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  1. @Tamsin Slatter Thank you for the reply, will have to give a more deep look into it during this week!
  2. Hi all, A quick question, the best way of creating an ID TAG for doors and windows as soon as you insert them on the drawing, at this moment i have to go to the OIP and add the option to ID TAG and give it a number/letter whatever, but is there a way to make that automatic and sorting the numbers out for you automatically if there are changes afterwards ??
  3. Above there is a link from @rDesign that teaches how to copy and add new dictionaries surely if you copy the dictionary from the previous version should work, although you also have the migration tool from vw that should migrate the spell checking dictionary! (never done it just think that the migration tool should work with that too)
  4. @Andy Broomell Must be a MAC thing then because it's correcting for me
  5. It is working for me in Callouts although presents an error always with the Font type Arial don't know why though. @rDesign Do you know where i can change the dictionary or is tied up to the VW version i have ?
  6. One another thing we could add to the spell checking would be to "Locate" the word being corrected as when you select multiple or you have multiple instances with text sometimes you would like to look where it is being corrected, and also that the popup doesn't block the whole page (unable to zoom in or out of the drawing)
  7. @rDesign I wasn't even aware there is a Spell checking tool already! Tyvm!
  8. Hi all, I know some of us write a lot in Vectorworks specially specifications and while this is not the strong suit of vectorworks would a spell checking tool possible ?? This would prevent so many spelling errors!
  9. @P Retondo How are you doing the railings in the stairs that you do as extrudes, i've tried to do the extrude along the path but that thing just created something very weird (i think i might need to change approach). I'm trying to make some decent stairs that might be very easy to edit but i haven't finished the whole stair first because of the railing.
  10. Hi all, When i use the clip cube it creates a few artifacts like the ones presented in the image, is this something that i can correct or am i doing something wrong ?
  11. @BlueAngels Hi there, While adobe illustrator puts the circle at the end i'm almost sure (don't use the software) that the centre of the circle will be the Measure point if you're trying to do any dimensions, what VW does is putting the circle on that measure point which is the centre and the line goes to there. While in precision drawing and adding dimensions to it you will have to find that it's the cross of the lines that will mark the spot, so VW puts the circle in the middle. I don't believe they'll change the way the circle arrowhead works, as architects usually use or the cross of the line or when they use the circle the middle is where it's the spot, this goes way back in history, in hand drawing they used the lines and then added the circle just for "prettiness" of the drawing. As you can see in the picture it's just a line with the arrowheads, the circle is always at the middle although if you look at it in drawing it won't affect the look but if you measure it, you'll have to point it to the middle of the circle.
  12. Hi @dtheory no it did not, although it's much better but i still have this issue, although if i try to open the roof style and just press ok, VW will assume you've done some changes (which i haven't) and will re-render the roof and apparently after a few tries everything goes back to normal, but this is something i cannot understand why is happening. @vectorworks anyone has any idea how to fix this ?
  13. I think this is in regards to your GPU and VW way of working, i have huge issues with vw when viewing in OPENGL, and i have a 1080ti, where there are quite a few glitches and it seems VW just wants to crash but then i zoom in and out and it goes back to normal. this is something i'm seeing happening since i first start working with VW and showed the support team already because at first i was worried... I'll do the video this weekend and will also show how i use the classes and textures and post the link here.
  14. Do you want me to create a video showing how i usually do it? i think it's a lot easier to show than to explain in words! But you are right the Roof "dormer" way VW uses is quite a gibberish in comparison with other tools that are quite easy to use and with all the mojo of easy to use philosophy! What kind of issues have you found with the Textures by class and using in the components? I use it this way and it seems so much easier and quick also works wonderfully!


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