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  1. Hi Pat, greetings and thnx for your help and reporting VB-191196. Hope we get a fix soon! Please support my wish: VE-103900 Greetings from Germany and have a good start in the week. Tobi
  2. Hi and greetings. At the moment, I try to find a more easy way to calculate a relative percentage in a Worksheet without of using criteria in a cell. Attached is a small file with a use case. B3 list the area of the listed rectangles. B4 = formula with criteria In C3 I want to have the percentage of the area of one rectangle, relative to the summarized area of all rectangles. I only got my percentage, if I set criteria in B4 and calculate with it. Otherwise, it won't work. For this relative easy calculation, this solution works "okay". For more complex calculations (complex if-formulas), this could be a tricky one. Another solution would be to use two worksheets and reference some cells with each other. I want to know if there is more easy way without, of a use of criteria or a use of two worksheets? like: C3 = B3 / B4 B4 should list the summarized area in a way, that it is possible to calculate with it in C3 without a criteria. If not possible, I will write a Wish in Jira. Greetings, and thanks for your help Tobi 23-01-14 Percentage.vwx
  3. Hi, great Nurbs-Loft, like that solution. Yesterday I also play around with a Möbius Nurbs Loft and came close to Bensons solution. A combination of two lofts is needed to fulfill the challenge. A full 360 is not possible with any solution, I guess. In November, I bought a Rhino license to learn it a bit and to do some Nurbs things, which are not possible in VW. I will write a wish for a better Loft-Tool in the following days. Happy New Year! Tobi
  4. Hi Peter, as Apple-User, I would recommend no Apple Mice, if you want to work in CAD. I use a wireless Gaming-Mouse from Logitech with 5 buttons and scroll-wheel. … and yes Middle-Mouse + Control to turn on temporary 3D-navigation. Greetings Tobi
  5. This method would also work (with more twists). But I think the method above, makes cleaner geometry. Greetings Tobi Bildschirmaufnahme 2022-12-30 um 13.50.59.mov
  6. Hi Peter, yes your right. Two bends with 180°, because a 360 would fail. After the bend, I done a Solid Addition. I use the German Version, we have another menu arrangement, but most commands are the same. I‘m interested what solutions other present. Greetings and have a good start in 2023 Tobi
  7. Hi Peter, greetings. … good idea! My quick-and-dirty solution. Happy holidays. Tobi Bildschirmaufnahme 2022-12-29 um 18.53.42.mov
  8. Hi, if you use the scaling factors for quantity takeoffs, it doesn't matter, how the symbols are placed in 3D, because, the axis of the symbols comes into count and not the actual axis of VW. … also interesting for QT: For a faster workflow, we need a graphically based scaling (click-and-drag) of the symbols, At the moment, we only can scale with input values. Greetings from Germany Tobi
  9. Hi Tom, I also use scaled symbols like you, but I draw them: 1 x 1 x 1 cm. (simple geometry), or 1 cm in length. You can get the scaling factors into worksheets with: =OBJEKTDATA(‘Objektvariable’; 102) scaling factor X =OBJEKTDATA(‘Objektvariable’; 103) scaling factor Y =OBJEKTDATA(‘Objektvariable’; 104) scaling factor Z … perfect for quantity takeoffs. Greetings Tobi
  10. Hi Tom, greetings. … sorry if I misunderstood line-weights wishes. … I'm not native in english. Greetings Tobi
  11. Hi, in the 3D symbol, you can also draw your own 2D geometry to represent Top/Plan graphic, you get a hybrid symbol if both 2D and 3D geometry exists. The 2D geometry (in the 2D part of the symbol) is also affected by the scaling. … you can have the best of both worlds in one scalable symbol. AutoHybrids are also possible in symbols. / / / By the way: An overhauled "Truss Engine" is part of the Public Roadmap. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap I hope this will enhance the "Structural Member" too. … let's see what we get? Greetings Tobi
  12. Yes, filtering is needed too! The palette is not very user-friendly at the moment. I only use longer names for the views because of the sorting i want.
  13. I will write a Wish, specific for the "Saved Views" palette to VW Inc. and refer to this Thread.
  14. Hi, The Save Views palette must also be updated: - Sorting options - Search options - "real" Divider - Colors options - Tags At the moment, this kind of palette has no more options like showing us the views, not more. There is unused potential in my eyes! Greeting and have a nice Weekend Tobi
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