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  1. zoomer

    What mouse do you recommend?

    CADMouse is my favorite but quite expensive. Currently I work with an old MS Intellimouse Explorer for 2 weeks but still can't get used to having no extra MMB button. It is quite ok though and I found the old driver on Windows to assign my extra buttons. Gaming Mice like my MadCatz 5 with large Scroll Wheel was very ok for panning and orbiting but button assignment in driver was bad and did not work separately for each App. So beside ergonomics also watch for good extended driver assignments, like 3DConnexion, Microsoft, Wacom or Logitech have. But I could not work at all with a standard Logitec - with its multi Scroll Wheel as MMB option.
  2. Yes, but 2-sided Materials are the least workaround that may stil not always work without problems (e.g. certain GI solutions) I think it would still be nice if the Faces wouldn't be flipped at all from the beginning. (But asked for that since 2014)
  3. zoomer

    Perimeter mapping changes orientation

    More important for me is that the 1st Mode (Which I normally avoid) allows to get rid of Parts of "multiple independent Volume" Solids, while 2nd preferred Mode normaly refuses to do. (Like shrinking one Face to the opposite Face to delete a Box) But I immedeately clean up such constructs back to Generic Solid after.
  4. Yes, unfortunately things like Slabs have lots of issues with flipped Face Normals. (Extrudes in general still ?) So at least the Faces are there but require lots of Mesh Cleanup and Alignment actions in e.g. Modo. While C4D Export seems to be a bit better. (So as a workaround VW c4d > C4D fbx > Modo)
  5. zoomer

    Perimeter mapping changes orientation

    Yes, the first Mode of PushPullTool wil convert Generic Solids into Complex Solid Additions/Subtractions. While the second Mode will keep the original Object Type. (But is more limited or not as capable as the first Mode) Like for an Extrude's side it will mostly just edit the 2D geometry inside and for the Top Face it will just adjust the extrusion hight. Not sure if it would keep a Wall a Wall though and just change its Length.
  6. zoomer

    Exporting DWGs

    That is a very good idea. I also stumble over ACAD not offering Layer+Classes. Recently I really went from common VW-Class => Layer to a VW-Layer => ACAD Layer and skip Classes completely. Depends on what your project needs and can work well for BIM (in Bricscad) If Layer/Classes separation is really important, the way to go would be : VW-Classes => ACAD Layer + each VW Layer as separate File option. But referencing separate Files may give XREF-Layer Duplicate chaos in ACAD anyway. So an Export Option by combining VW Classes and Layers in a ACAD Layer naming scheme would be very welcome. Like : ACAD Layer : "VW-LayerName_VW-ClassName"
  7. zoomer

    8700k vs. 9700k

    Before, I didn't even know that there are i7 CPUs that don't have Hyperthreadding
  8. zoomer

    Deleting duplicate coplanar objects

    The Purge Command requires them to have exactly same Type, Dimensions, Class, Layer, ... to be found. (Even then it sometimes misses them) I think that is the only chance in VW.
  9. zoomer

    8700k vs. 9700k

    As far as I see, 9700k is 8 cores 8 (only ?) Threads vs 8700k 6/12 And in Cinebench 15, 9700k is faster in single core as well as in multicore benchmark. So I would go with the 9700k. https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/intel-core-i7-9700k-processor-review,7.html
  10. zoomer

    Edit slab boundry

    Aren't there some extensions in Edit Boundary Mode over just 2D reshape ? (like separate control for offsets and such)
  11. zoomer

    Edit slab boundry

    Yes, but unfortunately that works only for things like Symbol Edit Mode but Slab's Edit Mode never shows other objects.
  12. zoomer

    Edit slab boundry

    That was criticized for years but never improved. The workaround is to use the standard 2D "Reshape" Tool. All its features work for a Slab Boundary too. It gets more complicated when adding geometry for holes in Slabs (worst case separately for each Slab Component) You also better draw or manipulate by duplicates from outside of any Slab Edit Mode.
  13. zoomer

    GRAPHICS Show down...

    Currently and in the near future, for Windows - Nvidia less Power+Heat, CUDA, faster, ... for Linux - AMD less closed and proprietary, AMD is very OSS friendly for Mac - AMD
  14. zoomer

    Computers + Managing the Fleet

    Do you remeber the sweet spots for HDDs. Like when 1 TB was cheaper than 2x 500 GB, While 2 TB were more expensive than 2x 1 TB. The RTX 2070 fits my personal sweet spot. (Although Nvidea is working hard on increasing our sweet spots) It has all new RTX bells and whistles (Although still useless) and doesn't need that much power and therefore is silent. BTW, did anyone notice any advantages or speed increases for 3D Pro Apps with Content Creators vs Gaming Drivers ?
  15. zoomer

    Computers + Managing the Fleet

    I think only if you want to use more than one GPU As RTX 2080 and upwards required for SLI connection. (I am happy with my RTX 2070 so far)


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