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  1. I received a notice yesterday . They are increasing my SS fee by more than 50% !!! I find it exceesive and was expecting a more incremental increase.
  2. Pat , Tali , thanks a lot for your input. So if I understand correctly: Let's say I have 5 townhouse units types (4-storey units) : 1-Create 5 files ? with layers and stories file structure. 2-Create 4 DLV's for each unit ( storey 1 to 4) 3-In the master file , place at each story , 5 DLV's +Duplicate , rotate as required. What if I stick to one file system and create symbols of each unit type instead. 1-Create 4 symbols for each unit ( storey 1 to 4) 2-Place symbols + rotate as required. I am wondering what are the pros/cons of DLV's vs Symbols ? Thanks for your help
  3. Hi I would like to some assitance from my fellow VW experts I am in process of laying out a series of townhouses, 4-storey high, with some repetitive units ( 3 or 5 types) and I am wondering what is the best way to organise the file. I was thinking to create each townhouse type as symbol and place them as required however I think I am not able to. I thought I would create a symbol containing story 1 to storey 4 objects (exterior walls , interior walls, ..etc) but get a message " illegal object selected" . so symbols can't be created from objects on different series/layes ? is that the case? I appreciate any help to get me on the right set up. Please see the attached work in progress. Thanks
  4. Vectorworks Architect 2024 for Sale with access to previous versions : Architect 2020 to 2023 and Fundamentals 2017 to 2019. $2,500 CAD Let me know if interested
  5. I am having an issue with "create joists" under AEC/framing. If I select a slab as object to create joists , VW becomes not responding (spinning wheel) it seems to work only on rectangles, polygons.. Is this bug?
  6. Thanks Pat , Yes I had in mind some basic representation VIRTUALENVIRONS, thanks a lot , that will work fantastic. Cheers
  7. Any suggestion on how to model an attic ladder? 1000799632_Specification-pdf.pdf
  8. I am experiencing also an issue with door hardware. It seems VW2024 is inverting interior and exterior when locating the lock cylinder and thumb turn. Can someone confirm if it is a know issue or it is somthing with my setup? Thx
  9. Having the same issue with some window mullions.
  10. Offloading one of my VW 2024 Architect licenses. $3500 CAD + Any transfer fee + Transaction fee (eg. PayPal) Was told by Vectorworks , there is no transfer fee if new owner is in Canada, US or UK. Thx
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