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  1. In order to get the ‘Use Distribution File’ option on the Light source OIP, you first have to change your Light mode to ‘Custom Light’. Then you can load the correct IES light distribution file for your luminaire. Refer to THIS thread for some additional information on IES lighting files. Also refer to the following page from the VW 2022 Help File: Light Source Properties
  2. Over 30 years for me as well, but Vw WS do have an arc tangent function: atan(number) … which if I recall my Trig class is the same as the inverse tan function?
  3. I think you’ll find the list of new 2022 worksheet functions on the following page: https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/WS:Vectorworks_2022_Worksheets
  4. Quoted from THIS Twinmotion page, which makes clear that it is a perpetual license, but it needs to be redeemed by March 31, 2022:
  5. @Bruce Kieffer I haven’t tried this to see how on-drawing worksheets function with multiple drawing views, but maybe you could have the open worksheet in a 2D Top / Plan View pane and another view pane is a 3D view? Just a thought.
  6. Thanks @Tom W., I missed that link in @JuanP’s post. Strange that searching for ‘windoor’ on the Vw University site does not bring up that as a result.
  7. Searching ‘windoor’ on the Vw University does not bring up any results — but this link posted by @JuanP is of a training course for WinDoor: https://university.vectorworks.net/local/programview/index.php?id=17 Additionally, OzCAD (WinDoor’s deveopler) still has an extensive bunch of older WinDoor training videos on their website and YouTube channel. https://youtube.com/user/OzCADVideos http://www.ozcad.com.au/training/training-videos-windoor.php
  8. I believe that Vw Architect is one of the Design Series products (along with Spotlight and Landmark) — so Windoor would be available to anyone with one of those 2022 Vw products (or the Design Suite which has all of the Design Series packages). Design Series -vs- Design Suite.
  9. Attached is a v2019 version of the file @Wes Gardner previously posted. HTH. Door Dims on Leaf v2019.vwx
  10. To follow on what @Benson Shaw said (which I agree with), take a look at this post (and thread) which might answer your question about how to work around the grass growing the wrong direction. HTH.
  11. Can you view the DWG / DXF file using Autodesk’s Viewer web app? https://www.autodesk.com/viewers
  12. Yes, I have the registration as scheduled to open Tuesday, Sept 7th. (The Design Summit itself is listed as Nov. 1-3, 2021).
  13. See this other thread where it sounded like Teaser Tuesday videos would be different for this year’s release — I’d think the release date would be similar to years past (mid-September).
  14. The VW-provided IKEA U.S. SEKTION Cabinet Styles for Base, Wall, and Utility cabinets (provided in the Premium Library file /Objects - Architecture/Kitchen Typical Layouts.vwx) should be updated to include the entire current 2021-2022 IKEA SEKTION product line. For example, Base Cabinets with 4 drawers (B4E) and 6 drawers (B6E) are not available in the Vw Library (see attached image). I can duplicate the Vw Catalog entry to create my own 4 drawer cabinet, but the drawer heights are drawn as all equal height, not with a deeper bottom drawer. Additionally, the door styles should be updated to reflect the 2021-2022 current IKEA U.S. product line, multiple styles are missing from the catalog and there are door styles included in the Vw catalog which are no longer offered in the U.S. (perhaps in other markets).
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