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  1. @bcd Thanks for the reply, that might be useful for some 3D visualization indeed but the 2D side has it been forgotten? For walls is there some hints you might know ?
  2. Hi all, I cannot find the way to edit the viewing Level Details (if you can call it like that) for certain symbols, like Doors, windows and wall styles, i know when you're creating a symbol you can choose what to see in LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH detail that you can then setup in the viewport but on 2020 i cannot find that option for windows doors and walls, (on how to edit the detail level not how to choose it in the viewport as you can change it easily on the OIP) I've attached the window tool example of what i'm addressing if i wasn't clear on the question. Window Tool preview you can see the differences and for the viewport example where i choose the detail level i want to show, the wall goes from a complete gray to detailed version, i wanted to change this let's say the low and medium settings for the wall i wanted it to be Gray and in the High setting i wanted to see the detailed version of the wall for example, how can you change this either for wall, door and window tool??
  3. @Pat Stanford Many thanks for that, i was adding it in the ADDITIONAL INFO and not in the FORMULA and it wasn't being recognized as a formula. Although I've changed it from /10.76 to *10.7639 as this is now giving me the right conversion as per the google conversion tool
  4. Hi all, How can i add dual dimensions sqm and sqft in the same space tag ?? Example attached - i wanted the area to show sqm and then where the "not specified" to show sqft I've found a very old post where it suggests to add a formula to calculate acres and i've tried to change it to calculate the sqft -- the suggested formula =#Gross Area#*.0.40468564 :: i've changed it to =#Net Area#*10.7639 (google converter 1sqm = 10.7639) When i do this instead of doing the calculation what it does is showing the Net area sqm value * 10.7639 instead of the calculation. Any ideas ? The dual dimensions system only shows on the linear dimensions and not on the space tool. Link to post -
  5. I've managed to fix it... Lesson learned... The light fixture had a "glass" covering that wasn't as a Glass texture so it wasn't allowing the light to go through the fixture, then the light was a bit too high in the ceiling also not allowing the light to come through... all fixed!
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to make a evening scene to show the lighting options to the client, but when i'm doing this i have the following difficulties, - OPENGL - Lights on the left work (with the option NO SHADOWS not selected, if i select it the lights turn off) - FINAL WORKS RENDER - The light on the right directed to the door, will light up and work just as intended and the settings on the OIP are the exact same as the other ones. Examples: Light.jpg - Final Renderworks Light 1 - OpenGL with NO Shadows Light 2 - OpenGL with WITH Shadows What am i doing wrong here any good settings i should be looking at in the RW settings, or OpenGL settings ? The objective is when i do the render all the lights work
  7. Hi all, I'm having similar issues with printing from Vectorworks but mine are i send the file from vectorworks and it seems vectorworks when sends it to the plotter shrinks the drawing. What am i doing wrong? Sheet screen shot is how it shows and how i've created the sheet to be, which are two A1's landscaped on top of each other. (as the plotter has a roll in it) What options should i choose or do to make this thing work as of now i only get prints like the photo and this is literally killing my head around.
  8. Hi all, Every time i try to use the roof tool with this shape it comes that the roof is too complex to be generated, i've tried doing this by converting the curves into straight lines but makes the roof top look funny and not having the same height, in practice this should be easier to build as it uses the same size joists in a circumference isn't the roof tool able to deal with this ? does anyone have a better idea on how to build this shape into a roof ?
  9. That is a good option as you only should need to setup once and should do the trick but still why haven't they added the option straight away from the software... That is another thing how do you print from vectorworks directly as we have been finding the way it prints makes awkward changes to the scale of the drawings and we've been finding it better to publish into PDFs and then print them, but from the vectorworks directly it just comes with strange scale variations, is there a way of doing this better from the software?
  10. We have a plotter and even doing what you say it's not working as it should work... and we usually select from the drop down menu the Sheet size but in there, there isn't a portrait option, when i go to the printer and press the portrait in the settings it also doesn't change on the sheet.
  11. Hi all, Would like to know if there are people here that have different ways of doing this as the way i'm doing it it just takes so much time and if there isn't any other way of doing it i think this should then be improved. Let's separate this by starting with Sheets How do you change from Landscape to Portrait ? My way of doing it is - Going to sheet settings - Page setup - and put the dimensions of the same page but the other way around to give me the portrait look - I'm still wondering why there isn't a button like WORD has to click from Landscape to portrait. Title block - Scaling and adjusting Landscape - When i change sheet size from A1 (mostly used by my office) to A3 or even A4 (for some specific things) the title block adjusts but it doesn't scale without me going to the Title block settings and scale it myself manually. Portrait - When i change the sheet layer to portrait - then the title block has a portrait option (as sheets should also have) and it adjusts but is there a way of making it stretch to fit properly without creating a new title block to be used only in portrait mode? Title block we use is Vertical and not Horizontal on the bottom of the page so we have a top space that we have to manually adjust to portrait mode to occupy the whole right hand side of the page. Both sheet Pictures are A1 format I'm sure Page setup should have similar button as Titleblock OIP
  12. No, i'm importing them as two separate viewports, The issue i believe is in the way the render is done on the main file, if i change the render style from Component to Object the roof will appear so it seams, but i'm supposing that it shouldn't happen like this as both options should render properly, in vw2018 was much worse as neither options would work.
  13. Hi all, When i'm creating a new file to use as a site plan and import the house file to the site plan, the roofs are never rendered properly this is happening since Vw 2018, i have submitted several reports but still no one knows how to fix this, does this happens to anyone else ? To mention that i've checked classes which are turned on but still doesn't render, saved, closed the file, opened the file again still the same. EDIT: Forgot to mention that the render is being done by component and not by object
  14. Hi Jim Wilson, I would like to enquire if there is an OFFLINE file link to use with the updater, as my office internet connection is not really good and updating 4 machines can be quite a heavy duty.


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