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  1. Fantastic modelling Mr Amirault! Cheers, Peter
  2. Really excellent effort Jeff! When you say 'then mirror' do you know about the mirror mode with the SubDiv tool? You have to turn 'Snap to Object' on to accurately get the correct mirror plane (then turn it off) but it's very cool editing the model and seeing the mirror doing exactly the same as the original. Cheers, Peter
  3. Hi Cristiano, For many versions, Hanging Positions were called 'Light Position Objects' hence why that field is used. I suppose there is too much going on internally to change everything over so it is a remnant of history. If you are a relatively new user then I can understand that this wouldn't make sense. I hope it does now. The field for the Setting Line is using this function: Which just means Y = 0. In order to use it in another file just import it like any resource. Data Tags are very powerful and best explored starting with this first page in the Help. Good luck! Peter PS This will only work for Hanging Positions.
  4. Hello, I know it's not a report but the enclosed file has a data tag that dynamically shows all weights on a Hanging Position (has to be a HP). You don't need Braceworks for this. Cheers, Peter 1400546800_DataTagExamplev2023.vwx
  5. Hi Kevin, Have a look at this thread a few posts earlier: @AlanWAlan Woodwell has tied the knot beautifully! Cheers, Peter
  6. Hi All, So the conclusion as far as I can see is that twisting and bending solids is easy. However to close upon itself is nigh on impossible unless you cheat as I did with the 359.999º method or by using some other notable and creative methods posted here by such esteemed users. I am still intrigued by Jeff's circle method. I tried everything I could think of before returning to the Deform tool, for this solid object. In the end it boils down to why can't you bend an object more that 360º with the deform tool?!! Thanks to everyone and please continue if you can add more to this thread. Cheers, Peter
  7. Thanks Jeff but I can't work out the crucial part of bending the twisted extrude using the circle? Cheers, Peter
  8. Hi Benson, I never thought of doing a HLR and you are absolutely right. No way to get rid of it. It's like a lie detector - no smoothing angle erases it. Yes a good observation but still the point of this exercise was that: 1: Once the Deform tool is used object changes to Generic Solid so no going back. 2. Not using anything other than itself to snap to, Deform can't go past 360º (until Jeff shows how it's done). 3. Using NURBS afterwards from extracting curves and Bi-Rail Lofting produces hollow solid. 4. Shelling NURBS surface never seemed to work. Hence my quest for an answer. Cheers, Peter
  9. Oh no Jeff - we're missing something! Excellent stuff. You have solved the riddle most likely more accurately than my feeble attempt. However I can't work out your method as much as I try so can you please send a quick movie? This is exactly what I was hoping for as I couldn't believe how tricky this was to model. My attempt (please don't flame me!) which you can see below is not a purist CAD answer so it is inherently false/inaccurate/a workaround, but it works!. I look forward to seeing the better answer! Mobius solution.mp4 Cheers, Peter
  10. No mystery, it's the Deform tool only. No NURBS. And when you find out the answer you'll kick yourself. I can't think of any other way to create it. Cheers, Peter
  11. Hello, The message also mentions that: "...and/or Saved Views with unified view settings". I would edit any Saved Views and turn off the Unified View Check box. Cheers, Peter
  12. Hi Benson, That is absolutely wonderful top notch Lofting! Excellent work although as you attest, alas, there is a visible join. I wish there was a command that could rotate objects as they are duplicated along a path like how we can already for linear arrays. Somewhat fiddly getting the profiles at the correct angle in your example but beautifully done like Tobi. Also why is it that the Deform tool can not bend something >360º? And, also that once bent the objects become Generic Solids and therefore are unable to be edited? My solution using the Deform tool will probably really annoy any CAD purists, but unless someone can suss it beforehand I won't post the movie until someone tries again! Cheers, Peter
  13. Another excellent result Tobi! It's a bit tricky and time consuming that way and not really a solid though although I didn't explicitly state it had to be (but I meant it to be). However a great result. How do you navigate around the NURBS without losing focus with the Loft tool? Is that a middle mouse thing, I only have an Apple mouse without one?. If no one else attempts then I'll post my way soon. Cheers, Peter
  14. Hello Benson, Yes I saw that 2013 thread as I wanted to make one of these things. It took me a while to figure out my answer and I've done a quick 47 sec video showing how I did it. I thought though I'd see what other ideas were out there and so I might wait for a while to see if anyone else gets it right before posting. Just for a bit of fun. Give it a go (wool command notwithstanding!). Cheers, Peter
  15. Damn! That was quick! Anyone else? Hard to work out the steps but it looks like you split the twisted solid and bent each side 180º then used the Intersect Solids command - but I'm unsure? Different to my option but probably more accurate. Google translate isn't that great with CAD commands it seems. I like "Create wool body". You have a lot of NURBS commands in your workspace that I have no idea what they are: Anyone else willing to give this a try not using Tobi's method? Cheers, Peter
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