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  1. _James


    Thanks for the input guys, some really good points. And big thanks for the worksheets @Boh!
  2. Could you use class overrides in viewports to show the demo class as the same as ‘none’ in the viewports where you want them to appear normally?
  3. _James


    With the release of SP3, our practice will likely move up to 2020 from 2019 once we're all back working in the same office. I'm therefore setting up templates and resources and wondered what are people's "must-haves" for templates? I thought this would be a good way to share functionality of their templates and how practices use it to remove some of the repetitive tasks to work quicker. Some things we already have: - Class structure with attributes to control the appearance of objects - Standard door sizes for the UK preconfigured with preferred line weights and styles etc. - Worksheets for electrical symbol legend that automatically counts objects and displays this in the legend and door/window schedules - Up to date furniture and symbols etc. (if anyone has some simple beds in UK sizes that would be great!) that auto-class - Wall, floor, roof types with U-Values - Custom space tags to display room name, area and finishes if required - Standard timber sizes as symbols for wall studs/furniture construction etc. What other functionality are people getting from their templates?
  4. I know this is an old thread but it would be great if we could do the following: - Recognise different wall styles within a document/viewport and display the description from the 'data' tab of the 'edit wall style' dialog - Control the opacity of the visualisation to still show the wall, or at least an idea of its construction underneath the visualisation. Ultimately, for our office, the most powerful use of data visualisation is exactly as the OP; scope drawings: Whilst I understand and could set up the way of tagging walls via a record, I doubt I could get the rest of the office to do it. It would be so much simpler if the visualisation was pre-loaded into the template and the wall style descriptions were pre-written as part of an office-wide shared set of resources. All they then have to do is select the visualisation from the OIP and put the key/legend where ever they would like it. I get that the workaround of creating a record is quicker than manually annotating over the walls, but for us where we're doing 1 house, maybe 2 or 3 storeys, people would say they could draw the boxes quicker.
  5. Also interested in this. We're currently setting up our template in preparation for 2020SP3, currently we don't use spaces but are thinking about it and it would be handy to know what it's like in advance of setting up a custom tag for room names, areas etc. quickly. I've previously read very mixed negative things about the space tool in terms of it slowing down the whole model but in theory it sounds useful.
  6. archicad has had a nice lindab plugin for years - this would be a good start but i agree, having it built in would be great.
  7. Hi @Luka Stefanovic, This is really interesting - looking forward to the webinar on Friday. Will this work on Mac too? I know chorus is cloud based but previous NBS plugins were windows only if I remember correctly.
  8. This may be fairly niche, but for anyone in the UK with a service select license the UK distributor is running a webinar on Energos this Friday (13th) at 2.30pm - more details at: https://designsoftwaresolutions.co.uk/learn/vectorworks-service-select-training-events/ @Tamsin Slatter - will things like the above be covered in the webinar?
  9. Hi @michaelk and @Matt Panzer, Thanks both for the suggestions - problem solved!
  10. Hi Matt, Sorry, still no luck. Would you mind taking a look at the attached file? Door Data.vwx
  11. Hi @Matt Panzer Thanks for your reply. My Record is called "Door Data" and the field in question is called "Fire Rated?" I tried inputting that by writing - =IF((DoorData.FireRated?='TRUE'), '✔︎', '') - but this didn't work. Am I doing something wrong? I'm not sure if the question mark affects things or anything like that?
  12. Redshift sounded great until I read that it's essentially Windows only as it currently only supports Nvidia Cuda GPUs, so any current Mac wont be supported. You can work around it with an external GPU and you'd need to be on an OS no more recent than High Sierra or be working on an old mac with an Nvidia card. They say they're working on AMD support - hopefully this comes in time for VW2021!
  13. I'm setting up an internal door schedule and want to show whether doors are fire rated or not. We mark doors as fire rated via an attached record that has a boolean field creating a little checkbox that people can tick to show it as fire rated or not. I've integrated this column into the worksheet, but it writes "TRUE" and "FALSE" based on the record. Is there a way that I can make "FALSE" just be blank and not show, and "TRUE" show as a "✓"?
  14. Thanks all for the replies - I hadn't even considered just dropping the background in as a JPEG, very good!


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