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  1. What about switching Data Visualization (automatically) temporarily off while exporting ? I can't imagine such a temporary worklfow like Data Visualization state as a useful export option to C4D in most cases. But I can imagine that I want to export to C4D after I checked my state by Data Visualization and may even want such a Data Viz state in permanent mode for Modeling.
  2. That might be also the reason why it worked for me. Never touched Data Visualization so far.
  3. zoomer

    Disabling hyper-threading???

    Yes, should be possible. I know I could disable Hyperthreading completely as a boot option for better security - on Linux. Maybe Windows or Mac offer similar. There might even be ways to disable certain physical cores. (AFAIK you can do that for each App individually in Windows (?)) But AFAIK that won't accelerate anything in VW. It will just show a higher number in Taskmanager, which is of course better.
  4. zoomer

    Disabling hyper-threading???

    You don't need to disable cores or hyperthreading. 12,5 % in Taskmanager, out of 4 cores x2 HT = 8 virtual cores, means that one single core is already running at 100%. And as the other 7 virtual cores are bored and resting, you will most likely reach the highest boost clock for your single thread. (Which basically jumps between physical cores to spread heat of the whole available die area) For CAD, often not able to be devided over multiple threads, it is allways best to choose a CPU with best single core speed. (Basically for any App, beside 3D or Video Rendering) But you can make use of your cores and threads when RW Rendering anyway.
  5. Seems the problem is something different. VW differs between IFC 2x3 and IFC Tags and tagging. Once you apply the other version Tag - VW switches between modes and your former other version Tags seem to be gone. You won't see 2x3 Tags when in IFC4 mode and vice versa. But you can switch by assigning a Tag from the other mode, and your formar Tags will come back. Unfortunately VW also switches its IFC mode when you do an IFC Export in the other Mode. Basically, if you need both IFC versions, you have to apply duplicated Tags, one for 2x3 and one for 4. Double the work of basically assigning the exact same Tag. This normally doesn't effect PIOs, just custom, manually tagged geometry. With one small exception - Stairs ! So far I haven't found any way to automate IFC4 Tag duplication from IFC2x3 Tags, or better assign both versions in one go.
  6. zoomer

    Mac Pro "trash can" duel video cards for VW

    I have the 6core with 2 D700s, 6GB each. So far it runs still all all of my kind of projects fine. It is not so much slower in VW compared to my recent Ryzen PC. 2GB D300 may be the lower limit spec but it depends on your usage (like many view panes open) and project sizes. 4GB D500(?) should still be ok. I just know that my 2007 Mac Pro with only 512 MB ATI card reached its limits for me at the end of 2014. And that my 2009 Mac Mini Server, although discrete NVidia card, is not able to run any recent CAD or 3D.
  7. zoomer

    Mac Pro "trash can" duel video cards for VW

    VW, as most other Apps, can see only one of the GPUs. Just a few GPU Renderers were able to use both. And of course some Apple Software like FinalCut.
  8. zoomer

    Vectorworks Preferences, Revisited

    ^ same here, at least 64 Undos. In any of those Apps that need such a setting.
  9. And BTW2 Stairs (VW PIO Stairs), at least with VW 2020, won't export at all for me.
  10. BTW VW 2019 behaves the same after an IFC4 Export.
  11. I did a Revit Import. Beside the culprits with 2D and exploded line styles, at least there are coming "PIOs" in, at first glance. For Example Doors look more or less look like expected. If you look deeper : 1. Doors are not real PIO but a Door PIO that loaded a non-parametric Symbol of the whole Door Geometry. 2. They produce the correct Hole in Walls by the Symbol, although they don't even have the correct Length and Width Settings. Just all kind of Doors have a default 0,91x2,13 m or so setting entry. (3. Repairing or editing such Symbols is quite tedious too) And what happened to me with Symbols in Doors like that is that : As those Door Symbols from Revit Families had very cryptic and long Names 4. Neiter the Symbol Preview in Doors Settings General Tab, nor its Selection DropDown Dialog is able to display the FULL Symbol Name ! Therefore I tried to rename my Symbols with suitable and recognizeable Names in Resource Manager. 5. But such Door Symbols seemed to not be really wired with Symbols in Resource Manager, The Door Settings/Definition is (at least partly) not able to update the Definition/Name of the updated Symbol. That leads to a point, when you reopen the file, that the Symbols are missing and replaced with a VW Default Door - which of course uses the wrong arbitrary default Dimensions (described in #2.) and Wall cut outs.
  12. I have a VW 2019 project (under NDA btw). Mostly PIOs but also custom 3D geometry, tediously manually assigned with BIM Tags. So far in VW 2019, IFC 2x3 Exports were fine. (Never tried IFC 4.0 in VW 2019 so far) If I open the file in VW 2020, everything is there. (initially I thought migration to VW 2020 would delete my manual BIM tags) I can even save the file in VW 2020, without any loss. But as soon as do an IFC 4.0 Export, once completed, silently ALL my manual assigned IFC Tags are gone. Just like that. (WTH) If I would save that VW 2020 file after IFC 4 Export attempt, without any further modifications, my Tags would be gone forever.
  13. Well, I just checked/tested that I have Symbols and Instances. I didn't count them if I miss any ūüôā But good that it was reproducible and is in the works.
  14. zoomer

    3D Connexion settings migrate to VW 2020

    For me my VW 2019 settings worked immediately in VW 2020 also. The problem is that with the buggy 10.6.2 driver, my VW 2019 settings got corrupt. These were all VW App specific button assignments. I have now numbers only on display. Unfortunately the tedious reverting procedure to 10.6.0 did not help, all settings were gone completely. So I went back to 10.6.2. for now. So I have at least my broken VW settings back. While Bricscad or other Apps settings stayed completely unaffected. Also the 10.6.3 driver on Mac works fine. And, 10.6.2 will crash when you open Blender.
  15. VW Export File was saved in R21 already, but looks ok in R20 too. BTW R21 is a weak update (again), beside that I got Studio, from C4D Vizualize, for free (which I never wanted, but should pay the subscription price for Studio now - if I would go on supporting them) At least no artist harmed because of I recently continued my MSA. But the new Licensing is really annoying, if you need to test it/work on Mac and Windows. Never knew that this existed, but if I get that right, I downloaded a CentOS Linux version (*.RPM) (CentOS is the Distribution, that is said to be used by larger 3D Studios) Anyway, it does not install on my OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, although RPM based, without larger fiddling) But if C4D comes at one day officially on (all) Linux, I would even consider their subscription.


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