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  1. I've had similar thoughts to the original questions which is why I requested the following in 2019 (yikes!) Things like when a light switch and socket clash in plan, where the workaround is to create a unique symbol (a good solution considering the constraints of the software), could be incorporated into a simple tool like this.
  2. This works as per the original request in v2024 (maybe earlier?). Can someone mark this as resolved?
  3. Should this be marked as "resolved" (the forum calls it "has the best answer) now? Would be good to sort through the wishes with the most votes to see which have been resolved as many are pretty old, although some are still sadly valid despite their age.
  4. I agree this is quite annoying, I gave up on trying to find a solution. I can see from Kevin's image that you could match the Jamb's lineweight to the wall, but this would effect the entire jamb rather than just the junction between the jamb and the wall which I imagine is what Tatiana is trying to show.
  5. Same here! I know there are so many options and granularity with VW's exports but 95% of people don't care. I just want to attach it to an email and not make the client wait 2 minutes for it to download.
  6. Wow. Architects in the UK make these drawings on most, if not all, projects. It would be good for VW to review this.
  7. This has happened to colleagues in my office. A restart seemed to sort it out but I will ask them if it has come back.
  8. There doesn't appear to be but I really wish there was. Doing electrical plans is probably one of the biggest time commitments on a set of construction drawings now because it is all done manually.
  9. Ok, thanks Justin. To be honest I'll probably just leave it it ignore it each time although it's a bit annoying.
  10. Opening VW 2024 again this morning I get the same popup again after updating yesterday.
  11. Thanks Justin but I don't think that's it. I'm up to date and have been running Update 2.1 since it came out and I still get the error every time I open 2024. I have just opened it again this morning and it pops up, despite me updating it on Tuesday when I started this thread.
  12. I get the following error every time I open VW 2034 and VW2024. Is this a bug? I thought I saw a thread on the forum raising this issue previously but I can't find it anymore.
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