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    • If all the settings remain the same (layers/classes) per project, couldn't you just set up a template file that has every sheetlayer you ever use already laid out on its own page, and then just select the ones you want to print?
    • Sounds like an out of memory error.  Does it happen on all files?  If you make a ridiculously simple file, like just a rectangle, and export it, does it still happen?  Try it on a blank file, not a template.
    • Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I'm looking for a way to create something like "saved views for sheetlayer viewports" :   In general, my sheet layers are for example top view sheet, front view sheet, side view sheet, one or two isometric sheets plus some detail sheets. Let's call these "sheetlayer types". Now the different crew on the building site needs different layers and classes in these sheets, for example the light crew needs fixture and truss layer, the scaffolding crew needs the steelwork layer, the rigging crew needs the truss layer and the layer of the venue roof,  the stage crew needs the layaer with soft goods, and so on.  So the problem is that for example a number of 5 "sheetlayer types" and 8 construction crews will lead to 40 sheet layers, all of the same shape only "filled" with different layer and class settings. So, maybe I simply can't find it, but is there a way to store only the 5 "sheetlayer types" plus 8 "views" and combine them as needed for printing ?  Can a script do that ? Whats more, any idea how to update the titleblock accordingly ?  
    • Hi Mark thanks for the response. I was looking at the dwg import dialog and changed the units from millimeters to meters which has had the desired effect.