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  1. zoomer

    dedicated vs integrated graphic card

    I think we can't really know. Every Gaming card that is not using a reference board, but their own custom design, is different. There could be used more expensive VRMs, cooling solutions or any kind of design that makes it better and more reliable. Same for Gaming vs Pro GPUs. Quadros could have cherry picked Chips and all that stuff. I just can't really now if they really do different hardware. If yes, that wouldn't hurt VW in any way. Similar for the Drivers. The Pro drivers could be a bit better suited for VW although it does not use special driver features. On the other hand I see lots of Quadro user problems choosing the wrong of both Pro drivers with VW. And maybe ging into NVidia Settings and do some modifications would also help. I am just not sure if it is worth the effort in time and money to care about Quadros. Could be 85% marketing though. Beside I would like or prefer the Quadros or Pro GPUs as it looks more Pro. If I had mainly Catia, Max, Autocad, or such Software, I certainly would try Quadros.
  2. zoomer

    Revit Import

    It is not such a huge issue, since I learned I will not miss anything after auto deleting. At first I misread that my Symbol would be corrupt and accepting would delete all Instances .... But of course it is better if I don't need to care about it again.
  3. zoomer

    Revit Import

    Very appreciated that you joined the discussion Vasil. You excluded my "which can't be translated into VW PIOs" Couldn't these be just the Solid Additions ? Is it ? Yes, IFC imports should not be touched by design. You should ask the author to make changes. But I heavily insist on misusing IFC as a standard Exchange or Import Format too. As it looks like it is, or will get, a more lossless Exchange format than most other proprietary solutions available from the past. If RVT Import is meant IFC like. Why not just make Revit users to export IFC. Isn't it is much easier to keep parametrics and minimize loss from the open source format ? In my case I would really like to bring in as much parametric from these Revit files of course. As it is the only data I got unfortunately so far. And so far I see it isn't that bad. Walls are already pretty fine ! Style information, Connections, ... I am really impressed. Doors, even Doors in Walls with Styles. Although it looks like at the end the Doors Style just contains a non parametric Symbols. Some Slabs got in, while I wonder why they use one of my Slab Styles from my File Template. These VW PIOs and the rest of all these Solid Additions already helps a lot. I got this after cleaning up most of that exploded 2D stuff (into microscopic sized 3D Polygons) which meanwhile reduced the VW Files Size from about 2GB to 500 MB. So basically the 3D Poly explosion is by far the worst culprit, over all smaller issues such as losing parametric here and there. And I think that is something, not too complicated (?), to solve in the future. There are still a few oddities in Revit and its users that are hard for my ArchViz needs or what VW users normally wouldn't do. Like Walls interrupted between every Room, because they may need different surface finish (and so would need a different Wall Style in VW). Or their Grid Ceilings where each Frame Bar around Panels is a separate Part but no Symbol (or Family) Instances were used. But even if that makes sense to have each different Part as its own Family Member for part calculations and such, I don't really see a meaning in Revit cutting every vertical Curtain Wall Post because in one or other CW grid field may be a Door that may need that cut. In Revit I see all other posts cut at all these heights !? While I learned that the annoying cuts of any story exceeding Part at Story level plane is just a "Feature" that can be deactivated for a DWG export. So no strange Revit behavior used internally.
  4. zoomer

    Revit Import

    The Symbols I get in from Revit, when I do any Manipulation and leave Edit Mode, always bring a Warning that there is anything wrong in its content and VW asks about deleting it. At fisrt I was afraid but now I see it will not delete anything of the Geometry. So I ask myself what is special in Symbols from Revit. If I magic wand select my Geometry and invert selection, I can't find or select anything else. And, those Symbols may either include "Dynamic Blocks" or Block Scaling that gets lost when impored. As my Glass Panels in Curtain Walls are all just the same Symbol, no matter which opening size they are in.
  5. zoomer

    Revit Import

    BTW Why are all Objects, which can't translate into any VW PIO, hidden in a "Revit Object" Container. I can understand this for "IFC Entities", as those shouldn't be manipulated after import by design. But for a standard Import like Revit, DWG, DXF, .... ? In my practise this is just unnecessary overhead that I get rid off by a CMD+U.
  6. zoomer

    dedicated vs integrated graphic card

    For 1 or 2 decades ago, I would say YES. Today I would say that ACAD will also run fine on any current middle class gaming GPU. VW (like most others too) doesn't make use of any special Quadro Driver Features. If Pro GPU have really anything else special in Hardware like better reliability, VRMs, energy efficiency, ... I am still not sure. So just for VW it doesn't make any sense to pay more for the same GPU power by going Quadro. It may be worth if you use any of the supported Apps. I think Linus gives a nice overview of the current situation :
  7. zoomer

