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  1. rDesign

    Enhance break line tools

    There might be a more recent wish-list request for this, but here's a really old request for the same thing:
  2. At the bottom of the DevWiki page for PenPat it says for 2013 and forward you need to use PenPatN. Refer to that page for an example of how to use it. Here’s a list of 2013 Deprecated Functions in case you run in to further trouble.
  3. rDesign

    VW2019 - OIP Layout for Viewports

    I agree - it does seem more confusing in 2019. Now it looks like ‘RW Background’ is related to ‘Background Render’ Settings.
  4. rDesign

    VW 2019 and OSX 10.14

    It has always been sound advice to NOT immediately upgrade to a new macOS version as soon as it is released. Based on what Vw has already said about issues running Vw2018 on 10.14 Beta versions, I don’t imagine that it will be any different this year. You would be well advised to not upgrade to 10.14 until Vw has had a chance to fully test 2019 against it.
  5. rDesign

    CineEngineNEM R19 now (?)

    Thanks again @zoomer this is really helpful.
  6. rDesign

    CineEngineNEM R19 now (?)

    @zoomer Thank you for your extensive response. This is really awesome! I’ve seen tutorials on C4D textures before, but as I’m not very experienced with C4D, I find it really helpful to have Vw-specific guidance. I am still using Vw2016 (even though I have a current VSS subscription), and I was struggling to make a decent looking glossy white ceramic porcelain material in Vw2016. Perhaps CineEngine has been improved enough in the recent Vw version updates that I can finally get my bathroom fixtures looking more realistic. Thanks again for your incredibly helpful direction!
  7. rDesign

    CineEngineNEM R19 now (?)

    Perhaps it already exists, but I'd love to see a video tutorial demonstrating what you and @zoomer have been describing here regarding advanced reflection shaders. Thanks.
  8. rDesign

    Embed fonts

    No. The fonts have to be installed on the system OS for each computer. If you don’t want to install the fonts, then you need to select a common font that is installed by default on both Mac OS and Windows. HERE is a link to an old list of common default OS fonts which might be informative.
  9. I was having trouble focusing on the very welcome feature being teased because I kept staring at all the incorrect voids at intersecting geometry. I doubt there’s a plan to fix this before the 2019 release as it’s less than 4 weeks away.
  10. @barkest - It wasn’t my intent to hit such a sore nerve with my slightly OT post about texturing in Vw. I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote. I just hope that more users will go vote up THIS WISHLIST THREAD asking for improved Vw texturing.
  11. rDesign

    IES is IES but not always

    It is confusing, but both are correct.
  12. OT - here’s an old wishlist thread asking to improve texture mapping capabilities (UV Mapping).
  13. rDesign

    Embedding fonts in pdf files

    Here’s an old thread which may answer your question:
  14. Yes - you need Landmark to access the 'Hardscape' object tool, it is not included with Architect.