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  1. Do you have the latest VW SPs ? The second proposal is to un-dock your OIP Palette.
  2. Are you sure it is just the Rendering that was flipped and not the plan copies you build your VW model from ? Would be pity.
  3. zoomer


    Yes, I meant creating extra Story Levels for Garage Wall binding, but using the these on standard Stories of the house.
  4. zoomer


    I would create some extra custom Story Levels and a special Wall Style duplicate for the garage walls.
  5. No, sorry, I thought there could be more control for users in that case in VW. I also had problems with a large curved atrium where triangulation was still pretty visible. Unfortunately WSIWYG on screen means also resolution for Mesh exports like C4D.
  6. Setting to very high is still too less for large radii like for rounded walls. Better than by an absolute tesselation number per arc would be a maximum deviation in a given dimension in this case.
  7. Ah, the GUI is still in the works. Here it is again, Much better .... BIM for Landscape
  8. zoomer

    Glitter effect

    If I search Resource Manager for "Granit Black RT" with RW Texture filter on. I find a Material that is about what I think of. (Unfortunately it is not tile-able) Could be in VSS Libraries. And it has only a Diffuse Map. But if you look at that Map (click on Image Effects, to see it a bit larger) This is what I mean. Search the Web for such a Texture Map (tile-able) and apply it to Diffuse AND Reflection. C4D has such a Material too in its Library :
  9. What are these Objects ? 2D Planes only or do they have no Fill Color applied ?
  10. No, only VW 2019 and VW 2020 have Catalina Support.
  11. zoomer

    Glitter effect

    You could do it in VRay with car paint flakes. But this would mostly be really visible in Animations only. To fake it in VW RW Render I would go with a highres Diffuse Map of the Stone and experiment with a suitable flaky Reflection Map. It should look nearly the same in Still Renderings but the sparkling Effect would not happen in Animations.
  12. I think they have solved the throttling problems with the early 6-core. They even have solved the heat problems with 6-core by/and Vega GPUs. And magically the same was true for the first 8-cores. Therefore I would not mind to customize to the max i9 config for the new 16". But you can wait for reviews if you are concerned. For Vectorworks you will mostly need a high single core performance. (or boost with "a few" cores) The i9s with more cores still have higher boost frequencies and should be faster there anyway. Plus, you have more cores for RW Rendering.
  13. I play with Twinmotion every now and then and really like it now. But I am even more exited about a new version. Mainly I hope for Linux Support.
  14. No Ideas. AFAIK this was already in VW 2019 when re-exchanging with C4D. All Doors and Windows I have moved in their Walls, after initial export, disappeared. I think the only way to get them back was to pull them out of their walls and set them in again. Maybe even replace the Wall (?) I think disappearing Walls is a new VW 2020 thing that happens already in View Windows/View Cache. Which likely is the base for these Exchange Options,. And I think there were changes lately to allow such Exchanges like to Lumion.
  15. The number of Duplicates should never have any influence as long as copy (retain) option IS activated.


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