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  1. Yeah like @rDesign says Interior Elevation Viewport isn't the greatest tool in the tool box (I never use it) so don't worry too much about not having access to it. Not sure what else you're missing though... I know I started off with Architect then v quickly decided I wanted access to the Landscape tools + it was the same cost to upgrade to Designer so I don't feel too bad about never exploring Spotlight or Connectcad...
  2. Not sure if any developments here haven't heard anything:
  3. I don't use Retaining Wall Site Modifiers much but have been playing around now + if I run the command in Top/Plan the modifier is created as expected - around the selected object - but in 3D view it ends up a long way away like you describe. But you say it's happening in Top/Plan too? Is it only with the Create Retaining Wall Site Modifier command that this is happening or other modifiers? Your original post cast the net a lot wider. Also, in your screenshot it looks like a Top view rather than Top/Plan. If it is Top then this is 3D + will give the same far off results. It was always the case that if you created a site model in a 3D view the DTM would be created in the wrong location + this feels like a similar thing so probably best to just do everything in Top/Plan (I say used to be the case because I think in a recent Update this was corrected but not sure if I've tested it since).
  4. I would too + you have my vote. But there is a good explanation here as to why it's not possible + why it's unlikely to be possible in the near future:
  5. I have never seen this happen. Can you explain exactly how it occurs? Sometimes in a georeferenced file in a 3D view I will mistakenly draw geometry without snapping to an object or working plane + it ends up miles away + causes the glitching you're talking about but I'm not sure this would happen with a Site Modifier...
  6. If you make them into symbols you can then set the Z-height in the OIP. Plus give them a 2D Top/Plan representation which might be useful...?
  7. What version of VW are you using? Your signature says 2021. I am not seeing any issues in VW2024 Update 5.
  8. Oh I assumed it was WAD so filed an enhancement request VE-106132. At least that's all bases covered 😀
  9. Just bear in mind that Pillars aren't so good for Walls with Components or if you're using Materials.
  10. Im set up so that its double click to edit annotations as this is what I need to do most often. For editing crop, design layer or section in place it's right-click + choose from contextual menu. So in this way I go months without ever opening the edit menu...
  11. It's not a dialog I ever open personally
  12. So was the contractor obliged to rebuild it at their expense?
  13. Pat's suggestion is a good one if you're happy for the diameter of the roundover to be no less than the wall thickness: To achieve a smaller diameter I think the only option is to use a 'Wall Hole Cutter Symbol': Here you create 3D geometry you want to subtract from the wall + include it in the Wall Hole Component of a symbol, then you insert this symbol into the wall. So a bit fiddly but doable if important...
  14. Unfortunately in architecture one person's stalag is often another person's 'quaint row of charming small houses' ☹️
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