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  1. Andy Broomell

    Hollowing out hemisphere

    Once you've done the Shell command, you can go to Modify<Convert<Convert to NURBS, which will allow you to go inside the group and texture the inside differently than the outside.
  2. Andy Broomell

    Snap Previews?

    Hi Bruce, are you asking about the green squares? Those indicate that a constraint is in play. In the case of Dimension objects, that means that if you change the size of the dimension, the size of the object will change accordingly, and vice versa. They are linked. If you want to unlink them, you can right click a dimension and choose "Disassociate", or right click an object and choose "Remove Constraints." If you simply want to hide the green rectangles but not change functionality, go to the View menu, and under Show/Hide, select Show or Hide Constraints.
  3. I loathe the fact that arcs extrude into a wedge shape. It's inconsistent with how other non-closed shapes extrude.
  4. Andy Broomell

    Image Prop blocks sunlight

    That "cast shadows" function only work with Renderworks styles, I believe. OpenGL will cast the shadows regardless of this setting.
  5. Andy Broomell

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Looking forward to playing around with the new linked Panoramas! I saw Luis' link to this panorama, and I must say this is a huge upgrade to the panorama interface in general. The video shows that you can incorporate other media too which is a great idea. Are there any example presentations that include other media? Also happy to see this listed in the fixes, as it's has been happening intermittently for years: VB-112574 Clip Cube is Unexpectedly Enabled When File is Opened The biggest thing though is fixing the bug where Section Viewports showed the geometry of classes that were invisible in the viewport. I've had to continue drafting in 2018 because this bug made 2019 unusable in my workflow.
  6. Andy Broomell

    Linking panorama 3D to each other

    Been designing an escape room lately, but it's for a large company and I'm not allowed to share anything :-/ Just did a quick browse and here's an example that shows off some of the features of the site: https://roundme.com/tour/129753/view/328068 A lot of the users seem to be using it for photographic panoramas, but it works great with rendered panoramas as well.
  7. Andy Broomell

    Linking panorama 3D to each other

    I would love VW to incorporate something like this, but in the meantime, I've had a great experience using roundme.com
  8. Andy Broomell

    Creating a cropped viewport in 2019

    Have you double checked that the 2D shape is set to Screen Plane before trying to create the viewport?
  9. Andy Broomell


    BTW, if you've already cut out the background in Photoshop and saved the image as a PNG, when you're making the Image Prop in Vectorworks, don't choose the transparent color option. Instead choose "Alpha Channel" and it'll bring in the transparency directly from the PNG; it usually looks much cleaner than the transparent color method.
  10. Andy Broomell

    Trouble Rendering Edges of Symbols in OpenGL

    I've seen this numerous times as well.
  11. Andy Broomell

    Lock Model lights on the Z plane

    To the original poster's point, Light objects behave inconsistently and differently than other objects in Vectorworks. They often snap to the plane perpendicular to the screen, and they should not. Other objects don't snap the way Light objects do. It's irritated me for ages, and should be considered a bug and should be fixed. It also happen in front or side views. For example in Right view, if you drag a light or its target point (if it's a spot light), it often changes not just the Y and Z values, but also snaps to things on the X axis even though it's perpendicular to your screen. Yes there are workarounds to make it not snap at all, but in orthographic views it shouldn't be snapping that way in the first place.
  12. Andy Broomell

    viewports not following class visibilities

    Sounds like the same issue as this thread and a few others: Still waiting for that next SP. I can't draft in 2019 because of this bug...
  13. Andy Broomell

    Resource Manager Symbol Thumbnails Disappear

    This happens to me all the time and I've never been able to figure out why.
  14. Andy Broomell

    Polygons with Hatches are un-selectable

    I run into this problem as well. Including being unable to select a Section Viewport via clicking on the fill of a sectioned/hatched object.
  15. Andy Broomell

    Make Symbols Unique

    I'd use this... much easier and faster than current workarounds.


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