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  1. There are some truss pickups in the Vectorworks Libraries>Objects-Ent Truss>Truss Pickups folder in the Resource Manager. However, at this time they are setup as static rigging accessories and have no Braceworks or Auto Connect functionality.
  2. Have you tried opening the gear icon at the top of the RM and choosing 'Refresh Libraries'? This usually solves that issue.
  3. @Vesa There are also some tents in the content in the Resource Manger, they are located in the Vectorworks Libraries> Objects-Ent Event>Event Tents folder.
  4. Thank you for sending your file by DM. I have downloaded your file and sent you a response.
  5. @JetSet86 What format are you using to bring the truss into MA3D? I would like to file a bug for the engineers to take a look?
  6. Have you turned off the Rigging-Truss-Simplified class? It looks like that class is still on as it is just extruded an extruded rectangle.
  7. In content development world we have learned that simple objects like sweeps and extrudes should stay as sweeps and extrudes as converting to generic solids can sometimes increase the size of the object and symbol. Once we start performing operations like subtractions, additions, and commands from the 3D modeling tool set we convert to generic solids to strip the object of geometry history and reduce the file size. That being said, we always keep a backup copy of our files in non generic solids just in case a file corruption happens in the future and we need to examine the original symbol's creation methods.
  8. @jkamst Currently the Prolyte H30V circles do not exist in the libraries. With the recent acquisition of Prolyte by Area 4 Industries I will not be able to get a contact that I can request CAD files from in order to add to the existing Prolyte libraries. Unfortunately, at this time I cannot offer any sort of timeframe for additional content to the Prolyte libraries. I was able to make a complete 6 meter outside diameter circle using the Curved Truss tool and was Abel to set the cross section to Prolyte H30V. I have attached a screenshot of the settings I used with the tool and hopefully you are able to use similar settings to make the 2,4, and 6 meter circles that you desire. I am most likely wrong on the diameters of the lacing and ladder bars but those specs should be able to be found on the Prolyte website. Also note that my units are in mm so that is why my circle is 6000 in diameter and not 6. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to DM me if needed.
  9. @AlexSawaya Are you able to post a file? I can take a look at it and see if I can discover anything on Monday.
  10. @AlexSawaya I took a look on my machine as well and it looks like what you are seeing are the loci for the Braceworks-Distributed Load class. This is added to the cables and other items so that the weights can be used to properly calculate all weights in Braceworks. If you turn off the Braceworks-Distributed Load class the loci will disappear and the line will be thin again. I am going to file a bug for this today.
  11. Those marks appear to be 2D loci. Have you contacted tech support regarding this? That may be a bug that nobody is aware of yet.
  12. @livespace josha I would avoid duplicating individual pieces of truss or corners and trying to place them. Sometimes this causes issues with the auto connect and introducing artifacts. I always go back to the resource manager and grab a new piece of truss much like you would when onsite and you have to go back to the truck or to the pile in the arena to get another piece. If you are making a run of 100' using 10' sections you can simply keep the symbol active and use auto connect to snap across and you don't have to keep selecting from the resource manager. The "Make Active" command at 0:13 is how I activate all symbols from the resource manager. Simply choose your symbol in the resource manager and right click to open a menu and make active will be there. It will activate the symbol as a parametric object and you won't have to use the resource picker like you do if you use a tool. You can also double click to activate a symbol as a parametric object as well.
  13. What Vectorworks version are you using?
  14. @livespace josha Are you able to send me this file by DM so that I can take a look? I setup the auto connect settings for all of the truss that is shipped in the Resource Manager and I have not experienced this type of behavior that you are showing. Are those Christie Lites Type A symbols or some other manufacturer? If they are Christie Lites Type A part of the issue you are having has to do with the corner and the gusset plates. The gusset plates actually lie outside the "box" of the straight truss and because of how the 3D symbol for the corner is laid out the corner shifts by 3/8" when snapping using auto connect. In plan view the corner block and upright are not perfectly aligned like the real world and the auto connect is having trouble finding the side snap points. If you are able to send the file I would love to take a look and see what else could be causing the issue and see if I can fix it in your file and send it back to you or find the cause and file a bug. I made a quick video using Christie Lites Type A 6 way corner block and a 8' straight piece of truss to assemble a goal post and the auto connect worked as I would expect but I had to use right or left isometric views as I find they help when assembling truss vertically. When I tried to connect from a top view I did also have the struggles that are present in your video. Truss Corners.mov
  15. @Wade You should make sure that you save a copy of your modified .txt files somewhere on your desktop as well. When Vectorworks gets updated through service packs or new releases the .txt files that are in the installer may override your custom changes and you will have to do the work again to modify your signals and connectors. I am not saying this will happen but just wanted to give you a heads up so you don't risk losing your work and can just replace the .txt file quickly.


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