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  1. Hi Tom, sure it is "only" a visual problem. I thought it would look nicer without the empty rows. Greetings Tobi
  2. HI there, I have a Data Tag for getting out the thicknesses of wall components. The code of the Data Tag look like this: #WS_IF(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(1)<>0; TXT(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(1); 'Millimeters'; 'Units'); '')# #WS_IF(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(2)<>0; TXT(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(2); 'Millimeters'; 'Units'); '')# #WS_IF(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(3)<>0; TXT(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(3); 'Millimeters'; 'Units'); '')# #WS_IF(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(4)<>0; TXT(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(4); 'Millimeters'; 'Units'); '')# #WS_IF(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(5)<>0; TXT(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(5); 'Millimeters'; 'Units'); '')# #WS_IF(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(6)<>0; TXT(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(6); 'Millimeters'; 'Units'); '')# #WS_IF(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(7)<>0; TXT(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(7); 'Millimeters'; 'Units'); '')# #WS_IF(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(8)<>0; TXT(COMPONENTTHICKNESS(8); 'Millimeters'; 'Units'); '')# The problem is that the data tag displays empty rows if a wall has fewer components than 8. Please look at the screenshot. Is there a way to write an "operator" or something else (maybe with regex) to get "EMPTY" if nothing is given out? I know we have "ELSE" for: =IFS() "ELSE" is not documented anywhere Maybe a "EMPTY" or something else exists, if a nothing is given out? Could this be a useful wish, I mean "EMPTY" as new option for Data Tags? Attached VW 2024 demo file Greetings and many thanks for your help. Tobi Test Data Tag.vwx
  3. … sorry for the screenshots of the German version.
  4. Hi Cristiano, hope I understand your question, do you mean you try to achieve different transparencies of your symbol instances? If you attach the record to the Solids inside the Symbol, all Solids of all the symbol instances will get the same transparency. If you attach the record to the Symbol you can overwrite the individual records of the Solids inside the Symbol, but if you have different solids inside the symbol with different transparencies, all solids get the same transparency. Greetings Tobi
  5. Hi, I often use a data visualization in combination with a record (only for transparency) to put certain objects into a transparent state. The "trick" is to use a transparent texture (like Tamsin explained) and use it in the Datavisualization. The Datavisualization will overwrite the current texture of the object with a transparent texture. You can think this further and make more textures with different transparency values if you like finer differences. Greetings and have a great Christmastime Tobi
  6. Hi Andy, I'm happy that it helps you. I asked in Jira whether the US version can also receive this plugin. Theoretically, I could pass on the plugin, but I don't think that would be allowed, so I'd rather not. ... I'm happy to help anyone who needs a hatch. Greetings and wish you all a nice week and don't fall too deep into the Christmas stress Tobi
  7. Hi Andy, greetings. Attached is a file with a hatch! Hopefully it's the way you wanted it. shakes rectangle v2022 v2024 v2022.vwx It's late in Germany now. Time for bed. Tomorrow, if needed, I could make one more for you Greetings and good luck with the project Tobi
  8. Hi Andy, I tried it, but you have to change the geometry a bit to make it seamless. With the German tool I have to draw a rectangle and everything within the rectangle then becomes a hatch. If you change the geometry that it fit inside a rectangle, I will try it again for you. Greetings Tobi
  9. Hello, now the "Loft Surface Tool" should be improved with a "History", as some other tools already have. That would be a very nice function. Greetings from Germany Tobi
  10. Hi Paul, greetings and thank you for your time to making this video! Greetings Tobi
  11. Hi there, @VIRTUALENVIRONS I'm interested how you achieved the Geodesic Dome both solutions (curved and straight). Thanks for help! Greetings from Germany Tobi
  12. Hi Tom, can you please send me a demo-file from you? Greetings Tobi
  13. Hello Tom, hmmmm? The error I reported has been fixed. The beta version I have access to is not affected by this behavior. I tested my own demo file from this thread. We are not getting an official update 2 in Germany. I expect it for end of November or beginning of December. In previous beta updates for update 2 I tested the file, and it worked for me. If possible, send a demo file from you. I will test it out Greetings Tobi
  14. Hi, today I created a Jira request that the script we can use in the German version should also be made available for your version in the future. Maybe I'll also get permission to share the script directly, then you can test it to see if it works for you. It is possible that the script is already included and is not integrated into the menu of your installation. The script is called: Convertir en hachure.vsm and could be located in the Plug-Ins folder. Best regards Tobi
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