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  1. Wesley Burrows

    VW 2017/2018 Cinema 4D Export Bug?

    Still busted for me as of SP4. Though now I can occasionally get 2 exports before I have to restart. Also as of SP4 most of the failed files are as @RafaelPernia said @ 26kb in size. @JimW has there been any further information regarding: VSS-60589 ?
  2. Wesley Burrows

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Yup, I'm experiencing the same stuff. It's hands down the slowest starting program I have, which becomes 1000 times more irritating because of how many time's over the course of a work day I have to restart it, due to beach ball hangs, it no longer wanting to export to Cinema 4D, and a myriad of other stuff. Some tools are more awful at it than others. My expectations for 2019 are in the toilet just so that I could *possibly* be pleasantly surprised. to the tune of Free Fallin' by Tom Petty: I have a deadline, coming like a freight train I just want, to, draw a poly-line but the program, it stopped responding time to force-quit, restart and we'll see... Cause I’m BEACH Beach Ballin’ (Beach Balling, Yeah I’m, Beach Balling, Yeah I’m) Yeah I’m BEACH Beach Ballin’
  3. Wesley Burrows

    Corona Blog Article: 3D in Set Design

    I really enjoyed that article Evan. I've been using Corona exclusively the last couple of months after talking to you and seeing your work. I totally agree with your observation on how it handles lighting. It was also cool on a personal level too, as your thoughts about being more interested in the 3D/Rendering element than the actual design process mirrors my thoughts lately. Even the work/life balance of having a wife/kid, I often duck out for a bit around 3pm to hang with my daughter while my wife is working and then resume work after she's in bed. Thanks for sharing! Your work is top notch and the bar for which I strive. I would love to see Vectorworks do some advanced tutorials/webinars/classes whatever, that go into detailing your workflow and drawing organization for shows of the scale you do and with the many outside designers you interface with, to tips and tricks for creating "lean and mean" 3D models of stadiums and such from DWGs and Revits. -W
  4. Wesley Burrows

    Visibility Tool behavior DL vs VP

    @JimW This may be broader than entertainment only so feel free to move this to General if that makes more sense. Basically, why does the Visibility tool work differently on Design Layers vs View Ports as it pertains to what class get's highlighted when hovering over Symbols and PIOs? For example.... when I use it on a Design Layer over a generic run of P&D with the Softgoods Tool, it will highlight whatever the assigned master class of that layer is. IE: Scenic-P&D, so the item level. However, highlighting that same piece of P&D on a viewport it highlights 4-SGTS-Drapery (the pieces level) why is that? The same thing seems to happen with symbols. As @C. Andrew Dunning would say the Macro vs Micro. Class Breakdown from Softgoods Toolset.
  5. Thanks @Selin for your transparency regarding this! I know there are a couple different issues that have been talked about in this thread. Is the CineRender crashing what delivers the Black/White Viewport? Just missing geometry? Or tied to all of them in some way?
  6. Wesley Burrows

    Maryland Flooding

    @JimW I'm sure you guys are closed today, just hoping all of our friends at Vectorworks are ok. Saw the news about the flooding, looked like Ellicott City isn't super far from you guys. -W
  7. Wesley Burrows

    Replacing truss with other truss, without redoing everything

    Right, a 1 to 1 replacement isn't always going to work, I think there is still a very real place for the truss PIO's in the workflow (I am often running calculations in early stages in ballrooms to make sure we aren't designing ourselves into a corner). But even with that, if you change the PIO from say, 12x12 to 20.5x all the motors disconnect, and off you go reconnecting... I understand the argument that the PIO doesn't have cross-section info (which also isn't included for most US manufacturers anyway). (though I think you can add it), but provided the person doing the preliminary truss layout/rigging drawings isn't a complete idiot, I don't see how rigid is completely useless, if you understand the loads (center point and distributed) allowed on various spans of different sizes of truss, how is a rigid load calculation that much different than using something like Harry Donovan's rules of thumb? Which a lot of people have been using for years? I'm usually looking for ballpark #s anyway to help determine if things need further investigation by people more qualified than I. More of a starting point, than the law. Feel free to correct me if I'm being dense.
  8. Wesley Burrows

    Replacing truss with other truss, without redoing everything

    I really hope 2019 makes Braceworks more usable in real world situations. Stuff like truss substitutions is not an uncommon occurrence. It doesn't take much for motors and connections to break/disconnect and you spend almost as much time tracking down all the ridiculous errors, re-inserting, re-attaching crap as the time it would take to calculate point loads manually. When it works it's great, but man when your in the thick of it trying to knockout updates and recalculate, it sure doesn't take much to send it all sideways quick.
  9. Wesley Burrows

    Adding Libraries

    I also work with a shop that has a lot of Applied Electronics truss. Any updates on this?
  10. I assume that this means that the engine VW 2018 uses is from R18 rather than R19? IE: One version behind? Just curious.
  11. This is disappointing to hear. As a Cinema 4D user, and someone using it to do the lion's share of my rendering work I've never had any of the described issues with it. I don't know the mechanics of interfacing VW to C4D's render engine, but I assume there is some sort of behind the scenes format conversion/translation to get it to something C4D wants to see. If that is the case I wonder if the missing geometry updates and black screen output are in anyway way related to the bug where VW can only Export/Send to Cinema 4D once, maybe twice successfully, before the resultant file starts missing most or all of the expected geometry? Requiring a restart of VW. Perhaps both functions use the same conversion/translation functions? Just a shot in the dark... I know you have a team of people way smarter than me working on it.
  12. As far as I can tell, you have to delete everything up to the point the order is correct, and then manually add new fields in the order you want them to appear. Tedious for sure.
  13. Wesley Burrows

    Seating bounding box

    I have also run in to this when mirroring. I don’t recall this being an issue in 2017 but I could be mistaken. But it’s one of the reasons I’ve all but written off the seating tool for now. Instead opting to use duplicate array, move by points and working planes.
  14. Wesley Burrows

    Lighting Device 3D Rotation Troubles

    I share files with a freelance LD (who is also on 2018, and we've been on the same SP's when working together) and he has said in files that originate from me, he is unable to 3D rotate a lighting device to be a floor fixture. I simply do the below and it works fine for me. And when he originates a document he can rotate them this way too, but not one from me. Just curious if anyone has any ideas.
  15. This has been interrupting my workflow for almost a year now.


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