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  1. zoomer

    Equivalent of "`" key on a PC

    Well, for me it is "<" (German Keyboard) But I think it is at the same place than yours ....
  2. zoomer

    Not seeing reflection/shadow in glass

    The "Edge Color" (When you look along a Material Face) in Glass Shader should be White = 100 %. Black will deactivate the Reflection. Default in VW for Center Color is Black. Which again means 0% Reflection when you look perpendicular to a Face. Which is the situation for an orthogonal Elevation View ! But That is wrong. For Glass it should be the typical Reflection amount of most Dielctric Materials. Which is about 5-8 %. So you should apply a dark Grey color with 5-8% white for your Center Color. That is what you would also use for a Mirror or Plastic Shader in Reflection Channel. As you have a orthogonal View, which doesn't exist in reality either (= infinite Focal Length) it may be pretty ok to crank up the Center Color even more towards White, like a brighter dark gray with 20-40 % White = 20-40 % Reflection. So that it looks more "right" or pleasing.
  3. zoomer

    eGPU and Vectorworks Testing

    I also watched a few Mac Mini Videos. Yes, it does throttles, never reaches the max. Boost Clock Speed like Macbook Pro, iMac Pro. It does not throttle like the Macbook Pro, but in a more acceptable way and amount like the iMac Pro does. (Cinebench cold 1200, Cinebench hot 1130-1150) So acceptable. But what I don't tolerate for either, iMac Pro or Mac Mini, as a serious Pro Desktop, is that the Mini CPU hits and runs at 100°C. And, while it may not be an issue at all for the large majority. You can run Bootcamp Windows fine, but the T2 chip (being also the SSD controller), will prevent from installing Linux on the internal disk.
  4. It should appear in your App Store under Updates (?) I have only an old 10.7.5 Machine, which I think has an extra "Software Update" for the OS All other Machines are 10.14.1 Mojave already. (which has again a separate "Software Update" in Mac Settings, parallel to the App Store) Until 10.13, for many years, new macOS releases could be found in, and were updated from the App Store.
  5. zoomer

    eGPU and Vectorworks Testing

    So the Mac Mini isn't that bad CPU wise. No Mac Pro replacement though. (only 20+% faster than my nMac Pro with its nearly 6 year old 6 core Xeon W) And pity for the onboard only graphics. (I would have bought one else) My proposal to Apple, take 2 empty Mac Mini Cases from assembly line, 1x put 2*3 SATA SSD Slots in, 1x put 1-2 Mobile Nvidia GPUs in, and sell it together with a roll of Duct Tape along your Mac Minis .... to stack on top of each other.
  6. zoomer

    eGPU and Vectorworks Testing

    So far Nvidia says, the drivers are at Apple waiting for approval. (Some IT press claims since a few months) Apple says - nothing. But I wonder about the CB 15 single core results. Shouldn't these be nearly 200 ? Personal opinion, a Mac Mini with an eGPU (or external drives) isn't Mini anymore. But who needs a Mini Desktop Computer anyway. And if so, why not choose a Case Size that fits all(*) nicely in ? ((*) what is currently extending from behind my nMac Pro)
  7. zoomer

    Apple Special Event

    Thanks a lot for your tests Jim. And that is far better than I expected after their previous device results. (But too little, too late, my next Mac Mini will have a Ryzen, be not that Mini and not even be a Mac)
  8. zoomer

    Apple Special Event

    Will Cinebench drop much if you try it 5 times in a row ?
  9. zoomer

    Scaling trees

    I wonder why the VBVisual Tree is of scale at all. Is the Plan behind a Design Layer Viewport ? (and is that at Scale ?) As the VBVisual Trees are Parametric and have chosen a certain Tree Size. If it is really the Tree which is off Scale, you could maybe create a Symbol from it and adjust the Symbols Scale for each Instance you insert. If that does not work you could "ungroup" the parametric Tree Object to extract the Geometry before creating a new Symbol from it.
  10. zoomer

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Same here, USB Problems here from time to time (1 Minute hangs) Not only my Wacom Cintiq input, also 3DConnexion or any other input device. 0-1 times a day. But much more often when VW open.
  11. zoomer

    Best Imac pro setup?

    Yes, VRAY4C4D is gone to Chaos Group to. So no more perpetual License anymore in the future. (And no VRAY4C4D for R20 coming - for Mac Users) So I will stay with VRAY 3.6 and go back to R19.
  12. zoomer

    Problems sending items to back or to front

    (Letting Layers aside) I never fully understand how Object Stacking order really works in VW. I also think that a CMD+B "send to Back" isn't always as "back" as "Back" could be or an "ultimate Back". For me it is more like a "soft Back" (It might be a Back or lowest bottom of stacking order in a Class or something like that) Following that, I think I was always able to finally send my Floor Slabs behind, to no more occlude the rest of the Geometry, but that may need a middle 2 digit number of CMD+B hammering.
  13. zoomer

    Trouble exporting site model

    Funny is that not all Faces of VW DTMs are flipped to the same side. I think the Top Face is always wrong. (Can't remember if all Texture Bed Modifiers were wrong too or not) I just got use that a VW DT needs some extra love after import. But it would be much better when it exports correctly. Would allow my to do further changes in VW for exchange. Currently DTM export was one way only therefore.
  14. zoomer

    Wall tolerance

    If playing with the "smoothing angle" in HL settings doesn't help, you can try deactivate "Generate Intersecting Lines". But as @herbieherb said the Geometry has to be exact. It looks like the problem doesn't happen for all touching elements.
  15. zoomer

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Mojave 10.14.1 works reasonably fine for me here in VW 2018 and VW 2019. Just search for the newest Service Packs of both. (SP5.1 and SP1.1 as far as I see, although some are mentioning SP5.2 or Sp1.2)


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