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  1. @Helen Palmer A search of the forums for “water texture” brought up a few results with RW textures for you to test out as a starting point.
  2. Although I have access to the Create Interior Elevations command with Architect, because of limitations in how it works (especially in small rooms / spaces where the Markers don’t fit) — I often / usually make them using the Create Section Viewport command (which is included with Landmark).
  3. 1st step to test is to turn off Ambient Info on the Lighting options: 70% Ambient light is pretty high if you are wanting shadows, so you might be washing them out with the Ambient set so high.
  4. @StudioPrineas There are also some helpful training videos on using the VECC over at the Vw University portal. Search for “carbon” and you will get several results.
  5. I think you’ll have to build it using direct 3D modeling - meaning that the built in stair tools will not be able to do what you want, but you can use the Stair tool spiral stair as a guide. You could use the Stair tool to make a round spiral stair which has an oversized diameter so that it hits the outside points of the square. Then you can convert the Stair object to a Group and trim the treads to fit inside your square footprint. You’ll have to manually create the stringers, etc.
  6. You can find them in the Console app in MacOS. View Reports in Console on Mac
  7. Cross linking to an old existing wishlist request for this functionality, way back in 2016. Specifically Wish #2 in the link.
  8. It sounds like you’ve already tried most of the suggested approaches. A search of the forums for the word “tent” will give a bunch of results where others have tried to approach the same problem with varying degrees of success. Here are links to several of the more recent threads:
  9. According to the Vw2023 help file, it says that Vw2023 can import Revit 2023. Aside from that, Jeff is correct; in order to import / reference Revit 2023 files in Vw you would need to upgrade to Vw2023. If you cannot upgrade, then you're stuck with either IFC or DWG as your only other options. Vw 2023 Guide - Importing Revit No -- Revit cannot downsave to an older version. I have a 2016 MacBook Pro, and I can run both Vw2023 and 2024. But I have more VRAM (4GB) and I am not running MacOS Ventura 13. I would install Vw2023 and see if it works well enough to just import the Revit 2023 file, then downsave your .VWX to Vw2022 and continue working in Vw2022.
  10. FYI - I just read that this is a recent change. Good news. https://www.twinmotion.com/en-US/news/we-are-updating-twinmotion-pricing-in-late-april
  11. I don’t know if this is a recent change in the licensing for Twinmotion, but their website now says the following: I don’t recall it being free for companies with less than $1 million USD annual gross revenue.
  12. You probably meant the ‘seating’ tool.
  13. That ‘No Stories, No Problem’ thread is pinned at the top of the ‘Architecture’ forum, so that one will be slightly easier to find, but only if you happen to be looking in the right forum. One could argue that Stories thread applies to all disciplines, not just architecture. In my opinion, a better place to pin it might be in the Workflows forum. It is strange (not helpful) that you can’t search for Wes Gardner’s name or view his profile / posts. Typing the ‘@‘ in a new post won’t even autocomplete his user name. Contrasting this behavior with the user name for the once ever-present former Vw employee and forum admin ‘JimW’ — is now @PVA - Admin; but at least with his profile, you can still view his profile page by clicking on his user name, and you can search for his posts.
  14. Are you running the latest Service Pack for Vw2023? In this other thread I reported the lack of USDZ textures in Vw2023 and we were told that the lack of textures would be fixed in SP6 (as also posted earlier in this thread). I have not tested this in Vw2023 to see if this was fixed.
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