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  1. I had this problem with 2018, I had to delete my user preferences folder to fix it.
  2. Added my vote. I agree with all of the above points. I've had to resort to Cinema 4D with Hantmade's Stage plugin to get nice looking volumetric lighting renders. (And easy fixture fanning/focusing etc.) But I wish VW could do this internally. It kinda blew my mind that it didn't when I first starting using it.
  3. Does anyone here have any links to good reading information this subject? I'm always trying to find ways to better what I'm doing. But for those of us that (which I assume is most) have to submit, Seating Layouts/Revisions to the Venue, Venue Deck Plans to the Venue, Lighting Plots, to the Shop. Scenic Plans to scenic, etc. Do you maintain different revisions/issues etc for each specific trade? Just use a master revision # that you update when changes occur and re-issue the entire production package (what I do more or less, currently), or just publish the specific sheets relevant to the trade/recipient? I appreciate any insight. -W
  4. I'm almost certain this is a stupid question but for the life of me I can't figure out why when sorting ascending negative values (X on a motor X,Y sheet). Why I get this: Logic would dictate that -45 is less than -15. it seems like it should sort as, -45, -15, 15, 45. What am I missing? (This was generated with Spotlight > Reports > Create Hoist Worksheet.
  5. Does anyone else find the service select portal significantly slower than the rest of VW's site/forums? I average around 7.6 seconds between clicking a link on there and and having the page delivered. I'm on a hardwired 1gbps ethernet connected to a 1gbps Google Fiber connection to the internet. (this is at my home office so I'm not sharing my connection with an office full of people) so I'm pretty sure it's not my internet :-) . The forums and main site are super responsive though. Just curious.
  6. It's part of service select. Yes, you can continue working while cloud rendering is occuring.
  7. Thank you for the info!
  8. My experience has been: Yes they have to be in your cloud services folder, or allegedly dropbox if you have it linked to cloud services, but I haven't had much success with the dropbox link. You'll also need to upload any fonts to vectorworks cloud that are special. For now I've just added aliases from the dropbox folder I want to my cloud services folder, and that works. Publish is the same, you just have to change your storage dropdown to one of the cloud folders: (and your output file needs to be saved to a cloud storage location)
  9. Also here's the original DWG. pp_04.dwg
  10. Attached is a fresh DWG (just received this morning) imported into a blank drawing. Crashes everytime I try to export a DWG. Venue_1.vwx
  11. Does anyone have any good camera symbol resources? On sticks, on skates, Jib. etc? I've typically gone to 3D warehouse and made my own 2D geometry on top of the 3D, but thought I'd see if anyone already had some nice ones they'd be willing to share :-) -W
  12. Has anyone else run into this? Happens everytime. Isn't file specific (happens across different ones) and if I save the VW file as VW2017 and export with 2017 it works just fine.
  13. Stupid question, but have you restarted VW? I've had viewports that render all black after 6 or 7 successful renders. In 2017 it happend all the time. I can't speak for 2018 as much as I usually render with Cinema 4D now.
  14. I've run into this scaling chair symbols asymmetricaly. The 3D geometry has a tendency to completely fall apart using something like Chair 4 in the library as a base.
  15. This is great! Thank you!