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  1. rDesign

    Rendering problems

    Here’s another thread which discussed a similar (if not the same) problem:
  2. rDesign

    This kind of transparency

    @Christiaan it might be useful to clarify the title of your wish-list and in the original post that you’d like this kind of transparency in a working view mode (not static RW viewports). About which, I agree 100%.
  3. rDesign

    AMD or Nvidia, any real world comparisons?

    From the FAQ for the Blackmagic eGPU:
  4. rDesign

    Weird HUD angles when dragging objects

    This happens to me all the time in Vw2016; It’s disappointing to hear this is still happening in Vw2018 SP4. It happens to me as well on Design Layers, not just inside Container Objects or SL Annotations. In my opinion, holding down ‘Shift key’ to Constrain should always take the top Priority over any other active Snaps. Right now, it feels like it’s added at the bottom of the Snapping hierarchy, which kind of defeats the purpose of holding down Shift.
  5. rDesign

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    Refer to this pinned Knowledgebase article:
  6. rDesign

    Global multi core VW conversion

    @Zeno here’s a few more previous threads about this topic that might offer some additional insight.
  7. rDesign

    Global multi core VW conversion

    For reference, here is a Knowledgebase article about Renderworks Hardware Dependencies: What is single-core -vs- multi-core.
  8. All of the old links to posts were lost when the User Forum was upgraded a while back. To find old posts you have to search for the topic and 'Search by Author'; In this case I searched for 'workspace' and 'billtheia' for the Author. This might be the thread you were looking for: HTH.
  9. rDesign

    Teigha Library Error 2018

    You're correct - that DWF looks like it was created in AutoCAD 2013 and Vw2018 should be able to be open it (Vw2018 Help File). If you haven't already I'd contact Tech Support.
  10. rDesign

    Teigha Library Error 2018

    To rule out the possibility that the DWG you’re trying to import is too new for the version of Vw you’re using, open the DWG file in a text editor application, like either macOS ‘TextEdit’ or Windows ‘Notepad’. The first six characters in the DWG file header will tell you the file version as follows: AC1009 - DWG Release 11/12 (LT R1/R2) AC1012 - DWG Release 13 (LT95) AC1014 - DWG Release 14, 14.01 (LT97/LT98) AC1015 - DWG AutoCAD 2000/2000i/2002 AC1018 - DWG AutoCAD 2004/2005/2006 AC1021 - DWG AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009 AC1024 - DWG AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012 AC1027 - DWG AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 AC1032 - DWG AutoCAD 2018 The Vw2018 Help File says that “As of this writing, the most recent DXF/DWG version is version 2018. The Vectorworks program imports versions 2.5 through 2018, and exports versions 12 through 2018.” @Moto2 as you’re having this problem in Vw2018, this should not be the cause of the Teigha problem that you’re having.
  11. rDesign

    cable fence for decking

    From the 2018 help page on Creating Railing and Fences , here is a YouTube video on using the Railing / Fence tool:
  12. rDesign

    reversed text in Hebrew

    I don’t have any help to offer, but I did find several other Troubleshooting threads reporting the same problem. Also, there appears to be a problem with your PDF file attachment as it gives an error when you click on the link to open it.
  13. rDesign

    Switching between versions

    I don’t know of any particular issues between 2015 & 2017, but I’d be wary of constantly saving back-and-forth between two file versions. Each time you repeatedly re-open and upgrade an older file version to a newer version, there’s an increased chance the file could get corrupted at some point.
  14. rDesign

    Switching between versions

    No, Vw2017 files cannot be opened in Vw2015 as they are a newer file version. To open Vw2017 files in Vw2015, you have to save as Version 2015 files from 2017 by using File > Export > Export as Vectorworks <<version>> File.
  15. There’s also an accompanying video HERE


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