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  1. I also tend to separate the whole facade or even exterior Walls from the rest of the story based layer system, even for smaller buildings. But I have no need for proper floor plans. If I had, I think I would try horizontal sections for construction plans and maybe an extra presentation/selling plan set with the nice and fast Top Plan Illustration. Maybe one could combine both and overlay real Section Viewports for the multi story Facade Layer + standard Top Plan Viewport for interiors. Of course less tedious in Apps that have an "show in all "related" Stories" option and always calculated Sections.
  2. Another option would be to not use standard Top Plan View Render Mode in Plan Viewports but real horizontal Sections.
  3. But she would have the same multi story Layer in each Story‘s Plan Viewport. And would like to be able to control that Layer‘s cut plane height from each Viewport.
  4. I think it is possible to avoid specific top/bottom/side Bars. This way you could divide your Curtain Wall more or less over your Stories in parts and they might look right in Floor Plans (and Sections). That may need some acrobatics in your calculation sheets if you want to count only one Curtain Wall.
  5. zoomer

    File is CRAZY big

    As for the "step by step" that I mentioned, I meant to activate only one kind of Element Type in the Purge Options Dialog at a time. Like purge unnecessary Symbols only, before going to more critical things like "Special Symbols", conjectural "unused" Classes and such things. In hope Purge will not crash. Sometimes that helps to bring the file again into a state where even Purge will not crash anymore. But there will be cases where dividing the file in smaller fragments may be the only way to find the problematic elements. I think your files are mainly so big because the contain just so much content. A non optimized DWG underlay drawn by separate lines or exploded hatches may be only a part of the file size. But it's always a good idea to clean Files up and avoid unnecessary complexity, like in Symbols where it may have more problems than have value. Or to always create Symbols from Elements that appear again and again in a file.
  6. zoomer

    Perspective/Orthogonal view issue

    You can „import“ Viewports on Sheet Layers when you put them in a Group. That may help in some cases but will need a lot of manual re-setting though.
  7. zoomer

    Barbeque in London

    VW‘s weather forecast is very unreliable optimistic for Germany too. Maybe it works better for US east coast areas. Still like your style.
  8. zoomer

    File is CRAZY big

    And it is not so unusual that VW crashes while using the purge command. Unfortunately. I tried to purge step by step and instantly saving to see which objects will crash purging and maybe deleting manually.
  9. zoomer

    Can't install trial version of vwx 2018 on my Mac

    Normally the Trial Versions are the Full Package (=VW Designer) and you can switch between Different Workspaces like Architect or Fundamental to check if one of the smaller packages may work for you. So there is only one Trial Version that you can test for 30 days for one time. Therefore the next Option to try another Trial Version will be the next Release of VW = VW 2019 in September. Of course it doesn't make much sense to to provide a fully working and unrestricted Software and allowing 12 x 30 days per year for Testing. Don't know how VW handles it but for other Software 30 day Trials you can contact their Support and ask for another 30 days License after you explain your reasons like not having had time to test it while the period, have been ill or needing even more time to test the Software or such things.
  10. zoomer

    Vectorworks Development - Open and then Closed Again

    Normally I see : - no Serials at all, just a time lock like a Trial Version and the promise of a coming next Beta Version before the first ends - no serial but online activation and checking - Next Releases Beta runs with the Serial/License of the previous Version Like you need a valid Modo 12.0 License to run Betas of 12.1, 12.2 and maybe 13.0 I think the Beta Forums are open for all valid licensed users. Can't imagine they will lock users out again, after their licensed version gets to old if they don't upgrade (?) (They hope the Beta will convince users to upgrade) Tracking and making use of feedback may be the hardest issue. But it is not the majority of all users that is interested in a Beta program at all.
  11. zoomer

    Resource Availability for Everyone in Office

    E.g. a Wall Styles File : Create a file with your office Wall Styles, save it with the same name as the Default VW Wall Styles File in your Workgroup Folder, into the same VW Folder Hierarchy. So VW will prefer your Office Style File while ignoring the Default File. So all employees will see the Office Style File only. Just make sure that there is no Style File with same name in any User Folder, as these have priority over Workgroup Folder. (Priority : 1st User, 2nd Workgroup, 3rd VW Default App Files) And set the same Workgroup Path in VW Settings for all Employee's machines.
  12. zoomer

    co-ordinates internal origin and user origns help!

    Yes, Center first with Auto User Origin Shift + Align further imports to User Origin makes later DWG Exports correct. But when I watch my Walls in OIP it doesn't help for me when it shows a X=451,287.xxxxxxxx m location when I want to check instead if it is a X=7.20000 m = on building axis, opposed to a 7.1900003897 m, meaning I drew inaccurately.
  13. zoomer

    Resource Availability for Everyone in Office

    Hmmmhhh. As I know it works for me .... Either there is still a problem with the Path (?) or something with access/read/write rights on the server. Could you try a temporary workgroup folder copy on your desktop ?
  14. zoomer

    Resource Availability for Everyone in Office

    Have you already Updated your ressources or restarted VW to include the new ressources ?
  15. Looks like impotring DWG will always import all Classes. Mostly from a complete office standard. Then a Purge Classes often helps a lot. But for VW files from third parties, with strange named Classes, objects assigned to wrong Classes and other messiness ... even the best software may not help