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  1. @JimW- this thread should be moved over to the Wish List section. Thanks!
  2. Thanks @JimW
  3. Using Safari on my iPad Air 2 (iOS 11.1.1), the button to follow a topic in the title bar is not visible. If you just click in the black area it still works, but no one would know to click here. It seems to only happen when you are logged in as a user.
  4. A wishlist topic on ‘Less Clicking = Faster Drafting’ was started several years ago, please feel free to weigh in and ‘up vote’ over there:
  5. In past threads, ‘Works As Implemented’ was interpreted as meaning ‘Broken As Designed’ (BAD).
  6. Here’s some info about the new 2018 shaders from another thread:
  7. See this page:
  8. The only solution is to set it to never check for updates, but then you have to keep an eye on the forums to see when a Service Pack is released.
  9. I know the development cycle takes time, but Vw2020? How many years have the users on this forum been complaining about the Stair Tool? I would hope that Vw has already been hard at work on replacing the Stair tool with something more like the new ArchiCad Stair tool. It should be a priority to implement it in the next version, Vw2019.
  10. On THIS PAGE there are a handful of Marionette tutorials, part 3 discusses drawing a rectangle.
  11. Thank for the reply - I'll be looking forward to the feature videos on the RW improvements. @Selin- will the 2018 changes to the Reflectance shader correct the black textures issue that was occasionally seen in 2017 when importing C4D Materials?
  12. To follow on zoomer's point, the Subdivision UI as shown in the 2018 commercial does not show the 'exact' in-program UI. Question: I saw that new cloth and metal Renderworks shaders were introduced, but I haven't found the feature video on what specifically was added, nor was it included in the list of new features in the original post. Is there any further info on this? Thanks.
  13. I don't believe there is one 'Master' wishlist thread for all the Door and Window improvements needed, but @Christiaanhas created separate Wishlists for a bunch of the required improvements. Here's a select few of them:
  14. I don't have any experience with Landmark, so I can't directly help with your plant database question, but here's a few general Vw troubleshooting tips: 1) Does this problem persist after restarting Vw and/or your computer? 2) Does it still happen if you log in using a different user account? 3) Does it happen in all files or just one? Try a blank file and see if the problem persists. 4) If it happens in all files you may need to Reset Vw User Preferences. 5) Have you contacted tech support using the link at the bottom of this page? HTH.
  15. A search of the forums for 'HDRI' gives a bunch of past results, HERE is one that has some info on the requirements for HDRI backgrounds. Also take a look in the help file: Creating Panoramic Image Backgrounds :: Vw2017 Help