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  1. As far as I know a Wall Recess (Feature in Wall) should display in Top/Plan by default unless you have the the 'Break' parameter in the OIP set to 'No Break' - I don't think there are any other options for controlling how it displays... I don't think the cut plane layer elevation settings will have any effect on this (they don't seem to have much effect generally...) The other option for creating a hole through a wall is to use a Door or Window in an 'Opening' or 'Cased Opening' configuration.
  2. Sure see attached. The slatted timber cutout I only made for this thread so haven't used it other than just now. Also attached is a cutout I use for creating a plinth stretcher brick course which I have used extensively without problem. The former comprises 501 extrudes whereas the latter has only one extrude. I have no idea why the slatted timber extrudes are invisible within the Wall Hole edit mode... wall hole symbols.vwx
  3. It's not something I've used extensively but when I have its been fine. And never had issues with Wall Hole Components in other contexts...
  4. @jeff prince that looks great I've never used Curtain Wall before it would never have occurred to me you could do that with it - cool! @MogTheSmilingCat I was going to suggest trying using a Wall Hole Component symbol to cut away the outer wall component to form the slats. See this thread: This kind of thing:
  5. So in VW2022 I won't be able to draw a screen plane rectangle to create a quick cropped viewport of a 3D view?
  6. The University is such a pain to try + find anything!
  7. There is this on the University: https://university.vectorworks.net/local/programview/index.php?id=17 Not that I've looked at it yet. I imagine it's the OzCAD videos repackaged This is from @JuanP post above
  8. Hi @Anders Blomberg I opened your 'Point elevation trial' file + there was definitely something weird going on with that hardscape. I could snap Stakes to its edges + they would report the correct elevations but not when I placed the stakes anywhere else on the top surface. I then changed its elevation (raised it) + this caused it to lose its components + solidity: it looked as if it was in wireframe. So I gave it a slab style + then it displayed components again + textures + also the stakes started behaving as normal: I also had a look at the Vega file + the stakes were snapping to the surface of the hardscape as normal + reporting the correct elevation from the off so not sure why it's not doing that for you...?
  9. Hmm all I can think is to try enabling your 'Snap to Intersection' setting - does that make any difference? Edit: just tried it + doesn't make any difference this end. Maybe post the file?
  10. @Anders Blomberg it works when I try it on a simple Hardscape: Screen Recording 2021-09-15.mov You need to be in a 3D view. Is this not what you mean?
  11. Doesn't the Stake return spot elevations in 'Use as 2D/3D graphic only' mode?
  12. 'Shaded' according to the posts on here
  13. If you place the Stake in 'Top' view rather than 'Top/Plan' it will report back spot elevations
  14. There are also quite a few cast/shuttered concrete textures available via mtextur which can be imported straight into your file (File>Import>Import mtextur...)
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