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  1. Oh, totally forgot about the suitable end result > Symbol = Hybrid with extra 2D appearance. Andy had the correct answer Will work well in Top Plan View.
  2. I think there is no chance for pseudo section Top Plan View. You have to live with this. You have some control in Viewports with Hidden Line Mode and playing with crease angle. Same you could achieve with a 3D Top View, but slowness and other disadvantages may make that impractical. Mesh Objects are not a strength of VW or most other CAD Apps.
  3. That setting is called "lock horizon" in BricsCAD or Modo but ignored or not available in C4D. C4D falls back to Orbit Rotation. I found no workaround so far.
  4. Probably not the only Tool. I think I avoid to load the demo this year to to avoid any frustration.
  5. Yes, many photos are pretty easy and predictable. You look at Google Earth, see traffic on the photo, so the one who did the shot was not in the middle of the street but maybe on the pedestrian way, and you can assume the standpoint. Maybe even get the EXIF. Given some lens distortion you will be faster and create a more "realistic looking" result manually. Matt's gem comes into play when you get an edited Jpeg without EXIF, the photographer stood on a ladder at POV Z=2,80 m and rotates his camera in 3 Axes. That is where Camera Match is mandatory and at the same time where it works best.
  6. That's again one of those perfect examples of Photos that aren't suited for Camera Match which Matt explains in his Videos. And such a Photo of a "central" or one point perspective is also an example where Camera Match isn't needed at all as you can match your camera manually very easy. In most cases you can grab the Cameras Focal Length out of the EXIF data, Camera Height will be about 1,6-1,7 m and with the help of a bit of dummy geometry perpendicular to camera you just have to dolly back/front/left/right your camera until it fits. Some real world size and scale knowledge is mandatory or your inserted virtual geometry and placement will not make much sense anyway.
  7. Blender is a a very good alternative. I doubt that you will have much access to C4D Render Engine of VW by scripting (?) And I don't think these kind of features are accessible or even included in the engine. @Pat Stanfordmay know better.
  8. All RW Rendering is CPU only, GPU and drivers should not matter, like for OpenGL. Currently there are often mentioned black RW Renderings in Viewports. Does it work when you render your standard DL View Window with RW ? If not, I sometimes had problems with Geometry in the past. (Imported DWG Blocks here) There was some invisible "virtual" geometry exceeding those Symbols that sometimes occluded the light in some cameras view. In this case it might be worth to deactivate half of the geometry to exclude or find any geometry related problems.
  9. I think you would need C4D to have more granularity in objects render visibilities. Like using their Render Tag to make objects visible for GI and Shadows but invisible for the Render Camera.
  10. Even the easiest tasks take so much time at the end when everything is unreliable and behaves arbitrarily. I am aware of this thread not being a real help for developers to find and solve any of these problems. Nevertheless I think it is good to mention how the VW experience can be in real world outside of an lab environment. There is a need to look deeper in Tool Quality. And my clients never care much about VW's limits when they design their geometries. They never do proper L/T/X Wall Joining with structural Axes that cross at one point. They are always slightly off. And for sure they will use complete different Wall styles when crossing or even along a single Wall. And the jump in height or exceed Stories. And they go on optimizing their Designs and change (Default !) Level Heights.
  11. When working with VW 2017 I experience so much wired behavior over all tools that I start to lose any confidence in VW. For me that is worse than in previous VW versions. That may be all file related but it doesn't help much to know that your files and content may corrupt over usage time. To reach more flexibility for changes I tried to tune my Model to replace 3D Generic Geometry by as much BIM Plugin Objects as applicable. I use Stories and Levels. And in 2 days of work I experience things like : I insert styled Windows in my styled Wall. One Window Style does as expected, the second Style inserts them by applying an unwanted -0,35 m Z value each time, that I have to get rid of. (Styles were once imported and adapted, settings are fine) I have Slabs from Generic Solids that I want to replace by real Slabs. I extract their Top Face (planar) and "Create Objects from" > Slab. Most times it worked well, but for others, the Slab created jumps away in XY from the extracted Polygon and I have to reposition them. I can edit Slabs with 3D Modify Tool to avoid not being able to see the context when in Slab Sub Editing Mode. But it will not work for the recesses. I have to go in contextless editing mode, or better draw these recess geometries from scratch and replace. When I edit Extrudes and want to snap to underlaying geometry, sometimes I can pick Vertices, sometimes (mostly) not. Mostly Edges are accessible, sometimes even these aren't accessible. Of course, intersection points from Generic Solids never have been accessible for me or work 2D only at all. Setting geometry to not align after view changes makes my geometry jump anywhere out of screen whenever I change Active Layer. So I set it active, this will not center my Geometry either but center Internal Origin. So this way at least it will keep parts of my geometry on screen and I have to pan less.
  12. You have moved your User Origin in the example File. Make sure you set the same User Origin for the other File BEFORE you import a Layer.
  13. 100 % agree. I also would mostly need the Curtain Wall Tool as a Window Tool in a Wall instead of being a Wall.
  14. Beside those feature wishes. Current Sills do strange things for me, like not cutting through the whole Wall and leaving a rest of the Inner Wall Face ....