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  1. Hmmh, I did that all the time. I always create my Layers manually in Navigation Palette and or edit them in Organization Palette Layer Edit and assign Stories to them later. I did the same for existing or imported Layers. You just have to care about the Layer Height when assigning a Story. Instead of just using Story's height after - VW does some math and adds or subtract the Story height from the previous Layer height. So you have to delete a potential offset in Z manually after assigning a Story to a Layer.
  2. At least VW on M1 does not release all memory when closing files. I had some 2 pretty small files open on my 16 GB Mini but decided to import a (mediocre complex 350 MB) IFC file. For fun I choose the VW Solid option - I was aware I would get brownish memory pressure and that it woul talk the whole night, which it did. But it finished, I could save that import file the next morning and closed it. But from some 20+ GB while loading IFC - VW went only down to 7.9 GB. Even with now file loaded. And 7.9 GB for a CAD App just idling is too much for me - if I only have 16 GB of shared memory.
  3. No, it works for me here on the Mac Mini M1 and macOS 12.4 Did you try to reboot and the repair option from the VW Updater ?
  4. I have that too. And like in your case, not all glass gets opaque. For me it was mostly in rounded Walls, but not all of them.
  5. It is always hard to switch standards that you learned as a child and got used to. Same for the language. A second language will always fall behind in some aspects. (numbers in spoken texts here) I heavily disagree. I think the advantages of the Metrical System are 1. That you can easily switch between Units (from ... to mm to cm to m to km ...) by just switching the decimal separator AND mentally .... 2. The same for switching from Dimensions to Areas or Volumes (from ..... m to m^2 to m^3) 3. If there possibly is any superior Unit System, it would be good if all would use it for better communication (So that Satellites with international collaboration can reach their orbits successfully, ....) 4. The professional, specific, human driven dimensions you have in the back of your mind (an inch is a thumb (BTW a cm is a pinky) or a room hight is 8 foot, ....) you will learn and get used to anyway easily. (A pipe for a handrail may be ideal at 34 mmm circumference, while 35 or 36 mm may feel too thick, ....) 5. The majority rest of the world switched to Metric centuries ago. BTW, I am very happy that I finally got the switch after about 20 years from old school PS (Pferdestärke) = about HP (horse power) to KW by the help of the boom of electric vehicles 🙂
  6. Not bad, a great PC for very CPU intensive multithreaded tasks. The only thing that will not really be used or help in VW and Twinmotion (As long as you do not render in VW with RW Cinerender which would love it) is the more expensive Threadripper CPU. (CPU and motherboard, ...) So for VW and TM you could go much cheaper (and even faster ?) with a consumer AMD Ryzen CPU (5950X ?) and a (good) consumer Board. So this way it could fit in the company's budget. RAM and GPU choice are great though, also for VW/TM usage.
  7. You have to set the OpenGL (Since VW 2022 "Shaded") Mode Settings for your drawing view to Max quality. (AFAIK the System or File "3D resolution" is for import/conversion of geometry only ?) But OpenGL, or now Shaded, Mode was always a bit fuzzy with Lines on at a minimum of 1 Pixel size and overall Antialiasing quality pretty low for faster view speed. You can workaround that when rendering in Viewports on Sheet Layers and pushing DPI setting high or even double to make the (fast) OpenGL/Shaded Mode looking more "crisp". Or better use the, more expensive but better quality, Hidden Line Mode on top of the pure OpenGL background rendering as the foreground render mode for your SLVPs. But AFAIK there is also an Option in VW Settings, to switch off Antialiasing for faster view speed globally. Check that AA is on .
  8. AFAIK, in the past, the whole geometry was not exported as soon as I also had IFC tagged the group (?) Would be good if that has changed meanwhile ....
  9. Yes, realized that too. You can IFT tag Symbols but Groups will not export when IFC tagged. You have to not tag the Group but tag all group content instead.
  10. If you can attach the file here on the forum, usually someone will convert it for you in a recent time frame. If it is under NDA you could ask the VW Support. (If it is a file from a VW student version, commercial users will not be able to open it. Same for files created in a pirated copy of VW)
  11. Most CAD's have basic Animation capabilities. But I would prefer to use Twinmotion or Enscape (once a Mac version released) because in the very past, I was never willing to wait for days or weeks until an animation was calculated. These Real Time Renderers produce (very) acceptable by GPU rendering in an affordable time frame and are easier and more flexible to use. (my opinion) Or some 3D DCC App like C4D (with VRAY ?) As VW includes the C4D Render Engine, it will never be VRAY quality but you can do much more than shaded with AO - at least for still images .... Twinmotion is not yet fully optimized for M1 Macs. But their development was impressing over the last 2 years. So if you like Vectorworks already in general (even coming from Autocad) and are also familiar with TM already, I would stick with both. Or Enscape if you prefer. Or Lumion is also great if you can work with Windows.
  12. Unfortunately VW excluded the Wall Tool fro VW Fundamentals a few Versions ago. OK it was essential for many Fundamental users but not clear why Walls are in there while all other Architectural Tools like Doors, Windows or Slabs were not in there. So later VW Fundamentals offer just only all 2D Features and basic 3D Modeling.
  13. Does this still happen in VW 2022 SP3 ? I was used to have that in the past (starting with SP2 ?) but did not work or test on it since .... (Jambs where in place but Sashes rotated outwards to Layer Plane orientation. I think this is a side effect of trying to get rid of Screen Plane attempts in VW 2022, which I highly welcome BTW) And BTW, when trying to play with Texture scale and orientation in Twinmotion, suddenly VW's rounded Walls switched Axes and rotated around.
  14. My greatest annoyance since I started with VW. You want to create a new resource, open the dialog, get unsure about proper naming but have no option to scroll in Navigation palette or such things. So you have to close the dialog again and start from scratch losing your settings you already done. Bricscad does the same. In C4D or Modo you can open thousands of dialog windows that stay and wait for your input, move them around but still access the whole GUI. In C4D you can even start a bunch of Renderings in picture Manager but go back to your main file and go on working.
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