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  1. I can't say the solution for my MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar is the same. Probably not. but they will figure yours out too I'm sure.
  2. Support found a solution. I can render!
  3. Thanks Jim. Mine has the Intel Iris Graphics 550 1536 MB. How did I get to be so lucky!
  4. I need to ask again, anyone with a MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar can you render with RW?
  5. I do find that if I select a center edge point and I use it to resize, and I shift my mouse off center while resizing, then I see the grid snaps as I pass through them, but my object must be aligned to the grid first to make this work.
  6. I just found a workaround, and now I remember that I have used it before, but even so it would be nice if the grid snapping just worked in the other views. The workaround: Switch to screen plan and turn off snap to object.
  7. So I guess the answer is no, there is no way to snap to grid in any view other than top/plan?
  8. It seems that snap to grid only works in top/plan view. Is there a setting to make in work in other views?
  9. I have reinstalled it once. No fix.
  10. 2017 RW renders fine on my MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar. Zoomer, I have tried all of the things you suggested. I tested on my Guest user and in safe mode, still no RW rendering.
  11. Is anyone able to render with RW using a 2016 MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar?
  12. That's it. Thanks much. Is there a way to set the default to active layer plane?
  13. What is this dashed square and how do I hide it?
  14. The problem is related to CineRender. It is crashing. I spoke with VSS this am. They are working on it.
  15. It's a mess. I reinstalled VW 2018 to no avail. Now all my RW options are gone. Calling VSS tomorrow!