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  1. I can't see the Render Problems. So I speculate. For Moiree you normally have to increase the Antialiasing Quality in Render Style, which may take more Render Time. Your Render resolution may be too low. If you Render on SLVPs, as recommended, maybe have to increase the DPI of the SL- Normally 150-300 DPI, 600 is already pretty high. Higher values also increase Render Time. You could also try to keep your View/Camera level. This way your vertical edges will be always vertical and no Moiree should appear.
  2. I will try to group before moving ...
  3. Yep. I had selected only parts of elements of a large file, which where at a wrong position and height. Non usable. Also Revit or IFC import. At first I tried with Select/Drag tool, was OK for XY in Top Plan View to bring it near about its position. But when I tried in Z direction in a controlled way, VW lagged so much in every way that I was neither able to find my Z Axis for "T" key lock nor to see where it will snap or not. That's the reason why I trie Move by Points afterwards which didn't work any better. Cursor lags, Snap lags, Preview lags, ... I think in general we are all happy to have VW's dynamic Preview. But in this Situation I was totally annoyed that I can't deactivate it. (Or would there be any way !?)
  4. I think yes. With latest years GPU accelerations also in 2D. (I found VW in 3D always fast) But you should manually add ACAD or any 3D/CAD App in Windows Graphics Settings to use the GPU at full performance and not being limited by any energy saving settings or that Windows my use any internal GPU on CPU chip instead to save power. Sometimes it is even useful to do any special settings per App in GPU driver software, like Nvidias driver suite. AFAIK e.g. VW prefers to have V-Sync OFF.
  5. From the warning, I think we can exclude that the Check out duration of 1 Day could be too long and be problematic. If you are sure that not all Licenses are currently in use and some should be free, it is the problem of the license server not giving licences out - for whatever reason. I see it is not only the D/A/CH version, that may have different licensing control but also VW Interiorcad, so I think no one at US Forum or US Support could help. So it would be better to post your question on the german forum ore better at VW Interiorcad  Support itself.
  6. The Viewports looks like needing just a little bit more Pixels than the whole screen resolution on the weaker iMac. Of course the 3D Viewport is smaller. But if the File gets more complex over time there might arise problems with the 3D Viewport soon too. I cross my fingers that it will work fine on the newer iMac until the deadline and wish success for the competition.
  7. I think the only 1024 MB (1 GB) of VRAM of the weaker iMac might be not enough. While the 2GB of the newer iMac are on the lower side too for current App usage. Aren't there any problems in 3D Viewport when working, just when rendering VPs with OpenGL render mode ?
  8. Tested in one day ? Wait until July for the Public Beta and I will try and maybe can tell you more 🙂
  9. Matt Panzer's video should help. https://forum.vectorworks.net/uploads/monthly_2020_10/906341304_LogCabinWallLogCutterSymbol.mp4.934ed80c9ef76fd241b697583b46a492.mp4
  10. Yes, I also think that 2-sided hammer ist just a workaround and does not really help at all in some situations. That is why I would prefer clean geometry from VW. I postulate that since nearly a decade, but it does not seem to share development's highest priorities. I don't know if you have access to C4D, Modo, .... where first one has really good options to clean up meshes, and export to UE from there. Otherwise you could just export a FBX into Blender, which repair options are AFAIK not bad either.
  11. Yes, that would be nice. Also to keep the recommended Settings in AMD and Nvidia driver Software current, which you can find sometimes in KB articles and such. But I am pretty sure that VW won't get any Pro Card Driver Optimizations anytime soon. VW recommends standard Gamer Cards. And as long as I don't have any Software that makes use of or even needs Pro GPUs, I would not care. But it is pretty likely that future VW Versions will make more and more use from GPU acceleration wherever possible, like they did until today. Or that they may integrate a real time render solution, which means more demanding GPU recommendations. So GPU isn't the component where I would try to save most costs. But also not overdo for VW only.
  12. Yes, seems that VW never really cared about Face Normals for their geometry. You can find flipped Normals especially in the more complex Plugin Object created Geometry. Especially from Slabs, Stairs and, at least in the past, even standard Extrudes had one Face flipped. Usually that is a problem in any 3D Mesh based Software like Game Engines, Modo, Blender (?), .... But not in Cinema4D, which Cine Render Engine is also integrated in Modo. So you will not notice sloppy Face Orientation. The only reason is that C4D Renders every Material "2-sided" by default. You will only notice Problems in C4D, if you manually deactivate 2-sided or check for Face Orientation. In Modo you would have to activate 2-sided for any Material instead, as most times it may not be possible to repair all Meshes. And even when 2-sided on, there can still be issues in advanced OpenGL Viewports or visual problems for Global Illumination calculation. The problems you mentioned for Datasmith were also seen in Twinmotion, via Datasmith, which has 2-sided OFF by default too. But if I got that right VW sends a 2-sided Tag for any Material when exporting. Could just be that this does not work in any case for Datasmith export, which seem to be still in WIP. I am sure there will be more fixes in Datasmith Export for VW SP4 but don't know when it will be released.
  13. 1. Integrated GPU got better over time but are still much slower and less capable than discrete GPUs. It is not clear what Intel does with its XE (?) cards, if they are thought for integrated or only Server and AI purposes, at least currently they are far from current Nvidia or AMD discrete GPUs. (Only Apple's "integrated" GPU cores on its ARM based SoCs are interesting but that is a different architecture and not comparable with standard current integrated GPUs on CPU dies) 2. Still, VW doesn't support or profit from Quadro or Pro GPU drivers. They are worth if you use any of the typical supported Apps, most coming from Mechanical and Autodesk side. You pay for that support. Pro GPU's aren't faster than Gaming GPUs at all, but most times offer more VRAM than Gaming cards.


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