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  1. @JuanP - As it seems to happen every year that a new macOS is released, some users will immediately update to the new macOS as soon as it is released without checking these Vw User Forums first to see if there are any issues that would disrupt their workflow. I think it would be very proactively useful if the Vw Marketing / Sales department could promptly send out an email to all of the registered Vw users on file letting them know about the issues that have been posted in the Tech Bulletin on macOS Big Sur Compatibility.
  2. @Kurt M - I don’t know if this helps with the ‘yellow’ panorama issue at all, but I found this post by former Vw employee @PVA - Jim : It would still be very good to have a Vw employee weigh in on what is the proposed solution to this problem: It’s been requested several times in this thread with no direct response.
  3. According to the HELP FILE, if you register your AutoTURN account through Vectorworks, rather than directly on the AutoTURN Online website you receive a free vehicle bundle to use in simulations. I believe it includes three different generic vehicles. Aside from that, in answer to your question, other than AutoTURN there is nothing else that is included with Vw.
  4. There will only be lines if the original PDF was a vector-based drawing. You can tell if it was a vector-based PDF by trying to snap to the PDF line work prior to Ungrouping it (assuming that ‘Snap to Geometry’ is enabled on the OIP) If you can snap to the line work it is a vector PDF, if not -- it is a raster and there won't be any 'lines' to get through Ungrouping it. HTH.
  5. There is a Grid Bubbles tool in the 2020 version (and earlier) — it’s just that in those pre-2021 versions it was 2D only and its functionality was what arguably could be called ‘adequate’. Vw2020 Help File : Creating Grid Bubbles
  6. Aside from the previous comments about 2021, as far as setting up Levels and Stories in Vw2020 — a good place to start is the Model Setup thread linked below. HTH.
  7. In light of the new Materials functionality in Vw2021, I would like to see an in-depth workflow video on using Materials and Worksheets for estimation of material cost / quantity take-offs. Preferably using styled Walls / Slabs / Roofs with components, as well as styled Doors & Windows. Thanks.
  8. I agree with all of the above (and have continually been upvoting this topic for years whenever it pops up again). For Vw Engineering’s reference, here’s a link to a 2018 ‘Stair Tool - Pain Points’ thread started by previous Vw employee @PVA - Jim, almost all of the points of which are still needing to be addressed as of Vw2021. Thanks.
  9. I agree 100% - it shouldn’t be this difficult. At the bottom of that FlipHTML5 page, there’s an option to ‘View Text Version’, which gives you an option to Print. I thought Great! But alas no, it only lets you print a PDF of two pages at a time. Hardly useful...
  10. As a test I just did the same thing - when you select 'Download' from the SP1 release notes section in the Updater, it creates a blank PDF, only 834b in size. Seems broken... @JuanP
  11. Have you tried using Undo to get back the objects that were deleted? That or restore to saved version (assuming you hadn’t saved the file). Most likely when you ran the Purge command, under ‘Other Items’ you had also checked ‘Objects Outside of Page Boundaries for’. That option can be very dangerous and should only be used with caution. Per the Help File that ‘Objects Outside of Page Boundaries for’ option will:
  12. @zoomer - here’s the link to the release notes: https://www.vectorworks.net/downloads/notes/2021SP1_Notes
  13. The only ‘Lite’ version of Vectorworks is Vectorworks Fundamentals, which is a full license of Vw but with some functionality stripped out. If your architect has Vw Architect, they will be able to create some elements / objects which cannot be modified in Fundamentals. And you’d have to learn Vectorworks, which like any CAD / BIM software package is much more complex than thinking of it in terms of ‘Photoshop Lite’. There is a free Vectorworks File Viewer, but with it you can only view their .VWX files: You would not be able to modify or change anything. I would recommend you try using the Vw File Viewer application to explore their model / drawings and take screencaps / export PDFs of the areas you want to modify, then sketch or write your comments / ideas on the screencaps using a digital drawing / sketching application (like Photoshop Lite, or Concepts, or Trace, or Autodesk SketchBook). https://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/vectorworks-file-viewer


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