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  1. @Pat Stanford, Thanks. I got it working. I will watch the movies. I may need to ask for a bit more explanation after watching.
  2. I need help with this. I have not used data tags before.
  3. Got it working! I'm not sure how, but I did make a few changes that you @line-weight suggested. Even so... It's a mystery to me!
  4. I cannot get the outline of the cabinet dividers to show along with the biscuit grooves, and that's what I need. I either get this with the divider class turned on: Or this with the divider class turned off:
  5. I can't reproduce it now since I fixed the problems and moved on. But what you are saying makes me wonder if when I made those subtractions originally I may have used a symbol that got replaced at a later time. My files use similar resources, and sometimes I pick a resource from another open file. I've been trying to be more careful about that.
  6. I want to use section viewports to isolate cabinet components to dimension them. Here is a a side of an upper cabinet. Problem is I can't find a section VP wire frame render option. Those black rectangles are cabinet dividers where the VP is cut. I need those to be transparent so I see and dimension the biscuit grooves I need for assembly. Is there some setting I can change to make those black rectangles wireframe? This is how the design layer looks:
  7. Not that I remember, but that might be a good reason why they are gone. I rebuilt the sides and they are good now.
  8. Is there a simple way to display the sheet layer title on a sheet?
  9. Here's a file with the bad solid subtraction. Ungroup it and see if you can figure out what happened to the counterbores. Bad Solid.vwx
  10. I'm using a counterbore symbol to subtract (drill) counterbore holes in a 3/4" thick panel. If I ungroup the subtraction the counterbore symbols disappear. I have turned on all class and all layers and the counterbores are just gone. Why might this be happening?
  11. When editing a symbol and turning classes on and off, and then using previous and next view, my screen goes blank. The objects are there, but not visible. Nothing other than exiting the edit mode. Anyone else have this happen? Have you found a workaround?
  12. What is a 3D Manager Object? Seems this eye bolt I drew years ago is one. I can't modify it.
  13. I did some more experimenting with the Attach Record... command. As I said above, it works to attach records to referenced symbols when the command is used in the destination file, but I can't edit the record value in the Attach Record... command, I can edit the value in the worksheet. I can use the Attach Record... command in the RM to symbols in the current drawing and that works, and I can edit the value either in the Attach Record... dialog box or the OIP. I cannot delete a record from a symbol using the Attach Record... command. I wish this worked with referenced symbols.
  14. This is what I'm having trouble with. When I use the Attach Record... command to a symbol in the RM I get this dialog box. That's really what I want, but it seems it does not work with referenced symbols. If I go to the RM referenced symbol in the destination file and use the Attach Record... command there, it will attach the record but I cannot edit the value. To edit the value I have to edit that field in the worksheet. I wish this was simpler. I spent hours last night trying to figure out how it works.
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