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  1. Are you looking for python or SDK? In the SDK, it functions much like a regular pull-down and handles the search events automatically and has DDX for data access.
  2. Are there any default tools that can be used with ISDK::RunTempTool() or that can run with a simple loop using ISDK calls? I need to get a point as part of a menu command and would love something as simple as GetPt in Vectorscript without having to write an entire tool interface.
  3. You can use UpdateSupport to respond to certain kinds of events, but you can't generically track commands, for example to make your own "repeat last" menu command. If you want to track commands in your own library, I think that's possible — create a singleton interface and have each menu or tool report it's action to that interface.
  4. Shameless plug: Savvy Position Labels are designed to work directly with Schematic views. https://benghiatlighting.com/software/products/pl
  5. The best solution depends a bit on where you are in the design phase. If you're developing concept renders, an image-based solution is ideal, as you can very quickly get your ideas in the drawing. If you're at the point where you will generate construction drawings from your model, your approach may be different. You CAN use an image prop if the windows are broken. Image props can incorporate an alpha channel, so if you use an image file that stores transparency, like png, photoshop, or tiff, you can just make the broken parts transparent.
  6. You should be able to change gel color per cell, but sadly, purpose is not one of the fields that is assigned to be per cell. You can see which fields can have discrete cell data by going to File>Settings>Spotlight Preferences>Parameters, but this is read-only information at present.
  7. First, one advantage to python is that it excepts both single and double quotes as string identifiers. That means that if you formulate your criteria string with double quotes, you don’t need to concatenate in all those quote characters, making your code more human-readable and thus easier to spot errors. I would also use the criteria builder in the script editor as a starting place. The criteria builder will tell you how many objects match your search, functioning as a quick unit test. Then, take the resulting string, select the variable and type: "++" (or ", , " for vs.Concat), and insert your variable name. There may be a simple error here, for example if the house number is stored as an integer, you would not enquote the search value. Also try AreaN() instead.
  8. JBenghiat


    My issue seemed to be that I was calling TrackHotSpot() in the same event as when I created the hot spots. Calling during HandleComplete() is working for me.
  9. This is by design. The Hanging Position exists for when you need to group multiple elements into a single named position. Otherwise, you can attach lights, etc. directly to truss. The Hanging Position as a whole references the z height of the object. The Change Trim Height command is so you can change the height of the system inside the hanging position without affecting the trim height of the position itself.
  10. This is a bug, these fields are linked, along with the universe field, so that if you change one the other will update automatically. I have managed to reproduce this just now and will file a bug report. The issue seems to be that for the address to work there has to be a value in the universe field which by default is currently empty This should be fixed in 2021 SP2
  11. JBenghiat


    Thanks @Nicolas Goutte. I took at look at the CParametricHotSpot classes, but I don't think they are doing anything fundamentally different than what I am doing. Would you mind sharing more on how you are implementing hot spots, either here or off list?
  12. JBenghiat


    Is anyone using TrackHotSpot? I can successfully create hotspots and see the appropriate tool tip when I hover over them, but, at least in the GetCursorSpecifier event, running TrackHotSpot always returns NULL when I hover over the hot spot.
  13. You may want to give ProjectionViz a try. You can run a full-featured demo for 90 days. https://www.benghiatlighting.com/software/products/pv-1 As the name implies, the Video Screen tool prioritizes drawing the projection screen. ProjectionViz concentrates on the projection cone, with parameters analogous to real-world projector specs. The latest update will rotate the 3D component of the projector symbol to match the projection cone, with distinct behavior between the pan/tilt and lens shift parameters. The cone projects from the insertion point of the symbol along the positive Y axis.
  14. Go to Tools>Plug-ins>Run Script… and select the attached file. That will run: SetRField(GetObject('Lighting Pipe'), 'Lighting Pipe', 'ShowFootprint', 'False'); I'll file this as a bug. Having the Lighting Pipe's defaults set to always create a footprint on insertion is a bit unusual, so I am surprised that all of your older files have this option set. Turn Off Default Footprint.vs


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