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  1. Well, for multicore CPU Rendering which has to run via Rosetta, the Trash Can is still a tick faster. But not for native Apps like Cinebench R23 running natively. I think for anything else, single threaded or GPU related, M1 feels much more snappier and even faster when running via Rosetta.
  2. I have no more DVI(-D) devices and already had 11.2 Public Beta installed. (last night came 11.2 (20D53) which is official 11.2 now ?) But it was just the crappy HDMI cable. Although named as "Premium, golden pins, HDMI High Speed, ethernet cable, ..." Thought "with ethernet cable" stands for better shielding, but it was meant that the cable offers also ethernet connectivity !? OK, my USB-C/TB to DP and HDMI arrived and both Wacom Cintiq or Dell 4k work at full resolutions and 60 Hz - without any flickering now. Apples TB3 to TB2 adapter works too now. At least it can connect a TB2 disk enclosure. Meanwhile I switched completely from Trash Can to M1 Mini and am pretty happy with it.
  3. VW itself looks to be running fine on M1. (Everything beside older versions or Bricscad so far looks fine) I just have Monitor flickering every few seconds or getting black every few Minutes.
  4. If I got that right, you would have to redraw. - Close all Faces by 3D Polygons - Select all 3D Polygons - CMD+ALT+R to convert to Mesh - Convert to Generic Solid (Isn't there still a legacy Pyramid Tool to dig out of the Workspace ?)
  5. To what port do you have your Monitor connected ? No problems ? (but maybe I just have a bad HDMI cable)
  6. I think that was often proposed for german/swiss users too. Seems not that easy with various servers and standards until you get your Geoimages right.
  7. If 3D View Navigation is critical, I would think about testing a 3DConnexion Space Mouse device. Yes, for me there are problems in VW with object center, but especially if you prefer POV or fly through mode, they work really well in VW. (I personally just get ill in POV mode)
  8. Yes, USB-C/TB3 to TB2 Dongle from Apple should have chips in it as it is expensive. (PC variants are even more expensive) It was just meant to add my TB2 2,5" 2x disk enclosure to Mac Mini. Have not yet tested. As the original TB cable is max 0,5 m, alternatively I bought an additional 1,5 m USB-3 cable. I never had tried HDMI on my Wacom before, as it was said to bring lower screen resolution than via DP. But I think Wacom cables are about 2 m in length. My new cheap HDMI cable was also 2,0 m. Soon I will try again with USB-C to DP and HDMI cables from my Mini's TB ports
  9. I try with a single Monitor only. I don't know what it is. That flickering every 10 or 30 seconds and black screen for every about 30 seconds is so annoying. Have to wait 2 days for the cables to arrive. Tried again, no chance for the Wacom, not sure why the TB3 to TB2 adapter does not work. A friend has the same M1 Mini and also had so much problems with running his 2 Monitors. Old Apple TB Display was ok, HDMI did not work for his 32" 4k - until he tried a new cable. It works for him. He bought the Mini mostly because he wanted to run his two Monitors. Went back registering Mini for public Betas, got two new 11.2 versions installed but no change. No DP over TB adapter, Wacom refuses HDMI. Dell 4k only via HDMI and flickering. (I think that is a sync issue) Maybe my Mini is just defective, although I never have seen that before in 14 years. TL;DR; Mac Mini M1 itself is great for VW and a bargain, adding peripherals is a pain.
  10. For me it's good on M1 Mini 16 GB. I was a bit afraid first when I thought Rosetta would need 3 times as much RAM as native Intel. But I just mixed up "Memory" on Intel vs "Physical Memory" display on M1 activity monitor. It needs just 0-20% Rosetta RAM penalty. But there is a difference between both in Memory vs Physical Memory usage. Looks like M1 is using more RAM compression, not so much Swap but loads of "Cache", wherever that might happen ... So I can open even my most demanding Revit import Projects fine (although 25+ GB "physical" Memory instead of 9 GB "Memory") and "Memory Pressure" is still only about 50%. As the single core performance is nearly double as much as my Trash Can, everything standard App and everything CAD/3D, like file loading, loading 3D Views feels a bit faster and discreet. SSD speeds are on M.2 levels 3000 MB/s vs my worn 800 MB/s Trash Can SSD. Graphic looks very snappy too. There came a VW 2021 SP2.1 Update lately, which said to solve the (only? M1 crash issue with OpenGL Viewports and Ambient Occlusion. Did not test so far. So overall I am pretty happy with that lowest level Apple Silicon device. (Bricscad and Blender does currently not work under Rosetta for me) But my downsides are heavy problems with monitors. I currently use a 24" 4k Dell via HDMI and I have heavy flickering and blackouts. I was not able to run neither the Dell nor my Wacom Cintiq 27" by Display Port via Apple's TB3 to TB2 Adapter. I was not able to run my Wacom via HDMI either ("wrong timing") I ordered again a few other adapters (USB-C to DP, USB-C to HDMI, shorter HDMI cable, ... and will try again. But I also hear from others that accessing Monitors and Bluetooth devices is still a real problem.
  11. I think CTRL+MMB uses the same settings Modes that you choose for Flyover Tool. I think there are Middle of Screen, Selection and a manual Center Option to choose from. Start the Flyover Tool, play with its modes and leave with the Setting you like and you should be good to go with CTRL+MMB again. (Unfortunately that Setting is ignored for 3D Connexion Space Navigators, which will always use to orbit around File origin, which is unlikely the the center of choice in most cases)
  12. I made a duplicate of the given workspace I used before in "manage workspaces", gave it a proper name, sorted and rearranged some menus and icons, .... Added some commands I often need to my right click option menu, for both, when something selected vs when nothing selected, threw things out I never need, .... and there was my custom workspace. Over the years I migrated that workspace, changed and refined more and more tools and palettes. so now it would be very tedious to re build it from scratch.
  13. I would never come to the idea to use such super special characters in any of my File or Path naming it the first place.
  14. It was always a bit contradictory why Fundamentals has one of the PIOs of VW Architecture like Wall Tool. Why not also Slabs, Doors and Windows .... So lately someone decided obviously for cleaning. Now the differentiation between VW versions is more consistent. But of course it is problematic and always hurts if you remove existing features.


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