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  1. I actually use a script to toggle it off and on depending on what I'm doing but for example: Base Setup: (3 - 10' Tomcat Bolted Truss Pieces w/ a Distributed Load running the length of) If I double click to edit the load, choose path, it shows this when the show other objects during editing preference checked (by default): It shows this with the same settings but in a top/plan view: And if I toggle the preference off it shows this (just a line): giving me no reference to downsize it and snap to a different truss location. It would be amazing if it had reshape handles to remove/change/add vertices in the design layer. I currently have to delete and redraw them when things change.
  2. My template has a mountain of classes in it, sometimes when I want to assign an object to a class, I'll type the class name little by little in the class search field, say I get to the end of it and there is no result because I realize the class doesn't exist. So I click on new class, which then just shows "Class Name 1" or similar, I wish "Class Name 1" would populate to what I already typed in the search field.
  3. I wish you could reshape distributed loads with the reshape tool rather than trying to edit the path which won't allow you to see the underlying objects to snap your adjustments to.
  4. Wesley Burrows

    Consistent, Easy Custom Classing of all PIOs

    I'm a big fan of the way @C. Andrew Dunning implemented this in his plugins. Would love to see something similar happen across the board.
  5. Yes please, grapples and such.
  6. Wesley Burrows

    Vectorworks Design Summit - 2018

  7. Wesley Burrows

    Need to convert a VWX to DWG

    House.dwg Tudor v2017-dwg.zip
  8. I have said this too.. SP0 = Beta 1, SP1 = Beta 2/Release Candidate 1, SP2 Release Candidate 2/Release etc. I agree, and really hope they expand. It is pretty amazing to me the number of bugs/tools not working I have found within an hour of using a release, many of which I'm fairly astounded no one found. This latest 2019 SP1 update definitely felt more like a hotfix style/less intrusive update, which I like, it also felt like it came out much faster than previous SP1s, I'm pretty sure the last two SP1s at least were around Thanksgiving each year.
  9. Wesley Burrows

    Title Block Border Settings Tab Between Fields

    To be clear, yes. With that option checked it does work. SP1 however on it's own does not fix it.
  10. Wesley Burrows

    Title Block Border Settings Tab Between Fields

    My experience mirrors that of Kevin's.
  11. Can someone explain to me why in all of the <insert your favorite swear word(s) here> can't I tab between fields in the title block manager other than the default uneditable fields? Like you can in nearly every other program on earth?
  12. Wesley Burrows

    Vectorworks Cloud Services

    How on earth does one install the current version of cloud services? The release notes on the portal say that 6.10 is current. But whenever I download the "current" version from: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/download/latest/Mac This is what installs:
  13. Wesley Burrows

    Lighting Instruments back to Symbols in Correct position

    I'm not a Vectorscript wizard by any stretch, but it seems like a vectorscript should be able to take a selection of lights as input, step through each one, grabbing the x, y rotations from it, storing them as a variable, convert it back to a symbol, and then 3D rotate it back with the stored x, y rotations, then rinse and repeat it's way through the rest of the selection. Perhaps this should also be a wishlist item. I would imagine it's "working as designed" but I can't think of any reason why the current functionality would be desired over the proposed rotated result.
  14. Wesley Burrows

    Lighting Instruments back to Symbols in Correct position

    Did you ever figure out a way to work around this Evan?
  15. Wesley Burrows

    Vectorworks Cloud Services v6.10.0



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