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  1. Color palettes shifting RGB values on their own has been an issue in VW for some time now. Here is a slightly older thread with a similar issue to yours also in Vw2022.
  2. @blanger - just FYI, @PVA - Admin no longer works at Vw, not for a couple of years now. Your query may get better response from one of the other current Vw employees / Forum Admin like @JuanP.
  3. I believe that VE reference number is an internal Enhancement tracking number for Vectorworks staff, tying their internal tracking system back to the Wishlist request item on the user forum. All we end users see on the forum is just that number which refers to this thread. If you upvoted this thread at the upper left, then you have already upvoted it.
  4. @Elite Exhibits Just a forum tip that if you want to tag @Luis M Ruiz to see your request, start typing @ and continue typing their user name, it will autocomplete if you have their correct user name.
  5. You can also set the Leader Type to None on the Callout OIP, then you can have a database note without any leader.
  6. Have you tried using a Glow Texture instead of Line Lights? Back in 2017, former Vw employee @PVA - Admin JimW had this to say about Line Lights in the thread linked above:
  7. Wes is correct, this is the same way that the INT function works in Excel (and Google Sheets, etc): It rounds a real number down to the nearest integer. If that's not what you want, you might want to use ROUNDUP as Wes suggested.
  8. You should be able to change the object’s mapping projection type on the Render tab of the OIP: Vw2022 Help : Managing Object Textures from the Object Info Palette
  9. Maybe the solution offered by @Pat Stanford in this older thread might help:
  10. There are a bunch of training videos over at the Vw University, search for ‘Windoor’. https://university.vectorworks.net/course/index.php?mycourses=0&tagfilter[category]=0&tagfilter[type]=0&tagfilter[difficulty]=0&mycourses=&search=Windoor+&langfilter[]=0 Specifically this video around the 1m28s mark discusses the settings for existing walls around Windoor objects: https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/overview/view.php?id=2598 HTH.
  11. I would try using a Glow Texture instead of Line Lights. See these posts for video tips on making Glow Textures: Also see this post from previous Vw employee @PVA - Admin regarding the deprecated state of Line Lights in 2017:
  12. Does it still happen if you have no other apps running except for Vw2022? The way that Stickies app is behaving w/Vw looks suspicious. Just a thought.
  13. Perhaps this page from the Vw2022 Help file might also help? Specifying Hardscape Joint Patterns
  14. I never have used any of these, but I remember there was another one called SimTread. Not sure it’s still around, the link in the post below is 404.
  15. Maybe this thread can help with what you’re trying to do:
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