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  1. michaelk The issue fixed itself ?? It is not recurring thank you for your interest BC
  2. I have included published drawing with the random resizing of the drawing labels 349 Manuella *.pdf
  3. I am using drawing labels in symbols, imported from a VW2017 file. When publishing sheet layers that have viewports of the symbols, the drawing labels are resizing to an unreadable size. After several resizing the drawing labels in the symbols and getting the same results, I fixed the issue BUT I had to ungroup the drawing label in the symbol. I would like to have the drawing labels remain in the symbols. AM I using drawing labels incorrectly ? Publishing incorrectly ? Any help is appreciated
  4. I am using a worksheet from an upgraded 2017 file to 2018 version, and when I ask for edit criteria of a database line, VW crashes
  5. A worksheet in 2017 that functions in version 2017, crashes Vectorworks when I convert it to 2018 and then try to edit criteria of a database in version 2018
  6. thank you for the info workgroup folder linked !! BC
  7. We are using VW 2018 The resource browser shows a Workgroup folder but does not show the contents of the folder we have linked using vectorwork preferences. The link is to a dropbox folder that the office uses. Any help is appreciated Bob C
  8. It would be great to have a loop main feature for irrigation systems. We use loop mains all the time and appreciate VW considering the adjustment to the main line. There is a pressure savings when a loop main which provides better water distribution. thank you
  9. Benson- Thank you for the vimeo tutorial for adjusting the bridging issue. Fantastic use of VW tools to fix the bridging. Once you get accustomed to the keyboard shortcuts for the 3dLoci, objects along path and 3d polygon, it should go quick
  10. I would like the service select component of vectorworks to render sheet layers while I work on a local copy of the file. Is this possible ?? a workflow ?? should I frequently send a copy of the file to the service select ??
  11. It would be great to have plant images from the plant database in a cell on a plant list worksheet. Alternatively, the ability to create a worksheet with plant images from the plant database using plants on a design layer.
  12. I just placed a plant list on a sheet layer, selected the worksheet and selected classes and the worksheet reflected the classes. Now we need the ability to place images from the plant database into a worksheet so clients can review the plant palette-
  13. thank you for clarifying Are you giving all the seminars ? We will be signing up for the February classes
  14. Can anyone share their review of the landmark seminar by Eric Gilbey We are considering the February seminar and would like feedback of the just completed program Thank you
  15. The Disto 800 by Leica, a handheld measuring device, is a possibilty It records 3D info and has storage of recorded info and pictures of points selected Downsides: red laser may be difficult to see in bright sunlight and objects needing selection may be obscured by elements (plants etc) in between