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  1. Is there anyway to add a keyboard shortcut to this Edit Criteria... menu item?
  2. @Pat StanfordThanks. I get what you are saying. I don't often use layers to separate "sections" of a piece of furniture. I use classes, but I will consider using layers more often.
  3. The more I use worksheets, the more I think one of the easiest ways to have the worksheet populate as I want is to use records and/or materials. I was experimenting with criteria yesterday. Yikes! It's still a mystery to me. I eventually get what I want, but I rarely understand why one setup works and another does not work.
  4. I did have my Cut List working in 2021, but formula needed to define the part's width had to be a nested if then, and it was complicated. 2022 added the median formula, which I knew was the solution from using Apple Numbers, and I had wish listed it with Vectorworks. I changed to using the median formula, and that is why back saving to 2021 won't work. Also, Vectorworks 2022 essentially eliminates screen plane, and I have always been in favor of that. You can turn it back on in Document Prefs/Legacy 2D, but I suggest that everyone embrace this change and adjust your workflow. Use design layers for designing in 3D, and use sheet layers for annotating. I changed all of my current drawings to eliminate screen plane. I'm using Multi View Planes so I can view my cut list worksheet, which is placed on a sheet layer now, along side a pane with my 3D design layer. Another welcome change in 2022 is a new worksheet Define Criteria dialog box. It's a HUGE improvement and I don't know if it would back save to 2021.
  5. It is a Vectorworks 2022 file, and yes it does use a worksheet function that is new to 2022 and that won't work in 2021.
  6. I have created a Vectorworks 2022 Cut List Template file and it is attached here. It includes instructions to use the worksheets. Check it out. Please let me know what you think. Cut List Template.vwx
  7. I have created a Vectorworks 2022 Cut List Template file and it is attached here. It includes instructions to use the worksheets. Check it out. Please let me know what you think. Cut List Template.vwx
  8. Doe anyone have an idea why this is happening? I have to exclude the symbols classes (hinges and biscuits) to get them to NOT count on my worksheet.
  9. What is the correct way to set the cell borders on a worksheet? I'm getting conflicts with the attributes pallet line color and thickness settings and the format cells dialog box in the worksheet. I can't make sense of which is making the changes.
  10. It takes two press of the previous view button to get back to a design layer when viewing a sheet layer. I confirmed this by creating a new document, adding a sheet layer, then press the previous view button (back arrow top left).The reverse order, going from a design layer to a sheet layer, then pressing the previous view button does work with one press of the button.
  11. Does anyone know a way to make a saved view of a multiple view panes setup? I can only get the saved view to work for the individual panes.
  12. I found the new Median formula, what are the other new formulas?
  13. I messed around with this some more today. I'm convinced that the best solution is using Multiple View Planes. It's easy to set up with my worksheet on a sheet layer, easy to turn the panes view on and off, I could create a floating window and place that on my second monitor, and it is easy to print. It solves a lot of the issues I had with the worksheet on my design layer. I feel like I retired my fax machine and 8-track player all at the same time! Here's what it looks like:
  14. Nothing, but Vectorworks push is away from screen plane, and that may mean that it goes away completely in the future. When I think more about my situation, having my cut list worksheet on my design layer only serves me when I am "validating" the worksheet entries. I had to find another way to print the worksheet. So ultimately I will save time and work by using a solution that puts my worksheet on a sheet layer and view it in a split pane setup. Then it will be easy to print it when that time comes.
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