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Landmark Essentials Seminar - Oct


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With our Landmark Essentials Seminar, you will explore some of the most common workflows and utilize the latest tools and commands of Vectorworks® Landmark software. Designed to help you save time, by designing more efficiently, this seminar will cover the fundamental knowledge needed to be successful with Vectorworks® Landmark software.


  • Review the Vectorworks Landmark workspace.
  • Explore Landmark workflows.
  • Import a base plan.
  • Learn how to set up a document by configuring page area, scale, and other document settings.
  • Explore efficient drawing techniques.
  • Create Massing Models, Hardscapes, and Landscape Areas.
  • Learn how to place and customize plants.
  • Explore the Vectorworks Plant Database.
  • Learn how to document and present your design.


We strongly suggest taking the&nbsp:Getting Started Seminar&nbsp:before taking this seminar.


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