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  1. Bruce Kieffer

    Bot Z of symbol?

    Sure I could do that, but it would be better for me if I could set the symbol to Bot Z = 1/2" since all of the tile is set at that height, but the problem remains the OIP shows it at Bot Z = 0".
  2. Bruce Kieffer

    Bot Z of symbol?

    I think I understand, but I do feel it makes more sense to have the correct Bot Z dimension appear in the OIP. Here's an example: I created a floor tile symbol and set its Bot Z to 1/2" so it resides on top of the 1/2" OSB subfloor. It orients correctly in my drawing, but the OIP shows its Bot Z as 0, which I consider wrong. It has caused me problems.
  3. Bruce Kieffer

    Bot Z of symbol?

    I set my symbol's Bot Z to 1/2". I place the symbol, it is 1/2" up from zero, yet the OIP says it's at 0. Why is this? Wouldn't it make more sense for the OIP to say it's at 1/2" when it actually is at 1/2"?
  4. Bruce Kieffer

    Can't Mirror a Hybrid Symbol?

    Thanks Jonathan. That works great.
  5. Bruce Kieffer

    Can't Mirror a Hybrid Symbol?

    I created a 3D wall tile and made it a hybrid symbol with a top/plan 2D component. I can mirror that symbol horizontally on the wall, but not vertically. Is this expected behavior?
  6. Bruce Kieffer

    Bad Solid Subtraction!

    I've been working trying to "fix" the same issues with the dovetail pin I use to model dovetailed drawers. Getting that to work was more difficult. I tried a bunch of different ways to model the dovetail pin, and finally the one that worked was a basic extrude where I used the taper face tool to make the 14° sides.
  7. Bruce Kieffer

    Bad Solid Subtraction!

    It shouldn't happen. It's a bug.
  8. Bruce Kieffer

    Bad Solid Subtraction!

    Thanks bjoerka. I just gave it a try. That seems to fix the problem. I do need to ungroup the bad solid subtractions and subtract them again to make them behave as I want. Thanks. All I did was go to my biscuit symbol, edit #D component, convert to NURBS, and that was enough.
  9. Bruce Kieffer

    Edit a custom color. Make this easier.

    Here's a video of manipulating a color with Affinity Photo which is a $50 app, 1 GB in size, and it takes 2 seconds to boot the app. I would have saved an hour of time last night if Vectorworks could adjust a custom color palette color this way. Screen Recording 2019-05-09 at 6.55.40 AM.mov
  10. Bruce Kieffer

    Edit a custom color. Make this easier.

    And it needs to be able to be edited live to see the results live. I'm an hour into trying to get a color I need all because of the incredible amount of clicking going in and out to edit the color. Yes, I am frustrated.
  11. OMG!!! Seven clicks just to get to the edit a custom color screen. Better to have an edit color command in a contextual menu. Click the color in the Attributes Palette, right click, select edit color.
  12. I think the color palette "find" would be easier to use if it were a live filter. Start typing and the list reduces by the filter request. Close the color palette and the filer resets to all.
  13. In other words; make the filter act as we type. As it is now we need to press return to see the filter results.
  14. Bruce Kieffer

    Bad Solid Subtraction!

    I have dealt with this for years and now it's time to revisit. Why is my solid subtraction not 3/4" thick? Instead it's .7500000004 thick. This makes no sense, and it is causing me problems with alignment of other objects. In the real world if I drill a hole into something, that action does not change the thickness of the object, but with Vectorworks it does. Why? I have attached a sample file. Bad Solid Subraction.vwx
  15. Often I use a combination of millimeters and inches, so I have to switch back and forth using the Units pref. I wish there was an option to show dual dimensions in the OIP. There's plenty of space there.


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