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  1. Hello, The enclosed file has a script plug in: MassEditPlantStyle(''); ...that you can import into your drawing and run. It is incredibly useful written by @Katerina It allows global editing one parameter at a time for all plants in a file. Change Plant Style Settings script.vwx Cheers, Peter
  2. Hello, If you change this setting to have displays as separate spaces does it help? Cheers, Peter
  3. Hello, If this is for Data Tags why not save them in a file and add as a Favourite? Or place in the Annotations>Defaults folder in your user folder. Easily accessed via the Vectorworks Preferences>User Folder>Reveal in Finder. /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2024/Libraries/Annotations/Data Tag (styles) Cheers, Peter
  4. I could have faked it instead and used this AI Visualiser image albeit with an Aussie flavour!
  5. This is using another texture using Renderworks rather than Shaded. Quite right about using the features that Renderworks brings like displacement etc. I've included it in the enclosed Vectorworks file, and here's a render of it. You need a decent Renderworks background to make it really work. water texture.vwx Cheers, Peter
  6. Hello, Not sure if this is the type of thing you're after but I've just done a quick render here. Note the Renderworks background in the distance. Use Landscape Areas for the mass planting of wildflower grassland (although these are some Australian natives). Image props or actual plants placed in the water for the reeds, although the ones I've quickly chosen look a bit like they're greyed out but they're not. A trick with a water texture is to edit the Image Shader and filter the colour via the object fill. Therefore if the actual 'watery-ness' of the texture is to your liking you can adjust the colour simply via the Attributes palette. Cheers, Peter
  7. I now understand that the reason it has always been like this is due to the potential of a performance hit. Imagine a large urban design project that is cropped - the program would have to render the whole image outside the crop when edited. As you know the status quo is to either delete the crop or go to wireframe. In a Hidden-Line rendered viewport, if you disable the advanced property "Automatic Occlusion Culling" it will render outside the crop and allow re-cropping. However, on a complex file you are giving up occlusion culling which may make the rendering take much longer. I agree that it's not ideal and something that's just been this way for a long time. I will do an enhancement request that some other options be considered, such as those which some of you have suggested in this thread. Cheers, Peter
  8. The crop is a circle and as you know there can only be one object that is the crop. You can see beyond the circle but only to the edge of the viewport bounding border. Why that is in those rendering modes is the question. I will ask! Cheers, Peter
  9. Hello, As you can see from this movie it seems that objects beyond the crop, in my case at least, are only visible up to the border of the viewport. This is in Hidden Line Render (HLR), Shaded and Renderworks. I exported back to v2023, v2020 and the behaviour is the same. In v2018 the only difference was that HLR you could see the whole model when editing like in wireframe or the Final Shaded Poly render, but I know HLR has been reengineered since that version. Beyond crop.mp4 I enclose the test file to see if you see the same. Beyond Crop test.vwx Cheers, Peter
  10. To eliminate the file itself are you able to replicate this in a New>Blank file? Cheers, Peter
  11. Hello, This sounds like a graphics memory and/or driver performance issue. @mjm I note in your signature that you have a MBP and an external monitor but only 1GB of VRAM. If you unplug the monitor, does the performance improve when you have 'Snap to Geometry' turned on? As well, if you go to the Vectorworks Preferences>Display and turn OFF 'Accelerate Graphics' does that help? I doubt you're still on Yosemite? @Dubman from your signature I see you have lots of VRAM and two monitors but I wonder if your graphics driver is up to date? I see from the NVIDEA driver download page a driver came out last month for your card. Try updating (if you haven't already) and see if that helps. Cheers, Peter
  12. Hi Jesse, I think you nailed it. Well done. Cheers, Peter
  13. Hello, We need the file. Can you please place an example instrument in a blank file and post it here? Thanks, Peter
  14. Hello, Just saw this, so here you go. It's an old symbol of mine using CRT monitors. You'll have to edit to LED etc and it's pretty crude but a start at least. Not exactly "presidential" but it's good enough for Mickey. Autocue.vwx Cheers, Peter
  15. Hello, Some questions: Are you using v2024 Update 5? Are you using more than one monitor? If so unplug one and see if that helps. Also, can you please go to the Vectorworks Preferences>Display and turn OFF 'Accelerate Graphics' and see if that fixes the issue? Does this happen just in one particular file, or can you create a test file and repeat the problem in any file? Cheers, Peter
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