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  1. _James

    Formatting Worksheet Database Cells

    Hi all, thanks for the suggestions. I think the best workaround is to make a simple yellow rectangle as @Andy Broomell suggested. With the worksheet cells set to unfilled this can be sent to the back so that the text sits on top and is clear. The copy and paste is a good solution, but it's a slightly longer workaround. Bearing in mind that once the worksheet is set up and recalculated etc. I then copy and paste as a bitmap, and then duplicate and crop these to give the illusion of a worksheet that is more than one page of A4. So i'm trying to keep workaround's as short as possible! I know VW can spread worksheets across 'pages' - but the way in which it does it is quite cumbersome and doesn't seem to be able to be done retrospectively to suit an issue sheet that changes in length over the course of a project
  2. _James

    Formatting Worksheet Database Cells

    Thanks Nikolay - if you don't know i'm not sure anyone else will! By enhancement request is that done through posting on the wishlist section of the forum or is there another way?
  3. This might be one for @Nikolay Zhelyazkov but perhaps others have come across this also. We have a DIY Issue Sheet for our projects that is based on the default VW worksheet. What we would like to do is 'highlight' the sheets included in the current issue which at the beginning of the project is obviously all of the drawings, but after that the issues are more sporadic with some drawings issued here and some issued there. This creates a formatting problem as it seems that database cells all have exactly the same formatting and cant each have their own 'highlighted' status. When I try to format one row to have a yellow background, they all have yellow backgrounds which defeats the aim of being able to quickly identify which drawings are being issued at the given point. Has anyone come up with a workaround/knows how to do this properly? Thanks!
  4. _James

    Publish to print messes up the order

    Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov On a quick test this seems to have solved it. I think the trouble comes from merging the two records and a lot of useless data being carried over. Thanks for all your help on this.
  5. Yes hopefully it was a one-off. Should it return i'll let you know. Thanks for all your help. Was there ever any update about very slow printing from project sharing files from the following thread?
  6. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov details of how I merged them on this thread -
  7. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Exactly, hence why I think they must have come from merging the records. Does this seem plausible to you?
  8. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov no, we created them from scratch. Files with old and new attached. The document experiencing problems however was started in 2016 and later converted to 2019. The new titleblock was added to the drawings and the records for them merged to preserve all the sheet data. 2016 titleblock.vwx 2019 titleblock.vwx
  9. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, Thanks for looking into this, I can confirm that this has helped the export to separate PDFs issue - thank you very much! I haven't looked into the printing order yet as it's still very slow from a project sharing file and I don't want to hog the printer! I think the excess of sheet data may have something to do with merging the records of a 2016 file with the 2019 file? Certainly our template title block doesn't have all this extra sheet data and so thats the only explanation I have although i'm no expert.
  10. I've managed to get this to work in other files, but not this one, I think this comes from the window misremembering my selection, and instead using a naming convention that doesn't actually work: VW PUBLISH.mov
  11. We tend to export PDFs as one large single document containing all of the files, but like to include a file with each drawing as a separate file as sometimes that's what you need. I was really excited by VW19s ability to come up with a custom naming format for the files, but so far I haven't managed to get it to work on our titleblock - neither when using VW's default naming conventions or our own custom one. I set up the naming convention as follows: (As an aside - I have never managed to get the 'edit' or 'delete' button to not be greyed out - if I select my custom naming convention from the drop down button, everything below that is greyed out, so I can't delete or edit an old convention i've made) When I press publish I get the following error message: If I click 'Append Numbers', it will export the sheets, but the file names will be like the following: Clearly something is going wrong, I wonder if it's something to do with our custom titleblock (which works completely fine everywhere else!). Thanks @Nikolay Zhelyazkov for your help in advance!
  12. _James

    Split worksheet across multiple pages

    Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, I'm aware of this, but it's quite difficult/unintuitive to use! Things that make me think this: 👎 Either you need to delve into VW's preferences files and amend the worksheet template to display your own company info or go into each page and change it. 👎I have no idea how many rows I want to be displayed, it's good that it gives you an option to start at row x and specify the amount of rows per worksheet, but who knows this before they create the sheet/see it? Changing this dynamically once the worksheets have been created would be much easier, or like any spreadsheet programme it would be handy to just select a print area and spread large sheets over multiple pages. 👎Creating it from TBM seems to preclude you having an issue sheet as an office-wide resource and just dropping it into a sheet when needed. Keeping it as a resource lets the more VW literate people edit functionality and get it all working nicely to then allow less literate colleagues just drop it in without needing to get too bogged down in technicalities. Time for a wishlist item? It's potentially so powerful but there's a lot of friction to get it to work as wanted. As ever, thanks for your quick replies!
  13. We have a worksheet set up on an A4 page to act as an issue sheet. Our list of sheets tends to be longer than one A4 page allows however (Worksheet shown next to 2 vertically stacked A4 pages on sheet layer). If you print this, it sort of works, but leads to some cutting off: I have previously converted it to a bitmap, pasted it twice and cropped to how i'd like it to be on both pages, but this is a bit time consuming, has to be redone if a sheet gets added or omitted, and leads to a big file size. Any suggestions?
  14. _James

    Publish to print messes up the order

    @Nikolay Zhelyazkov I've sent them via message - thanks for your help.


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