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  1. @Tom W. - thanks again for the direction / advice. I downloaded the sample Townhouse project from VW University which had some styled Spaces and Data Tags which I imported into my model and modified. Now I am getting more predictable results when using Spaces.
  2. @Tom W. - thanks for the assistance. I have not been using Data Tags in this specific project, other than the File Path Name. I have used Data Tags in previous Vw versions, just not in Vw2023 very much yet. I’ll have to give it another chance, starting by focusing on the Space objects.
  3. When this happens to me, I also lose all of the door and window opening in the model. I have a feeling that it happened for me when I was adjusting the top & bottom offset heights of Wall Components using the Wall object OIP. I have to zoom in to close to the wall to see what offsets I need, and when I zoomed out the door & wall openings were missing. Not certain this is what triggered it, but just a vague recollection of what I was doing when it happened. Same as for you, none of the other suggested fixes work for me until I first run the Vw Updater Repair.
  4. Different users use Vw differently — what might seem like normal usage to one user and their professional workflow, might not make sense for someone else. I also would like to have an option to make ‘Use the first 42 characters’ the default.
  5. Add me to the list of long-term Vw users confounded by the changes to the Space / Data Tag in Vw2023. All I want is a Room Name and a Number in a box which I can change on the OIP, just like I used to be able to do in Vw2022 - but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do it. It shouldn't take multiple hours trying to make it work. I've learned how to reshape the boundary of the Space (red contoured highlights), but I don't know how to change the Name or Number on the Data Tag. I searched the Vw University for 'Space' and none of the results are regarding the changes in Vw2023.
  6. Attached is a file named 'KatPat' that I downloaded long ago from VectorDepot, it does have a Clay Tile roof hatch - amongst many others. It may be the one you're looking for. It is saved as a Vw2020 file version. HTH. KatPat_v2020.vwx
  7. Assuming you have existing spot elevations for your drive, you could also use a Hardscape object, editing the Surface Modifiers using the ‘Show Grade Objects’ option on the Hardscape OIP. A quick overview in this video starting around 3m40s.
  8. I will certainly let you know when it happens again. This week, as I’ve been working on Window and Wall Objects it’s been happening at least 1x per day. Today was 2x. If it would help resolve this issue, I’d be more than happy to ZIP my Vw Application folder before and after and send it in for review.
  9. Unfortunately, no it did not say which files it repaired. That would be too easy. Do you know if the Vw 2023 Updater application keeps a log in the macOS Console of what files it repairs?
  10. I just restarted my computer, ran the Vw 2023 Updater > Repair (it repaired 63 files), and opened that test file and ran Tools > Utilities > Reset all Plug-Ins: Now the windows & doors are cutting the openings again, so something was repaired by the Updater Repair.
  11. @AlanW - thanks also for taking a look at this. Unfortunately, deleting the wall vent symbol didn't fix it for me. The door and window still don't cut the wall for me in that file. Maybe it's something with my Vw installation. I repaired it using the Updater this morning. 2946300_ScreenRecording2023-01-27at5_04_13PM.mov
  12. @Pat Stanford - thank you for taking a look at it. That's very strange... I reopened that same test file, and tried all of the solutions that worked for you: None of them worked for me.
  13. Update to my previous post -- I just had this happen again, and this time running the command Tools > Utilities > Reset all Plug-Ins did NOT fix the window openings. The other suggested means to fix it did not work either. See attached file. Back to the drawing board... bad-window-test.vwx
  14. Cross-linking this to another thread where I posted a solution to this issue:
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