    Revit Import

    Yes, and that Revit Exchange is quite important and I think worth to invest some energy. There are also some other ACAD DWG oddities beside "Block Content on Layer 0" that will adapt Attributes of the Layer its Block Container insertion. I'm not 100% sure but I think there are also Polylines with "Thickness". Which is something like an VW Extrude, that is missing top and bottom Caps. (I think like when in VW you extrude something without a Fill or an open Polygon ?) For me that sounds like totally 80ies creative messie legacy, but Bricscad's CONVERTTOSOLID creates beautiful Solids from these without any problems. So I think these are kind of an accepted ACAD Standard too.
  8. zoomer

    Revit Import

    Well I go on repairing one of the imports which would be the BIM Model. I shaved nearly 0.5 GB off by deleting everything 2D-ish (3D Polygons here) Large parts of the data may be included in the Railings though. If have chosen VW Objects + Solids conversion option in import settings. Solids Conversion for VW means : Revit Object > Solid Addition > loose 3D Polygons I can easily get rid of the "Revit Object" Overhead by a CTRL+U But if I try to PushPull such a Solid Addition creation from loose 3D Polys it will fail ! If I go into that Addition and select all 3D Polys > CTRL+ALT+R to create a "Mesh" first, "Convert to Generic Solid"s that Mesh and leave Addition's Edit Mode, "Convert to Generic Solid"s that Solid Addition, PushPull seems to work. (BTW cutting and pasting stuff out of Solid Additions did not work for me here as "Past"in Place" wasn't as much "in place" as I would have liked)
  9. zoomer

    ready to make the plunge to Mojave

    Beside that I don't see any important features to upgrade macOS since El Capitan or so at all, I run Mojave from the beginning. And my Mojave problems with VW aren't still that serious. As I now also run VW on Windows, I see Mojave less a problem than VW 2019 itself. I think it is about time for a SP3.
  10. zoomer

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    Got it 🙂 I saw the first Isometric, and the lowest sound dampening looked for me like it would be the most front part, exceeding the clip box, because being selected 🙂
  11. zoomer

    Revit Import

    I looked deeper in thses Exports. I think 80% of the problems wouldn't exist if VW would not convert, or better explode Linestyles to 3D Polygons. It looks so embarassing to see at what scale that happens and I feels the same for offereing that feature officially at that state. BTW Also not very positive I feel when I see how looooooooong VW needs to give those 14 GB RAM free again and finally close such a drawing - although I said it doesn't need to save !
  12. zoomer

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    I wonder more why you have Solid Appearance of the Flight in Clip View and I have not ? (Or is that a real Section in Edit Mode ?)
  13. zoomer

    Revit Import

    Hi Art V, yes I can somehow. Although I think that all other real Blocks have lots of $s too, after I bind or import a Reference. I wonder why there can't be a hint of which kind of Block Type in Bricscad's OIP. I think the only real way to distinguish Anonymous Blocks is by checking Drawing Explorers Blocks list. If such Block is not there - it was anonymous .... a) That is what I wanted to politely address 🙂 b) Yes, kind of banana republic behaviors ... a) Yes, somehow. But first, because of the amount of parts it is impossible manually to find those parts worth Blockifying. You may pick just that Beam that is 2 cm shorter than the others. Also I see similar Elements where I can't see any difference, but 3 separate Blocks where used, so 3 individual Revit Family Members ? Maybe just a slight drawing imperfections ? Second, option II, letting Bricscad BLOCKIFY the whole file, will give you of course nearly the same bunch of millions of arbitrarily named Blocks (and so far not sure which Block Origin will be automatically chosen) So no fun if you ever need to work with these later again. b) Things like Blockify are absolutely great. Its 2D potential is very impressive. I read the help too. But so far I did not find a 2D and a 3D version of it. (Opposed to 6 new different BIMSUGGEST ... ah ... BIMPROPAGATE options) I did my standard (quick) test : A park bench from 3 Solids that I spread in file but forgotten to make Symbols first. You can select no more than 1 Solid, but for me it looked like it BLOCKed Seat and Legs separately only !? Have to try again when enough time. But if they get that 3D Part to work the way one would expect, that would be invaluable.
  14. zoomer

    Revit Import

    This works by deleting the duplicates. it will ask to replace with another material, the original in that case. But that will take two hours here anyway ...
  15. zoomer

    Revit Import

    Well, I can see that VW import exploded Line Types like "short dash long dash" into single separate Line Objects. Not very helpful. I think that is something which could be solved for the RVT Import (?)


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