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  1. Bruce Kieffer

    Filemaker Plant Databases?

    Do I need Filemaker installed on my Mac in order to use the Filemaker Plant databases? I'm in the process of dumping FIlemaker.
  2. Bruce Kieffer

    Copy Custom View?

    I tried the grouping, but the results are not anything I can use. I'm not sure what it is that gets pasted. Seems like an image that doesn't exist on any layer. It's too bad that a custom view cannot be copied to another drawing. That would be the simplest solution. Is using a camera a possible solution?
  3. Bruce Kieffer

    Copy Custom View?

    Copying and pasting the viewport gives this error: Grouping the viewport give some strange results when pasted. The objects appear to be missing even though they are visible.
  4. Bruce Kieffer

    Copy Custom View?

    Is there a way to copy a custom view from one file to another file?
  5. I want to be clear; I will continue to use Vectorworks. I'm not going to change CAD apps at this point in my career. That does not mean I'm happy. I've been asking Vectorworks for years to redirect some of the R&D for new features into fixing ALL the broken aspects of Vectorworks. I want a robust app that starts up quickly and doesn't fight me. It needs to work for me, not against me. I don't want to have to spend my time developing workarounds to avoid bugs and other poorly implemented functions. I want to work, get my work done, and then move on to having fun.
  6. I think I remember this now that you mention it. I hope I remember in the future, but this still needs to be fixed, as well as the 42 crazy seconds to launch Vectorworks.
  7. I want a way to change and make an object's center point tick mark larger and bolder. It's too hard for me to see them now, and zooming doesn't make it larger.
  8. Bruce Kieffer

    Center Point Tick Mark?

    Yes, I am doing that already. I will add this to the wish list.
  9. Bruce Kieffer

    Center Point Tick Mark?

    @GadzooksThat is not what I need, but it is something I knew nothing about, so I learned something new. I need the center point tick mark of an object to be easier to see. This may be a wish list item.
  10. Bruce Kieffer

    Center Point Tick Mark?

    Is there a setting to make the center point tick mark larger and bolder? I can hardly see it. Lots of squinting! It shows up better in my screenshot than in Vectorworks.
  11. Bruce Kieffer

    Viewport Render Mystery

    No change. Moments ago I copied the dimensions from the left VP to the right VP. It rendered correctly, so I deleted the "bad" VP. It must have been some corruption in the left VP. I have moved on.
  12. Bruce Kieffer

    Viewport Render Mystery

    These problems drive me nuts. Why is this happening? The viewports are exactly the same, created from the same design layer, and they have all the same render and option settings. If rendered OpenGL the posts render gray. Switch to render Renderworks, they render white in the left viewport, and (correctly) gray in the right viewport. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why. I have about an hour into to trying to figure it out.
  13. Far too often something goes awry with Vectorworks and the fix is to quit and restart Vectorworks. The problem with that is 42 bleeping seconds to boot Vectorworks!!! Just now my pan hand using the spacebar stopped working so I rebooted. That fixed it. I'll bet I reboot Vectorworks 500 times more often than any other app I use. Please just make things work better and for God's sake make Vectorworks boot faster than 42 seconds, and I don't mean 41 seconds, I mean like 5 seconds.
  14. Bruce Kieffer

    Ambient lighting default brightness to 61%

    Andy, These are good suggestions. I tried a Renderworks Styles, but no matter how simple I set it, the time it takes to render is far too long. I think the eyedropper tool is the way to go. Thanks.
  15. Bruce Kieffer

    Grab center point of viewport

    I think I figured it out. If the viewport has annotations, then it's center can be grabbed. This needs to be fixed. There's no good reason why you can't grab the center of a viewport no matter what.