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  1. Bruce Kieffer

    Ipad Pro 2018 and Vectorworks

    Is the any hope that someday soon we may have a version of Vectorworks that works on my iPad Pro? That would be very nice.
  2. Bruce Kieffer

    Door Question

    Sorry, this was posted in 2013.
  3. Bruce Kieffer

    OIP Text Styles List?

    Maybe this would be clearer if the sections in the list had headings like Text Style in this File and Default Text Style.
  4. Bruce Kieffer

    OIP Text Styles List?

    Got it. Thanks.
  5. Bruce Kieffer

    OIP Text Styles List?

    I've altered my default text styles file by removing the styles that were there when Vectorworks was installed, and I replaced them with my text styles. Now I'm trying to understand what I'm seeing in my OIP and in my Resource Manager. Can you help explain this to me? In this file I removed all text styles from file's resources. Then using the default text styles I applied the two that now appear in the Resource Manager. So I'm assuming that in the OIP text style dropdown list the second section shows me which styles are used in this file, but I'm confused about what the third section is showing me. All of the styles listed there are in my default file, but why are the two noted as (Text Styles.vwx) and the others not?
  6. Bruce Kieffer

    Say it ain't so!

    This message appeared when I launched Vectorworks 2019. This isn't true, is it?
  7. Bruce Kieffer

    VW 2019 Unresponsive When Editing VP Annotations MM Dims

    I will send the file the next time I have the issue. I got this one working again this morning. Thanks.
  8. Bruce Kieffer

    Navigation Graphics Compatibility

    Yikes! Not good news. Will I be able to run Vectorworks on my MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar when the VGM is updated?
  9. Bruce Kieffer

    Navigation Graphics Compatibility

    Do you know of an inexpensive eGPU that would work with my MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar, and would using one give my Mac an all around performance boost?
  10. Bruce Kieffer

    Navigation Graphics Compatibility

    I'm going to suggest that is more a Vectorworks limitation than my Mac. This is a 2 year old computer, and an expensive one. There's no good reason why Vectorworks should not be compatible. I have no other apps with such stringent requirements that they won't work on my MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar.
  11. I wish this did not exist in Vectorworks. I have no other apps that require me to adjust a setting like this. Every time something goes goofy with Vectorworks I have to wonder if this is the reason, and then I have to play with the setting and test. I don't want to do this anymore, it's a waste of time. Please get rid of it.
  12. Honestly, I have no idea what the problem is, but I probably force quit 15 times last night when Vectorworks hung up when I entered a viewport to edit MM dimensions. This has been happening on more than one file. I send the crash reports to Apple every time. All of my files were created in previous versions of Vectorworks, and my MM dimensions are drawn using a custom dimension standard I created years ago. The last time Vectorworks hung up last night I walked away and left it beachball spinning. This morning it was not hung. Go figure! I have found that if I'm able to get in to the VP the best option is for me to delete all the dimensions there and re-enter therm. That does seem to solve the corruption.
  13. Bruce Kieffer

    Page Setup Help Needed.

    Confirmed. That fixes it. Thanks again.
  14. Bruce Kieffer

    Page Setup Help Needed.

    I did more testing. I think you are correct. It appears the best solution is to set it to any printer. If I switch back and forth from any printer to the Brother, I do see the gray bars change size consistently. Thanks for your help.
  15. Bruce Kieffer

    Page Setup Help Needed.

    It does, but now I'm trying to figure out why in this file my Brother Printer gives the larger print area, where that is not true in other files. More testing.


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