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Braceworks Essentials Seminar


Event details

Please note, this webinar is being hosted by Vectorworks UK and will run at 1.00PM BST, 08.00AM EDT.

The design of rigging structures is an integral part of the event, entertainment, display, and exhibit industries. The Braceworks® suite of commands and tools inserts and connects supporting structures (such as trusses and lighting pipes), adds hoists and other supports, and then adds loads to the structures.

With our Braceworks Essentials seminar, you will explore how to accurately calculate and analyze the structural forces of a hanging rigging system, to determine whether the structural system is viable.


  • Review Truss and Support Tools

  • Explore Hoists and Suspension

  • Add connection points

  • Insert Loads (Lighting, Video, Audio, Curtains…)

  • Adjust system heights

  • Explore how to create a Bridle

  • Learn how to run Braceworks Calculations

Generate a Calculation Report

Best Suited For: Riggers
Skill Level: Intermediate


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