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  1. JustinVH

    How to "tilt" objects?

    @Jasonbrett Did you use library content that ships with Vectorworks to make your truss structure? If so, the truss symbols are 2d/3d hybrid objects and cannot be tilted like a roof. Only 3d objects can be tilted. The solution if you are using hybrid symbols is to remove the 2d geometry so that only the 3d remains and you should be able to tilt with no issues. I hope that helps and feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  2. @christine Hello. The size of the font for the focus point is pretty easy to change. It is tied to the current font size that you have selected in the document. To set the font size go to Text>Font Size and choose your desired font size. In order to change a font size of an already inserted focus point just make sure that the focus point is selected and go to Text>Font Size and choose your desired font size. I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to direct message me. Thanks.
  3. JustinVH


    @Ian M.I am not sure why those remaining files are not visible in the Resource Manager. Have you tried closing and reopening Vectorworks to see if it resolves the issue? Perhaps @JimW can provide more information. I have attached two files with pianos for your use, you should be able to just open them and import the piano(s) you desire into your drawing. Musical Instruments.vwx Orchestra Layout 3D.vwx
  4. JustinVH


    Are you running an Architect only license or Designer? The piano is in the Objects-Ent Stage folder but that is limited to Spotlight or Designer. It looks like you have Vectorworks Service Select from your screenshot. If this is the case you can download the piano symbols from the VSS website. The pianos are in the Previous Versions>Entertainment>Orchestra Layouts 3D folder. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. JustinVH


    There are two piano symbols in the Resource Manager and I found them by using the search function for 'piano'.
  6. JustinVH

    Astera LEDs

    @Josh Schulman Have you submitted this request through the Fixture Request Form on the Service Select>Support page? You can request lighting fixtures through this form and the Content Team will work on developing them for release in the downloadable content libraries.
  7. JustinVH

    2019 Insert truss tool broken

    The issue appears to be with truss that has a rotation value of 180º in the Truss Properties>Connections window. I tested several kinds of truss on the latest internal builds and saw the same issue regardless of Male/Female or Neutral/Neutral connection. I will file a bug on this issue. Bug filed-VB-155092
  8. JustinVH

    2019 Insert truss tool broken

    Hi @Mike Wright Have you filed or are you able to file a bug for this issue? This looks like unexpected behavior. If you are not able to file a bug please let me know and I can look into filing one regarding this issue.
  9. JustinVH

    Realistic rendering

    @Jmoberly The strip lights are most likely producing a round beam and that is why you are seeing the pools of light. If you change the beam and field angles in the OIP for the symbol you should be able to produce a light beam that is a lot more oval and more representative of a strip light. Let me know if you have any questions as how to do that or what beam angle and field angle value represents vertical and horizontal in the rendered beam.
  10. JustinVH

    New rigging tools in 2019

    @Alex Weston The bridle lengths that ship with Vectorworks are in metric units thus the reasoning for 'Steel 200' and the like. If you would like imperial bridal lengths you have to make those new lengths. I have made imperial lengths from 5-30' in 5' increments. If you are interested DM me and I can send you the file.
  11. JustinVH

    Imperial Bridle Lengths

    @owade01 I just sent you a direct message with the file and instructions.
  12. Hello mjunderdog1, The design and programming of Braceworks requires that all Truss Record dimensions be in metric units due to the coding. However, if your document settings are in imperial any truss that is imported in the document will convert to imperial units. The Truss Record will still show metric for dimensions but the Braceworks record that shows cross section data, connection data, and load data will be in your document settings. I hope that helps answer your question. Justin
  13. JustinVH

    Imperial Bridle Lengths

    Just sent you a direct message with the file you need.
  14. JustinVH

    Imperial Bridle Lengths

    I am going to direct message you the file and the instructions that you need to follow.
  15. JustinVH

    Imperial Bridle Lengths

    Sbarnett, Give me a few minutes and I will make you those four pieces of imperial length steel and send you the instructions to get them into your document for use.


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