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  1. These are the export settings I've been using. When I've messed with Include in the past it hasn't seemed to make any difference. If I uncheck camera's or backgrounds or something, they still show up in C4D like they were included anyway. (When the export works correctly)
  2. To further clarify. In my case it still fails after one or two exports BEFORE merging in C4D. There isn't a VW crash or any notification that VW is aware of the failure. So say I have a VWX that is Project Master.vwx, I export it to File A.c4d that ends up being 20MB and works great in C4D no problem, Then I make some geometry updates/changes to Project Master.vwx and re-export a File B.c4d, It's still around the same file size and also works. Finally I go back and make a few more changes to Project Master.vwx and export to File C.c4d and now the size is 16kb's and of course won't open correctly in C4D or merge correctly. Any subsequent exports from VW to C4D produce a resultant .c4d in the KB range and will not work correctly until I restart VW again. Then the process repeats. This would be using Export to Cinema 4D (3D Only) menu item most of the time, but Send to Cinema 4D has resulted in the same behavior for me.
  3. I have a 2014 MB Pro and 2013 Mac Pro (Trashcan) That I ran an NVIDIA GTX 980 TI in an external thunderbolt 2 enclosure and external monitor. While it worked better than the internal D700s and Geforce GT 750M (for Vision particularly) it was still disappointing and not reflective of the performance that card should produce. I'm sure some of it has to do with it being thunderbolt 2 VS thunderbolt 3 and the shear amount of video card bandwidth needed. Even with Thunderbolt 3 and using an external display you take a 20% performance hit right off the top just from the limited bandwidth of Thurnderbolt 3 (~40gbps theoretical) and even less (~20gbps theoretical) with thunderbolt 2 (I say theoretically because after the overhead and stuff it's never that fast in the real world). After an incredible amount tinkering and frustration I finally caved and setup a Windows box, specifically for Vision. It worked much better for that application, plus NVIDIA constantly updates their drivers for Windows vs slower updates for Mac. When I talked to the Vision tech support guys last year about eGPU's, they had not encountered anyone using anything like that sort of setup. I'm assuming you are running High Sierra. Last I read, egpu's are sorta supported natively now, but (I believe better support is coming in 2018) at this point (per my research) it only works with AMD cards natively without outside modifications/scripts/software. When I was running my setup it was with goalque's automate-eGPU.sh script. And while it worked, sometimes the machine would hang on booting and if you disconnected something inadvertently or did something out of order, the Mac would crash hard. So after several months of trying to make it all happen, I decided it was just a way bigger PITA than it was worth. If you are planning on running the card on your internal display it will be a much more substantial performance hit. In anycase YMMV. It ultimately depends on the complexity of your Vision files and the frame rates you hope to get/find acceptable. -W
  4. I did what Mark is suggesting and it fixed it for me.
  5. It would be amazing to be able to difference compare two versions of a file and have Vectorworks highlight the geometry differences between files. A graphical version of the text-only diff checking that programmers use all the time in version control systems to compare changes in code from version to version.
  6. Though not image props, I do often get mannequins and stuff from https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/?hl=en I know that's not exactly what you're asking for.
  7. Thanks Josh and Mark. I'll be on the look out for that option next time. For now I just renamed my user folder and relaunched. Then copied back my workspaces and plugins from the renamed folder to the newly generated one. So I didn't lose too much. I have no idea what caused that to happen though.
  8. I have the same problem: Used insert truss tool. Inserted some 5' Tomcat truss pieces. Created a hanging position from (all the pieces) as geometry. Place a mac viper on it. Resulted in this: Oddly enough I can't even get the truss PIO to draw anything. (Even after restarting) So I can't test that. Not sure what's going on with that. 2018 SP1
  9. I'd guess folks are a little more hesitant to dive all the way in to 2018 at this point, based on the experiences of early adoption of 2017. I know I haven't put 2018 through it's paces as much yet because of it.
  10. I am curious if the below were generated with the instrument summary tool or if they are a custom worksheet, or just manual text with the mode info/QTY: ##. I'm assuming some variant of the later as I can't figure out how to make the tool format with line breaks in this way. I'm also curious about the horizontal one with multiple views of fixtures.
  11. I too have begun implementing an organizational structure based on Andrew's and find it very intuitive. I very much look forward to a re-mapping tool. I mentioned in the class (and have zero affiliation with) SmartPaste, which is a 3rd party plug-in, behaves similarly to the above screen shots but when pasting from one doc to another, (or within the same doc). Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be 2018 ready yet. And it too falls short with bulk re-naming. The UI is also very similar to the above tool. Bulk re-naming would be huge. Along with true parent/child class relationships like Josh said. But if I had to only pick one, a robust class mapping tool would be my #1. (then parent/child, then any sort of default template adjustments) So the above "Classes and Layer Mapping" tool isn't just hiding outside the Spotlight workspace? It's just not with the Spotlight only version at all I take it? BTW, thanks for following up on this disccusion Rob!
  12. Whelp, I tried to submit a bug through the bug submission form. And funny enough. I got an internal server error 500 on submission. I'm not sure where you submit a bug about the bug submission form. :-)
  13. I'm glad you were able to confirm it. When a render deadline is approaching and some last minute geometry changes are required, having to restart VW nearly each time I want to re-export to C4D is irritating, and it takes unnecessary time. I am unsure of the proper bug submission channels. Or if this is, indeed, the proper channel. -W
  14. If you do this then when editing groups or seating layouts, etc.. then they all show out of context, which I'm not a fan of. Also when you edit text or move objects in group editing, and other edit modes it does NOT do the ghosted text when updating a text field. It only does this in the TItle Block Layout edit mode.
  15. I'm on Best Performance. Display settings pictured below: