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  1. Same experience here. I really dislike it. Not sure if that was intentional for 2019, or just a side affect of the new components features. Regardless, I hope they're able to return it to how it previously worked, where objects wouldn't be "moved" to their proper component until you exit the symbol edit mode.
  2. Andy Broomell

    Musical Symbols

    You are right that the placement is easy to adjust by moving around individual symbols 🙂 That being said... the individual elements aren't even right. Placement aside, give us cymbals on accurately-sized stands, a floor tom that's the correct proportions, mid and high toms that are the correct proportions and that attach to the top of the kick drum, a kick drum that's the right proportions, a snare drum that are the right proportions, etc. So first we need to start out with better symbols. In all honesty, these look like someone just 'guessed'. Now back to layout... I looked on Pearl and Mair drum websites and didn't see the layouts mentioned above, but I have have missed them. Maybe I'm crazy, but in 15 years as a percussionist I've never seen a set-up that resembles any of those included in the new library. For what it's worth, most kits start with the same layout of kick, snare, hi-hat, 2-3 toms, and a cymbal or two, which then gets added to as the number of pieces grows. But that baseline set-up isn't anywhere to be found in this library. In fact most of the included layouts aren't even playable (looking particularly at the snare and hi-hat relationship, for example). And there are weird attachment methods in some of the set-ups that don't exist in real life. So while I'm not suggesting that the library include every possible layout, the ones it includes should at least be somewhat realistic. I truly don't mean to be rude; I just don't understand how we end up these weird toy-looking things in what should be a professional, usable library of a common thing. 😕 Edit: Adding an image of that basic set-up mentioned above. 95% of drum kits look like this, or start as this and then get additional toms and cymbals: If this is somewhere to be found in the new library and I missed it, my apologies. Or if there are other drummers on here that can point out that what I've written is way off base, that would welcome as well. 🙂
  3. Andy Broomell

    Class Visibility in Thumbnail Renders

    There's also this checkbox which seems relevant, though I've never gotten it to work predictably:
  4. Andy Broomell

    Smarter Wall Framer

  5. Andy Broomell

    OIP Text Styles List?

    Agreed. This sort of list grouping appears all over the place in Vectorworks, and whenever I explain it to my students there's a collective "ohhhhhhhh".
  6. Andy Broomell

    OIP Text Styles List?

    The two library text styles with "(Text Styles.vwx)" are the same as the two text styles currently in your document, so this is to differentiate the Text Style in your document versus the one in the library document. If you edited "Dimensions 9 pt" in your file, then later wanted to get it back to the way it was set up in the library file, you could select "Dimensions 9 pt (Text Styles.vwx)" and it would ask if you wanted to replace it in your file.
  7. Andy Broomell

    Musical Symbols

    Out of curiosity, what drum company is that?
  8. Andy Broomell

    Musical Symbols

    I see some new drum kit symbols were recently added to Service Select. I apologize in advance for saying this, but did the person who made these ever see a real life drum kit? Did they not research drum kits? Not a single one of the three pictured symbols bears any resemblance to reality. (Not talking about level of detail, but literally just general proportions, placement, how stands work, etc). It's good to keep it simple, but it shouldn't be wrong. I can accept the fact that some of the older library content leaves a bit to be desired, but to release these new drum kits in 2018 to "Service Select" is a bit embarrassing. Vectorworks is professional software and deserves professional-level libraries (which in other cases it succeeds at). Sorry 😄
  9. Andy Broomell

    Rendering using photoshop

    If you're bringing the images into Photoshop, probably easier to just use File<Export<Export Image File, since that won't be locked like a PDF. Just make sure you're setting up your pixel dimensions appropriately before saving.
  10. If it only looks that way when in OpenGL, another thing to try is the "Detail" level under OpenGL Options (in the Render mode dropdown). I usually leave this on High. I don't think I understand your workflow involving SketchUp though. Is that screengrab VW or SketchUp?
  11. I've definitely seen this as well in 2019.
  12. Andy Broomell

    Visible Polygon Vertices

    I don't know of a real way to do what you're describing, but a workaround might be to turn on end markers in the attribute palette, so each individual line segment has arrows or dots on each end (but you'd have to Decompose if you're starting with a Polygon). And you can turn off midpoint snapping by double clicking the "Snap to Object" button in the snapping palette.
  13. Andy Broomell

    Undo AutoHybrid

    If you're in a 3D view and do Convert to Group, it should just leave with the 3D objects in their proper places. It's worked for me in the past, though that doesn't mean it's foolproof 😉 Ungroup might work as well? But the key is to not be in Top/Plan.
  14. Andy Broomell

    How to get rid of unwanted artefacts in OpenGL?

    This could also be accomplished with one viewport by setting Background Render to OpenGL (and turning Edges off in Background Render Settings), and setting the Foreground Render to Hidden Line. But on the Design Layer, you pretty much have to rectify the geometry or turn off Edges.
  15. Andy Broomell

    Gobo not rendering

    Gobos seem to render when I open it - have you tried restarting VW? I've found that sometimes gobos just stop rendering. Also note that only three of your lights are turned On, and one of those three has shadows turned off, so that one won't show the gobo. Edit: As @mjm mentions, your floor is very dark, although I do see the gobo on it subtly.


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