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  1. OK, thank you. Unfortunately I need to work in 2021 so that solution won't help me.
  2. Alright, I've made a new video for you that shows it clearly. Screen Recording 2023-12-04 at 09.30.11.mov
  3. Opened my file today to what seems to be a bug, unless there is a setting I inadvertently turned on somewhere. A majority of items in my drawings have had their 'fill' settings changed, it seems like at the class layer. As an example, windows are now entirely solidly filled, as are walls (which previously had different fill settings depending on material), annotation tags, etc. I have a backup from 2 days ago that doesn't have this, and don't remember changing anything that may have triggered this. Any ideas? See screenshot showing windows (these windows were not edited, they are symbols, and all the individual parts that make them up had their class fill settings changed).
  4. Look carefully. The tags are there, they are just tiny. As soon as I do an action, they blow back up to normal size. When I leave the sheet and go to another, they shrink down again (sometimes).
  5. Illuminating thread! Distilled: "Could we integrate these two tools better?" "Here, look at my work" "Why would you want to? Nobody uses Rhino" "Here, look at my other work" "VW can do everything Rhino does" "Here, look at my work again" "I have never used Rhino but am sure it's not as good as VW" Rhino is an increasingly important part of many large firms' conceptual workflow. Competitors will arise and maybe some will take its place eventually. Currently, however, not adapting to that workflow means you will be left behind. For most, that doesn't matter. It's all still 2D right? 🙂
  6. Having a weird, repeating, frustrating issue with data tags (specifically window and door tags) They are scaling, on their own, at random. They scale from 0 to 1 whenever I do any of the following actions inside a viewport: Undo Delete Rotate Adding new tags etc. I have tried 'locking' the scale using the symbol override but it makes no difference. Any help would be appreciated - this means that every single publish of my sheets has 'missing' (actually just really really small) data tags. The video shows how adding a tag, deleting a tag, or rotating will cause the scale of existing tags to change. Screen Recording 2023-11-27 at 16.57.57.mov
  7. Another possibility is if the heliodon fill is set to black, it will cast a black light, aka no light. Make sure it's white.
  8. Would be great if this worked. But on my machine it creates CAD files that are missing most of the annotations and dimensions in the annotation space. Not to mention including tons of irrelevant data from uncropped design layers as blocks. FORTUNATELY sharing DWG files isn't something one does regularly as an architect... right?
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