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  1. Here we are in 2020 now and this still isn't a thing.
  2. It's a better experience if they do but there is a web browser client too.
  3. I use Teamviewer 12 (cause I have an old perpetual license for it) But you just launch it and choose meeting Choose Presentation You'll get this dialog and then you can just invite people with the green person + icon. (You can also schedule a meeting for later or one to repeat using a meeting ID for a specific project with recurring meetings) Hope this helps
  4. Nearly all of my collaborations since 2016 have been digital in nature. I've used Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype and Teamviewer. I've used Teamviewer the most and like it because remote clients can click on the presentation screen and their cursor shows up on my screen which is great when they are pointing something out/referencing an object because I can quickly see exactly what they are talking about. There are also a ton of iMessages screenshots back and forth early in the process. (Most of my co-collaborators are Mac folks)
  5. I use the Stage Plugin, and it works nice. Most of the stuff I do is conceptual so it's a mix of Stage fixtures for beamage and trash + hidden lights actually lighting the scenes. The model comes in to C4D from VWX but I usually omit any lights and do all that in Cinema. Then the LX plot gets nailed down later. Stage is supposed to support MVR now, but I haven't tried it yet.
  6. The "Load More" button on the courses page is beyond irritating, it only loads 4 more. Why can't it just load the next segment of 12 as you scroll down? This isn't 1995, we aren't on 56k modems.
  7. That's pretty awesome you're a Doctor AND an Architect! Kudos!
  8. How's everyone holding up out there? It's kinda been a bloodbath in the live events world lately.
  9. I won't be there this year either unfortunately. A lot of the live event industry is in capital conservation mode with all the cancellations of events. https://www.isitcanceledyet.com/
  10. This post right here. x1000. I'd rather have a rock-solid specific area of focus oriented program than one that tries to do everything and fails at most of it.
  11. I think you have these switched, if I recall, hidden line uses the CPU and if I recall correctly it's single threaded and is slow AF. GPU or Multicore CPU would be a vast improvement (unless this changed in a recent version). I agree with your points though, there are a lot of real world situations where schematic view can't handle it, and while I can appreciate the goal of it, it's fairly half-baked. And I don't know what has happened to DLVP's in this release, but they are almost unusably slow in 2020.
  12. I'll give it a try when I have some free time, I have to say, resetting my preferences every time this program craps it's pants is enraging. I can literally think of no other professional piece of software that requires as much preference wiping/reinstalling as this one. It's akin to the mid 90s when Windows was behaving stupid and the canned answer was reformat and reinstall Windows. It became just a thing people did every few months or whatever.
  13. Ditto. SP2.1 seems to be a stability regression.
  14. Fun Fact, same thing happens if you select all, drag down and tab to put 24" in the length. Also happens for a co-worker on his machine using Mojave. UPDATE: The Vector-workaround is convert the truss to a symbol, then move it. Braceworks seems to be breaking it. Completely infuriating.
  15. I'm trying to do something stupid simple and it screws up every time. I'm taking this and trying to move it downstage 2'. So I select it all: cmd + m Then I get presented this lovelyness: W.T.H. how is something so simple broke. I get similar dumbness with the mirror tool. The mirror previews in the correct spot, then it puts it somewhere totally wrong.


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