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  1. That’s great that you figured it out @JonKoch! If you would like to know more about the texture tool check out this page from the online help system. In terms of getting into creating textures (if we don’t already have the texture you’re hoping for in the Resource Manager) I’d recommend checking out this course at VWU and go to the section called “Creating textures” (though the entire course is worth doing IMO.) Bump and displacement are discussed. It’s presented using an older version of Vectorworks but applying the instructions to the current version should work fine. In addition, I suggest reviewing this page in the online help system too with particular attention on the “Bump shader parameters” video and the list of options below it. This page explains using an image in a texture shader. I hope that helps 🙂
  2. Thanks @Matt Overton. It never hurts to submit additional enhancement requests even when a feature has just gone through a development cycle. As I have learned since joining the team five years ago, A LOT goes into the planning and building of each feature and sometimes not every aspect of a feature can be included in the first version. Receiving feedback about additional abilities that would be useful is much appreciated.
  3. @Matt Basher This page of the Vectorworks Help system should be able to shed light on the topic.
  4. Interesting ideas, @Matt Overton. If you wouldn't mind, could you submit detailed descriptions of the enhancements you're suggesting via the "Submit your Idea" button on the Public Roadmap? Thank you!
  5. @Todd W Might you be able to share your actual Vectorworks file or a portion of it so that other can see how it's set up? This may help provide guidance.
  6. Good news – Viewport Styles were added in Vectorworks 2024! See this video for more info… https://university.vectorworks.net/course/view.php?id=2873
  7. Good news @lampiechris: This was added in Vectorworks 2022 SP3. See this video for more info… https://university.vectorworks.net/course/view.php?id=2036
  8. It sounds like perhaps the "Vectorworks 2023 Updater" app was either manually or automatically removed (by another app that "optimizes space on your computer") from the "Vectorworks 2023" folder, because by default it is installed there and actually makes the update process very easy. Given that this app is missing, and perhaps other Vectorworks items may have been removed too, you may want to redownload and run the installer from your Customer Portal.
  9. I’m sorry that you feel that way. Nevertheless, if you do feel that the Elevation Benchmark page (or any other topic) in the Help System should have more information I do encourage you to use the Help System’s feedback form.
  10. Rest assured, feedback does make it to its intended team. I hope that the Help system feedback page and the Public Roadmap (along with its "submit your idea" form) show that Vectorworks is listening. As a customer myself for almost 20 years before joining the company I have seen my feedback bring about enhancements to the software and related systems. Granted, it didn't happen the day after I submitted my feedback –as teams an individuals are constantly and continually working on existing projects– but I was patient and confident that it would be considered, and it was. I would encourage you to submit your feedback in order to help make Vectorworks better for everyone.
  11. That's good feedback, @line-weight. Whenever you find a Help system page about which you'd like to provide feedback, there's a link at the bottom of the page where you can share your thoughts and suggestions:
  12. I would recommend posting requests like that in the Wishlist section of the forum. See below...
  13. Just a reminder for anyone reading this thread, the online Help System for v2023 has information on the new Elevation Benchmark tool. I realize that everyone loves videos, but they do take longer to produce than text-based instructions. In the meantime the text-based help is available from launch day.
  14. @maxstk Would you be able to share your Vectorworks file where you used the same dynamic text shown in the video and it's not working as it is in the video? I'd like to see how you have your custom elevation benchmark set up. I wouldn't be able to say if you've missed something or not without taking a closer look at your file. Thanks.
  15. @khumennyAny chance you can post the specs for both of those machines you mention? And which tasks do you find your iMac slower at? I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison but I have some computer knowledge so I may be able to shed some light.
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