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  1. So often I need to align the left edge of one object to the right edge of another object. Sure would be helpful to have an Align Edges option where you click click to define the alignment. Click the left edge of the one, click the right edge of the other. Those edges align.
  2. Thanks again Pat. Got it working now. As you probably guessed, I'm learning worksheets. I have a house project that is a good use for them. Also this exercise is giving me something constructive to do while I'm stuck in the house! I tested the dimension setup for both feet and inches, and just inches. Both make sense now. I rounded to 1/2" in the inches setup, that's why the numbers are different.
  3. Is there a way to format the formula results in a worksheet to show as feet and inches? My formula takes the total inches and divides by 12. The result shows the feet correctly, but the inches it shows is not inches, it's a fraction of a foot. I have tried setting my document units to feet and inches.
  4. Thanks Pat. Yikes, that is not intuitive, but I should (100% maybe) remember that.
  5. How do I add rows to the bottom of this worksheet? New rows go to the top when I add them.
  6. Is there an appearance setting to change the gray color of "Gray Others" layers and classes? I don't see one. Is there some way to change the color? For me it's too difficult to distinguish the differences in wireframe.
  7. I do not dispute what Pat said. Here's how I feel: If I have a worksheet that counts symbols in my drawing, and I add an instance of a symbol, then I know the worksheet needs to be updated. Vectorworks should be smart enough to know too.
  8. Sure would be nice to be able to separate the items of of navigation palette into individual palettes, especially Classes and Layers. So many click could be save if these were separate palettes. It needs to be an option. Docked together or undocked.
  9. This only leaves one option, the user has to always assume the worksheet is out-of-date, and when the worksheet is needed the user has to manually tell it to recalculate. That is both inefficient and risky (another thing for my old brain to try and remember, good luck with that!). I hope the Vectorworks engineers can come up with an indicator to show the user it's time to recalculate the worksheet. I did add this to the wish list.
  10. Good reason, so I think an updated required indicator would be a good wish list item. I will post it there.
  11. Is there a way to change symbol's Insertion Point from Next Mouse Click to 3D Object Center and vice versa after creation? Once I create a symbol I go to Edit Symbol Options and I don't see it there.
  12. Hey MK. No indicator, so is there a way to set a worksheet to auto update? I'm trying to think of a logical reason why a person would not always want a worksheet up to date, and I can't think of any.


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