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  1. That moves the entire window, I need to move the sashes closer to the outside wall.
  2. Thanks to everyone. Boh, yes this is a visibility issue. I do see the walls if all the layers and classes are turned on. Alan's video is helpful. I need to go through the file and fix the class and layer assignments of the walls, and I understand that I need to watch more carefully the class and layer I'm on when I draw a new wall.
  3. These are the two settings that stop the rendering. Why might Class <Object Class> be a problem? I think Boh hinted at it with his/her suggestion. I change them to none class and change the texture to "Use Component Texture" and the walls render.
  4. I've been slowly figuring out what the problems are. Seems like a combination of all of your suggestions. Mostly textures, hatches and wall heights. Pretty much due to my lack of using walls, and that this is a 10 year old file. Thanks for the help.
  5. I'm having trouble figuring out why my walls don't render. I copied and pasted them into a new file, and the issue is reversed! Must be some setting. Any ideas?
  6. To be fair, I'm working on a 10 year old file that has been updated through every version of Vectorworks since I first created the file. It's a drawing of my house. I set the view to right ISO and render OpenGL. I use the Flyover Tool to change the view. Then, randomly Vectorworks crashes. Ok, that's not good, but the really annoying aspect is... waiting 42 seconds each time for Vectorworks to restart! I can't say if the crashing is related to the age of the file or not, but I can say that booting Vectorworks needs to get much faster.
  7. I am unable to get this window to move closer to the outside wall. How do I do that? I enter 4 in the sash offset field, and Vectorworks changes it to -1.161 (settings shows that as +, go figure!). No problems adjusting a single wide double hung.
  8. Kevin, This has been a wish of mine forever. I think the reason for the problems is because the only 2D view in VW is Top/Plan, the others are 3D, even though on the screen they appear 2D. Because of this, grid alignment and snapping can be a mess in the non-top/plan views. I wish I could work in the front, side top, left, and bottom views as though they were 2D since that is how I see them on my screen. I wish layer plane/screen plane was eliminated. I want to define an object as 3D or 2D and that is it. I want to position it in 3D space where I want it, and that becomes visible when I view the drawing in 3D. Done!
  9. Paul said it took him a lot of time to get his fork model image to align with his fork photo. There was a discussion at the meeting about doing this with camera match. Something I plan to investigate.
  10. Ok, I doubled checked to be sure I posted my "wish" on the wishlist. I did! So even though I have the duplicated workspace working in Vectorworks 2018, I still want to be able to "save" my workspace or revert it to the last version I saved, which is not how it works now. I do appreciate everyone's efforts and help to find a workaround.
  11. The duplicate workspace did not work for me in the past. Maybe it got fixed in 2018. It does work now, but that doesn't change my wish that to be able to "save" my workspace or revert it to the last version I saved.
  12. One of our members actually created a cutlery set for Martha Steward the was manufactured.
  13. I have tried that in the past. It did not work (at least for me).
  14. We had our meeting last night and I wanted to share with all the images of "before" and "after." Check out the models compared to the real fork photos:
  15. I wish the Workspace Manager pretty much opposite of how it works now. I want to save my workspace so I can revert to it, but as it is now any change is automatically saved. There is no way to revert to a previously saved workspace.