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  1. I normally use duplicate option. That way I already have hierarchy naming and it is very likely that I want to re use one or more settings. like use class settings or viewport visibilities ...
  2. Why not using FBX ? For me currently the best export into 3D Apps. Beside alle Extrudes and Derivates in PIOs having one Face flipped, all Faces have correct face orientation, every CAD Part is correctly welded and opposed to DXF I have no missing Faces in PIOs like Windows because some Fills were missing in geometry. Also Materials, its Assignments and Scale.
  3. It gets really interesting when you have like me 3 main Apps that use different coordinate systems and color coding. In C4D it is not Z but Y the up axis. Modo even has mirrored Z Axis, so difference between left/right hand rule or clock/counterclock wise.
  4. Not sure if I understood the Problem right. In Architecture we do our slabs directly from the slab tool, from a polygon > create objects from shapes > slab or fill bucket mode into closed wall arrangements. I think negative thickness values aren't necessary as you now can set your slab Z origin to top or bottom of the slab.
  5. Currently there is no more standard brightness slider in Render Styles. If you want to control brightness, you will need a camera to create a viewport from and extend the advanced settings below to set a suitable time/aperture combination.
  6. Obscure in a visual way ? All 3D Apps I ever used have these kind of gizmos. I never felt they have hidden things I needed to see. But all Gizmos I experienced before VW SubD had elegant 1 Pixel sized arrowss. The only issue that I have in very rare cases is that the next Vertex I want to select lays directly under the active pixel area around the line to constraint axis or the arrow head.
  7. I know, that is why I second your wish. I just think in that case it is the wrong tool for your proposal. You just have to use it because VW lacks better, non risky, less tedious alternatives.
  8. Oh, where is Modo (uses Sketchfab) and C4D ?
  9. Sorry, something went wrong, post felt in wrong thread.
  10. 1. I second that wish. 2. I think it is unnecessary for a Tool like numeric input "Move 3D" It is nice to have such a Tool as an Addition, well hidden from standard users, as it already is in VW. But if you ever use such a special tool, you know exactly what you want to including which Axis, which direction and what amount, before you use it. So there is no need for hints of axis. The only reason why that tool is used so often is the lack of proper standard Move and Copy Tools in VW, which could allow to do your translations without the risk of accidentally losing control over one axis.
  11. Sorry, glad that no one reads my posts. So in general the FBX Export by Class works as expected. Beside a few of my Styles and PIO settings I had unfortunately used mostly some of the delivered library PIOs and Styles for testing that were not set to Component Class usage. But it is still the Curtain Wall Tool that ignores by Component Class settings for its geometry. It just exports both Frames and Panels, sorted in their main Class only. (At least it uses Component Materials)
  12. Read Praque, thought about cool Architecture, looked at your Profile, found a Website, not really located in the Praque But wasn't disappointed anyway and really like your Projects !
  13. Is it new in SP4 that FBX Export by Class (By native VW Order it names the objects accordingly too) that PIOs will be sorted by their Super Class only, instead of their Component Classes ? This way I have no control to divide my geometry for all Multi Component PIO usage. Like separating horizontal and vertical Frames of a Curtain Wall.
  14. If you are using Door PIOs, you should check their Component's Class Settings. The one Class shown in your image is set correctly.
  15. You assigned the Material to the Walls-Tab only ? Walls ist just for Wall PIOs, Roofs for Roof PIOs, everything else, mostly the largest part of geometry, needs a Material assigned to the "Other"-Tab. Edit, sorry, you already used the "Other" TAB