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  1. @Chad Hamilton HAArchs - thanks for getting that clarification. That’s unfortunate for us Mac Bluebeam users, we’ll have to keep limping along with the old unsupported version, if you’re lucky enough to already own a license.
  2. There is a 'Bluebeam Atlas' app (Android) available on Google Play.
  3. According to this Architosh article about Nemetschek Group’s 2020 Annual Report, Bluebeam will “begin its conversion to a cloud and data-centric offering (SaaS) in the second half of 2021”.
  4. What Tom W. wrote above is correct, but you do need one of the Design Series VW versions (Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, or Designer) in order to Import SketchUp files. Vw Fundamentals cannot Import SketchUp files.
  5. See this older thread discussing this: Those icons are there to let you know that it is an unlinked VP: There is not currently a way to not display that red unlinked-VP icon (other than linking it as noted by AlanW below).
  6. The link in the original post has been moved and is not working anymore, but I found a link to the current GitHub project page. Looks interesting... https://github.com/wikihouseproject/Wren/wiki
  7. I’m curious where the “license activation portal“ as described in the following thread fits into the Public Roadmap. [I didn’t see it listed on the PDF, I apologize if I missed reference to it in this Roadmap thread.] Thanks.
  8. This won’t help at all with the frustration you’ve been having today, but here is an old wish-list thread requesting better user control over license activations without Vw Staff intervention. It’s now over 7 years old...
  9. If that Hardscape / Material is using a 2D Hatch, does it have a Background Fill?
  10. As I have Vw Architect (not Landmark), I don’t have access to the Retaining Wall function so I may be way off base — but according to the Vw 2021 User Help file page on Creating Retaining Walls you can use Round Walls as the basis for creating Retaining Wall site modifiers. And according to that help file page, as the Site Wall modifiers are not associated with the Wall object used to create it, so after creating the Retaining Wall Site Modifiers you could delete the Wall object and create your own 2D/3D geometry for ‘landscape walls’ exactly as you like. Just a thought.
  11. I have not used the new Railing / Fencing tool from Vw2021 and it may be better at this (not sure if it can create accessibility-compliant handrail extensions / returns), but... If I wanted the stair handrails shown exactly where where they would be built, once the stair design is finalized — I would use the Stair Tool handrail as a 3D modeling guide and create my own handrails by directly modeling the correct handrails using 2D polygons & Extrude along Path for the handrail and the 2D Polys & Push / Pull tool for the posts. Then turn off the 3D display of the handrail in the Stair Tool OIP. Then I’d probably also Group the 2D/3D Stair object and the 3D handrails so they all move together. Perhaps someone else has a better answer for you. [For further reading on the state of the Stair Tool, here’s a link to a thread discussing Stair Tool Pain Points ]
  12. Quick answer to your first question is no, you cannot show tread drainage fall with the Stair Tool. To show it accurately, you would do exactly as you described. Ideally this functionality should be added to the Stair Tool, as I think a tread drainage fall as you describe (to prevent standing water) is a typical requirement for most building codes. It would be great if there were an option on the Stair Tool to identify it as an ‘Exterior stair’, which would then let you specify the typical tread fall for drainage. But alas, there is currently no such option.
  13. To follow on Jeff Prince’s comment, here’s a suggestion from @Dave Donley to use the ‘parallax mapping’ (found in the Bump shader parameters) instead of the Grass shader: From the Vw2020 User Manual:
  14. I think what you’re seeing (or not seeing) could be related to the bug described in the following old thread, where displacement mapped textures (like the Grass shader) show differently based on the size of the applied object. Also described in this thread:
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