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  1. the setting for the hardscape finish materials may need splitting the finish material so the height above the site model is slightly above the site model: a 6" thick finish material is not 6" above the site model when 2" above site model my be the desired effect -
  2. I like the plant massing techniques in the VW supplied landscape file enclosed below This file has many terrific landscape techniques etc - riverwood-townhomes-project.vwx
  3. I like the vertical mouse 'LOGI' from Logitech - The Evolent models I used were short lived - LOGI is comfortable for all day use - I run the mouse wired and agree the wireless lag is annoying There are a few buttons that can be customized and Better Touch Tool app allows for customization -
  4. A reminder: once a 'family' of boulders are developed, make each boulder style a 'plant' and take advantage of placing using the plant tools (single, in a row, random) and then variety using the OIP (random rotation, sizing etc) once placed, then counting and other data in a 'plant list' worksheet
  5. I am adding this link https://macmost.com/linking-to-notes-and-documents-on-your-mac.html I regularly watch macmost.com on YouTube for tips and it appears I can hold notes and other images in a Notes file and then link to it in VW I will try this and report back In the meantime I wanted to share Macmost as I find the advice there very straightforward and useful - Sorry, a MAC centric post here
  6. Thank you All While the drawings are evolving, I have text gathered from emails, my own notations such as things to consider down the road or websites for products (light fixtures, drainage products, new plants), screen shots and PDFs from other consultants, and managing them changes over time is key so the act of accessing the info is achallenge. I do not like using outside apps to collect this info and then scroll between apps - I have not considered a sheet layer and will give it a try - title the sheet 0 or ?????
  7. I import important notes and consultant drawing imports (usually PDFs) into the VW file (reference info) to easily review and have a record of this info as part of the file rather than having this info outside the VW file. The info can be comments, reference info, text or images - Do others manage this info within the VW file and if so where to put it - a drawing layer ? this info can be removed when it is obsolete
  8. I downloaded the sample file from this terrific webinar (title above) and the irrigation layers are empty. Is this on purpose ? it would be great to have the irrigation layers included, thank you.
  9. VW file sent via PM to Katarina and also included here test for landscape2023-05-23.vwx
  10. I am using the latest landmark version 2023 update SP5, on Mac running Ventura OS. Plants and landscape areas are not sending to the surface of the site model. The plants are on a separate design layer and I have selected the plants layer to be used in site model. I assume there is a plant / landscape area setup. When control clicking on the plants and landscape area, a dialog box opens asking where to send the selection. After selecting the site model, nothing happens. Choices for the plants to be sent to is HARDSCAPE or SITE MODEL. I appreciate the forum and their collective knowledge -
  11. There are 2 coffee breaks in VW University that will solve issues: https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/overview/view.php?id=5243 Tamsin and Katarina have excellent guides for a new way to grade sites and then drape hardscape
  12. There are workflows for using the VW fence tool (with horizontal panels stepping on slopes) - a YouTube search for SU KNU will provide a terrific series of videos, one of them with a solution for fences on slopes that works - the vectorworks team still need to upgrade the fence tool (offset posts and panels for one) to allow for real life fence details (not every fence has all elements centered)
  13. The iMac worked well as a second monitor with Luna Display - Update: The iMac power element died and so not iMac as a second monitor - I switched to a 42" LG C2 TV and a Mac Studio and I like it very much - one screen large enough for a great VW drawing and multiple palette layout - the cost was reasonable including a visa mount and the adjustments (using dark mode to reduce auto dimming) works well for me - the resolution also works well - 3200x1800, 60 Hertz (I do not play video games)
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