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  1. I have only VW Architect. It was hard to find where it exactly sits though- It was under Landscape Libraries. I just searched for "Container" and I found them.
  2. Yes, the IGES Geometries are not very well for VW usage. BTW, VW default libraries contain Shipping Containers optimized for VW usage, made of Generic Solids, with similar detail level.
  3. Ah, thanks, got it. It is even behind the cut plane. Ahm, I think this is not ok and should not happen ... It is not just a reflection, it is the Window itself ...
  4. I think this is basically (physically) correct this way. If I don't want to see through both facades, V1 : I bring either in realistic interior Walls or fake Walls on a fake Class V2 : I overwrite my Elevation Viewports Glass Classes with a non translucent fake Glass Material (reflective or not) with a color that fits my graphical needs.
  5. Hmmh, Hardware looks pretty ok. I also have a RTX 2070. You could check if you already extend your 16 GB of RAM with Task Manager when you open such files. This would mean that Windows needs to cash memory on your HDD/SSD drive, which would be much slower than RAM. (And in case a quite easy and affordable upgrade) I didn't notice any problems with my hardware in VW at all, but I never had OBJ/STEP/IGES imports so far. BTW Which VW version are you using ? Maybe you can post an example file ?
  6. I don't know the reason but asked about that many years ago. Nothing changed so far ....
  7. Looks like the bottom right SOD Panel interferes with my standard numerical input fields. It partly occludes or overlaps the num input and makes it harder to read.
  8. There are Pros and Cons. If a Tool Panel works context sensitive it also means that it looks completely different each time it appears. I had difficulties with that and it needed at least 1.5-2 years to not find it annoying anymore and make real use of it. Basically after I was able to recognize all Tool Icons and learned all situations Tool orders. For VW SOD I would wish that I could scroll through all or a selection of Palettes. Or something like 3D Connexion Devices where each Button may be set to offer a user customized Pie Menu filled with a selection of Tools for a specific workflow.
  9. 3 hours ago, Mark Aceto said: Intentionally activate it (vs getting incessantly distracted by it when I'm looking at complex geometry and it turns my view into mud) Unchecked "Show after mouse idles" Meanwhile I got so used to My Bricscad Quad constantly appearing that I even set VW idle time down to one second. (Which means effective 2.5 seconds for any reason, at least on my Trash Can Mac Pro)
  10. ^ This Yesterday I also tried to just copy my pimped Default Tool Bar to create a cleaned up version for SOD. That is not possible. I would have to pull out all Tools manually one by one again ...
  11. VW has a new fast OpenGL Hidden Line mode in Viewports, for 3D direct Editing mode. Everything else HL in VW is still a CPU HL. (with only some parts multi-threaded) As it works more accurate and with real Lines which you can extract and edit as a 2D drawing. There was some discussion about why or if new GPU HL should come into Viewport. I personally wouldn't mind if less accurate OpenGL HL would be used anywhere and old CPU HL only as an option in case you want to extract HL Lines. All my 3D Apps (C4D, Modo, ... have fast OpenGL HL options in Viewport, Bricscad has OpenGL HL + a 2D HL option and I think Microstation as a CAD had instant switching real time HL decades ago too.
  12. I think this is a very good idea ! It just don't want to see them. But it might me a good idea to have them on lokal disk though.
  13. Is it possible to provide VW installers separate for imperial and metric users ? To avoid the distracting redundant Libraries from the opposite users ?
  14. Pity, yes. But the bottom left "last used commands" helps. I think it is up to us to customize our Workspaces. I use a pimped Standard Palette at the bottom below the drawing area since years. (Added some 3D and BIM PIOs, still too much 2D Tools which I never use) Also a pimped RMB Option Menu when Selected. I think it would be better to just create a new Palette with the most used Tool Icons and add this to SOD instead.
  15. Yes, I should clean up. Never more than 2 versions, current + previous on my machine. Sometimes I forget when installing new versions. But I need 3 times C4D anyway. R19 - last version with VRAY R20 - last version with non-cumbersome licensing system R21- as I got it while still in maintanance contract period. ūüôā OK, and for the others I may need 1-2 Betas though. But at least I should clean up my Dock.


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