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  1. Luis M Ruiz

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    Try not to use that same glass material. Use other simpler glass textures, no images.
  2. Luis M Ruiz

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    The problem is not with the rendering styles, it has to do with materials. Also, I noticed you added an image to the glass, something that looks wavy, frosted. I'd recommend you make use of noise-turbulence and increase the size to 400%, that'll get you the effect you are looking for.
  3. Luis M Ruiz

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    I noticed in your file that all textures are set to receiving no shadows and all of them have no preview. I assume at some point you created a texture from an image? That triggered a problem and corrupted the rest of the materials. I know the solution here is to transfer all to a new fresh file but the steps for transferring the materials I'll have a ask my friends over here.
  4. Luis M Ruiz

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    This one is a mystery. Working on it...
  5. Luis M Ruiz

    How do you use an HDRI Vectorworks 2018

    I think it looks fuzzy in wireframe or OpenGL but once you do a higher rendering they look decent. I'll double check.
  6. Luis M Ruiz

    Modeling a Niemeyer Project (video clip)

    That is the beauty of creating panorama renderings. These are flat distorted high-quality images that can be edited and embellished when needed, and then can be viewed and shared using our mobile technology.
  7. Luis M Ruiz

    HDRI Domes

    Don't be afraid to pop those colors and highlights with a little help of post editing. The raw rendering contains all the information, it just needs to be enhanced a bit. here is a sample of your beautiful rendering.
  8. Luis M Ruiz

    HDRI Domes

    My mistake. @lgoodkind, file?
  9. Luis M Ruiz

    HDRI Domes

    Hi Kevin. Would you post the sample file? I'd like to test something with it.
  10. Luis M Ruiz

    Renderworks - is it worth the effort

    I'll invite you all to check out this interior rendering webinar: http://www.vectorworks.net/inspiration/industry-webinars/see-it-to-believe-it-next-level-rendering-techniques
  11. Luis M Ruiz

    3D Shape question

    Here is the file. panel.zip
  12. Luis M Ruiz

    3D Shape question

    This is such a great challenge. Here is my approach., a combination of Nurbs > Create surface from curves >stitch and trim surfaces. then I wanted to test create a surface array and finally rendering the model including two colored spotlights.
  13. Still, that is a great idea, same here, I have a collection of rendering styles in one of my favorites resource files and after 20 items it is hard to remember what makes each style different. "mm, meditate on this we should"
  14. Luis M Ruiz

    Hidden Line Render Mode not hiding everything in 2018.

    I just replied to a similar behavior in another post. Try for the moment creating section viewports instead of pure side viewports with a hidden line rendering.