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Bending Solids around curved (filleted) corner

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7 minutes ago, Tom W. said:

Or draw the panel in plan + extrude it upwards

This is the way that will have the least chance to go wrong in my mind, while also maintaining a lot of edit ability.  You are allowing VWX to do fewer calculations for the same result

4 minutes ago, markdd said:

Here is a solution without redrawing.


This method absolutely works, and I love the deform tool.  However it also has a tendency to fail when you need it most, or your clicks are imperfect.  This is the method I would use if the geometry is more complicated than shown, or if the panel was not a simple rectangle in elevation


16 minutes ago, VIRTUALENVIRONS said:

There are many ways, others will have solutions.  I would simply make a cube the size of the curved panel and push it into the corner.  Then I would do a "Intersect Solids".  Then shell that intersection to the thickness you want.

I can do a short video if you want.

This way works as well.  In my head it feels like more steps, though I realize it is probably about the same number of clicks.  We all have stocked  different tools in the top drawer of our toolbox!

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