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  1. I would check the Layer Filter Options. Although „recently used Layers“ should likely display a few Layers. Sometimes some of the layer rows accidentally move to the left border of the palette and therefore can’t be accessed. But unlikely in thar case as I can read all top titles in your image. In suche a case it would need to pull or drag them out from the left border again.
  2. zoomer

    Remove or change size of framing square

    That is so annoying. I think it is in Document Preferences : "Cropped Perspective" which has to be deactivated ....
  3. zoomer

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    No, everything looks alright. It is not overclocked. There is always Base Clock (What you at least should achieve for all cores) and Max Boost Clock (When you use only 1 or 2 cores) and everything in between. Like in Cinebench, my Clock Speed is mostly still higher than Base Clock. 68°C when rendering multithreaded is also pretty good. So thermal issues seem unlikely. You also already ran a Memory Test without any hint of problems. As you sent it back, the vendor may have more options for checking hardware problems. It is always bad when an OS freezes or crashes. Whatever the reason was. Could be while trying to write data to SSD and in the worst case such an unexpected interruption can destroy an operating system. Which would need a repair or even installing again from scratch. Another idea for VW freezing when RW Rendering would be any security software like an antivirus that may interfere with VW and forbid access to important files (?)
  4. zoomer

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    75°C sounds ok. I see that stock 16 core TRs have 3.4 or 3.5 GHz. If it has really 4.4 GHz, it is (factory) overclocked. Maybe a bit too much .... If you bought a complete machine, I also think it is best to send it back and ask them about freezing. I have build a Ryzen 2700X machine and haven't seen any problems with the AMD CPU and VW SLVP calculation or Rendering in RW or C4D so far. I also heard no complaints from others using VW and TRs.
  5. zoomer

    Deleting Posts

    Unfortunately not. But I sometimes asked a Forum Moderator to do for me ....
  6. zoomer

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    I see you have a 16 core TR (1950 or 2950) Their power consumption should work fine in any available TR4 Board. Stock and maybe moderately OC. Don't know if 4,4 GHz is stock or highly OC. If you use OC, it could also be the RAM that gets unstable.
  7. zoomer

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    I think that is more a hardware issue. Bad fit for CPU Cooler, Thermal Paste Problem, bad fit in CPU Socket, Weak Cooler, .... (All those things happen quite often - but normally from the beginning) I would start with a Monitor App and check CPU Temperatures under load. If it gets too high I would try demounting the Cooler to check these things and or reset CPU into it's Socket again from scratch. I don't think it is very likely but Motherboards or RAM can be faulty too. Older Board generations often have to weak VRM's to run a TR 2990WX, at least when overclocked. A weak Power Supply can also cause instabilities. Low Case Airflow could also heat up Mainboard and VRMs too much. Also I would check for latest Bios and Driver Updates.
  8. zoomer

    Missing Vectorworks Libraries

    Oh, sorry. At first I was thinking about a wrong content filter. But saw that it was set to show all resources, already. But currently (screenshot) you point to the local VW Library on your Disk. Where most content would sit in ../Defaults/..... I think the /Objects-.... Folders are all manually downloaded content. If you close : Vectorworks Libraries Folder User Library Folder (or scroll, or deactivate their Icons on top, ...) you should be able to see also, at the same Folder Level, Folders like : Favorites Folder (just a virtual collection) Subscription Library (VSS Online Library, if you have a VSS contract) as you have activated their icons.
  9. zoomer

    Missing Vectorworks Libraries

    You need to select one of the Files inside instead of the Folder. Then they should show up in Preview.
  10. zoomer

    Wall 'jumps' when exporting 3D to dwg/dxf

    I would delete and recreate the Wall from scratch. Generally, I can't remember jumping Walls in Exports. but I often see misplaced Symbols. Very often jumping back to origin or a random relocation with a Symbol with nested Symbols. I think that is not always DWG only, can happen also with FBX or IFC (?) (So I would assume the hick up is already in VW somehow) I often had bad located Objects in VW with DWG Imports in the past. Like 90% of the building is ok but some objects really off. Sometimes Objects even missing. (Could be around VW 2016 times) That could easily happen if wrong import units selected (resolution problem or accuracy issues - for some objects) together with ACAD tendency to locate models far from internal origin.
  11. Yes, I always thought many german Tools would be much better than my US version. But the benelux tools and community really impressed me since a saw their videos two years ago for the first time.
  12. zoomer

    Help with Polygon and extrusion

    And you need to apply a "Fill" in Attributes.
  13. Yes, embarrassing superior.
  14. zoomer

    Dragging wall points

    Holding SHIFT works quite well for Walls. For me SHIFT feels to work much more (reasonable) restrictive for Walls than for all other Elements. (You can go far more off direction without losing the lock) For other Elements I prefer and need more often the hard Lock by "T" key.
  15. zoomer

    VW Walls ruin my C4D Exchange

    I won't renounce of Walls in VW. Modeling Solids is too cumbersome. I don't quite understand why other Objects work fine with C4D Exchange but Walls (and maybe other PIOs) will lose Windows in Walls completly because I did changes and moved them a few centimeters. Or Walls disappearing after I moved and rejoined them to other Walls. I think here Exchange does not work as designed. My only option is to delete Parts or All from the VW import Folder, save file and restart C4D to reload the Exchange content. With all re-setting work that may be required. No problem with Triangulation with C4D or FBX to C4D for me. Everything as Quad-ish as possible. Also both formats bring each single CAD Object as an own Mesh with proper welded Vertices. (Good for Manipulations and Repairs, but millions of small Meshes in tons of groups, are tedious for OpenGL and Handling, in Mesh Modelers) Of course each Wall is a separate Object, so joined Walls will have 2 "unnecessary" Faces where they touch,. when you want to combine them (Like needed for Bevels at Wall Edges) In this case such Faces have to be selected and deleted before welding both Meshes. Otherwise Face Normals will go nuts.


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