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  1. @E|FA, @jeff prince If you would like to discuss the Roadmap or any features on it, I would suggest heading over to the dedicated Roadmap section of the forum.
  2. I’d say your best way to express your lack of interest in a feature, in the context of the public roadmap, is simply to not provide any feedback on it. Instead, I’d recommend putting positive energy and constructive feedback towards the features/topics that do interest you and would benefit your work. That way, your perspective can contribute to how a feature is developed.
  3. … and how could I forget! Also head over to the public roadmap and take a look through all the sections & feature cards. When you see something that interests you, vote and comment on it.
  4. Not yet, but make sure you upvote the wish by clicking the up arrow way up at the top of this thread next to its subject.
  5. These Knowledgebase articles should help: Some of the points mentioned may be dated though most will still apply.
  6. Actually, if you and/or Sue are still having this issue you should probably contact technical support directly. It sounds like there may be something imported into your file(s) that is causing the issue.
  7. Out of curiosity, when you say Vectorworks is “freezing” when you try to import it, what is happening? Is there a progress bar in the lower right? Is cursor movement still possible? And most importantly, how long have you waited to let Vectorworks do its work? Given the STL file is very large it sounds to me like Vectorworks is trying to process the file and it requires some more time to complete its work because of the sheer complexity of the model.. Do you have any information about the Blender model (i.e. polygon count)? This may shed some light on why it’s taking longer than you expect. It may be a good idea to open the model in Blender, see what it looks like there and possibly even simplify it there before bringing it into Vectorworks.
  8. We currently don’t have 3MF as a file export format so I’m not sure if/how they are doing that directly from Vectorworks. @AnotherLD, might you be able to clarify?
  9. Have you tried the “Marionette Introductory Tutorials” that are pinned to the top of the main Marionette forum section? It’s been a long time since I watched them but I seem to recall they were quite good. Sarah Barrett’s recent webinar on “Algorithmic design in BIM software” is also a very good intro into the topic. The first part of the webinar provides a great explanation of the different approach or mindset one would take when using Marionette and some of the possibilities of the tool. For me, who has been more accustomed to the traditional design approach that she describes, I found it useful to hear about the different way to thinking about an algorithmic design process.
  10. @Deco10 I haven’t experienced this issue yet. Might you be able to post one of the STL files that is freezing for you? I’d like to take a look.
  11. This should be a setting within the slicing software used to generate the g-code for the 3D printer. For example, I’m currently using the PrusaSlicer software and the “infill %” setting is what determines the amount of fill inside the exterior “skin” of the 3D print. The objects themselves in Vectorworks would already be solids, unless they have been originally modelled as thin surfaces, extruded lines, or shelled solids.
  12. Wow!...That would be amazing to see. Could you post a screen recording video of palettes that are already docked to each other then docking to the Application Window? I have never seen this before and I am not able to recreate that here. Thanks! Also, which Mac OS and which version of Vectorworks are you running? (You can add this info to your Forum signature so it's in at the bottom of every post you do. It's very helpful for others to see.)
  13. Just to clarify, the option you're describing only affects floating palettes and sets whether or not they can dock to each other. The setting doesn't affect whether or not palettes can dock to the Application Window. Floating palettes that are already docked to each other cannot then be docked to the Application Window – The palettes need to be un-docked from each other before they can (each, individually) be docked to the Application Window.
  14. By "Extra info" do you mean everything outside the 8 1/2 x 11 sheet? If so, perhaps the Export PDF settings are set to "Current view" rather than "Export the whole printable area as one page".
  15. @RitaA Could you post the specs of your computer and which version of Vectorworks you are referring to? (You can also add this info to your Forum signature so it appears with each post - See mine below.) Knowing this info help others suggest a solution.
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