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  1. @Domas – check out VB-187192 too if you haven't already. That bug describes Shaded mode ambient occlusion rendering differently depending on zoom level when you update the viewport. (Haven't double checked in 2024, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't been addressed). Just to be sure, one would expect that current zoom level should have zero affect on the results of a viewport render.
  2. Are textures visible in Viewer yet?
  3. I agree that’d be nice. But in the meantime, another things that works is once you marquee over the vertices, you can actually use the Move command (Cmd+M) to type in a value to move only the selected vertices.
  4. Thankfully you can use the eye dropper tool to transfer class overrides, but that doesn’t change the fact that you should be able to do it directly with a selection of multiple viewports, as a user would inherently expect. Plus, the eye dropper transfers all overrides, whereas a user might want a bit more control over changing individual classes.
  5. This would be a huge time-saver. I'd use it a ton to edit batches of textures.
  6. Try this: Go to the Resource Manager and find that Linetype. Right Click < Edit. Then uncheck the option that says "Scale with line thickness."
  7. I agree that it'd be nice to be able to anchor leaders from the top and/or bottom. When you say "also we can't have multiple have leader lines originating from both the left and from the right" – this is currently possible: or is this not what you mean?
  8. Indeed, I believe the bug is for stacked dimensions only, and when fractions are set to either diagonal or vertical (but not standard / unstacked).
  9. Under Units, do you have fractions set to show diagonally? I've found that fractions need to be set to "standard" display for them to show up in Dual Dimensions. Pretty dumb...
  10. Are you able to post any screenshots illustrating the issue?
  11. Yes, since this bug appeared, my experience is that viewports have always moved upon changing scale, which is something I do frequently. Incredibly annoying.
  12. Within Vectorworks Preferences there is a secondary option which controls whether the "Other" objects are grayed or not. I occasionally uncheck this when the grayed objects are indecipherable, or if I'm trying to see a Bitmap object that's outside the Group.
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