature is supposed to work, or if you feel something is not working as expected.

  2. General Discussion

    General Vectorworks functionality discussions
  3. Architecture

    Architecture, Interior Design, and BIM

  4. Site Design

    Landscape Architecture, Design, and Land Planning

  5. Entertainment

    Theatrical Lighting, Film and Stage Production Design

  6. Vision and Previsualization

    Made for PC and Mac platforms, Vision is built for accuracy with moving light fixtures. It communicates with a wide array of DMX consoles, including the MA2, Hog, ETC EOS, and many more that can send ArtNET or sACN NET protocols over an Ethernet connection.

  7. Braceworks

    This add-on for Vectorworks Spotlight and Designer provides design, production, and rigging professionals with an easy way to gauge the performance of temporary structures under load.

  8. Rendering

    Rendering in Vectorworks

  9. Workflows

    Query peers and share successful workflow advice
  10. Buying and Selling Vectorworks Licenses

    This forum is dedicated to those who wish to buy and sell Vectorworks licenses directly between end users.
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    • Hi @Kori   It's a bit 'clumpy' (to adjust your choice of settings) but you can choose to use spandrel with face.       Set different criteria for the panel and the face to suit your steel/acoustic set-up (you can see I've quickly set a grey for the steel and a blue for the acoustic material) and I think you'll be OK with the look you're trying to achieve. Texture is also available - I've not bothered and set it to None.   Its just the 'trial and error' of setting the dims so that the panel has the correct appearance to the way it will be manufactured (getting the acoustic recess and the face of the steel looking good) that will take some time perhaps.     Hope this helps - others may have a better way.                
    • Yes, getting to sheet 110 of 150 shouldn't take that many button presses
    • Is this a question of navigating to a particular Sheet?
    • @michaelk That's bizarre, the file I uploaded was about 3Mb.   I've re-attached with it enclosed in a ZIP file, hopefully it will work this time. VL2600_Vectorworks_v2017.zip
    • Hello Mike,   The problem here is that editing pulldown fields is not updating the choices for the title blocks. This is going to be fixed for Vectorworks 2019, as the fix is not trivial.   Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov


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