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  1. Red Symbol Color?

    Thanks to all for the help. I think this would be clearer to me if I had a use for the "red" type symbol. I will be thinking about using it as I'm working.
  2. Red Symbol Color?

    I actually do use a biscuit symbol and I cut the slots by subtracting the symbol from the panel. It works. None the less, I'm still having trouble making a red text symbol. I think the help instructions are missing a step. I placed a door, modified that instance, and then used the "Create Plug-in Style" command to make a new symbol and then it is red. Are there other ways to do this? I can't make it work the way the Help tells me to do it. I do see the value of this red type symbol. It's a symbol, but when placed it's an object. Now Dear Vectorworks, Please change the red color to something more discernable to a color blind person. I cannot tell the difference between the red you use and the black. I have to ask my wife to tell me if it is red. That's a problem that you could easily fix if before you release software you asked a color-blind person if the red was discernable. I can see the tone of the green, I could not comfortably say it was green, but the red you use is the same as black to me.
  3. Red Symbol Color?

    Is the use of this type of symbol that has red text common? Do you use it, and what for? This info is from the Vectorworks help.
  4. Hyperlink Tool?

    Sad that the first time I use the Hyperlink tool I find this bug. I'm using Vectorworks to create a presentation for our user group about using symbols and I wanted to have links to the Vectorworks help. I guess that's not going to happen.
  5. Hyperlink Tool?

    I created a hyperlink to the 2018 Vectorworks Help using the hyperlink tool, but I get an error when I click the link. Is there a way to make this work? The link I have is: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/index.htm#t=VW2018_Guide%2FSymbols%2FSymbols.htm&rhsearch=symbols&rhhlterm=symbols&rhsyns= This is what I get when I click the hyperlink in my Vectorworks file: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access Denied</Message> <RequestId>909F4365685F50AF</RequestId> <HostId> K0xWkihPei5u72PTMg1QgjJOciMb5ywuHx/hJX5SGmpGEkh+8KfS48x4v2kKh4u0aeZUbZQVz4Y= </HostId> </Error>
  6. Drawing I-Joists

    Is using the "Structural Member" tool the currently accepted method for drawing I-Joists? How do you draw them?
  7. Pocket Door Flush Pull is Not Flush?

    It's more of a feeling that it looks strange. Yes, I could make a custom leaf, but it's not worth the time. I spoke with tech support and they had no knowledge as to why the hardware does not cut the leaf. I assume the hardware data is more important than a "real world" representation of the pull in the door. Tech support tried to modify the spread of the hardware. That does move it to be flush, but it does not cut an opening, just as you pointed out earlier Markvl. I understand this is a limitation of the door tool. I'm moving on!
  8. Slab Slope

    I've been experimenting with the slab drainage tool. It's difficult to use this tool to make my sloped odd shaped garage floor. Obviously, the tool is trying to calculate the best way to completely drain the surfaces (something I wish my contractor had considered!). So instead I created the main rectangular sloped slab and then added the small slabs in the door openings. It works.
  9. Where are Custom Dimensions Stored?

    Pat, My question is where are the custom dimensions stored on my computer?
  10. Where are Custom Dimensions Stored?
  11. Pocket Door Flush Pull is Not Flush?

    I guess I need to use different pocket door handle. I will test the others.
  12. Default Door Trim Dimensions?

    Got this working. Thanks to all.
  13. Slab Slope

    Great movie and explanation Matt. Thanks. Can you explain what the tapered components do and how they work? I assume a sloped slab has a pitch and has equal thickness, and I assume a tapered slab has a slope and an unequal thickness, but I can't figure out how I set the tapered component.
  14. Pocket Door Flush Pull is Not Flush?

    I added a Flush Pull (from the hardware list) to my pocket door. It is not flush in the door. Other door hardware from the hardware list does mount flush. How do I make this one flush? I looked at the symbol too, and it's spread is less than the mount in the door.
  15. Default Door Trim Dimensions?

    Thanks Alan.


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