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  1. I think this works by migration manager better and better every year. This time I really had all new entries in. I had in the past, where they corrupted and I had to redo them from scratch. I am always cautious doing so and check them after, but for the last 3 Upgrades, Workspace migration worked reasonable. There is simply too much work in it meanwhile (Menus, Tool reordering, ... ) that I would be willing to recreate the whole Workspace, if not 100% necessary.
  2. you did just copy the VW 2021 versions in the Folder ? So did not migrate them after installation ? In this case you could start the Menu : Tools > Migration Manager and set it to migrate Workspaces only.
  3. Hmmh, maybe I look for certain furniture, look through the offers and import 6-10 into my file where I look closer. If i find one pleasing and geometry not crappy I might insert it in the drawing. I will do Purge every now and then which gets rid of my plan less imports. But that means the next Project I will do the same search again. So a favorites folder would make more sense (?) But the delivered Libraries are so large with not the best signal to noise ratio that I avoided it so far. But if we had an option to just hide unwanted crappy Library Files (e.g. any imperial) from the list I may be more enthusiastic to do so (?)
  4. Ahm, Maybe I never tried if my User or Workspace Resources would ever show in standard PIO selection dialogs !? I know that my Resources in File are available. And I use Workgroup or Online Folders only to search for resources in Resource Manager. And when I find something interesting I immediately "imported" these, directly into my file ......
  5. I think that it works as designed (at a time when we were far from any more than 1 view pane) But nevertheless, AFAIR I have never seen any other App with multiple View Pane Option that would have had any option to save any Layer States (*?) or View Settings for more than one of the View Panes globally. Just that they store the contents of all Panes - when you switch between single and multi pane view. not sure what would happen if you have e.g. changed from 4 pane view to single pane and start modifying Class visibilities. I would say the hidden Panes would keep their Class/Laxer visibilities (?) AFAIR in VW you could choose if you want global ore separate Class/Layer Visibilities for all or separate visibilities view panes.
  6. not sure. I think that Favorites Folder in Application won't ever be overwritten (!?) While most Application Resource file could with Updates and SPs. On the other hand if you overwrite, or better prioritize such a file in App Folder by a custom modified Version copy of that File in Workgroup or User Folder, you would never realize or see when the App Resource gets updated by VW at some point. Isn't that basically the same as using a (separate) Workgroup Folder for each VW release (?)
  7. Yes Workspaces are no problem - as long as they don't corrupt while migration. But I meant the Workgroup (or Office Standard) Folder. I looked at your screenshots and did not find Workgroup mentioned here.
  8. Yes, I have not yet tried Symbols in Wall with VW 2022 (because the whole geometry already changed meanwhile 🙂 ) Also want to give the Curtain Wall Tool another VW 2022 try and still tend to finally just array basic Panel Symbols along the Facade. I have to expect that Facade Grid and color separation to change at least 5 billion times in the future and however I will organize it to expected possible changes it will not fit to the coming change ideas 😉
  9. I used both. Just for more control or where I was unsure about reliability. AFAIK Migration Manager will just bring over everything from your VW 2021 User Folder to the VW 2022 User Folder. Not so for the Workgroup Folder I think, as it doesn't even Migrate (+update) the Workroup Path in VW Settings. Which you have to redo manually. So when all custom data and settings in User Folder, I think there is no need for starting anything Batch Convert. Beside that you want to migrate whole Projects with some complicated Folder Hierarchy. I have about 1-5 VW Files and maybe 3-15 References per Project. When I just open these too look if they work in the new VW Version, these are basically already converted when I just hit save as .... I never do migrate all (old) Projects to a new Version. I do so on the fly if a Project gets back in use or because I want it for testing. I mostly don't even upgrade my old Reference Files (as they are save in the File) until I get new client files.
  10. Should not just take the first proposal in from Apples dictionary but also read the rest. I wondered for some time already, why people seem to always have problems with my fugues. Or when talk about STRG+C and STRG+V (of my QWERTY keyboard when I thought CTRL+ ... is just a differentiation for a Mac keyboard) Nevertheless, so far I tried to not just insert my Symbols in the middle of the Wall but align the cutting geometry in Symbol from its Center = insertion point and tried to insert the Symbol into Walls at a special point along the Wall. And this way the inserted Symbols were very unreliable by unwanted changing position along the Wall, I wasn't even able to inert all Symbols for each Stories Wall at the same place. And when I touched the Wall or repaired Wall Connections, the Symbols stayed but I lost the cutting effect, It jumped to the other Wall's side or lost insertion.
  11. "The Fugues" yes 🙂 Or I always thought about "the Fugees" killing me softly. Fuge in German is both - in music and between my Panels I see that you have also a "Fuge" (seam, joint, gap, ...) Sorry, not my native language.
  12. Yes a) I never used Favorites Folders (?) These are not for me. I think I have no Favorites ... And I think everything that I store in my Workgroup Folder - should at least be "Favorite". (In fact there isn't that much in my Workgroup Folder. A few external Object Libraries, My Templates, the old legacy "larger File" order of the Arrow RW Textures (Materials !) b) User Folder is accessible to a single user only. Workgroup Folder is accessible for the whole team and can be centrally managed, backup-ed and updated. As I am basically a one man show, the main reason may be Apple's SSD taxes. User Folder is on you local SSD while Workgroup is on your Server, external Data or NAS drive. I strictly separate System Disk and my Data. Everything local or things that some Apps decide to save in "Documents" is Trash and volatile. (If you ever lost your Windows Installation completely, directly after setting everything up for weeks because of a Win Upgrade or lost large parts of you Linux installations because of changing your GPU manufacturer, you may know what I mean) And I can use my Workgroup Templates from any Mac or the PC ! With VWs complex, not always logical or legible Resource Folders Structure, it would be very tedious to open and save to new VWX by hand. (Subfolder option) And it is comfortable to choose Source and Target Folders, to be sure that you don't destroy something accidentally . That is why I use Batch Convert manually. (Take care of your Source vs Target Folders. Or just copy and rename the previous WG Folder and do Batch Convert only inside of this Duplicate) Don't know what Migration Manager will do (?) Just upgrading and overwriting the old Workgroup Folder ? Usually I want to keep those for several VW legacy Versions. BTW I am not sure if just migrating VW Settings is (as) dangerous (as it was e.g. in Modo App or Bricscad in the past) But every Migration has a risk of causing instabilities. If I have the time I try to do it from scratch. For me Workspace feels much more risky. I one time had large problems and had to redo my migrated Workspace in earlier versions of VW, thankfully everything worked pretty well with the last 3 Migrations. And my custom Workspace is meanwhile so tedious to recreate that I went on taking the risk of migration. I have to live now with losing my "direct numeric input" or "Render Long" setup in Quick Settings and Top Bar - every few days though.
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