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  1. and here is a photo of the final project:
  2. Hi Neil. For my radial menus I have: solid operations, add, subtract, intersect and section. for my second radial menu is all rendering or view modes: fast renderworks, hidden lines, custom renderworks and open gl.
  3. And here is after...
  4. The BIM model was done by Luc Lefebvre, then we decided to take it to the next level optimizing several 3d objects and adding more details to the scene. Here is a screenshot of the original model before we started on it.
  5. Hello Renderings aficionados. Last week we participated on a new AIA webinar, this time we focused on taking a BIM model, tailored it and created several renderings from it. Here we explained the process and the recommended steps to achieve decent presentations. Check it out when you can, I guarantee you'll learn a trick or two. Plus you may be eligible for a one AIA learning education point. Here is the link:
  6. I think that door opening line may be in a class. Turn it off.
  7. Funny you mentioned that Jim. We have more ideas coming for future webinars and presentations. saved_views.mp4
  8. directional light
  9. I created this one back in v2015, I believe that setting was there. This is before rendering styles.
  10. Hello Rendering aficionados. A couple of years ago I prepared my own chart to understand better the possible results obtained when combining different indirect light bounces, ambient on/off and emitter values. Hope this helps you all to get better renderings.
  11. Sorry for the delay, I was away at AIA Orlando booth running 3d and rendering demos, now, we are back and I have something to share. By using Pat's time script I was able to compare the time it takes to render four viewports with the same properties but different lights configurations and two rendering styles. To my surprise, sharp shadows with no ambience lights take very little time compared to a light source with soft shadows. Now, when we get close to produce a better quality rendering we add some environment light and a number of light bounces, here is where the time to my taste is irrelevant, the waiting period was minor. Here are my notes:
  12. I am on it....
  13. I'd question this, would hard shadows make my interior renderings more accurate? In many of my scenes I have a combination of both. If there is sun light present hard shadows it is, if it comes from a distance light bulb then vanishing shadows help. Does this take longer? I think I'll run a test on this one.
  14. There is so, so much to learn indeed. Fortunately I am surrounded by a team of experts in 3d, renderings, bim, spreadsheets, graphical scripting and more. Always happy to share.
  15. I originally found the chair I needed but all the meshes slowed the model so it was decided to recreate objects "in house".