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  1. Can you paste that polyline into a blank file and attach it here?
  2. You might also enjoy the Saved View "Script Palette" which can be turned on under the Window menu, just below the current filename there's a flyout called Script Palettes. Turn on Saved Views. With this palette you can double click a Saved View and the most recent one activated via that palette stays highlighted in grey. (It's still the case that it doesn't sync to the other Saved View lists though)
  3. As Pat says, no matter what you will never be "in" a Saved View even if you think of it that way. However, I agree with your original sentiment that it might be helpful to have an indication of the most recently-activated Saved View. I seem to remember that before the Saved View dropdown was redone a version or two ago it did show that somehow, maybe it stayed bold? Not positive though. Regardless, if this were implemented it would actually make more sense to not be indicated the same way Active Class and Active Layer are, since it's an inherently different concept. Perhaps some sort of "recent" icon.
  4. When one of the marketing videos for 2021 described a "completely reimagined interface" I cringed a bit knowing that issues like this weren't touched at all. While SOD and Quick Search are fantastic new features, they don't solve existing issues with the GUI. There are some bigger picture workspace things that need to be addressed. They've been discussed various times on these forums, but simply taking a look at Photoshop or Cinema4D makes you realize how the entire palette interface in Vectorworks is NOT slick. It's too idiosyncratic and dated.
  5. Now that you mention it, I've found myself accidentally detaching tabs once or twice a day. Small annoyance, though it builds up. This happens when I'm simply clicking on one of the tabs to activate it. (In the midst of trying to work quickly I must be moving the mouse ever so slightly while clicking). Would it possible for the "detach" function to ignore mouse clicks/movements that are less than a particular fraction of a second? Alternatively, could the flyout in the upper right-hand corner have a "lock tabs" option to disable detaching entirely? Related to this, I've noticed when a novice user accidentally detaches a tab, even if they know how to drag it back on the correct palette, they might end up putting it in the wrong spot (I'm thinking specifically of the default order of the 6 navigation tabs). As a teacher of Vectorworks it's already a little overwhelming for newer students to know where to look, but now if their tabs end up in a different order it's even more confusing. It'd be nice to be able to lock the tabs until a user is a bit more experienced and actively wants to change something.
  6. Update - apparently it somehow has to do with the coordinates of the symbol that you're currently editing. If the symbol is at the origin then the bug doesn't happen. As the symbol moves further away from the origin the texture preview object moves off to the side... and symbols far away from the origin fully exhibit the bug. If you edit the Symbol via the RM then the bug doesn't happen, only if you're editing a Symbol in the document. Attaching a screen recording to JIRA as well.
  7. No problem - I'll attach a file to the bug report on JIRA, but note that it happens in every single file, when in any symbol, working with any texture. It's never not happened, since mid 2020.
  8. There isn't a built-in keyboard shortcut, but you can go to Tools > Workspaces and use the Workspace Editor to assign one. Expand the "View" menu in the righthand portion then assign a shortcut below. Let us know if you need more details.
  9. I thought this was an odd implementation as well. This also applies to any old extrude in the Render tab of the OIP when using Materials. It all functions properly, the interface is just inconsistent/unexpected. I agree that it should work the same as "By Class" so it's clear what's happening.
  10. This happens for me every time I edit or create a texture while inside Symbol Edit mode. This bug started in 2020 and persists in 2021. VB-172583
  11. I assume you're trying to achieve a "dollhouse view" but Vectorworks can't do single-sided surfaces, unfortunately. For anyone curious - here's an example of single-side surfaces - click this link then hit the "View Dollhouse" button in lower left. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=YWe14zFGZHe
  12. Only Section-Elevation lines have a "Note" parameter, but it'd be great if all Marker tools incorporated that field for additional flexibility.
  13. You're correct that it's no longer an OIP parameter, you literally just need to choose a different style that includes it as part of the layout. So choose "Replace" in the Style dropdown, then find one of the defaults that has both Drawing # and Sheet #, like this: Think of Styles as different symbols or pre-determined layouts for Drawing Labels. When you need different configurations you just switch which Style is being used.
  14. And if you have an existing Drawing Label and want to change it, go to the "Style" dropdown in the OIP and choose "Replace." But still good to set your default as Mark described above, that way future Drawing Labels will be created with that Style.
  15. I might be misreading your post, but I think you're describing exactly how it currently works? The Resource Selector in the mode bar displays Wall Styles currently used in your file:


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