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  1. I am testing shorter prompts with only three components: Media, Subject, Environment
  2. What if? Just ... what if we could visualize a folding city? 🤔 Folding City.mp4
  3. Another attempt to create an AI animation over an AI Visualization image Submarine.mp4
  4. Would it be possible to animate an AI image? mmmmhhh... watermarked_video045082f1463674f4ebb3c11f6cf300d0f.mp4
  5. Gen-2 8s, 3459913002, M 5.mp4 Amazing that we can now generate these AI images from Vectorworks and later take them to the next level, short animations.
  6. Prompt: A heavenly utopian metropolis with sleek glass and concrete buildings, parametric windows glistening in the sunlight, next to a shimmering ocean shore. Dark reflections dance on the water's surface, while futuristic flying cars zip through the sky. Lush green parks and vibrant flowers add a touch of nature's beauty.
  7. Oh boy, oh boy. I am finding new emerging technologies and AI video ........ is something else. There are many apps out there. Fun to learn how these work. Gen-2 1063738209, Spiraling buildings , Spiral buildings 100, M 5.mp4
  8. Jut in case I ever get called for a project of this complexity. I am already wondering if the 3d model should be done with subd/solids/nurbs and curtain walls?
  9. Back in 2014 when we released a new modeling feature, I had so much fun with the Deform Tool, The Twist mode in particular. I so remember I had something in mind for a demo but could not quite idealize it until now. Yes, yes, it is inspired by one of my favorite movies. Prompt: Warped cityscape folding onto itself, capturing the surreal essence of Inception, total chaos, cinematic.
  10. Combining the power of AI Visualizer and Veras. Prompt: Futuristic Washington DC, highly detailed, Dystopian City Building, photographic, Volumetric Lighting, Rain Storm, Future Vehicles, professional ominous concept art, an intricate, elegant, highly detailed digital painting, smooth, sharp focus, illustration.
  11. It's fun to get a few sketches from key buildings and monuments of this city. Text only Prompt: Washington DC, (The white house), Minimalist, detailed illustration, sunny day, ink and watercolor wash
  12. Please contact Tech support directly. They might be able to guide you on the steps to removing the cloud and app and install a fresh one.
  13. Back in the 80s I used to read tons of this comic book. Prompt: Sketch of New York street busy life, daytime, inspired by (---) magazine Guess what magazine was?
  14. I left my heart....in San Francisco 🎵🎶 Last year's AIA main expo was at this charming city. I thought it would be nice to use it as inspiration for some portraits I need for a new interiors model. Prompt: Beautiful pen and ink sketch of San Francisco year 2023, photo realism, colored, detailing, daytime.
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