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  1. Thanks Pat and Mike. I used a combination of both your suggestions. I drew a 48 sided "regular" polygon equal to the dia. of the center circle. Then I drew a tangent centerline from the circle counterpoint through the midpoint of one of the polygon segments. Then I drew an equal sided triangle touching the endpoints of one segment. Next will be to duplicate the triangle 47 times.
  2. Is there a way using the circular array command to easily duplicate this triangle to follow the circle and so all the duplicated triangles touch each other? I',m trying to model a cupcake paper baking liner.
  3. I could buy the cupcake for a model. Please elaborate on the "IIRC Vectorworks now has photogrammetric visual scanning."
  4. Stephan, that is perfect! Thanks very much.
  5. Certainly the easiest, and probably super expensive.
  6. Our user group is modeling a cupcake this year for our annual solid modeling challenge. I'm trying to imagine ways to model the frosting, but I'm stumped. Please offer some suggestions of ways for me to do this. Thanks.
  7. I did get it to work. Thanks. Lofting is always a mystery to me!
  8. This does not seem to work. I have restarted my Mac and Vectorworks opens to a blank screen (not a blank document) instead of what I want, which is the file that was opened when I quit Vectorworks. Is there some other setting I need to check?
  9. That helps. Now I see how to turn off the 3D jam, which I want to do.
  10. Please explain further how I would use the Loft Surface tool to do this?
  11. I'm just trying to understand it. I have use the Split Tool in the past to miter ends of extrusions. The convert Create Surface from Curves command is Option+Command+K. Please explain further how I would use the Loft Surface tool to do this?
  12. I see that now, but this is not consistent with how classes work in VW.
  13. Mike, I do use the contextual menu. It's a lot of clicking and mouse moving. I have used my macro making app, Keyboard Maestro, to make VW macros to speed things up, but I still think a simple "Repeat" command would be a nice addition to VW.


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