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  1. Just want mention that the new Fractal Design define R6 will now offer space for eATX boards. So even the larger Asus Threadripper Boards will fit in.
  2. I think for most people the recommended "center first" option is very ok. And maybe the solution for keeping "ACAD far off" exchange compatibility AND working around the coordinate center is a Custom Working Plane ? But I am not sure if it will always work reliably with all tools and sub object modes (?)
  3. Interesting is that I was not able to (re)activate my VW 2015 License on my Holiday Machine as long as little snitch blocked Google Analytics. And as I have several Add Blockers here and Browser Notification off, I am no more able to receive eMail Notifications from this Forum for Topics I subscribed to (!?) But strangely I do still get notifications If someone mentioned me (?)
  4. Hi Peter, just one thing. Here you rely on "center drawing" of the Referenced DLVP will position User Origin correctly. That should normally work. But If you did some changes like clean up work or clipping in the original DWG file before referencing, it may fail. I normally copy and paste the User Origin Coordinates manually to my Working File. At least one should check these. And most times I don't want the survey file automatically centered by VW arbitrarily but want a special point translated to the VW Origin. I do that by a test import (from File Origin) and by reading and copying its coordinates and manually, to feed my User Origin position with these Negative(!) values. And I lately had a Problem doing so in VW 2018. As it was so far that the Y value was larger than a million and appeared as a 5.123456789e06 (with eXX !), trying to set such a value to negative, lead to very unexpected behavior in VW 2018 ! Minus was recognized or or not after several attempts and User Origin setting got completly corrupt. It was not repairable and I had to throw that file away and start from scratch. The other Problem that I have. I do not really care about position and File Origin. I just do care because VW needs it that way. But I care about my User Coordinates. I want my Building positioned to the User Origin so that the Rulers and Coordinate Output is centered on a special point at my Building (Building Axes Crossing) If this would not be the case, I would lose the ability to all time check for position accuracy of all my building parts by either OIP or snapping + status bar read out. So what I really want is to assign a "Project Location" for a file that is only used for DWG Exports and Imports, so that Imports get centered at a specific place at the File Origin in VW and that they get Exported far away later again. But that my "working" Coordinate System and Rulers stay centered around VW Origin. So Project Location only calculated for Imports/Exports for DWG (and similar) Any other Exports like STL for Printing or FBX/C4D for Visualization should ignore this As I also want my Geometry centered around Internal Origin there too of course.
  5. I'm not sure. Maybe VW should ask which Class At least it was terrible when both could have different Classes.
  6. And "Textures" are elsewhere known as Image Textures. Opposed to Materials.
  7. Veeeeeery slooooooow.
  8. Yes, Transfer Container File. I had no Problems with Geometry in Bricscad or VW in my Transfer File. It is a preliminary design stage, not much geometry. I did a Purge in Bricscad and another in VW. The few Hatches in Model Space were intact but I already replaced them with Color Fill in VW. Also I did a lot of VW restarting. Not sure what it was. If I just had to reboot - why do I have to reboot at all (?) If it were the Objects on PaperSpace (Sheet Layer), why does it matter as I do reference the Design Layers only (?) But until now these DLVPs work well* again on my nMac Pro. No lags so far. (*except their Crops in Screen Plane Mode that drive me crazy in 3D Views)
  9. Either deleting the Sheet Layer parts of the Import (with destroyed Hatches) or the complete Reboot helped. Everything fine again .....
  10. OK, so it is maybe not the Sheet Layers itself but the VPs. So maybe an empty VP with complex Annotation Space drawings is not slow on a SL. I never had any lags in Sheet Layers, but my generated drawings were always quite simple. My only real 2D usage is underlay drawings, so DLVPs. And these have always been problematic for me since 2014. But not as extreme as my current underlay, in VW 2018.
  11. Are only Sheet Layers still non-VGM, or also DLVPs, or VPs itself ? I have a DWG 2D Import referenced by a VWX Container File as a DLVP. (I even centered the DWG geometry in Bricscad before importing) Each time I touch it it reloads, at a speed that looks like I would draw each part myself.
  12. That's where it gets handy in C4D. You can edit in 1 Tab or you can activate more than 1 Tab which contents will be automatically extended in your list view, while everything else stays hidden. I love Hierarchies. But I never use hierarchical display for Classes. Just because it is visually unreadable in VW. And, together with VW's limit to drag Rows not from the complete Row but from a special Field only (e.g. Layer Stacking Order) or expand/collapse Rows on the small arrow only, or switching visibility is so far away from Class Names without any horizontal guide lining that it is hard to switch the wanted Class, makes it unusable for me.
  13. This should work by Stitch and Trim Surfaces in the Model > 3D Power Pack > ... Menu.
  14. I think each VP would need its own checkbox to Auto Update or not. Like Plan Views always, Sections and Elevations maybe and RW Renderings not.
  15. Very Nice ! Would be interesting if my nMac Pro with its old and slow D700(s) would handle the file at the same speed, just because it may have also enough (6GB) VRAM.