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  1. when testing hdris, be sure to turn other lights sources off so you can appreciate what the background provides to the image.
  2. This is my typicall workflow when creating renderings. For showing quick previews when someone is looking over my shoulder and asking questions > Fast Renderworks For middle of the road and while having my daily coffee > Custom Renderworks, adjust quality as needed For those almost there moments and fine light tunning > Always Renderstyles + adjust sheet resolution as needed ( 25dpi, 72dpi, 150dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi)
  3. Without looking at the file I'd check for unused nurbs curves and left over 2d lines.
  4. This was a fun thread to read and with a happy ending. congrats to all.
  5. Create Multiple Shells

    Version 1.0.0


    This set of wrappers are good for creating multiple shells from a solid object. Steps: Name you solid object > set the desire thickness > spacing > run the script.
  6. This marionette I posted earlier last year but seemed to be lost in action. This set of wrappers are good to create multiple shells from a solid object. Steps. Name you solid object > set the desire thickness > spacing > run the script. Create_multiple_shells.vwx
  7. Doctor, I conquered.
  8. So nice to read this comment, that makes my Monday morning. Thank you. Luis
  9. After reading this tread I realize there is no mention of .........attempting to render the scene in design layer or by using viewports?
  10. and here is a photo of the final project:
  11. Hi Neil. For my radial menus I have: solid operations, add, subtract, intersect and section. for my second radial menu is all rendering or view modes: fast renderworks, hidden lines, custom renderworks and open gl.
  12. And here is after...
  13. The BIM model was done by Luc Lefebvre, then we decided to take it to the next level optimizing several 3d objects and adding more details to the scene. Here is a screenshot of the original model before we started on it.
  14. Hello Renderings aficionados. Last week we participated on a new AIA webinar, this time we focused on taking a BIM model, tailored it and created several renderings from it. Here we explained the process and the recommended steps to achieve decent presentations. Check it out when you can, I guarantee you'll learn a trick or two. Plus you may be eligible for a one AIA learning education point. Here is the link:
  15. I think that door opening line may be in a class. Turn it off.