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  1. Nope. I needed a tool that can raise the face dynamically. Subdivision is the correct tool for these types of animations. Granted, all I needed is to record my screen at the same time.
  2. I was curious myself on creating a similar animation, specially with the event we had a few years back in Maryland. Here is my test. Flood animation.mp4
  3. This might be a silly recommendation but, did you double check all your 3d object attributes are set to class?
  4. Hello group. This one is something we put together over a year ago, I just wanted to share. I found that combining "image effects" after the completing the process enhances these type of withe renderings nicely.
  5. triangles is what matters. If you have a forest with 3d leaves, that would take forever. Then again, renderings are views, so scale is not an issue. Do not create renderings from the design layer, use viewports.
  6. Good start, tank you. Ok, here is a recipe I recommend: 1- While in design layer, set your desired view and save the view so you can always come back to it at some point. Then create a viewport, place it on a sheet and set resolution to 300 dpi. Size? how about starting with a letter size, landscape. 2- Rendering: Use Custom Renderworks, that way you control over the settings. Fast rendeworks is all low (good for preview) High quality is all set to high (may be too slow) 3 - Lights first, then light bounces, then background, then materials and finally adjusting the resolution of your settings 4 - If things go as planned then export sheet as png, jpg, photoshop or tiff, depending on who need the rendering. 5 - Keep in mind that Image effects can add a punch to your renderings.
  7. May I have a bit more information about your renderings workflow? what steps do you take? what style of rendering do you use?
  8. Take a look at this file. Follow the saved views so you'll see the entire modeling process and at the end the final result. Saved 1 is the inspiration. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgxogn7yvt8g5o9/Wes Lamp Process.vwx?dl=0
  9. Currently, Panoramas are not exported as OpenGL, there is already an improvement request in place.
  10. Try calculating the panorama in the cloud
  11. Luis M Ruiz


    Mmh. This looks like an interesting test challenge
  12. @digitalcarbon Would you have the same 3d fun without the 3d navigator?
  13. I believe I have. If you allow me, let me take a look at your file (by private message)
  14. would any of you upload a screenshot of what you are experiencing?


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