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  1. zoomer

    Page Sizes in Page Setup

    A3 is 420x297 mm. Folding an Ax format will give a Ax+1 Format - but by flipping its aspect ratio. (Landscape to Portrait) Basically it is an intermediate format while you will get half length/width by choosing Ax+2, like from A3 to A5 What I don't get are the values below "Pages", and why when edited, will destroy my printable area settings. It can be useful to show printable size, as we know our Ax sizes already well, when it has a proper description. It does show correct Paper dimensions for me, like A3, when I have non-printer Format activated. If it isn't described as "Printable Area", and shows strange values after selecting an Ax Format - I would immediately think someone thinking in imperial units made a mistake in Software for translation to real units.
  2. zoomer

    VW beginner is stuck

    Or Add/Clip Surface for Slabs ...
  3. zoomer

    Non-CAD software question for architects

    Alternative To is a great place to find and compare similar Software, like for a different Operating System. And it knows even rare Apps.
  4. I think it is the opposite way in VW. You have to hold SHIFT to force it to paste in place. Without SHIFT it will place it to the last point you clicked before. I think that is nearly what you want beside you have no control where your origin to place from is.The midpoint of the boundary box ? So that‘s why I ask myself why that is the default behaviour with the simpler short cut.
  5. zoomer

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I got.my previous Mojave driver running ok and I made VW 2019 running with it. I see no risk in updating input device drivers. I also did with this one and I didn‘t see any problems with it.
  6. zoomer

    Non-CAD software question for architects

    Unfortunately all browser based online solutions. Cross platform solutions very welcome : - Linux, Windows (and Mac) in this order - Desktop App - perpetual - offline
  7. zoomer

    Non-CAD software question for architects

    Interesting. My opinion may be a bit off topic as I a a Freelancer. But I have problems finding adequate replacement of my Mac Software for Windows. Time Tracking for me is essential as you want to separate the time you spend in front of the Monitor from the time you effectively got work done. 1. Timings + Grand Total for Mac Combo (Time/App Tracking + Invoices, from Media Atelier, Switzerland) 2. One man show here 3. + offline + classic perpetual license no subscription + affordable + true Mac App + iCloud option if needed Time Tracking : + allows graphical, manual editing of time Bars (auto tracking never really worked for me, like phone calls : Telephone Meeting or private call, private or office browsing or mailing ...) + calender-like or list views + Text input, comments option + iCloud option if needed + Projects, Clients, hurly rates, tax options, ... - App Tracking hard to read and tedious to setup - still some work needed when detailed hour exports needed Invoices : + custom Invoice Template creation + eMail option + automatic exchange of tracking data from Timings + auto sorting to specific clients and projects after exchange + semi automation to create and send Invoices + manual paid status + automatic notifications + rebate and some editing options - little glitches, like sending eMails to more than one recipient - still some manual input needed here and there 4. Not really. Automatic Notifications if you would forget your Invoices otherwise. If you are getting paid late there might be simple reasons like forgetting, SPAM folders, absences, holidays, typos, ....or bad will. All cases the Software can't help as more than a simple phone call. Or a lawyer in more serious cases 😉
  8. My experience was that the "Location-History" and potential Offsets between Edit Mode and Reality are some kind of temporary. I don't know what the exact steps were (like Editing another Extrude in between or such) but I experienced that at some point the Edit Mode vs Reality Distorsion comes back into Sync or heal itself. (Which doesn't make it much better but unpredictable) Also I think the 2D Geometry of Extrudes has some kind of own "Plane" mode like Screen Plane ... I think it was called "Extrude Plane" (?) which could be changed (?) but didn't do any good for me (?) either.
  9. For me Space Navigator doesn't work ok in VW. a) I don't like that it switches Modes (Walkthrough vs Flyover) for Perspective vs Orthogonal b) It is not able to use Flyover Tools Settings for Rotation Center, Middle of View especially) like any other App, but always rotates around origin. (Which is almost never suitable in my cases)
  10. The VW Grid seem to come from a) 2D only (Side Views ?) b) use of Paper (Grid size or extension) It hasn't grown up for 3D usage at all so far
  11. I think that came with VW 2017 or 2017. Since then I have just problems with Extrudes. Not only because of the unwanted history. There were Problems displaying the correct location of the 2D Elements and Grid itself, Design Layer vs Edit Mode. When in Design Layer, all 2D content looked a few cm off, When you move the Extrude back in place, and go back to Edit Mode with Show Environment on, the Content is OFF place again.
  12. The GTX just work. The Quadros have 2 driver options + settings. As far as I remember, one of these combinations didn't work that well for VW. And I have never seen any direct comparison for VW, if any of the Pro Cards had any benefits anywhere. For the large majority of VW users the standard Gaming Cards are the best solution. Best bang for the buck and possible less problems.
  13. zoomer

