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  1. Wish list: Stair tool improvements. Why does the Stair object constantly change to an uneditable non-stair object and then have to be rebuilt? This is a major bug in our office. Why can't we adjust the line styles of the handrail/ guardrail to be dashed when above or below? Why can't we wrap the handrail to the wall or turn underneath a stair as code requires? Why can't we stop the handrail at the landings? And so on.
  2. Raja

    stair tool 2020?

    Stair tool still causing problems in 2020. When I open my 2018 file in 2020 I'm getting this red error message at the stair regarding the posts. A similar error message occurred between 2018 and 2019 stair objects and I had to rebuild all of the stairs. Anyone else having this problem? How to resolve?
  3. Yep a LOT of problems with 2019 here as well. I've got two new projects in 2019, what a mistake. Program constantly quits out of the blue. Serious rendering issues. Bitmaps show up black until zoom way in. Section viewports look normal but zoom in or out and suddenly all you can see is a few weird little lines, it basically disappears. If you go in to edit section and back out, it renders normally, until zoom in and out again....can't print this way. VW please don't release new versions that are so buggy, what an incredible time-waster. I can't bill my clients for this ridiculousness. Not putting any other projects on 2019 until it's normal.
  4. Still a problem here too.
  5. Bitmap image renders totally black in VW 2019. If I zoom way in it looks normal.
  6. How do we turn off the snapping to 3d objects on a hidden class? It is driving me crazy, very hard to snap to what is actually on the work screen.
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