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  1. JustinVH

    Finding or making snap points

    In addition to what Jim said about making a symbol with 3D loci for easy snapping I would also make a symbol that has two links joined together. If your symbol has two links and 3D loci; one flat like you have drawn and the other rotated 90° like a chain hangs, this will allow you to easily make any length of chain without having to rotate each link upon insertion. If you need a single link at the end just use the single symbol and rotate appropriately. This is how chain is drawn in the content department for the chain motors.
  2. JustinVH

    Stageline symbols bugging out.

    Hello @mreadshaw The symbol is blue because it is a group. That is what is causing the strange behavior. You can edit the symbol in the resource manager so that it is a black symbol by doing the following steps: -Right click on the symbol -Click Edit Symbol Options -Uncheck the box that says "Convert to Group" in Other Options which is about 2/3 of the way down the window -Click okay The symbol will turn to a black symbol and behave as intended. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. JustinVH

    Weird points and truss things

    Thanks for the file. Can you please let me know what build you are using? This can be found in Vectorworks>About Vectorworks and is a six digit number. This will allow me to use the identical build and see if I can replicate the issue. Thanks.
  4. JustinVH

    Weird points and truss things

    Are either of you able to post a file that shows the issue? I would like to see if I can duplicate the issue on my machine using the same symbols and truss libraries.
  5. JustinVH

    3D Wheelchair

    Thanks you for the input. We are actually in the process of working on a 3D wheelchair for the content libraries. Once it is completed it will be released in a VSS release.
  6. JustinVH

    Importing Equipment

    @Chris_W If you are looking for specific lighting fixtures such as LED walls that are not in the stock libraries and you are a VSS subscriber you can request these specific lighting fixtures through the VSS support page. If all of the necessary data is available on the manufacturer's website the Spotlight content team will create a hybrid symbol and send you a notification when it is complete so that it can be downloaded for use.
  7. JustinVH

    Looking for Kino Diva-Lite LED 41

    @pmorrill If you are a VSS subscriber you can submit a Spotlight Fixture request through the support page and the content team will work to add the light to the libraries if all the required information can be found.
  8. JustinVH

    Prolyte Sleeveblock MPT/ST

    @jugfire There are some sleeveblocks and tower truss assemblies in the Eurotruss FD34 and FD44 lines. There are also some in the Slick product line as well. I will add the Prolyte towers to the list of content wishes and see if we can get the information from Prolyte so that we can add them to the libraries through a Vectorworks Service Select release.
  9. JustinVH

    Parellipsphere 170 not in Fixture Library?

    Fortunately, the racks of autotransformer dimmers were before my time. When I started in college the dimmers the building had a rack of 24 dimmers and about 90-100 circuits between the onstage electrics and the FOH position. I remember pulling the circuit plug from the mess of overhead cables and plugging into the appropriate dimmer much like a switchboard operator in the early 20th century telephone days. The best part was fighting the counterweight on the cable to pull in through the birds nest in the wall to get enough slack to properly plug into the rack. This was all controlled by a Microvision FX (the kind with the scroll wheel carved from granite) and a backstage "Stage Manager" control board in the rehearsal and dressing room space. Inevitably, some actor would always place a prop or lean on the board and turn on the house lights during one of the dress rehearsals which would trigger the TD to remember to pull the key on the board. Of course, the summer after I graduated they received a large funding contribution and upgraded to a dual 96 rack ETC Sensor system and dimmer per circuit wiring and one of those fancy Digital to Analog converter boxes and a new Express 48/96 board and buttons stations.
  10. JustinVH

    Interal Trussing

    @jugfire We are currently working on the libraries for Interal TC. When they are finished and reviewed by Interal TC they will be released on VSS.
  11. JustinVH

    Arch truss

    @math3006 Hello Mathieu, What corner block are you using? I just tested the entire Christie Lite Type B line that ships with Vectorworks and had no issues. I was able to make the truss structure that you see in the screenshot using the snapping.
  12. JustinVH

    How to "tilt" objects?

    @Jasonbrett Did you use library content that ships with Vectorworks to make your truss structure? If so, the truss symbols are 2d/3d hybrid objects and cannot be tilted like a roof. Only 3d objects can be tilted. The solution if you are using hybrid symbols is to remove the 2d geometry so that only the 3d remains and you should be able to tilt with no issues. I hope that helps and feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  13. @christine Hello. The size of the font for the focus point is pretty easy to change. It is tied to the current font size that you have selected in the document. To set the font size go to Text>Font Size and choose your desired font size. In order to change a font size of an already inserted focus point just make sure that the focus point is selected and go to Text>Font Size and choose your desired font size. I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to direct message me. Thanks.
  14. JustinVH


    @Ian M.I am not sure why those remaining files are not visible in the Resource Manager. Have you tried closing and reopening Vectorworks to see if it resolves the issue? Perhaps @JimW can provide more information. I have attached two files with pianos for your use, you should be able to just open them and import the piano(s) you desire into your drawing. Musical Instruments.vwx Orchestra Layout 3D.vwx
  15. JustinVH


    Are you running an Architect only license or Designer? The piano is in the Objects-Ent Stage folder but that is limited to Spotlight or Designer. It looks like you have Vectorworks Service Select from your screenshot. If this is the case you can download the piano symbols from the VSS website. The pianos are in the Previous Versions>Entertainment>Orchestra Layouts 3D folder. Let me know if you have any questions.


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