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  1. Very happy to hear that! ūüôā @LauraCB - there was a related discussion here recently if you're interested.
  2. I don't know of anything like that for Vectorworks, but if you're interested in saving time, one thing I'd recommend is customizing your workspace to have better shortcuts, as the defaults aren't always ideal. For example, here are a few of the changes I've made in my personal workspace which have greatly increased my efficiency:
  3. Interesting, I see you're using a Sill as a workaround to make the bottom jamb. I remember trying this once, but it introduces a new issue: having to always make the jamb depth match the wall thickness. I need to be able to drop this in to any wall and not have to worry about other settings. One solution introduces another problem ūü§£ But you're right, it's close, and thank you!
  4. I would like the sectioned jamb to be filled with a section hatch, not just white. Therein lies my problem. I need the window to stay looking like this: I had accomplished this just fine until I dropped the window into a component-based wall...
  5. Yes, I am controlling the attributes of the window with a class. But that's not my question - why does the same window on the same class look different when inserted into two different walls? (And I know what you mean about going into settings and assigning classes to each part of the window, but this works unexpectedly as well, since the bottom of the jamb fills with the hatch in addition to the cut-through side jambs. Sort of like the upper window in my screenshot. It shouldn't work like this to begin with but that's another story.) In the end I want a window that looks like the lower one in the image, regardless of where I insert it. How can I accomplish that without resorting the custom symbol geometry?
  6. I have one window whose attributes change depending on which wall I insert it into, and I can't figure out why: It's literally the same window... In the file below, if you drag and drop a window from one wall to the other you'll see it change. WindowQuestion_v2020.vwx I'd like the window to stay looking like the bottom window. The problem seems to be caused by component-based walls. Anyone have any insight?
  7. Yep, doesn't work on mine. I'll contact Tech Support. Thanks again for confirming!
  8. Hmm, I wonder what it could be then... I even tried creating a section viewport in a "blank" Vectorworks document to make sure it's not related to my template. But the same happens: when I zoom in close to any objects in the viewport, the lineweight doesn't get larger past a certain point. It DOES display correctly when zoomed out. It's simply the "Zoom Line Thickness" setting that doesn't seem to work.
  9. Thanks for checking @markdd. Are you in 2020? I don't remember this issue in the past.
  10. Zoom line thickness seems to not be working for Section Viewports. I zoom in and none of the lineweights appear to match those of objects in my Annotations, but they are set to the same values, and they export to PDF properly. There is no lineweight scaling on the viewport. It's making it quite difficult to do my job. Restarting does not solve. Happens in every file. Urgh...
  11. Although my window and door tools don't seem to currently exhibit this problem, I know I've seen this issue pop up in a place or two in 2020. I've been keeping an eye open today, and I suspect that the dropdown in this window is supposed to say "Time Interval:" rather than just "Time"
  12. I can't seem to get any Dimension objects to recognize when they're set to "No Sketch." No matter what I do, they render as sketched. Other objects such as Lines and Rectangles respond correctly. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  13. STR pointed out this thread to me which I had not seen. Related discussion here:
  14. Thanks @STR! Glad I'm not the only one seeing the room for improvement in these tools.
  15. Although the symbols might not be placed into the drawing area anywhere, they should exist in the Resource Manager. Make sure the file is selected in the lefthand column, and that the filter dropdown menu at the top says "All Resources" or "Symbols/Plug-In Objects." By the way, if I modify default symbols, I also tend to add my initials to the symbol name so that it's very clear later which ones are mine.


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