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  1. Hi all, When i'm doing a site model and then insert my building into the site model with foundations, floor slabs etc, how do you "subtract" these items from the Site model?? so when you do the sections it shows properly. I've attached an example of what i'm explaining here but used a slab mimicking site model.
  2. Hi all, I'm having some hard time with window schedules because the Sill is always coming with the window height function, even when we have in the tool the selection of "Structural Opening" which by default should include the sill height in, like the door threshold does, but when we add the sill to the window it adds literally the height of the sill but it doesn't add it to the "structural opening" size in the GENERAL OPTIONS for the window. Example is having a 1200mm height window (general options - Structural opening) if i add the sill of 50mm what will happen to the overall size of the window is going to 1250mm height instead of the sill being incorporated in the overall height of 1200 making the "Unit Size" smaller So with the above in mind is there a way of using the worksheet functions to "remove" the height of the sill while having it on the drawing so i can have a Realistic Structural size of the window opening ?? Hope i was clear on my explanations.
  3. Another question where is the list located so i can edit the default one and add a few of my namings??? EDIT: Found it under the software installation folder.
  4. @shorter @Tom W. Both of you are correct! i think it was a mixture of both... I should have learned by now that i shouldn't migrate things as they usually go wrong!! In advanced settings i restored to the default values and then added a few clicks and they're now showing! Thanks!!
  5. Hi all, I'm using VW 2022 SP1.1 and when i use the SPACE TOOL most of the options that would show in VW 2021 are gone, please see attached pictures. Is this something that i'm missing or has definitely changed?? VW 2021 VW 2022 SP1.1
  6. I'm really hoping to see the workflow and how it handles heavy scenes, Jonathan Reeves has a video working with the M1 and it was working okish, so now with the huge boost it is this upgrade i'm quite hyped to see 🙂
  7. And how it behaves with TwinMotion?? Have you tried using the Twinmotion, because that is a quick killer with the ram, that was my initial doubts, because i'm looking into the M1 Pro 32gb at least which should be more than enough for the VW with some RW, but essentially i want to be using both at the "same time"... Any tests on this ?
  8. I'm really curious to see the M1 Pro working, but sadly the reviewers they will try and get the max units of each chip but then they don't do CAD software testing. Hopefully we will have some people in here that will purchase at least the M1 Pro with 16gb and 32gb of unified memory and let us know ?? pretty please?? 😄 PS. i'm looking into get one of this macbook pros M1 Pro 16gb or 32gb (now that is the difficult choice due to high price)
  9. Hi all, Is there a way to increase or decrease the size of the text in the vectorworks menus? like windows have the EASE of Access option, i've tried to increase that and didn't affect vectorworks as i thought it would be defined by that option. i'm asking this because our monitors are getting higher resolutions and the text is getting smaller and it makes it harder to read! Any option inside vectorworks i can search for? This is an example of the text i'm talking about.
  10. Hi all, I've been touching this somewhat now as some more people are asking for the digital files instead of PDF's and when i was trying the settings to see what fitted better i got the result shown below. For the Floor plan works wonders and looks properly as i wanted it to show. But for some reason the elevations are not showing properly, it looks like its creating a very low res image on the front of the file and obviously this is not the result i'm looking and it takes almost 15 to 20 mins. although the fine lines and high res drawing lines as the above are there but it duplicated all the drawing as a low res image for some reason. The settings i'm using are these for both of the above images. What am i doing wrong here ??
  11. Isn't that the normal text font ?? I'm talking about the Software font in the menus in the picture i have a few arrows pointing at it! as the default font is not that one.
  12. Hi all, I have sometimes a "bug" (i think) and the font changes to a much pleasing one, is there a way to default this font (on windows system) this looks like a lot more like the MacOS fonts. Is this not possible at all ?
  13. Hi all, I know all or most of all architects go and use the Window schedule worksheet to dimension and size the windows. But when you designing the window, if you are going to have a 1200mm height by 1400mm wide, are those 1200mm height accounting with the Sill or not ? Why i'm asking this is every time i want to think of a window size i usually go to the structural dimension of the window and not the window size itself and the Sill has to be accounted for but when designing it if i go for 1200mm height i usually get to remove 75mm or 50mm depending of the size of the Sill. Relative to the doors the Threshold is incorporated with the door height so a 2100mm height door if i add a threshold it goes within this dimension and doesn't increase the height to 2150mm or something, Wouldn't it be better for the window to have that possibility too or am i thinking wrongly??
  14. Hi all, As per the title is it possible to add a button to make "all Settings by Class" (as it's added in the Wall style), so when we want to change them to match the class settings it doesn't have to be one by one. Stair Settings: Wall Settings:
  15. Hi all, Is there an easy way to create an Arched Soldier Course on the windows or Doors ?? What i'm looking for is a way to arch the top of the lintel without arching the top of the window (if this makes sense). The way i've done to actually contour this situation is creating a 3D symbol looking exactly as it would in real life, but i have to make/adjust every time if there is a different sized window/door. (takes a huge amount of time, i can make a few of them as i did, but sometimes i end up doing a new one to a new sized window/door) The way i contour this is by using the Lintel from the window/door and adjust it to try and match approximately. 1- Lintel from window (exaggerated dimensions to show in the picture what i do) 2- my 3D Symbol 3 - my 3D symbol inserted in the window without the window/door lintel option turned on. The final result with my adjustments. This takes quite a lot of time, when it should be able to just arch the top of the Lintel option without looking too "odd" and without arch the top of the window too. This is the look i'm after: Anyone has a better/Easier way of doing this??
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