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  1. @Tom W. I See, thanks for the reply, i will be keeping using the same method until they actually address this then.
  2. @Tom W. @TomKen I've done as you guys did but in 3D doesn't do what in 2D does!! any way to fix it?? P.S this was done in VW 2021 SP2
  3. Hi all, I've installed the free beta to test out Enscape and after the trial i've uninstalled the software but i still have the enscape logo on my toolbars how can i remove this from vectorworks ?
  4. Oh I see, i have to try that! I'm still surveying VW 2021 to see if we can have a smooth transition to it.
  5. What command is that? and is it only on VW2021 ??
  6. Hi all, How can i show the window/door openings correctly with the Brick covering the opening, instead of showing the insulation etc.?
  7. @zoomer Have you tried to do this with the Windows and have a bifold effect with more than 4 panels ? like 5 or 6 ??
  8. I'm yet another one wishing for more panels in the BI-Fold option as there is now on the sliding doors!
  9. @Tamsin Slatter Thank you for the reply, will have to give a more deep look into it during this week!
  10. Hi all, A quick question, the best way of creating an ID TAG for doors and windows as soon as you insert them on the drawing, at this moment i have to go to the OIP and add the option to ID TAG and give it a number/letter whatever, but is there a way to make that automatic and sorting the numbers out for you automatically if there are changes afterwards ??
  11. Above there is a link from @rDesign that teaches how to copy and add new dictionaries surely if you copy the dictionary from the previous version should work, although you also have the migration tool from vw that should migrate the spell checking dictionary! (never done it just think that the migration tool should work with that too)
  12. @Andy Broomell Must be a MAC thing then because it's correcting for me
  13. It is working for me in Callouts although presents an error always with the Font type Arial don't know why though. @rDesign Do you know where i can change the dictionary or is tied up to the VW version i have ?


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