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  1. Neil Barman

    How to rotate (I dont even know!)?

    Thanks for the file @Kevin McAllister! I've submitted it as part of the review of this issue. The team is on it.
  2. Neil Barman

    How to rotate (I dont even know!)?

    Ah, yes, I see what you mean @techdef. Even when using the Data Tag in the Sheet Layer Viewport Annotations space the Tag seems to be grabbing the dims of the Space at a 0 rotation. I'll add this detail to my query as I investigate.
  3. Neil Barman

    How to rotate (I dont even know!)?

    Thanks for the file @techdef. It appears that the Data Tags are being placed and ignoring the -25.74 rotation of the plan when the Data Tags are used on the Design Layer. In contrast, when Data Tags are used in the Annotation space of a Sheet Layer Viewport, the Data Tags arrive as you would like them – "Flat" to the plan. (This may be as the tool has been designed given the wording at the bottom of this Help page, but I will have to inquire further to find out more.) In the meantime, a quick way to correct this for all the existing Data Tags on the Design Layer would be to: 1. Activate the Select Similar Tool (aka the Magic Wand). 2. Open the Tool Preferences on the Mode Bar. 3. Uncheck everything except "Object Type" in the "Other Attributes" section. (Optional: Save this setting for future use by pressing the Save button near the top of this dialog box. Name the setting in a recognizable way.) Then press the OK button in the lower right of the Select Similar Preferences dialog box.) 4. When you are back at your drawing, using the Select Similar Tool still active, click on one of your Space Tag Data Tags. All similar visible Data Tags should also get selected. 5. With all of the Data tags selected, in the OIP change the Rotation from -25.74 to 0. Press Return. 6. Reposition tags as needed.
  4. Recently I was asked for guidance on how a user could update their Vectorworks template (.sta) file. Wanting to provide a technique that used the least amount of Finder navigation as possible (because the User folder on a Mac is somewhat hidden and can require some skillful navigation to reach) I came up with the steps below. I thought I would share them here on the Forum so that others may benefit from them. (They are written for a template going from version 2018 to 2019 but it should work for other versions.) 1. Run Vectorworks 2018 2. Run Vectorworks 2019 3. In Vectorworks 2018, go to Vectorworks Preferences > User Folders tab. 4. In the “User Data and Preference Folder” section, press the “Reveal in Finder” button. 5. Your “2018” User folder will appear in the Finder. 6. Go into that "2018" folder, and then into Libraries > Defaults > Templates. You should see your v2018 template there. 7. Drag your v2018 template file from its current folder and drop it onto the Vectorworks 2019 icon in your Mac's Dock to open the template file in Vectorworks 2019. 8. When asked if you want to open and convert the file and give it a new name, reply “OK” in the lower right. 9. Once your file is open in Vectorworks 2019, right away go to File > Save As Template. 10. The typical Finder “Save” window will appear and it will already be pointing at the folder (your user folder for v2019) where you want your v2019 template to be saved. 11. Give the template the name you want it to have. Then press the “Save” button in the lower right of the save dialog box. 12. Your converted template will be saved and you will be returned to your regular Vectorworks window and the file that is open there. Close that file without saving it (because you have already saved it as a template.) To ensure all of this worked as planned. a) In Vectorworks 2019, Go to File > New b) In the “Create Document” dialog box that appears, Choose “Use Document Template” c) Press on the dropdown menu and you should see your template in the list that appears. Enjoy!
  5. Neil Barman

    How to rotate (I dont even know!)?

    @techdef Might you be able to post your Vectorworks file here so that so that we could try a few techniques on it? Your description and image are helpful, but there often some things that can be determined when one gets to interact with the actual file.
  6. Neil Barman

    2019 strange glitchy behaviour - disappearing geometry

    @Jim Smith Definitely don't forget to submit such issues and the related Vectorworks files (a screen recording would be handy too) to Tech Support so that we can log and deal with them. 🙂
  7. Neil Barman

    Marquee select not optional in 2019

    @briland23 Since you're running SP2, do give Jeremy's suggestions above a try. Often a restart of the computer will solve such things.
  8. Neil Barman

    Marquee select not optional in 2019

    @briland23 By default selecting objects as you describe should still be optional (via the Option key) in 2019... I'm just curious, are you running 2019 SP2 or a previous version of 2019?
  9. Neil Barman

    Railing/Fence Tool

    That is a pretty cool find, @twk! It looks like each of those railing "styles" is a part of a small collection of railing styles that Archicad users can purchase from a 3rd party, 5 styles to a collection. While the styles are limited, and purchasing such resources certainly can add up, the way the railings are applied to the stair does look quite intriguing too.
  10. Neil Barman

    Vectorworks Design Summit - 2018

    There is truly nothing like The Jim Wlison Show. As always, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, your passion and energy, and you. That comes from not only me but every person I spoke with about your sessions. I believe you have insprired a whole new wave of users to take charge of their renderings and squeeze more out of them in sensible, valuable ways. Kudos!
  11. Neil Barman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    It’s funny you mention that @rgcn because I have noticed the exact same thing with my 3D Connexion Spacemouse. I didn’t have this connection “hiccup” in (low) Sierra but I do see it in High Sierra. It’s not surprising to hear it’s occurring for some people in Mojave. My hope is that Apple has provided enough information to the companies that make external devices so that those companies can update their device drivers as needed. Personally I’m in no hurry to upgrade my Mac OS to 10.14 Mojave... I have yet to see anything listed for Mojave’s new features and enhancements that is mission critical for getting my work done.
  12. Neil Barman

    Segment top windows and custom windows

    @Jeremiah Russell Could you post that 2D version of the window you showed me early, so that this request had the appropriate visual aids? It would also be great to see a photograph of one of these windows in real life. Thanks!
  13. Neil Barman

    convert vectorworks to sketchup

    I would recommend exploring Collada exports further. This is how I have exported in the past to Sketchup (and other applications) and the recipients have reported the best results with Collada files. I just tried a Collada export again and it worked without issue, similar to @barkest. A folder is created and within it is a .dae file of my Vectorworks model. That .dae file imports into Sketchup fine.
  14. Neil Barman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    That is what I meant @Nicolas Goutte, yes. Thank you for clarifying. Since @Andrew Davies had asked about the plan for VW2018 and Mojave, I thought he might like to see the mention of the plan on that page. @bpbpbp As for discussion on the topic, that can certainly take place here of course. (And welcome to the Forum by the way!)
  15. Neil Barman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I believe this article mentions the plan.


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