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  1. Gotcha. Yeah, I don’t think that’s currently possible.
  2. From the Vw 2018 Help File, Architect allows you to enable a cut plane for the Design Layer, and it should cut through the Curtain Wall Objects. HTH.
  3. rDesign

    Change font in entire file

    Here’s an old wish list item for this posted back in 2016, I’m sure there are others:
  4. You mentioned Publishing and Exporting to PDF, does it make a difference if you use File > Print then ‘Save as PDF’ to make the PDF?
  5. rDesign

    Add point clouds

    The multi-platform open source app CloudCompare can align & combine multiple point cloud files prior to importing them into Vw.
  6. rDesign

    Stair Tool

    I believe the ‘new’ Stair Tool was introduced in Vw2010 (reference thread).
  7. rDesign

    Elevation Viewports

    Under File > Document Settings > Document Preferences, on the ‘Display’ tab, check ‘Save Viewport Cache’. This is a ‘per document’ setting, so you need to set it for every file. You can also make this setting the default by saving it to your template file.
  8. I’m guessing that you’ve already seen this Apple support page: Prepare for changes to macOS Server It lists the following as alternatives to Apple Wiki: MediaWiki, PmWiki, XWiki, Confluence, WordPress WMX files.
  9. rDesign

    Do away with annual NEW releases

    I assume that this ^^^ won’t happen until the adoption of a single versionless .VWX file format:
  10. rDesign

    Do away with annual NEW releases

    On top of this is the feeling that the 12 month release schedule forces out releases whether they are ready or not. This means that ‘New Feature’ bugs, which should have been fixed before SP0, have to be discovered by End Users and don’t get fixed until a Service Pack months later. I no longer bother installing a new version until at least SP1 is released.
  11. There is a ‘Bug Submit’ link under the ‘SUPPORT’ heading located at the bottom of this forum thread.
  12. There is no Maxwell plugin for Vw like there is for ArchiCad & Cinema4D. A plug-in has been Wish-listed previously (about 4 years ago). See the following thread for a Vw -> Maxwell Studio workflow:
  13. rDesign

    Staircase Attributes

    Here’s two threads with the most votes for fixing the Stair Tool: Vote for both threads (it can’t hurt).
  14. rDesign

    Stair Tool

    ^^^ This is the exact same complaint that I have about the Stair tool. Good, functional tools should not get in your face and SHOUT at you about everything that you are doing wrong.
  15. rDesign

    Occupancy Count Worksheet

    @Tom Klaber- maybe this worksheet posted in another thread by @Wes Gardnermight help answer your question.