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  1. If you can be content with creating an animation with only OpenGL quality remember there is a current way. It's about setting a series of saved views and making a slow speed transition between views but at the same time record the screen with another software. A trick that solves the problem when I need to present ideas not polished enough. (sort of like SketchUp transition animations)
  2. buckets? would you be able to post a screenshot?
  3. Hi zoomer, I totally see your dilemma, a friend of mine had encountered the same decision, also had a tablet and a pen, unfortunately, we lost him to the dark side, "you must unlearn what you have learned"
  4. Now, to start the fun cycle, when things get to be taken apart and trying to create something they were not supposed, here is a sample of my jeans fabric with a stylish hole in it. I wonder how am I going to use this one? (OpenGL preview)
  5. I can totally see the potential of having these new shaders available. Here is the result of my first test file as I was trying to study and understand the settings and future benefits.
  6. @digitalcarbon Did you notice the quality of the OpenGL edges?
  7. As you stated before, once objects come in mesh will be the direct translation.
  8. When possible, check out how to remake those tubs using nurbs, results are really appealing.
  9. I guess the beauty in this is that if we work in this 9 hr a day we must enjoy the time seating in front of the screen. To modeling, there is not a single approach, the device settings is what makes the difference. Adjust them to your liking and we are ready to roll. Here are mine.
  10. I used them all and all the time, shortcuts and all and I thought I was fast and I drive in style
  11. Fit to object button is one of my favorites. Also, I think I added a change projection command to one of the view keys and that I use a lot. Basically all I use is perspective now, I guess I abandoned isometric views since navigation is not really for that. As you noticed, the whole environment is set in Vectorworks for moving around the model as the first person, settings for other modeling programs are based on rotating the object, I guess it is ok if I am designing a wrench tool but not intuitive for architectural buildings.
  12. Well, like we say around here, The Navigator chooses the user.
  13. Also remember that sheets are control by resolution, 72 dpi is the default, good for 2d lines but for renderings crank it up to 300 or 600dpi, you'll be surprise with the quality, then export your pdfs. I do this type of process for my graphics team over here.
  14. I have this file where I am replacing boxes for 3d projects we've done over these past months. Actually thanks to "project sharing" many collaborators are providing a large contribution. Navigation using these devices has really no comparison. The only drawback is that I am personally becoming so dependent on these gadgets, more productive yes but spoiled at the same time drone_navigation.mp4
  15. I use both devices. All shortcuts assigned to the buttons makes modeling and viewing go faster. icons? Negative, no yet, just names.