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  1. _James

    Publish to print messes up the order

    @Nikolay Zhelyazkov I think this was just me messing around showing some colleagues how you can do this now as they were saying how great it would be if Vectorworks could do this before we upgraded. Will try to see if this affects things - but nothing strikes you as odd how we do things otherwise?
  2. _James

    Publish to print messes up the order

    @Nikolay Zhelyazkov here's the recording - hopefully it will shed some light on it. Publish Error.mov
  3. _James

    Publish to print messes up the order

    The numbers I used were just indicative, in reality we use 3 digits, (100s for planning, 200s for demolitions/site, 300s for general arrangements etc) so the numbers were late 290s and then into 300s - there were no letters (although we do occasionally do a 330 and 330a for example). The order was something like 298, 303, 299, 320, 350, when it should have been 298, 299, 300, 301, 302, 303, 310, 311, 312, 313, 320. We have the jumps because we'll do 300-309 for plans, then 310-319 for 4 elevations, 320-329 for sections, 330-339 for M&E etc, and there aren't always enough storeys/sheets to fill take up all the numbers, but doing it in multiples of 10s gives us some flexibility if things are added - perhaps this causes problems? . It was still printing as I wrote the post, but the strangest thing was that it duplicated the same sheet (350) about 5-10 times before I stopped it. I'll upload a movie a bit later but thanks for your replies.
  4. We're running VW2019 SP3 and when we publish a batch of drawings directly to print, the order goes awry. Instead of drawings 1,2,3,4 etc. it goes 1,3,2,5,11,22,4 etc. - incredibly frustrating! It even does this when printing two sided which completely ruins the set, at least with single sided you can rearrange. Is there any reason why this seems to happen and a potential fix other than exporting to PDF and then printing the PDF?
  5. _James

    2019 Titleblock added fields

    Having just had to add a couple of sheets mid-way through a set, I wish changing Sheet Number and Title was available in TBB. That way I could change the number, and then in one click on the arrow at the top right of the window i'm on to editing the next sheet. Now I either have to do it through the organisation window (open window > double click drawing > change number > click ok > repeat) or through going through the sheets (double click title block > select sheet data from drop down > click ok > new window opens > edit number > click ok > move to next sheet and repeat). Editing in the TBB manager would save a lot of steps from either workflow. Wishlist for 2020?
  6. _James

    Detail Callout Markers/Data Tag

    @Andy Broomell yes this works, thank you!
  7. I'm trying to use the detail callout marker to set up detail viewports for things like bathrooms, kitchens etc. As an office, we don't use the 'drawing numbers' for viewports - just sheet numbers. When I use a detail callout marker however, it's very keen to put the drawing number in - in fact there are no text configurations that are 'Sheet no. only'. My workaround for this in 2016 was to just delete the drawing number from the viewport OIP, which would then just centre the sheet number in the callout bubble. In 2019 however the 'empty' drawing number field is still present, leading to a misaligned label. You can manually move it, but it doesn't hold it's position when the file is reopened. Is there a way to have just the sheet number only displayed here instead - I looked into the data tag tool briefly but it looks quite confusing! Creating a 'detail viewport' instead has the same problem. The reason we do it this way is because the detail viewport shows the area within the dotted line only, which makes sense. But on the above image you'll see that that would mean the door openings would be cut off. Doing it this way takes a little longer (create viewport then create marker) but it means we can keep the markers much neater on the larger scale drawings and have more flexibility in what the detail viewport actually shows without making the more general drawings messy. It would be great if there was just one way to do this that had enough flexibility for all the different ways in which people use it.
  8. _James

    Migration Manager - file destination

    Nice one, thank you! I was looking in the wrong place
  9. Where do files transferred to 2019 via migration manager go? We have a problem where an old workspace was migrated, but cannot be loaded in 2019, leading to an error message along the lines of "workspace x cannot be loaded, workspace y will be loaded instead" every time VW is opened. The old workspace is not needed anyway, but it doesn't appear in Vectorworks 2019>Workspaces file, nor does it appear in the "application support" file as migration manager suggests. We have the same thing with some templates also. Any tips on where I can find these files and delete it?
  10. _James

    "Layers from selection not found" Error

    Great - that sorted it out! All sheet layers have kept their names now. Sadly this still persists - not the end of the world but it's quite annoying.
  11. _James

    "Layers from selection not found" Error

    Service Pack 3 also - strange! I am going to try and replicate it again. When prompted with a resource name confilct "Title block sheet data" do you replace the format or merge formats? This works (thank you!) but when I close the file and VW and reopen, I have to do the same thing again. Will I have to do this every time I open the file or is something still wrong?
  12. _James

    "Layers from selection not found" Error

    Version 2016 file attached - although it's not really the problem i'm trying to solve. 086.300_2016.vwx But my workflow for this happening was: - Open 2016 file in 2019 and convert - Convert 'old' title block to new one - Open title block manager and batch change title block by selecting all sheets to use and selecting different style at the top of the window to our newly made title block (completely made from scratch in 2019)
  13. _James

    "Layers from selection not found" Error

    Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, I know, but i'm getting the same error message where the layers are not found, see below: Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated!
  14. _James

    "Layers from selection not found" Error

    @Nikolay Zhelyazkov , could you elaborate on this a little please? I'm having the same issue but i'm not sure what you mean by "you have Title Block Border object inside the layout of another Title Block Border object, which is not recommended at all. You should simply put text block objects in the layout and link them to the title block data." We have at title block border that contains only 'text in title block' objects and some lines. The file is converted from VW2016 and we've made a new title block rather than convert the old one. The new titleblock is on all the sheets in the drawing - sadly the sheet titles were lost during this process though and now all have the same name! TEST FILE_TBB.vwx


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