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  1. @Tom Klaber- maybe this worksheet posted in another thread by @Wes Gardnermight help answer your question.
  2. That’s good to hear, I guess I was confused by your earlier post that the ‘default will remain similar in color and style to the theme you currently see right now’.
  3. I like the dark theme mock-ups as well. Thumbs up from me. Additionally, I would like the default (non-dark) theme to incorporate the same design changes as the dark mock-up. I like having all of the user info compactly clustered over at the left hand side.
  4. I believe it refers to BricsCAD.
  5. I agree 1000%; This is something that should not be too difficult to implement in the next major release of Vw2019.
  6. ++1 from me as well. I guess until this is fixed we could put a masking white rectangle on top of the NONE text.
  7. +1. There’s a related wish list thread over HERE; the title mentions increasing the RB preview size for line types, but the thread also mentions increasing the RB preview size for RW textures.
  8. @jnr- your signature lists 2015, but the topic title says 2018; Which version are you having this happen? I’ve been having this same problem in Vw2016 with MacOS 10.12 Sierra on a MacBook Pro. It is frustrating, especially in that it doesn’t happen every time. I want to keep my main Vw window on my external 24” monitor and most of the palettes on the laptop display, but around 20% of the time the main Vw window opens up on the laptop display. I have not used Vw2017 & 2018 enough to know if this is still happening in more current releases. I would love for it to get fixed.
  9. Instead of just totaling up the nominal R-values of the wall assembly, what would be more useful is to calculate the effective or real R-value of the Wall assembly which takes into account the effects of thermal bridging based on the construction type of the wall. The calculated real or effective R-value can be much lower than the nominal R-value.
  10. This seems like another perfect use for Marionette, but of course I would have no idea how...
  11. That’s a bummer. Until that feature is added, maybe merging threads is NOT the way to go - because in this Stair 2020 example, you’d be throwing away over half the current votes.
  12. @JimW- (Edit - removed request to merge threads). Question: When you merge threads together do the votes get added together (23 + 30 = 53)? Thanks.
  13. I also find this very frustrating, the note number should be displayed immediately to the left of the note title.
  14. It downloaded fine for me.
  15. I agree completely with @barkesthere, texturing in SketchUp is so easy compared to Vw (which is really really bad). One correction to what barkest says here, which was true until the current 2018 release of SketchUp Free (formerly ‘Sketchup Make’). Now ‘SketchUp Free’ only runs inside a browser window and extensions are not supported on the Free browser version. If you need to use any extensions, you have to get the Pro version.