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  1. JustinVH

    Adding a cross section

    The engineering firm for Interal truss and the Braceworks structural engineer are in contact with each other so the data is being created. However, I do not know the timeframe for the cross sections to be added to Braceworks.
  2. JustinVH

    Prolyte Sleeveblock MPT/ST

    The request is on our list but there is no timeframe at this point as to when these items will be released. You can send me the DWG files by DM so that we have them in place when we begin work if you wish.
  3. JustinVH

    Picture on screen / LED screen

    @rvanheesI took a look at the file and your video screen is 6000mm wide by 3000mm tall which is a 2:1 ratio. In order for the image to properly show on the screen completely without duplication you need to resize the image to be an aspect ration of 2:1. I would try this in an image editor such as Photoshop or Gimp and recreate the texture in Vectorworks using the resized image. Another option is to "cheat" and create an extrude that is the same size of your video screen and 1mm thick. You can then apply the image as a texture and use the proper scaling and orientation settings to produce a single image.
  4. JustinVH

    Picture on screen / LED screen

    @rvanheesIn the render tab of the OIP when you select the screen texture make sure to uncheck the "repeat vertically" and "repeat horizontally" so that you only see the logo once. You then will have to most likely scale and reposition the logo on the screen using the sliders. Another option is to make sure that the logo is the same size as the screen and you can do this in the Size box using the Set By Image in the Edit Texture window. Post your file and I can take a look if you are allowed to share it.
  5. JustinVH

    Box corner

    @rvanheesI will make you a video and send it to you by a DM. You cannot rotate a hybrid symbol (a symbol with both 2D and 3D geometry). I would duplicate the symbol in the Resource Manager and then go into Edit 2D Components and delete all of the 2D geometry. This will make it a 3D only symbol and allow you to rotate it but could mess up the Braceworks connection function. The other option is to duplicate the symbol and rename it as rotated or vertical or something easy for you to remember. Then go into Edit 3D Components and from a right or left view rotate the pieces 90 degrees. If you select all four you should be able to find the center of the cluster and rotate that. This will produce a symbol that still works with Braceworks but is rotated 90 degrees. This is also probably the simplest as well. Duplicate and Rotate Symbol.mov
  6. JustinVH

    Box corner

    @rvanheesThat would be my fault. I drew them as squares as the imported files were squares. I attached a new file with them as extruded circles to save you from having to redraw them. Example VW Corner Round Connectors.vwx
  7. JustinVH

    Box corner

    @rvanhees Truss Hook Connection Example.mov Here you go. This should help explain how things work a little better and I used the file I sent you as the example file.
  8. JustinVH

    Box corner

    @rvanhees Here is your file back. I made both symbols for you so that they will properly connect to corners. The DC10 connectors will only connect at the non circular side. In order to get them to look like they are connecting to the other truss you will have to insert the truss and manually move it to be between the hooks. You can then build from it like usual. I also imported all of the FD44 horizontal truss for you so that it will connect to the corner. Example VW Corner New Symbols.vwx
  9. JustinVH

    Box corner

    I will take a look at this and set this up for you. Too bad that you aren't looking to use the FD34 as we released a whole library of spacers and connectors for that model in January. I will post a new file here for you shortly with your BOB100 connector all setup. Sometime this week I will send you a DM on how to setup custom symbols for proper Braceworks connections.
  10. JustinVH

    Box corner

    @rvanheesIn order to get the Bob 100 to connect using the Auto Connect engine you have to set it up as a truss symbol with the truss record. Anyway that you can post the file and I can take a look for you. It is not a complex or difficult process, just a little tedious and you have to know the intricacies of how to set up these special truss symbols.
  11. JustinVH

    Prolyte H30V Corners Library => 713 mm?

    Just realized your signature says Version 2018. I have attached the 2018 version as well. Prolyte H30VC017 710mm v2018.vwx
  12. JustinVH

    Prolyte H30V Corners Library => 713 mm?

    Here is a file with the horizontal portion of the corner at a length of 710mm. The vertical length has not changed. Prolyte H30VC017 710mm.vwx
  13. JustinVH

    Prolyte H30V Corners Library => 713 mm?

    I have reached out to the person who works with Prolyte and creates the Vectorworks symbols from their files. Their response is below: The dimensions on the website are rounded and I created the symbol from the original Prolyte DWGS. Prolyte always says to me: Our tolerance at welding is a half centimeter, so the symbols don’t need to be more exact.
  14. JustinVH

    Symbols for Generic Lighting Bits?

    @VClaiborne The tail down I made into a 3d symbol. It is in the RM and there are only two symbols; the tail down and one of the cheeseboroughs. It should be the very first symbol in the small thumbnail section.
  15. JustinVH

    Symbols for Generic Lighting Bits?

    @VClaiborne Here is a quick symbol I made using the fixed steel cheeseboroughs and a 5' pipe. It is designed for 12" box truss and the bottom cheeseborough is designed to insert at the bottom of the lower chord of truss. If it is 16" or 20" box you can just slide the cheeseboroughs to match the chords. Let me know how it works for you. 4 Foot Taildown.vwx


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