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  1. I'd recommend you stick to something around tabloid size at 300dpi
  2. I personally think I squeezed as much as possible out of renderworks for interiors. Now, I am realizing exteriors are a different challenge. The benefits of a single light source for exteriors along with a nice environmental light and the speed at what these other third party rendering process animation. I just won't decide, I'll just embrace them all. To me, the 3d modeling is the key, 60% of my time goes into that aspect, 30% on getting those materials and lights just right, the rest is just production. Here is a another sample project, single light source and done with the help of the direct link to Enscape. only done in 2 min. Drape Enscape.mov
  3. Based on my current experience the and rendering pros I hang out with, truly realistic renderings can be achieved using other systems. Blender, V-Ray, Unreal, Cinema4D, etc. Ray tracing is super important. Lumion, Twinmotion, Enscape are all nice and produce fast renderings but still nothing compared to the bigger brothers. Then again, not every single design firm needs ultra incredible movie level type animations or renderings. Speed, quality, budget, computer requirements, all of these are factors to consider.
  4. And if you'd like to see its 360 panorama, here is the link: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/links/11eb93ee57b32cfe85ba12bd733fbe07/
  5. Just a follow up with my previous post. I'll invite you to check out the making of this file here:
  6. Thanks for the velvet texture. I was able to test it on this couch.
  7. I just remember about an architect from Costa Rica who creates most of his construction details in 3d. This image is all opengl at 1000dpi. Quite interesting.
  8. @E|FA Just to start the documentation from a model conversation. Recently we managed to release a webinar related to modeling a project. https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=506&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=1012 In a near future we'll release another dedicated to producing drawings from a model. stay tuned.
  9. The 3d spin around? I assume you mean our 360 panorama? if so, then the steps are fairly simple: Place your view at the spot and height you need to view the room > then Export Panorama > set your render mode, resolution, processing location (your computer or cloud) and place to save the final file. Click export.
  10. I can offer some feedback when posted
  11. I could not resist taking our Store model and adding some sound effects to the final animation. This is fun. Now I am curious to see your own projects. Roll out at vwx Store.mp4
  12. Navigating in TM needs you to use a combination of keys for movements and the right click of the mouse. I managed to connect my 3dconnexion navigation but only for replacing the keyboard. Navigation in TM feels a lot like a video game.
  13. Here is a work in progress, but I wanted to share an interior rendering of an idea for a home office. Lots of items here and several light objects using realistic, smooth, backlit and glow attributes. The final rendering was rendered in the cloud using a rendering style, settings included here. Once the final project is ready, I'll make the file available.
  14. Here is a sample of my updated Cloud Presentation for our "VWX Store". One portion shows linked panoramas and the other one is a nice tour of the place including TM animations. Let me know what you think. https://beta.vcs.vectorworks.net/presentations/11e8df8e1bed1a3eabe812a7723e44fa/
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