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  1. @ZrasapThe fact that the user created structural data did not get imported is works as designed. Custom structural data can only reside in the document in which it was created and cannot be imported or transferred to another document. This is a safety check put in place by Vectorworks and the developer of Braceworks to keep potentially incorrect and non verified structural data from being spread through the user base. I am afraid if you want to keep the custom structural data on the truss you created you must stay within the document, add it to the truss each time that you use it in a different document or work from a template file where the truss already resides.
  2. @ZrasapDid you run a Braceworks calculation on your custom truss? The grey box from your screenshot is usually what happens when you run a calculation on a truss what does not have structural data and is instead set to Rigid.
  3. @VectorWorker22It looks like the Rigging-Truss-Simplified class is turned on in your document. That class is a simple extruded shape so that you can see what area a truss occupies but not slowing your drawing down with all the webbing. Turning off this class will reveal the truss underneath, I can see the 4 main chords on the left side of your drawing.
  4. @Brent.A This is 100% true that Tomcat will not share the data with us. We have been informed by them that we will never be given this data for two reasons. The first is because of liability reasons with the calculations being incorrect and the potential collapse of a rig if Braceworks said it was okay and the second is that the company which certified the truss initially will lose money as Braceworks users can use the software to make sure the rig is close before sending for actual certification by a structural company. If users only need to have one certification performed as opposed to several along the design phase there is lost revenue. For US truss manufacturers the only company that has provided us certified data that has been turned into Braceworks data is Christie Lites. A large portion of EU truss companies have provided the data as the EU is a far less litigious region. All we can say to do is to contact Tomcat and their parent company Area 4 directly and express your displeasure about not having this data and that you will have to look into alternative truss that is compatible with the software. This was done with Tyler truss and we are in the process of completing what is needed to get the data into Vectorworks after an initial holdout. Ultimately, this will come down to the users of both Vectorworks and Tomcat truss to complain enough to the manufacturer for them to realize that they could lose customers as a result. Feel free to DM me is you have any more questions.
  5. The settings are in the VW Preferences dialog.
  6. If you also search for 'restrooms' in the RM there are two mobile restroom trailers. Not exactly porta pots but it is something.
  7. @spettittAt this point in time center point hinges cannot be setup in the orientation that you are asking. Center point hinges can only be setup with the rotation point being viewed from the front so that the hinge pivots towards the negative and positive Z directions. In order to insert this hinge so that the rotation is through the Z axis like you have pictured you will need to change the roll angle to 90° at insertion. The error you are seeing is because there is no height and width dimension in the Cross Section Data of the the truss. Currently it shows a measurement of 0, simply change this to the dimensions of the truss box and that error should be eliminated.
  8. If you change the offset of the truss cross symbol in the record it will change the thickness. You may have to adjust the insertion point but I thing you can go down to 1mm of offset if you need a really thin connection. You will also have to adjust the 3D extrude thickness of the symbol that you make to get the visual to not clash.
  9. If you are using VW2023 there is now a "No Symbol" option in the Truss Picks folder. This will allow you to remove the truss pick without disconnecting the hoist.
  10. @ABohmWhat license do you have? Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, or Design Suite?
  11. You should reach out to Tyler and hound them to provide us with the weights. Last time I spoke to them their exact words were "we don't know the weights of our trusses, we just weigh them before they go on the truck and calculate that way. If they can get VW the weights this can be added in the future.
  12. In VW2023 there is a new data tag for hoists that replicates the behavior of the coordinate label in the old hoist tool. It is identical with the arrows and will scale properly in the drawing. That tag is located in the Hoist.vwx file in the Entertainment Data Tags folder and is called Hoist Tag-Hoist Label.
  13. @ChollyO You will need to go into Document Preferences and turn off the 8 light limit for Shaded rendering. Once you do that you should be able to see all the lights in either Shaded or FQR.
  14. It looks like you are using VW2022 from your signature. If that is correct and you are using the Shaded mode for rendering there is an eight light limit for beam visibility so only eight beams will be rendered.
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