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  1. We are talking about 3D Polygon Faces with at least 3 Vertices ? Or 2 point Polygons only, like Lines in 3D Space, which would not work. Are there really everywhere Faces, including the bottom ? And do all Faces touching a corner meet at the same point ?
  2. If the Volume is watertight closed by 3D polygons, you should be able to select all 3DPs and convert to Mesh. (I think that was CMD+ALT+R) If the Mesh is healthy, you should again be able to convert it to Generic Solid if needed. Another Option would be to convert all 3DPs into Nurbs Surfaces, select all and use Stitch from 3D Power Pack.
  3. I suffer from the same problem. VW can import DWGs nearly lossless. But brings only half the information out when exporting DWGs. Walls are a special case. (Stair even much worse) as they are no Solids in VW either. Slabs and Extrudes have some Face Normals flipped. If you you get loose 3D Faces from each piece of Wall and Walls touch like where they have mitered joins, so Faces touch or are coplanar, you have no change to "Solidify" them ever again. (You could delete those double inner Faces manually and STITCH all Walls into a single large Solid at best) I also find no satisfying way to even create Generic Solids from VW Walls inside of VW. AFAIK, when converting a Wall with Windows in Wall, you get a Solid but the Windows and Openings will disappear. Ungrouping may work better but you end with 3D Faces and have to Stitch later and such things. My only workaround to get VW Walls out of VW as Solids, into a DWG App, is by exporting by IFC instead. No clue why such Solid Export it works in IFC. Maybe IFC is also Faces only but IFC import in Apps can use IFC formatted stuff better to generate Solids while importing. But IFC Export is also more tedious and has its own issues. So I second, if Export of VW PIOs does work somehow in some other Export Formats, it would be great if DWG Export could be improved too. (also e.g. Material Export and such things)
  4. Second, when Exchange-Updating my VW Geometry in C4D, when I changed Objects Classes (and so Attributes) which where inside a Group, those (attribute and Material) changes don't find their way into C4D at all. Did not try, but maybe ungrouping all Groups and later assign a new Group would help. (I did corrections manually again in C4D, to not risk my deadlines)
  5. I think the problem is, in such a case of editing Door-in-Wall's positions, VW Doors (from Revit imported) that have their whole geometry from using an inserted Symbol only, when exchanged (by updating) into C4D, the Render Instances in C4D will lose their assignment to the original Door Symbol ! I can manually go in and select all Doors one by one and re-assign the correct Symbol, then all Doors will reapper. Tedious of course.
  6. I think you have to duplicate and (batch) convert these to VW 2020 Files first (?)
  7. I think it has just to do with your Classes. If you change the Class of your Component Wall's Window, it will change and take the look of the new Class. Just set all related Class Options in your Window Settings. So all parts of your Window will always look the way you want, no matter where you insert them.
  8. Current Driver is 10.6.4 SCNR
  9. OK, not nice and not very future proof. At least you now know. No. There are many things that I don't want subscription based at all. So that I couldn't access my own work anymore, when I have no more subscription, for what ever reason it may be. And there are many things I will not put in any cloud. In fact I only put things in a cloud, if these are things I don't care if anybody can look at them - or if it aren't mine. 24/7 Access may be another weak point. Either keeping also old hardware, maybe redundant, if it is so important. Or virtualization. Maybe more reliable (?) You can save the Installer App. I have a copies of all OS Updaters I use somewhere on my disk.
  10. Sorry, it works well as it should in Orthogonal OpenGL. The drawing issues are only in OpenGL (narrow?) Perspective Mode for me !
  11. Basically I like it. So if you start to draw by free hand, VW will still position everything on the Grid. No ugly numbers in dimensions ūüôā It just should be dynamic and view display scale dependent like in Bricscad. That way you can avoid 90% of numeric inputs.
  12. 1. AFAIK it should run at least VW 2019, maybe one version older (?) 2. I run VW 2020 fine on Mojave 3. independent from OS. VW 2019 can't open VW 2020 files. But VW 2020 can save as 2019 or lower, which VW 2019 can read. macOS Catalina, again, hasn't any new features I am interested in any way. But it will also not support some of my Apps as being 64 bit only now. So I am still Mojave. There aren't concerns about security as Mojave still gets updates. (Not sure for how many years) So there is no real reason to update to Catalina now. You can just wait another bit (1-2 years ?) and hope your Software will bring a Catalina supporting update until then. Or use that time to find a compatible, even better, Catalina capable Accounting Software option. At least there is no real hurry.
  13. Yes, and I tried to set the decimals up 0,00000 but that did not change anything. I can draw smaller objects in 2D Top Plan, but OpenGL has a virtual coarse 20x20 mm grid, no matter which OpenGL Quality. I think VW behaves strange.
  14. In your example, in mm, I can't seem to create Rectangles in OpenGL smaller than 20 x 20 mm !? It is like there is an invisible Grid Snap. I can in 2D Top Plane View though.
  15. It is strange. In your import file (from my old blank file template in meters) I can't draw Rectangles smaller than 0,05 m x 0,05 m !? I tried in a new blank file from my template. There I can zoom in much deeper. And I can draw Rectangles much smaller than in your example. But it doesn't help, I have large display issues in OpenGL nevertheless ! (Selection boundary and grips, off from object, object shows varying wrong aspect ratios, disappearing object when I fit View to selected object)


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