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  1. Bruce Kieffer

    VW 2020 render progress bar?

    Thanks, Will. I see it now. I must have had something covering that area of the screen, or I just missed it.
  2. Bruce Kieffer

    History-Based Modeling?

    I don't want to downplay the importance of history-based modeling of fillets, chamfers, and shells, because that has been requested for as long as I can remember and it is a huge leap forward. I do agree that having a list of solid operations to navigate back and forth through would make this even more powerful.
  3. Bruce Kieffer

    History-Based Modeling?

    First, I want to thank Vectorworks for adding history-based modeling of fillets, chamfers, and shells in Vectorworks 2020. That is HUGE! I see this "History" menu in the image for the promo video. Is this a real menu? I can't find it in Vectorworks 2020.
  4. Bruce Kieffer

    VW 2020 Viewport Custom Scale 1.

    Thanks, Jonathan. Duh, for some reason I thought this was new. I looked at 2019 and see that it is there too!
  5. Bruce Kieffer

    VW 2020 Viewport Custom Scale 1.

    The OIP Viewport Custom Scale entry box is new in 2020. I'm wondering since it says Custom Scale 1, is there a way to have more than one custom scales?
  6. Bruce Kieffer

    Dual Dimensions Not Working in One Drawing.

    NOT fixed in VW 2020.
  7. Bruce Kieffer

    VW 2020 render progress bar?

    I see the teacup, but the progress bar is gone or missing. Is this a change to VW 2020?
  8. Please make this easier. I fight this every time I need to create a Bezier curve shape. Make it like working with curves in Affinity Designer or Illustrator. Those are easy, Vectorworks is horrible.
  9. Has anyone else had this problem? I created a dual stacked dimension standard in my drawing, then I noticed that the "inches" figure was not correct. It was not showing the fractions. The width of the box is 23-5/8". The dimension shows 23". I checked all of my settings, units too, and they are all correct. If I change the dimension to another standard, then the dimension shows the fractions correctly. This is what I see: To troubleshoot I opened a blank drawing and created the dual stacked dimension standard there and it works. Then I copied the layer objects from the offending drawing to the blank drawing, and it works there. This is what it looks like in the blank file: Any suggestions what the problem might be? Strangely, dual side-by-side shows the dimension correctly: OK, I think I narrowed the problem down to that the fraction does not show if the inches fraction is set to a stacked fraction. I tested that in both drawings and found this is true. I also tested ungrouping the dimension and that makes the fraction visible. I guess this is another bug 😫
  10. Bruce Kieffer

    Why is a push/pulled NURBS surface a tapered extrude?

    Hum, can anyone answer this for me?
  11. If I create a NURBS surface and then use the push/pull tool to extract it, why is the resulting 3D object a tapered extrude rather than an extrude? I see no taper.
  12. Pat, How do we get this moved to the bug reports?
  13. I can make it work on a 2D object, but not a 3D object. The resulting 2D split objects are open polylines. I can double click the 3D object and go into 2D edit mode and then split that, close the ployline, exit, and then the 3D object is split. None of that is how it should work. I created a test file and uploaded it here. Split Tool No Workie.vwx
  14. I've run into this too with solid additions and subtractions. This one may be a bit harder to fix for Vectorworks since the commands are grayed out so you can't even do the operations in the first place unless they are on the same layer. Once again, Vectorworks Help makes no mention of the need for the objects to be on the same layer. I guess these are things we just have to learn by spending time with the app. They could add the info to the tooltip, they certainly need to add it to the Help. I've always used classes to separate my objects, and only recently have I started using more layers. Most of my drawings in the past were of one thing (a piece of furniture) where I only used layers to show completely different things, like cutting layouts. Presently, I'm working on remodeling my house, so my Vectorworks drawing for this is much more complex, and I must use layers to quickly separate out large groups of similar objects like walls, floor, ceiling, cabinets, and fixtures. Reviewing your issue with solid additions has given me a better understanding of layers, and here's what I've learned: Vectorworks IS showing us the active layer when we select multiple objects on different layers. The active layer selected objects are outlined in green, and they have blue handles (these colors changed be changed in the Interactive Appearance Settings), and the non-active layer selected objects are outlined in red, and they have white handles. I will watch this more closely in the future. Back to the Split Tool: I still say this is a bug. If Vectorworks can't split an object on a non-active layer (I still see no reason why it can't), then I should NOT be able to use the tool on that object, but I can, even though it just does nothing.


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