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  1. Has anyone been able to make this work? I want Vectorworks to open the previous windows I had open when I last closed it. That never happens.
  2. Found another way to turn off the libraries.
  3. It's a nice setup I have with the new iMac and the LG 5k display.
  4. VSS says this is an OS bug with two displays. Ok, but it did not happen with my last setup using this same second display.
  5. @Learning Thanks, that works. Seem a bit goofy, but I guess mot architects don't care if an interior door does not show a gap at the bottom.I like realism!
  6. I cannot get Vectorworks to remember the saved window size when I boot the app. It opens with a shrunk window, I make the window larger the size I want, save the workspace, but on the next booting of Vectorworks the window size is shrunk again. How do I get it to remember the size I want?
  7. Found it. These buttons. Yes, disabling the used libraries makes booting Vectorworks faster now 30 seconds, but that could be improved greatly. Hopefully when Vectorworks is silicone updated.
  8. How do I disable Vectorworks libraries in the Resource Manager that I am not using but that I want to keep?
  9. Maybe? I have all the libraries that came with Designer and it looks like they are in my RM. How do I disable them without deleting them?
  10. It seems fine, although I have not tested much yet. What I can tell you is Vectorworks still takes about 40 seconds to boot. That needs improvement. I understand Vectorworks is loading a lot of stuff, but it takes twice as long to boot than next slow booting app I have.
  11. I have an old note that tells me to "Uninstall Vectorworks using the app in the Vectorworks folder." Is this still necessary when migrating to a new Mac?
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