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  1. I just came to this subforum to ask where the "Edge Split" mode went in 2018... But then as looked closer it seems as though it was rolled into "Face Split" mode which is now just the "Split" mode and functions as both
  2. Are you able to post a screenshot of what you currently have? Sometimes for things I want to appear whiter, I'll add Reflectivity<Glow to the texture, then put the Brightness around 40% (depends), turn off "Emit Light" and turn on "Add Matte Reflectivity". The Matte Reflectivity is important so that it still reacts to other lighting and shadows in the scene.
  3. @scottmoore THANK YOU for continually beating this drum. I don't use lit fog beams anymore because they look so unrealistic in Vectorworks. Thankfully I haven't had to render many rock concert-style shows recently, but if I were a lighting designer I would be livid at the current functionality. The funny thing is if you go to the Vectorworks home page you're immediately greeted with an image that's completely unattainable in Vectorworks.
  4. Great chart! Are you already utilizing the "Text Scale" factor in the Advanced Viewport Properties? This should allow you to scale up and down text when the Viewport scale doesn't match the Design Layer scale. (So in your example you'd type in 0.5 to get the text to appear as 12 point again)
  5. Question: the video at 0:56 mentions needing to use a Render Mode with Indirect Lighting. Lit Fog seems to also work for me with Indirect Lighting off. Of course, turning it off results in the renderings looking very different than those in the video (since they all have Indirect Lighting on), but I just wanted to bring it up as it might be misleading to suggest Lit Fog requires Indirect Lighting. (It of course looks better with it on )
  6. Awesome, thanks! Any chance we could play around in this stained glass file? Seems like a good learning set-up.
  7. This used to happen for me consistently in 2016 and 2017, though 2018 has actually been better for me, thankfully.
  8. When I use indirect lighting, I tend to turn off Emit Indirect Lighting for textures that are applied to super complex geometry such as plants, grass, 3D figures, etc (as long as it's not detrimental to the rendering). Saves some time.
  9. Take a look at this thread - there's a script that helps with this issue.
  10. All excellent points and questions! This command needs some love.
  11. Another approach is to make a worksheet with the criteria set to find objects on your class. Then you can then right click subsequent row headers (there will be a row for each object on that class) and choose "Select Item" which will select the object even if it's inside a group or symbol. Let me know if you need more details on this process.
  12. I'd use this. In the meantime, I use the Select Similar tool (I have a preset for "Object Type") then click on a single Viewport on the sheet. This selects all the viewports, which I can then update by clicking the Update button in the OIP.
  13. My "M" is mapped to Mirror