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I don't think it goes that far. The Bluetooth pairing may be a standard separate Bug, like those that appear more and more with the current Apple QC. The main problem with typical drivers is that Apple made the typical KEXT model obsolete for security reasons. In the past anyone could and did write his "Kernel Extensions", throw them in the KEXT folder and they will be loaded when booting. That was a pretty easy way to make 3rd party hardware compatible for Mac but is quite risky for security. Therefore KEXTs are depricated and Apple provides APIs for certain calls. That means a need to rewrite, rebuild or even general more work for Drivers, formerly relying on KEXTs, which means basically it is more tedious. As there are special cases, like CarbonCopyCloner which needs very deep access to storage, which will not be provided by Apples general APIs (for good reasons). Therefore, beside the transitional period, KEXTs are still allowed for special cases, but the user/administrator itself is now responsible and has to explicitely give them the deeper access rights. But normally access of simple USB input devices is not such a special case. Obviously developers are not easily willing to support the new driver model but prefer to do little fixes to their KEXT drivers to make them run as long as possible. So the main problem for the user with those current "Mojave ready" (still) KEXT Drivers is just that some vendors drivers were not reliably bringing the warning dialogs to ask the user for the special access rights. Which blocked parts of the drivers functionality. Like in the case of 3DConnexion, where the latest driver update from 3 days ago mainly fixes that all warning dialog for access rights will really appear.
  14. GTX is better for VW because it is cheaper. As VW doesn't make any use of any special Quadro functions. These are mainly in enhanced Drivers only. Like a special 3DSMax or NX driver and such. So if Quadro features not being used it is is ok to go with cheaper GTX Gaming cards with their artificially limited drivers. Normally Gaming Cards are faster than Pro cards as they use higher clock speeds. The Pro cards have mostly the same hardware and chip architecture as Gaming versions. But Pro Cards often offer more VRAM than the GTX, for those who rely on. The manufacturers claim that the chips used in Pro cards are kind of cherry picked and a better optimized for reliability or cooling. They often don't waste as much PCIe Slots as GTX where 3 Slot heights are pretty common today. Games have other needs than 3D Software. GTX are optimized for max FPS in todays Games. For 3D Apps there may be different priorities. So beside the chip itself there may be also peripheral hardware differences like different memory bandwidths and such. (Looks like AMD cards are generally weaker in Games than NVidia but shine in Pro Apps) The drivers may offer different API calls and take away unneeded functions for different needs. So for VW especially it is just not really worth to pay double the price for neglect-able gains. While for some other 3D Pro Apps Pro cards are mandatory or they even refuse any support. I use many 3D Pro Apps and none of them does really make of or recommends the use of Pro GPUs. If costs are really no issue, I personally would prefer Quadros or AMD's W series though.
  15. zoomer

    Design Layers Box has changed

    You are missing the Layer Dropdown box. Normally it exists between the Classes and the Layer Plane switch Dropdowns. As BCD illustrated, on the right end of that bar there is a small arrow which allows you to change or de/activate certain Tools in the Bar. Open that Settings Menu and check the checkmarks, if "Layer" is activated ....


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