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  1. Usually CAD or 3D Apps are complicated, grown over years and mostly not what you would call the most optimized Apps in the world. But also VW increased the use of CPU multithreading and GPU requirements. Like needing more VRAM when using multiple View Panes or now adding the Redshift Renderer using GPU. Also Apple now offering up to 32 GPU cores - but only max 8 P-CPU cores, means something. And AFAIK it is more complicated and less transparent today. Apple offers a API where Software Developers call for resources, but behind the curtain it does not matter if macOS will send these calls finally to their SoC's CPU or GPU cores, or Security, Video Encoding, Machine Learning, ... or whatever cores do the job best.
  2. I think VW is far more stable when you set Autobackup to a number of commands (16 here), instead of a time interval. This way VW starts saving immediately after n-times commands finished while by time interval it seems to sometimes interfere with a command still running. On the other hand it could also be that VW runs out of physical memory (Like VW 2022 Viewport Rendering on Sheet Layers for me) and starts swapping, that it gets so slow that we just think it is frozen, while it may just awake - after some hours if not force quitted by the user before. So it is worth to check Activity Monitor or Windows Task Manager in such situations to check what RAM and CPU usage, if VW is still alive. An "App ... not reacting" warning does not necessarily mean that an App lays in deep coma, it just means that it is not answering questions from the operating systems ... impolite, I know. That shouldn't mean that VW could not simply really freeze, crash or have bugs.
  3. I also am disappointed that there is no pace grey Mini. I also do not really want a mobile solution. Watch your most complex Project's RAM consumption in Activity Manager. If your VW will only consume up to 10 or so GB RAM, go for the Mini with 16 GB. It will feel faster in VW and overall faster in general. If your Projects will make VW use more like 30 GB, like some of my, not optimized, larger Projects do, (although still far from final max expected complexity) Wait for an at least Mac Book Pro like equipped M1 Max Mini or even iMac. 16 GB of shared memory can be a limit at which it is no more fun to work. But if you are on the green memory pressure side, go for M1 and just wait some more years until you upgrade again.
  4. I test TM from time to time on my M1. (I am still not sure if latest official 2021.1.4 is already fully optimized for Apple Silicon. At least it does no more crash !) The biggest problem is the 16 GB limit on shared RAM. If you exceed the memory usage too much and M1 starts swapping too much, everything will slow down. (Not just TM, also VW, Bricscad, C4D, .... ) So I personally want at least 64 GB for the next M Mac. Of course more than my 8 GPU cores would be nice for frame rates. (I would go with 32 core GPU too) I just wished to have the option to ditch the M1 Max's video decoding units and choose some more CPU cores instead, as I am still doing lots of old school CPU Rendering.
  5. zoomer

    Legacy 2D features

    Don't see it as "2D is legacy". There were designed some strange functions on the way from only 2D to adapt to 3D. Like Screen Plane, which came in help for missing "real" 3D Tools. As it was the only way to manipulate Objects in 3D Space. VW is still a mainly 2d oriented 2.5D System though with no equality of all 3 Dimensions. (Compared to e.g. Microstation since the mid 90ies or earlier) Which isn't that bad as Architecture, depending from gravity mostly works in that way. Another thing is Unified View when off, was a workflow to arrange and print Drawings on Design Layers, because at that time there were no Sheet Layers to layout your plans. So it is not 2D that is legacy, but a few somehow "creative" but very unusual VW Features. Unfortunately many users get used to those and it is hard to deprecate those and take them away to move on in progress. Non of the "2D legacy Features" is required today anymore to work in 3D or 2D and to layout and publish Plans.
