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  1. Thanks Juan. That is exactly what I wanted to hear. I am sure it is likely that there may arise some issues over time. But does not sound like a complete deal breaker, which I would not have expected anyway when Apple is occupied with VisionOS and AI ... ahm ... Apple Intelligence vs substantial macOS changes, like with Big Sur or so in the past. I cross fingers that you don't find much issues.
  2. July starts soon. And so the Public Beta of macOS 15 Sequoia. So, how does VW 2024 (SP 6 ?) run on current Sequoia Beta 2 ? Any issues so far ?
  3. I don't think that would help much for Windows ARM. AFAIR VW initially worked quite OK with Rosetta 2 on ARM Macs. But VW did mainly change the graphic system to Metal and maybe replaced some old legacy Apple APIs for their first VW Mac ARM version and later maybe did some minor changes for optimizations. (against memory leeks and such things) But at that time VW also switched Windows graphic from OpenGL to MS DirectX. Which should be the main part for best Windows compatibility. Not sure what other legacy MS APIs used in VW Win could have such a negative impact on Windows on ARM emulation. Or maybe it isn't even possible to run demanding 3D or CAD Apps on Windows ARM emulation - maybe even if they were specifically written for Windows ARM (?) Not sure if VW itself could solve all issues. For the sake of competition and comparability alone I really wish Windows ARM much success. But I think it is very much harder for Windows ARM to grow with a Windows user base's large usage of old legacy software, which won't be worth to adapt to even more than still running in XP legacy mode in Win 11.
  4. Interesting. I thought after all these years, X86 software emulation on Windows ARM would finally work and allow GPU intensive software like CAD and 3D on Windows ARM.
  5. I get such things from Revit users. That is because it is included in their Libraries. Hard to get rid of the Symbols, if you get a 4 digit number of these. And often every door panel and jamb filleted and terribly meshed. Or all Facade sheet metal Panels created from individual Walls in lack of reasonable Revit Tools ... But the most unrealistically workable file was when the 2D parts came in and all Hatches where exploded to single lines ....
  6. Hey, doesn't look that bad. OK, everything comes in on a single Class and Layer, no Cameras, an unsolvable 1024 (?) depth group orgy, ..... So USD still not realistically useful for VW - unfortunately ....
  7. I am not sure but AFAIR I did some repair directly in VW. Like going into the groups, closing all Polygons, Select all ALT+R (?) to create a Mesh, leave the Group and ungroup it. There is also Stitch in 3D Tools. Maybe it needs to convert the Polys to NURBS first. Problematic are touching Objects like connected Walls where one Face of each are coplanar. But that is usually more a problem from VW DWG Exports, where VW fails to export some Objects as Solids. (e.g. a side wall with a full size edge Window - which creates 2 Volumes, one above and one below the Window) All these will be exported as loose 3D Faces in DWG. A nightmare. Usually I have much less non-welded Vertices Geometry problems in VW imports than from VW exports .... That's a good idea, to initially clean up Meshes in C4D or Blender. But it would be more comfortable if we had a C4D Import (like Archicad has ?) My hope for 3D to VW import is still USD. Should try again how Blender USD to VW works meanwhile.
  8. I think the configuration is pretty ok. Especially as you can still work with your project size with your current iMac. I would not invest too much in a M2 Studio which may be updated significantly in about a year or so. But if you can't wait and need it now and do not spend to much, you can upgrade to a new machine a bit earlier. But I think for your VW, Rhino and Blender usage, your M2 configuration should again be sufficient for quite some coming years and a noticeable speed bump over your current iMac.
  9. Don't forget the current scandal about Adobe's recent EULA changes concerning access to user data. BTW, I have bought and installed Affinity Photo quite some years ago. But for my sporadic image editing usage I am doing still much easier in standard Pixelmator. (Similar to preferring Twinmotion over full Unreal Engine) I think Affinity was the first and still is a real Photoshop Alternative for full professional usage. If only Gimp would have the popularity and the GUI/UX team of Blender, I would use Gimp.
  10. BTW, CW is Computerworks, the company that das the localization for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (Could be that the french part of Switzerland prefers the french version ?) AFAIK VW Benelux has also a lots of custom Tools. I always wondered why they don't just work together and e.g. create a universal Window PIO. Would be cool if we could just switch language settings for tools, standards and libraries.
  11. Yes, localized versions usually have a lot of additional or replacements of Tools. With the US version you can open the files and see the geometry but you can't edit e.g. the german Windows. So if you can organize collaboration so that each contributor cares about his localized tools geometry itself, that should work. (Not sure if a VW US person can do spreadsheets and calculations if he knows the localized variable's names ?) Or in the worst case, all are forced to work with basic US tools only. E.g. the german VW users can grab the US Windows out of their Workspace editor.
  12. In case cased opening does not give all parts you need (Trim, ....) assign different Classes to a standard config Door's 3D Components and switch unwanted parts Classes like door panel off and have full control over their visibilities.
  13. You could assign different Classes for high vs low Walls and control their visibilities according to your viewport needs. If it is about standard Walls vs multi story height Walls it may be even worth to use different Design Layers. You can create real horizontal Section VPs, like generating from Clip Cube. But a true horizontal Section will not show the typical "top view" visual style look. And for a standard top plan view VP, you can set a cut height in Layer settings. But that will only simplify the look of the Walls below cut plane while higher Walls appear in the (fake) detailed cut look. So basically far from what you want to achieve. So as fa as I understand your problem, use Classes or Layers to separate your Walls and control visibility.
  14. All people beside me had 14.4.1 issues. For me it feels that 14.5 is more strange. USB device problems via a hub after awakening, Mail not showing new emails which are already shown by notifications in side bar. And I think I had my first VW 2024 or Bricscad crashes when closing the App.
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