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  1. JustinVH

    Adding Cross Sections to Custom Pallet

    I do not believe they manufacture a 10' piece. We only drew what was given to us and there is not a 10' listed on their website.
  2. JustinVH

    Adding Cross Sections to Custom Pallet

    Christie Lites Type A is a 12"x12" box that has all of the cross section data and has a 6 way corner with data as well as some wedges and several common straight lengths. That seems to be what a lot of users are turning to in the absence of the truss with data such as Thomas and Tomcat.
  3. JustinVH

    Adding Cross Sections to Custom Pallet

    We were only given the geometry and not the structural data and that is the reason for it being missing. This is a common theme with the US manufacturers and we have found that the only way to try and get the data is to have users/customers contact the manufacturer and explain that you need the data in order to use the Vectorworks symbols properly or you may switch to another manufacturer that has the data in the software. Kind of like the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Now, I can say that I have spoken with XSF and they are working on getting more geometry to us as well as getting the engineering reports that we need in order to enter the data correctly. The load tables that are provided online do not provide enough information for our structural engineer to create the cross sections.
  4. JustinVH

    Adding Cross Sections to Custom Pallet

    At this time XSF have not given us the cross section data therefore that is why it is not appearing in the customize pallet. If you know the data you can create a custom cross section and apply that to the symbol. Keep in mind though that a custom cross section is only retained within the working document so if you transfer those symbols to another document the cross section will revert to Rigid and you will have to enter the data again. We are in talks with XSF about getting the data and more libraries but I cannot give a timeframe at this time as to a release date.
  5. JustinVH

    Truss Frames (screen box)

    At this time vertical loads are not supported with Braceworks and this even applies to hanging loads; not just ground supported. The FEM error is telling Braceworks that the load is not properly balanced. I even did a test with the frame at an angle of 89.9° instead of 90° to see if I could trick the system into calculating as the truss would not be 100% vertical as a workaround to help. The only way I was able go get a calculation with no errors was to hang two additional motors on the bottom truss so that Braceworks can see the other side is supported and that is definitely not how that would be rigged in the real world. I have attached the screenshot but I know this is not the answer you were looking for. I know that the engineers are looking into adding this functionality in future releases if possible but at this time a timeframe is unknown.
  6. JustinVH

    Braceworks Frustration

    I would recommend to contact them and voice your frustration. Sometimes the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" approach can help to show a manufacturer that they need to be more forthright with their data or risk losing customers to other manufacturers that are sharing weights and structural data.
  7. JustinVH

    Braceworks Frustration

    Keep in mind that the Tyler Truss symbols do not have cross section data and are missing some of the weights. We have tried to get the necessary data from them but have been told they are not willing to release it to us at this time.
  8. JustinVH

    People/Band Symbols

    There are libraries on VSS for Orange Amps and some generic drum kits. There are more backline type items in the works to be released on VSS.
  9. JustinVH

    Insertion point of a Circle segment

    @FinchProduction It looks good to me! Good use of the hanging angle to get the strange serpentine like shape. Let me know if you have any other truss questions and like I said above, there are more Prolyte circles being developed for future release.
  10. JustinVH

    Insertion point of a Circle segment

    An arc or circle does not have the left, right, etc. options. That only applies to corners where there are multiple insertion points in many different configurations. The diameter of the segment and degree of arc in the Braceworks setup are what determine what is the top and bottom connection of the segment. If you are able why don't you send me the file and I will give it a quick glance, I don't mind. It sounds like you have things working properly but it never hurts to have a second set of eyes. Justin
  11. JustinVH

    Insertion point of a Circle segment

    The insertion point needs to be at the center if you have the "Insertion Point is Center" button checked in the Braceworks setup. If you just want to use the arc as a single arc place the bottom center of the truss as the insertion point and make sure "Insertion Point is Center" is unchecked. If you would like you can send me your file and I can take a look for you.
  12. JustinVH

    Insertion point of a Circle segment

    @FinchProduction The insertion point should be at the center of the circle when the full 360° truss is assembled. I have attached a screenshot of how I set up all of the truss in Vectorworks and the technique that I use to make sure I am at the correct point. If you have questions please let me know and I will be glad to assist. We do have more Prolyte circles on our list of items to develop for future releases as well.
  13. JustinVH

    CL - B type link bars

    @CassidyrigChristie Lites only provided us with the 90° bar for the F-Type truss and that is why it is shipped in the Resource Manager. In order for the B-Type bars to work with the F-Type truss it will require a special setup as the cross section dimension is different. This is something that I can setup and send to you but it will take me a day or two to do so.
  14. JustinVH

    CL - B type link bars

    @Brent.A The current Christie Lites Type B Link Bars that are in the Resource Manager are not functional with Braceworks. I have created a file where they are set up as corners so that they are functional with Braceworks. I have attached that file for your use, just use the symbols from the file instead of the Resource Manager. These will be fixed in a future release so that they are included in the Resource Manager. Please let me know if you have any questions. Christie Lites Type B Links.vwx
  15. JustinVH

    Heavyweight Telescoping Hanger

    It is on the list of content to develop.


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