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  1. That's the Working Plane. It shouldn't show up in Top/Plan (2D)... but it likely appears when in Top view (which is 3D). You can also change the color and opacity of the Working Plane in Vectorworks Preferences under Interactive Appearance Settings.
  2. Assuming the door itself it set up properly (sounds like it is), double check these two things: In the navigation palette, right click the glazing class you chose (probably Glazing-Clear) and click on the "Textures" category on the left. Make sure "Object and Component Textures" is set to the texture you'd like. (Sometimes this class will be missing its texture if the texture is inadvertently deleted from the RM). Under OpenGL settings and make sure the "Textures" checkbox is enabled (of course, if you see other various textures in your model then this isn't it). You could also attach the file here or screenshots for additional help.
  3. That looks like the 'mobile'-formatted version like zoomer describes. If you make your browser wider it should go back to normal. If your browser is the full width of the screen, has your screen resolution changed? The formatting is based on pixel width of browser rather than percentage of screen.
  4. It works for me in that same version.
  5. @Matt Panzer - Do you know if there's a technical reason as to why Slabs don't have any texture controls in the Render tab? (I figure you're the go-to person for architecture-related tools but let us know if there's someone else who would be better to ask). Also @Dave Donley since I know you're involved in texture-related conversations in the beta forum. To me it makes sense that certain PIOs wouldn't work with the Attribute Mapping tool, for example, since PIOs are often composed of multiple objects, which would mean mapping types such as 'Plane' wouldn't be well-suited... but for all of these PIOs it would seem that at least having the ability to control the texture's scale and rotation in the Render tab is a necessity. I can submit a VE, but I figured I'd ask about the current implementation so that we have more context as to why it is the way it is. (Or perhaps there's already work happening on this front so another VE isn't needed?) Edit: Now that I think about, this might be getting into the rabbit hole of texturing any type of PIO. I just realized that Windows and Doors have the same Render tab as Slabs, for example...
  6. I've also had some major issues with gamer mode in 2021 (similar to issues I remember having a couple years ago which were fixed but seem to be back again).
  7. Are you talking about a Renderworks Background, or the general program background color? One can be set under View > Set Renderworks Background, and the other can be set under Vectorworks Preferences > Interactive > Interactive Appearance Settings > choose colors for Light Background and/or Dark Background: A Renderworks Background supersedes the Interactive Appearance background.
  8. Detail callouts and other marker objects were revamped for 2021, adding additional functionality such as this. Are you on 2021, or 2019 as per your signature?
  9. Another thing that's been added since 2012 is the ability to crop bitmap objects. You can simply double click the image, draw a circle, then hit Exit (like cropping a viewport). Sounds like you've figure out a workaround for now ūüôā
  10. It's possible / likely that transparency support was added after 2012, I'm sorry to say.
  11. Are you importing it as a Bitmap object, or as an Image Fill in the Resource Manager? Assuming the former, double check that "Import Alpha Channel" is checked: If importing as an Image Fill, I believe those can't have transparency.
  12. Also, these Interactive Appearance colors only show when you're not using a Renderworks Background. You can choose a Renderworks Background (or none) by going to View > Set Renderworks Background. Additional Backgrounds can be made in the Resource Manager (including solid colors and gradients).
  13. It sounds like you're doing the right thing. I've encountered something perhaps related when I minimize my Attributes Palette, where sometimes I have to click 5-10 times on the minus for it to properly switch to a plus. It's buggy, but also intermittent... What happens if you switch to a different workspace (Tools>Workspaces) then back to the one you're using, then try clicking the minus again?


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