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  1. I’m sorry that you feel that way. Nevertheless, if you do feel that the Elevation Benchmark page (or any other topic) in the Help System should have more information I do encourage you to use the Help System’s feedback form.
  2. Rest assured, feedback does make it to its intended team. I hope that the Help system feedback page and the Public Roadmap (along with its "submit your idea" form) show that Vectorworks is listening. As a customer myself for almost 20 years before joining the company I have seen my feedback bring about enhancements to the software and related systems. Granted, it didn't happen the day after I submitted my feedback –as teams an individuals are constantly and continually working on existing projects– but I was patient and confident that it would be considered, and it was. I would encourage you to submit your feedback in order to help make Vectorworks better for everyone.
  3. That's good feedback, @line-weight. Whenever you find a Help system page about which you'd like to provide feedback, there's a link at the bottom of the page where you can share your thoughts and suggestions:
  4. I would recommend posting requests like that in the Wishlist section of the forum. See below...
  5. Just a reminder for anyone reading this thread, the online Help System for v2023 has information on the new Elevation Benchmark tool. I realize that everyone loves videos, but they do take longer to produce than text-based instructions. In the meantime the text-based help is available from launch day.
  6. @maxstk Would you be able to share your Vectorworks file where you used the same dynamic text shown in the video and it's not working as it is in the video? I'd like to see how you have your custom elevation benchmark set up. I wouldn't be able to say if you've missed something or not without taking a closer look at your file. Thanks.
  7. @khumennyAny chance you can post the specs for both of those machines you mention? And which tasks do you find your iMac slower at? I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison but I have some computer knowledge so I may be able to shed some light.
  8. No, the promotion is for the full commercial/pro version. If you have any issues using Epic’s installer or Twinmotion itself, there is a mention of how to get support from Epic at the bottom of the instructions. Thanks for sharing the instructions, @Hans-Olav.
  9. @Antonio Vargas Design I would recommend watching the recent VSS Coffee Break session on the topic of Apple’s new hardware and Vectorworks. Here is the VWU link to it.
  10. @The Cantor I would recommend contacting our technical support team to report what you are experiencing.
  11. @DylanI didn't do anything special to my version of Vectorworks and everything I did to import the file was laid out above. Since you are still having an issue with the files at your end, I recommend that you contact our technical support team for assistance.
  12. In case anyone arrives at this thread and is needing some clarification on how to get the TwinMotion promo code and redeem it, I’ve listed the steps in this Kbase article:
  13. In order to take advantage of the Twinmotion promotion, please follow these steps: 1. Visit the Vectorworks Customer Portal and log in. 2. Click on the “View Offers” button. 3. Locate the Epic Games offer “Get Twinmotion for free”. 4. Click on its “Get Promotion Code” button for this offer. Copy the code that is generated and placed under the words "promotion code". 5. Click on the “show details” link in the small print of the offer, then click click on the “Vectorworks Partner Page” link to open the Epic Games website. 6. At the Epic Games site, scroll down to the "Get Twinmotion" button and click on it. 7. If you have an existing login for Epic Games, use that to log in. If you do not have an Epic Games login, sign up for a login and do the verification steps required for signing up. 8. Once logged in, you will be redirected to a page that has a field for the promo code that was created in the Vectorworks Customer Portal. 9. Copy the promo code from the Customer Portal and paste it into the promo code field on the Epic Games web page. Then press the "Redeem Code" button. 10. Once the code has been accepted, press the "Download Now" button. 11. On the subsequent page, you will see Download instructions for the Epic Games launcher, which is how you access Twinmotion. Scroll down to either “Download launcher” (if you don’t already have the launcher) or “Open Launcher” (if you do already have the launcher downloaded due to using other Epic Games products.) If you need to download the launcher, please do so. Once the Epic Games launcher has been installed, open it. 12. Log into your Epic Games account using your Epic Games login info. 13. In the Epic Games Launcher, click on "Unreal Engine" in the left sidebar. Then click on the "Twinmotion" tab at the top of the launcher window. 14. Under the large "Install" button, there is a dropdown menu allowing you to choose which version of Twinmotion to install. Ensure that the newest, non-trial version of Twinmotion is selected. 15. Press the "Install" button. Read and accept the Epic Games EULA. 16. Wait for the download to complete. This may take some time as the download is large. 17. Once the download is complete, Twinmotion will appear in the Library of the Epic Games Launcher, available via the left sidebar. 18. Twinmotion will have a “Launch” link below it. Click the link to run Twinmotion. Note: You do not need to install Unreal Engine in order to use Twinmotion If you require support for, or encounter a bug while, using Twinmotion, please see this KBase article.
  14. @Tismacfan. Might this criteria do what you are looking for?: Data Viz-MIssing IFC data.vwx
  15. @ParkerJamesI would recommend checking out Space: The Final Frontier at Vectorworks University.
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