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  1. There are a few NURBS Face options in VW. Either create a simple Rectangle in plan and convert to NURBS Face, to pull your edges to the desired Z offsets and move it in place in Z height. or create Arcs between the base points and finally create a NURBS Face from 2 Profiles and 2 Paths. there are a lot of older NURBS tutorial Vidoes on VW's youtube channel or Help files and VW university will also help. If you are more on the sculpting side, you can also convert a Rectangle to a SubDivision object and use the SubD Tools to manipulate the corner heights. There are maybe even more viable ways in VW to do that. Also there may be even already some ready to use Symbol Resources in VW Libraries in Resource Manager ...
  2. I have to show design versions all the time. So far I have that simple approach. I have Version specific Geometry separated in VW (by Layers and/or Classes), which I can activate one by one e.g. by Viewport Visibilities. So far I Render in C4D. So VW to C4D Exchange, keeping VW Hierarchy. Organizing and switching version visibility with C4D "Render Takes". So for Twinmotion, just the same. Import keeping Hierarchy. Organizing and switching version visibility withTM's saved Render Cameras, or better saved views.
  3. Yes, that is exactly what I meant. The Top Faces of the VW DTM are flipped. So TM looks through and ignores them. Try if you can find the Material(s) assigned to the top faces and edit them to : Material > Settings > 2 Sided (default OFF) to ON.
  4. ^ For some reason I thought it is about the Stair Tool. But of course you have much better control when modeling your custom geometry. I my example I just had a 6 Story Stair where most Stories were different. So I was happy that the Stair Toll allowed to do it for all individual Stairs in one go. But usually Stair tool's Handrails and its parts have geometrical issues ... or worse. If those get visible or quality is important, custom modeling is the way to go. I just would prefer working with Extrudes or Multi Extrudes of Extrude along Paths as I think they are a bit tedious.
  5. Could be too. Even without logical reasons. Some Modo imports in TM, in the past, had parts of geometry folders, imported at totally different scales and rotations. Should try again if that got better.
  6. Can you try to set TM's default background floor invisible, to not occlude your DTM, and look if you can see the Site Model from below ? Usually, (at least in the past), the Face Normals of the DTM's top faces are flipped. If that is the case : TM had also a 2-sided Material Setting anywhere (?) that will also allow to render back sides of polygons. EDIT : Yes, Material > Settings > 2 Sided (default OFF)
  7. No VW at hand currently .... But I can state that it is possible. I did the opposite, something like a sheet metal handrail that covers the whole Side of an external Stair. I am no more sure if I could just use viable panel settings in Stair Settings>Railings>Guardrail>Frame (Should be a single Solid along the whole Stair/Landings, without gaps) or if I misused Stair Setting>Railings>Handrail .... and gave it an abnormal height ..... You have to play ... something will do what you need. Finally go to Graphic Attributes and assign a proper Class to your Railing Glass Elements, that has a proper Glass Material assigned.
  8. Wow, that caught my attention. I even asked Apple Dictionary about those interesting Shred Drives. It needed another post : to get that there are no fascinating Shred Drives in reality that could help accelerating VW Project Sharing over internet ..... Very nice typo ūüôā
  9. I personally hope for an Enscape Mac ARM release (and am very confident although that doesn't mean anything) Beside there is Blender Eevee, which works reasonably already, while Cycles has no more Mac GPU support and there is nothing to expect. And there is Unreal Engine, if you like to work into that monster of a Software .... Beside that, existing or coming 3rd party GPU Renderers like Redshift, AMD Pro Render, Octane, .... may fulfill the same needs, vertically on top of CAD or 3D Apps.
  10. I think it was by using SHIFT key when clicking on Clip Cube Icon to reactivate Clip Cube. (Or another Modifier Key like CMD, ALT, CTRL likely though)
  11. 1. It works for me with MMB and SHIFT, just like in Bricscad or Blender, similar to VW, beside it uses CTRL. For me view navigation in wide angle perspectives was always a bit clumsy. I prefer the the linear response characteristic of orthogonal views. 2. Had the same experience in the past with my Trash Can. Just opened TM App and went back to PC. After 20 minutes my Trash Can was glowing and the Fan at full rev. AFAIK that happened even when TM was in Background. For me that was new too, that TM is always at full GPU load, no matter how complex a scene, if you are working or just idling. I think that got better with TM 2020 or Big Sur Updates. As I am on M1 Mini now I can't hear the fan anymore, so I am nut sure if it is totally gone. But maybe on PC GPU load goes down now when TM in idle, at least when in Background.
  12. I was pretty happy with C4D export in the past. Now with new Datasmith export it could be even better. I have not yet enough experience though. I only see that the same project's TM files get larger and did not run that smooth on my M1 Mac Mini as my older C4D exports did. But also first need more experience with newest TM 2021. Yes, I would also use at least VW dummy Materials. So you already have Material assignments and can easily overwrite those materials with TM materials. And maybe VW Materials may be already sufficient for most secondary simple Materials and you only have to overwrite and care about most important, Glasses, Metals and Woods ...
  13. I would start 3D modeling the existing environment. Yes If someone provides me a Sketch (I am not so good in sketching), why not, even better. (I sometimes get PDFs) I think I would start with Cubes for Building Volumes. In parallel maybe Cubes for Space Program to move around and get a feel for Volume needs. Yes, that too, 2D analog on Paper wherever questions arise. Whatever fits the Project and the available source files. If you start with cubature, VW offers to create outer Walls and Strories from it, which you can fill with Slabs. Drawings Walls in VW'S rectangle mode and dragging connected Walls around is also fast and comfortable. I think that is quite dependent on Project type, Sources and individual taste of the Designer in charge.
  14. Looks like it works on M1 Macs.
  15. Have seen that quite often. AFAIK during one ore more SPs in VW 2020. Haven't seen it for a while. I think the View arbitrarily went off on one or both of X and Y coordinates, therefore yellow ruler(s) and blank screen (?). But AFAIK a "Fit All" did not work, maybe switching back to 2D Plan View and back to 3D, to re-activate OpenGL did help ?


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