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  1. Adam E

    VW to Inventor

    Is there any way to import Inventor files into VW?
  2. Adam E

    Straight Truss Tool not working since SP1

    Doesn't work for me either. Any solutions yet?
  3. It seems to randomly break the symbols down completely. I am working with a complex 3d file and this is killing me!
  4. I have been using VW for 20 years (going back to MiniCAD) on a mac. With VW2017 designer, when I "convert copy to lines" on a group, it ungroups the original 3d objects. It converts all the symbols within the group and ungroups them also so that whatever I started with becomes a total mess. Help
  5. Is there any way to open a MiniCad 5 file (from 1995!) on a mac running VectorWorks 2008?
  6. Adam E

    12.5.1 Issue CRASH CRASH CRASH

    Thanks...I will keep that in mind for the future.
  7. Adam E

    12.5.1 Issue CRASH CRASH CRASH

    I am on a mac. Well, since I came in today (a day after the crashing) and have restarted my computer, it seems to be working now. Strange behavior!
  8. Well, I just upgraded to 12.5.1 and now I cannot do a 'convert to hidden lines' without crashing (the file worked fine before the upgrade)...bummer. I am now going to downgrade back to 12.5.
  9. Adam E

    Can a SAVED VIEW be copied?

    Copying RenderWorks cameras is definitely the way to go. Thank you both for your AWESOME advice --- very helpful.
  10. Adam E

    Can a SAVED VIEW be copied?

    I will look into it... Thanks!
  11. Adam E

    Can a SAVED VIEW be copied?

    Although I own RenderWorks, I have not actually used it in years....tried it when it first came out. Never really used though.
  12. Adam E

    Can a SAVED VIEW be copied?

    When I say 'copying views', I am specifically talking about 3d views.
  13. Adam E

    Can a SAVED VIEW be copied?

    I am laying out a trade show booth. My client manufactures helicopters. I have five different ones in this floor plan - they were originally 3ds models. In addition to the models and my structure, there is also electrical information, spatial dimensioning and a saved hidden line perspective view. This stuff all adds up. I am working on another job where I received IGES files from my client. The file for this job is around 130mb and totally unmanageable. I am in the process of re-drawing items and deleting as much as possible. I have it down to 80mb so far. I have been using VectorWorks for 10 years now and have often wondered about copying views from one document to another...thanks for your help anyway.
  14. Adam E

    Can a SAVED VIEW be copied?

    Unfortunately, my client makes tons of revisions and the file size is already around 80mb. Combining plans would make the file unmanageable. Usually, I start out by saving all the views I like in the document and then re-save different versions. Unfortunately, if I decide that I want a different view, I can't transfer that new view to the other revisions.