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  1. zoomer

    Navigation should not be tools

    Argh, I have no Tilde Key here .... (ALT+SHIFT+8, but that does not work here) But use Modo's Navigation anyway. ALT+LMB = Rotate ALT+SHIFT+LMB = Pan ALT+STRG+LMB = Scale (Or everything without ALT but MMB)
  2. zoomer

    BUG -Auto-Pan No Longer Working

    My dreams ended quickly. 1st because that moved into the Known Issue Area and 2nd because it does not work reliably in that new fashion. Tested with Rectangle Tool fine first but Screen will jump when in Line creation anyway(*). Just not controllable. (*) So even an SP>0 embargo from my side would not really help ....
  3. zoomer

    BUG -Auto-Pan No Longer Working

    Oh my god ! It's true. I was never happier about any Bug before. Please don't fix it (*) Finally the upgrade is worth. I found that previous behavior SO distracting. (*) if ever fixing, please as an OPTION setting. (Or maybe that already is and off by default ?)
  4. zoomer

    Vectorworks 2019

    While the mother of all Examples would be Blender. https://developer.blender.org
  5. 25 seconds for VW 2019 after a whole minute for first VW 2018 after a reboot isn't bad.
  6. I realized something too but did not look as close as you did. Thanks.
  7. zoomer

    Vectorworks 2019

    Yes, in the Workspace Editor Lists are : What is new in .... with the latest 3 Versions. Also you can see what went away
  8. zoomer

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    The VW 2019 Stair Update is thought to solve your Stair Start and Ends Details. (Haven't tried that so far)
  9. zoomer

    CineEngineNEM R19 now (?)

    For the Material Dialog I would prefer something like the following Screenshot Examples. Of course less extended options but reduced essential Settings. But this is an Example where I can see all Settings at a time without opening new Dialog Windows : Part 1 : Main Settings Part 2 : Transparency Settings Or the VRAY Alternative : Example 2 : VRAY Slots In this case all the Complexity and Features can be better controlled as the Texturing is controlled separately in the Shader Tree : Shader Tree : Where you order and select your Materials for Editing (In those Property Windows shown above) and layer your Textures on top of the Material. (It basically works like Layers in Photoshop, from bottom to top, like masking) But for RW in VW I vote of course for still keeping Features and Complexity low to make that work for the target groups. So here is an Example of the new glTF Material (*) option that has such reduction to essential Settings, like the PBR Material for Game Engines like Unreal or Unity : (*) glTF is a new royalty free Industry Standard for 3D Scene Exchange, similar to IFC.
  10. zoomer

    CineEngineNEM R19 now (?)

    So basically I can do all Materials in VW by the Metallics Shader. Without much need to edit or overwrite them later in C4D which makes it more reliable, less error prone and more comfortable in Exchange when adding new Geometry. Also potential Elevation Viewports will fit the look of the C4D Renderings. In a Test I see that using the Metallics will also export the "deactivated" Metal part of the Shader anyway which makes the already complex and crowded C4D Reflection slot unnecessary complex to read and use. So a separate exclusive "Dielectrics" Reflectivity Setting Dialog in VW would be welcome. Similar to how the "Metallics" currently is with some Presets for typical IOR and maybe also including the legacy Glass option. Currently all 4 Slots are either or Slots for Color/Texture/Procedural. Being able to layer or mix a Color with a Texture or a reducing Noise over a Reflection type like in C4D would be nice too.
  11. zoomer

    CineEngineNEM R19 now (?)

    And if I watch Ceramics in my bath room or Cups, it looks like every Ceramic Surface has some kind of very subtle wavy bumpiness which makes Reflections more interesting. Maybe it's worth to add a suitable Noise with very low strength in the Bump Channel.
  12. zoomer

    VW 2019 > C4D R20 - Exchange (Stairs)

    Looks like a Problem of the Stairs itself, not C4D Exchange. Everything behaves strange anyway. When I Marquee-Select both left U Stair Objects, They behave like Meshes, or if like I would press ALT and already highlight when touched by the Marquee. While the Circular Stairs behave as expected. X_TEST-TREPPE_02.vwx.zip
  13. zoomer

    Vectorworks 2019 release date

    Don't know the release year but for me extensions like Door/Window Styles had an impact.
  14. zoomer

    100% Ownership of Maxon

    Nope, waiting for VW 2020 with RW R20
  15. zoomer

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    I wish for a customizable fixed Stair Origin - from Start, End or Middle (or Custom) to better control the direction a Stair expands or shrinks, for Story height changes with bounded Stairs