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  1. I agree + am not questioning the suggestion for one second. I am just a bit underwhelmed by the current capability of the Railing/Fence Tool in 3D. Very buggy in my experience. It is a real pain creating runs of fencing that follow the terrain of a site model. Should be very easy
  2. Stick with it, it will make sense eventually + be worth the effort! Try this one: https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=554&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=1108 It is DEFINITELY not helpful the fact that the applicable version of VW is not flagged up on the University courses so you have my sympathy there
  3. Is there not one in the Libraries that matches what you want?
  4. Because Drawing Labels are now Styled objects you have far more control over how they look, rather than being limited to a prescribed set of parameters. In the 'Plug-in Object Style' dialog for the Drawing Label click on the 'Edit Drawing Label Layout...' button to enter an edit mode for the label. Here you can pretty much do whatever you want in terms of 2D geometry + static or dynamic text to create whatever kind of drawing label you want.
  5. Is there something up with the 'Minimum Elevation' + 'Maximum Elevation' values in the Site Model Settings ('General' tab)?
  6. @Christiaan presumably your horizontal cavity barriers extend around the whole perimeter of the building i.e. across multiple Wall objects? And the same with vertical barriers: they need to extend the whole height of the building across however many floors you have? It feels like in these cases - as opposed to my cavity closers example where it's a standalone object which is easily inserted as a symbol into a wall - you need the ability to incorporate elements within a Wall's existing components, in the same way that has been discussed elsewhere I think with regard to including repeating structural elements as part of Walls/Slabs/Roof components. Rather than attempting to insert multiple barriers as separate objects into each individual wall it would be good to have it part of the wall style somehow + give it an offset to determine its position. A bit like the way you insert posts in the Railing/Fence tool + can set the distance between them them edit the individual positions afterwards if required. Or the Curtain Wall Tool for that matter + the frame positions. As regards Jeff's earlier comment about whether there's a need to model elements such as these I imagine it would be very useful in a large building to use Data Viz to highlight in 3D where the cavity barriers occur + easily check that continuity/integrity has been achieved throughout the building. Wall closures probably don't come into it
  7. This was my fault for focussing on cavity closers rather than cavity barriers as per the original post! Cavity closers are just to seal penetrations in the cavity wall from damp/condensation/heat loss
  8. And if you want your custom profile symbol to be available in all files save it in your user folder (Defaults > Structural Shapes).
  9. In 2022 the rulers were removed from non-orthogonal 3D views. Perhaps they should only display in orthogonal views when the User Origin is coincident with the Internal Origin. In a georeferenced file the Y ruler is pretty meaningless in a front/side view. As is the X axis too except I suppose in Front view...?
  10. I thought by default the site model is created with the skirt set to the lowest elevation of the source data. Then you can lower it further via the 'Minimum Elevation' parameter (I generally lower it by 10m or whatever to make it a bit more chunky).
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