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  1. JBenghiat

    All viewport´s disapair / empty

    Did you check the layer and class options of the viewports themselves? Changing document layer and class visibility will have no effect on the contents. Did you change the origin? If the viewport is cropped, you may now be showing an empty area of the drawing.
  2. JBenghiat

    object to symbol

    @josue Corona, what version and modules of Vectorworks do you have? Possibly, the command is not part of Fundamentals.
  3. JBenghiat

    How to group Undo Events ?

    SetUndoMethod() begins an undo event and EndUndo() ends it. Many VW actions already have associated undo events, for example the reset event or a widget change will already start and end undo. In those cases, you only need to add objects to the undo table (the various add swap commands) of any action that modifies the drawing outside of the object being edited.
  4. JBenghiat

    object to symbol

    Modify>Convert>Replace with symbol.. You have to make one symbol first, then select the objects you want to replace with symbols, then run the command.
  5. JBenghiat

    object to symbol

    There is already a menu command that does this, under Modify>Convert
  6. I think this isn’t a warning you can opt not to show again, as it only arises in specific circumstances. Are you frequently entering and exiting the plug-in Manager? A better consideration might be how to avoid this. Using include files, turning on developer mode, and turning off caching (there should be some discussion of this in the archive) helps avoid regularly entering the plug-in Manager.
  7. Ideally, you would control the exchange of data outside the PIO: Custom menu command: Require a selected object. Extract data from the selected object. Ask user to click a point, then insert the PIO and set its fields. RunTempTool can be useful here. Custom tool: Click in the drawing for the insertion point. Insert the PIO. Ask the user to select an object. TrackObject can be useful here. Note, the tool code does not run until after your first click, so doing the above in the revers order would be difficult.
  8. JBenghiat

    Folding Seating Bank

    In the out position, you can basically treat these like building seating out of Wenger-like platforms; either use the stage deck tool or manually use rectangles and extrudes, as the two above options indicate. These configurations often allow for a few options of house size. You can use classes for each configuration, including full open and full closed. Also, some systems allow for moving the entire section and other are attached to the wall, with the movable seating adding some complexity, as the seating will migrate a bit between installs. Generally the most important things to get right are ends of the first and last rows and any railings that may cause obstructions. Also don't forget the potential for a row of seats on the floor.
  9. JBenghiat

    How do I avoid the wall insertion of my plugin?

    In _EventSink::OnInitXProperties() set: extProps->SetObjectProperty(objectID, kObjXPropPreventWallInsertion, true); varCreateCustomObjectDontInsertInWall is actually an application preference (var* are prefs and ov* are object variables). To use that, you would implement in the handle complete event of your custom tool — get the current setting, set to true, restore setting. This is equivalent of clicking the option in the mode bar.
  10. JBenghiat

    Strange arrow during viewports

    These shouldn't show up in viewports, and when you see them, it's a bug. What version of VW are you using? I believe this shouldn't be an issue for 2019 SP4.
  11. JBenghiat

    Venue With Multiple Setups

    When you import a layer (in the new layer dialog), you have the option to import all the layer's objects, so you could have one template file for the venue, and another template file with all the various configurations. This is slightly cleaner than deleting the layers you don't need. If the objects for the standard configurations are all on the same layer, you can select them all and create a symbol, enabling the option to convert to group on insertion. This has the added benefit that if you come up with a new configuration, you can create a symbol and use the Resource Manager to export that symbol back to the master file. The above suggestions assume that each configuration is bespoke and that you will make adjustments for every project.
  12. JBenghiat

    Attaching lighting fixtures to symbols/plugin objects

    Not exactly— each Lighting Device needs to be a unique instance on the drawing. You can start with a symbol for the 3D geometry, place Lighting Devices around it, then make that a symbol. In the symbol options, select “Convert to group,” making it a “blue symbol.” That allows you to at least place the elements as a unit.
  13. JBenghiat

    Lighting Device Parameters - Export Saved List

    You can easily find your user folder by going to the User Folders tab of preferences and selecting Reveal in Finder. You may actually need to try a clean user folder, rather than a new application install. You can use the dialog to create a new, empty user folder, then restart VW. If this helps, copy elements from your old folder to the new folder in batches, and see if you can pinpoint a file causing the slowdown.
  14. JBenghiat

    Scripting an object "pick up"

    TheTrackObject commands are what you want. Note that VS tools don’t run any code until the first click, so you can’t have a tool start out highlighting objects. It works great from menu command or plug-in button or as a secondary action for a tool.
  15. JBenghiat

    Vectorworks and ConnectCAD

    The SDK still uses the modular/plug-in approach, but offers performance improvements (c++ is a pre-compiled language) as well as capabilities that aren’t possible with scripting, particularly regarding user interaction. From what I understand, ConnectCAD already has some functionality built on the SDK.


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