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  1. @Go Kehoe Go, when did you see the error message - on import or on export? If this was on import, did you try to open the DWG file in a viewer?
  2. At first I thought that this might be due to the export of the worksheet data - we had such issue for worksheets with lots of rows/columns. However this problem is fixed in Vectorworks 2022 or even in the previous version. May I ask you to send the document directly to me?
  3. Thank you for submitting a bug report, @Kevin C ! Do you have the bug number, so that I can look at it? When you say "every time", do you mean that crash appears with every document you try, or with a specific document only?
  4. @Kevin C, Would you, please, send the document, which crashes on export to DWG, directly to me, together with info for the used DWG export options? Win or Mac, exact Vectorworks version etc. info will also help us. Thank you, Nina
  5. Nina Ivanova


    @EJM, Do you see this error when you try to export a specific document or it happens for all the documents? Please, check the destination - you might try to write the DWG somewhere where you do not have rights to write, the file path might be too long or you might have some not allowed chars in the file path. There are some rare cases, when this error might appear due to trying to write a wrongly defined object to the DWG file. Restarting Vectorworks is also something, which is good to try. We use ODA libraries to read and write DWG files and show this error when we receive, that something is wrong during saving the DWG. If this is the only document, for which you see this error or saving the DWG to another location does not help, please, send the document and an image of the used export options directly to me. Thank you, Nina
  6. This problem is reported as fixed for Vectorworks 2021 SP4.
  7. Hello @Bertf, Change of the direction of some of the polys, which contain arc type vertices, has been intentionally done in order to fix a problem, introduced in the third party libraries with associated hatches. Since you do not export hatches, more over your polys are not hatch filled, reversing of the polys is absolutely not necessary. I consider this a bug, which however needs to be fixed in the code. We will do the necessary corrections. Thank you, Nina
  8. Hello @Bertf, I will take a look at the issue and will let you know if this could be somehow avoided. Thank you for reporting, Nina
  9. Hello @Stu Wilson, The attached DWG file is "Unitless". You should know what units have been used to draw the graphics there and then choose them in the import options dialog. I suppose, that units for this DWG are Meters.
  10. Thanks for the files, @OllieBSD! I looked at them and they seem very simple ones. Import was successful for all of them and graphics was properly created in a new design layer - I dragged and dropped each of the DWGs in a new blank document and used the Default DXF/DWG Import options. Resultant VW2021 documents are attached. I am not sure what might have went wrong with your import... Can I see an example Vectorworks document, created as a result of the import? ASH_DocM_S0684_2DDrwFt_NN.vwx IS_Attitude_A4592_2DDrwRt_NN.vwx IS_Strada_K082101_2DDrwFt_NN.vwx IS_Strada_K082101_2DDrwLt_NN.vwx
  11. Hello @OllieBSD, There might not be any graphics in the DWG Model Space or you might have wrongly chosen to create symbols in the current document (if you use Import DXF/DWG or DWF menu command). Would it be possible to you to send an example DWG, which demonstrates the problem? You could send it directly to me. Thank you, Nina
  12. @Kevin K, In general you should not have troubles to import the text alignment correctly. Can we, please, have the DWG file, so that we can check what is going on during import? You could send the file directly to me. Thanks, Nina
  13. Hi @Jeremy Best, Yes, I received the document and confirmed, that the reported error is a false one. The problem was due to creation of a temporary symbol to represent the tile fills, but the name, which we tried to use for this symbol has been already taken. Failure to create the symbol was wrongly treated as lack of memory. As a workaround I proposed to Okpaku to not export tile fills, which worked for him. Problem is already fixed for VW2021 SP4. Best, Nina
  14. @Okpaku, There might be a problem with export of some object, which is wrongly reported in that way. Would you, please, send the document directly to me, so that I could analyze the issue?
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