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  1. Thanks Pat. I'm not sure the script did anything... Maybe? I changed the primary to inches, and then it worked.
  2. How do I set the default secondary dimension precision to 1/32"? Looks like I have that set correctly in the prefs, but when I place a dimension it's precision is 1/8".
  3. I have to work in both MM and inches at the same time. It would be very helpful if the OIP had an option to show dual dimensions.
  4. I received a message saying some pref was reset to the factory setting when VW opened after updating to SP2. I have no idea which setting that might be, but I am curious. I wish it would tell me which one instead of being generic. It knows, I don't!
  5. Fraction display has been a problem for a long time. Fortunately when exporting to a PDF the fractions do appear correctly formatted. I look forward to a time when they look correct on screen too.
  6. I like the look of the text on the line. My solution of rendering with 61% ambient lighting is working great for all my viewports.
  7. Thanks for the movie Pat. That helps me with selecting other objects, but move by points is the easiest solution for moving a dimension.
  8. Pat, that info great too, but I still can't select the "point" of the dimension. Thanks.
  9. That's a perfect solution! Thanks much for pointing it out to me.
  10. That does not allow me to grab the endpoint of the dimension, I can then only grab the endpoint of the witness line. I want to maintain the gap between the dimension and the object it is dimensioning.
  11. Is there a way to grab a dimension endpoint to move the entire dimension without changing the Dim. Offset and Length? I want to snap the endpoint to an object, but all I can get is to resize the dimension in some way. Other apps I use allow this "grab" function by using a modifier key.
  12. Here's my best solution so far: I adjusted the ambient lighting for the Renderworks rending to 61%. That is darn close, and seems to be the simplest solution.
  13. No because without a fill the lines cross through the text, and I have tried the color picker and that's a lot of work and inconsistent results.
  14. Is there some rendering setting that will match the custom colors I've created? Here's my example: These are 3d objects placed on a design layer and then I created my viewport. I want the dimension text fill color to match the rendered colors of the viewport. I can't make it happen. None for fill on the dimensions would be great, but then the dimension witness lines cross through the text.
  15. Is there some online info about the new shaders in Vectorworks 2018?