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  1. I've been having this same issue a lot in 2021, where viewport crops temporarily disable while zooming. It can be very disorienting when multiple viewports on a sheet do it at once.
  2. For sure. I also make heavy use of the search field at the top of that dropdown.
  3. Yes, since the pasted ones are 'new' viewports and not literally the same old ones. Typically instead of copy/pasting between sheets, you'd want to select the VPs and reassign the Layer in the OIP which moves them there (though in this case I'm not sure if this would've addressed your underlying reason for doing it in the first place). It helps to separate Section Lines in your head into two categories: Section Lines which are inherently connected to the extents of a Section Viewport - when you modify the Section Line it adjusts the Section Viewport accordingly. You could say they "define" the Section Viewport. -vs- Standalone Section Lines that are simply 'linked' to a viewport in order to auto-coordinate things like Drawing #, Sheet #, etc. This type of marker does NOT link geometrically to a Section Viewport; it's for text data only. Note that Reference Markers, Detail Callout Markers, and other tools have this same linking functionality as of 2021. Also note that you can choose any viewport to link to at will in the OIP dropdown, whereas Section Lines that define a viewport have this dropdown greyed out. What you're wanting is the first type, but when you "made new section lines and connected them to the copied viewports" that's the second type. The first type is created automatically when you create a Section Viewport. The only way to regenerate them or to add more is to go to the Section Viewport, scroll to the bottom of the OIP, and click on the Section Line Instances button. In the pop-up, click the checkmark column to add new Section Lines to the desired Design Layers and/or Viewports. It will regenerate Section Lines that will work as you expect. Hope this helps.
  4. Yes, whenever you enter into an editing mode with an orange border I consider it a 'container.' For me the two worst offenders are Symbols (due their hybrid nature) and Extrudes Along Path with "Fix Profile" checked. I don't use Hardscape or Slabs but I've heard folks complain that they're also temperamental. JIRA is where beta testers file bug reports. For those without access to that, there's a "Bug Submit" link at the bottom of this page.
  5. I seem to encounter a number of sporadic bugs related to containers, but they're always hard to nail down or submit JIRA reports about. In 2021 specifically there seems to be an occasional issue with undoing inside containers involving certain object types, where undoing more than once causes geometry to become 'invisible' until you exit the container and re-enter. There's also currently an issue with Clip Cube not working properly inside containers. Other than that, there have always been various container-related issues such as randomly not being able to snap to things outside of the container even if they're visible, or 2D objects behaving like they're on the wrong plane, or view-centering within containers not working, etc.
  6. OpenGL can only show black pixel-based edges; it'll never show an object's pen or lineweight. But using OpenGL background render (no Color, no Edges, w/ AO) with Hidden Line foreground render usually looks fantastic. Hidden Line can of course be slow depending on the model, but it's worked well for me 95% of the time.
  7. Try downloading the worksheet from the third post in this thread, then put the worksheet into your TBB. (The built in Drawing List worksheet is useless)
  8. The fact that it behaves this way in the first place is such a PITA. One workaround I've found (at least if the extrude is still perpendicular to the ground plane), is to select the Extrude, Flip it Horizontal, then enter the extrude, select all shapes, then Flip Horizontal again.
  9. Try going to Tools > Custom Modification. Type is Dimension. Include Viewport Annotations. In the Properties pop up, change the Dim Std for all the Dimension objects (not sure why the pop-up gets weird at this point). Click OK and it should work.
  10. This is a great wishlist item. The "send to back" trick is useful only in limited situations. Currently, for example, there's no way to "highlight" areas on an elevation viewport that's OpenGL (white model shading) + Hidden Line foreground, because the entire elevation has a white/grey fill from the OpenGL render. Color overlays have to shapes on the top of stacking order; you can't send to back. And using opacity isn't ideal, because then it washes out black linework. Another case where this doesn't work is with dimensions (when the dim is centered on the line) because that requires the dimension to have a white fill to obscure the dimension line. There are numerous other situations where fills are necessary and where a "multiply" blend mode on 2D shapes might be useful. (I suppose the main challenge would be it implementing without it being overly complex or affecting exist workflows).
  11. I think you'd have to start by making the pink part "taller" and with equal radius fillets, then using the Z scaling factor that solids have in the OIP to squish it. It'd just take some calculations ahead of time to figure out the correct pre-squished dimensions. Another option would be to use an Extrude Along Path of the negative shape, then subtract that from a regular extrude.
  12. Agreed. And having the option to see the separations between different objects rather that merging sectioned areas. Essentially like a Section Viewport except interactive in the 3D model.
  13. @inikolova Does the 3D web view have Ambient Occlusion? (Haven't checked lately). If not, that should definitely be added to the list.


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