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  1. All good info. I need a new Mac now, and I have decided to upgrade the ram to 16GB whether or not I need it. $200 isn't going to change my life. Getting a new Mac will put me in light speed compared to my current Mac!
  2. @Art VThe limit of RAM in the M1 iMac is 16GB and it's not expandable. These M1 Macs are different beasts than the Macs of the past. RAM is not as important as is indicated by the videos linked above.
  3. I think we all have been conditioned to think the more RAM the better, and although this may still be true, it appears that it is less important with the M1. I'm pretty sure that for my needs 8GB will be plenty. Heck, I use an underpowered MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar now and it does the job. All of that said, if the cost to go to 16GB RAM is an additional $200, then I think I will do that. If I don't, I will always kick myself for not upping the RAM even though I may not really need it, but it will get used. https://www.macworld.com/article/234843/m1-macs-memory-isnt-what-it-used-to-be.html
  4. I'm planning to buy an M1 iMac. It comes standard with 8 GB RAM. Reports on the web are that the M1 does not benefit much going from 8GB RAM to 16GB RAM. Can anyone tell me their experience with an already released M1 computer and the installed RAM, and Vectorworks performance.
  5. @Edgar RAMEL I use a similar Mac app called Stay. It's great to return window locations and sizes to a previous state, but it can't redock a palette or restore a workspace to a previous configuration. It's a band aid that helps, not a solution. I think we can all agree that the Workspace Manager needs a major overhaul.
  6. For the Part IDs I assigned a record with an ID field. At first I ent to each object and added the A, B, C, etc. Later I found that those IDs can be added manually inside the worksheet and that is SO MUCH FASTER. The worksheet does filter out some objects. All of that is handled in the worksheet criteria settings. I have make two cut list worksheets on one drawing, but that's as far as I got, and I did not have problems. PM me if you want a copy of my file.
  7. @TomKen Thanks. I spoke with Bryan G. yesterday and he explained the problem. Working plane has to be turned on for combine mode to work. And somehow I am supposed to know that! Lol.
  8. I found a video, but I still can't make it work with Vectorworks 2021 SP3.
  9. I can't make this work. Is there a video somewhere that shows how it works?
  10. It works, and I understand that it may need to be redone if the sort order is changed, but even so, typing the changes in the worksheet column is infinitely faster than changing each object's record ID. Still not a fill down function, but it's much better than what I was doing.
  11. Interestingly I can attach my Part ID record to an object and define the ID and then go into the worksheet and changed the defined ID which changes it in the record ID too. That makes me think maybe I can drag and drop a "blank" or placeholder type record onto the drawing objects, and then type in the IDs into the worksheet. I'm going to play around with that a bit. (I see I need to spell Materials correctly!!!)
  12. OK, but not the solution I want. I can create a separate worksheet in Vectorworks that shows the IDs and then butt it next to the cutting list worksheet, that works too, but again not the solution I want.
  13. Is there some method to create an alphabetical column list of A, B, C, and so on in a worksheet? I did this in my worksheet (screenshot) using records, but that is tedious work. Can anyone suggest a possible simpler solution?


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