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  1. I would definitely use these, though it should be noted that pre-2017, only Symbol Folders existed, so only Symbols could be put into folders (meaning no functionality has really been lost). But I do agree that it seems to natural to want to be able to freely organize all resources (for example, sometimes I wish I could put everything that's been imported/referenced into a single folder so I don't have to see those resources). But perhaps there's a hesitation that this would lead to poor organization and confusion for those who aren't careful? Not sure why else things were implemented the way they were.
  2. Andy Broomell

    RW Styles: Quality settings for Blurriness & Soft Shadows

    Ah, I hadn't thought of testing it on a blurred transparency. I do see the difference there as well, thank you! Thanks for confirming! I'm going to go with this for now.
  3. Andy Broomell

    RW Styles: Quality settings for Blurriness & Soft Shadows

    @Luis M Ruiz @Jim Wilson @Stephan Moenninghoff- any insight on this? Just curious if I'm doing something wrong, or if in fact we should only really pay attention to the AA setting in regards to shadows & blurriness. Trying to make sure I teach this accurately two days from now ūüėĄ
  4. Andy Broomell

    Renders Turning Black Once Updated

    I've been seeing this with viewports in 2019 too. They render fine, but display as black until you zoom in out or out, or otherwise refresh the screen. Or if you zoom while the rendering is partway finished, it'll show the updated portion and the rest as black, until you zoom again... This is unrelated to the bug in this thread (I assume) where the viewport actually doesn't render, though it's another minor annoyance.
  5. Andy Broomell

    Renders Turning Black Once Updated

    This render issue still persists in 2019, for sure. I just got this render in a fairly new file; the bug looks just like it did in past versions where Image Props still kind of appear:
  6. Andy Broomell

    Preview Render

    On Sheet Layers, one thing I currently do is duplicate the viewport in place, then use the Clip tool in Inclusion mode to draw a marquee around the small part of the rendering I want to see, then hit update. Saves a lot of time compared to updating the whole thing. This can be used to work on one specific object/texture... or, if you've rendered an entire viewport in high quality then realized there's a small error somewhere, this method can be used to put a "band-aid" over that area and re-render only where needed.
  7. I've recently realized that I'm not sure I've ever actually seen a difference when changing the quality levels of either Soft Shadows or Blurriness from Low to Very High, for example. I always happen to also increase Anti-Aliasing when I'm doing final renderings, which seems to be the actual setting that smooths out shadows and blurriness. I mistakenly thought the Soft Shadows and Blurriness settings were the important factors, but today as I'm preparing to teach Renderworks Styles by going through settings one at a time, I've realized I can't make either of these quality levels do anything discernible. What do these two settings actually DO? Or is something broken?
  8. Andy Broomell

    How do i get sketch mode with hidden line

    Cool rendering! One thing to check for the offending objects is to select them in the Design Layer and go to the Render tab - check that Sketch is set to something other than "No Sketch".
  9. To tag onto Kevin... Changing the System Preferences option to "All Controls" is absolutely not a solution. Another example reason to not change this setting is that when you double-tap the "4" key to quickly insert a rectangle at a specific size, the dialogue box's focus now defaults to a non-existent field at the top, and you have to tab 3 times to get to Width. Compared to leaving the setting as it was, double-tapping "4" would default to "Width" (as one would expect, and which allows for the fastest entry of data). Blue rectangle at top is result of changing the tab setting as described above.
  10. Andy Broomell

    Different markers on each end of a line in 2019?

    Have you checked that the chainlink icon is turned off?
  11. Andy Broomell

    Message Centre

    Speaking of the message center... mine looks like this (SP0 and SP1): The "Settings" and "Done" buttons remain obscured even if I resize the dialogue box...
  12. Andy Broomell

    Eyedropper Tool with Callouts

    Hi @Jeremy Best! The post was indeed in the Wishlist forum, but it was a long time ago so thank you for bumping. Essentially there needs to be a way to copy parameters like Bubble Style and Text Margin from one Callout to another without it also copying the text from one to the other. And to your point, I am also seeing a bug where eyedropping pen color isn't working properly for Callouts.
  13. Andy Broomell

    VW2019 - Is dashed hidden line rendering completely broken?

    Also... it defaults to a "continuous" linetype which is an odd choice. But even so, the obscured edges don't initially display.
  14. Andy Broomell

    VW2019 - Is dashed hidden line rendering completely broken?

    I've found that if I start with a "blank" file that has no linetypes (as opposed to starting with my template, for example), there is a bug in which Dashed Hidden Line does not work until you go into Line Render Settings and change the linetype to something else, then change it back. Do you find the same?
  15. Andy Broomell

    Align Distribute Tool. Is it broken?

    The Spotlight "Align and Distribute Items" tool is not in my Designer workspace in 2019. Have you edited the workspace at any point where you may have inadvertently added it to Basic? I really don't think it's supposed to be there.


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