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  1. Congrats. The second render looks very convincing. Don't forget to share the file later so we can all learn from your challenge.
  2. The short and quick answer, add a background. If you don't need to see the background, create a Rendering Style an assign an environmental reflection to the scene.
  3. Agree. Do not slice the wall, reshape the picks.
  4. I'd recommend getting to use custom lights IES
  5. 2014 texture mapping? mm. Have you tried by offset H & V?
  6. Congratulation, very nice work, keep it up!
  7. My recommendation for avoiding those spots on textures: Even if you have 16 bounces you still need to increase your rendering settings to high.
  8. Not too long ago I needed a similar result from one of my renderings and I found that I could achieve the desired result if I use multiple objects, sharing the same plane if needed but with a variety of displacement mapping dimensions and resolutions. For example, in this patch of mulch, grass blades were needed to grow in between and make it messier and more realistic.
  9. The facets are controlled by the viewport resolution. I had the other two at 300dpi and rendered the cartoon at only 72dpi, just to make a point on this post.
  10. For a fast rendering and unique looking style, I'd recommend using an artistic > cartoon. It represents the models well, with quick textures and edges and in my opinion with a more fun look than OpenGL but still not a full photorealistic rendering. I've been using this cartoon style more and more lately, especially when creating early panoramas. On this screenshot, you'll see Realistic on the left, artistic cartoon in the middle and OpenGL on the right. Give it a try and post your test results.
  11. Here are a few: • Don't use Final Quality. • Learn the benefits of Custom Renderworks • If you are serious about quality control and your rendering standards, create your own Renderings Styles.
  12. By grabbing a group of colleagues over here we all agreed this should be improved but, here is the today solution to adding these dimensions to our drawings, make use of the third mode of the angular tool, "by reference line"
  13. You are correct Kevin. I tested this issue and it's has been reported.
  14. If you can be content with creating an animation with only OpenGL quality remember there is a current way. It's about setting a series of saved views and making a slow speed transition between views but at the same time record the screen with another software. A trick that solves the problem when I need to present ideas not polished enough. (sort of like SketchUp transition animations)
  15. buckets? would you be able to post a screenshot?