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  1. Perhaps this thread and video might be what you’re looking for:
  2. Yes, it is the same file format between Mac and PC. So as long as both Mac and PC are using the same version of Vw, then there will be no lost data. Here’s a link to the Vw Knowledgebase article about Vectorworks 2021 System Requirements If you are doing only very simple 2D drawings, then you might be able to get by with an integrated video card, but a dedicated video card would be preferred, as explained on that page under the minimum requirements. HTH.
  3. This is a Design-series feature to show the status of linked viewports, building on similar functionality in previous versions. Below is a link from the 2021 User Manual page on Creating Section-Elevation Lines:
  4. If Vw doesn’t want to provide separate installers, I’d be happy if I could just right-click on a folder in the Resource Manager and choose to hide specific folders. Aside from not needing to see redundant Metric symbol folders, as an Architect user I have no need to see VSS Spotlight symbol folders in my Resource Manager. It would be great if I could just hide them.
  5. I am really confused by this as well: In the Concrete Reinforced Precast MT (UK, also US) posted above, the Steel Rebar % is at 100% of the Material volume, equal to the volume of Concrete. An equal ratio of Concrete to Rebar seems a little high to me... In this instance, I don’t see the point of using Materials for quantities estimating if the Reinforcing Steel is equal to the Concrete. @JuanP - as evidenced by the confusion expressed in this thread, an in-depth tutorial on the usage / workflow of Materials is desperately needed. This is a huge new feature, and the 2m31s video linked from the 2021 User Manual to VwUniv barely even scratches the surface. Thanks.
  6. I am on Mac as well, but apparently there is an add-on Microsoft Windows 10 PowerToys package which includes a system-wide ‘Color Picker’ application offering similar functionality to the MacOS color picker. Tech Republic : How to Activate and Use Color Picker in Windows 10 PowerToys
  7. After installation of Vw 2021 (US Version), I let the installer open up my default browser (Safari) to the Software Registration page, enter all of my info, and I get the following message: I've tried 4 attempts using Safari on MacOS 10.13.6. I also sent a message to the listed email address. Thank you.
  8. Until Vw gets Stacked Wall Components (rumored to be in the development pipeline, but not as part of the upcoming Vw2021, so who knows when), I think the above “simple” solution from 2002 is the current, best approach. You can start with a log symbol to make things easier, but when you want to make the holes for Doors / Windows with the Subtract Solids command you’ll need to convert the log symbols to a group first. Then direct model the ends of the logs with the Push / Pull tool as needed.
  9. I believe that FileMaker can import from & export to Excel files, so presumably you could use this new 2021 Excel file functionality as the means to transfer data / records between Vw <—> FileMaker, without needing the MS Excel application itself. Just a hunch.
  10. Are these 2D tree symbols you were adding? I have Architect (not Designer) — but I have never had the problem you are describing when using the standard 2D tree symbols. Perhaps they were 3D trees?
  11. As an End User, I have no idea about the Vw apparent decision to not include the Simple Stair with Fundamentals. As I have always been an Architect user — I have no idea if / when the Simple Stair tool was included with Fundamentals, and when / why did it stop being included. I was merely stating what is in the Vw2020 Commands / Tools PDF (relevant portions screencapped below). Someone from Vw will have to address your question about what this means for Fundamentals users going forward.
  12. Are you running MacOS 10.15 Catalina or newer? If so — it may not be anything nefarious according to the following Apple Support thread, but I’d be interested to hear from someone at Vw to confirm if this is the case. Might even make for a helpful VwKB article. Apple Support Community :: Keystroke Receiving - Why Are Apps Asking For This?
  13. Here’s a post from a related thread which I believe answers your question:
  14. I have not tried it, but there is a third-party toolset called VectorMEP. Their website doesn’t have much detailed info / pretty pictures, but their YouTube channel (LINK HERE) has a handful of videos (now several years old) showing the different Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing tools. HTH.
  15. Here’s an older thread from late 2018 discussing Vulkan -vs- Metal:


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