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  1. The Receptacle tool is very basic. All I can do is apply a different color or texture, and make simple modifications in the tool's settings dialog box.
  2. My workspace was created in 2023. This problem was fixed (for me) with a system update.
  3. I have to think the need is limited to a small number of Vectorworks users who would make use of "real" woodgrain texture mapping to justify Vectorworks allocating engineering resources to create the tool or method. I would love to see it though. I imagine it would work like this: Apply a woodgrain texture to an object, then define the grain direction. Vectorworks takes care of the rest.
  4. And what about end grain! I've often wondered who decided 24 hours was enough time for a day! I would need more if I spent my time wood grain texture mapping every surface of kitchen model.
  5. I gave up trying to apply wood grain texture to Vectorworks models long ago. It's too hard to make the grain run the way grain runs in real wood, and it seems that no matter what you do the color rendered in Vectorworks is never the color you want. Instead I use shaded rendering and a wood tones color palette that I created. Red oak for this return air grille: Red oak cabinets and a maple table:
  6. I figured it out. Destination layer has to the same as the layer the objects are on.
  7. I have two objects in the same class and on the same layer, but I cannot use them together to subtract solids. If I paste them into a new file, then I can use them together and subtract solids. What is wrong?
  8. I haven't been too concerned about this since I retired, but I think that it was fixed or at least improved in newer version of Vectorworks.
  9. Is there a way to set a default denominator for a worksheet/format cells/number/fractional? It starts at 1/5 which is really totally goofy for measurement fractions.
  10. I have a second display too. And now that you mention it, my resource manager (undocked) also is invisible all the time.
  11. Does anyone else have this problem? I boot Vectorworks and my attributes palette is invisible. Window/Palettes/Attributes is checked, but the palette is invisible. I uncheck and recheck that command, and then the attributes palette appears right where it should be.
  12. Hum... That is the setting I am using, and Select Similar DOES select 2D loci, but NOT 3D loci. I tested in a blank document too. OK, I tested some more. It takes a bunch of clicking to "hit" the 3D loci in some spot different than just highlighted to get the Select Similar tool to select them all.
  13. Yep! That's the solution. Now I have to delete all of them that I placed trying to make it work!!! Thank goodness for the select similar tool, but darn that does not work on them, but custom selection does.
  14. What might be stopping Vectorworks from placing a 3D loci in my file? The 3D loci works on a blank document.
  15. My outside sheathing and trim are correct now.
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