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  1. I thought about migrating is more a risk of not losing data !? Yes, some older software will no more work on newer macOSs (Catalina, Big Sur, ...) and still leave their data on your disk, and most proprietary Apps demand a new Installation after anyway, but I did not experience any data loss or such (?)
  2. But it was about a 2019 Intel iMac 27" (?) Yes, no chance for M1/M2 Macs. Even the rumors for a "modular" Mac Pro upgradeability look strange. Slots for something yes, but not for extra RAM or GPUs, maybe for an SSD !? In same 2019 MP chassis, may contain a lot of warm air ...
  3. But it also does not show the Cut Face at all. Something I always experienced in the past, as soon as your Section (Line) hits a Modifier. Only when you cut into plain Terrain, it will show a real Solid-like Section, as in your first screen shot. Did not had to try DTMs in the last years. Not sure how you got Screenshot 1 solid (VW 2023 DTM advancements ?) I agree that the vertical Lines look distracting.
  4. I did install from scratch with Trash Can in early 2015, it did from scratch with M1 Mini early 2021. But it doesn't need more than a year and it is theoretically back into a messy state. With so many App installations already deleted again, abandoned Settings and Folders, Caches, .... (Twinmotion, Unreal Engine, .... WTH) Where, with years of further usage, you would not see any negative impacts on a Mac. (As long as you are not running out of SSD space) Installing from scratch feels good and on Mac isn't that hard as on Windows, (because iCloud, App Store, ....) maybe 3 days vs 2 weeks in Windows for me, but it is still lost time. (Worse with recreation of VW Workspaces) I think it is more pragmatic and also effective for most people to just migrate your Mac System.
  5. Each time I want to upgrade or build a machine .... I am regularly also on the wrong side of the RAM/memory price pork cycle ..... Currently I should better buy SSDs, but do not really have a need for it now.
  6. Basically we could also just use our Cinebench Results for this task. (RW Rendering = C4D Rendering and single core points should resemble overall App speed) I think Cinebench's clock is trustworthy out of the box.. What Cinebench does not (opposed to 3D Games) is shifting much memory. So there is not much advantage for 3800 GHz RAM vs my slow and outdated 2400 MHz RAM, although a Ryzen in real world would profit very much from highspeed RAM. So a bit unfair for not using M Max and M Ultras high memory bandwidth. But none of all Apple ARM SoCs looks like it was build for any old school CPU Rendering anyway. And that Apple ARM works great with VW overall, you can already see by our weak device "M1 Pure" performance.
  7. But who would buy RAM from Apple, especially for on of their last last (and easy) user upgradeable offers. Around the time I build my PC, I did a similar table. Also mainly for CPU Rendering only, R21, later R23, for iMac Pros, Mac Pros, Ryzens, my Trash Can. And abandoned after I added my Mini (Native and Rossetta2) Columns were : - number of cores - estimated CPU prices + Cinebench single core (CAD) + Cinebench multi core (Rendering) > Cinebench Points (multi core) per Core (Scaling) > Cinebench Points (multi core) per $ (Value) Aim to do one again for M1s, M2s and Ryzen again soon.
  8. I love the messy option. The plugin features should be standard in VW seating tool.
  9. So we all have to buy M1 Mac Studio Ultras from now on ?
  10. My Ryzen and Mini Prices are pretty accurate.
  11. And i have to say that your example Wall Solid, I tried the inner core Component, is so corrupt that Bricscad can't repair it. It contains multiple double edges. While the Copies that I made are OK. So in VW, Copying is the new heal Solids Tool ?
  12. Looks like they fixed that in VW 2023. When I have a texture selected, as soon as I RMB on another one, the first gets de-selected and edit will bring up the dialog for the RMB one ....
  13. OK, got it at least some of these "traces of connections" are Wanted or have at least a reason. I just wonder why the Narrow Wall's Connection will only appear again after I copied the Wall !? Maybe that could help to find the culprit though, I hope.
  14. That example is very strange ..... When I select your Wall and drag+copy it, it will get a different geometry. For VW it looks mostly better than the original, beside that new Plaster fuge above the Door.
  15. If I copy the whole Wall with inserts, the Openings appear ... If I export your original geometry to DWG from 3D View, DWG also has no openings and no Windows at all. Just the Door !? But why is that wall looking like to separate Walls, between Door and Windows, although being a single Wall ? (Somehow the Wall seem to be broken for me and I can't "SIMPLIFY" it in DWG too !?) So I tried the "Remove Wall Breaks Tool", beside that it will also delete Doors and Windows !!!!!??? The Wall is healthy again. Also the openings came back that way. Beside the Fillets at Wall Ends, which come from Connections with other Walls in your complete File, does that strange Wall separation Lines come also from Wall Connections ? And there are traces of another Wall Connection directly above the Door on the Wall's back side. Is this a valid/needed Connection ?
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