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  1. zoomer

    Modeling with Clip Cube

    Hmmh, I can snap to any snap point (Vertex/Midpoint/ ...) of any object that is shown in Clip Cube, when these points are included in the clipped Volume. I just can't snap to points of clipped objects - outside of the Clip Cube, while it highlights all Clip Cube extending edges of such partly clipped Objects while hovering for snap points along their visible parts. > Which is good to better recognize these elements. But I think it is very good that these partly clipped objects will not highlight when you approach them from outside of the Clip Cube by their hidden parts. I still think Clip Cube in VW is very very good.
  2. zoomer

    wall preferences

    Styles give more control about alignment axis. I always use dummy styles at the beginning. I duplicate them a few times for a few thicknesses. Maybe plus 1 outer Wall with additional insulation.
  3. zoomer

    Skewed 3D Surfaces into Solid?

    Oh there are so many ways in VW. 1. You could just extrude the lower triangle with a bit of extra height Offset Tool to extend the upper triangle a bit Extrude this larger upper triangle and do a Solid Subtraction by cutting the lower extrude by the upper Extrude. 2. You could extrude the lower triangle with a bit of extra height use the Taper Face Tool to rotate the top face over the 3 axes to align by snapping to the corners of the upper triangle as a reference. to be continued ....
  4. zoomer

    PDF Files imported into VW Slow Down Screen

    I know architects who, in the late 90ies, drew their whole 2D competition plans in Macromedia Freehand. And were totally excited about it. Today I think it is great to have all these Layout and Illustration options beside 2D/3D CAD, Rendering and Calculations in one App, like Vectorworks. I think my proposed PDF Caching would be nice in VW in the future too. I also think it would be very good to send your example to the support to nail down the accuracy/distortion thing as well as the refresh speed issue. For now I hope you will find still ways to optimize these PDFs for VW usage. Like creating high res bitmaps from them if these work better or editing PDFs and delete Layer if applicable or explode it to get vector geometry out or such things ....
  5. zoomer

    Modeling with Clip Cube

    I don't use groups at all. But I have to admit that I always like editing things like Symbols in editing mode, or my Extrudes including multiple 2D objects. Except Slabs as they still don't show their environment in gray. And I often forget to use the Clip Tool but when I do I think it is working good.
  6. zoomer

    AMD or Nvidia, any real world comparisons?

    Great, thank you. I am especially interested in all details between the gaming and pro GPUs. Interesting that there are still small differences, although VW, like many others, claims not using any specific pro driver features. I think that in CAD and 3D Apps there may still be some features used (like Cross Hair Cursors and such) that are artificially disabled on hardware by drivers, not included or not optimized in gamings drivers and so emulated in software done by CPU. While still existing in overall pro drivers and allowing faster GPU hardware acceleration. For Apps like SolidWorks which really makes use of App-optimized Pro drivers, it is offen that a cheap power saving P1000 works still much better that latest GeForce monsters in 3D/CAD specific tasks. That may not have any relevance on Mac but Windows only (maybe also a little on Linux with proprietary GPU drivers) but it would make these Pro GPUs still very interesting for me. Differences between AMD vs NVidia are interesting too of course.
  7. zoomer

    PDF Files imported into VW Slow Down Screen

    You can do this directly in VW too 🙂 I often get such (nice!) illustration PDFs from landscape architects. With lots of (too High or what ever Res) detail teaser images. Apples Preview already has problems displaying midi complex 2D Plan PDFs but these images make it totally lagging. I still miss a proper PDF editing App but others told me that they will immediately open and clean up such PDFs for their purposes.
  8. Aha. Not so lang ago when I asked I was told that there are still issues not only related to network or access problems. But stated by you, as I know you are using PS extensively, I am really happy to read this.
  9. zoomer

    Previews (OpenGL) gone

    Sorry for the delay, I have a VW furniture Symbol that has everything on "None" by default and fails in Open GL preview when "None" OFF, although it can show Wireframe and Hidden Line when "None" OFF. Same behaviors for my PIOs like Columns in RM that are not on "None" Class but everything set to Custom Classes. Although I can not guarantee that there isn't any internal VW usage of a "None" Class anyway. So IMHO, VW update to show RM Previews without reacting to View Class Visibility Settings, which I think is great, for now seems to work well for Wireframe and Hidden Line modes but just still fails for OpenGL Mode. Does that make sense ?
  10. zoomer

    Previews (OpenGL) gone

    Thanks Kevin, now I got it and 100% agree with your post.
  11. zoomer

    Previews (OpenGL) gone

    But I'm a bit confused why I get Previews by HL or Wireframe when "None" Class OFF anyway ? Just not OpenGL.
  12. zoomer

    PDF Files imported into VW Slow Down Screen

    For acceleration of CAD PDFs, I normally always disable PDF snapping. PDF Vectors are not as accurate as I would wish anyway. I use it as an underlay sketch and use Grid Snap instead. I also experience distortion in CAD PDFs and also have no clue why that can happen at all. I just selectively scaled them like Scanned Bitmaps so far.
  13. zoomer

    Rendering problems

    I haven't seen that before .... strange. Is your geometry far from VW Origin ?
  14. zoomer

    Inserting BIM object into 3D model

    Visibility problems are mostly cause by unsuitable Class or Layer Visibility Settings. A similar problem happened to me when the Standard "None" Class was set to invisible by accident. All Library Previews were gone. And the "None" Class is widely used and should always be on. Like for Symbols itself. While the Symbol's Components may be on other visible Classes, they won't show as long as the Symbol's Class is off. So it is worth to double, or tripple, check all Class and Layer Visibilities first.
  15. Fine. BTW, I tend to go to tools > utilities > Update/Reset Plugins from time to time. That makes me feel it may correct potential problems, at least it makes ME feel better. (Just like the former option on Mac, to "repair user rights")


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