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  1. Is there such a thing as a sheet layer template? I have a workaround that being a symbol of the data tags I want on most of my sheet layers. I place the symbol and the convert that symbol. Anyone else have another method?
  2. FYI. If you install Vectorworks Viewer and then decided to uninstall Vectorworks Viewer be sure you find the setting in the uninstaller that says do not delete your user folder. I missed that setting and I've had to restore all my settings, workspaces, favorites and I will probably need to do more yet!
  3. I too have no need for the Walls/Doors/Windows/Floors tools. Long ago in a different century I started with Fundamentals. Pretty much instantly I knew I had to get Architect so I would have the navigation palette. I suspect a user's needs have to be extremely simple to not need the navigation palette. I can't imagine how Vectorworks can be used without it. One of our group members bought Fundamentals, and they were always fighting to get around in their drawing. I recall posting about it here and someone replied that Fundamentals was crippleware. Anyone here using Fundamentals? Chime in and tell us how you use it and how you manage withe the Nav Palette.
  4. I wonder how many users have Fundamentals. The subscription cost difference between Fundamentals and Architect seems minimal to me, so why would a user cripple themselves to use Vectorworks without the navigation palette?
  5. I found this too: https://download2.vectorworks.net/eblast/0_2020/product-comparison/4208-1907-us-sales-slick-updates-arch-fund-designer-comparison.pdf
  6. Does Fundamentals still lack the navigation palette? What other functionality does it lack? Is there a comparison graph showing what a certain version of Vectorworks includes over another version?
  7. 1) The selection tool is once again reverting to Lasso Marquee Mode on reboot. I quit with it on Rectangular Marquee Mode, and that's what I want when I boot Vectorworks. This was broken in the past, fixed, and now it's broken again. 2) Retain the sort order of layers. 3) Retain the sort order of sheet layers.
  8. I found it! Vertical Position in the OIP. Fixed the spelling too!
  9. Is there a setting to move the callout leader shoulder up or down relative to the callout text?
  10. Thanks @Jonathan Pickup I use that too. I have it set too mouse hover and press the command key.
  11. I realize I could delete and "set" a new version of the data tag. Just wondering if there's a faster way?
  12. Thanks @rDesign, that's more than I want to do, and I don't want to mess with other colors on my screen. I will continue to use the OS Accessibility settings zoom I set up. I can see the text if I zoom in about 300%. Easy enough to do with my mouse's scroll wheel.
  13. Give me (us) the option to change the green text color of RM resources like these. I am color blind, and I can hardly see this text.
  14. This is sad. I wish the designers would consider how the colors they choose affect color blind people. It's not just Vectorworks. I encounter this all the time. In this case it might be an easy fix to include allow changing the color in the interactive settings. I will post this "wish".
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