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  1. At the end of the day, Auto Hybrids have their own internal origin point but SHOULDN'T. It drives me batty. I believe there's another topic or two on these forums about this very problem.
  2. Are the water and ground individual 3D Polygons, or a Mesh, or something else? If they're individual 3D Polygons, there's no way to get rid of the black lines since they are discrete objects. But if you add them together into a Mesh, the black lines should go away (depending on the crease angle under OpenGL preferences). You might also be able to smooth out the appearance of the trees (if you want) by selecting the green mesh and turning on the Mesh Smoothing in the Render tab (or doing it globally under Document Preferences).
  3. These two arrows in the upper left of the screen are undo/redo view, irrespective of the the Undo/Redo commands. Is this what you mean?
  4. I've noticed this too! And it's weird because the Unified View button will appear to be on, for example, and I click to turn it off, which seems to temporarily fix the issue with the objects disappearing, and then a moment later the button appears to be on again. Or vice versa. Never really figured out the rhyme or reason.
  5. You can't give it a "halo" glow, no, but you can go into the symbol and add an object to be the lens (if one doesn't already exist), and apply a texture that's set to Glow and set to not cast or receive shadows. Then at least you'll have bright a hotspot in the renders.
  6. He's just really excited about the request A variant on "+1"
  7. You can't retain both at once unfortunately, but you could duplicate the symbol in place, then Convert to Group while in Top/Plan and then Convert to Group the other one in Top (or any 3D view). You always only end up with the "side" that you can currently see.
  8. It's a hidden folder in your Home folder. Hit Ctrl+Shift+period on your keyboard to show hidden folders. Or an easier approach: in VW, go to the last tab of Vectorworks Preferences then click the "Reveal in Finder" button. This will take you to your user folder, then go to Libraries<Defaults etc.
  9. I agree with Robert, but in the meantime, you either need to turn off Unified View under the View menu (which may cause other issues especially if working in 3D because then your layers won't rotate together), or under View < Unified View Options, uncheck "Ignore Layers with Different Scale."
  10. And if you're making new image props, turn off the "Constant Reflectivity" checkbox. (I've always wished the dialogue box better explained how "Constant Reflectivity" affects the resulting texture... the text at the bottom should outright say that it simply sets the texture to Glow).
  11. Bump. Is there anyone that uses a 3Dconnexion mouse in C4D?
  12. Agreed! Reminds me of an old post of mine:
  13. I have my undo view changes set to "Never" as well and it still consistently moves the view while undoing, at least once. For example, draw a shape, move it, zoom in, then hit undo. It moves the shape back to its original position and also goes back to the previous view. I'm pretty sure it's always done this, and may be working as designed, but it's not working as expected.
  14. So I could take a bunch of photos of a particular couch in a furniture warehouse, then take it into Vectorworks and have a 3D model of that exact couch in the set design rendering? That would be amazing!