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  1. I have no idea (since I’m on MacOS and can’t use Enscape), but as a complete guess: Before you try to start Enscape from the tool bar, maybe try with Vw being in a Perspective view (Narrow, Normal, or Wide)? As you noted that you’re in an Isometric view, perhaps Enscape doesn’t work with that type of projection. That and maybe try with nothing selected.
  2. Take a look at the following Vw / Enscape webinar by @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD. I can’t use Enscape (since it’s Windows-only) so I don’t know the direct answer to your question, but perhaps his webinar might help you get started.
  3. Attached is a quick test file I made in Vw2020 SP4, with the Property Line working properly. Open it and see if it works / or not for you. prop-line-test_v2020.vwx
  4. Not sure what the problem is - assuming that you're using Vw2020?
  5. From the Help File, click on the Property Line and then on the control point (not the drop-down).
  6. Here’s a link to the Vw Recommended Model Setup for Renovation Projects. It has a ZIP file containing a descriptive PDF along with sample .VWX plans. Also a link to an old related thread on this topic:
  7. @E|FA You are correct about Safari failing at the VWU on iPadOS as well: I just tried again and it won’t give me a ‘Completed’ status on my Transcript, only an ‘In Progress’. [I have two completed from Dec. 2019 and Jan. 2020, both using my iPad, so something must have changed since then]. In previous threads about Issues with VWU, @JuanP suggested that this feedback be filed using the ‘Feedback’ option under your account name in the VWU. I’ll file one this morning (with a link back to this thread), it would probably help for you to do the same. Thanks.
  8. FWIW — I’ve been able to successfully ‘complete’ several VWU courses using Safari on my iPad Air 2 (iPadOS 13.5.1). I have not tried on my MacBook Pro; Thanks for the heads up.
  9. @Robert Darden In case you might find a video easier to follow, there is a course over at the VW University portal named ‘Model Setup’ which discusses layers, levels and story setup. [I can’t post a direct link to the VW University Course, as you have to register and login to see them. Once you’re logged in, Search the Courses for “Model Setup” and you’ll find it]. Vectorworks University
  10. If you’re looking for 2D people, a google search for “2D people dwg” turns up a bunch of free options. Here are links to several of the results: PimpMyDrawing.com Dimensions.com
  11. To expand on Step 3 of @Pat Stanford’s recommendation to Reset (rename) your User Preferences. See VwKB article link below:
  12. @fran - take a look at the following old thread on adding Decal Textures to Walls; There is a link to a YouTube video which describes the workflow.
  13. @Andy Broomell - here’s a LINK to an old wishlist thread requesting improved texture mapping functionality: I’ll be happily surprised if / when Vw addresses this problem, as that wishlist thread is almost 5 years old (as of today). In that thread, @PVA - Jim posted THAT: “I think we need to replace the current one completely, it's so far from being able to do the detail needed for advanced product modeling and interior design that I'm firmly in the Start Over camp.”


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