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  1. @rseybert Sorry to hear your frustrations. At this point in time with the current coding that particular hinge does not function with Braceworks or Auto Connect and that is why the Truss Record has been removed and it is just a 2D/3D symbol. Currently, book hinges can only function if the hinge pivot is at the bottom of the symbol in Top/Plan view and center hinges can only function if the hinge pivot is through the Y-axis of the symbol in Top/Plan view; this results in the pivot actually being in the center of the hinge when viewed from a front view in 3D. Any hinge that has the Truss Hinge Record attached is a non functioning hinge and will not work with Auto Connect or the hinge code. The record is there so show the weight and model number so if there was a need to use it a point load could be added if desired. The reason the hinges that don't support the functionality were left in the software was so that users could still use them as manual symbols as some rental houses keep them in inventory. There is a workaround though. You should be able to use the TC1212 AVB symbol from the same Tomcat library and after inserting into your drawing, rotate the hinge from a side view by 90°. This will remove the 2D geometry and place the rotation point through the Z-axis as you desire from the TC1212 AHB model. From this point the hinge degrees will work and you will be able to choose an angle. The only thing visually you will notice is that the bolt plates will be 90° different between the hinge and truss. If you have any more questions feel free to DM me and I will assist if I can. Justin
  2. @Rob Lloyd At this time there is no on demand service for truss like there is for lighting fixtures. Any truss requests that we see on the Wishlist-Feature and Content Requests page of the forum are placed into the queue of truss to be made. That order of the work in the queue changes based on my workload and whether or not the manufacturer has/is willing to sign an agreement to be in the software and provide all of the data. If a major truss supplier approaches us and signs on to be in the software and provides all of the data quickly the order in the queue gets shifted. I generally try to create a mix of US and EU/world manufacturers for each VSS release based on the list.
  3. They are located here: Vectorworks Libraries>Objects-Ent Lighting Instruments>Lighting Stands I also had success searching Manfrotto in the RM search function.
  4. This should work for you. To connect the lower T you will have to hover pretty high on the symbol as the rest of the T is missing because it is made of the other straight pieces of truss. Let me know if you have issues, I tested it and it worked for me. JThomas B1304 T.vwx
  5. Please post your file if you are able/allowed and I will take a look and make it work if I can. I will probably have to make a duplicate symbol as I only set up the gates to function as traditional corners and not T-Corners. If you can't post your file please let me know what gates you are using and I will send you a replacement symbol.
  6. @mlance What version of Vectorworks are you using? In VW2020 the gates were setup to properly work with the auto connect feature.
  7. @grant_PD Are you able to post your files with the Tomcat truss?
  8. Here you go, I made you a 2019 T-Link file. Let me know how they work for you. Christie T-Bars v2019.vwx
  9. @acdeslx What version of Vectorworks are you using? There were some improvements done to the files in VW2020 and the T-Link bars work and make the angle.
  10. There is also a generic library of cheeseboroughs in the Objects-Ent-Event folder in the Resource Manager. Although not adjustable there are 3d symbols in 15 degree increments as well as rigid versions that can be used for populating worksheets and reports.
  11. @Anttti I have taken a look at this truss and this is indeed a bug in the way the corner piece is drawn. I am going to file a bug and correct the issue and in the meantime I will fix the symbol and send you a file with the corrected symbol so that you may use the truss as intended. The corrected symbol is attached. Justin Cosmic F34T35.vwx
  12. Hello again, Those truss bases were in an old library and were not setup for the auto connect and that is why you were having the issues. I have attached a file for you with the base setup using auto connect so that you may properly connect vertical truss like you wish, simply import the symbol into your drawing and use as you wish. In VW2020 the truss libraries have been updated and some new truss bases as well as Prolyte spacers were added so that if you choose to upgrade in the future there is a lot more that can be done with the Prolyte libraries as well as how vertical trusses are created. Prolyte H30D Base.vwx
  13. What version of Vectorworks are you using? It does not look like 2020 as I still see vertical truss symbols. If possible, are you able to attach the file so that I may take a look. Triangle truss are the most difficult to get to setup and I would like to have a look so see if the symbol is setup correctly.
  14. If desired the red box can be turned off by turning off the Lighting>Input>2D or 3D class respectively.
  15. @LMorga I tried the truss straight out of the resource manager and I had no issues with the TC1212-AVB and TC1212-VHB as you also report. However, at this time the TC1212-AHB and TC1212-VVB are not supported. It was decided to leave the hinges that are not supported at this time in the program but change them to regular 2D/3D symbols in case there was a user that needed them. The only way to make them hinge is to manually adjust the 3D geometry in the Edit 3D Components window of the symbol. They will not support auto connect or calculations but at least they can be used. The other workaround is to take the TC1212-AVB and TC1212-VHB and click the 3D only radio button in the OIP. This will allow the hinge to be rotated in 3D views but it will still function as a hinge. If you have any further questions please DM me and I will see if I am able to assist.


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