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  1. From an Apple perspective they are. Higher clock speeds with consumer desktop CPUs opposed Xeons or mobile chips, still less thermal restrictions than mobile Macbooks and throttled GPUs may still work very OK for VW. That small Apple Silicon iMac in "iPad Design Language" late 2020 may not be very interesting for CAD and 3D. For me Apple Silicon may need to wait until early 2023. I am really curios about the last "Intel" iMac Update. Soon ? If they ditch iMacPro and bring iMacs in iMac Pro cases, I could live with the 10 core. (Although I am pretty annoyed that it is not AMD !) I would buy that to get over that transition period.
  2. I have saved a Magic Wand Setting for that but as an RMB Option from Navigator would be faster.
  3. Group Edit Mode Selection CMD+X leave Edit Mode CMD+ALT+V (?)
  4. zoomer

    Rhino export

    I am also not very happy with VW's 3DM export. Beside the single-layer-only problem, the geometry is strange. Especially 2D planes, like from image props, seem to get very complicated Surfaces with, when exploded, each Edge as a separate Curve. That makes the file size explode and when re-imported into VW or Bricscad slows down both Apps heavily in Selections and 3D Viewport.
  5. As Pat said. I think Convert to Solid from healthy Meshes works really well in VW since a few years now. If it does not work, the Mesh is not suitable. Like having holes, overlapping, non-watertight or such issues.
  6. There should be a glazing thickness setting somewhere at the bottom of the Jamb and/or Sash configuration. (Usually defaults for me to 0.0035372 mm or such for whatever reason)
  7. Yes, there are many people complaining, especially in Object Editing Modes.
  8. Not really. You can create (or better add) custom Wall ends. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FWalls%2FCreating_wall_end_caps.htm&rhsearch=custom wall end&rhhlterm=custom wall end&rhsyns=
  9. Now I am completely confused ūüôā
  10. So the parametric comes from the Tool, not the Object. Or do I use the term parametric wrong ? For me as a user a VW Rectangle is parametric because I can change its parameters like Length and Width.
  11. I would see even many 2D Objects like Lines and Rectangles as parametric. As you can all time edit them in OIP numerically. Or Extrudes, Solid Additions/Subtractions, ... by OIP and Edit Mode. AFAIK PIOs (PlugIn Objects) are more complex Objects like VW's Doors, Windows, Walls, ...
  12. The transition period is 2 years beginning very late 2020. So I think they will think about supporting for the next two and a half years. And there is Rosetta 2 and Virtualization. So no hurry.
  13. Igors Lab tested GPU specs switching PCI4 back to old PCI3. It was from doesn't matter at all to serious speed improvements in other cases. My conclusion was that PCI4 is not useless at least.
  14. 570 motherboards are clearly better motherboards and have more features - if you need them For PCI 4.0, 570 chipset does support PCI4, 550 (=450) chipset does not ! But usually 550 boards have 1 PCI slot (GPU) and 1 NVme Slot (SSD) directly connected to the CPU, which supports PCI 4.0. Basically enough for most users All other ports that a controlled by 550 chipset will be PCI 3.0 only. So if you think of using multiple NVme SDDs, GPUs or future PCI4 devices, you better go 570 instead. Or better Threadripper to have more lanes.
  15. I would go with one of the new 550 Mainboards. These are basically B450 Chips that have already a few PCI4 Lanes but no cooling fan like 570. They are also cheaper like 450 but have even better VRMs now. There came lots of testing videos of the new Asus 550 TUF Plus Gaming (I have the predecessor B450 TUF Pro Gamin and am really happy with it) It has 2.5 GBit LAN + Wifi now. All conclusions where that you normally do not need the 570. I agree.


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