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  1. Hi all, Has anyone had this issue before? After I exit an object settings menu, for example a door, it seems that sometimes VW completely locks in place like there is a Hidden menu somewhere and I can't access it, this happens on my MacBook Pro, and now happened on my iMac at work, not sure if it happens on windows. A suspicion that I have is if the "autosave" menu pops and you press esc quickly it bugs and locks it. I cannot replicate this at an 100% rate but this is my suspicion... Meaning of Lock is if you have a menu open and if you click on somewhere outside of the box of said menu and it makes a beep sound, and doesn't allow you to do anything... I've already right click on the VW logo and show all windows, went to the all open windows in desktop (Mac functionality where it shows all the windows) but I can't seem to see the menu, Pressing Esc doesn't do anything, Pressing Enter to accept what that was also doesn't do anything...
  2. I see, yes it's happening still... In the Model space drawing at 1:1 or 1:50 layer scale i don't understand the difference because the layer space to me is always 1:1 and then the viewports i give the scale i need for presentation. That's how i always thought of VW and any other CAD software even Autocad in the early days, i would use Model space as 1:1 and then sheet's would be the scaled ones... for me the scale in the layer is just to make it easier to zoom in and out nothing more... But that is my experience, if anyone want's to explain and show me some differences it would be much appreciated!
  3. Would it be possible to see these files @line-weight I wanted to try and give a quick look at them to see if i can "fix" the issue?
  4. I have downloaded this file and opened it in vw 2023 at the beginning i was seeing all the same artefacts you were all seeing and speaking of it. What i've done: I found a 2d Locus of a door a bit below the 0,0 origin point, deleted that locus point. Went to Tools - User origin - selected option 3, left the selection at X: 0 and Y: 0 and pressed ok, then i did Tools - User origin - centre drawing on internal drawing. Didn't see the artefacts anymore. Please download and test it on your machines to double check Test File_arrayed Fixed_ v2023.vwx Second Test: Opened the same file (downloaded) Just deleted the locus point mentioned above. Totally fixed the issues Just opened Where the locus point is
  5. I have the same issue, On my MAC at work it creates a blank file with Feet and Inches, if I work from home on my Windows machine it creates the blank file in Metric as it should, then on my MacBook Pro, Started as Metric and for some reason now it's on Feet and Inches... (the version of VW is the same across all machines Vw2022 latest sp) I know I can create a template and use it all the time, and there is also a Blank Metric template also there, but I just want to understand is where/how/why this happens??
  6. I believe if you don't use the END CAPS the walls just join properly, i would share here your file and let them check it, because it already happened to me before, but i could never reproduce it so i never filed a report.
  7. This is possible to happen in conversions... i could say, try to break the join of the walls and see if all the components show?
  8. I can't think of anything to make just some components disappear, would you be able to take a screenshot of the wall make up, and the settings of your classes?
  9. Hi @Boh Would it be possible to see the file? The plan view in Hidden line is it through Viewport or in the Design Layer Space?
  10. I will try and test this with one of the sample models, any specific render quality or happens in all of them? If anyone wants to add any testing for me to do, post it here.
  11. I have updated today my personal MacBook to Ventura and I will test during this weekend Both the Vw 2022 and VW2023.
  12. Have you had any major issues with Ventura ? I can upgrade on my personal machine and try it out, but in terms of compatibility is it out of the box compatible and working both VW 2022 and VW2023 right?
  13. Hi @JuanP Is there any news on the compatibility of Ventura with VW 2022 and 2023 ? I have just received the notice to update my mac to Ventura and several mac's in the office. How it has been the experience with Ventura and VW??
  14. ohhhh what i did wrong is i forgot that it's Case Sensitive, as i typed straight away and it didn't work because i added a . at the end of config 🤦‍♂️
  15. How do you get to select that Door.Config ? I've done ='Door'.'Config' but the result it shows in the format field is red and then the results show #NAME
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