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  1. I didn't know this. And wondered why V20 did not import/migrate my projects in project list. But I opened one of the v19 files manuall and was disappointed as it still looked v19-ish, without all v20 features. So I also re-imported all my test files from scratch.
  2. As VW will get an Enscape Plugin and half of VW users are Mac users and that there are a lot of people asking for a Mac compatible version on their Forums, I hope that they will see some market for it and that there will finally be also a Mac Version available on day. I think it is not completely unlikely to happen. But maybe at that point there is already feature parity between all real time solutions though 🙂
  3. I mean my PC RTX 2070 fans also start running and get loud as long as Twinmotion window is active. The the GPU is build for that. But there is no sign that it gets too or unhealthy hot.
  4. It is not really that handy in VW. AFAIK there are only two options. 1. To activate to fix the Profiles location, which means you have to position it correctly from start. (So to arrange everything in 3D from the beginning by 3D Rotations) or 2. To do just Profile on 2D Layer Plane, and go into EAP edit mode and adjust the Profile position afterwards. (Move all from the desired location to the coordinate origin inside the EAP editor)
  5. I have no problems with my PC and a standard Gaming GPU (RTX 2070 here) But my Trash Can Mac Pro with 2 D700s gets really hot and loud after 20 minutes of Twinmotion, no matter if you do anything or not. When Twinmotion Window is active, GPU load is 100%. I am sure it wouldn't last that much longer when it gets that hot. Even my Mac Pro 2.1, although some special thermal design and separate thermal areas, got very hot and the logic board died after 4 years. Or iPhone 4 crashing with a navigation App in the car. As most Mac Models unfortunately still have thermal constraints. I would be a bit cautious with such demands (without Apple Care) over longer periods. Especially where GPUs are soldered or hard to service. I would trust the new Mac Pro. For me it seems like the first Apple Product without thermal problems. Or I would rely on eGPUs which are easy to replace at least.
  6. Does it keep your changes done in Twinmotion when you reload ? Like with C4D Exchange. So a Concrete Material overwritten by dragging a Twinmotion over the VW Material will be kept, even when you reload new geometry with the old Material, which did not exist before in Twinmotion. (C4D kept existing Geometry's assignment changes but brought in the old Material again for the new additional geometry) Does the import option in Twinmotion, to keep the CAD hierarchy vs sort by Materials, have any influence on Reload quality ?
  7. AFAIK in exactly the same way. You draw a (complex) open or closed 2D Polygon to your liking and use it as path. (Or you extract a Face from a given 3D object) You have to care a bit that the result does not self intersect in tight corners. Also there are the typical problems on how to position the profile in a controllable according to path, which is often discussed in various threads here.
  8. I even bought a 3DConnexion CADMouse because of that. As it has a real middle mouse button beside a scroll wheel. Most times I need the typical 2 side buttons of a mouse additional for CAD App anyway. Like X=Selection + Fit View in the VW case. At first when I read I thought we could finally map temporary orbit to other custom keys now .... (like MMB+SHIFT)
  9. AFAIK only if you open the Symbol and move all geometry. Select all and move the new point to Symbols coordinate origin.
  10. I think Enscape and Lumion are pretty similar in render quality and in being Windows only. Twinmotion was clearly less appealing in the past. But beside running on Mac also, it had an advantage in libraries and spreading (animated) entourage stuff.
  11. I think the majority of VW Landscape users is working at this scale. I think there is not much need to hide tools but of course you can hide everything you don't need by customizing your Workspace. (So far I didn't hide anything, I just rearranged Palettes for my needs) I think VW is one of the CAD Apps with the most less steep learning curve to begin with. Might be a bit harder with already a background from the world of Autocad. I think it is very powerful and easy to use on the other hand, once you get used to VW philosophy. VW was always a great Tool for pleasing cute 2D drawings and it has 3D, BIM with generated Plans and 3D Visualization capabilities. So you can impress your clients and have a quite effective Tool. I would advice to watch some of VW's feature how to videos on their YouTube channel to see what is possible and get an overview on how it works and is used. Then try an evaluation copy and play with it and try to get a feeling for VW and if that could work for you. If that wasn't enough or no real time to test, I would try to ask for another trial period, ask questions to a local distributor or simply further ask about specific workflows here on this Forum. This a vital Forum with some really competent engaged users, lots have also Sketchup, some even Autodesk, knowledge.
  12. I think yes. I currently tried to compare both 1:1 - but that quickly crashed VW+Enscape Beta 🙂 For me Enscape looks much better out of the box with VW materials. Will be much better once the Enscape material dialog and libraries get available. On the other hand Unreal's raytracing is still in early Beta and Twinmotion doesn't even look like screen space GI for now. But I am pretty sure that it will in a few month (or years). Windows only is currently a deal breaker for me. But with Enscape Plugins starting for Bricscad and Vectorworks now, I think there will be enough Mac user pressure so that it is not unlikely that Enscape will be Mac compatible one day. (And with Vulkan maybe also Linux compatible !) And if not I think Twinmotion may fullfill my needs in a few versions anyway. Maybe it is also worth investing time in getting used to Unreal. Great times for Visualization in quite difficult analogue real world times.
  13. Oh my god, Enscape is so great. I love it. No, they say you should use Bootcamp 🤐 Their excuse was for years that Apple doesn't sell capable hardware for real time. But there are so many asking for Mac support on their Forum. I thought they were full on OpenGL 4.x. But as they ask for Vulkan support while installation and Vulkan released Raytracing a few days ago, I think there could be an option via MoltenVK - in a few years. And as they seem to use or port to Vulkan, I think it would not be unlikely that they even go Metal - if they see a market.
  14. I got also no available update for VW on Windows (Mac was ok) I also started the Updater exe manually and it had to update itself first. AFAIK it came back after that and offered the VW update.
  15. For me "Flyover" (= standard View rotation) works well in Selected Object Mode. If an Object Selected, it rotates around that Object which what I want in 98% of those cases. If nothing selected, it will rotate about View Center nevertheless, which is my preferred Mode in all standard situations anyway. But what annoys more is that CTRL+MMB is hard coded and that I can't set my Shortcuts for temporary Flyover to my new standard : SHIFT+MMB ! (Bricscad, Twinmotion, Blender) At least MMB for temporary Panning works.


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