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  1. Hi Zeno The bridle tool classing and visibility can be a bit confusing, as the bridle object classes are used slightly differently from the Vectorworks norm. Bridle-Main is the complete object and not only included the bridle object sub classes but also the any of the classes connected to the bridle parts (the physical rigging materials needed to create the bridle) The three classes that are in the Bridle classes dialogue, control the automatically generated parts of the bridle object Bridle legs- is the default geometry created by the bridle object when not using 3D parts. This is where the Bridle object classing functionality differs from the VW norm. The class visibility behavior is defined by whether you are using the 'Simple 3D Parts' setting in the bridle object properties and what view mode you are in (2D top plan/3D) Simple 3D parts is on (the default) in 2D top plan view the class controls the bridle legs visibility as normal in 3D views the leg geometry is effectively split into 2 classes the 'thicker' colored line display of the legs is controlled by the Bridle legs class, and the thinner black and white by the Bridle main class (or what ever the user defines for this) Simple 3D parts is off 2D as above 3D visibility is controlled by the individual classing of the bridle parts (see below) used to make the leg and as before the complete object by the Bridle main class Bridle leg labels- this controls the leg labels in 2D top plan view mode Connection Marker- controls the connection markers in both 2D and 3D views Currently the bridle parts classing is defined by the symbols in the Stock Bridle material library file shackle symbols use the Rigging-Accessories Shackles class STAC chains, choke chain/chain shorten symbols use the Chain short class Steels use the Steel cable class Email me if you want me to go through this in more detail
  2. Hi Yerim Spotlight doesn't export (or support) a dedicated L8 file, what file format are yopu trying to export?
  3. Is this the default Prolyte library? Does this happen with other types of truss or just the H30V?
  4. In OIP is the Connectable with field correctly filled? it should contain H30V If this is empty it would explain the connection issue. There are 2 ways to fix this one is to re import the truss symbol from the Spotlight default library the second is to use the Customize Truss Symbol data command , which can be accessed by right clicking on the truss symbol this will open the Truss properties diagram where you can refill the connectable with field manually
  5. What type truss are you using? What version of Vectorworks are you running?
  6. It could be that the tool highlighting has been turned off in your application preferences Look in Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences>Interactive and it is the bottom setting in the highlighting pane
  7. The Gel/filter lists are available in the Color picker as Palettes, Typically with the prefix Spotlight followed by the manufacturer name.
  8. With the old cable tools you should be able to do this in the class settings (right click on the class in the navigation palette and select edit), in the pen section. With the new cable tools the start and end markers are set in the cable style (2D visualization pane) which can be edited by either right clicking on the style in your document resources (to apply the changes to all cables using that style) or by selecting the cable objects and using the settings button in the object properties (for just the selected cables)
  9. Sorry for the late reply, I missed your post up to now. When converting trusses or pipes into hanging positions choose the use geometry option to avoid this issue. The create symbol options breaks the data flow between the truss and hoists.
  10. Have you checked the Navigation palette class and layer settings? class and/or layer visibility setting, an objects texture won't display when they are set to grey, class and or layer options, if set to grey others, grey/snap others or active only, only the active class and or layer (depending on your settings) will display textures
  11. Check your OpenGL settings (View menu > Rendering > OpenGL Options) it could be that you don't have 'Use Textures' on
  12. As far as I know these symbols are based on the standard symbols used for German rigging hoists If you have a file created in 2019 then the symbol is most likely to be a custom symbol created by whoever originally drew the plan.
  13. What version of Vectorworks are you using? D8, D8+ and C1 motor symbols where added in the 2021 version of Spotlight and do not exist as default symbols in the libraries of earlier version of Spotlight.
  14. Yes there is an XML file in the cable tools library folder Navigate to Vectorworks2021\Libraries\Defaults\Cable Tools you can use any xml or simple text editor to open the file (I tend o use notepad as its free and preserves the formatting better than wordpad (PC user)) Each connector is documented using the following format, <Entry UniversalName="AAAAAA" LocalizedName="aaaaaaa" /> where AAAA is the official manufacturer name (or as close to one as we could find) and aaaa is the localised or slang name that will appear in the connector drop down through out the cable tools. The order the connectors appear in the xml dictates the order they will be shown in the drop down, One important thing, currently because the new cable tools are a preview feature make sure you save a backup of the edited xml file as if there is a library update the xml file may be reset back to default. We plan to add user and work-group functionality for this soon but its not yet implimented
  15. @markdd thanks, @Charlot have you checked that both the fill and the pen of the data visualization are using the same color? when the truss is using the 3D geometry in 2D Top/plan, it not display a fill color and will only apply pen color of the data vis.


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