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  1. The only way in VW to convert a Mesh into a Generic Solid, as far as I know, is to try to pull out and back in a Face by Push Pull Tool. If it was a clean* watertight Mesh it will likely be converted into a Solid. (* No holes, gaps or overlapping geometry) If Push Pull Tool fails you can try to go into Mesh Edit Mode and manually repair the grouped 3D Polygons, or better redraw it.
  2. I also like that very unique style. The only thing that irritates me a bit is the C4D Physical Sky, or better the missing ground plane to horizon, in the kitchen scene. And maybe I would like the walls and ceilings in the Apartment scenes less gray, or better have more modulation in Global Illumination so that they "look" more white.
  3. That is not so easy as Sketchup geometry are normally Meshes (in the best case) and Meshes aren't that well supported in VW (opposed to Solids or their own 3D types) So theoretically yes, as 3D Mesh Modelers show for their Clip Features. Practically maybe not so soon
  4. here is a good source : https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/how-to/uninstallation/ I think newer Versions from VW 2016 on have an Uninstaller that will also wipe out the license on that Machine and should be enough to free the license (?)
  5. Often wished ... I chime in. As a Workaround for Viewport Renderings, set a camera with same Z for standpoint + target, move your crop frame vertically afterwards. (Doesn't allow much camera changing and will easily corrupt your view)
  6. I think Jim explained that in a "SP2" thread. Nothing to worry is all I remember. But it would be nice of course if warning message could say what Jim said.
  7. For the Push Pool Tool, you have to care about its modes. You can try another mode if it is not working. And check what different kind of object types they produce at the end, to get a better feeling which mode is appropriate for you in a current situation. For me the problems since VW 2017 was often that PPT refused to select faces of objects. In that case a selection and sent to front CMD+F helped as a temporary workaround. I'm not sure if that was fixed now by 2018 SP2. For Boolean opreations, beside objects have to reside on the same, active Layer, problems can occur if things are not accurate enough and nearly touching or nearly overlapping. But so far I think VW always did a pretty good job in these cases and isn't very discriminating. You should care about not nesting too deep and converting to generic solids from time to time if you can afford to lose edibility and history. Like for your 3 holes, make it in one go, subtract all three in one step. And avoid changing the components much later in edit mode, like adding new geometry. Better throw all out old parts and recreate with new cutting parts.
  8. Doesn't the purge command find these ? (Coincident objects)
  9. You can (and should) create your own template file that you choose when creating a new document. You save a file as a template with the *.sta ending at the proper place (see help) that contains your Units or any other settings as you like. You can go further and add anything you will always need, like Layers/Classes, all kind of Standards and Styles, ....
  10. Clip Cube ? That could be improved to have some Presets, like being generated from Story Settings. Controlled by checkboxes which Stories or parts of buildings you want to see at the same time. I extend the initial wish to all Objects having a Story Level Options. Wouldn't it be nice to know your rectangle will always rest on Level X ?
  11. It works for me in Safari. It just needed a few seconds to load the content. I also tried the german version, which took even a bit longer. Also search works for me, while not being very fast either.
  12. There are little differences between both systems and each has its little advantages and drawbacks over the other. Most of it is more generally System wide, not directly VW related but will influence VW also. I would not see it as different quality on Mac or PC. I think the number and severeness of bugs specific to a certain System are quite equal. Generally I am happy that VW or C4D run equally well on Mac as they do on PC as they always had a large Mac user base. I have also Apps originating from Windows where the Mac versions do not run as smooth as they do on a PC.
  13. Yes, all faces of a "solid" site model are flipped. You can't see that in VW but in a 3D App when you activate face normals display.
  14. Very good idea. + bring the hierarchical display into a readable layout/format.