  6. You can see that basically only if you are RW (CPU) Rendering which is a typical example of a task that can easily computed multithreaded. But typical CAD tasks can't. So any CPU with more than 4-8 cores won't make VW faster. For 80% of daily use cases, it is only about maximum single core boost performance and fast memory access. And this is also something where Apple Silicon is good at. M1 Pro/Max slightly faster than old M1, although all are using the same architecture and cores. The next step (in early/mid 2022 ?) will be M2 and later M2 Pro/max, which may use the next architecture from A15 chip and maybe 3 nm, which should bring again a boost in single core performance, and or efficiency. So anyone who does not need RW CPU Rendering in VW would be still fine with the affordable old M1 offers - as long as their 16 GB RAM only is enough for their project sizes. The M1 Pro/Max has a more reasonable amount of max RAM and more memory bandwidth. And its better GPU with more graphic cores will get more important in the future.
  7. I had this too with one or two versions of macOS 12 Monterey Public Beta (PB 9-10 ?) but it disappeared again with one of the latest PBs or release copies. Maybe your Big Sur had an (security?) update lately too ?
  8. I think WinDoor has all kind of vertically opening (garage) Door Types, Rooling Doors, ... I would expect there is also something for segmented Doors.
  9. I don't do that that often, but my current RAM limit lag problem, with a mediocre complex file, is also mostly by just rendering SLVPs or editing their Crops or moving them.
  10. from what to expect .... Single core Performance is on par with our M1s. So VW should be similarly as fast on a M1 Pro or M1 Max. It could only be faster in rare multi-threaded VW tasks that may use more than 4 (performance) Cores, if any at all. M1 has 4 performance cores, M1 Pro/Max have 8 performance cores. So, like for Cinebench multicore CPU Rendering, and RW CPU Rendering in VW should be nearly twice as fast than M1. (BTW Which is still about 1.5 times slower than my Ryzen 3950X) Just RW Rendering in "Redshift" mode, by GPU, should be at least, nearly about twice as fast than M1 (7 or 8 GPU cores), with M1 Max/Pro 16 GPU cores or 4x faster with 32 GPU cores. If Redshift uses both, GPU and CPU, it should be even faster than just by the additional GPU cores. Plus, the more RAM by M1 Max/Pro, the more memory lanes and throughput. And the SSD is much faster. As long as you don't hit a RAM limit with VW, you may hardly notice any difference in speed in VW modeling. Maybe in View refresh/navigation and saving files. But depending on MBPs configuration, you will have much more reserves for project and file sizes.
  11. Good point. I currently just have something pretty similar on a roof terrace. (BTW, while my main problem is more about the inability to correctly set the railing posts according to my Building Grid) So my thought about a workaround in this regard, maybe potentially also be suitable for your needs : use Curtain Wall Tool instead of Railing Tool (!?)
  12. That must be a new feature. I was used to split Walls in the past very often and got 2 Wall objects.
  13. I run into the memory limit of 16 GB on my M1 very often. If more would have been available for M1 I would never have chosen only 16 GB. My PC has 64 GB and I am happy to have some reserves but also often need 20 or 30 GB for VW App alone. So personally I would prefer rather 128 GB to be future proof for the next years. You should take a look at your Memory Consumption in Activity Monitor from time to time when working with larger files, to see what is suitable for you. For Apple Silicon devices, the Memory is also shared between GPU and CPU. You can also open larger projects on a 8 GB M1 MackBook Air if you need. But it gets very slow, opposed to normal use where it is so fast and snappy.
  14. As I currently mainly use a M1 Mini 16 GB, My only issue, for my project size, is basically the RAM limit only. As soon as Activity MonitorMemory Pressure changes from green to yellow working is no fun anymore.So I would primarily go for 64 MB first. As nothing upgradable, I would max out GPU and CPU too ... I just do not really have a need for a Mobile. Would prefer a Mac Mini (Pro space gray) or iMac 27"+. Or Mac Pro , which I may never be able to afford anymore again. Since VW 2022 is Universal, or Apple Silicon native, everything got better on M1, but it did not solve the Memory problem in general. The frustrating thing is that always when I switch to 16 core, 64 GB RAM RX 6800 with 16 GB VRAM - PC - the File is also slow and lagging .... So I have great expectations about everything coming, including M1 Max ...
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