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  1. Andy Broomell

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    As someone who teaches VW a lot, this is the truth. Most of my lessons involve "VectorWorkarounds" 🤣
  2. Andy Broomell

    Gobo projections on a glow texture?

    In order for Glow textures to respond to external lighting in a model, you have to check "Add Matte Reflectivity" in the Reflectivity shader options. (I think it's a poorly named checkbox, but that's what it does). This way the texture will be both self-illuminating and will respond to the lights and gobos.
  3. Andy Broomell

    Infinite Background

    Here's one approach, though I'm not 100% sure what you're going for: -Model your object. -Don't model any geometry for the infinite background. -Render in a sheet layer viewport. -Set RW background to None (if you want transparency upon export), or HDRI white would work too if you don't need transparency. -Where you want shadows/reflection, extrude a circle or rectangle to 0", and make/apply a shadow catcher material. This will give you the shadows and reflections, but no rendered geometry. (One drawback is that shadow catcher reflections apparently don't have a blurriness parameter). -Use File<Export<Export Image file if you want to be able to export a PNG with transparency. Example:
  4. @GGC THANK YOU. The inconsistency with which callouts respond or not respond to viewports of different scales is ridiculous. I waste so much time dealing with callout settings. I want them to always look the same regardless of viewport scale. Add font size into this mix. I don't want my text twice as large in one viewport just because the scale is double. (This ties into copy/pasting, and also using the Create Similar Object function - they all need to work). Every aspect of a Callout object should be able to be made Page Unit dependent. I want to set it once in a document and never think about it again. Currently I have to think about it multiple times per day.
  5. Andy Broomell

    Strikethrough font

    Agreed. Pretty basic thing.
  6. Andy Broomell

    custom selection question

    I remember running into this exact issue once. Definitely confusing.
  7. Andy Broomell


    Unfortunately not, but there should be! There a couple topics on it, but this one has the most upvotes:
  8. Will this direct editing capability also apply to line/fill colors in the Classes Organization dialogue box? Will we see any additional fields added to the Navigation Palette that are currently only in the Edit or Organization windows? In particular, I'd love to see (and now edit) the Sheet Layer DPI in the Sheet Layers tab of the Navigation Palette.
  9. Andy Broomell

    Renaming Resources

    Very cool. Is there a way to turn this into a menu command with a pop-up that asks for Type, Prefix, Suffix, and Find/Replace? I've yet to have any luck with the Convert to Menu Command option for Marionette networks, but I also know very little about Marionette...
  10. This is a feature I've been looking forward to for years. Yay!
  11. Andy Broomell

    3d point clouds - need to rethink

    I've been to that beach! Cádiz is a beautiful city. There's probably some metaphor here too:
  12. Andy Broomell

    Getting different renderings in layer vs viewport

    I've experienced what I believe is the same issue, where circular extrudes sometimes don't render their endcaps. I've submitted bugs on it but have never heard of a solution being found. There are of course workarounds such as converting your extrude to a generic solid, or extruding a many-sided polygon instead of a perfect circle, but obvious these have drawbacks. It would even occur and not occur in the same viewport from one "Update Viewport" to the next...
  13. Andy Broomell

    wrapper order

    Any update on this? Or are inputs always alphabetical now?
  14. Andy Broomell

    ExportImageFile does nothing

    Amazing, thank you herbieherb! The ability to export multiple viewports, plus the naming improvements are all really fantastic. By the way, before adding the script to my workspace as a command, I put a pound sign in front of lines 28 and 29, since I want to be able to export out-of-date viewports as well. I know very very little about coding, but this seemed to work 🙂
  15. Andy Broomell

    Edit Multiple Textures at Once

    I just Googled to see if there's some way to do this... and of course I came across my own wishlist item from last year 🤦‍♂️


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