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  1. rDesign

    What mouse do you recommend?

    The second app you're referring to is SteerMouse It's what I use with my Logitech G502 mouse, but their website says it does not support Apple's Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.
  2. rDesign

    farm tractor symbol

    A google search for “farm tractor DWG” brings up a few results which might be what you’re looking for.
  3. Take a look at this YouTube tutorial video from @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD on Vw2018 / Twinmotion workflow— Also check out the webinar linked in this post
  4. rDesign

    Viewport Layer Stack Order

    According to the Vw2019 help file, it should be there...
  5. rDesign

    Link to file location

    Prior to 2019, you would use the ‘Data Stamp’ tool from the Dims/Notes toolset to add a text object that shows the current file name. Vw2017 Help File :: Creating Data Stamps
  6. rDesign

    Large Cumbersome PDF files

    JimW - attention to this would be much appreciated. By ‘poly-cleanliness’ are you also referring to the SLVP Annotations —> PDF issues discussed over in THIS thread and also THIS post? Thanks.
  7. rDesign

    Fixing errors in Vectorworks

    @Kaare Baekgaard - you are not alone in your frustrations. I have often felt that the annual rush to push a new version out the door (Vw is not alone in this regard), means that Quality Control / Beta Testing takes a back seat and the End Users are expected to find and report all of the bugs that should have been fixed prior to release. Some minor bugs in a release version are to be expected — but not to the levels that have been reported on the User forums, in my opinion. What is especially disheartening about the current status of 2019, is that prior to roll-out it was being marketed as having fewer ‘new / big’ features because they were focusing their efforts on speeding up the user interface, updating outdated code and fixing old bugs. Yesterday I gave up on 2019 SP2, after having fought with it for a month. I down-saved my project file to 2018, and so far the performance is much snappier than 2019.
  8. rDesign


    @bc take a look at Arroway’s gravel textures collection (LINK). They have low-res samples of many of their gravel textures and if you want to try displacement, they have a free sample displacement texture available HERE.
  9. rDesign

    Wireframe and OpenGL missing parts

    @MHBrown - you may already be aware, but Service Packs 5 & 6 are available for 2018. Your OP said that you’re using 2018 SP4.
  10. Nope — no progress on this being added. Seeing that this has not been implemented in many years of asking, I have the feeling that it's not a high-priority wish-list item.
  11. rDesign

    Gumball Style Manipulation

    Here’s a link to the wishlist that @Kevin McAllister was referring to:
  12. rDesign

    Vectorworks to PDF file low quality

    I think it’s just that the fill patterns are comprised of only black-and-white pixels so they are always going to appear pixelated. EDIT: There is a ‘Print Patterns at On-Screen Resolution’ setting on the Print dialogue box that may resolve this, try deselecting this option to get the higher printer resolution: Printing A File
  13. rDesign

    Vectorworks to PDF file low quality

    Perhaps try changing the Fill Attributes of the walls and floor objects to either a different fill pattern -OR- to a hatch pattern; To me that’s the main thing that looks pixelated. The rest of the line-work seems pretty crisp.
  14. rDesign

    2019 Spinning Ball of death

    Which version of macOS are you running?
  15. rDesign

    Working with consultants using Archicad

    @Jim Smith - I don't have any practical advice to offer, but I did find an older related thread that might offer some insight:


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