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  1. I thought the way to do this was to assign a class with a color. I can't make it work now. How do I get a color on the currently white window jam?
  2. Is anyone else seeing this? I'm having to ungroup and apply the fillets again, then they can be edited.
  3. Good idea Kevin. Is there a way to "lock" a location to a symbol? So if I move it on one layer it moves on the other layers too.
  4. I too have been thinking that maybe there's a better way to organize my objects for this drawing. Thanks for the input Tamsin.
  5. Aside from making a saved view, is there a way to turn on a layer and any classes associated with that layer all in one motion? Here's my situation: I'm working on a very detailed drawing of my bathroom remodel. I have every wall on a separate layer, and the ceiling, floor and cabinets on separate layers. Those layers all have different classes. Say I have the outside wall layer and some of its classes visible and I want to show the ceiling. I have to go the the layers palette, turn on the ceiling layer, then go to the classes palette and turn on the ceiling classes. I want to do that in one motion.
  6. Aside from duplicating an object and placing it on multiple layers, is there a way to have one object on multiple layers?
  7. Please add classes hierarchy when editing classes in saved views.
  8. It keeps reappearing. I don't want to have to keep switching planes to get it to hide. I don't want to buy a numeric keypad to get it to hide. I agree that turning it off completely is not good for the times I need to use the working plane. There needs to be a pref to turn it on and off, and that pref should go in the tool bar ribbon with the other prefs.
  9. I think that does it. Thanks Alan.
  10. I have a MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar. No numeric pad.
  11. How do I turn it off so it's not on my screen?
  12. What is this pink square, and how do I stop it from appearing in my drawing?
  13. I've asked for this before. It's still a problem. I keep my workspace organized with an exact layout. This morning my Navigation palette disappeared. Somehow it got disconnected from its docked location. I should be able to go to my Workspace menu and restore it, but no. As we know, all changes to workspace layouts are saved instantly. Change this to be a workspace is as set until the user saves it again, and add a way to restore to a previous workspace.


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