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  1. We have been using the 3 default comment entries in the plant style: comment 1: CA Native (Y or space) we like the positive Y and no negative entries ūüėČ comment 2: Evergreen (Y or space) comment 3: WUCOLS (VL, L M, H) different climate zones with different WUCOL ratings would be best handled with a record ??? then is the record attached to a plant database ???
  2. make sure the new iMac allows for ram upgrades by the user I have an iMac Pro and ram upgrades is not possible -
  3. You can save a landscape area and reuse it - You can use the eyedropper tool as well If you have the plants in the LA specified, the eyedropper will add them as well One thing I have not figured out is if you use the eyedropper and have the plant tag on the DL, the new LA plant tag travels away from the new LA and requires resetting the tag to be the way you want - it would be great if when using the eyedropper, the plant tag can be set by an additional click - OR - just use data tags for plant info in Annotations of a viewport - Hopefully someone else can pick up the plant tag issue and solve its location when using the eyedropper
  4. check the database cell and organize the sum vales and summarize values to total or organize the cell entries that follow
  5. We use the wall tool and set the width of the wall to the border you are planning - metal edging, concrete edging, brick edging - wall height adjusted to the material - A worksheet can track the wall with a name and you can save the wall as a style for reuse - HTH
  6. In the recent publishing, incorrect sheets are being published (version added in attachments) macOS 10.15.4
  7. It is great for you to share these investigations. I agree the 3rd study using the road for contours works best for the road. Using PIO modifiers beyond road edges as a grade limit (either by distance or slope) should make more realistic grading solution on the sides of the road. Custom Curb tool allows for varied road shapes and then you can reshape the road as desired. Use station points to adjust the elevations along the road allow for fine tuning.
  8. With the current work-separation situation, my associate and I are working remotely. We are using the redline tool to communicate changes and ideas on drawings. In order to overcome the small comment box in the OIP, we have developed a worksheet that we place on the drawings for easy access/editing long comments and discussions. How are others accomplishing this coordination, redline tool or other methods ? Thank you and be safe
  9. @neal-2002 I am curious on your hackintosh setup, please share as much as you can
  10. We do not print from VW but publish a PDF and then print from Preview app We find the formatting is lacking when printing from VW direct
  11. @Tamsin Slatter can you direct us to the request so we can vote it up ? I could not find VE-100503 in a search
  12. We are developing a workflow to add irrigation emitters to a drawing that allows for automation in placing them in multiples at each plant. We have considered using symbols (perhaps in a special class inside each plant symbol ? but do not want to break the class system and the pre-formatted worksheets) Adding tubing between the emitters with an automated system would be helpful. Perhaps a workflow already exists - Bryan Goff -
  13. I will guess the OS (Catalina from Mojave) has something to do with it. OR Was the file on the old machine already rendered (so the model was already save in computer cache) ? Adjusting the seating would be quicker in that model than rendering the entire model from scratch on the new machine.
  14. I recommend you use data tags in the annotation layer of a viewport You will have better control and uniformity
  15. After dissecting the file (thank you for sharing) I need to learn more about subdivisions Your approach is very much like construction methods (especially the plum bob symbols) Hopefully youtube will be a resource


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