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  1. Presumably your Design Layer and Viewport are at different scales, and this is a Line Type set to Page Units instead of World Units. If so, select the viewport and in the OIP click Advanced Properties. Use the Line Type scale to scale down line types by whatever factor is needed.
  2. No updates. They should make it so that adding Shift plus a key makes the modes cycle backwards, eg. Shift+U.
  3. Ah, so two-point perspective will presumably just be a general "projection" option as opposed to a camera thing - makes sense! 🙂 But yes, the RW Camera tool desperately needs some love. VE-102421 (most important one) but also VE-101329 VE-101331 VB-185129 VE-102615 VE-101328 VE-101330 VE-101307 VE-101327
  4. What about composition overlays, and more importantly... a proper frame instead of the disconnected blue corners that we currently get with cameras? 🤞
  5. Still not sure of the cause, but I discovered that if you simply click the Apple icon and put your computer to Sleep, then wake it back up, boomerang functionality returns to all programs.
  6. I also have a VE from about a year ago on the same subject which we've both interacted with: VE-104236. I'll leave another comment there if that helps at all. Would there be any use in me connecting directly with whomever the person would be that would be addressing this, so I could do a brief Zoom screen share with them to demonstrate exactly how Perimeter mapping was used and how the current mapping options fail to replicate that behavior? That way there could be a back-and-forth conversation to make sure we mutually understand each other regarding the requirements and challenges of re-implementing this (from both perspectives). Leaving VE comments often feels like talking to a wall... I don't know who that person would be for this topic, but I'd be happy to connect with them. (Frankly I wish this were more a more common interaction approach between Beta users and the engineers, if it can be done in such a way as to not be a nuisance to y'all).
  7. It's impossible to overemphasize how crucial this specific texture mapping option is for creating and visualizing backings for TV & Film. There's literally no other way to do it effectively, and the fact that existing functionality was removed is quite distressing. We've been flailing without it now for ~14 releases since its removal... Perimeter Mapping needs to be reinstated for Extrudes asap. @Matt Panzer - Have you heard of any internal traction on bringing back Perimeter mapping?
  8. The camera's DPI settings do nothing. The only two things that affect output resolution (# of pixels) are the size of the viewport (the literal width and height on the page) and the sheet layer Raster Rendering DPI. That's it 🙂
  9. So I just got a point where I noticed space bar panning wasn't working, and for troubleshooting purposes I opened Photoshopped and noticed spacebar ALSO doesn't work there. So this is perhaps a Mac thing more than a Vectorworks thing?
  10. I've been losing the ability to use 'boomerang' tools 2-3 times a week lately. This includes panning and suspending snapping. I have to restart Vectorworks in order for it to work again.
  11. The "flipping" problem I describes also applies to Extrudes. When editing a flipped Extrude, you can't see anything else in the model, and it might feel like the object is jumping to a different position on the screen. Not sure if that's what you're experiencing or not.
  12. Section Viewports cannot be set to Wireframe, only regular viewports can. Could you make a regular viewport of your model just looking from the appropriate side (Front, Left, etc)? Then you could set it to wireframe. Or, if you need it to be a Section Viewport, you could try setting the Background Render to Dashed Hidden Line, then under Background Render Settings you could set the dash style to be Continuous and black. I think the result would essentially look like wireframe.
  13. This shouldn't affect anything... Based on the screengrabs, my guess is that it's a Symbol whose instance has been flipped/mirrored. Unfortunately Vectorworks doesn't let you view the rest of the model when entering a flipped symbol, since it will show the "true" contents of the symbol. If this is the only instance of the symbol, you could go to Top/Plan, flip the whole symbol horizontally, then enter the symbol, then flip all the contents horizontally. That way, the symbol is no longer "flipped" but the geometry should end up where it started since you flipped both the container and the contents. However, if there are other instances of this same symbol in the file, this approach might mess some things up. So yes, flipped objects are sort of a PITA.
  14. It seems to be due to the 53 Lighting Device objects on the "4 Vic LX-Tubes 3d" class. If you turn that class off I believe it's closer to what you expect. To fix, you might select those devices, click Edit, and change the Brightness to a lower value.
  15. Having exactly two 2D Locus points within the 2D Top component will dictate where the wall in Top/Plan gets cut regardless of other 2D geometry. (I see locus points in your screengrab, so not sure if they're not working or if that isn't your file, but that's the correct idea). You can put the Locus Points on the NonPlot class (and turn off the class) to not see the X glyphs as you're working.
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