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Hi, any AustralianArchitects / Designers?

I am  interested to make contact with any Architects / Designers based in Australia who are using Vectorworks and the Energos Module in any form to design a Passivhaus project.

We are interested to see how you use Energos in relation to the Passivhaus.

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Very old post - have you had any success with this since, @Pammv?
Energos calcs are based on Passivhaus calculation methodology and rules , so in theory this should be easy but we haven't managed to do it yet and I find good old hand extracting of surface areas in VW has so far been the most efficient way to enter into PHPP. Although most certifiers now want to see sketchup files to make it easier for them to verify I find... Would be so good if there was a direct plug in from VW to PHPP, wouldn't I !?

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Hello! As an Australian architect currently utilizing Vectorworks and the Energos module for Passivhaus designs, I'd be happy to connect. We've integrated Energos into our workflow to optimize energy performance, aligning closely with Passivhaus standards. It's been instrumental in our projects, and I can share insights on its application in relation to Passivhaus principles. Let's discuss how we can collaborate and exchange knowledge on sustainable design practices.


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