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  1. It sure feels like something happened with SP3, i get random HARD beachball hangs when orbiting in wireframe, seemingly at random times. Usually after using the program a while, sometimes Vectorworks will come back to life after 20 seconds or so, other times the drawing window just freezes, I can interact with the tool bars but the drawing is stuck, once or twice the drawing window turned red, like it crashed the video card driver. It also likes to beachball so hard the system reboots. I've never had that happen in any other software. Only happens when using Vectorworks, and seems to be file agnostic.
  2. If I remember right you have to have a lighting device in that DLVP for it to allow you to rotate it.
  3. As the title says, just looking for a decent suggestion of drape folds in 2D hidden-line section views via a hatch assigned to the drape texture. Any help would be appreciated. I currently have the above, which is ok, but I'm not super happy with it. If anyone has an improvement on this, I'd appreciate it.
  4. Thanks @Pat Stanford! This is a nice work around for now. (Provided I remember to run the script 🙂 ) For anyone else interested, wishlist item is here: Please upvote if you would like this too.
  5. For some reason Graphic Legends don't seem to update on publish, and thus require manual re-calculating for each one. I'm not sure if this is a bug or working as designed, but I do know it's inconsistent with how worksheets behave. It would seem to me, to best avoid errors and mismatches with drawing revisions, these should recalculate on publish, as this is how I'd expect them to behave and would be consistent with worksheets. -W
  6. Anyone smarter than me know if this should be filled as a bug report or an enhancement request? I can only do bug reports.
  7. Aren't graphic legends supposed to recalculate on publish? (I would hope they are supposed to) Because it seems they do NOT.
  8. FYI, Maxon released updates to Cinema 4 and Redshift that have solved the shaders compiling issue for me in Cinema 4D on Ventura 13.1 beta 2. I assume Vectorworks won't be too far behind with an update. Other than that 2023 SP1 on Ventura 13.1 beta 2 is running great for me.
  9. Whenever Redshift is asked to render something, it has to compile some base shaders before it can start rendering, on previous OS versions there were some "pre-compiled" shader libraries that reduced the amount of shaders requiring compilation and thus let you get rendering much faster. As of yet, these pre-compiled shader libraries don't exist for Ventura, so it has to compile them each time thus triggering a delay. As I mentioned earlier, this is also the case when rendering directly in Cinema 4D on Ventura. So Vectorworks isn't the only software affected by this.
  10. For what it's worth Redshift does the same thing in Cinema 4D, takes several minutes to compile shaders the first time. (with Ventura). I didn't previously do this.
  11. I swear that this works/breaks every other release. I think it might have even worked with 2023 SP0, but with 2023 SP1 it doesn't work. It shows the red smart attachment point just like every other motor. I would think this would be one of the easier things to get working consistently in the complicatedness that is braceworks. It doesn't matter if I snap the motor to the bumper.... Or bring the bumper to the motor: Either way, i get this: We are 5 years in to Braceworks and it's still doing stuff like this. Help!
  12. In most other software, if you lock an object or a layer, that means you can't interact with it period. If you need to duplicate or interact with it you unlock it. The entire of point of a locking something is to prevent access to it. So, to me, it's either poor function naming or poor functionality. It should be called "restrict" or something, perhaps with assignable restrictions, much like the cinema 4d protection tag, cause it certainly isn't completely locked down.
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