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  1. JustinVH

    Human Figures?

    @Light Guy CalvinTry using the 2017 version of SketchUp. That one should be supported.
  2. JustinVH

    spacers on truss corner block

    @rajaikhalil I took a look at your file and fixed your corner block. The issue was that when you added the spacers to the left side of the block you did not move all the geometry to make sure that the left side of the truss is centered at (0,0). In order for things to work properly the starting point for any truss symbol needs to be at (0,0) because all of the measurements originate from this point. I simply moved the geometry so that the spacers were now the beginning of the truss and not the corner block. Also, if you wanted to just use your spacer version of the corner as a cross and no top or bottom connections you can set it up as an X-corner which simply uses the width and height measurements instead of the complex custom menu. I have made you two versions of the corrected corner with one setup as a custom and one setup as an X-corner (V2 Corrected in the resource name). Hopefully, if you make more custom symbols in the future you can use these as a reference if you get stuck. An updated file is attached and let me know if you have any further questions. Justin corner block corrected.vwx
  3. JustinVH

    spacers on truss corner block

    @rajaikhalil Please send me your file if you are able and I can take a look. I set up almost all of the truss in the shipped content libraries so I should be able to help you. Without seeing exactly what your new custom symbol looks like it is hard for me to tell you how to setup the custom corner.
  4. JustinVH

    Movement Radius

    I will take care of it, not a problem.
  5. JustinVH

    Movement Radius

    It is the site where all the bugs go when they are reported.
  6. JustinVH

    Movement Radius

    Has this been filed in JIRA yet? If not I can take care of it, just don't want to create a duplicate bug if I don't have to.
  7. JustinVH

    Movement Radius

    @Robert Janiak Are you able to send me that file? I would like to take a look at it and explore what is happening. I am not seeing that behavior in VW2019 SP4 on my machine. Every light I test I am able to turn off the movement radius as designed.
  8. JustinVH

    Lustr2 extended mode fixture ID

    The best thing to do is use the Spotlight Fixture Request Form on the Service Select page and ask for this additional mode. At this time all modes are created in house through the Vision data.
  9. JustinVH

    joining lines & arcs

    @Jordan Here is a screenshot, this should help you out.
  10. JustinVH

    getting started...

    At this moment there are not any Braceworks specific training videos to my knowledge. If you do have Braceworks questions I tend to be the one who builds and sets up the truss for Braceworks so feel free to DM me and I may be able to assist you.
  11. JustinVH

    Model of a hospital bed with gear

    There is a library in Service Select with some medical supplies and a hospital bed and some other equipment. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but I thought I would share. It is in Objects - Building Equip_Appliances>_Accessories and Equipment Medical.
  12. @ubybc I see what you are doing now. Instead of redrawing the truss vertically I would use the hanging angle command located in the mode bar at the top of the screen and choose a hanging angle of 90°. This will insert the truss vertically and you do not have to redraw the 3D. I would then take the legs you want to use and delete the 2D geometry so that you have a 3D only symbol and this will allow you to snap using the 3D loci and rotate the legs into place for visual purposes. It is just a thought as a lot of users aren't aware of the possibilities of the Hanging Angle option.
  13. @ubybc Those symbols were drawn and provided by Tyler themselves. All we did was add the classing and the Braceworks connection points. I tried attaching the legs using the insertion point loci located on the leg symbols and the truss symbols and it looks like everything was placed correctly in both Top view and 3D views. I have added a screenshot of the 5' section of truss showing the placement from the front and this was done by inserting loci to loci.
  14. JustinVH

    Variable and Fixed Angle Truss F34 0-25Deg

    @ghunter I have attached a screenshot showing what L1, L2, and L3 correspond to on a corner. I have also attached a down and dirty file with a 10° wedge that is properly setup for you to use. There is no 3D truss geometry on this object, it is just an extruded polyline but it is 10° corner that will snap. Hopefully, if you need more angles you can use the example as a guide to layout your other angles. In the meantime I am going to contact Cosmic and see if I can get drawings for this hinge so that it can be added to the libraries. I know that Vectorworks does not support hinges but at least there will be geometry that users can adjust if desired. F34 10 Deg Corner.vwx
  15. JustinVH

    CL - B type link bars

    In case anyone is interested I have attached a file with the Christie Lites Type B bars setup to work with the Type F truss and end plates. This is a recommendation from the Christie Lites website. Christie Lites Type F Gates.vwx


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