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  1. Twinmotion 2020.1 is free only to TM users who had already downloaded either TM 2018 / 2019 prior to the release of 2020.1. If you want to download it now for the first time, the Limited Time offer is to buy TM2020 for $249USD (50% off of $499USD). There is an unlimited free trial for non-commercial work, but it may be watermarked, I don’t know.
  2. @FrancescoTadini Yes, I believe that you should get a ‘better’ color match if you input RGB values. One website I have used to convert between color spaces is Easy RGB
  3. In THIS OLDER THREAD from 2016, it was stated that Vw internally converts all colors to RGB, irrespective of whatever color space they were input as. I’m guessing that this might be part of the reason you’re seeing the color shifts. HERE is a link to a post with some links to related older threads about color shifts for reference. HTH.
  4. In this other thread linked below, @JuanP said that the Twinmotion link is “ready” for the Vw2021 release cycle.
  5. Here’s a recent post describing the Vw development progress on the above:
  6. @Luka Stefanovic here’s a post from Jim W. back in 2016 acknowledging the need to specify in terms of both U- and R-values.
  7. @Luka Stefanovic Thanks for the reply. I guess the original thread topic still stands as ideally different building components are typically specified as U-value or R-Value, not as a global setting for all values. As noted, windows are typically specified in terms of their U-value, whereas wall assemblies are typically specified in terms of assembly R-value. We need to be able to specify both. Will this Energos webinar be recorded and made available for viewing by non-UK VSS subscribers? As there are currently no Energos workflow training webinars available on either the U.S. VSS portal or Vw University, having access to this UK-focused one would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Thank you for the tip. That’s a good workaround until Vw provides a proper fix (as this would require the user / team to remember in which fields they input a calculated 1/U-value).
  9. Bumping this topic on Training Topic requests again. I’m looking for in-depth training videos on Energos: Specifically, on Workflows implementing Energos with Embodied Carbon In Construction Calculator tools like EC3. A search of the Vw University portal for ‘Energos’ yielded ‘Sorry - no results found’.
  10. I haven’t tried in Vw2020 yet, but to bump this thread — has the problem reported in this thread (way back in 2016) been addressed? Integrating construction material quantitative reports with Embodied Carbon Calculations will be difficult if we can’t assign the proper respective energy units. Thanks.
  11. I just did a search for ‘Energos’ on the Vw University portal and it returned ‘sorry - no courses found’. Surely there has to be some in-depth Energos training videos (beyond those very short 2016 videos), especially since Energos was released over 4 years ago.
  12. I too would be very interested in learning how the current version of Vw and Energos can be used with tools such as the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) Building Transparency :: EC3 Tool
  13. At the top left of that page, next to the topic title, there will be an ‘up’ arrow. That’s where you can click to ‘up-vote’ any Wishlist request.


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